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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 7, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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a wild ride through rittenhouse square. a name man, goes on a dangerous joy ride and sending bystanders scrambling. how the cab was finally stopped. fight to go save lives, a new law in new jersey aims to stop addiction before it happens. how this preventive measure could lead to fewer teens getting hook on painkillers. and, president trump facing two battles to day why the fight over his new refugee ban restriction could come to a head in federal court. will she become our new education secretary? how democrats hope to defeat her nomination today.
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and a big man on the move? sixers center jahlil okafor at center of a big trade rumor. where he could go, and what we could get in return. remember how excited, when he first came to philadelphia. >> yes. >> now look. >> he may be gone. >> to be pelican. >> yes. >> what a horrible mascot, a pelican, come on. >> bounce around like our guy, franklin does. >> franklin knows how to move. >> good day, it is february 7th, 2017. it will be darn nice once this rain gets out of here. >> right, almost half and half kind of day. we sees some sun trying to break through the clouds. that is not around for long because you we are getting another round of rain in here, some already came through, let's check out that number of the day, boy, beautiful sunrise, and of course, with our days getting longer, sunrise is almost at 7:00 o'clock. six out of ten in weather by the numbers.
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buddy has rain gear on because you will need it. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. rain to the north, little to the south and whole bunch heading our way from the west looking out towards central pennsylvania, so we will keep an eye on that, freezing rain advisory until 10:00 a.m. for carbon monroe and northampton county. scattered showers are possible through lunchtime maybe longer , we will get details on that coming up, bob kelly. >> right now sue 7:02 as we are seeing volume pop towards the city. rush hour underway on the freeway. roads are try right here but road conditions will change as we move through the day. south on i-95 this accident here near betsy ross bridge, what you can expect today, longer gaps between those trains, we have already started to see some trains pack to the gills here coming out of northeast philadelphia passing girard avenue trying to get into downtown. so septa's pushed shuttle bus in service for both morning and evening rush hours and there is a whole slew of about 25 to 30 bus routes that could
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be short a bus or two, through the day, and they are the bus that he is septa's pulling off the route to use for the shuttle bus service. as i said there are buses natalie the commuters on the bus routes may only see minimal delays but if you do use any of the buses, you may want to check with septa's web site to make sure you are on time. out of the whole fleet there is 218 cars, 58 were already busted and in the shop to begin with. you pull out 60 the from the cracks on saturday or sunday and leaving us with only 100 cars out of the 218 to operate our morning rush hour to see how that is going len let's go out to lauren johnson live at girard avenue market frankford station. how are we doing there, lauren >> reporter: we're an hour into rush hour and it seems like things are going off without a hitch here. that ace i shuttle bus ready to take people to place these cannot get to with the platforms and limited cars on the track. also seeing some septa workers
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here helping people navigate morning commute with the changes. yesterday was busy, today could be busier. more people at work after super bowl sunday. so we saw big crowd here yesterday but they are expecting even more today. either way it is a new issue for riders since last week on friday a septa mechanic discovered a crack in the car, during a routine inspection at 69th street station. and then another car, and another crack and because of that the cars were pulled out of service, with dozens of others, as a precautionary measure. >> we will be able continue on crease the car count to a point, where we will get close to running normal service. hopefully tearily soon. we want to move, quickly but we don't was to rush, and make a mistake that will create another problem. >> reporter: many of the cars, running in pairs so septa is trying to distance them, and,
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that means, more cars, will be back on the track. bob mentioned last night 108 out of 216 cars were fully tongues that will but half of the fleet means some delays. here i can tell you things seem to be going off easily here a lot of people just jumped off, ran up the stairs to catch a train. but not the a lot of commotion and confusion. people seem to necessity where he to go, michael alex. >> they are figuring it out after all these days. okay. lets get back to the naked man >> yes, the naked man. carjack cab situation that is happening in the middle of rittenhouse square. middle, we say in the middle. it was going through the square. people left and right were jumping out of the way. >> steve keeley is at the scene, right there at 18th and walnut. hey there, steve. >> reporter: we had famous fable of lady godiv a nude on the horse, we are live there, and we can call this a name
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driving a cab. look at the skid marks right through middle of the rittenhouse square. toe see this gentlemen with the white bag if he was there at 3:30 yesterday afternoon he would have gotten hit the by this cab. as we run the video people were just amaze that had nobody was killed. the screeching tires we played earlier, likely because the driver who got out to help his passenger, first was attacking as he opened up passenger door completely naked. why he did that we don't know. she's sitting in the cab waiting for a receipt in front of the apartment building the carlisle here. cabby gets out and fights him off and gets him to sees and drives the car through after a bunch of heroes and started beating the guy and pulled him out and pulled the keys out and stopped that from killing anybody. as we see that live picture skid marks come out of the park on to the busiest corner in center city 18th and walnut it is busy 24/7.
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how he didn't hurt anybody beyond woman he beat up a bit, it is a miracle no doubt about that the guy is in clothes in in a hospital ward and wrist on and woman recovering at home. i guarantee from now on when she's waiting for a receipt she's looking around all windows maybe not asking for receipt anymore, mike. >> yeah. >> i guess in this kind of a situation you cannot say he was caught with his pants down >> he was goes wasn't he. >> yes. >> i'm amaze that had people jumped in to help. >> yes. >> they ran in. >> yes, six people came in and to that. that is good. >> apparently if he didn't have any pants on the only skid marks were on the street. i'm sorry. >> as steve keeley was saying we are only joking because no one was seriously hurt.
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several people were burned and out of their homes. crews racing to the scene on the 35 block of jasper street just after one. they managed to knock down the fire in an hour. nobody got hurt but two families are burnout of their homes. one of their families, dogs did die in the fire though. >> fire in north philadelphia is under investigation this morning. it happened around 11:00 last night in the row home on joyce street. the family was able to make it out safely but fire fighters rush into rescue their two pets. and a local piece of basketball history is missing at lower merion high school, i don't know if that is right video. >> there it is, someone smashed opened a advertise play case inside a school with kobe bryant memorabilia inside of it. framed replica jersey of bryant's high school, with several pairs of sneakers.
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they were signed, 1996 basketball championship trophy and a net, also, i'll take it the now school says that they are probably not worth that much if somebody tried to sell them but still memories is what they are looking at. >> i just feel lake they would be worth more. i don't know, i would think it would be worth a lot. >> they say not the. >> they may try to sell it so he just kept it in the case. >> he take it back, it is not worth anything. i don't know. >> okay. >> 7:09. lifting of the president trump's controversial travel ban means a second chance for immigrant families. >> and after being turned away at philadelphia international airport a local family, we got to know pretty well is re united and thomas has that story. >> reporter: nine days ago they were turned away this family like many others, mike and alex, have been through a lot in the last couple of weeks here but they are happy to wake up this morning with their family back together
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again. six relatives, of the assali family flew from syria to jfk airport in new york. they arrived in allentown yesterday first greeted by governor tom wolf and host of reporters and photographers. so despite having all of the right documents, authorities actually turn them away at philadelphia international airport, nine days ago, and now they are hearing in the u.s. legally and of course happily. >> very happy and very grateful that lots of people are supporting us. i did not imagine this many people here supporting us and i'm very grateful. >> reporter: it surprises you there were as many americans that supported your cause. >> yes. >> would i like to say thinks who we are. i think it is really wonderful to welcome the entire family, think of what they have been through, both assali family and governor wolf praised charlie dent who gave the family a second chance to come to pennsylvania. as you know mike and alex, many other families are still
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going through the process. >> that is right. >> very true. >> good for them. thanks, thomas. while that is happening, the battle over that ban, travel restrictions, well, it the may come to a head later today in federal court. >> it probably looks like it will out in san francisco. the administration is hoping to overrule a judge who has halted the president's executive order. >> but as doug luzader reports in washington this may set up a standoff in the u.s. supreme court. do you think it will make it to the supreme court. >> reporter: it sure looks that way. the trump administration argues this executive order is legal, constitutional, and they think they will prevail. we will see. the san francisco base add peels court, has been leaning left, in one will be surprised if they oppose the trump administration on this, but whether they win or lose this will almost certainly go to the supreme court. more reunions at airports, while the trump travel restrictions has been lifted for now, the president visited
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u.s. central command in tampa made a clear reference to the legal battle now playing out over his executive order. >> we need strong programs that people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in. not people that want to destroy us and destroyed our country. report report it comes down to a federal appeals court in san francisco today. court ordered trump administration and lawyers representing washington state and minnesota which is suing trum top call in and make their cases. >> that is so unusual, i have never seen it. >> reporter: uc law professor rory little said one hour of oral arguments is rare but a sign of the steaks here. the white house argued natalie president has broad authority, that to ban specific groups from entering the country. state countering it is in the legal to discriminate.
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whatever happened this is ninth circuit is likely to end up at the supreme court. >> that is a signal they are taking it very, very seriously they will not deny it or grant it, they will just set this up i think they understand that this is going up to the supreme court no matter what they tea side. >> reporter: but which supreme court will it reach, one with eight just to advertise zest that we have now, which is likely to come up in the four- four split on this or will this go to the the court that has nine? will near gorsuch trump's nominee made it through confirmation process by that point. that will be a big factor here in determining the outcome of this case. >> yes, how long will it be before he becomes a just to advertise. >> reporter: well, mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader who guides this process as quickly as he can was talking about maybe april. >> so possible. >> possible. >> long time. >> that would make a big dip
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since. >> stay on it. 7:14. another showdown on capitol hill to day at noon senate will vote on education secretary nominee betsy devos. democrats pulling an all neither trying to block her confirmation. democrats gathered exactly 50 shows against devos and they need just one more to defeat her nomination. if they don't get that 51st vote, republicans must rely on vice-president mike pence to come in and cast the tie break ing vote. >> you know which way he would vote, of course. 7:14. melissa mccarthey's impression of sean spicer got a lot of laughs this past weekend on saturday night live >> yes, lot of people thought that she nailed it. >> we will begin today by apologizing on behalf of you, to me for how you have treated he these last two weeks and that apology is not accepted
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i'm not here to be your buddy, i'm here to swallow gum and i'm here to take names. >> what does the sean spicer think about this? it seems like he took it pretty well, pretty good sport >> i was looking at a lot of texts this morning. i had to quick click on the link and see what it was all about. >> your thoughts. >> cute, funny, rather be talking about the issue natalie president has so committed to helping americans on but you though it is part of the american cull tour. >> he said that he thought melissa mccarthey needs to slow down, he toss than the talk that fast and he doesn't swallow that much gum. >> here's the thing, how did she do all that, you would think, but i did hear he goes through several packs of gum and swallows his gum, i read, it is like two packs. >> is that okay to do,.
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>> we have doctor mike here to find out. >> i was all told by my parents don't swallow your gum >> i was told with don't sleep with your gum in your mutt because it will end up in your hair. >> in my high school if you were caught chewing gum in class the priest would come over and say mike, plant it. that means take it out and plant tonight your hair. >> then you had to cut it out. >> but then, high school girls told me if you use peanut butter, it will come out. >> you started doing that. >> peanut butt tore get gum out. >> all to chew gum. >> dit happen frequently. >> such frequent gum in your hair you become a connoisseur of how to do it. >> exactly. >> sue? >> that is where it started. >> yes. >> we have started this kind of segment called the president trump tweet of the morning. >> right. >> he just tweeted. >> okay. >> at 7:15.
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>> will we show it now it says i don't know putin, i have no deals in russia and the haters are going crazy yet obama can make a tiehl with iran, number one in terror, in problem. >> that is a tweet this morning. >> it is in response to bill o'reilly's interview of the super bowl when bill o'reilly call putin, said why are you friends with a killer. now putin wants a direct apology from bill o'reilly. >> he will give in 2023, he is working on it. >> he is checking on that. >> maybe a little late, sue sean spicer thing but there is articles bit. he chews and swallows 35 pieces of gum a day. >> that can't be good for you. >> and he like cinnamon. >> is it that good. >> i should try it. >> two and a half packs by noon he told washington post. >> his doctors say he has to problem witt. >> we have to get doctor mike in. he is in today. >> okay. we will ask him swallowing
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gummies pretty good for you. >> i used to say i would blow a bub until my stomach. >> we're delaying the inevitable. the let's talk about the weather. more rain heading our way around maryland right now, heading toward lancaster county, they will get it first we already have a little bit of rain and wanted to show you boston they are having a parade, i shouldn't laugh. they are having a parade at 11:00 a.m. and freezing rain heading their way this morning for us we have rain around bucks county, and little bit of rain around allentown right now but a whole lot is heading our way over the next couple of hours, probably lingering through early afternoon. few heavy downpours at times but then sun comes out, seeing the sun coming out already. that will takes us up in the 60's for a high. we are going in the 60's. now we will go to midnight to
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3:00 a.m. and a couple of showers and then with that cold front coming through we will have early high this is 60's, and then cold air comes in, we have a chance of snow, thursday morning accumulating snow is possible, couple inches at least but we will not go with inches just yet, pennsylvania for a high on thursday. warming up over weekend. bob kelly. >> sue, good morning. on a tuesday morning a live look at the schuylkill expressway westbound delays from center city out to city avenue and belmont avenue. starting to see delays pop, on that inbound side. new jersey roads are still dry but headache sure you have umbrella ready to go and once that rain kicks in. it will be ayuky evening rush hour. delays the tree way coming toward the city. longer gaps between the train, overcrowded trains, platforms, same scenario as yesterday but throw in more passengers. they took the day off from the super bowl.
7:20 am
ready for for the same route for market frank for line. you will only go a couple station from his say girard avenue down to york, and bus station, and, 69th street, you will this is want to ride the bus, wait for the next available train and then some of the septa bus routes could have delays, as those buses were pulled off the route, to provide the shuttle service, mike and alex, back over to you. >> you must be exhausted. >> i'm tired of talking about it. >> just as people are tired of dealing witt. >> for sure. new jersey governor chris christie make gooding on his prom toys fight opioid addiction what the state now requires there is to to before prescribing addictive drugs. another food restriction for seeking mothers i have never heard this one, it is a
7:21 am
smack there is say you should stay away from if you are pregnant. very common snack. then we have to ask them about the gum.
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that was super bowl party we had from 7:00 to 10:00. we invited our friend lauren simoneti who does business every day on good day philadelphia she showed up. >> i think she showed up again in her office in new york city good morning, lauren. >> good morning. >> i had fun. >> i'm glad you had fun, it was great to be with you in person and now here's the problem. >> yes. >> you didn't make it on the air yesterday. >> we missed you. >> i know you are trying to insinuate i got up early, i was up late watching that amazing overtime super bowl, which is the case and then i took monday after super bowl. no, no, i work but just a different shift.
7:25 am
>> different shift. >> still early, just as early, just ative rent one. >> what i want to know what did you think of news person. she cannot see us. she had to google us to see what we look like. >> yes, and then she came in. >> you met the my expectations and then some. >> i knew all about mike because i see him in this building, but i never got to meet you before. i have to say you always told me were you short but i don't think you are short. >> because you are short. >> we are same height. >> your dip was amazing, i took some home. >> you got some good dip. >> there are more department stores that are dumping ivanka trump's products. >> yes, we heard about this, donald trump but now ivanka, nordstrom and neiman marcus are not selling their brand but nordstrom did send a memo
7:26 am
to staff about the executive order on the immigration travel ban. that might have something to do ban. but what we can confirm is that if you go to macy' most of ivanka trump's items are half off, big sales for her items. insiders were saying customer was told by hazy's worker they are dumping the line but ivank a's people say that is in the the case. if you want to wear her items you can get them at good price at macy's to the come. >> i would keep them in my stores because you will see her constantly in a new dress and run out and buy it. >> people like her. >> what if you don't like her. >> is that the way to to business. >> threatening to not shop there. >> people on my twitter are boycotting nordstrom and macy 's. >> i know, i though.
7:27 am
>> this makes it, i was thinking of lady gaga and said is this half time show going to be political. it wasn't. it is same thing with these stores, okay, yeah but she's also a business person. can things just not be political and actually stock it and if people want to buy it, fine. >> that is right. >> lauren, good to see you. >> thanks, again. >> she drove two hours. >> it takes about an hour, hour and a half. >> i drove from the lincoln tunnel to the ben franklin bridge one time in less than an hour. >> but i was going at least hundred. >> don't be saying that. >> you should not be to go that. >> pulling a jahlil okafor. >> yes. >> it is time for one of our favorite parts of the day, jeb general fred. >> she's getting us ready for valentines day we have one week. >> she has $1,000 dinner for
7:28 am
valentines day. >> please explain. >> it is a thousand dollars, no, i'm not talking about this guy, dinner is a thousand dollars, patrick is here to tell us, you can do it all for ladies come on back to fleming 's in radnor and we will tell you about it, all more then just this. >> plenty.
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we have two big battles first unusual tactic democrats are using to secure votes against his secretary of education, pick. and then where his controversial travel ban will be argued in front of the ninth district court in san francisco. >> here's another reason to hold your kids close, new research that says that cuddle your baby to help them later in life. >> i think cuddling adults is a good thing too. >> you do. >> yes. >> i'm sure there is benefits. >> is there debate when child is a baby like what do you to when you are crying, do you leave them alone. >> don't look to the left. >> you ignore them or hold them close. >> really. >> are you smelling me. >> what in. >> sniffing you a little bit. you smell good. >> i'm trying to get a cuddle out of you but not working.
7:32 am
>> sue. >> no. >> isn't there a country you can hire people to cuddle you if you are desperate? >> desperate he would be. >> little sunshine, your showers are coming back and bus stop buddy is ready for it all. take a look at ultimate doppler radar. we have heavy rain aiming toward lancaster county which means eventually getting here to philadelphia so don't be deceived by the way it is right the now. freezing rain advisory continues for carbon, monroe and northampton. when rain comes back it could be frozen but right now it looks great out there you wouldn't know rain is on the way unless you were listening to us. 42 degrees at the moment heading to a high later on this afternoon when sun comes back out, 61 degrees, 5:28 your sunset time? are we go to go get ready for snow after a high in the 60's? yep, we will tell you when, coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. just talked to septa things are moving okay, the trains
7:33 am
are overcrowded. there are folks using the shuttle buses from 52nd street into downtown, so they are actually more people using the shuttle service coming out of the upper darby west philadelphia area coming into center sit the eye, in the quite the same deal just yet on the north east section if you expect those gaps between the train times and overcrowded trains and that will continue through morning and evening rush hour. once that rain kicks in that is going to make a difference not only for trains but for roads, 422, eastbound heavy at oaks and delays on the freeway , heavy from present it much black horse pike into the walt whitman, mike and alex, back over to you. new jersey governor chris christie making good on his promise. >> our fellow citizens facing a disease of addiction to not deserve deserve to be stigmatized they do not key serve to be lock up in jail purely due to their disease. they to not deserve to be
7:34 am
living on the streets. >> he sign legislation requiring medical professionals to discuss possibility of addiction, prescribing opioid to the patient under age of 18. latest move to end the opioid a deduction crisis. >> that bill was signed a couple weeks ago, and with the help of this man right here camden county freeholder/trek or lou capeli. >> yes. >> freeholder director. >> good to have you here. >> thank you. >> now, what are the teenagers using? what is the most difficult drugs that they are on. >> they are starting with pills, oxycontin, they are starting with percocets and you become addict to these pills which are very expensive on the street. each pill could be 25 to $35. >> because of sports injuries and something like that. >> some start with sports injuries, some get them from their parent's head cabinet. they are quickly, potent painkillers, and addiction happens very quickly to a lot of folks.
7:35 am
it is too expense turf keep buying these pills. so they turn to heroin. >> wow. >> heroin. >> so i'm flood natalie legislation was signed but this seems like kind of a doh if you prescribe pills to somebody 18 or younger or even older. >> people are older then that. >> why wouldn't the doctor just naturally say you height get addicted to this so be careful how you use it. >> it is a no brainer. it takes legislation to hand date it. it is something that, you know , doctors need to be on the trent line of this battle. they have to recognize the problem of prescribing too many opioids, and i think this is one step in that treks. another step i think would be requiring doctors to enter all prescriptions this to a database that all doctors can see. >> i can see that. >> so patients cannot doctor shop to buy prescriptions. >> yes, keep going to different ones. >> yes. >> what is this about fentanyl what is that. >> it is a synthetic drug that
7:36 am
is very potent, more powerful then heroin and very deadly. that is something when it hits the streets in place of heroin or is a part of heroin we have a lot of over toes and death. >> what is it used for. >> i don't know, what its common use is but very dangerous drug. >> now that it has been signed in legislation, we have establish it should be a in brainer what is the responsibility to make sure all there is know this is something i have to inform patients about. >> i think next step would be legislation which will limit the amount of prescription of fentanyl given by a doctor. >> like how many days. >> right now governor christie is talking about five days, i believe governor wolf is talking about three days. very important pieces of legislation that will move forward and we absolutely need it right now. >> i know governor wolf said this about drugs in pennsylvania. >> this is something that has forced us to lose thousands of our loved ones here in
7:37 am
pennsylvania. it is aty sees that we know how to a trust. we know how to secure it. we have to get over the stigma >> it looks like same kind of legislation will happen here in the keystone state too. >> yes. >> let's bring up fentanyl again. if you are a parent what are warning signs that your kid may be on it. >> it is just, you know somebody is on something. when they are on fentanyl it is bizarre behavior, difficulty breathing, there are differentness. >> drowsiness, confusion. and if you have any symptoms call 911 immediately. >> signs of the overdose, loss of consciousness, blue or purple lips, fingernails, pinpoint pupils and or seizure s. it has drastic effects. >> thankfully that are can is out there to save lives. >> you guys will start on another thing trying to get narcan in schools. >> yes, black horse pike regional school district tomorrow will announce that narcan will be in their school district, first school district in camden county to
7:38 am
accept narcan. >> police officers already carry. >> every officer this camden county has narcan. >> it does what. >> it reverses an overdose. so in the last few years, police officers in camden county of saved over 300 lives >> too bad we have to have that in the the schools. >> yes. >> but it is necessary in schools. >> but you have epi-pens and school and other things. >> we have they ever met. good to meet you thanks for covering this topic. >> thank you for the legislation. >> big man on the movies jahlil okafor going to be a pelican? the worst mascot. >> new orleans. >> that is true. >> fun city. >> what would we get in exchange from him. we will find out. that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪
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sixers are reportedly in very serious trade talks with the new orleans pelicans, centering around, a certainty, jahlil okafor. espn is report ago this sixers could get a future first round pick and pack up player in exchange for jahlil. sixers have been struggling to find playing time for all three centers.
7:42 am
especially joel embiid who has been playing so well and so has nerlens noel. >> we will see what happens. >> is there a deadline. >> there is a trade deadline i think in the nba, i don't know when it is, a pol guys. >> that is all right. >> february 23rd. >> i knew that, i just didn't want to show off. >> yes. >> i hope it is raining heavily in boston, right the now, is it, sue. >> it is heading their way. >> good. >> maybe starting off as freezing rain and snow. >> yes, raw, rainy day. >> freezing rain for the super bowl parade. >> yeah. >> and they are having a duck boat parade. >> really. >> yes. >> okay. >> right on the duck boats, be careful. >> so, it starts at 11:00. >> yes. >> at prudential center and end up at their city hall and they say a million people could attend this.
7:43 am
>> well, they are used to it. city of boston, i wish i had a sports guy, haven't they won all four major sports, championships in the decade, red sox, bruins, the celtics and, of course, patriots, five stinking times. >> all right. >> it would be nice to be a fan there. >> yeah. >> you know, losers, i just spit. the losers of the game they make $50,000. >> yes. >> you kind of win money but don't get bragging rights. >> the other dudes won 102,000 and they get the ring and bragging rights. if you want to blow some money this valentines take i suggest you buy, a $1,000 dinner. >> what is in this $1,000 dinner. >> okay. you have heard about steaks, kobe steaks, here they have a lebron of something, look around, okay, what is the lebron. pat just brings it to you.
7:44 am
come on back. we will tell you what it is.
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7:46 am
getting word of an accident for a tractor trailer and september bus right in front of the clothespin in center city at 15th and market we have cry responding, chopper on the way we will take you there when we arrive. we are waiting to hear from septa how that will impact
7:47 am
service and how serious it may be. we have been dealing with this all day, problems on the market frankford line, overcrowded trains, shuttle bus service running between upper darby and northeast philadelphia, and again, we have seen more, commuters, coming out of west philadelphia, using the shuttle buses out of the west philadelphia side, then we have, out of the northeast philadelphia, side, area later on, and get that rain, and, rain on the way, sueby has the details in 15 seconds. let's get to the radar and show you what is happening, heavier rain getting closer and closer to lancaster county and some of that rain will
7:48 am
make it here, as we look up to boston, we will be interested in their weather because of the parade, and there is snow, just to the north and there is freezing rain, heading in by the time this gets here it may change over to rain but it will be a raw, chilly rain for those folks. as we zoom into philadelphia we are seeing green, on radar cloud increasing with rain. that continues the rest of the morning, into early afternoon, and then we could see sunshine later this afternoon and then, throughout the rest of the night it looks like we have just a slight chance of a shower overnight, with a cold trent, we will get to an early high in the 60's tomorrow, colder air moves in and then by thursday morning we're talking, the possibility of accumulating snow, stay tuned for more on that. temperature roller coaster continues with warmth, today and tomorrow, 32 degrees, really cold on friday, back town to the 40's on saturday and sunday, alex and mike. >> it is like a tease, sue. right back to how it usually
7:49 am
is. well, fellas or ladies if you want to step up your game this valentines day we have a dinner idea you might want to try. if you can afford it. it cost $1,000. jen's explaining why. >> i want everyone to know one thing, this is -- are you the owner. >> partner. >> he is part owner. you will be funny, not just keep it serious. >> yeah, all day long. >> thousand dollars, let's begin with what kind of person is spending a thousand dollars on this meal, someone in trouble at home. >> yes, it could be someone in trouble at home, and, you have to take the money out of bank, you know, it takes a couple days for the wife to see that. you take them here, thousand dollars experience. in the only do you get meal but jewelry as well and then she's very happy and goes home and goes wow but you have taken care of it. >> we really, you didn't have to do the balloons because you do have jewelry. it is not just jewelry but
7:50 am
dudes are eligible, and, what you are you doing. >> and, there is, cuplings, pence, wallet, and, you know, you can combine a great wine and dine experience and shark he will it up with jewelry from the world's prehere jewel er. >> tiffany. >> yes. >> we have talk about kobe beef. >> that is filet mignon. >> is it edible. >> yes. >> what is the lebron. >> this is the ora king salmon >> if you have heard of kobe brief from a certain region of japan where beef is where they rub it, had sage. this is a certain region in new seal land that they get treated very nicely there and the lebron is fish. >> what is different between
7:51 am
new zealand salmon. >> pretty much the accent. and also new zealand ora king has a great, great. >> i have to go with this first. >> it is like a butter bomb. >> they get fancy champagne, sparkling wine. >> it is from burgundy, it is john charles, and it is. >> wait a behind, come on back >> the king. >> what is that. >> that is so good. >> that is ora king salmon. >> why can't they headache every salmon that good. >> because it is a little pricey. >> it is included this is great screens here. >> i get this whole plate. >> you get the food. you will have salad, shrimp, scallops with some grits, a salad with caesar salad which is not shown here and choice of entree, filet with the king of salmon or australian lobster tail here which is a big fan favorite. >> you have people here reserved this. >> yes, we have had 26 people,
7:52 am
and what we do here is not the just one day, we go from the tenth to the 19th. >> yes. >> if you forget, you can, you have multiple days. we take guesswork out of it because there are times -- >> you have done a great commercial. you have comedy and done a commercial. >> okay, good. >> okay. bottom line if you are in trouble with your wife and you have a thousand dollars, this is the lays to go. >> without a question. >> wow. >> twenty-six grand. >> that is 26 grand. >> geese. >> a thousand dollars dinner. >> you saw what they did there , they hugged. >> okay. >> it is a new study that said cuddling. >> different between hugs and cuddling. >> is there. >> yes. >> for this study cuddling is a really long hug that you keep there. think way, for moms there is
7:53 am
another reason to hold your baby clothes -- close. we will explain how.
7:54 am
my man friend that i've been seeing... your man friend. like, as i was leaving i was like, "goodbye, i love you," and like... (laughs) what'd he say? i said, "don't say anything!" oh god! (laughs) 'cause now like, this is the cliffhanger, so we don't know if he loves you. what's gonna happen if he doesn't? honey nut cheerios gets their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey and real oats. okay that's still honey. huh, there we go. we're back to honey again.
7:55 am
who's directing this? that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
7:56 am
it the his minutes before eight. >> are you all right. >> i'm okay. >> are you sure. >> i'm all right. >> to you put your need before others at work? >> which one are you. >> i am nothing but helpful? yes. >> i don't know if you can hear awful of the laughing in the studio right the new is there ring will will well on that one, bob. >> i think when i walk into the room, people light up. >> we're lighting, is there something going on. >> what she's talking about is a new study. >> it says being selfish is way to go if you want to be a success.
7:57 am
>> um-hmm. >> that explains a lot then, doesn't it, thomas. >> that is why i'm in the very successful. >> you were successful. i got your try cleaning, mike, thanks for your coffee, mike, i necessity how you like it. just trying to help out here. >> we're encouraged to help others before we help ourself but new research says helping others too much can backfire at work a cord go to the wharton school study giving at expense of your own well-being damages your chance of long term success. helping others can cause generosity burnout, exhaustion and hurt those you intend to help. helping collogues too much, also causes more stress, leading to conflict at home. the research find people who row tech their time can give the most long term contributions, it is really all about balancing, mike and alex, your time, so, you you are giving too much of your time, you don't have enough, you you know, for your career, your special relationships, whatever the case may be. >> right, so getting
7:58 am
permission just to be selfish. >> no more dry cleaning or coffee. >> all right. >> i tried my coffee for all of my co-workers every morning , don't i. >> yes. >> me and bob kelly. >> yes. >> bob kelly, yeah. >> yes, and think of all of the other works of kindness i do, all day long for you people. >> like? >> is that why you are laughing. >> to, i to read a quote the other day if you try to lease everybody you will be the most unhappy. >> that makes sense. >> yes, you are worried about everybody else and not thinking burr self. >> back before i got old and cranky. >> really, there was a time help you weren't. >> before you met me, i was much kinder. >> don't you think. >> it was her. >> sue. >> um... >> kinder, yeah. >> kinder, yeah. >> so what happened. >> i used to try to please
7:59 am
everybody. >> even people, strangers in elevators, i would try to talk to them, so that people would like me. >> and then did something happen and were you like i'm over this. >> something must have happened. >> you don't remember. >> i don't remember. >> but i went right to cranky. >> right there. >> i was a nice guy, to cranky pants. >> do you think we should find nice mike somewhere in there. >> i'm sure it is in there somewhere. >> can you tell him to come out. >> you got to go deep. >> can you pay us a visit. >> all right. >> first day i met you, i was nice. >> that was to trap me here. >> he knew what he was doing so would i say yes. >> i took you out to lunch. >> you were very nice. >> and then you agreed and signed the contract. >> and then down there there. >> yes. >> never to be seen again. >> i love you alex.
8:00 am
>> um-hmm. >> good day, it is tuesday, february the seventh, 2017. all food restrictions a warning for pregnant woman who like to snack, on licorice why that popular candy is now a no , no if you are pregnant. new research find more affection is good for your kid how holding and rocking your baby can help them later in life. >> ♪ >> love is in the air. and on your phone. the best new apps to stay connected, with your partner and how to give a thumb kiss to keep your romance going. thumb kisses.
8:01 am
>> christie brinkly age? model returns to the sports illustrated swimsuit issue and her new bikini photos really heating up the internet. >> ♪ uptown girl >> one minute past eight, septa's having a bad morning. >> septa bus has slammed in the tractor trailer at 15th and market and steve keeley is there right the now, hi there, steve. >> reporter: not real serious but look at the address right outside william penn's home address at city hall. we are here at 15th street. walk you through. we got here before the police investigator actually. there is driver of the tractor trailer filling out his information. he told he he is driving here on 15th street and driver of the septa busy did not stop. you can see scrapes on the side of his trailer this was loaded with sporting good stuff for me kills. look at this lad tore get in the door, that is bent. a couple of tires slashed, rims went on this wheel and this wheel. as bad as that looks septa bus
8:02 am
looks a lot worse. you can see the driver, came close to being hurt but she was, the closest to the damage look at the front driver side end of this septa bus. it is a double bus, here, and this is a popular spot, right at clothespin for a lot of people taking septa buses here so, you can see now that septa bus if you didn't know they are hade like fiberglass like a corvette in the front and both windows on the driver's side are smashed, driver windshield. this is top of the bus right here, it is falling off on windshield wiper. as bad, bob as septa is having already of a week, this just adds to their woes here as they figure out whose fault this is and is there the septa bus driver sitting in the passenger section of the septa bus that tells you she's okay too. >> steve, right behind you you can see clothespin to give you a idea of exactly where this is at. septa says there were no injuries to the passengers. we are looking live at the
8:03 am
front of the septa bus that steve just showed us. this is right in front of clothespin at 15th and market. so with no passengers injured, right the now, the big delay will come to everybody trying to get around city hall, and in that area, of 15th and market and, of course, route 17 bus will be delayed there, as well, as we go to the maps now, we will go outside, live look at the roosevelt boulevard. this fellow not happy here, southbound boulevard, an accident right here near ninth street, septa's problems this morning, continue on the market frankford line. we have seen overcrowded trains, shuttle buses are running, from 69th street up to the frankford transportation center, and we will run until 10:00 o'clock for morning rush and come back in the evening rush and then septa and employees around each and every station and when those trains get overcrowded or platform becomes overcrowded, that is when the passengers are asked to use shuttle buses. we have seen more shuttle bus
8:04 am
operations from the west philadelphia scenario from 69th into downtown, then we have seen there northeast philadelphia coming into center city but that will all change later on today, of course, once the rain starts to move in, and then suebias right over here. >> yes, we are taking a look at the number of the day, right. it is six out of ten because of the rain that will be here this morning. and bus stop buddy is ready for some rain. we have seen a tiny bit of sunshine this morning. as we look at radar you will see heavier rain getting closer, and starting to move into lancaster and berks county right now and heading toward philadelphia we have a few showers ahead of that and some cloud freezing rain advisory continues until 10:00 s carbon, monroe and northampton counties, still dry here in olde city but clouds have taken over. it is 44 degrees right now, we're heading to believe it or not, 61 degrees with that midday rain and a milder afternoon. we could see a couple of showers overnight and it stays mild, with a low of 55 degrees , and then the roller coaster ride of temperatures, really begins,
8:05 am
along with the chance of some snow in the seven day forecast , guys? >> all right, thanks, sue. 8:05. authorities are investigating the death of the penn state student from new jersey, school officials say that 19 year-old timothy piazza of lebanon was injured friday after a fall from the beta phi fraternity house. his older brother is also a student at penn state. fraternity released a statement saying that both the university and general fraternity have tell rarely suspended chapter operations during this period of investigation. well, here we go another showdown is playing out on capitol hill, it went on all night. today at noon the senate will vote on education secretary nominee betsy devos. democrats were up all night trying to block her confirm haitian. now the democrats have gathered exactly, 50 votes, they are still talking this morning. they have gathered 50 votes against her. they need one more, to find
8:06 am
one more republican, to vote against her. >> we're told this is a live look right now because they are still going. >> so, it is a tie. this always happens. it is up to the vice-president then to break the tie. if it is tied you know for sure vice-president pence will vote her in. >> yes. >> yes. >> we will see what happens then. >> and the fate of the president trump's partial travel ban is in the hand of the federal appellate court this afternoon san francisco based ninth circuit court of appeals will hear from lawyers for the federal government and state suing the trump administration. washington and minnesota officials say the the ban is discriminatory and harms residents. the trump administration argues it is a matter of natalie security. so we will see what the ruling will be. big day. >> well, a new study shows a baby can never have enough cuddles. >> and modern day mom gets real, with cleaning the house,
8:07 am
karen? >> reporter: but, both of these are trending right now. baby when your child cries go ahead and pick them up. the don't listen to the grand mom or people that say you will slow your babies. all of the research shows that a crying baby they want to you pick them up, swaddle them, you cannot possibly spoil a baby. that is what experts are saying. children loved, cuddled, and i am they grow up for healthier, less derested, and kinder, more apathetic and more row ducktive asiana -- productive adults. they say letting them cry can ruin their development and nervous system. the study can be found in the applied development science. makes them shore anxious growing up. there is a mom out the there with an answer for all of those people on experts or cleaning everything and they put them on pinterest and make us feel incompetent and inferior. her name is meredith. she posted her own guide.
8:08 am
real whom's guide to clean house. it involves steps like soak dishes in soapy water. it appears that you will clean them. look under couch cushions for lost food. pick up all of the stuff on the floor and then shove them in the closet. of course, cry because it can be so overwhelming. she said the response that she has gotten from putting them out there has been fantastic on that one. >> i like the monthly cry. >> yes split is real. >> yes. >> i only saw my mother cry twice, once when the bendix broke, the name of the washing machine there back in the take , walked downstairs, and there is high mom crying. >> ahh. >> other time she cried, when my brother went to college, the first day he was gone. >> nuclear physics brother on have behind. >> is this your oldest brother >> he was the oldest in the family. >> maybe because it was first time, that everybody else, she's like all right. >> i think she liked it.
8:09 am
she did not cry when i left for college. she drove me there as fast as she could and dumped me off. i don't remember being cuddled much. >> no. >> in our family we they ever said we loved each other. >> um-hmm. >> now you know why i'm a mess >> you are blaming my mother. >> i'm blaming my dead mother. >> that is horrible. >> she was a saint. woman was a saint. >> come on, alex. >> you got it, bob. >> go ahead good it is okay. >> it is getting a little creepy. >> you said you wanted cuddling but he didn't say there who. >> nice try. >> let's talk about jet lag because that is always fun. >> true. >> airline is setting record for longest commercial flight. hear from those brave enough to sit through it, how long do you think the longest commercial flight is. >> oh, gosh. >> okay. >> but first more food restrictions warning for
8:10 am
pregnant woman who like to snack on licorice, no. >> how many gum can you swallow this one day and still be all right?
8:11 am
this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. whole family nts to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less.
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my giant. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:13 am
that septa bus tractor trailer accident, no passengers were injured, on the bus, but obviously it is causing delays for anyone coming around, city hall, right in front of the clothespin to give you a locater there. route 17 bus involved so watch out for delays around city hall. eastbound schuylkill half an hour. southbound i i-95 not bad at all. live look at the benny looking g problems continue on the market frankford line. things seem to be going okay for the first busy morning rush hour. overcrowded trains, when the platform gets overcrowded septa kicks in the shuttle bus service in operation until 10:00 o'clock this morning. also have that for you this afternoon. i think this afternoon could be iffy and messy because rain , it is on the way, when it will get here and how long
8:14 am
will it hang around sue has that in 15 seconds. close eye on the radar as more rain heads in. we had a round earlier heading toward boston for the parade today. another round in lancaster and berks county and then will make its way to philadelphia boston has snow and freezing rain in the area some will change over to rain. the it will be raw, rainy for folks up there. i hope you to bring your rain gear or you are lanning to because we have rain. if you are in philadelphia it is mostly cloudy and seeking rain to arrive soon. real quick look at future cast shows that is happening, throughout the rest of the day to day and then maybe some sunshine this afternoon. of course we are keeping an eye on the thursday tore cast,
8:15 am
in particular, because after a high of 63 degrees tomorrow, and then a quick lung in temperatures, it is cold enough believe it or not for snow, on thursday morning. high of only 35 degrees. by friday it is only 12. we are backup in the 40's on saturday and sunday close to 50 degrees by sunday. so that is ride we're talk with the weather, what to you got mike and alex. >> many things to talk about doctor mike. new study shows a dangerous trend growing among e cigarette users especially teenagers. they are doing something called dripping. >> so doctor mike, what is dripping? we are trying to figure that out. >> they disassemble e cigarette and then they take the e cigarette liquid and trip it the on the heating element and then it creates a cloud that is shore intense, more heated. and that gives you more of a nicotine rush, the flavors
8:16 am
supposedly are more enhanced, and it is a nightmare. don't do it. one out of four teens are now doing this. i want everyone to stop smoking out there. i'm okay in certain patient was e cigarettes but kids, forget about it. this is a nightmare. we don't know there are chemicals in there. we don't know the long term consequences. the f.d.a. is really going to come down and regulate this for young kid. >> okay. then we have learned, study says pregnant woman, should not eat licorice. >> fascinating story, i love licorice, but if you are pregnant out there, don't do it. licorice in a couple of new studies that really have have come out and highlighted the fact that it can actually cause problems, like increase risk of adhd in your kid, lower birth weight, the thing
8:17 am
is that rising in real licorice has effects of hormones this is pregnant woman and it effects cortisol levels this is baby. >> none at all or just moderation. >> well, i wouldn't do it personally if you are pregnant why would you mess with mother nature. >> i'm not a fan of licorice. >> this one where did you get this there. you can really smell it. >> they stink. >> i got the real tiehl. because we go there. >> that is right. >> that is a lot of lick wish. >> we go there. we will get real licorice. >> calm down, doctor mike. >> now, okay you know who sean spicer is? he is the spokesperson for the white house. >> yes. >> he comes out and gives daily briefings. >> yes. >> melissa mccarthey, did an impression of him on saturday night live saturday, okay. here it is. >> i would like to begin today for apologizing on behalf of
8:18 am
you, to me for how you have treated me these last two weeks, and that apology is in the accepted. i'm not here to be your buddy. i'm here to swallow gum and i'm here to take names. >> we were talking about this, and we looked it up and sean spicer has said to the washington post that he choose about two and a half packs a day, and he swallows all of the gum. he said his doctor says it is okay. >> to you think as many as 35 pieces of gum, he swallows a day. wouldn't that block you up. >> bottom line is, i don't know about a whole pack of gum , i'm in the the sure why he is doing that. the thing is, that if you are, cons pated, if you have a narrow of your intestine it height cause a problem. but the gum, a lot of people stays in your stomach. it does go through your
8:19 am
intestines. >> my mom says it will stay in your stomach forever. >> you poop it out later. >> do you blow a bubble when you poop it out. >> you know, no one can make me at a loss for words but mike jerrick. >> well well, last time you asked me when was last time i had sex was and now you are asking me this. >> how can i go on. >> so look, don't do it as much. >> why are you swallowing gum, i don't get it there is no effect, but if i swallow some gum. >> i'm more worried about his teeth. >> well, yeah. >> it is orbit. >> there is sugar in there, that is not the good. >> sugar free, cinnamon gun. >> cinnamon gum. >> all right. >> it might burn. >> maybe. >> i wonder if he will get endorsement, that is a lot of gum. >> maybe he needs come to my office, check him out.
8:20 am
>> it just seems like it would pile up. >> we do not digest gum, it is not tie guess ted. >> if he comes in your office, i want that question answered. >> i i will. >> you need double bubble, a bubble might come out. >> take a picture. i will put it on instagram. thanks, doctor mike. >> i'll be this some foreign land like in a cave. >> i have interviewed christie brinkly a couple of times. >> yes. >> she's almost like staring in the sun, you got to look away there her. >> because she's so beautiful. >> she's incredibly pretty in the the face but this is a recent bikini shot. she's got to be pushing 65 i think. sue? >> sixty-three. >> thank you. >> sue is fast, she's 63. >> that was taken last week. >> my goodness that is amazing >> yes. >> and then jen is talking
8:21 am
more love. we are one week from v day. >> yes. >> one week away, so the question is, ladies, because we feel like this is a lady holiday. would you rather eat at home or do you want to go out to a fancy restaurant. tweet me, tell me how you feel and hear about fox 29 ladies feel in a few minutes. (gasp)
8:22 am
just head & shoulders? are you kidding? this is celebrity hair
8:23 am
i thought it was just for, like, dandruff there's life in it, there's stuff going on this is so free ah, it's just so smooth. like i wish that you could feel it. new head & shoulders. cleans, protects and moisturizes to... ...get up to 100% flake-free and unbelievably beautiful hair you see it on commercials and you don't wanna believe it but, this is real people it's not head & shoulders, it's the new head & shoulders
8:24 am
all right. we have snow to the beach. it is that time of the year again alex when sports illustrated swimsuit addition comes out. >> fan favorite. but you won't believe who was making a return here, and she is also making a family thing bring her doubt's long. >> two daughters christie brinkly look at her. >> yes, i'll give you a thousand dollars to to get rid of the lower third. >> her four daughters alexa ray joel and sailor. >> yes, alexa is on the left. >> yes. >> so brinkly set a record in the 70's after she landed
8:25 am
three consecutive sports illustrated covers. she first covered issue in 1979 but ladies and gentlemen, she's back. >> plus she can walk on water. >> i didn't see that. >> that is true. >> yes. >> wow. she's 63. and she's stunning. sue, is she single. >> yes. >> i think she is. >> i believe so. >> she was harried to billy joel, artist after billy joel. >> she harried bob cook, who did something bad. might have cheated on her. >> cheated on christie brinkly >> i think he did. i don't know that. i am slandering the man. maybe i should look it up. >> hold on, maybe sue can help us out here. i will try my phone. >> that is kind of woman i need. >> what? >> well, you know, age appropriate. >> she's been married four times. >> four times. >> is she currently married. >> she's not.
8:26 am
>> she's not. >> i think i have a pretty good chance. >> he cheat add lot. >> bob cook. >> pete are cook. >> yes. >> younger woman. >> well... maybe she might as well go for it. >> he is an architect. >> yes, he lived in the hamptons. >> they were married for 11 years. >> yes. >> one of the most nasty divorce is a cording to the daily mail, natalie celebrity world had ever seen. >> i would treat her well, treat her right. >> well, tweet her or something. >> okay, all right. >> i need a little courage. >> get working on it. >> love is in the air. >> it is. >> and on your phone it is more than just that, the app toss stay connect with your partner and how to get a thumb kiss. more texting and using your thumbs too much, we have found a way to kiss through the phone. >> yes. >> really. >> it is called a thumb kiss
8:27 am
and we will demonstrate it, after the break. >> okay.
8:28 am
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cannot get enough gaga. people are still talking about her super bowl half time show. but you know that fall from the roof everyone was talking about? well, we may have had it pre recorded. and doing the double take, fans are shock, to see re semblance between selena gomez and weekend and her parents but it is not unusual to be attract to look like people like mom and dad, we will tell you why, bob. we have got some breaking news here on i-95. we have an overturn tractor trailer on the 95 northbound off ramp, to route 420. this is a live look at that 420 interchange.
8:31 am
so northbound lanes are opened but it is on and off ramp where this tractor trailer is blocking the interchange at the moment. so sky fox is on the way. once we get there we will take you their life. but anybody coming north from delco trying to get up to the airport, the travel lanes are opened, expect the delays, if you need to exit for ridley pardoning we will have to use exit number seven, right at that 95 interchange where on and off ramps to 420 are closed because of the overturn tractor trailer. we have a septa bus accident causing for detours downtown at 15th and market. so some rain is on the way, and sue, that will i am ago our afternoon rush hour. >> yeah. it is heading closer but sunnies out right now this many places. the bus stop buddy has rain gear on. it the is just not here just yet. we will show you what we're talking about. heavier rain moving into lancaster county heading toward chester county and
8:32 am
eventually delco and then here in philadelphia so, we are still about an hour or so to wait before that mess gets here. it is coming. to the north of us we still that have freezing rain advisory in effect until 10:00 . so here it is still dry, 44 degrees at the moment. and we're heading to a high, this is unbelievable for february, 61 degrees. midday rain and then a milder afternoon, tonight, it is staying very mild. overnight low is 55 degrees, and with these temperatures, believe it or not, snow is in the seven day forecast, and that is coming up, mike jer rick. >> wow, snow. >> you know what i think about love? i think of love and i think tech expert. >> yes. >> boom. >> we have four apps that deal with, that we would, share i guess with people that we love >> exactly. >> so, the first app is kind. it is called couple. my wife is probably sleeping so some features will not work
8:33 am
because they have will be unlock. way to share special moments. i will hit top left there. you can see, we have a calendar we have lists, moments. if i send her picture or anything through this app it will store them and never to have worry about losing them. one of the neat things were you talking before the break is touch kiss. i hit plus button on the bottom and is there all these options that you can use different things. to we go to the lips there i have to wait because if is there a kiss, two people have to join. now she's awake it will notify me and i would use my thumb and if i have her a little kiss. her thumb will vibrate. it is not as good as the real thing. >> so i would touch my phone, and we would kiss each other, move your thumb around, vibrate and you are kissing. >> yes, vibrate. >> put it in my pocket and see what happens. >> yeah. >> next one we have here,
8:34 am
wonderlist. >> yes. >> what this basically toss is you don't to have use the couples app to your significant other. this you can have your whole family involved. groceries, movies to watch, basically you make bucket list items ape things you want to do and share it. it is basically a glorified note pad but store stuff in the clouds. >> lets go back to couple, can you only thumb kiss with one person. >> only one. >> couple up with one person. >> yes. >> especially on tv make sure you have that right person. >> okay, all right. >> what is lake 360. >> that is cool. that is a picture of my daughter. this app allows to you track your friends and family anyone can get access. very will cool. lets say your daughter is a teen. i can make digital fences. for instance lets say she walks in the perimeter of my home at 8:00. it will say your daughter is
8:35 am
home. if you don't get that this case when she's supposed to be home. >> i like that one. >> do you like that one. >> it is a neat way to stay in touch. when you give up your privacy it is their. >> what is lock box. >> only app i cannot show you because it only works with android. lock block allows your phone screen to be a digital white board. draw messages and do different things. reason why it only works with android way iphonies rammed it is different so you can this is the do that. you cannot the write on the lock screen. headache cool pictures, flowers, way to go different. >> i like the couple one. i will thumb kiss you later. i'm hooking up with you. >> you are a smart guy what do you think is the longest airline flight you can take in the world right now. >> aim not that sharrie hate flying. i will say 27 hours. >> no. >> no. >> i guess i'm not that far. >> seven hours. >> i'll tell you after the break.
8:36 am
>> it is really long
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
just landed. >> southwest. >> big american. if you flew to the moon, it would take a long time. let's talk about this. >> okay. >> how would you like to take this trip, this now considered the longest commercial flight. it is in history. i don't know if i believe this >> i'm looking. >> it is landed in new zealand , they traveled, 9,000, over 9,000 miles in almost 18 hours. almost 18 hours. so 17 hours and 45 minutes. >> wow. >> that is a long time.
8:40 am
>> it is qatar, the country of qatar their main airline originally took off from london, and made one stop. >> well, that toss than the count. >> that means a direct flight, one stop and then ended, i hope so, yes. >> it must have been a big deal. >> yes. >> well, yeah, it is a lay over that is not the fair, lay over in the middle east. how sit the longest flight then if you have a lay over. >> it has to be non-stop. maybe that will explain. >> it is very comfortable. >> marvelous. >> really is marvelous. >> i don't know. >> longest flight i have have been on is when i went from dallas to japan, in tokyo and that was 14 hours. >> yeah. >> that was interesting.
8:41 am
>> but i like different movies , they had little menu you can pick. i just watched movies the whole time. >> for airline people, pilots, watching or whatever. what is the biggest plane, how long could you stay in the air in other words before you run out of fuel. >> true. >> like if you had to circle and circle and circle. >> a lot of people do that. >> what is longest flight you have ever been on. >> i told this story 6,000 times so i will tell it one more time. boeing, the aircraft company, out of washington, no, out of tacoma, whatever it is, seattle, big city in seattle, seattle, washington. they had a brand new 747 and they wanted to try to break a record. >> is that the seven level one >> yes. >> always wanted to be on one of those. >> i got on. we flew around the world as fast as we could. so it was, seattle, to atens
8:42 am
refuel, atens to take pay and then taipei back to the seattle. >> how long. >> it was all catered. >> free alcohol, free food. >> good old days. >> how long was it. >> i'm saving it, for the length of time. >> how long do you think it took. >> it will take thaw long to tell the story pretty much. >> neil armstrong was on the flight with me. >> i do remember you saying that. >> i will guess 27 hours. >> no. >> how long. >> thirty-six and a half. >> but that would make sense because 17, 17 is 34. >> you had to make pit stops. >> good news about doing those long flights is you get food. >> all those days no matter where you went. >> we were up walking around, there was music, you could sleep in the back if you wanted to but i stayed up the whole 36 hearst. >> and now i'm on a flight and i get peanuts, something.
8:43 am
>> well, at least that wicker basket is stuff you have to pick out your stuff. i get blue potato chips. >> i don't go, first class. >> i think that is first class stuff. >> i sometimes i have to fly first class because i have claustrophobia. >> is that why. >> i love the little curtain. >> i have seen seinfeld has a good episode about that. >> great episode. >> divide. >> elaine tries to sneak up into first class, and sitting next to a super model eating ice cream. what is that noise. >> ignoring her completely. >> we have more breaking news sky fox is live over this tractor trailer accident, bob told but a little while ago. this is a mess on i-95 northbound at 420 in tinicum township. >> it is on its side there, trying to figure out what is going on witt. >> it doesn't look like anyone is panicking. hopefully the driver is okay. let's zoom out a little bit
8:44 am
here. >> see what roadways it ace affecting. >> we will learn more about that and come right back at 8:44.
8:45 am
8:46 am
it is 8:46. it is getting closer.
8:47 am
in fact we have had reports of heavy rain in parts of the chester county, already. look at what is happening around boston they've got snow , treeing rain and rain all of it on the way, that parade toss than the start until 11:00 but it will be messy up there. for us our mess is rain because it is just too warm for anything but. here in philadelphia we're still waiting but within the hour we will see some rain here. it is 44 degrees here. closer to freezing in mount pocono. that is why we still have the freezing rain and advisory in effect but already 52 in dover now tomorrow we could get to that record high of 63 degrees today's record is 69 degrees. we probably won't get close to the record today but tomorrow we will, and then temperatures will lung and so much so that we have a chance of snow accumulating snow possible on thursday morning. stays cold friday, gets milder again over weekend. back to you. >> all right. jen fred has posed an interesting question, lets see how voting is going on her
8:48 am
twitter feed, for valentines day would you rather stay at home or go to a fancy pants restaurant. >> um-hmm. >> jen? >> okay. check out the poll. we will see. i didn't realize we were going to go to it. it says right now, wait, watch me scroll through my twitter. we were supposed to go after. >> we're still waiting. >> yes. >> i think i told you that i believe twitter is for the ladies. >> okay. >> so, here's the pole, look, stay at home, 55 percent, dinner a the a restaurant 45 percent. jared's surprised with that. he thought more people would want to stay at home. check out our fox 29 ladies tiehl about the question. >> okay. >> do you want your dinner, evening, moment, in a
8:49 am
restaurant or at home. >> i really don't care about restaurants. i really don't. >> a lot of people don't care about it, valentines day i hope i get. >> no, i said i don't want anything. don't need to get the me anything. i don't care. i just don't care. if we do anything. i'll take to you one if you land it. if you took time to land something i'm cool and i will go witt. >> i want to go to the restaurant without my child are fit is in my house, i don't want my kids there. >> something really good, you know, he made it, and that is really nice but for valentines day out, all the way, it is everybody there. it is just another day. >> take me to chick-fil-a. take me to, i don't care, olive garden with the bread sticks. >> i don't care. >> i like out back. out back i like.
8:50 am
>> pizza. >> friday night, be there. dog and the kids. but keep the kid upstairs with the dog. >> ladies and gentlemen, that is a wrap. obvious that was malc and meredith from the q show kicking in. keisha tweeted i would rather, a nice, home cooked valentines day dinner the restaurant are too crowded. then one of my favorite followers, no surprise here, tipsy gypsy says fancy pants dinner. good chocolate, not cheap. heart, roses, jewelry. >> good lord. something zachary lease. it is our anniversary. >> okay. >> but i will say that the q, quincy, formerly known as q dizzy, he will spend the night out with tom loudon and rest of the people at sugar house because they have their 100th
8:51 am
episode. he was pushing the party but i wonder if his wife, ivy will get something special on valentines day. bottom line is you don't want to be married to hall being because it is pizza nice. if you are married to more death you better take her out. >> yeah, what about you. you never said what your vote was. >> i don't really have a vote. >> of course, you have a vote. >> i think would i like to go out and have a romantic thing. tuesday night thing is weird for me. would i like to do it on a sat the day either before or after would i like to to go out for a nice romantic dinner, if someone could call steve fredrick. aim more concerned about my birthday then for valentines day. >> birthday day is all about you. valentines day is in general. >> alex, should you ever get the great privilege to be a mom of elementary school children. >> um-hmm. >> by the time you get to valentines day you have licked , glued, glittered, lolly-popped every valentine, and you are like i don't care
8:52 am
about suzy, jimmy, edmond, william, safe names, i am just happy valentines are in the box away from me with the teacher. >> i don't blame you. >> thanks, general general. >> i'm just sitting here thinking, valentines take is just for woman. >> it can be for men too. >> always focused on women. >> i disagree. >> there is some way the women can make it about the guy too. >> what? >> what do you mean what. >> what can she do. >> do you ever plan a fancy dinner out for a boyfriend. >> i know some people that cook, cooked something nice at home, make it nice, get a little candle. >> rose pedals on the floory don't know about that. >> that is your. >> yes. >> that is another level. >> yes. >> i think it just depend on the relationship and what you guys do. >> that is true.
8:53 am
>> abe then sweetheart day, not many people celebrate that >> that is in october. >> yes, that is supposed to be when woman does things for the guy. >> i never heard of it. never. >> it exists. >> no one has taken me to the sweetest day. >> i am just saying it exists. whether you choose to partake is another thing. >> all right. >> i just can't wait until next tuesday is over. >> want to perk up in the morning. i certainly do. it is actually pretty easy to to. 902nd routine everybody should do in the shower, in the shower, each morning to give you more energy then a cup of coffee. you do it in the shower but 90 seconds.
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8:57 am
to you remember the penguin we checked in on a couple weeks there thousand. >> two weeks. >> at the adventure aquarium. he finally has a that i am, it is elinora. >> it is blue, isn't it. >> yeah. >> elinora. >> she hatched december 3rd before the first arrival of the aquarium and shared the news on twitter and everyone is wondering what it means? it means home by the sea. >> and she lives by the sea in a natural habitat. but that is a bad name. i believe that we should vote again. >> what would you like to call the penguiny don't know but elinora does not the work for me. >> do you want something blue related. >> maybe. >> too literal. >> you could see the blue when you look at her. >> i'm sure people at the aquarium are not happy with me because who voted anyway, do people that visited. >> i thought we would get to vote. >> on line or something.
8:58 am
>> i don't know. >> it is elinora, and the name is in place so now we must call her elinora. >> no, i will call her eli. >> or norah. >> i don't like it. >> lets take another vote. >> okay. >> call the aquarium after the show. >> okay. >> yes. >> can't get enough gaga, don't answer that because some of you have had it up to your neck in her but people are still talking about the super bowl show. we have learn some facts about it. some rerecording stuff that went on and there has been some body shaping on this very at the let i can woman which is ridiculous.
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