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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 7, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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history on capitol hill. >> the nomination is confirm. >> a tie-breaking vote from the vice-president. the strong words to night after the contentious battle over education. ♪ a special reunion for a mother, baby and the men who helped bring the child into the world. why they said it was all in a day's work. ♪ we begin tonight with your fox 29 weather authority. as we are tracking some major storms down south. that same system you see there will help fuel what would be our biggest snowstorm this season. >> as we take live look at blue mountain in the poconos mountains we're talking several inches on the way. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page. in fact a winter storm watch posted for tomorrow night. let's get right over to meteorologist kathy orr. >> would you believe it the tale of two seasons tomorrow we're going to be seeing record warmth ahead of this cold front and within 24 hours snow to the west will redevelop into an east
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coast snowstorm. we'll be tracking it by tomorrow night 11:00 o'clock watch this redevelop off the coast. it's going to intensify and be a major storm for parts of new york and new england and it will be bringing us plowable snow to a good part of the region take look at the fox future cast. as we go hour by hour by tomorrow morning 11am it will be 61 degrees. we're looking for record warmth within 24 hours we'll be looking at snow for thursday morning's rush it's going to be a very slow go with temperatures in the 30s. the heaviest snow will fall during the morning rush on thursday. winter storm watch posted for tomorrow night through thursday for our northern and western suburbs for significant accumulation. we say significant that means 6-inches or more just looking at our computer models for philadelphia alone, the gfs model just came in. magic numbers between five and sick inches for philadelphia. so coming up we'll talk about timing the storm, the storm impacts and your local snow amounts as we get closer to the storm. we'll zen it over to you for n
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now. >> kathy, thanks. developing right now in the new orleans area, people there dealing with some widespread damage after at least three tornadoes touched down. >> authorities say dozens of people were injured but there's no report of any deaths. that's got news much the storms flipped over cars, tour roofs off homes leaving more than 10,000 people without power tonight. this dramatic cell phone video shows sparks flying in the tornado's path of destruction. emergency crews are going house to house to make sure no one is trapped inside. happening now, calls for reform into the delaware prison system just days after a deadly riot today governo governor cary announce add review at the james t. vaughn correctional sent. a group active visits say the state is not up to the responsibility of investigating itself. they're pushing for another changes in the prison system. >> community leaders came together this afternoon. our dave kinchen is in new castle tonight he spoke to them about the changes they want to see. dave?
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>> reporter: we spoke with coalition leaders who say that essentially the problems that led to last week's prison uprising have been there for years and they say the change needs to start actually with washington involved. >> we do not feel that the state can investigate itself. we will be sending a letter to the department of justice civil rights division. >> reporter: call for action from a group of delaware pastors who say it's not enough for the governor's office to commission a probe into the deadly uprising at the vaughn correctional center near smyrna last week. the members of the delaware coalition of prison reform and justice say the feds must take the case. >> it's important that we have independent investigation that is urgent and serious for the purposes of transparency. >> reporter: the coalition held a news conference at baptist church in new castle
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push fog change in poor living conditions at the vaughn prison conditions that inmates say spark the siege. >> if you called the department of corrections and then we need corrective measures in the prison. specifically as it relates to morality, spirituality and job skilled training. >> reporter: they also want higher pay and more respect for corrections officers. this after lieutenant steven floyd was found dead when delaware state police storm the prison ending 18 hour standoff. some former inmates of the very same prison endorsed the coalition demands for reform. >> my personal experience it has never gotten any better every year i was down there. >> it got worse and worse. >> savage come out, irresponsible behavior. bad choices. you are dealing with this on a constant basis. there's nothing for these inmates to do. >> we want them to come out as better people, better prepared to be assets to the community and not liabilities. >> reporter: well we reach out
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to the governor's office asking about a federal investigation. we have not yet heard back. meantime, lieutenant floyd will be laid to rest this weekend. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. in president trump's first 100 days another cabinet nominee is voted in by the full senate but not without some high drama. mr. trump's controversial choice betsy devos as secretary of education will lead our nation's schools. >> on this vote the yeas are 50s the nays are 50. the senate being equally divid divided, the vice-president votes in the affirmative and the nomination is confirm. >> vice-president mike pence making history this afternoon breaking a tie for the cabinet nominee for the first time. democrats heavily opposed devos because of her support for charter schools and tuition vouchers which use public funds. >> we have an obligation obvious toll try and overturn some of these nominees who are among
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the -- about the worst cabinet i have seen ever nominated. >> devos was set to be sworn in sometime tonight. here's look how our local senators vote the. booker and menendez from new jersey and kuhns and carper from delaware and senator casey from pennsylvania all voted no. senator pat toomey from pennsylvania voted yes. active visits continue to put pressure on senator toomey to oppose policies under the trump administration. demonstrators gathering outside his center city office today. active visit promising demonstrations like this one every tuesday outside toomey's office across the state they say they're going to continue to protest policies they do not support. a hearing is just getting underway in san francisco where a panel of judges is hearing arguments over president trump's travel ban. the court will consider whether the president had the right to issue the ban in the first place a lower court had the right to temporarily put a stop it to on friday.
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critics say that travel ban from seven muslim majority countries is unconstitutional and that it harms international relations. president donald trump says the ban would keep out people who want to harm the united states. governor tom wolf unveiling fiscal 2018 budget does. he does not propose increase to the state's sales tax or up come tax. he would raise revenue through a new tax on natural gas drilling and closing lots of tax loop holes. the governor wants to raise minimum wage and levee a 25-dollar per person fee on small towns that use state police instead of their own local law enforcement. governor wolf a democrat has butted heads with republican lawmakers in each of his first two budgets. this time he offered an olive branch. >> so over the past two years, i've been on this job, we have had our share of disagreements. some of them have been fierce. but we've also proven, we have also proven when pennsylvanians demand action, we are capable of
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working together to answer that call. >> the republican controlled legislature must sign off on any budget plan. some have already balked at the idea of that tax on natural gas production. stopping dangerous drivers, check. catching crooks, check. delivering babies, check. it's all in day's work for n state troopers. several of whom today reunited with a salem county mom who's baby they helped bring into the world in the parking lot of their barrack. our bruce gordon has the story. >> reporter: last time dalton arrived at the port nor roars state police barracks in this van she was in the process of giving birth to third child. it won have happened without these law men turned baby doctors. >> if it wasn't for them i don't even know if she would be here. i'm thankful. i'm really thankful. >> reporter: it was back on january 19th. the mother of the baby's dad raced to the barracks a last resort. of the baby was coming and they
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knew she couldn't get to the hospital in time. so detectives matthew hanlon and andrew be a dill along with troopers tyler dorn what is and briar blair ran outside opened the door of the van and went to work. >> so we pretty much all jumped in there. definitely a team effort. and, you know, we all picked the role and just went with it. >> reporter: the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. she us what discolored. >> basically it didn't look go good. and i just wanted to make sure the mom and baby were okay. >> reporter: they were thanks to the state police. an ambulance arrived moments after the birth racing mom and baby to the hospital. she says both her first two deliveries were complicated. make it three for three. but all is now well. and mom wanted her heroes to meet the child they helped deliver. >> i thought they needed to see her and she wanted -- she needed to see them, like, you know, see what they helped. i mean they know -- they seen her already, but, you know tox see what they helped bring into this world and i'm just thankful for them. >> as for the law men who looked a little overwhelmed as they
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passed the baby around for quick hug and cuddle, it was all in a day's work. >> it's not something you stop to think to do. you're not coming to work and saying i'm going to deliver a baby today. but it happened. >> this was no easy delivery. so maybe you're wondering whether these four guys had any experience. no. none of them is a father. none has ever delivered a baby. iain, that is performing under pressure. >> that is. they came up clutch, bruce. >> they did. >> all right. thank you. good story. charity basketball game turns into a basket brawl the wild scene at a local high school that lands one person in a hospital. >> how one local salon working to make sure that every high school senior who wants to go to the prom can look their very best. sean. >> dawn, sixers getting closer and closer to trading one of their big men. i'll tell hugh might be going where. phillies great will be returning home. all of that coming up later in sports. i work overtime when i can get it.
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charity basketball game turns ugly inside a local high school gym when fists start flying. police say a guy walked up to a 25-year-old man sitting on the side lines and punched him as he was getting treated from that punch another guy swings and knocked him unconscious. victim family tells us he has a concussion and broken bone near his eye. police are looking for the two guys. we're learning more about joe biden's post political life. the university of delaware and the university of pennsylvania announcing how he will work with their schools. we told you before about the vice-president the former vice-president's intention to work with the universities on domestic and international policy issues. well the university of delaware now says joe biden will serve as a founding chair for the schoo school's biden institute a research and policy center and at the university of pennsylvania the former vice-president will lead the penn biden center for did he employee massey and global engagement and teach international dee employee massey.
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immaculata university welcomes a new president. barbara la tear is the first lay president and graduated from the small liberal arts school back in 1972. she served on the board of trustees for the past seven years. dozens of students in camden getting all they need to attend the their proms thanks to donations that just poured in. wanda the owner of mora salon in cherry hill is hosting an event tonight to give more than 100 girls dresses and other stuff you can see hundreds of dresses donated from some even from celebrities. the salon owner says she was inspired to create this event because she couldn't attend her own prom because of financial reasons. >> i was that girl. i could not afford to go to prom. i really didn't know how much even went into it until my son went to prom and then i realized how important of a milestone this is in a girl's live. >> she also created this event to give back in honor of her salon's second anniversary.
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the camden based non hiv profit lucy out reach helped collect donations. well, raising money and getting fit at the same time our bob kelly was certainly in. he had a little trouble though with a timing of that double dutch but bob managed to get one jump in. he was at charleston elementary in malvern for the jump row rope for heart day. the school had different stations set up around the gym as students jumped rope throughout the day to raise money for the american heart association. looks like a good time. >> jumping. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. and check out i love this. this adorable video from yellowstone national park. wildlife photographer barrett hedges captured an otter pup running and sliding on the snow and ice. they're so cute. >> in the meantime live look at reading and berks county right now. we're going to see some wild weather this week. let's get back to meteorologist kathy orr. >> i'll tell you i love that little otter. very cute. [ laughter ] isn't we'll do that
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in our front yards isn't don't say that. >> oh, iain. >> it will be 65 tomorrow. >> i know. can you believe it? i mean tomorrow just a beautiful day to be outside. and thursday will be as well. it just will be little white out there. temperatures 48 degrees. the high today 51 degrees. the normal high is 42. so almost 10 degrees above normal in philadelphia. winds out of the east northeast at just 8 miles an hour. elsewhere it's pretty warm as well. 64 in washington. that will be our weather for tomorrow coming up from the south. pittsburgh 58. detroit 50 but look at the color contours to the north and west those blues and those purples. that's cold air that's not that far away. so we are in the warm sector. a warm front moved through earlier today. this cold front moves through tomorrow afternoon. so tomorrow we're in the 60s. record warmth. front moves through tomorrow afternoon and then behind it the colder air moves in. watch this area of low pressure redevelop off the coast. and it will turn into a nor'easter for new england but not for us. little bit too late but we see some cold air on the back side of that and plenty of moisture
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to bring us our biggest snow of the entire season. winter storm watch posted to the north and west including montgomery, chester, bucks county, into the lehigh valley. pottstown, milford, abington, wrightstown, tredyffrin township, malvern, pottstown into kutztown we're all included in that winter storm watch. which likely will become a winter storm warning by late tonight or tomorrow. on our fox future cast we go hour by hour tomorrow some breaks in the overcast. temperatures soar well into the 60s. so just a great day to be outside. you'll be like okay how could it possibly snow tomorrow? well it will it will stick. first start off about four, 5:00 a.m. seeing the snow moving in from the west. to the south and east seeing a wintry mix for rain through southern delaware and south jersey and then as we go through the day, some heavy snow through midday and then it's out of here by noon, one, 2:00 in the afternoon we'll see some break in the overcast and some sunshine before sunset and the storm is out of here. you look at the timing it begins
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between 1:00am and 3:00 a.m. on thursday. so late tonight -- tomorrow night into thursday morning. it ends between noon and 2:00. by 2:00 it's off the coast. no issue there is. the heaviest will be for the morning rush. that's when we could be seeing really high snow rates. our snow estimates heaviest north and west where you see that dark blue six to 8-inches of snow as you head toward the lehigh valley. philadelphia still in the four to six. i think five or six is the sweet spot for us in the city. and then as you go through interior south jersey two to four there could be some mixing and a coat to go two right along our shore points and heading towards southern delaware. the storm impacts period of heavy snow especially in the morning. look ahead to poor visibility and slow hazardous travel humid day on thursday. significant impact on the morning rush. so plan ahead. if you're going to be out early thursday. so tonight the low only 52 with temperatures rising as warmer air builds up from the south. tomorrow's high temperature going for record warmth. 63 is the record set back in
6:20 pm
1925. in philadelphia. we will tie that record. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, it's like summer to winter. just like that. thursday 34. friday 32. and then saturday and sunday we moderate those temperatures back into the 40s and 50s through next week. we'll send it over to you. >> all right, kathy, thanks. still not too bad for february. in still not too bad but a lot of bad things going on with philadelphia sports right now. okay. it's not looking too good, and the flyers not doing too great. the flyers are hurting dan they got even more bad news find out how long travis konecny will be out plus only a matter of time before jahlil okafor is out of here. find out who interested now and what the sixers might get in return. that's coming up next in sports. hello, peco. so i'm calling to see if you can help me save on my energy bill. we can do that. great. i live in a post-war, pre-war, mid-century home and the heating system is a turbine, hvac, reverse hydrogen, boiler pipe unit.
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best check-up ever. ♪ >> i don't see a way of it working. >> why not? >> i mean it's just, you know, just a log jam. >> nerlens nel said at the beginning of the season this big man situation wasn't going to work and he was 100% right. trade rumors sick lating about nel and okafor the entire season. right now it's looking like okay for is the odd man out. half the games he doesn't even play when he does he he doesn't get that much time. luckily for both sides, okay for starting to get trade interest from other teams right now sources say the sixers are in trade talks with the pelicans. sixers would get back a back up center and a future first round pick but the problem is that pick will probably be lottery protected the.
6:25 pm
the sixers are in a corner right now. their backs are against the wall so they're not going to get much certainly not what they actually want. to the flyers, a bad stretch just got even worse. travis konecny is expected to miss four to six weeks after getting banged up in the blues game. sort of got checked against the boards in the second period then he left the game after that. it was reported it was sprayed left ankle and left knee. little baseball spring training is about a week away. pitchers and catchers report to clearwater, florida, on monday and the team will have a nice little addition to the broadcast team this season. john cluck will be returning to the phillies broadcast booth this year he was at es p n for 12 years he played for the phillies for six years and had his best years in the early '90's. he helped the phillies get to world series back in the 1993 and the party keeps going for patriots today they had their victory parade in boston and i'm sure these guys haven't stopped partying since sunday.
6:26 pm
and this is the fifth time they've done this. they're used it to n countless other sports they've had it up in new england also and word down here in philly bitter right now. okay. we don't get many of these. we got villanova but in pro sports it's one in the last -- >> yeah. >> 40 years. >> i mean -- '08 the phillies. >> exactly. >> it seems so long ago. >> okay. call dr. jay. >> '82. >> think about the one before that. >> yeah. we're hurting. >> we're due. >> be sure to join us tonight for fox 29 news. surveillance video inside a daycare shows a woman breast feed ago baby. the problem, it's not her kid. what that baby's mom happened to her child and what she plans to do about it tonight at 10:00. that will do it for us tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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tom brady who done it. >> did someone take my jersey? >> who swiped his super bowl jersey. >> i 100% put it in my bag. >> pray for my niece. britney breaks her silence about little maddie's accident. it was a birthday gift. was she too young to drive? >> plus, president trump's furry. does he really believe the "snl" skit made his press secretary look weak? >> the president is not particularly thrilled. >> and exclusive, women who faked their own pregnancy. >> i faked my own baby, i faked a pregnancy. >> buying positive pregnancy tests, sonograms and fake baby bumps to fool their boyfriends. >> i


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