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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  February 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. on oh or doorstep. that big blob of white is a winter storm revving up to dump several inches of snow across the delaware valley. one word to describe this day of weather, hmm, how about crazy? this isn't video from last spring. this was this afternoon. no jacket required. tons of sun off the hook temps, record warmth and that is all about to become a distant memo memory. i'm lucy noland. temperatures dropping like a rock right now. the snow you see it it's moving on in. we've got you covered from every angle. our chris o'connell is life talking to folks who say it is about time for snow and kathy or is in the weather sent. kathy you got breaking details right now. >> this is a tricky one lucy i'm watching the radar now we're now casting since we're so close to the event and of course the temperatures are still really mild in philadelphia. points to the south and east and look at that rain/snow line it's
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to the north and west of philadelphia. so starting off as rain, transitionings to sleet and snow through the lehigh valley and poconos starting off as snow and staying as snow. >> we do winter storm warnings still for most of the area but here's a change. through cumberland county and kent county in delaware, a winter weather advisory more mixing going on here so less time for accumulating snow. and we lowered the numbers there much as we go hour by hour the rain coming in through philadelphia and you'll see the snow at 4am allentown reading and pottstown. pottstown right on that borderline that 32. sleeting in philadelphia and rain heff he have heavy rain through south jersey and central and southern delaware. as we go through the morning dynamics will really kick in the the storm intensifies and this when we'll get our heaviest precipitation. but still sleet through interior south jersey, still rain to the south. and then we'll go through 7am with periods of heavy snow.
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still sheeting where we'll see lower accumulations. the temperature 29 at 7am in philadelphia. and then look at this the back edge at 9am it's going to be to move faster and the snow will move out quicker as well. its it will be out of philadelphia by noon and clearing the coast by 1:00. maybe some sunshine by the mid afternoon. so starting between one old and 4:00 rain in philadelphia changing over to snow. it tapers off quickly between 9:00 to the west and one to the east. eight to 12-inches possible as you head toward north jersey. four to eight in philadelphia if that transition is a little bit later you'll be on the lower end of the scale because you'll have more time for sleet and rain but right now we're still in that four to eight range in many region. one to four through hammonton and millville. with a lesser accumulation even dover right on that line between one and four and coating to two obviously the least snow expecting down toward the shore. so heavy snow clinging to those tree lines and tree limbs and
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power lines. poor visibility during the morning rush with it snowing and dangerous travel and some snow pack on roads. the poconos we can see up to foot of snow in the lehigh valley about six to 10-inches we go through wilmington four to sick and of course down the shore farther south you go the less snow you see you go up toward owing county the possibility of 5-inches. so overnight tonight, we'll see that snow moving in to the north and west. philadelphia adjacent suburb starting off as rain and then sleet. everyone changes over to snow early during the morning hours. snows toward late morning and then it moves out. the temperature about 35 degrees. and then look what happens on your seven day forecast. friday freezing temperatures. so it's all going to be icy whatever is out there and it's sticking to the ground and not removed. saturday we warm it up to 46. it's raining by sunday at 56. more melting going on next week with highs in the 40s. and the 50s. this is a changing situation, lucy, and another computer model will come in late between about
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11:20 and 11:30. i'll have update if anything changes. >> record warmth to the big snow. what day, kathy. winter coming back at us full steam ahead. after day like today, you know it's really hard to imagine we are just right now hours away from the most significant snow we've seen this winter but news of the impending snowfall doesn't have everyone down. fox 29's chris o'connell has been out talking with folks who are just fine with the snow finally falling. chris, you can count me in as one of them. >> reporter: yeah, we've been out in it lucy at 5:00 o'clock -- 2:00 o'clock this afternoon, it was 70 degrees. right now king of prussia, it's 44 degrees. started out with light jacket now i got the ove coat out, but we may be getting a snowstorm but unlike other storms we've seen in the past, many people don't seem to mind. in fact some say bring on the snow. from snow shovels to fire wood to snow blowers, business was very brisk at the home depot. over at the king of prussia wegmans the parking lot was
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packed. eggs, bread, and rock salt the hot sellers. mark can't wait to see the snow. it means his plow business will finally see some green this winter. and most kids will get the day off with many schools already announcing closings. and even some big kids are hoping for a snow day. >> always good fun to have a little snow day. off of work. kids out playing. the day is afterwards it's all messing it gets a little annoying. >> what are your plans for the snow day? >> um, hopefully a little bit of shredding. we have a few hills by where we live. so it should be nice little day off. >> reporter: so, lucy we've been to the home depot we're been here at wegmans, but what do you think has been the busiest place a day before a snowstorm that we've noticed? >> busiest? i would have said the grocery store. i really would have. >> am i right. >> the liquor store, beer
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contributors. >> apparently there's going to be some snow parties tomorrow. >> that's exactly right. you need a hot toddy when you're out that shoveling and stuff. got to warm up somehow. all right, chris o'connell, thank you so much. we're expecting a lot of school closings tomorrow. in fact last count that i just check, about 110 school closings. you can see if your children have to go to school very easy. just go to our fox page, click the link. we've also got them scrolling of course on the bottom of your screen, and during "good day philadelphia" we're all over it. we got you covered as the storm rolls in. good day philly starts at 3:30 with your news, weather and traffic as the storm blankets our area. attacked, knock unconscious in north philadelphia. the man did not even see it coming. but police just got some help to figure out who is behind all of it. fox 29's dave schratwieser has more from central detectives. dave, what you got? >> reporter: lucy, this was an outrageous attack that man was knocked unconscious after he was sucker punched from behind and knocked to the ground. he was treated forehead injuries
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at temple hospital. police are trying to identify the attackers and they got some help from a witness with a cell phone. >> that's sickening. that's terrible. >> reporter: 61-year-old mustafa mummer didn't hold back his feelings when he heard about how a 55-year-old man had brutally attac attacked near 24h and lehigh and knocked unconscious. >> i think it's sad. >> he and others near the scene wondered why anyone would randomly attack the man sucker punch him and just walk away. he says it shows a lack of respect. >> when i coming up we never did those kind of things. i'm 61 years old. we never did that. we had respect for our elder els report police say the three teenagers responsible were caught on video by this police camera near the scene. a witness also snapped several pictures of the teens and turn them over to police. >> having a citizen there that's able to capture something like this on the cell phone, or any type of way to get that photo for us is always an added bonus.
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>> reporter: last month another pack of teenagers rand randomly targeted a 25 cereal man with a cell phone on south broad street. they sucker punched him, kicked him and stomped while he was on the ground. >> hopefully a parent may see this and be disgusted by seeing their kid is taking part in something like that or behaving in such way like this and give us a call. >> bad ideas, attitudes and behaviors. >> hope nobody do it to me. please. >> reporter: now, again the vick testimony was treated forehead injuries at temple. no arrests or identification on the suss specs tonight. if you recognize any of of those guys call police. lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. history in the keystone state. largest settlement of its kind ever in pennsylvania became reality in the deadly center city building collapse today. attorneys for all sides reached a $227 million settlement. those injured and the families of the seven people who died as a result of the collapse will split the money. on june 5th, 2013, a wall of a building getting demolished crashed down on top of the sal
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vague army thrift store on 22nd and market. a philadelphia widow's heart is broken. she needs your help. somebody murdered her husband and police have very little information to go on. to figure out who did it. our shawnette wilson is following this case live from philadelphia police headquarters. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy this woman says she does not understand why this happened, and she wants answers. as of tonight there are no witnesses or a motive. >> that's his date of birth. >> reporter: guiterrez wears this picture of herself with her husband around her neck faithful it's all she has left of him. [ inaudible ] >> i'm angry. >> reporter: someone shot her husband to death two week ago. 23-year-old raheem was walking with a friend near clearfield and rohrer street in kensington when it happened around 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon. >> he wasn't a bad person. he wasn't that type of person to get into problems.
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>> she has two precious children to care for on her own now that raheem is gone. three-year-old raheem, jr. and two year old nila. >> he was a family person. he worried about his kids and his family providing for kids. >> police told them they don't have anything to go on no surveillance video from a school or barbershop nearby and no witnesses have come forward. >> i want to get his story out there. you know, i want to find justice because so far, you know, his killer still out there. >> reporter: and raheem's friend who was him that day was not hur. this woman pleading for answers to find her husband's killer. if you know anything call police. lucy. >> hopefully people will. first for camden county. its controversial even though it could save life. and it's now in schools. it is narcan the drug that helps reverse an overdose some are asking does it belong in schools? here's hank. this is chester feel legend
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kevin biehl from good times i just told him trenton has a crow problem. he says he's got a unique solution. what's the imagination real? hank's take coming up.
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storm of the season live coverage begins at 3:30am on "good day philadelphia". but we're on top of it right now as well. first 100 days in office, another controversial trump cabinet nominee is now in fact part of the cabinet. senator jeff sessions set to officially resign from senate just before midnight so he can step into the role of attorney general. senators confirmed jeff sessions this evening with a vote of 52 52-47. last night drama on the senate floor grabbed countless headlines today after elizabeth warren got shut down while reading a letter coretta scott king wrote in the '80s critical session. meant to prevent him from getting an appointment as federal judge back then. many democrats worry sessions won't do enough to protect the civil rights of minorities or other vulnerable groups. a first for a camden county school district. black horse pike regional district announced a life saving initiative. the three high schools are becoming the first in the county to equip and train their nurses to administer narcan. the life-saving drug reverses the effect effects of opioid ove
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and today the county freeholders surrounded by law enforcement and local leaders commended the district on its ground-breaking evident to deal with the heroin crisis. the county freeholders are hoping other school districts will follow their lead and make narcan available at its high schools. ♪ messy problem involving crows in trenton. they roost in the trees as birds want to do and they're making a mess of everything below. our hank flynn took ride up to trenton to explore how the capitol city might keep itself from turning into a not so pleasant smelling crow's nest. ♪ >> reporter: oh, man. i her the trenton was having a god awful problem with crows. i've seen them flocking in the capital before christmas. circling in the skies and gathering in the trees outside the state house. walk outside the hughes justice
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complex to see what a foul it is. they're crow crap everywhere. >> oh, lord mercy here comes tamara gordon she walk through it every single day. what she got to do? what's anyone got to do? >> it's disgusting. it's disgusting. >> i ask for the sidewalks to be power wash. can they do anything about this. >> can they power wash the sidewalks? >> something has to be done. >> that's easiest thing to do. >> daily weekly it has to get done much this is gross. >> amen to that. while they're at it probably ought to power wash this sign up here. you can read it for all the crow poop on it reached out to trenton city hall spoke with spokesman mike walker who told me hughes justice complex is a state property all this crow poop is a state problem to fix. i spoke with david foster reported op this for the trentonian.
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>> dp is the agent tee that has has the pyrotechnics to shoot off the cannons. the city and dep would have to coordinate an evident to actually use that. who knows by then the crows might be gone. >> reporter: hmm. all right. pesky problem involving wide life. i know just the dude to call. kevin beetle is an avid hunter life long he eats everything he kills including the couple of rabbits he took this afternoon. he also runs good times i don't know i figure he's worth asking. >> i train owls. i would train owls because they're moral end moose with the crow. >> you're serious. >> put an oil in a tree and the crows will stay hundreds of yards away from them i think. >> can you get a dummy owl and put it up there. >> i think a snap would snap the crow's neck. what do you think he was going to do. shoot them in the middle of trenton? come on. bottom line i went back there earlier tonight and the crows were not there.
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maybe david was right. the droppings were still though. the mess is on the stoop of the attorney general this has gone on long enough. somebody ought to clean it up. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ i use a little fake owls for my blueberries much it works. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's going on in your neighbor. iain, what is going on? >> a tale wagging good time at the free library of philadelphia tonight. fresco user arlene recaptured it all for us. the library was celebrating the 15 many season of one book one philadelphia. this year's book selection is the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. so in honor of the book the library had some working dogs in action to show off their skills. and in southwest physical this group showed everyone you are never too old to have a good time. city councilman kenyata janson along with the foundation for a better society sponsor this seniors cupid ball at the myers rec sent. so when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone
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and shoot it and then make sure you use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. lucy. >> easy as that. we have tom srendenschek in the house tonight. >> what pleasure it is to be with you folks. false accusations an is that so nations of character. is this football? it's about a man they call prime time. i'll tell you why he's completely wrong. my thoughts are coming you up. >> all right. first we have today's black history moment. today we remember thomas jennings who tailor in new york city in the 1800's. jennings credited as the first african-american to hold a u.s. patent for a dry-cleaning process which still is used today. ♪
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tom srendenschek takes on the man called prime time. his commentary in 15 seconds much ♪ sift through the rubble of another nfl season super bowl marveling at the tom brady you come upon the story of dion sanders and his accusation of cheating much cheating by tom brady spy gate deflate-gate. dion decided years aft the fact to go after tony dungy and the indianapolis colts. now after the super bowl remember this is right after the game he said the colts were at one point in time a team guilty of stealing signals. everyone knew about it and look the other way. what? the man annaned himself
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as prime time he let it sit and fester. tony dungy was backed into unfair corner and explained the common and legal practice of signal stealing during a game. this just in guys. it happens in every sport as a matter of fact. what's worse after the dungy explanation, well, dion went silent. wouldn't explain who specifically was involved. just decided years after the fact that after he retired maybe it's time to to air this out. dion sans was a great player. but this was a rude assassination of character. athletes have a great platform and should use it the right way. this time prime time became an overnight be rated movie. lucy. >> all right. thanks tom. star power at the wells fargo sent for the is ick says game tonight it wasn't on court. check it out. sixers tweeted out this picture of actor bryan cranston you might know as walter white and director m night shymalan.
11:26 pm
i think they were cheering on the sixers. >> absolutely. >> it's suddenly cool to go to a sixers game again. trendy to go to sixers game. >> we like going even when it wasn't trendy. >> 2,000 people up in the stands. >> speaking of things that everybody is talking about right now, wet weather and it's cold. >> it's cold. here comes the snow. start off as rain and change to sleet and then snow in philadelphia. timeline, it's moving on in. within a couple of hours the heaviest between 5:00 a.m. and 9am it will be mainly then tapers off faster though it will move out of the philadelphia area by noon, 1:00 o'clock off the shore you can you can see four to eight mainly in the philadelphia area but just south one to four. isn't okay. >> sharp cut off good back at 3:30am fox 29 morning news and good day physical. bob serio and sue kelly have you covered with weather and traffic. [ laughter ]
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: i don't get it, but people are trashing lady gaga because of the way she looked. i thought she looked great. >> she finally heard, i heard my body is a topic of conversation so i wanted to say i'm proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too. the majority of things i did see were not women, they were all men. harvey: why are you saying they're all men? >> the ones you put on the website were all men. harvey: except the names could be other way. >> i'm a man one, two, three, four. >> beyonce, she's going to be at the grammys. we're told she's going to be taking it easier. the coachella producers are going to be watching this performance because depending on what happens here, there's is still a few months away. harvey: is there any possible way of gauging how pregnant she is by watching her on this performance? >> oh, you'll be able to tell. it's like the rings of a tree. >> o.t. genasis is doing a concert but he doesn't have to be there and he's still getting $20,000. this music mogul, he's doing holograms, artists


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