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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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falling and whipping around before winding down a little before noon. >> pocono mountains several inches of fresh power grace the the slopes tonight. look at that. skiers super exciting. sledding it up there. >> wish i could go. thank you for joining us tonight at 5:00. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. now that the snow moved out of here the issue is the cold and the wind. >> we have team coverage from your fox 29 weather authority. let's take look chris o'connell live in delaware county. dawn timmeney in buck county. our dave kinchen is in burlington county. but we begin any meteorologist kathy orr. >> what a day indeed. morning much different than afternoon. our storm is winding up with blizzard conditions on long island into boston and you can see the thundersnow associated with that. we're on the back side now with some snow showers to the west and some gusty winds out of the northwest. take a look at our snowfall amounts. poconos 9-inches. perkasie five, cherry hill 3.8 and marlton, new jersey, 3-inches of snow. all about the wind. wind advisory through 6:00 p.m.
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talking about winds gusting to at least 40 miles an hour through the afternoon still gusting to 45 in atlantic city. 41 right now in philadelphia. gusting to 41 out of the northwest in wrightstown. the wind will stay strong into the evening and overnight. so take look at the forecast tonight. we're looking for a refreeze as temperatures fall into the teens. 13 to 18 will be the range. wind chills in the single numbers and any slush, any wet roads will definitely turn icy tonight. we'll talk more about the extremes in the weather into the weekend coming up with your seven day forecast. for now we'll send it back to you. >> all right, thank you, kathy. even though the snowfall is over another concern is popped up. >> that wind you heard kathy it's really whipping out there. top that with those dropping temperatures and the drive could be a little tricky. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live now from swarthmore. chris, what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: iain it's not what i'm seeing it's what i'm feeling today. the story now is this biting
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wind that's been blowing through the area since the snow stopped falling. we're here in swarthmore take a look at old glory up there. the wind is like i said the story. we're gusting here at like 30 miles an hour or so. maybe even more than that. all part of this crazy 24 hours in the weather department. this wind once again the story driving along 95 our big van was getting blown around. gusting of 30 plus miles an hour clocked here in swarthmore. just about an hour ago. the wind blowing around those few inches that fell here in the western northern suburbs. good news that wind has dried out most of those roads today but tonight temperatures dip anything that was left untreated will certainly freeze. now another concern these winds possibly bringing down power lines that have been covered in snow. scattered reports of that happening but for the most part it's been crazy weather roller coaster. >> i've been in florida.
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i flew home on sunday. and we had these beautiful weather on, what, what was it, monday and tuesday and then this morning snow day. i'm a teacher. i substitute teach and it was a thrill to get out and watch the snow and not have to go to work today. >> reporter: and it's this kind of stuff that left untreated sidewalks, parking lots that you may need to be concerned with as the night goes on. but you know the road crews are did tremendous job doing the snow off the roads but those pies see patches you got to look out for tonight. guys. >> thank you chris. philadelphia mayor jim kenney has lifted the snow emergency in the city and both public and arch diocesan schools are back open tomorrow. the mayor stressing the need to check on these who are most vulnerable when the temperatures drop tonight. we remain in code blue. >> our homeless folks need to be checked on, look after, we need to call the hotline and i think we'll have some numbers to give
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you but that's the real problem right now, we get closer to this evening, the temperatures will plunge and the winds will pick up and we need to make sure that some of our people who are out in the cold come in to some place warm. >> if you see someone out in the cold who needs help call the project home out reach hotline. the code blue lasts through noon on saturday. make sure to bring in your pets as well if you leave them outside when the temperature drops below freezing you could face a $500 fine. just as the weather authority predicted one of the hardest hit areas the lehigh valley. allentown got more than 7-inches of snow. and the theme of this storm is the further north you go, the more snow you had to shovel. that's definitely the case in parts of bucks county where nearly half a foot fell. fox 29's dawn timmeney is in warminster. dawn, what have you seen out there today? >> reporter: well, iain, here in warminster they got about 4-inches of snow. just down the road in doylestown about 6-inches but have i to say most people really just took it in stride and enjoyed the day.
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the all too familiar sights and sounds of the first major snowstorm of 2017. al mc nick of warm minister dusting off and pulling out the old snowblower fort first time this year. >> my son was supposed to be here and low and behold here i am out here doing it myself. >> reporter: doing a pretty darn good job i might say. about 4-inches fell here. around the corner rick was busy shoveling out his place. >> so i can't help but notice, rick n you're in shorts. >> absolutely, yes. i'm mailman i work in all elements of the year. so this isn't that bad. >> reporter: especially since he has the day off today. >> nice see to see, good scenery. working not so good. >> reporter: this fresh fallen snow was the perfect excuse to stay home. a snow day for everyone. >> i was going to go in but i shoveled myself out about 11:00 o'clock. decided just to stay home the rest of the day. >> reporter: and bernie mccarthy's children owen and olivia are keeping him busy
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building an igloo. >> i'm doing all the physical work. they're actually directing me as to whatted to. >> it's good. because i was hoping no school. >> reporter: gout your wish? >> yes. >> reporter: brett mussel man in the snow removal business got his wish as well. he says today's snow is white gold. mussel man finally clearing snow for his clients in doylestown where about 6-inches fell. >> it's been a little difficult. hasn't been, you know, too white out here finally we're getting a little something. i was glad to see it come today. >> reporter: well, the roads are clear getting around is really not a problem at all. the temperature, however, has dropped dramatically from earlier in the day and you can see the winds are really kicking up here. so the concern as we move forward tonight, of course, is any freezing as the temperature drops and slippery spots on the roads. lucy? >> all right, thank you dawn. northern pennsylvania interstate 81 is open again this morning three tractor trailers and an
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suv got caught up in a chain reaction crash near lenoxville. several lanes closed for hours as crews worked to clean up the mess but the crash did not seriously injure anyone. remember you can always get up to the minute forecasts see live ultimate doppler ray dan are radar on our website head to any time we have school closings we'll post them there. >> state police are trying to track down the guy who robbed a travel splays. >> it happened last night off the sussex highway in laurel. police are releasing this picture of the robber. they say he walked into the oasis travel plaza before midnight. point add gun at an employee and demanded money. after he got what he wanted he ran away. if you've got any information please call police. fire officials say squatters might have started a fire that gut add vacant building in the fair hill second of philadelphia. it started just before 10:00 this morning on the 300 block of west indiana avenue. firefighters did not find anyone inside. the house next door is not damaged. big changes in happy valley. penn state says alcohol will no
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longer be permitted at fraternity or sorority parties. penn state inter fraternity council says it's putting the new rule into effect following the death of a student last weekend. 19-year-old timothy piazza fell down a stairwell during a party at the fraternity house. and police say that's where he stayed for 12 hours before anyone called for help. the university says it's also concerned about growing allegations of hazing and sexual assault. three weeks commander as chief and another three executive orders. president trump and also staying business welcoming another one his controversial nominees to his administration. fox's joel waldman with more now from washington. >> new era of justice begins and it begins right now. >> reporter: president trump welling his new general attorney general long time alabama senator jeff sessions at a white house ceremony the attorney general talking about his resolve to fight crime. >> we will deploy the talents
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and abilities of the department of justice in the most effective way possible to confront this rising crime and to protect the people of our country. >> reporter: late in the day, sessions arriving at the justice department for the very first time as attorney general. doing his own parts to battle crime. meanwhile president trump signing three executive action today's aimed at curtailing illegal drugs, reducing violent crime and preventing attacks against law enforcement. >> today's ceremony should be seen as a message to the gang members and drug dealers terrorizing innocent people. your day is over. >> reporter: president trump seem court nominee neil gorsuch continuing to make the rounds on capitol hill. the federal appelate judge meeting today with main republican senator susan colli collins. one day after telling connecticut senator richard blumenthal the president' as tacks against the judiciary are demoralizing. something senator collins says she asked mr. gorsuch about
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during their meeting. >> i understand more fully now why the judge is so well respe respected by both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: meanwhile president trump is insisting that comments made by his supreme court nominee are being misrepresented while the white house today says the president still backs his supreme court pick. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. five-year-old girl forgot to bring her doll to school for show and tell. she was not happy about it. >> everybody else got the toy but not me. it's no fair. what she did that has her mother and the school angry and scared. and -- this is chesterfield legend kevin biehl from good times i just told him that trenton has a crow poop problem. he says he's got a unique solution. was the imagination real? hank's take coming up. six hours of snow coverage on good day this morning.
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you're bound to meet some characters. one septa bus driver's message on life tv. >> they're part of our team.
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♪ the snow came not as much as we thought and then it lift again. on the left you'll see time
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lapsed video from our camera in reading pennsylvania. you can see it go from dry to snowy in a master seconds while in the middle monitor you see a live look from reading right n now. quite a different sight as we deal with this blast of winter. in burlington county, new jersey, many students enjoyed a snow day today. >> yup. yup. their parents are probably not enjoying the clean up quiet as much. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live from hainesport. all right, dave, i still feel see a little bit of snow there in south jersey. >> reporter: yeah little bit here. we can tell you that the kids were certainly happy to play. but in an interesting way a lot of people were coming together with this little blast of wint winter. >> snow may be blowing across roadways like the one here in mt. holly, but the real question now is what to do with the white stuff already on the ground? >> i'm building a snowman. >> reporter: little courtney pearson dragged out her whole family in eastampton to help with the work catching her firefighter dad off guard. >> just got off work and came
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home the kids wanted to build a snowman. didn't get a chance to get inside get changed and, you know, never get to may with them during the winter months. so figure it was a good opportunity. >> reporter: while they played with the snow that fell, people in the board den town neighborhoods worked to get rid of it breaking out the shovels and plows. >> i'm doing my neighbor's yard now. i help with my other neighbor. they've been helping me for years. i finally got my own i'm trying to return the favor. >> reporter: chris matthews using his brand new machine though he's not sure the workload truly measured up. >> it's real wet. tough to -- getting clogged up on me. other than that it's better than shoveling. >> reporter: our tour around the region found jersey highways and main roads cleared nice and early but the side streets hamilton township area needed some attention. still most say the storm could have been much worse. >> you were disappoint. >> yes, i was. i was honestly. >> reporter: were were you expecting? >> i was expecting hopefully close to foot.
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but it doesn't look like we got that. >> reporter: yeah, not anywhere close to foot. thankfully. fox 29 weather authority tells us that burlington county got anywhere between two to 5-inch 5-inches. guys, back to you. >> there you go. all right, thank you dave. you can't shovel the train tracks when it snows take look at this very cool machine. clears the railways for new jersey transit trains and nj transit has two jet engine powered snow blowers to remove snow and ice obviously especially in these critical switching areas. the transit agency also has 20,000 pounds of salt on hand to melt the ice. well before the next storm be sure to head to and sign up for school closing alerts you'll be the first to know when your schools are closed. in germantown designer heist now has one woman in jail. detectives say 24-year-old annette rodriguez and three others broke into the wayne court apartments and stole designer shoes and handbags on january 26th. the value, $7,000.
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police say they identified rodriguez through some surveillance video from the building. she turned herself in this week. ♪ nothing like the tree lined streets around the capitol building in trenton. crows like them, too. >> yeah. >> a lot. which is making for rather messy situation be 19 all those trees. >> our hank flynn took a ride up to trenton to explore how the capitol city might keep itself from turning into a smelly row crow's nest. >> reporter: oh, man. i heard the trenton was having a god awful problem with crows i'd seen them flocking in the capitol before christmas. >> circling in the skies and gathering in the trees outside the state house. >> turns out all you needed to is walk out the hughes justice complex to see what a foul issue it is. there's crow crap everywhere. >> oh, lord mercy. here comes tamara gordon. she says she walks through it every single day.
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what she got to do? what's anyone got to do? >> it's disgusting much it's disgusting. um i asked for the sidewalks to be power washed. can they do anything about this? >> can they power wash the sidewalks. >> something has -- the state of new jersey how can they not power wash the sidewalks? >> that's the easiest thing to do. daily, weekly it has to get do done. this gross. >> reporter: amen to that. while they were at it they probably ought to power wash this sign. you can read it for all the crow crap on it. i reach out to trenton city hall and spoke with mike walker who told me hughes justice complex is a state property all this crow poop is a state problem to fix. i spoke with david foster who's reported on this for the trentonian. >> dep is the agency that actu actually would -- actual has the pyrotechnics to lead off the
5:19 pm
cannons. >> right. >> so the city and dep would have to coordinate an effort to actually use that but who knows by then the crows might be gone. >> reporter: hmm. all right. pesky problem involving wildli wildlife. i know just the dude to call. kevin beetle is an avid hunter live live long. he eats everything he kills including a couple rabbits he took this afternoon. he also runs good times i figured he's worth asking. >> i train owls. i would train owls because they're mortal enemies with the crow. >> you're serious. >> you put an owl in the tree and the crows will stay hundreds of yards away i think. >> can you get a dummy owl. a dowell would snap the crow's neck. >> i went back there earlier tonight and the crows were not there. maybe david was right. the droppings still were. this is gone on long enough. somebody ought to clean it up. i'm hank and that's my take.
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♪ as we approach valentine's day, love is in the air. it seems one big no-no is not off limits any more. the romances that seem to be kindling more often. >> feeling over work. ? newer not alone. sign us you need to watch out so do you not burn out. >> cash starts flying on a busy interstate. drivers slam on the brakes to get in the action. why the feds now warn they should take a close look at their loot. ♪
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snow started falling in pennsville, new jersey, just before the sun came up. in the end a few inches blanketed the grass, drivers mostly dealt with wet roads when our cameras were out this morning seeing most folks just had, well, decided to stay home. >> police department in ferguson missouri making national headlines again tonight. >> this time it's the city's dare logo whipping up controversy. the ferguson police department dare vehicle is now a humvee decked out with a new logo on the side the dare mascot been around a long time named darren the lion in a post on their
5:24 pm
website someone spelled darren the lion with 2rs and some community members say it's like the way former officer darren wilson spelled his name. wilson shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. a grand jury and the obama administration's justice department completely cleared wilson of any wrongdoing, a emotions still run deep in ferguson. >> so really people thought immediately of darren wilson and that's what that connotation brings back he's being lion niced on the side of a militarized police vehicle in our community. >> to say that this somehow relates to michael brown or darren wilson is vealy a stretch because this pre-dates -- think pre-dates that incident. this again no one was thinking that way because we innocently were trying to appeal the children. >> police say the only message they want to send for children to stay off drugs. explosion inside a nuclear plant in france leaves a couple of people hurt. this happened early this morning in normandy. authorities say the blast was
5:25 pm
contained to a machine room outside the plant's nuclear zo zone. so there's no radiation leak. the cause of that explosion is still under investigation. >> someones toed bunch of moving from a moving car in vegas the secret service is joining forces with nevada state troopers to investigate. police say drivers stopped and began scooping up the counterfeit bills because they didn't realize it was counterfeit. and all of that ended with a minor crash. police are looking for the person who throughout all that fake money. hard to believe but we are only one year from the winter olympics in south korea and today a ceremony to start the countdown construction workers are putting the finishing touches on the 12 competition venues including six new facilities this is the country's second time hosting the olympi olympics. south korea was home to the 1988 summer games. a priest read him his last rights. but this local doctor is fighting for love, wife and science. he's using his own body to experiment and making game-changing break throughs in
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a little known disease as deadly as cancer. are you seeking a little companionship, maybe someone to help you stay warm tonight? how you can get paid to cuddle. >> aww. >> kathy? >> what a job. >> yeah. >> take look at ultimate doppler. the storm is bringing blizzard conditions to long island and also boston. for us it's this cold wind waking up in the freezer but not staying that way. details in the seven day when we come back. ♪ ♪
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>> live look at ultimate doppler radar. it's outta here. the snowstorm that dumped several inches in our area this morning is far far away now. >> but take look what we were dealing with overnight and this morning. on the left hand side of your screen time lapsed video from our weather camera along the ben franklin parkway. what started as rain turned to snow, even covering our camera at one point but at the united way building compare that to the right-hand side which is a live look tonight from the parkway. kathy is going to let you know what to expect for tonight in just a few moments. blast of winter wet a taste compared to what they're getting elsewhere. places like long island and boston folks are dealing with a blizzard. the silver lining for everyone
5:30 pm
in its path it is going fast. >> fox's molly line has more from plymouth, massachusetts. >> reporter: much of the northeast now covered in snow. plows and emergency vehicles becoming a common sight as a huge winter storm system pounds the region. causing white house conditions and dropping two to 4-inches an hour in some areas. boston getting hit hard with 12 to 18-inches expected. officials urging residents to stay indoors if they can. >> the forecast in fact is calling for single digit temperatures across most of the state this evening. it's important that everyone continue to monitor the storm. >> reporter: hundreds of schools from maine to new jersey are closed with the storm making travel a nightmare. thousands of flights have been canceled. nearly 2,000 just in the new york area. and the roads are not any bett better. >> visibility and heavy snowfall rates are making driving difficult. we you were people to stay indoors and don't get into your car. >> we obviously have dpw out in full force in effect today.
5:31 pm
working very very hard, plowing, salting. >> reporter: the storm is powerful but fast. it should start tapering off by late afternoon in most spots. new england drivers will still see some snowfall during the evening commute. public officials are pushing crews to get the snow cleared away as soon as possible. >> feel very good about the opportunity for our sanitation workers to get out there and really clear the streets thoroughly in the evening and overnight. >> reporter: the national weather service is also getting multiple reports of a phenomenon called thundersnow. when a powerful snowstorm features thunder and sometimes lightning. in plymouth, massachusetts, molly line, fox news. all right. then we go to philadelphia international airport you can see it's windy but it's not snowy. we got lots of delays and cancellations today because of the storm. what's next for our area? you know who has got that answer. kathy orr. she's got it in 15 seconds.
5:32 pm
what a morning indeed. our snowstorm and thundersnow that you just heard about is winding up over long island and also threw the boston area. you can see all of those flashes as the storm pulls away. some snow showers northwesterly winds behind the system. so if you live in chester county or even parts of cecil county, maryland, into parts of newark, delaware, you could see a few snow flurries with these strong northwesterly winds which will keep up into the late night hours. in the poconos 9-inches. bethlehem seven. perkasie five. marlton, new jersey, 3.5 and ambler, pa, 3-inches of snow. philadelphia south and east didn't see as much snow. because the storm sped up and we transitioned over to snow a little bit later than expected. but we still have a month to go. take a look at the temperatures right now. mount pocono 14.
5:33 pm
philadelphia 29. it's 29 in millville and wildwood 30 degrees. add the wind, that's gusting to about 30 even 40 miles an hour, it feels like three below in the poconos. think of that skiers and snowboarders create their own wind chill on top of that. it's cold in the mountains tod today. philadelphia feels like 14. nine in wrightstown. and lancaster it only feels like seven and those numbers will do down overnight tonight. on the fox future cast, you can see the clouds associated with some of those snow showers. other than that, we see clear skies for tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and by the afternoon the clouds will be rolling in but we'll stay precipitation free. saturday mostly cloudy skies expected. and our next chance of seeing any type of precipitation will be some rain showers on sunday. but with that, some warmer temperatures. so overnight tonight, mainly clear, wind chills in the single numbers. winds out of the northwest 15 to 20. gusting to 30. through about midnight. overnight low temperatures very very cold. so bundle up. at the bus stop tomorrow, there will definitely be a chill.
5:34 pm
during the morning hours, temperatures only in the teens and the 20s. by the afternoon freezing. that's 10 degrees below normal. skies will be mostly sunny with a few afternoon clouds. still west wind ten to 15 miles an hour will keep a chill and keep those wind chills in the 20s. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, for your friday, sunny and breezy. and look at this. by saturday, a huge surge in temperature. a huge swing. almost 20 degrees warmer. mostly cloudy, 30 for the morning. 50 for the afternoon. rain returns for your sunday. the high 48. monday 50. tuesday 47. wednesday 41. that's seasonal. and thursday mostly sunny and 4. guess what tuesday is? >> i forgot to put something there. >> valentine's day. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> don't forget your valentine. >> that's right. do not do that. >> all right. kathy speaking of and as we approach valentine's day love is in the air but one big no-no may be off limits any more. the romances that seem to be
5:35 pm
kindling more often. are you perhaps looking for companionship maybe someone to help you stay warm tonight. how you can get paid to cuddle. and students at rutgers university will get a celebrity encounter. the reason one popular rocker will be stopping by the school.
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♪ crews busy keeping train platforms clean in camden county, new jersey, today about 3-inches fell in camden after a snowy day. camden county schools are back in session tomorrow. the chairman of the house oversight committee republican copping man is sounding the alarm. he says president trump's top adviser kellyanne conway made a serious mistake today when she promoted ivanka's trump fashion line during an interview on fox and friends. >> buy you have can have a's stuff. i hate shopping. i'll go get some for my self today. >> nordstrom dropped ivanka's fashion line sight citing poor sales. following the announcement president trump tweeted at the department store calling their treatment of his daughter unfa unfair. but both republican and
5:39 pm
democratic lawmakers tonight say conway violated a law that prohibits federal employees from using her public office for the endorsement of a product. it's a whole ethics thing. press secretary sean spicer said today that "conway has been counseled and the white house says president trump continues to support conway". >> despite twitter's constant place in the news with president trump using it for all types of things company just reported its tenth straight quarter of declining revenue. the company is having trouble making all of trump's tweets and videos and live streams of nfl games pay off. the earnings this quarter were $717 million much users flat versus estimated 740 million bucks. you got to work to earn a paycheck. at the end of the day a lot of people are leaving the office with little something extra. career reports 41% of workers say they have dated a co-worker that highest percentage since 2007. perhaps even juicier if you want to use that word.
5:40 pm
more than one in five people say they have dated a superior and get this 19% of office romances involve at least one person who was married at the time. a storefront in venice, california has people lining up to cuddle much this is the cuddle sang to you wary. it offers both weekly cuddle workshops and professional -- >> workshops. >> cuddling which is a one-on-one session between a professional cuddler and a client. it will cost you 80 bucks an hour. before you go there, don't, because the sessions are purely platonic. >> i felt more joy, and i felt more connected. >> the dating world it was like people felt like you wanted to rush into sex when really i just wanted to have a nice touch. >> okay. the company says anyone can become a professional cuddler. not like you have to have a degree or anything. >> apparently you need a certification. >> then you can charge 80 bucks an hour. you have to have a couple of certifications. >> there you go. >> learn how to cuddle. >> um-hmm.
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a priest read him his last rates but this local doctor is fight fog love and life and science using his own body to experiment and making game game-changing break throughs in a little known disease as deadly as cancer. >> feeling over worked? you're not alone. signs you need to look out for to prevent burn out and what you can do to help fix it. >> sean. >> newkirk st. joe's best player out for the season with a torn acl. i caught up with him to talk about the injury and the beginning of his rehab process much that's coming up later in sports. my favorite part about being a dad --
5:42 pm
just to see their faces in the morning when i wake them up. the first thing you think about is your wife and your kids and your family. so i had surgery locally, and it came back after my follow up that i needed a second surgery. and that's when i said i need a second opinion. everyone, from the moment i walked through the doors, they're smiling and i love the fact that included me in the whole process. the diagnosis of cancer is one of those things that you want an answer now. we can do now here. rod was great. i mean, he did everything that we asked him and more.
5:43 pm
the treatment plan was for him to have chemotherapy and radiation followed by surgery. i feel like this was the right way for me and the right treatment for me. at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. call or go to appointments available now.
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♪ check this u pretty cool. 12 hours of weather in allento allentown. condensed into a few seconds. a time lapsed view from lehigh county more than 7-inches of snow fell this morning and then as the storm moved out. compare that to to the live look at allentown right now. turned into a clear, though, cold and windy night. do you subscribe to the theory that changes in the weather can make you sick because if so you are not alone. some doctors say you know kit happen mostly people because people don't pay attention. here's the theory. when it starts to warm up lots of folks pull out the shorts and the warm weather clothes and keep wearing them when it cools down again and if you have a weak immune system or underlying medical problem getting caught in that temperature drop kind of like we had yesterday without the right clothing kit make you very susceptible to getting sick. doctors say the best prevention is, common sense. well another milestone for a local doctor with a little known
5:46 pm
baffling disease much he's experimenting on himself after discovering some break through information on how castleman disease operates within the bo body. >> the disease is not stopping him nor his new wife from taking incredible risks making sacrifices for better or worse. our joyce evans has their story. ♪ >> reporter: time is something david and caitlin faganbaum wish they had a lot more of. >> very good. together. >> she's a busy fashion sales executive. >> lots of blood vessels. >> he's an even busier physician scientist. >> he does work 24/7. >> reporter: but they're not complaining. >> i just have tore mine myself it could be a lot worse. >> reporter: like when time almost ran out on david. more than once. >> i have this disease that tried to kill me five time. >> reporter: and somewhere in between a cancerous tumor removed from his liver just as potentially deadly as castleman
5:47 pm
disease. >> i said goodbye to her thinking that i would never see her again. >> i didn't think it was the end. >> reporter: none of this deterring the young couple from marrying. >> yeah, it's amazing. she hasn't left my side this whole time. >> people would ask how do you do it? but what else am i going to do? >> fight as hard as her trail blazing husband. >> what are you showing me here. >> these are castleman lymph nodes. >> reporter: this is where we first met doctor and patient faganbaum about a year and a half ago. at work in his lab at the university of penn. >> and this is actually my diseased. >> reporter: he was using himself to make landmark discoveries and understanding and advancing the fight against castleman disease. >> we found that real the large nymph nodes being tumors it's actually the immune system causing the lymph nodes to grow. >> reporter: his immune system becoming overactive app tacking
5:48 pm
his body. he started documenting how it over women his organs during these frightening near death episodes. >> as i had my flare got a lot of data on what was happening. what was going on in my blood. what my immune system was doing much all the drugs tried for castleman disease didn't work for me. >> reporter: what now? dig into that data he collect. >> based on a few patterns i found i'm thought maybe this drug, drug that had never been used in castleman's before, used in kidney transportation to suppress the immune system, i thought maybe we can try it and caitlin and i both just felt like we got to try something. >> nothing else work. >> reporter: so dr. faganbaum is doing it. >> to be honest i wasn't all that cost that it was going to work. >> reporter: former athlete turned penn researcher professor and wharton mba is experimenting on himself and now another milestone. >> it's been three years without a relapse. more than twice as long as ever before. >> reporter: still not enough for david faganbaum.
5:49 pm
too many doctors have never heard of or know how to recognize kess salman disease. >> up until a couple days ago even there had never been a diagnostic criteria for castleman's disease. never been a checklist. >> reporter: now there is. and you can read more about it in the current edition of the medical journal blood. >> what needs to be done -- >> reporter: dr. lectures about his incredible journey and progress. >> i'm literally dying in this picture in the intensive care unit just across the street. >> reporter: his story featured this week in the new york times and there's more. >> we're also now thinking about translatintranslating out reseao trying to identify additional drugs that may work for patients and testing the drug that's working for me on more and more patients. >> reporter: all that takes lot of money. and that's where fundraising galas and caitlin as head of communications for the castleman disease collaborative network are helping to double the numbers of volunteers, patients,
5:50 pm
doctors and scientists and those donations from around the world. >> next -- >> he want to have a family. that's definitely top of our -- top of our list of things. >> reporter: his future is still uncertain. a cure not yet. they're fear is not gone. not at all. but it won't stop david and caitlin from loving and living. >> he is very special. i'm very grateful that he's doing so well and that he works so hard. >.report thank thank you very mh for the opportunity. >> reporter: joyce evans fox 29 news. ♪ >> you know what's so incredible about this, joyce says dr. faganbaum has not had a single episode since he married the love of his life. >> maybe a coincidence. >> right. >> maybe. >> all right. good for them. i wish them all the best and they'll have something to tell their kids that's for sure. we've got a lot of information on the fight for a cure for this potentially deadly disease. just head to our website
5:51 pm
♪ aretha franklin much r-e-s-. she's retiring at the age of 74. she'll stop touring after she releases her new album in september. she's planning a six month tore in the near future. after that she plans to keep on performing life just limitedly franklin has won 18 grammy awards over her career that has lasted more than half a century. joyce clooney is going to be a proud dad. two times over he and his wife are expecting twins. >> wow! >> tmz says she's pregnant with a boy an girl and reportedly due to deliver in june. this is the first pregnancy for both. am mal 39 while george is 55. >> wasn't he the one that said he didn't want any kids? >> now he's got two. >> better get some energy at 55. >> you know this having triplets
5:52 pm
my goodness. there was probably a little stressful for you and vita having the triplets. >> yes. >> lots of love. we all deal with stress of course. burn out can really take a toll on your job and your relationship. >> yeah. so how can you tell if you're becoming burned out? some of the signs are severe exhaustion, mentally, physically emotionally you just feel kind of spent. those are signs that you're overwhelmed. so is dreading work. and constantly thinking about the weekend. if the weekend yet? how do you fix it? experts say first thing to do step back and look at what you really want. >> write out what are your priorities. sometimes just re-evaluating the things that you need to do, the things that you want to step back from. i think that's important because ultimately it's well-being that leads to success. >> that means more golf if you ask me. [ laughter ] >> another tip if you have too much on your plate see what you can do to eliminate that and what you can do to build a better life outside work. >> another way to fix it?
5:53 pm
>> hit the lottery. >> that's exactly what i was thinking. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> five-year-old girl forgot to bring her doll to school for show and tell. she was so not happy about it all. what she did next that has her mother and the school angry and frighten. students at rutgers university are going to get a celebrity encounter. the reason one popular rocker will be stopping by campus. six hours of snow coverage on good day this morning. you are bound to meet some characters. one septa bus driver's message on life tv you've got to see. ♪ "let life in
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stuck in the house all day maybe you have enjoyed a glass of wine or two. maybe you're going to have one this evening. a colorado business says upping what, don't leave out your pets. it's hoping you'll say cheers if your pup or kitty. >> brandon, a big time pet lover he created apollo pete pet wines with flavors like get this peep know meow. chardognet. >> they're not wine but they're made from beets. >> they're full of antioxidants for pets. they're not toxic to them. not harmful to them and they make this beautiful red color that looks like wine. >> he's got another flavor coming out for cats. meowtini. >> how long it took for him to come up with that. all right. kids often look forward to show and tell at school. it's their chance to really show off something they love.
5:58 pm
>> yeah. that's true. one little girl was behind quite the scare when she forgot her show and tell object. fox's darryl nail reports. >> reporter: candace furman walked her five-year-old to school around 7:45 on friday morning but shortly after 8:00 little carly realized she forgot her doll for show and tell. >> everybody else got the toy but not me but it's no fair so i got it. >> reporter: how she got it terrified her mother. school officials believe the determined kindergarten opened this back gate after the crossing guard left, but before the custodian came to lock it. once passed this gate the five-year-old wanted to get over here to this daycare building where she knew her mother was working. so all by herself, she crossed this street. >> wasn't afraid. >> no. >> i wasn't scared. i went here. >> i was scare, and i was mad at the same time. >> reporter: furman says this could have turned into a trage tragedy.
5:59 pm
>> and i was mad because how did they not figure out that five-year-old got off the property? >> reporter: we totally understand why a pan would be upset by that. school spokesperson matt read says what happened was a small gap in security. but they will be tightening things up instead of the custodian locking the back gate check in staff will lock it before they leave. >> there will be no period of time when that gate is open and unmonitored. >> reporter: thankfully, carly is okay but she's making a change too. >> i going to stay at school. staying at school. >> reporter: you got it down, right? >> staying at school. >> i don't care, she's tough and resourceful. she'll do well in life. >> that's right. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now at 6:00, cleaning up, digging out and now bundling
6:00 pm
up the snow may be over but bitter temperatures are setting in and the changes your weather authority is already tracking. happening right now temperatures are teague ago dive while the winds whip around the area. today winter blast canceled schools across the entire regi region. children all over have been doing that. sledding, lots of fun. like these folks here. sky fox over the scene right there in bryn athyn, montgomery county. >> looks good. moving live to the pocono mountains now. skiing also a good way to spend the day and with some fresh powder out there on the slopes. now the story tonight, though, is cold and wind with bitter temperatures expected overnight. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. hopefully you enjoyed your day along with your kiddos. in philadelphia they're heading back to school tomorrow. public and parochial schools will both open the doors. what kind of weather is knocking on the door? >> let's head over to meteorologist kathy orr. well, we are seeing some snow showers still across small part of the delaware valley. our storm system winding up over new england will with


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