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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 15, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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would win. >> he would win, that's right. >> best snug letter. >> for the rest of us, weaver to wake up, do what we got to do today. seven out of ten today. even though windy, certainly not windy as it was on monday. so it is cloudy, chilly right now, with temperatures in the 30's, and bus stop buddy has his mittens on, ready for a cool morning. >> cape may new jersey southern system, also northern system to tell you about. but we will talk about that whether we show you the map in a few minute, 34 degrees, sunrise time, 6:53. very limited amount of sunshine today. most of our windchills are about the same as the temperature, because we don't have too much wind this morning. >> high of ooh degrees, could also get stray shower at some point this afternoon sunset time 5:37. that takes care of wednesday. >> bob kelly, i think you'll leak the weekend forecast.
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tick-tock 5:00 o'clock. off to pretty good start, we look live, king of prussia, 202, the mall in backgrounds, roads are dry, the wind not to deal with. >> turnpike connector bridge remains closed scutters falls bridge, trenton morrisville bridge, the burlington bristol, three options. we've had a lot of openings, the past couple of days at the burlington bristol bridge. that's kind of thrown folks for a loop. >> going for ride on the northeast extension, where they're still working both directions in the area of quakertown. they'll be out there until about 6:00 this morning. with lane restrictions, left over crews in the bellmawr interchange, 295, 42, the normal drill, normally out of there by about 5:30, 5:45 or so. downed tree along route 611 at durham road. the pennsylvania turnpike, work crew right near street road. so a lot of the work crews wrapping things up here,
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taking advantage, of the nice weather from the overnight. get ready for septa new schedules debut sunday, for both the city, and suburban bus routes. and new bus route coming our way, that will be the route 311, and that's going to allow service for commuters in to willow grove. thomas, karen, back to you. >> bob, thank you. developing now, scandal continues to rock the white house, there are incriminating reports that president trump's aids were in contact with senior russian intelligence officials during the campaign. the new york times claims that law enforcement, and intel agencies, have intercepted calls and phone records. the report names four people close to the president in this fbi inquiry. campaign chairman pan man ford listed as one of the associates, resigned after past lobbying in ukraine were called into question. national security advisor michael flynn resigned monday after it was revealed he discussed sanctions with russia before president trump took office.
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>> and there is more this morning, russian spy ship is heading north after being spotted off the coast of delaware. as you would imagine, there are many questions this morning, as to what it was doing there. steve keeley with the story, in atlantic city for us. steve? >> well, one thing we know for sure, and that is that ship is not here to get here in time for any kind of bore glad a russian beach bash this weekend. the coast guard, right next to the borgata here in the marina section of atlantic city among those in the u.s. defense department, keeping tabs. this is not the first time this same russian spy ship has been spotted here off the east coast. the "cold war" obviously kind of cruiser has sailed close to here, the united states international waters in 2014 and 2015, but this latest little voyage comes in a week when russia seems to be really pushing it. doing lots of things to see how the us and it new president, who has spoken very highly of russia's leader
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whole lot lately, will handle this. it is off the coast of delaware yesterday, 70 miles out by the way, that's more than 50 miles further than the 12-mile us territory at sea, but still close enough here to really poke the pentagon and people at the shore. >> i think our military is well equipped to handle the situation. so -- >> doesn't bother you? >> it does little bit. nothing that our government can't handle. >> as we look upon the ocean now, it is completely black. but i really believe something is going on. >> yes? >> i believe something is going on. >> i'm nervous. just because that means deployments, and everything else, and puts me a little bit on edge. >> well this is just one thing that is doing this week. we had them having a black is i can -- balistic missile tells, completely violates the treaty that president reagan and gorbachev signed in the
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80s, okay? that's something is that they can put nuclear war head on and reach places here. that is the biggest thing bothering the pentagon. the other thing is, again, one of our ships close to the black sea again in international orders gets buzzed by spy plane from russia then three fighter jet four days ago, just like they did back in may you may recall. when i say buzzed i mean close enough where a guy on the deck of a us ship if he had a good arm could have lit it with a baseball. >> thank you, steve. a lot thereto say. 5:05. president trump will be hosting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house today. this is going to be a two hour oval office meeting expected to set the tone for us israeli relations, under this presidency. on the agenda, the war in syria, iran, and also the israeli-palestinian conflict. at 5:06 almost, david shulkin has been sworn in as our nation's new veterans affairs secretary. and he has a lot of connections to our area.
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still lives in gladwynn, montgomery county, served as the chief medical officer at the university of pennsylvania and also at temple university hospital. the senate unanimously confirmed him on monday night, the least controversial choice. also, secret service director joseph clancey, he's got philadelphia roots, he's retiring for the second time. he grew up in our area, attended high school in radnor, graduated from villanova, he came out of retirement more than two years ago to fix and take over a whole series of secret service scandels in that department. he'll be leaving next month. we don't know who is going to be replacing him. >> time now 5:06. developing story this morning. police are investigating a shooting outside after night club in port richmond. it happened just after 11:00 along the 3,000 block of castor avenue. witnesses told police that a man started shooting at two or three people who had just left the club. >> those two or three people fled the scene and at this
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time have not notified police or complains about being shot at. but witnesses said they saw a male get left -- let out after vehicle in the 3,000 block of castor avenue. and this male was on foot. and he fired a total of 15 shots. >> once again, witnesses say the suspect ran away following that shooting, luckily, no one was hurt. >> some interesting video here, group of guys that go to local laudromat. police say armed with a gun, and very bad intentions. all three of them are still on the loose this morning. after holding gun to the owners head, happened at hung laudromat, chew avenue. investigators say they've been plagued with crimes like these happening all over our city. >> and, northeast detective
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just took down two-man crew of thieves who were targeting coin machines, at laundromats, police say they were very prolific. they got thousands of dollars from 22 separate break-in's. >> time now 5:08. talk about a horrifying ordeal for a wilmington woman who was forced into a car, then told to withdraw money from atm and beat up. the guy who did that monday night still roaming the street. >> armed man, target the that woman, who had just left her car at the top of the hill amounts. she has minor injuries, this morning, we're being told, police are still searching for him. a massive fire at marina in bellmawr, new jersey, damages more than a dozen boats. thankfully, no one was hurt and no buildings were damaged. flames broke out tuesday afternoon, at the seaport inlet marina. no word on what started that fire. >> the love is gone, the
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sculpture, removed for repairs and for restoration. it was on display at the park for the past year. because love park has been temporarily closed because that is getting fixed up and beatified. >> it will cost about $50,000. >> birds watching just got little more expensive. >> season ticket holders. this is actually the first time franchise has increased prices since 2014. so how much more can you expect to pay? the team says average ticket will go up by about $70. >> $70? >> seventy bucks. >> isn't that the price of attack back in the day? all right. >> i know, right? >> 5:09. there are some teachers in philadelphia, who are fed up. they decided to make their voices heard in a pretty unique way. >> in a big way. coming up, good day philadelphia, how one educator work to go shame the mayor and superintendent. after going without a raise for years.
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>> and little money, money, money. someone in our area, a millionaire. five times over. $5 million richer, thanks to a lucky ticket. but how much is a ticket to go to eagles game? >> well, probably, maybe, 100, 150 bucks? will they raise it by -- tell you what, i'll go for the free ticket, and watch the game right here on fox, route 55 northbound no problems or delays at all as you head on in to bellmawr. getting down in allentown, live look, as we wake up to allentown new jersey. sue-be has your forecast, we will check the jam cams when we come right back. by peggy lee playing ]
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of of test
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>> sue is standing by with a check on the forecast for your wednesday. >> a lot to look at on the weather map this morning. we're in the middle of all this to look at and there's a cold front north that will come through tonight and there's a system to the south and already bringing rain to part of our area since we'll be in between both systems breezes will be picking up before the end of day. my pressure moved offshore. and with the close proximity of this storm we're expecting slightly milder temperatures than yesterday. it's in the 0s now. wind is not a factor yet. and it probably will be a little later on in the day. precipitation, well, we do have some to show you. it's to our south as we mentioned sussex county, delaware, little bit of cape may county being affected and that's all we see at the momen moment. and things could change and we could get some in philadelphia. maybe rain a little later in the day.
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there's lewes, bethany beach, fenwick getting rain from the southern form. that rain hangs around throughout the morning and as we get closer to the cold front coming through we could see a few stray showers from that later on this afternoon. so don't be surprised. it should not be a big deal. but it will keep us cloudy for a good portion of the day. and so that's what's going on with our weather system. you can see how calm it is outside now. we have average high of 44 degrees and our high yesterday for valentine's day we loved it high of 47. for february that is not bad. this is better. 50. and then temps take a plunge tomorrow and winds pick up it's windy, cold day. but that is not going to last. we get warmer in time for the holiday weekend. and 60s bob kelly by sunday and monday. whoa. yeah. a lot of folks like to go skiing on this holiday weekend. hopefully it stays chillier in the poconos. good morning, everybody, 5:15 look at route 1 bucks country
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no problems or delays at all. live look at 95. watch the construction zone beginning now and betsy ross brim and that takes you dunn through girard to downtown philly. accident roosevelt boulevard northbound at goodnal pennypack park and northeast philly airport downed tree along 611 durham road and police on the scene there. septa no problems out of the gate market frankford, subway, regional rails. but we have something new for you. new schedule for city and suburban bus route. we have a new bus route coming in route 311 that will serve the willow grove area. so that's good news coming from septa headquarters. pa turnpike work crews out and leftover near street road they should be out by 5:30 or so and we have a closure of the turnpike connector bridge. again extra volume burlington bristol.
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couple openings already at the burlington bristol. both looking good. karen, back over to you. >> we still don't know how many inmates were able to takeover delaware largest state prison. there's independent investigation about to begin to get to bottom of all that. governor john carney asked two retired judges to lead the review. lieutenant floyd died in that takeover. justices will dig into what happened and make recommendations in june and delaware state police criminal investigation into employed's death needs to be finished fist. president for correctional officer's association of delaware says they are still having some concerns about officer safety even now the union wants to give their endpoint to the governor's office. in hunting park, two men broke into the risky business bar. they got in through a window. once inside, they went right over to the tvs. you can see what they do. they're pulling them with all to break them off the walls.
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and they did that successfully. they got that one there. they also got two others, three in total and took alcohol bottles before they ran away and please call police if you know anything. >> 5:18 grieving philadelphia family wants to make sure their tragedy will force a change in the community. they're working with local leaders. they're trying to make the road safer and catch hit and run drivers more quickly. one of those drivers hit a girl and it took weeks for police to get them. iesha and her sister come up with a jxt jay alert. like an amber alert. instead of reporting missing children it sends notices about hit and run drivers. they have taken their idea to state senator anthony williams of philadelphia. >> i don't want to have to see another parent be on news crying. or another aunt or uncle hurt because they lost a family
5:19 am
member through a hit and run. >> this is for the benefit of all pennsylvanians that a parent, grand parent, aunt, uncle, will feel safer within their community. >> senator williams says he hopes to have the bill on the governor's desk and signed into law within the year. philadelphia teacher says she's fed up that all the rest of the teachers in philadelphia have not gotten a raise in more than 5 years and wants everybody to know about it in fact putting it on a billboard. teacher from central high school george zanas and want to put the billboard on i 95 the buzzest corridor as you go into the center city area. teachers have been working without a contractor raise for nearly five years and they hope this shaimz officials into action. he envisions billboard to have pictures of src members gil green, super intent enter heydt and kenny and strong words. >> it will say welcome to
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philadelphia where we don't care about our public educatio education. philly teachers have been working five plus years without a raise. that's very troubling for me. the teachers pushed hard to get mayor kenny electd we reached out to super intent enter and mayor's office and they said we continue to talk to philadelphia federation of teachers and we are trying to work out a contract. >> good news a new cool for camden country police officers in an emergency. trauma center at cooper university healthcare recently bought 10,000 worth of turn cats this will be given to officers in the police department all part of ems training and program. >> numbers are out and they're celebrating in atlantic city. it's been a goodyear so far. gambling revenue is up more than 7 1/2% from a year ago with city seven casinos taking in more than 200 million they were helped with significant boost from internet gambling.
5:21 am
>> someone in salem county you are my new friend this morning why because you wake up richer. i love you for more than your money, though. winning 5.2 million lotto ticket was sold last night at rachel's mark net penn'sville it's a pick six. winning number is on your screen at well 5, 9, 10, 18, 21, 26 extra multiplier that made a difference was three in addition to the jackpot winner 20 others won at least 1,000. so check your tickets and give me a call. we'll do lunch. >> still ahead this morning it's a boy. >> after three decade a boy timely joining a bunch of the american doll company. you know they called them american girls. they got a boy now? american girls. they got a boy now? hm.
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now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ >> welcome back. 5:2 had 4 do you own a selfie stick. >> you may ballying a double standard. >> german survey says 75% of people take selfies all the time and 80% say they would rather see others besides selfie on social media stream stream. most people feel like their own selfies are more genuine than other selfies. >> and offer i can take a picture. >> no i'll do it selfy.
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>> there are banks in money watch. pushing for some new cardless technical that could make banking easier they are saying. >> right now we know hundreds of atms at jp morgan chase are outfitted with technology that uses phone to get access to accounts. bank of america. wells fargo planning similar problems later this year and cardless systems offer more convenience but could create new you secure i can concerns. they feel criminals may be able to hack your phone getting your password and account information. >> i'm too much of a scaredy doot try that out. >> parents you have kids out there american girl are introducing american boy yep for the first time ever added a boy logan he plays the drums with good friend teny sleaz a singer song writer tenny and logan will hit the shovlz thursday. >> logan joining the family there. time now 5:5. >> there is interesting way to
5:26 am
fay your final respects. >> forget the flowers why one funeral home says you don't have to get out of your car to pay your respects. >> seriously? >> but first, we honor black history month. if you enjoy buying fresh food from across the country at your local supermarket guess what, frederick mckinnley jones to thank. >> air cooling units he invented used in food transporting trucks in the 30s. he was awarded more than 60 patents over the course of his he was awarded more than 60 patents over the course of his life.
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>> a russian spy ship in our own backyard. military maneuver that has the coastguard and military community on alert. >> and fitching the dam before more rain moves in sfwlaep beer at wawa you will now be able to buy a six pack starting tomorrow. which one is making this bold move. >> could have just stopped there. >> i can see it now. >> bob has been drinking a lot more coffee with a wawa cup in his hand. >> his rewards card is woo. >> good morning, everyone, great to have you with us.
5:30 am
>> another sweet day. valentine's yesterday. today as you look at bus stop buddy it's national gum drop day. goody, goody. gum drops. he has gloves and gum drops today. as you wait for the bus you will need your coat and gloves. it's february after all. we look at ultimate doppler radar rain to the south moving into southern delaware and edg edging into cape may county in new jersey and talking more about the system coming up preezy in philadelphia right now. calm winds at the airport. so we don't have wind chill. sunrise time 6:53 and plan on mostly cloudy skies today and a peek of surprise here or there and maybe hey a stray shower from another system north which we'll show you on map. 50 high temperature and we'll take that in february. but if you like 50 wait until you see the temperatures we have for you this weekend, bob kelly. >> for everybody that's got kids remember the barny song,
5:31 am
if all the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops, we probably all watched matt thane times. >> heading down to the ramps for 95 and betsy ross bridge. roads are dry this morning. a live look at the vine street expressway. if you come to center city because of new overpasses the lights are not installed yet. it's dark when you come on in under the tunnel there. it's basically being created underneath the ben franklin parkway. the schuylkill expressway looking good. roosevelt boulevard, northboun, northbound, watch for accident at goodnall on the northbound side near airport downed tree 611 durham road. i mentioned schuylkill 14 minutes into downtown. same on blue route. 476 if you head southbound to the airport we're off to good start. if you live in quakertown -- hold on let's not tailgate that guy. if you live in quakertown working on the northeast
5:32 am
extension southbound side maybe half hour or so and looking good on mass transit. karen, thomas, back to you. >> bob, thank you. russian spy ship is now headed north after spotted 70 miles off coast of delaware. this military maneuver has people in the area feeling uneasy. >> you can imagine why steve healy with more on this one. good morning. >> it's not just that but a whole lot going on this week so much we may have bus stop buddy learning how to duck and cover when he gets to school. cold war chill may not have ended after all and many may be feeling that cold war chill once again as russian spy ship is in chilly atlantic ocean headed up alongside new jersey and 50 miles beyond the 12 mile u.s. territorial water limit headed to check out likely the united states nuclear submarine base not far on the connecticut
5:33 am
coast and then baca long this way towards port in cuba. this latest in a sudden series of soviet that got people talking be shore this week. >> i'm nervous because that means deployment and everything else and put me a little bit on edge. >> the ocean now is black. but i believe something is going on. >> they were not there before. >> i think our military is well equipped to handle the situation. >> doesn't bother you? >> it does a little bit. but it's nothing our government can't handle. >> on the sdek below the bridge wing. well that video and those actions were from april but
5:34 am
russian fiing fighter jets that flew that close in the black sea international waters did it again this week over the weekend same black sea, same kind of deal. just 0 feet off the destroyer's deck and if this is not pushing it the most serious event this week trump administration confirms u.s. intelligence learned that the russian country has deployed a cruise missile in complete violation of the cold war era nuclear arms treaty signed by reagan and gorbachev. three years ago they accused russia of violating that treaty by developing and testing that cruise missile. then it became ready and in launch position and the last months of obama administration and now it's up to the trump administration on figure oaring out how to handle it. we'll see if he keeps saying how much he admires putin after this happens in the last few
5:35 am
days. >> steve keelly in atlantic city this morning. thank you. >> 5:34 nearly 40 years after crime and now convection. jury in new york says a south jersey man killed anton pates. he became one of the most ico iconic missing children. he disappeared in soho on his way to school and after all the years pate's family is is relieved. >> some measure of justice for our wonderful little boy aton. and i'm really grateful. i'm really grateful this juror writey timely came become with what i've nope for a long time. >> that man right there, 56 period. pedro hernandez once lived in mapleshade confessed to the murder in 012 and his lawyers said he was mentally ill. >> pilot and actor harrison
5:36 am
ford is under investigation for the way he landed plane at an airport in california. indiana jones actor was told to land on run way at the john wayne airport in orange country monday and instead he didn't land on run way he landed on a taxi way. his single engine husky flew over american airline 77 with more than 100 people on board. faa is investigating and he could get a warning or even lose his license. >> time 5:6 happening now evacuation order has been lifted for nearly 200,000 residents near orville dam in northern california and residents were told to leave homes after authorities feared erosion could have cause the spillway to collapse accepte accepteding a wall of water to the homes. crews have been fixing the dam spillway around the clock since evaluation and they lowered water levels to handle the extra rain expected tomorrow. >> taking into account the current level of risk and predicted strength of the next round of inclement weather and
5:37 am
capacity of the lake to accommodate increased in flow associated with storms we have concluded that it is safe. >> well they have returned home an evacuation warning remains in effects so residents can be prepared to leave at a moment's notice. >> many people may have gotten a balloon for valentine's day with foil or mylar balloons are behind huge problems every single year after valen type's day. balloons can blow out power lines if they float away. we have youtube footage which shows what happens when they make contact with the wires. these foil covered balloons have metallic properties to them therefore if they come in contact with the lines that can produce a flash and result in outage for customers. >> that flash is caused by electrical current coming in contact with the helium and
5:38 am
igniting that helium. it's a pretty spectacular sigh sight. >> potentially dangerous aas well. >> potentially very dangerous, absolutely. >> what do you do? >> make sure you recycle balloons properly here's what you're supposed to do cut them let the helium out so they don't float up anymore and recycle actual balloon itself. >> big news tom a wawa store in chads ford will celebrate reopening but with a twist. the store located 700 block naamans creek road will be first in the region to sell beer and restaurant style seating. it's been closed since january for renovations. bob and i will be there first things in the morning because it features a walk in beer cooler. >> time now 5:6. there's a newton dog apparentl apparently. >> rumor has it the pooch that got this year's top honors at westminster competition. pretty clever. westminster competition. pretty clever. we'll complain.
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start . good morning, pitchers and catchers had first official work glout clearwater. all position players are due in thursday. so far only freddie galvez and hernandez have not come. >> i lock at it as opportunity to prove people wrong.
5:42 am
there's a lot of young guys on the team that you know i've about playing against these guys for a couple years and handful of them i played against for a while. that's part of baseball. every team cannot be picked to within a world series every year. >> only local team in action was st. joe's at vcu and dequawn lewis was hitting everything. vcu 91, st. joes 81. >> eagles fans get ready to pay more to watch the birds at the linc. average season ticket holder will pay $70 more for the season. will pay $70 more for the season. that's sports if a minute.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
>> and welcome back. former president obama and wife michelle wished each other a happy valen type's day on twitter. >> this is the first time they've done personal tweet since leaving white house. former president tweeted after almost 28 years of marriage every day feels new with michelle. shortly after what a cute picture she tweeted back with a photo of the couple oh, goshen joying their time on a beach. >> all right. also, really cute there. today, day 2 for pitchers and catchers spring training in clearwater, florida, with all the that a little love. >> we celebrated valentine's day with love in the air and apparently there's love between fans and phills and that
5:46 am
extends off the field as well. what does this all mean. we have the story. >> marry has been working security for phillies spring training since 2004 she loves it. she built special bonds with players and has been sorts of like a mom to some. >> ryan howard calls me mama and gives me a hug every time he comes in and used to hug me on the field but i got word i could not get hugs anymore that was a joke. he said no more hugs? so, life is good. >> not only is she family, but she can also be cupid like the time she hooked cole hamels up with his wife. >> she was on survival i was her security lady i was with her all day. she was a sweets heart. they were -- we were sitting at the table and getting autografts and cole came up to her and said, can i have your autograft.
5:47 am
she gave him the autograft and said to him, can i have your autograft. and he said, i'll meet you at the tiki bar and he said before and that's a girl you should marry. she's beautiful and smart. and i said to her, without him knowing t. i said heidi look at cole hamels he's so handsome that's the kind of girl you should marry the rest is history i know them and they're my friends and i love them. >> reporter: that's cute. she's a feisty one down there. 5:47 good morning everybody, we have a wide load set up here on the schuylkill expressway. right near belmont avenue. i hope that they do not decide to make their way into the city during the hight of our rush hour here. but they will have police escort on the schuylkill near belmont. piing up volume on the freeway. pockets coming in towards the city. what a difference five or ten
5:48 am
minutes can make especially now as we start to see volume pop for beginning of morning. double fives on schuylkill as you roll out of king of prussia and watch for accident north on the boulevard northeast philly goodnal street before you get to airport there. no problems reported on septa. with he have a brand new schedule coming our way. septa will roll out a new timetable beginning sunday for city and suburban bus routes and new bus route for you title up 11 that serves shoppers in and out of willow drove and that turn pike connector bridge remains closed to vehicle traffic. we have a lot up and over the burlington and trenton mar marsfield bridge. hump day forecast. marsfield bridge. hump day forecast. we'll have in in 15 seconds
5:49 am
sglrt all right we have a situation here. there's a lot of weather going on. we're in the middle of two systems this one to the south. and stronger low pressure system which will move up to the north. and intensify tomorrow which means tomorrow is the day we could see reallyhigh winds. things get breezier hereby the end of day today. but much windier tomorrow. as far as precip is concerned there's a lot of lake effect snow. that's not making its way here and the southern system we do see rain sneaking up into sussex country and now light rain into cape may country in new jersey and few pockets of steadier rain towards fenwick island this morning and everybody else in delaware seeing light rain and that continues throughout the rest of morning on and off. looks like rain will probably move as far as north at kent county in delaware and that's gone by the middle of the day and northern system so the of take over. flurries or snow squalls possible in the mountains and maybe a shower or two here.
5:50 am
should be around 50 today. nothing more than rain if you even see any. and then we dry out tomorrow. that's our blustery day. thursday. remember that. temperatures are in the 30s for the most part now. we have 28 in reading and it's 36 down in dover and winds are not an issue and at least not yet. even when they pick up tomorrow they won't be as high as monda monday. 50 today, 40 tomorrow. one and only cold day whipped chills in the 20s tomorrow and we're in the mid 40s and calm down friday. mid 50s by saturday and mid 60s by sunday and leveling off 6 0 on monday. saving rain hopefully guys until the holiday weekend is over. >> oh, keep that friend going. sue, thank you. time now 5:50 trending now by the way. how do you feel about this one. paying lost respects to government funeral home in tennessee is offering drive through viewings so guests well they sign in using ipad and
5:51 am
once they pull up they have three minutes to pay typeal respects. funeral homes owner says the drive-thru is convenience for some that are uneasy going to a funeral to home. >> you would be surprised how many are scared about coming to funeral home. >> the funeral director his says a handful of funeral homes in country actually offer a drive-thru feature. doing this will allow him to focus on customized care for grieving families. >> that's what friends are supposed to do when you go for the viewing is talk to the people that lost their loved one. >> three minutes in and out. >> a new jersey state police trooper may have played a typeal role in how a married couple told parents they're expecting. >> this new jersey state police posted a video and put it on facebook page of driver pulled over for going too fast. check out what happened next. >> i'm going to give you a warning. the warning i will give you is
5:52 am
is mom, dad, look i got a warning and they can be like she's pregnant. all right. thank you very much. congratulations, drive safe, okay. >> congratulations the until nnl state police wrote on the post well done trooper olson well done. >> coca-cola adding new flavor to the lineup. >> exactly what you want. two new spite flavors cherry and cherry zero. they come up with the idea to bottle new flavors after taking a look at data from coca-cola machines those fountain dispepsers. >> so you can pick what you want. >> in the store the freestyle machines spite and mix with cherry do whatever you want. lemon lime i can go on and on new flavors by the way talking about cherry flavors available nationwide in bottles. >> it makes perfect sense a lot of people it's like a
5:53 am
shirley temple. they have cherry coke and now cherry separate. i would like it. "good day philadelphia" coming back after the break. first a live look outside bushkill falls beautiful scene there headed to the holiday weekend. maybe some people head to the mountains. maybe some people head to the mountains. we'll be right back. start
5:54 am
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♪ rumor has it she ain't got your love anymore♪
5:56 am
>> rumor has it it won't be too bad after i day. sue has the forecast in a moment. there's a new winner at the west mipster dog show. judges have declared a german sheppard named rumor as best in show. she's 5 1/2 and lives in wisconsin and judges said they loved rumor's large and lien muscular frame and grace full trot. villanova basketball arena pavilion getting a face-lift. the 60 million renovation will begin in june and funded entir entirely by donors. when it reopens the arena for school basketball teams will be known as finerin pavilion. >> a major milestone for fox 29 newest program the "q" will air 100th episode today. fans showed their life for a special taping at the sugarhouse casino. see the full show when it airs today at noon. >> still ahead "good day
5:57 am
philadelphia" what president trump is accused of knowing weeks before national security advisor retirement. >> and now the search is on for shooter. 5:57 a very good morning for you "good day philadelphia" continues right after this. you "good day philadelphia" continues right after this. stay with us test
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our fastest anti-aging treatment. new revitalift skin revitalizer. l'oreal's best yet. two ingredients. one powerful team. firms skin. visibly reduces wrinkles. fight signs of aging - fast. new revitalift skin revitalizer. from l'oreal paris. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. >> let go back to old phrase, what did he know and when did
6:00 am
he know it? new questions he mothering from president trump involving michael flynn. what trump is accused of knowing weeks before the abrupt resignation of national security advisor. >> i believe something is going on. >> but the question is what a russian spy ship off the delaware coast loaded down with surface to air missiles and ease drops. folks down the shore wondering what is going on. >> ut, oh. >> and developing overnight, 15 shots fired outside of a night club and now search is on for the shooter. >> plus, say bye-bye to love. >> oh, >> for the famous sculptures, returned to its permanent home. >> so they're taking -- >> in for alex, lauren. >> sand blasted. >> they are. >> smrus


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