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tv   Chasing News  FOX  February 18, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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. >> maybe you've heard of it? it's called mcdonald's. >> you can't get this in a regular mcdonald's. >> i've been having the most wonderful experience since the moment i walked in the door. you know i ordered breakfast. you crazy? >> you are crazy, you are in a french mcdonald's! >> what are you doing? >> because i'm reading. >> this is a great shot for a selfie. >> i don't agree with that. [laughter]
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. >> you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in paris? . >> they don't call it the quarter pounder with cheese? >> they don't have the metric system. >> what do they call it? >> royale with cheese. >> royale with cheese. what is the big mac? >> lebig mac. >> you might as well be skyping from paris but you're in mcdonald's. explain this to me. >> bon jour. [ speaking in french ] >> are you okay? having a seesh ure? >> i'm in manhattan, you would never know it. >> kelly is correcting your french. >> you cannot say. >> what is it? got it. maybe you've heard of it. it's called mcdonald's. >> i'll be damned. >> i've been having the most
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wonderful experience since the moment i walked in the door. i've been greeted by a hostess who helped me take my order on none other than a paddle on a -- >> pallet? >> no, that's spanish. >> touch screen? letouch screen. who helped me place an order on le touch screen, and then i get a locator card. that let's my waiter know when my food is ready to find me wherever i am, i was about to sit down and get cozy when i realized i missed something. the best part. there's a bakery filled with tons of pastries and, of course, croissants. i was per using the pastries and food was ready.
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something was missing, i needed ambience. >> something is not quite right here. hold on. ♪ >> much better. i won't light them. we don't want to get kicked out. >> what parisian restaurant is complete without a candle aubra. i was transported to a different world. i was no longer in manhattan. i was in paris. ♪ >> okay. >> that's all. >> where in the somebody there
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a place for the homeless to shoot heroin? >> i haven't seen that. >> do they have the shamrock shake? >> you know, i don't know, i ordered breakfast. you crazy? >> crazy? you are wearing a beret in a french mcdonald's. >> i have a pastry. i can bring it back. >> you're going to make it after all. >> sure. [laughter] . >> in the front of the new rutgers business school in piscataway in new jersey, the stringent new dress code policy has students missing big opportunities and landed the school in hot water. some business students got a lesson in fashion which sparked outrage among students. last friday a career fair was held in new brunswick, they were enforcing the strict dress cold. dark gray or black professional business suits. white dress shirts, not a busy
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tie. black shoes, not brown shoes. for women, dark gray or black professional business suit. light on the makeup, interesting. minimal jewelry and things of that nature. estimated 35-45 business students were turned away at the door for violating this new dress code. kevin chan, a sophomore was one of the students here that tried to go to the job fair last friday and he wore his lucky blue suit because it makes him confident. >> i went to the career store to not show off how i can get but to be turned away for a light-colored suit is absurd. reporter: he got to the door and rutgers police officers had him turn around and do a circle. they exampled him under lights and told him he could not come in. >> i literally went up and they were like, this is too light. and i'm like, how much darker?
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it was a dark navy suit, and i said how much darker of a navy suit can you get from this? they were turning me around, looking me in a different light, and i was like, they were like yes, i'm sorry, it's too light. reporter: thursday after pressure was put on by an online petition by students. rutgers gave in, and they issued an apology. it reads in part that the administration of rutgers business school apologizes for the students who were turned away from the job fair because of the dress code policy. in addition the deans at rutgers business school are scheduled to meet with the affected students and fix some of the stuff that happens. now i asked kevin a little bit about my suit, if i showed up. he said dude, there is no way you are getting near the door. the suit is way too light gray. this is the exact suit i got this job in. so bye-bye. >> and i'm wearing blue shoes. >> i understand dress codes are put in for a reason. i think that perhaps it was
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instituting so someone didn't show up wearing sweat pants. >> harry lloyd from dumb and dumber. >> i remember coming out of college and meeting with a recruiter and saying is this appropriate? not appropriate? i consider myself conservative. as michael said, they had one or two people dressed absurd and have to put rules in because there's a few that ruin if for the whole group. >> his suit, there is nothing wrong with it. they told him he could go home, change and come back. yeah, because when i was in college, i had a closet full of suits to wear, it was great. and commute two hours including the bus and waiting time. he had to walk away and looked damn good doing it and hopefully get a job because he's a good student. >> ashley, you've got a story about climbing trees, what i think is one of the more difficult jobs out there. what do you got? >> absolutely bill. i got to show you this.
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i'm walking up. >> are you mark? >> i am. >> my god, so nice to finally meet you. >> nice to meet you, too, ashley. >> it is tree day, are you excited? >> he said it's kind of dangerous. >> my adrenaline is racing after my tree climbing adventure in jackson new jersey with world champion tree climber mark chisolm. a third generation arborist and climbing trees all over the world. my face lit up when i noticed he brought me a pink helmet. yeah! i could put my life on the line for this. >> that's all it took? >> yeah. now, i trusted mark with my life. >> i've been able to fly a plane. i've rappelled before. >> not a problem. >> not afraid of heights. then it was time to put things
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in full gear. >> gloving the tree which is why you can flip it up. don't grab the lens. >> this is the expert tree filmer right here. we've got paul. we've got drones. we've got it all. >> you just put one foot here and the other foot there. perfect. >> after a quick lesson from mark, he went up on the tree first, made sure he was okay. it was a black oak tree which he said was 90 to 100 years old. he removed all the dead branches and it was my turn. all right, ready? go ahead and pull. >> go ahead and grab above it and keep going, there you go. this is the fun part, right? >> yes. >> did you think you'd stand on a limb this small? >> no! never! >> what's an adventure without
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an oops, yikes. >> you don't want to hear oops up in a tree. >> that's got to be the last word you want to hear. >> so my gopro falls off my helmet. >> oh, no! and thank god i have paul, our lovely paul there, he ran over and grabbed the gopro. >> gopro went boom. >> and mark is such a pro. he was able to catch the gopro while he was hanging from the rope. >> ready? >> yep. >> my god. that should be an interesting thought. >> i am really excited to say that i made it up three stories. >> it's peaceful but it's hard work. you're probably about 25 feet off the ground or almost 30,
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so close to 2 1/2 stories off the ground. >> when you get up there it's like a relaxing experience to be up there with mother nature, though life is on the line. >> once you get to the ground, put your feet down and stand up. >> i made it! wow! mark, thank you, we made it! >> we did it. nice job. >> did he teach you the proper way to climb a tree? >> yeah, absolutely. >> what was the style again? >> it was a little like this. so it's a technique, you do need strength, of course. >> i'm out. [laughter] >> hey, it's a great workout and mark is in great shape. it works out. kids have been working out forever, building tree houses forever. >> business is cutting trees down, and when you have the wind that we've been having in the last couple weeks, he's got to be really busy. >> absolutely, he's been busy. >> all right, good, thank you. >> i used to always climb
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trees. >> we, too. >> i got high a lot. >> i don't know if that counts. >> burlington coat factory is the latest in a long line of mass retailers to drop the ivanka trump line. >> the coat line never has been big, never successful. reporter: i went on a bit of a hunt. >> and bingo. we found
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. >> she has spunk, you know that? >> i hate spunk. >> fire. tornado. put the words together, you have a fire-nado. this is the latest inventions of youtube madman colin. if you want to check out insane stuff go to his youtube page and have yourself a field day. >> people will do anything for a good selfie and really stupid things to be honest. check out this russian model victoria who held on for dear life in one of the tallest skyscrapers. the only thing keeping her from falling to her death is her partner's hands. >> the only way to get a dislocated shoulder. >> or die. >> then you don't have to worry about the dislocated shoulder. >> you are chasing the story, a sad story about triplets and a little kid really
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struggling. >> as you can imagine, life with triplets is really hectic. for the family from toms river, it's crazier. >> because, this is our life. reporter: their youngest son caden had a brain bleed soon after he was born. doctors told matt and jill he would have disabilities. >> we were told he may have some learning disabilities and we were in tears, we were heart broken and thinking back. my gosh, we would have loved for him to have some learning disability. reporter: as caden grew older medical conditions worsened. >> we were told he'd be walking and talking by age four. he's regressed to where he had an eight-word vocabulary and taking steps and we were seeing progress at about 2 1/2 years old to a complete regression. reporter: i asked jill what are some of the things that caden deals with on a daily
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basis? >> because of the platelet disorder, bleeding disorder, he's tube fed, has a lot of gi pain because it affects the gi system. reporter: on top of the issues, his older brother has the same genetic disorder that will affect his muscles and jill was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. >> i had to have a procedure done last week, and i was miserable. i had to sit there and do all this stuff, and the entire time i'm holding my breath saying my boy can do this, i can do it, too. he's my hero. reporter: i heard this on facebook, matt and jill taught me in high school. and i asked them have a lot of other students reached out as well? >> it's amazing, it's not just the students to be honest with you. it's community but the faculty and the staff there. just the compassion, the support, the caring they've shown is beyond belief, and
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without them, i don't know if we would be able to do this. reporter: after the heavy conversation, we brought the kids down. caden showed me one of his favorite touch toys and i got to hear the best part of all, and that was his laugh. i mean, he giggles like crazy and it's so infectious. >> we were just getting to good part! reporter: if you would like to help out the family with medical or daily expenses. one former student from my high school set up a fund-raising account, so feel free to go on and help them out. burlington coat factory is the latest in a long line of mass retailers like k-mart, sears and nordstrom to drop the ivanka trump line. was it the smartest move? twitter and facebook have been going nuts for 24 hours. check out some of these tweets. you're hurting no one
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but yourself, do you think you're impacting ivanka trump. you lost me as a customer. on the other side, you have people saying will trump have enough time to tweet about this move? i hope so. was the quality not up to par or sales not doing well? i spoke to new york-based image consultant sylvia to what are she has to say about the issue. >> the coat line has never been big, never successful, it's a topic because she's in her role. reporter: the decision for burlington to stop selling products happened recently. i figure online there may not be anything, but in stores, a few pieces left. i went on a bit of a hunt. >> we're in the right section, now i have to find merchandise. i spoke to employee who can't be filmed but said they had a lot of dresses and tops from the ivanka trump line and they were really good sellers. while she doesn't think there is a lot left she said a
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couple days ago they had some, i'm going to keep searching. see what i find. reporter: while burlington hasn't officially announced they're not selling ivanka trump line. i'm hunting and i finally found some. >> and bingo. we found one. looks nice to me. the material is really nice. it's called the secret weapon dress. >> and they stood out apart from the rest. they were in line with the calvin kleins and the ralph lawrence of the world and looked great. >> these retailers are in such a bind. you are pissing off half of the country by selling it, and the other don't know what to do with it. >> what i love is you go right on the ground, it sounds like conflicting images, who knows?
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maybe it wasn't doing well. reporter: i found an article who said in january alone, sales went down 26%. >> people say it could humanize her if she plays it the right way. shows someone who can fail can fall, and used it as an opportunity to say like i'm human, you know, some things don't work out. they're saying it could help her. >> there say rumor going around that ms. barker and i are dateing. >> jason seifert confronted ms. barkner front of the elementary school class and they lose their mind. >> and we are a little
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>> that was a bad clap. >> would you like to do one? >> no, that was a worse one. >> it sounds like one of those pop things that we throw on the ground, they
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. >> look, when i was in grad school, i was told by my journalism professor to have my shoulders covered. clearly when i work here, it's okay. take a look at marriage
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proposal between two teachers in ohio. >> the answer is we're dating. >> jason seifert confessed love for ally barker in front of the elementary school class. with that little info, kids naturally start screaming yeah, yeah. [screaming] >> and then he's got ask them to be quiet like a thousand times before he gets to the proposal and then they really lose their mind. [screaming] . >> thankful i'm not a teacher. grows families means creative birth announcements. two have gone viral in overcoming adversity to start a family. first we have this couple who used fertility treatments to have twins. and this one which is hilarious, paraplegic man from ohio, he was a former bmx rider. >> that works? i thought you meant the other
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thing. the fertility still works. ♪. >> time for law enforcement recognition on blue friday. today you have a two fer that involves interesting sports. >> every week "chasing news" and new jersey 101.5 honor law enforcement with hashtag blue friday. highlights the wonderful job that men and women in uniform do, and there's a lot to get to. katelyn, state trooper james reagan jumping into the delaware river saturday. >> every dollar we raise sends 65 athletes to regional athletic events. >> at the lehigh polar bear plunge to support friends competing in the olympics and friends will be there to support. >> if it takes me in a speedo to get the nominations to win, i'll borrow the father's
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speedo and make it work. saturday, police will play an ice hockey game they're going to come together for the brother brett henson. >> in all likelihood, he's never going to be a police officer again. to offset the medical costs. reporter: this january toms river police officer hanson was in a car accident on his way home from work, and he's now in a coma. >> we went on many calls, he's like a person, i have his back now. reporter: brett worked for the camden county police and toms river police which is why they're facing off in ice hockey game. you can contribute. brett hanson's mother has started a gofundme page. can you search blue friday if you want to learn more. >> tristate region in the grasp of a heroin epidemic. on monday, "chasing news" is going to give you a special presentation, chasing the
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dragon, examining the heroin epidemic. talking to people caught up in its wake and what we can do about it. >> my son is in recovery, nine months today. it's been a tough road but there's always hope. >> my son passed away on january 27th. he was on heroin for five whole months. one of the worst parts about it is i couldn't get treatment in new jersey because they said he didn't fit the criteria. something has to change. i don't want any more kids to die. >> hope you tune in. that's the show for this week. see you the next. >> ready? how you doing
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♪ the simpsons today's safety film don't wear jewelry during sports has been cancelled. instead we'll watch a movie that made me fall in love with showing movies i've watched to other people. (kids booing) (exclaiming) that's right, the 1967 classic doctor dolittle, which answers the question: what if an elderly unmarried doctor decided to focus his practice on animals? the running time is 152 minutes! the running time is now! (grunts) (horse neighing) (neighing) (neighing continues) (groans)


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