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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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this is "fox 29 news" at 6:00. >> a live look at wilmington, delaware on this saturday evening. really hard to believe it is only february 18th. it feels more like april out there. as we take a live look outside our studios, in old city, a great night to get out and enjoy. we're tracking an even nicer day, believe it or not, tomorrow. pretty incredible weather for mid february. thanks for joining us, at 6:00i ' dawn timoney. >> it might get even better, as this unseasonably warm
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weather is expected to stick around for little while. tomorrow and beyond? i'll take t let's get right on over to fox 29 meteorologist, monica. first look at this incredible weather? >> it was absolutely gorgeous today, a lot of people getting out, taking advantage of those temperatures into the 60s down the shore, we had temperatures into the 50's, it was bit of chillier day down the shore, but still people took advantage of all of that sunshine, here we are looking at ocean city, new jersey, the board walk, and on the beach, my parents were actually down there, and they said it was a great day. people just had sweatshirts on and got to enjoy the sunshine. your high in atlantic city, 68 , wilmington, delaware, at 69. philadelphia, reaching high of 68 degrees, we were just shy of the record, the records, of the degrees, so just shy of that record high. doesn't matter. loved it. 61 degrees in philadelphia right now. we've got low 60s, south jersey, and down into delaware, dover. and about 60 degrees as well. coming up, what we will be talking becomes temperatures,
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temperatures, temperatures, we head into sunday, once again going to be near a record, a bit cooler for president's day, but when we possibly reach 70, in your seven day forecast, i have that info coming up. >> all right, thank you, honda. and remember, you can always get the up-to-the-minute forecast in a live look at ultimate doppler radar before you even leave your house by going to >> breaking news out of philadelphia's frank for neighborhood. violence breaking out in the middle of the day prompting chaos outside the frankford transportation center t appears that an argument may be behind it all. >> and tonight one person is in the hospital. fox 29's brad sattin joins us live from frankford. brad, what do we know happened here? >> reporter: well, it ended in a shooting, it was very serious situation, it happened just before 2:00 this afternoon. it was a dispute between a cab driver and another cab driver, one pulled out a knife, the other one pulled out a gun.
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>> one man in custody as police try to get to the bottom of what happened on the sidewalk outside the frankford transportation center, by the taxi stand, where cabs line up for customers. >> i just came up here and seen the police, and the guy laying on the grounds. >> one driver who was just feet away says two cabbies began to argue. >> they was arguing from up here. >> they was arguing for aer? >> yes, thanks to uber, now cab drivers kill each other for one fare. >> he said it got heated fast and then one of them shot the other. tonight police say one of the taxi drivers pulled out a knife. the other a gun that he had a permit to carry, firing at the other driver, a 52 year old man, hitting him with three shots in the stomach, the head and the neck. the victim returned to aria-torresdale hospital. the shooter arrested by septa police. >> we always argue what to get to this point, no, never happened. we argue sometimes for something but it is not worth it. >> drivers admit many short on patience, the combination after drop in business because
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of competition from other ride services from the obvious dangers of the job. >> three weeks ago people got shot here. losing a lot of business here. people got scared. like nobody wants to go, to come, you know, over here. >> now, back here live, the injured driver's cab is still across the street. police keeping an eye on it, eventually, it is going to be towed away, as evidence. we do not have an update on the injured driver at this point, as far as his condition, again, we know he was shot three times, still in the hospital, of course an update for you at 10:00 tonight. >> back to you. >> all right, brad, thank you. >> now to developing story, out of delaware county, a little girl is recovering in the hospital after police say this woman right here stabbed her in the head. it happened yesterday in collingdale, 500 block of motorcycle kade boulevard. prosecute verse charged majir-bashir with long list of offenses including attempted murder, attached her eight year old neighbor with a
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butcher knife after argument over babysitting. mother tells "fox 29 news" her daughters did not mean to stab the child. she social security held on $250,000 bail. police say some kind of argument ended with a shooting overnight in one person dead. philadelphia police are now searching for the trigger men. this one happened around 1:00 in the morning, on the 4100 block of lead i avenue, west philadelphia, police say they heard gunshots, and when they arrived, a man told them that his friend had been shot. the victim was returned to the hospital where he died. no arrests made. >> flames destroy two story pool house in palmyra. horace avenue, just after 1:00 k them about an hour to get that fire under control. one taken to the hospital, after tripping over stairs. the investigation is still under investigation. >> philadelphia landmark open for business again. following a burglary.
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john's roast pork serving up famous sandwiches after somebody broke into the shop and stole more than $4,000 while police still working to see who did it, they're grateful for the support of their community. that's what we're known for, city of brotherly love, and i'm born and raise in the south philly. so i'm very proud philadelphia girl, i really am. so that's what we're all about. we stick together. >> tonight police are reviewing surveillance video, looking for clues. >> the search continues for the gunman who opened fire at the vfw in willingboro injury two people. the shooting happened during the weekly ladies night just before 11:30 thursday. witnesses say one of the guests became unruly and was told to leave. that's when they say he came back with a gun, shooting two veterans. one of the victims describes the horrifying scene. >> shot in the arm, the bullet, it was through, through and through, went in,
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came outright here, and then hit me again right here. and then i caught it in my hand. >> the second shooting victim is now home from the hospital. vfw leaders met with township officials last night, to discuss increasing security there. >> a special mass held today to remember four philadelphia heroes, who died protecting the city, more than a century ago. the four men died fighting a fire along market street, this was 1899. >> wow, fox 29's jennifer joyce was there, as the city honored the fallen heroes. >> ♪ >> with a bag pipe procession, and plaque blessings, saint john the evangelist church near 13th and chestnut streets in center city honors the lives of four fallen firefighters. >> 118 years ago, william chance, q duffy, george, and james shea, died in a massive center city fire, this church barely survived the blaze. >> these firefighters died saving our church t wouldn't be here bus for them.
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>> and historic event that church volunteer cathy holly says she and other parishioners discovered 11 years al, while working on an unrelated project. the firefighters memorial mass was born. now, ten years later, it continues, as an important way for the entire community to honor all firefighters for their daily sacrifices. >> this is a way for us to show that we are grateful for the service they provide. >> philadelphia deputy fire commissioner gary lochte says he's a 31 year veteran of the force, in that time, 24 of the city's bravest have died in the line of duty. >> it is the heartache for the entire department, because we work together, we live together. we're just an extension of the family, in fact, we spend more time with each other than we do with our families in most cases cents. >> commissioner lochte says no matter how many years have passed the loss still hurts, memorial masses cents and community events like this help with the healing.
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>> we can never forget the families, and a memorial like this keeps them in our minds, shows them that they're not alone, and we are autopsying thinking about them. >> in center city, jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news." >> president trump is in florida right now, at a rally for himself l trump speaking to a crowd in melbourn, to highlight his accomplishments, during his first four weeks in office. let's take a listen to his speech. >> this is not president trump, he just left the stage this is another supporter. we heard from the first lady few minutes ago. lots of supporters out there in mel born, florida, we will have more on this later on tonight. norma mccvy, better known as the roe vs wade case has died. her views on abortion views when she became born-again christian, active member in
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the pro-life movement. the washington post reports died at assisted living facility, and heart failure, she was 69 years olds. >> also dead tonight the man who helped orchestrate the bombing of the worlds trade center back in 1993. omar amar, known as the blind sheik, was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the truck bombing in new york city that killed six people. the justice department says he died this morning in prison, after a long battle with diabetes and coronary artery disease. he was 78 years old. a five year old girl from our area named emelia has a very rare disease that can cause episodes of temporary paralysis. there is no cure, but emelia's mom, well, she is hoping to change that. >> plus, $65,000 mounted elks head, that's missing right now, where it owner says he last saw it. sean? >> reporter: that's right, joyce. jay wright and the villanova
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wildcats travel, a win for the cats would clinch a share in the biggies title. highlights later in sports.
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>> got to be young to do that. and what a day to celebrate mardi gras. philly style. the streets of manayunk filled with music and dancing for the annual mummers mardi gras parade. sixteen bands taking part in today's fest i have tis for thousands who came out to watch them. turning to your health now, you might want to pop some vitamin d. researchers in the uk say that high blood levels of vitamin d in your system may boost muscle strength. the study looked at more than 100 healthy adults, ranking in age from their 20's through their 70s, and they found people with hiring levels of active vitamin d in their blood had more lean muscle mass, and bulk. >> and children may skip, or maybe able to skip surgery if they have appendicitis according to new study. researchers looked at ten studies involving more than 400 young patients. they found that using antibiotics for the inflamed appendix was effective. study authors say there needs to be much more research to better inform doctors about
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the benefits and risks of skipping the surgery. findings appear in the journal pediatrics. >> five year old emelia shealick from south jersey has episodes of temporary paralysis. she has a disease so rare that only 900 people in the world have it. >> yes, and as of now, there is no cure, but emelia's mom is fighting to find one as our iain page reports. >> emelia shealick is a bubble, fun-loving, affectionate five year old girl with so much personality she lights up any room. spends a few minutes with her, and she will melt your heart and you're fan forever. >> she loves people. i mean, she is the biggest social butterfly. >> soon after she was born, her mother, meredith shealick, noticed something wasn't quite right. >> like in the recovery room, right after she was born, her eyes were sort of wandering a bit, and she was having trouble breathing. they brought her to my room.
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but about half hour later she had a blue spell where she stopped breathing altogether. >> as emelia got older, she missed some of her developmental milestones. >> she had, you know, seven specialists working with us, and we couldn't figure out what it was. >> they did brain scans, tests, and mri's, but everything came back normal. >> that's when christie researched on line and found this article that sort of matched her. >> two and a half years later, emelia was diagnosed with alternating hemo make an of childhood, or ahc. >> a rare neurological developmental disorder charmized by recurrent episodes. >> it is terrifying, particularly, during a episode. >> doctor catherine toub, a neurologist at children's hospital of philadelphia. helping emelia since the beginning. >> it wasn't until she was working with her occupational therapist at the children's hospital of philadelphia, who witnessed a few episodes of
6:17 pm
these sudden episodes of weakness. >> emelia goes to chop at virtua in voorhees, for therapy once a week, with long-time therapist, christie pucci. >> yes, christie, who sort of discovered emelia's rare condition, like others, with ahc, emelia has episodes of paralysis, once or twice a week. >> when we started working together, especially in the pool, she would have these periods of just becoming completely almost paralyzed and a limp doll. >> living with ach is a challenge. it is a debilitating disease. while the diseases diagnosed before a child is two, kids don't grow out of it. emelia's mom worries about emelia's future. while she is used to the episodes, they're still scar. >> i first time you see it it is the most bizarre thing. it is very scary. and as she get older, you know, i worry about the progression of symptoms, and if it is going to impact her
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breathing. i always worry about her choking on her saliva, and aspirating. >> these episodes happen once or twice a day for emelia. but when there are changes in weather or she gets over stimulated they can increase. >> i can almost guarantee that she will have an episode when there is a large change in temperature outside. >> the episodes can last for a few minutes, or hours, but if emelia can sleep, she back to normal. >> if i can get her to fall asleep, even for just three or four minutes, she will wake up and be back at baseline, like nothing has happened. somehow it is just that sleep, almost kind of reset the neurological system. >> emelia's mom, a law professor at rutgers law school in camden, is patient, compassionate, and determined to raise awareness, and help find a cure for this debilitating disease. >> if anybody was supposed to be emelia's mom, it is me, i feel like i have luckily the experience, and some skills, and great support system that allows me to meet her needs and still have fun.
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>> despite the fact that emelia has a potentially devastating and rare disease, she triumph manies over the limitations of her condition in amazing ways. >> he's taking your picture, with a big camera. >> she has the best personality ever. and she is out there to get the best out of life that she can. >> she is very determined and independent, and sassy, and i think that's going to get her really far. >> awe, she a doll, isn't she? if you want to help emelia we've put a link on our website just look under seen on tv. >> and rare disease day is february 28th. >> well, a nine year old cancer patient has a unique way of getting through chemotherapy. coming up: how she uses music to help her with her treatment. and, h he's a music icon that lives here in our area. dj jazzy jeff, is dropping a new albumn. how long it took to complete the project, is actually
6:20 pm
unheard of in the industry. our quincy harris with a exclusive look behind the scenes. >> they told me they want to shoot a promo, put on a suit, and a big tv smile. but i do things just a little bit different. i go out on a story, i see the news van, i run the other way. i am looking for the other side. your side. there is a billion unique, weird, beautiful stories in this town. i'm going to share them with you. but i'm telling you now, i don't do dress-up news, right, guys? let's cut the nonsense. "fox 29 news." we go there.
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>> scientists long been debating why people are left or right-handed. tonight new study says it has nothing to do with your brain, german researchers say hand preference may come from your spinal cord think looked at gene expression at fetuses, finding significant differences in the parts of a spinal cord, that control arm and leg movement. the report appears in the journal e-life. nine year old cancer patient has real unique way of getting through chemo they are. >> i she sure does, fox's carol lake report, all about music. >> ♪
6:24 pm
it is very good thing. >> today was brittany's last day of chemo, after nearly nine months of treatment. since starting chemo, she has been working with carden's musical therapists. >> for the first three, four sessions i had with her, she didn't look at me. she would cover her head with a blanket. she would not talk to me at all. >> ♪ >> but one day that all changed. >> she saw me in the highway. she said she wanted to sing, to all of the doctors and nurses and aids that were on the unit. >> since then, brittany hasn't stopped singing. >> ♪ >> she since to thank the hospital staff for everything they do. >> rape by justin westbound is
6:25 pm
her her favorite song. >> when i was a little kid, i loved justin. was so cute. >> brittany said she is beating cancer by straying strong, being brave, and singing songs. >> ♪ >> distracted yourself from the disease, has really helped her. >> ♪ >> her doctor tells us at just eight years old, she knows all of her medications, all of the dosages, and really knows how to take care of herself. >> my little hero. >> today they celebrate that she is cancer free. >> the ingenious way girls got rid after rodent that has made them internet heroes.
6:26 pm
>> and, new course at new york college seems to be getting high marks from student, how preparing them for the green rush. >> and if you didn't have the opportunity to get out and take advantage of this beautiful weather, no worries, a lot more in store for you coming up and a look at your seven day forecast. make sure to stick around.
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>> police in delaware are looking for there is yes, 6-foot mourn dollars elks head. investigators say, they were called to a home in wilmington last monday, after somebody reported that someone had stolen the elks head, taken from a party back on february 10th, when officers walked through the home, they saw several holes in the walls and three broken windows, it is valued at $65,000. >> wow, marijuana related businesses are growing at a record pace. so, one new york law school had an idea, the goal to make sure its students are prepared for the so-called green rush
6:30 pm
fox's dana takes us inside the class that's getting high marks from student. >> hypothetically, if you have 40 states that have legal marijuana, what is the federal government going to do about it? forty-five states have legal marijuana. at some point what's the tipping point? >> at hofstra university law school in long island, find attorney mark ross teaching the business and law of marijuana. >> my first thoughts were what can they teach? it is such a new area of law, we don't even have a textbook. so i was very interested to see how we would learn. >> ross claims he created the first ever law school class on marijuana here three years ago, as a way to teach students about the legality annette kallish use attorneys face. he also looks at marijuana as an investment policy. >> it is a burning owning, multi-billion dollar industry, you know, these student don't see that many possibilities in their lifetime where you have a multi-billion dollar
6:31 pm
industry. >> it is fascinating, because there is a conflict right now with federal and state law. you have lots of states legalizing it, medically, and so it is interesting to see where we're headed. >> ross teaches the class once a week, every spring, and only lets in 25 student. this way the conversation flows in a intimate setting. he says student think marijuana is a cool topic, until they learn about the tax set-backs, and other implication that is come with having a marijuana related business. >> you cannot take most of the business deductions that would you take as running an ordinary business. so you can't take the deductions for rent, salaries, you can only take the cost of goods as a deduction to running a business. >> professor ross plans to keep teaching this law class every spring for as long as hofstra will have him. even now, after the semester has started, there is still a 40 person wait list to get into this class. and students we spoke with say their interest in learning about marijuana is only getting stronger.
6:32 pm
>> to your fox, on a night when people will be out and about, holly weekends, just gorgeous outside. >> sure is. as we take another live look, at the philadelphia international airport if you like tonight, you'll love tomorrow. no complaints here. >> none. >> guys there is isn't even our high temperature, this is the temperature it is in philadelphia, 61 degrees. our high was actually 68 degrees. those winds out of the west southwest were coming in at about 11 miles per hour, really nice go of it, as we look toward your current set up. you can see, cloud cover right now, minimal. i think we'll see increasing cloudiness, here's why, looking at the set up. frontal system draped to the north of us. you can see some showers, moving, through maryland, up into pennsylvania. we could see a few showers move in through the overnight.
6:33 pm
if anything should pop up, it should be isolated. i think by tomorrow morning here's what we're looking through tonight, a lot of cloud cover, maybe an embedded shower. you can't rule it out. but, slim chances for that. then we look into our early tomorrow morning. for sunday, cloud cover, pretty dominant, toward south jersey and into delaware, and then toward southeast pennsylvania, we could see some scattered cloud cover, maybe once again, an isolated shower moves out as we head into the afternoon. temperatures will be warming up with all of the sunshine into the 60s, so really nice go of it as we head into sunday afternoon, just got to get rid of cloud cover that we will see in the morning time. monday morning even more sunshine, to look forward to. so let's talk about temperatures. you can see, as we head into monday and tuesday. only into the 50's, though. by wednesday, and into thursday once again head back up near 07 degrees, by thursday. all-in-all our temperatures
6:34 pm
remain above average even at the lowest tuesday, still above average. and then thursday, we've got the big hike in temperatures, we will be near 70 degrees. wouldn't be surprised if we actually hit the 07 degrees mark. last time we've done that, november. so it will be a warm go of it as we head into the later parts of the work week. here's your overnight temperatures. we can see 46 degrees, in the city, 42 for those every us in the suburbs, and it will be cloudy overnight once again, isolated shower chance. then we head into tomorrow. decrease, 66 degrees your high, the record high, 68. i think we will fall short of that, but still, nice day as we head into our sunday. monday, tuesday, like i was saying, you can see our temperatures into the mid to low 50's, and a shower possible, late in the day, on tuesday but head into wednesday, partly sunny, and there is the 07 degrees reading on thursday, guys, i can't believe we're talking 70s. >> oh, unbelievable. >> all right, monica, thank you. >> are you hoping to become a millionaire? hundreds of times over?
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tonight's powerball jackpot is estimated at $349 million. that's 213 million, if you decide to cash out. if you buy ticket, be sure to watch fox 29, the drawing life on our air at 10:59 tonight. >> oh, more of the magazines men and some women wait for every year. the sports illustrated swimsuit edition. why this year's models say the 2017 edition is different. >> and disney is getting ready to re-make the lion king. in live action. not animation. the big names already attached to the project. yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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extended bonus buys only at my giant.nt. >> a 13 year old girl is playing basketball tonight on the boys team after a judge stepped in. a superior court judge in new jersey ruled that sydney phillips must be allowed to play with the eighth grade boys team after her school eliminated its girls basketball team due to lack of interest. sydney's parent sued her catholic school, and the archdioces after the school refused to let their daughter on their team. result in the sydney and younger sister caitlin being expelled from the school.
6:39 pm
>> i didn't think i would get expelled for playing basketball. >> the judge originally ruled against sydney but overturned his decision after learnig girls at nearby school were allowed to play with the boys. sydney's already focused on getting her next victory and said she's studying the play book. >> sports illustrated swimsuit edition, heating up. beautiful women gracing the covers of the magazine. >> fox's michelle polino speaks with some of the models included until the magazine's latest issue. >> the sports illustrated swimsuit models walk the red carpet in new york thursday night, to promos the magazine's annual swimsuit edition professional tennis player, jeannie, one of the featured athletes.
6:40 pm
>> awesome, strong, athlete, but can also, you know, alongside the models in the swimsuit issue. >> kate upton is on the cover, for the third time. >> first year i was 19, and now, to have it for a third time, is an incredible feeling. it is incredible to be a part of a magazine that is re-defining the industry with women who feel confident and empowered every shape, size or age. >> sixty-three year old christie brungly in the magazine for the ninth time this year, posing with her daughters. >> at a certain point, i kind of figured that they might ends up there. >> this is pretty amazing. >> it felt like there was an expiration dayton my career, and as such, on myself. so, to see a woman at 63 grace the pages in one of the most powerful ways of magazines out there it is incredible.
6:41 pm
>> oh, my goodness. i mean, she looks better than ever. she is so inspiring. that woman has taken such amazing care of herself. which is so important. >> dollars millions else say it is different from typical fashion magazines. >> all different weights, all different shames, all different heights, it is about rocking what you've got. that's what beauty is about. >> i know my body not perfect. i not like everyone else. but i think that's the point of doing the issue, celebrating women for who they are. >> it is all about redefining what you look at as perfect, and loving yourself for what you are. >> in hollywood, michelle polino, fox news. >> well, a rat inside a house is never anything good. the ingenious way, though, a a group of girl scouts got rid after rodent making them internet heroes. >> music icon lives right here in the area. dj jazzy jeff is dropping a new albumn. how long it took to complete the project, though, is
6:42 pm
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>> i think this is the city story in the rat story, going viral. some college student, trapped the rat in the shower, blocked all of the get away paths except the one leading out the front door. one of the girls gets the rat out out of the shower with a broom, oh, she pushes it down the stairs, and then her boyfriends pushes it out the door. >> okay, so i thought that thing was a cat? >> ya. >> big rat. >> all right, well there is next story, is one that the homeowner is insisting not all heroes wear capes. >> no, one man says his superhero was wearing a collar. meet gismo here, a one year old kitty, and cute one at that, ron perkins says an oven mitt in his kitchen caught fire late last night, while five people were asleep inside the house, gizmo's owner says that she was meowing, until she finally woke him up. just in time to put that fire out.
6:46 pm
>> i thoroughly believe if she hadn't woke me up, i would have been found dead on the sofa this morning. this cat, i thoroughly believe, gave me one of its own nine lives. >> i like gismo. women, gismo's owner ron per since said he is thanking her with lots and lots of treats. he's more than a music icon. he produces, acts, he's a dj, and he has a new albumn out. i'm talking about none other than dj jazzy jeff, of course, he's been very busy inside his philadelphia area home recently. >> yerkes he's been put that albumn together, over a span of not years or even weeks but days. our quincy harris got an exclusive look behind the scenes. >> ♪ listen home boys ♪ >> when you think of the name dj jazzy jeff, what do you think? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> women, listen, this guy is way more, trust me,'s a music
6:47 pm
icon, dj, actor, producer, and he gave me an exclusive look into his new ground breaking albumn, chasing goose bumps. entire project was recorded in seven days at his house. >> i basically decided to get together a group of people, a group of creatives, and we gave ourselves a challenge that we wanted to write, produce, record, mix, release, and shoot the video in seven days. >> say that slow, right? >> produce. >> record. >> mix. >> in seven days? >> in seven days. >> an entire albumn. >> an entire albumn. the only time constraints that creators have ever had were put on them by a record company. so it doesn't take a year to make a project. it doesn't take a year to make a good project. i know projects that it took a year to make that weren't that good. and i know project that took a week to make that were
6:48 pm
incredible. >> the entire albumn was create in the this home studio, right here in the philly area. >> so we all decided to get together. >> we were able to check out his creative process. >> probably record a song ♪ >> having a conversation this morning, talking about emotions, and he was like, you know what's crazy, when is the last time it was your first time? and we are like oh, and he wrote it down, started writing it, and this is it. >> ♪ >> jeff has clear vision why he is doing this project. >> my job is to shut down every rumor that anyone has ever had about the so-called music industry, that it really is about the musicians, it is really about the artists, and really about natural creativity, and not really
6:49 pm
having someone to tell you how to do it. >> meet the glue behind jazzy jeff. his wife, lynette towns. >> everybody's super cool, super respectful of it being our home, things like that, and the kids, this is something that they'll never forget. they get to see live musicians come, and perform, and, you know, record a record, and they can get and see like all that process, so to me it is like i wouldn't have had it any other way. >> the lead vocalist is music vet and soul vocalist glenn lewis. >> the level of brilliance, in this building, and it being in jeff's home, and his family, as welcoming, and as hospitable, as they are, the energy is amazing, and it just opens, opens the way for just amazing creativity, the level of creativity here has been incredible. >> the producers and songwriters have similar feelings when describing this project. >> one word you would say describes this albumn? >> it is amazing, unique,
6:50 pm
ambitious. >> synergy. >> i know it might sounds cliche, but love, a lot of love put into it. >> ♪ >> jeff isn't thinking about making history, just making new wave of how music is made. >> i can't wait until you can hit from the beginning and go all the way through. because i want it to be that experience, like that's -- this is where my job comes in now, and it is kind of like, okay, i got to craft this into the experience. >> one word to sum up this project would have to be goosebumps. it is going to give you hills up your spine. >> chasing goosebumps is out right now. >> ♪ >> i can't to hear it. >> sound good to me. >> so far. of course you can watch "the q" show weekdays at noon right here on fox 29. >> well, the cat is out of the bag. actor donald glover is set to play simba in disney's live action film the lion king. james earl jones will once again play mufasa, reprise g
6:51 pm
his role as ruler of the pride rock from the 1994 animated film. the movie is expected to come out in 2020. and there is no word yet on who will play tim own and calm with a. well, tell you what, makes you think every baseball this weather, spring training. >> i could play timone. he was the skinny guy. >> okay? >> nice weather outside, does make you think about baseball. and with only 48 days to opening day, ladies, we check in on the phillies who just held their first official practice, and the villanova wildcats strain is rolling strong as we approach the madness of march. first, a win today over seton hall, clinic chest a share of the biggies title. we have the highlights coming up next in sports.
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>> last season for jay wright,
6:54 pm
a trip to seton hall is just another game on the schedule. how much, for the pirates, they were looking at today's contest, as their superbowl over 16,000 pirates supporters sold out the prudential center. let's see if nova could stay hot in enemy territory. nova looking, first half, up by eight, hey it is nice outside, dante with the block party. that leads to brunson nailing a three to close out the half. part of a villanova 22 to one run. second half, nova pulling away, mike with the miss. check this out. josh heart, with the monster put-back. he finished with 19 points. nova wins 92 to 70, and clinches tie for the biggies regular season title. >> staying with nova, announced today rollie massimino who coached villanova to national championship has been named one of 14 for the basketball hall of fame for the class of 2017. another note, chris web here played three years here. also named the finalist,
6:55 pm
unductees will be announced at unducteehe final four on april . hopefully villanova claiming that. stay big five, if you're a st. joe's fan, just closure eyes right now, lasalle rolled in this one, up 23, finding bj for the ally-oop. led by as many as 27. later in the game, lasalle more of the same, in fact, same passing, and pokey, my man, finds bj johnson for the easy basket. will sat wins 83 to 68. six straight lost for the hawks. let's talk some baseball. that's right, warm weather outside means baseball season is here. well, not quite. the phillies officially held their first team full practice yesterday, down in sunny clearwater florida so we still have little ways to go to opening day. but the players, ya, ready to go, right now. >> i already decided, 2017, just glad, like i say, i really to go, and really excited about it, so come in, doing everything that i can, help my team win. >> we'll have a lot of
6:56 pm
different angles coming to things. and looking forward to it, with the position player core, and then the starting pitching, the relief pitching, it is pretty special group, really looking forward to it. >> forty-eight days to opening day. let's talk hoops. nba all-star week, taking place in new orleans, slam-dunk competition, three-point competition happening this evening, however, last night the rising stars challenge was played and features sixers player okafor, and darwin, but seems sixers guard working on his media game. hosting for, caught one dario after last night's game, and had a little fun. >> i'm going to miami, spend some time in my family, ya. i hope you will be there to just hang out one night, like show me your canadian moves. had little incident on the plane where they played a so much, watch me nay, nay, now watch me whip, watch me nay, nay. there it is, the hands wave like that.
6:57 pm
>> ♪ >> you got all of the moves, man. >> remember citcom perfect trainers? cousin, that's our cousin right there. love it. >> all right, thanks, sean. hey be sure to join us tonight for "fox 29 news" at 10:00. some profit of one of the most notorious historical figures ever is up for sale. people are bidding on adolf hitler's phone. we're an auction house says it is important that that phone ends up. >> plus inspiring story of following your passion. a local photographer celebrates his culture, snapping shots of the beauty all around him. how he captures love, hope, happiness and possibility. through his lens. that's our news for this saturday night. thanks for watching. see you back here at 10:00. >> live lottery drawing is next, followed by "tmz" weekends have, a great night. see you at ten.
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