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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  February 19, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> a violent night in philadelphia leaves several hospitalized as police search for answers in two overnight shootings one involving teens. we'll tell what you we know so far. >> and chaos breaks out in the middle of the day outside the frankford transportation cente center. >> i came up here and seen the police and guy laying on the ground. >> heated exchange between two cab drivers that lands one seriously hurt♪ ♪ want money, lots and lots of money♪ >> and odds are terrible but people will do anything in hopes of winning the lottery. >> i think if you don't play you don't have a chance. >> powerball jackpot is jum jumping to $403 million a look at winning numbers from last night's drawing. do you have a lucky ticket? >> plus breast milk foremen the trend that has grown males craving infant's diet.
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and we start off with a smile. good morning, everyone, welcome to "good day philadelphia". lauren is taking a day off and earned day off she worked all week. i'm bill apder sop with the fellas. >> glad to you have thank you for letting me sits in with you guys. >> always, man. >> and lottery, breast milk foremen. >> a lot to talk about. we'll get into that. >> beautiful day looks great outside. >> perfect 10. can you believe yesterday's high temperatures made it to upper 60s. more typical of latter part of april early may yesterday across the delaware valley live look now outside the studios temperatures in mid up toer 50s. it will be a beautiful sunday is as that ridge of high pressure continues to dominate our weather pattern. the jet stream well to the north. so, maybe a light jacket early this morning but take a look
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hour by hour we're already in the 60s by lunchtime. 4 degrees. 70 by 3:00. record breaking temperatures by 7:00 today, 64. it stays mild across the delaware valley. areawide, we're looking at 70 center city smashing a record. 66 down the shore and low 60s in the lehigh valley and we'll talk about how long it will last and when we can see rain with the 7 day forecast. bill over to you. we're following breaking news this morning a man is seriously hurt after getting snot brewery town our jennaphr joyce is live at hahnemann university hospital where he is recoughing, good morning, jennie. >> good morning, bill a man in his 50s was drpt todd hahnemann hospital and he's listed in critical condition after a shooting like you mentioned in brewerytown that happened 12:30 this morning apparently police found eight shell casings in the area of 29 and cecil b moore streets and
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it happened in front of steak and all. at this point there's no information on arrest and there are surveillance cameras in the area and that may have captured clues to help police in the case and initial information indicate aid suspect took off on foot while police continue to work the case and this victim again a man in his 50s fighting for his life here at hahnemann hospital, bill. >> thanks, jenny, more trauma, tragic situation and violence out of west philadelphia. fourteen agars are in the hospital after shot wile leaving a party. it happened before 10 last night 56 and market streets two teens are in critical condition and others are stable. police are still searching for the shooter. >> and 7:04, police are searc searching for a person that stabbed a man late last night center city called to the scene 13 and spruce to find the 2 25-year-old stabbed once in asking chest and once in stomach he was ruvrd to jefferson hospital and remains
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in stable condition. and toddler is back home with family this morning after getting hit by a car in ambler. fox 9 viewer leo mcllroy september thus video that happened around 5:00 yesterday evening intersection of spring garden and banic barn avenue the 2-year-old was flown to children's hospital and since was released with what police say are bumps and bruises and investigators are looking for a man they say was driving a black or dark-color the suv. >> police need your help to find a missing teenager, 1 12-year-old makayla garcia was missing from the 600 block of effort in camden. she is hispanic female brown hair and shoulder lengthth curly hair take a look she was seen why gray long sleeve shirt black leggings and pink flip flops. >> an shot fired between groups of people on motorcycle motorcycles. gunfire was first heard near 2
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and essentially avenue and when officers arrived people were still shooting. motorcyclist then took off with employed several police chase as roun the city and a female officer was injured with a motorcycle fell on her foot. she's pictured to be okay. motorcyclist was stopped third andal gape i and another front and grny streexts no one was hurt and no arrests were made. violence breaks out. violent night in philadelphia in the frankford neighborhood prompting chaos outside the frank in order transportation center. it appears an argument may be behind it all. right now, one person is in the hospital and fox 9's brad statton was on the scene. >> one man is in custody as police try to get to the bottom of what happened on the sidewalk outside the frankford transportation center by the taxi stand where cabs line up for customers. >> i came up here and seen the police and the guy laying on the ground. >> win driver just feet away says two cabbyes began to argue. >> they were arguing for fare. >> arguing for a fare.
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>> yes, thanks to uber now cab drivers killing each other for one fare. >> it got heated fast. >> and one shot the other. >> one taxi driver pulled out the knife and the other a gun he had permit to carry firing him and hitting him three shots stomach, head and neck. the victim rushed to area torresdale hospital and shooter arrested by septa police. >> we always arguing but to get to this point, no. never happened. we argue sometimes for something but not worth it. >> drivers admit many are short on patience it's combination drop in business because of competition from other ride services fraen obvious dangers of the job. >> maybe few weeks ago somebody got shot here. you lose a lot of business here because people get scared nobody wants to go or to come here. >> brad stat on, fox news. >> and president donald trump
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looking to snag four more years in white house already campaigning ingly a month into presidency he was at a campaign rally in the sunshine state tackling health care, taxes, immigration and taking another swipe at the media. at one point the president let a supporter take the microphon microphone. >> we the people our movement is the reason why our president of the united states is standing here in front of us today. >> of course, not everyone was there to sing trump's braces and protesters gathered outside the rally saying they were there it represent the most vulnerable people in the country and roun the world and people they feel that president trump has no regard for. >> and excitement continues about the powerball lottery as it continues to grow along with that huge jackpot. latest drawing happened last night with the jackpot sitting at $403 million. so no winner last night. got all the numbers.
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someone may have won a few. odds slim most of us cannot help but try our luck. winning numbers last night are 3, 7, 9, 31, 3, powerball 20 and power play is 3. again, that jackpot 403 millio million. if you just want the cash you get $24.9 million. put the .9 million was not there. >> your ticket was not a winne winner. >> i'm here today. >> you swront left us like tha that. >> i left and tested my luck at a scratch off and i won $5. >> there you go. >> that's five more tickets. >> or two and a half more tickets. next drawing is wednesday. we have another chance. what would you buy if you gotty guess you would fay the cash. >> yes and probably do one epic vacation and maybe a beach house. >> $243 million so you have $49.50 left after that.
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>> what wow sglet buy a resort. buy some property and buy some stocks. >> couple million you could. >> would you continue working. >> for a little maybe. >> keep working? >> yeah. >> i would keep working. >> and do other things like start your own businesses and stuff like that. i would own a carwash just to give me something to do on a tuesday. >> i would work long enough to come into the building givenes giveness. >> boss, i loch my job. i would be here. >> prized possessions missing and what he wants and why he wants it back. "good day philadelphia". weekend edition. i want money, lotsen and lots of money♪ >> i want money, lots, lots of money♪ >> i want money, lots, lots of money♪ i want the pie in the
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>> two cars fell into 20 foot sink knoll los angeles. fire crews arrived to find the car upside down in rushing water. fortunately no one was hurt. the collapse is due to the big storm responsible for severe flooding and several deaths in california over the last few days. it's a much different story for us here on the east coast. nothing but clear skies relatively warm weather and we're getting tweets scott from people saying they want winter to feel like winter and i can't complain about 60 in cha end of february? >> uh-huh. >> i mean it feels like april.
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some folks like the snow and others do like temperatures in the 60s. even 70 degree temperatures expected for today. and so no snow shovels for holiday weekend and in fact you might want to break out shorts later this afternoon. look at temperature right now in philadelphia. already in upper 50s. so we never made it below freezing areawide around the region and look at temperatures right now. already well above average this time of year and average high is 45. 59 now in wilmington. look at atlantic city. 56, mid 50s wildwood. unheard of this time of year. fairly dry, quiet. much of the lower 4 and but out west it remains very active and portland moving to san francisco they've been dealing with mudslides and flooding there and take a look at we go hour by hour we're talking about mid 60s at noon and what about 70? no typo there. by this the expected high temperature in philadelphia 70. record is 68 setback in 1948.
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by the way, yesterday's high temperature soared to 68 in philadelphia. 70 should be no problem for today. for tonight, it's cool. once again looks like most of area stays above freezing a round 40 in philadelphia. 7 day forecast as we move towards tomorrow backdoor front kind of cools things down and notably cooler we go from 70 today to 54 monday and 50 tuesday and maybe a late shower 6 4 by wednesday and look at thursday back to 70 degrees again, 70 degree days in the 7 day forecast as we move towards friday to next weekend and maybe showers. look at temperatures into the 60s still and yes no snow. back over to you. >> i can't complain about this scott i take 70 in february all day. >> army veteran is heartbroken over loss of treasured war metals of valor including purple heart stolen by trying
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to save himself and family. he and his family just want the medals back. >> the words don't come easy for mike palmroy when talking about medals of valor including a purple heart hidden in a briefcase are gone. sunday during orville spillway dam emergency they were he vaik associated and someone broke in and stole them. >> it's not something you talk about. one day you would be able to be tell them. >> you wanted these medals to be given to grandson. >> medals he earned risking his life as army medic during vietnam war sfwlt fact that someone would stoop so slow to take a part of a person's life like that it's just unbelievable. >> on monday the couple's son came back to check on parents' house and discovered the front
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door wide on. upstairs their bedroom was a mess. for his wife gaylynn her jewelry was taken including family herilooms and it is what was tucked away in this briefcase they desperately want back. >> almost everything you can replace. there's things you can't and that really gets to you. >> i had 15 of these. >> thieves left certificates that accompanied medals and written explanation from commander own how mike earned his purple heart. almost 50 years ago his air ambulance respond todd a military aircraft down in enemy territory and he hoisted himself on to the ground and saved two air men from the burping wreckage. when mike opens that briefcase he opens up old wounds of heroics he has never spoken of to loved ones even wife of 31 years now they wait and hope the thief that broke into their home in the time of need has a change of heart. >> whoever didty don't know if there's a way you can return
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that stuff to my father, i'm sorry. it's just not right to do that to a hero. it's just not right. >> wow. the statement that we used to make honor among thieves. hopefully somebody sees this story and returns that. that was fox roweena shadox reporting. >> turning now to money. changes could be coming to food labels to ease confusion over expire ration dates usda wants manufacturers to stop use of expiration and sell by labels they're misleading to consumers who -- i'm nodding my head and shawn is mod nodding his head. they throw away food perfectly
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good to eat. they want two label best if used by and definitive use by dates for products that could spil over time. >> i look at it and i'll sniff it, you know. >> you should. >> smell it. if it smells few any throw it snrout we're like that's no good that's men. >> when in doubt throw it sglout expiration date is a scam. >> tough is good for a while. >> you all agree on something. >> we're not going to agree on that philadelphia soda tax is taking a toll they are results in according to report by bloo bloomburg drink distributors say sales dropped on sugary drinks and revenue is down 50% after philadelphia started adding 1.5 cent per oups on tweet entered bevr rammings which went into effect six weeks ago. not that much time guys and it's going down. if you think about it some of the doubled the cost of some
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drinks. >> so more people choosing water right? >> which is healthy and that's good because sugar is so bad for you. sugar is terrible for you. i'm actually okay with this. >> it's hurting business. >> that's where it goes. >> where is this money going. i know we heard mayor kinney talk about prek and all this and sure that's what we're saying now. it's brands new and fresh. we'll see what happens there. ultimately health sugar is a killer. >> it is. it s we'll see where it goes. >> has it stopped you from making convenience buys of sugary drinks. >> in the city i will buy water. >> the only thing drunk with sugar is sugar free red bull. it should not cost extra but it does. it does the. for the most part that's it. >> moving on. this one breast milk foremen. we'll talk about the trend that has grown men craving infant diet. that coming up.
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and also tweet us what you think. we're starting to get tweets in about what you would do with lottery. would you try the breast milk, sugary drink tax and more. would you try the breast milk, sugary drink tax and more. tweet us use #fox29goodday. i'm coming
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>> jen you have done your taxes yet. >> someone was call ago around and offering advice. >> guess what it's a scam and whole bunch of new ones this year. i'll tell you about them and how to avoid them. >> okay. >> if you are like a lot of consumers you're using tax package like tax share or fush owe tax and you got a phone call hi we're here to help walk you through the program. gets what it's a scam they're not calling to help you it's scamme re hang up. now check inbox and have email that looks like it's from employer and asking to you verify your personal information on your w 2 so you can file your tax return. delete it's a scam your employer will not send you emails asking for personal information. hello, this is agent dan rick ado from irs calling i'm here to help you process your tax return. takes scam. irs doesn't make phone calls in
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fact if they need to get in touch it with you the only way they do is is old fashioned small mail. if you get a call from irs agent hang-up. there you go. there's a few ways scamers are out in full force as you start to file your tax return. here's what you can do to fight back. first if you got a phone call even if it looks legitimate right down to caller id guess what it's probably a scam. hang up. never give out personal information. if you make less than 54 grand you can file taxes directly on irs web site. go to and even better news free and chances are there's no scamers. finally if you think you were scammed or someone got your identity here's what to do. don't panic go to identity it's a great web site by the feds that's helping you put together a claim to your
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identity. can't help you when it comes to not paying taxes i can help when you it comes to paying taxes without getting scammed i'm cashing out. >> always great information. i'm already spending my tax return. >> i have not filed. >> you should get on that. >> yeah. >> during the last break we were all talking about something that creeps us out a little bit. but we'll see what you think. breast milk is apparently not just for babies anymore. so there's a new trend grown men drchking it like some sort of super supplement. >> hu? >> yeah. body builders that drink breast milk claim it gives them energy and helps them build muscle in a natural way. health experts say, however, there is no proof at all that the growth hormones found in breast milk will have any affects on adult and it's best left for babies nursing not as a workout supplement. >> all right. first of all i'm trying to figure out who is the first guy that stumbled on to this and
7:26 am
said i'll give this a try. you have the look on your face -- >> we need to interview the tesh trying that. >> there's that guy in the video doing kettle bells. >> when it comes to people in the gym this is what they do. >> drink breast milk. >> they look for anything -- >> i don't know what gym you go to. >> it's the people monday through sunday nev takes a day off and. >> there's a lot of chemicals in that. >> proteins are nasty. >> i can see wanting more of the natural supplemental. >> would do you it. >> i would not do it where are they getting it uber eats or something, where do i buy that stuff? >> if that on your app can you can get breast milk. >> what if there was scientific proof. >> no if it let me lived longer i would say let me get more if it was fountain of youth. >> we have a tweet we'll show you one of our regular view rz
7:27 am
and your regular viewers says his wife is trying to get him to try it. >> how much do you need? >> look i -- i don't know. so we got three nos. >> yeah don't want nothing to do with it. >> moving on. >> newspapers unlike any other. not only do you get a taste of what is going on but help the city homeless when you buy one. i stepped in the shoes that try to sell them every single day. we'll tell you what took me by surprise. i think it will shock you a little how people treated us and shawn, coming in? >> first 10% to the lord and renovate the house and family investments. >> that's what they do if they won the lottery. >> you like this scott. >> this is one ray says i would buy this, of course, what is it, it's a drone. >> i could fly in the cockpit. >> if you're in the plane >> i could fly in the cockpit. >> if you're in the plane september it just a plane.
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(jessica) i love beneful healthy weight because the first ingredient is chicken. (riley) man, this chicken is spectacular! (jessica) i had to start hiding the bag because he would try to put his face in it all day. yeah you love it, don't you? you love it so much! i feel like when he eats beneful, he kinda turns into a puppy again. it's protein. it's vegetables. it's grains. i mean, like that sounds like a dinner i'd make for myself, right? (riley) hey it's a big bag. just have some of mine. (vo) try beneful healthy weight with chicken. with real chicken as the number one ingredient. healthful. flavorful. beneful. >> so as they say, happy wife, happy life. now there's science to back up that age-old saying. the results from a new study we have that coming up later in the show. and in the next hour of "good day" weekend philly beer week may still be a few months away and how the non profit group behind the annual celebration of brew is hoping to raise funds with good cold fashioned
7:31 am
flannel. we'll check all that ut and right now scott we're enjoying it, 70 in february and celebration of weather continues. we'll get that snow out of the graphic. >> a little too warm today for flannel across the delaware valley. we're talking temperatures. look at this. already in the upper 50s. near 60 now in philadelphia at 7:30 in february. take a look at numbers right now. 56 degrees right now atlantic city. 55 wildwood and upper 50s wilmington and 54 reading, berks county and look at pocono mountains inal ebb town. temperatures already in the mid 40s. so as we look at at matt doppler we have morning cloud out there and spotty sprinkle towards the baltimore d.c. area and high and dry big area of high pressure really dominating our weather for the weekend with unseasonably warm temperatures and jet stream well north. we're not looking at any snow in that 7 day forecast. take a look across the area.
7:32 am
70 september arecyy and 66 down the shore and 63 in the leigh valley. smashing a record today in philadelphia. back to you. >> thanks so much, scott. >> as many of you know i've shown the struggles of being homeless, for instance, i went out and shadowed people selling a local paper that helps those in needs and this time i went out and experienced what it was like firsthand you may be shocked at how people treat you. >> we are putting out our money you know investing our time and money but some people just look at what we're doing as almost like begging or pan handling. >> several weeks ago i shared story of newspaper one step away and shadowed a homeless vendor as she sold a paper that allows those in need to start a low-cost business and today was annual event where they ask business people and media to help people experience what they do fist happened.
7:33 am
it's happening 35 countries and. >> i was partnered with zachary. one time vend are door four years the goal to set up across from each other and see how many papers we could sell. reality sunk in quickly. >> want this paper for a dollar ma'am. >> not only did overwhelming people ignore zachary i got experience how chilly people can be to you when they stereotype you immediately. >> we're helping raise money for homeless today. buy a paper? how are you doing sir? >> i did not experience the blatant disrespect zachary and other vendors did largely because i was wearing my station jacket and was somewhat recognizable. >> but did i get to understand what i believe was the point of exercise today. to learn that many who regularly encourage people to pick themselves up and work for a living are far from
7:34 am
supportive when they try. >> at the end of the day i sold all 25 pain rz i was given in about an hour. zachary says he had a "good day" as well and it was time to head back to speak to the other vendors and get their take on the lessons of the day. >> today was eye opening experience because these are respected people from the community and when they were standing out there with the investigate on holding paper they got treated the same way i usually do. >> and the city too often you forget if someone walks up and says hello it's okay toy turn back to them. >> just giving a dollar to someone and getting a newspaper and having something to read. that's the least we can do you know what i am saying? they're willing to do their part. we should be willing to do our part. >> one step away is sdpivr giving people a khapts to improve their lives if we can look past the judgment and sknd a hand up for people willing to work hard for that opportunity. for goodness sake. >> and yeah, you know, it was
7:35 am
eye opening experience. and there were people -- you saw in the video there were people who did like this to not even have to see you. they didn't want to acknowledge your existence. >> that's what i take away from the piece, be polite, say hello, be courteous. >> and these guys you have to remember this is a business for so it would be interesting if we supported people. we always say pick yourselves up by boot stramps support people when they do. >> thank you very much, sir, villanova wildcats train is coming up strong as we have it breaking it down next in sport. what do we got? comments coming in. what's this? . this says somebody is never working again that's for sure. >> #neverworkagain if you win the lottery we can roll with that and look what jena would
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warm outside and transitioning to nice sports weather. >> it makes you think about baseball season. 48 days from opening day for philadelphia byes before we get to that. >> let's talk college basketball. villanova wildcats if winning national championship last year for jay right and cats it's another game on schedule. they were looking at yesterday's contest as super bowl over 16,000 pirate supporters sold out prudential center. let's see if november auto could stay not enemy territory. looking fog win number 7 in a row. first half. up 8. it's nice outlets have a block party. donald does that and thad leads to a three point to close out the first half. part of 22-1, villanova run.
7:40 am
and josh art with monster put back finished 19 point. 'nova wins 92-70 and clench tie for big east regular season title. staying with 'nova it was announced villanova legend rol rollly massmean yn owe who coached in 198 5 has been named one of fourteen finalists for the class of 2017 and another note former sixer chris webber he did play for sixers and finalist inductees and he it would be great if villanova was playing in that game. >> if you're a hawks fan please close your eyes. lasalle in this one. alley-oop. score led by as many as 27. later in the gim more of the same effect. same passing set. finding johnson for the easy basket.
7:41 am
lasalle kins 83-68. sixth straight loss for the hawks. >> let's bring on phillies baseball. warm weather outside means baseball season is here. well, not exactly. the phillies officially held their first full team practice nis sunny clearwater florida and we have a little ways to opening day 48 days away and the players they're ready right now. i'm glad to care here and like i said i'm ready to go and really excited about it and i'm doing everything i can. >> and we'll have a lot of different angles coming to things and looking forward to it with the position player corp and starting pitching and relief pitching and pretty special group we're looking forward to it. >> feeling a goodyear for the phillies. time has come for nba best to showcase all skills whether sharp shooters testing range from outside arch or high flyers taking a slam dunk
7:42 am
competition to new heights. saturday night during all star weekend always a fun watch. checking in on the three point competition. eric gordon taking on kyree erving, tie breaker, sinking 6 money balls eric gordon was on fire and clay thompson and 'nova own. let's get to the slam dunk competition. had fun watching this one. remember last year it was amazing because of this guy aaron gordon opened the scene by using a drone. that one there was able to put it through. how about this guy? chester's own derrek jones jr.. he's on the side of the backboard. maybe jam of night and he was runner up to this man glen robinson the iii. that won it for him. anything else in way. first pacer to win the slam dunk competition main event
7:43 am
going down today live from new orleans. good stuff is always i love saturday night and love nba all star weekend and celebrity skills competition and unfortunately joel embib was hurt and was not able to go this week this year. >> take your time big fella, rest, get ready to play. >> he legit jumped over her head. you seen that dunk in the past and they prop themselves up he legit was 45, 48" in the air. >> it's amazing how high they get. derrek jones jr. out of chester was soaring. we'll hear a lot about him telling you rights now. >> good stuff, good stuff. we have comments coming in breaking down your feelings on so many things we talked b diane said she win the property, better if you were tour gets the car fixed and then gets a financial at visor. >> how about this payoff all my debt and build self-sufficient home stayed in the mountains. you need to payoff that debt.
7:44 am
>> we'll be back. you need to payoff that debt. >> we'll be back. stay with yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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this is not a this is the destruction of a cancer cell by the body's own immune system, thanks to medicine that didn't exist until now. and today can save your life. ♪ ♪
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extended bonus buys only at my giant.nt. ♪ >> i am loving theme of music. everything is about money. what i'll buy you. bringing good things together. good stuff. nice look out there in trenton. everything looks good out ther
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there. trenton makes the world takes they tell us. scott williams gray over there. but still a beautiful day all things told. >> we're talking temperatures around 70 by this arm. some folks happy about the spring weather. others say hey it's february. we want it cold. we want snow. but no snow in the 7 day forecast and no snow on ultimate doppler, either, we have cloud cover out there and spotty sprichkle as you move far south and west and we are anticipating dry conditions over the next couple of days. we have a chance for rain tuesday night into wednesday and then again the latter part of upcoming workweek. but, you can see pretty high and dry across much of the lower 48 right now and look at the temperatures. upper 50s. 59 philadelphia, 56 right now in atlantic city and take a look at pottstown. 54. 54 reading and 59 right now in wilmington. the forecast high is 70. the record for today 6 setback in 1948. as we go hour by hour look at
7:48 am
the numbers here mid 60s at noon and 3:00 temperature 70 degrees. it stays pretty mild for tonight as well. the day forecast showing you cooler though as we move towards monday high of 54 and late shower tuesday and temperature thursday back to 70. back over to you. >> sounds good, thank you so much, scott, i hope you're watching q right everybody watches q and our own quincy harris celebrated major milestone this week q aired 100 show to help celebrate the team put together best nroments first 100 days of q. >> jump up on your feet♪ >> make some news for the "q." >> give it up for our producer. and our musical director and the lundy law office. >> this is great.
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>> you need to see that "q" by the side of it. >> who is on the show today. >> bernard hopkins. >> this is for my fans around the world. >> give it up for joe conklin. >> i love philadelphia. they love me here. >> carli lloyd. >> next thing is 20 19 world cup in france. >> he's cute. >> my oldest son jordan is here. >> hello. >> please welcome bell biv devu. >> welcome harry chronic jr. >> this is no joke. >> i want us to hear all day. >> johnny gil. >> is he not the greatest, ladies and gentlemen. >> welcome to the "q."
7:50 am
>> ortiz. >> this is the "q." >> don't forget to watch the "q" the. >> every single day you should watch. tonight it will reair 11 p.m. after fox new at 10 and sports sunday and you can also catch quepsy the "q" if you want to see q if person go to tickets to register for tickets right now. best part, tickets are free. got to go he see the "q". >> if you cannot catch live set dvr. >> every day. >> they say happy wife, half pi life there's since to back up that aim old saying and results from a new study coming up later in the show. stay with us. that's what i want♪ stay with us. that's what i want♪ that's what i want♪
7:51 am
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7:53 am
>> we have high tech items, apps and other things. why do i have a shoe in my han hand. nike came out with hype area dapt 1.0 self lacing shoe. take back to the future style now what the shoe actually does is when you put your foot into it, it detects your weight and what it will do is actually
7:54 am
tighten the laces up. now, if you don't like the way the shoe does it itself you can hit a button to increase the teption or decrease teption you hit both buttons and guess what it saves favorite setting look a car seat. nike named this earl electro adaptative reactive lacing and for only, only $720 you can get your hands on this technology now by away don't worry about your foot getting stuck it takes three hours of charm and last two weeks and if it runs out of charge there's extra battery to get you untied. if you want to talk about high expensive shoes or my $50 reach out to us and we can continue the conversation online. >> $750 pay me and i'll come tie your shoes for you. no worries. >> we've talked about it all morning happy wife, happy life.
7:55 am
recent research says having a happy spouse helps you live a happier, longer life. >> researchers looked at 2,000 couples tent ages of 50 and 94 couples with happy relationshi relationships had better healt health. >> the key is staying social and engage in activities such as regular exercise and healthy eating and getting enough slee sleep. men over the age of 50 aged slower than men not married. >> are you buying it? >> i'm buying it. my girlfriend a try to keep her happy and all is g all s well. >> if she's happy you're less stressed. >> exactly. we see a lot of couples married for 50, 70 years and they all say that it's communication and yeah, listen to each other. >> love it. >> 20 days. >> until you're married. >> is her happiness priority. >> 20 days say it again.
7:56 am
>> 0 days. >> yes. >> well, >> looking forward to it. >> did you get that. >> i can see that. >> look at the love. >> i love our producer candice she's like we run this picture every single week. >> so in 20 days you'll have new ones. >> look. >> this is brace. >> i feel like exercises and doing stuff together keeping humor is key. >> i think my girlfriend disagrees i think i'm all about keeping her happy she may disagree and say it's keeping me happy it's mute tuille. can we get a women's perspective on this we have jenny joyce we're saying it's about keeping you ladies happy. do you buy this. >> i do fist i have to say i love four people not married are weighing in on this topic and shawn brace you're on the countdown. this is you soon. so, yes, i do think it's true. however, i think it's really keeping the spouse happy. i think it works on both side. if your husband is not happy
7:57 am
you won't be happy if you're not happy he won't be happy it won't work. both sides need to work to keep each other happy. >> it should. if that's -- everybody is focused on keepinger person happy we should all be happy. >> we should all be happy, ye yes. >> happy stuff. >> when they get the last wor word. >> jenny. >> do women get the last word. >> they do and they may always be right and we want our house still to be happy. >> that's deep marriage and relationship analysis from four single people. you can only get it here "fox29". that you so much, jenny. >> all right. we have your comments coming in. we will continue to check in on twitter and talk more about another interesting phenomenon. treat that wife look a queen j business says. >> my wife always asks me to
7:58 am
dress her breast milk we he drink cow's milk from their nipple what's the difference. >> there's a different. >> ecoscott. >> i would buy a ran. or farm and fill with shelter dogs and cats. i think that's whipping the lottery. >> keep them coming we'll be lottery. >> keep them coming we'll be back.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> and it was violent night in philadelphia leaving several people hospitalized as police search for answers in two separate overnight shootings. one involving teens. what we're learning as they continue to investigate. >> and police officer injured after a wild veen in north philadelphia and show down held by witnesses and motorcycles. >> and it's a topic that can drive couples apart money
8:01 am
doesn't come between and your sweetheart. >> money, this say violent night in philadelphia hopefully that calms down guys relax and enjoy. we're sitting talking about four different things to bring relationships together good morning welcome to hour two. >> good stuff. >> thank you for letting me sit in. >> glad to have you today. >> it's a pleasure being here the weather ten right? >> absolutely. >> perfect 10 on scale of 1 to 10 speaking of relationships and weather today is the perfect day to head outdoors with your significant other and maybe a picnic. and we're talking temperatures above average and forecast by the numbers scale of 1 to 10 it's a perfect ten. beautiful already. take a look at numbers here. 8:00 on sunday and mid to late february 59 degrees already. winds out of west 1 miles an hour. and take a look at temperatures knowledge and west. lehigh valley, look at that.
8:02 am
53 degrees. we have 56 atlantic city and temperatures down the shore really comfortable we have 56 dover and mid 50s in reading and so across the region for today no typos. we're talking 70 in center city and record breaking 66 down the shore. low 60s. well above average in the lehigh valley for tonight temperatures a little cooler. we'll go 40 in philadelphia and upper 30s atlantic city and mid 30s down the shore. so a spring like surprised coming up we'll talk about how long the record warmth will last and our next chance for much-needed rain yes rain no snow in that 7 day forecast back over to you. >> thank you so much, scott. and man is seriously hurt after getting shot in the brewy town section. our jenny joyce is there. >> we know this than his 50s was drpted here to hahnemann hospital overnight in critical season after he was shot in the
8:03 am
brewerytown section of this the city it happened 12:30 this morning. police tell us they found at least 8 shell casings in the area of 29 and cecil b. moore streets in brewerytown. it happened early this morning in front of restaurant called steak and all at this point no information about arrests and there are surveillance cameras in the area which may have captured clues to help police in this case. initial information indicated that a suspect took off on foot while police continue to work the case. and this victim again a man in his 50ss is fighting for his life. here at hahneman hospital. bill. >> police tell us four keen agars are in the hospital after getting shot leaving a party. two teens are in critical condition and others stable. police are searching for the
8:04 am
shooter. >> and police are also searching for a person who stabbed a man late last night in center city. they were called to the scene at 13 and spruce to find the 5-year-old stobd once in chest and once in stomach. he was rushed to jefferson hospital and he's in stable condition. and toddler is back home with family this morning after getting hit by a car in ambler. fox 29 viewer leo mcllroy sent this video it happened around 5:00 yesterday evening at the intersection of spring garden and banic burn avenue. the 2-year-old was flown to children's hospital and since been released with what police thankfully say are bumps and bruises and investigators are looking for a man they say was driving a black or dark colored suv. >> it's 8:05 police are asking for your help in finding a missing teenager, 12-year-old makayla car see areported missing from 600 block of ever everyet in camden. she's hispanic female brown
8:05 am
hair and curly hair shoulder lepingth last seen with gray long sleeve shirt and black le leggings and flip flops. if you have information call the police. >> officer injured after police received report of shots fired between fwrupz of people on motorcycles. gunfire was heard last night 23 and segley avenue and when officers arrived people were still shooting and the smokeist then took off which led to several police chases around the city and female officer was injured when a motorcycle fell on her foot. she is expected to be okay. a motorcycleest was stochd third and allegheny and another fronts and gurney streets. no arrests have been made. >> trump transition continues. seemed like president trump may have been looking for four more years in the white house we're only a month into his presidency. he held a campaign rally yesterday in the sunshine state tackling topics like healthcar healthcare, faxes, immigration
8:06 am
and of course taking a swipe add media at one point the president let a supporter take the mic. >> we the people our movement is the reason why our president of the united states is standing here in front of us today. of course not everyone was there to sing trupp's braces. somewhere there to talk about who they feel president trump has no record far. >> and dealing with the aftermath of extreme weather this weekend. deadly storms sweep through california. la times is reporting at least four deaths. much of the heavy rain passed southern california and is now expected to abdelhamid abaaou abaaouder the north headed to tomorrow. >> and little bit closer to home update to a story we first told you about earlier last week a philadelphia teacher says he reached a 5,000 fundraise egg goal for prime spot billboard on i-95 the
8:07 am
school district commented on the issue we continue to talk with the philadelphia federation of teachers as we try to work out a fiscally responsibility teacher's contract that puts the students of philadelphia first. and good news for people in the city of brotherly love. philadelphia scored a spot on u.s. news and world reports best places to live. love it. on the list that ranked 100 cities across the united states philly took the number 77 spot. that's actually not that good. we'll take it. one spot above las vegas that's a positive and one spot below el paso, texas, austin texas came in number one spot and web site highlighted philadelphia abundant food and culture scene and made note of high poverty in crime rate. all good. i was excited initially that we made the list.
8:08 am
77. >> then you hear 77. >> out of how many. >> out of 100. >> they only ranged top 100. it's out of all the cities. >> good? >> we're on the list. >> we're fifth largest city. >> 77. >> one above el paso. i find that hard to believe. austin i've about to austin. austin texas number one on the spot. it's up for debate. cool city. >> i've never been and will add it to the list. i'm not overly impressed with 70s. >> we have fun spots similar to austin you can find in center city. >> national surveys always hate on philadelphia. bell need to come and experience it. >> remember last we were talking about the musical acts, red hot chilly peppers and rick astly was here talking to lauren. >> you want rick sstly to get us high rankings. >> we had meek mill. >> joel embib.
8:09 am
>> and rick ross performed. we had good stuff. never give you up. even rick, rolled, bill. >> let's keep moving. >> uber could be offering a new cheaper way for to you get around testing a subscription service in philadelphia. subscribers pay a monthly fee for a package of chips on reduced fares. they are request a ride anywhere within a 29 square mile area interesting number for more than $4.39 if you have uber pool cheaper and packages 10 rides from $5 and they made it available for a select few through email. test run this week only and they're able to expand it. >> we're into trying to make more money. >> of course would you do it? >> not right now. >> i don't think i want to pay a subscription right now. >> i don't use uber all that much. >> if you do you always make
8:10 am
ow out. i have monthly subscription to carwash in the neighborhood and i'm family there now i show up all the time. if you have a subscription i would be uberring all over the place. >> if you're family you need a subscription. >> i'm family i want to be family in being there a lot not so much family that they hand me a rag and say help out. it's a type line. tnl planning can be tough conversation to v tips from a pro how to approach the money talk with partner. talks shawn recently have. we'll find out if scott had the talk. >> you have the money talk. >> no. >> maybe you should have it. >> no. >> maybe you should have it. >> we'll tell you coming up pats pass♪
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ >> we found all of the money songs. people continue to fweet us talking about what we should do with money. happy wife, happy life. investments. all good. we'll get into that shortly as we take a look at the water front in wilmington looking good scott the weather is beautiful. >> perfect 10 feels like april stepping outdoors. temperatures mid to upper 50s. we're dry, quiet. we have a few scattered clouds out there and more sunshine later on today. big ridge of high pressure dominating much of the lower 48. at least eastern two third of
8:14 am
united states still pretty active pattern as you head out west. they've been deal with mudslides and devastating flooding for parts of california and looking at mountain snow as you move further pacific north west. for us 56 atlantic city and 57 trenton and upper 50s and wilmington by 3:00 look at snapshot, 67 in philadelphia and upper 60s atlantic city and looking at 60s across the board and high temperature will top out this afternoon in philadelphia look at this 70. smashing the record of 68 setback in 198 for the remainder of the month below average temperatures out west and above average temperatures for two third of country inkloo cheweded in that delaware valley, lehigh valley, we need rainfall. take a look at latest monitor. moderately dry conditions for all of southeastern pennsylvania and weather authority 7 day forecast showing 70 degree temperatures today get outdoors and enjoy it cooler as we move towards bhop
8:15 am
backdoor front temperatures back mid to low 50s. late shower on tuesday, high of 50. 64 wednesday. 70 again on thursday and some showers back in the forecast for friday into next weekend and ang for this time of year 45 degrees. ment 70 degrees today. back to you. >> no complaints here with that kind of weather. thank you so much, scott. we've been taking about this all morning and researchers say money is leading cause of stress in a relationship and arguing about money can be a top predictor of divorce. how can you avoid falling into these statistics. this guy is ready to get married. we have financial expert dan hernandez here to break it down for us. all right. he's getting ready to get married is that the time to have that discussion. >> preengagement. you don't want any surprises. once you start joining finances together you want to you know not sexy conversations to have. but you want to know about
8:16 am
credit score any surprises, bankruptcy, you want to know about income. you want to know about goals. you want to make sure you have the same goals you know how how muchp are we going to buy a house together how much do you think you'll spend on a house. you know you have to be on the same payment and soop are you know that the better. >> did you have this talk. >> yeah, i think he pointed outright from the jump it's when you are putting it together. when you mix the bank accounts you know the stuff like that. we didn't get to that point until and we're not at that point to tell you the truth right now. >> yeah, i mean, you know, engagement is emotional thing and after that before you get married you certainly should have those conversations. so that's premarriage once you get married i think there's other things you can do to make it a little smoother. what i tell my clients is create a joint account from which you will pay your household expenses. mortgages, cars, make sure you do the retirement accounts. but i think it's important for
8:17 am
each person to have a separate account you know? >> your own money. >> fun account. >> one of the -- you know stats are that 60% of divorces will cite money stress as a reason for divorc. part of that stress comes from power struggle. who is controlling money. you sdopt want to feel like you're going to partner, hey, i want to buy this you can give me the money. so you want joint account for household expenses and each have your own account to do your own thing with and maybe have some preset limits look i can spend up to $250, $500 without tell you first. >> tell them how much you can spend. you say this can be a problem with relationships going forward. >> absolutely. >> are there warping signs or things that indicate you have a problem going forward. >> i have been doing this 9 years i've seen people have po boxes and other addresses to send statements and reluctance to discuss finances i mean those are all flags.
8:18 am
you know, not -- hiding money you know that's what people do. >> that doesn't seem like money issue so much as dishonesty. >> all communication even premarriage stuff as long as you talk about step lay it out where this is how much i make and how much you make look a couple years ago hi bankruptcy issue as long as you talk about that stuff it's good you can work through it it's communication. >> where is the camera. i have bad credit i'm being honest. have you had that discussion? >> you have joint accounts. >> i do not. >> that's what we man on doing is exactly what you said. have one account that takes care of mortgage and household dispenses and then we each have separate accounts. >> but one thing i will say i want to hear how you ask somebody about credit score how do you get that conversation going, >> just come out with it. >> you know what a good way to do it without doing it if sav saving together for a home then you can go to aactually a mortgage person and get
8:19 am
prequalified before you done anything and let the mortgage person lender kind of do the dirtyy work for you. >> that's smart. >> i feel like and i'm not married. he's getting ready to get married. you're married. so you're the expert on this i feel like these type of discussions should come up in natural path anyway, if you're with somebody you are about to marry they should have a concept of what your finances look like. >> yeah, i mean, look, in that hope moon phase prehoneymoon phase that's last thing you're talking about i think. like i said it's not a sexy conversation to have. and certainly if you got stuff to hide, you're avoiding that conversation. so if you had issues in the past and you had bankruptcies or bad credit you're kind of look, another warning sign if someone is spending what appears to be above their mean means. they're buying stuff and you're like how do awe ford that? they don't want to talk about it? don't worry about t. i got it. that's a flag. wps you get to that
8:20 am
relationship you got to be on about it. >> and therapy guess one final things i'm not sure if you do this you need to have backup money. >> yeah. because the things that screws up any plan if you save for a house or retirement or saving for kids college all the thmingz you have to save for you know stuff happens. stuff happens to the house. you know god forbid job insecurity and boom all the plans are out the window. unless you have kind of a reserve you know reserve account rainy day account that can get you through the hard times so rest of plans don't get screwed up. >> got to be honest that's all it s if they're the one and you want to take the next step have that honest conversation. >> you good about all this. >> absolutely. >> it's all real and true. >> then you can go forward. >> good luck. >> pleasure sir good information. thank you. we'll you have back soon. >> thanks for having me back. >> it's most liked photo ever on instagram. one man's spoof on beyonce prek nancy pick. you don't want to miss this coming up. we were talking about money you
8:21 am
may not have any financial issues if you won the powerbal powerball. so here are the lucky numbers. $403 million nobody won that. >> do you high the ticket. >> no, $403 million i have >> do you high the ticket. >> no, $403 million i have nothing to hide
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> this very special pregnancy announcement is trending today now. todd creed became paralyzed after dirt bike accident and can't feel anything below his chest and his girlfriend became pregnant the couple knew they needed to do something special and they decided on silly pregnancy announcement take a look it still works fwlin chalk behind them. and how about this, during that photo shoot craig proposed. >> get out of here i didn't know that part to the story. >> i love it. >> how cool is it making light of own challenges and they have what some are calling a miracle. >> that kid will have great parents and great sense of humor. >> that should be most liked photo on instagram. >> not this nonsense. >> not this one. >> here comes the nonsense. >> idaho man became a internet sensation after he decided to recreate beyonce pregnancy photo. let's check it out. >> oh, >> oh, >> wow. >> christian o'brien says when he saw the pregnancy photo he
8:25 am
knew he wanted to make a spoof so he got to work using old christmas tree as greenery he said he thought his friend would got a laugh and once on facebook it took off and he called it dad toty a picture. >> any intention is good intention we figured why not? maybe it could get out there and maybe beyonce could get a good laugh out of it. >> the picture was shared thousands of times. >> of course. >> what do you think, guys. >> shared picture. >> i like the fact he spoofed it and i said this i mean no disrespect it's a beautiful things. i thought she was a little over the top with photos. i didn't like the photos to tell you the truth. >> he's missing some clouds. >> he's missing clouds and flowers. >> nobody want to make the beehive upset but it all most borders on worship but there's so -- picture come out and millions of likes. that to me feels almost like
8:26 am
more intimate moment for them and their friends and family and not so much the public. >> i think her first pregnancy she didn't reveal a lot or have a lot of pictures. maybe this time she's sharing more of that experience. >> did you catch the grammys did you see her performance. >> i deposit really understand it. >> look i -- she has twins you know i don't expect her to go out and start break dancing and getting crazy. >> she put on a show. >> she did but it was different. >> lot of meaning. just because we have a lot of meaning -- >> lot of worshiping now like she's a goddess. >> smooth segue from pregnancy to beer. philly beer week may be a few months away but we'll talk about how the group of the celebration of brew is hoping to raise funds with good old fashioned flannel. there you go. >> too hot for that today. >> where are our flannel shirts. ♪
8:27 am
shirts. ♪ material what i love most about tempur-pedic mattresses... is that they contour to your body. you just have to lay back in my tempur-pedic, and it just kind of forms to my body. it comes up to you, like, hey, there you are... hey there you are. ...i'm going to put you to sleep now. it keeps us comfortable and asleep at night. can i take a nap now? for a limited time only, save up to $500 on a new tempur-pedic. now through february 26. get your tempur-pedic today! the most highly recommended bed in america.
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8:29 am
>> how many times did you cheat on me. >> i don't know. >> i was not counting. >> it's viral video being called emotional torture by internet and powerful moment a young woman confront her cheating exboyfriend and does this actually help? and later we're putting a
8:30 am
philadelphia spin on classic cocktails and master mixologist hudson austin is here to help us out. make great drinks. welcome back. you're watching "good day philadelphia weekend". i'm bill anderson. taking a look outside the weather is perfect. scott tells us it's a ten. does it continue, scott. >> it continues taking a live look at pocono mountains and unfortunately no snow on ultimate doppler. we have a lot of sunshine north and west and parts of delaware and high pressure dominating much eastern two-thirds of outta. temperatures right now look at this upper 50s in philadelphia and 58 in wilmington and 56 atlantic city and mid 50s as you move north and west. jet stream well north so we have that big ridge of high pressure dominating delaware valley feeling more like april as opposed to february. if you look at planner across the reming yoon 70 center city
8:31 am
and record breaking, 6 degrees. 6 southern the shore. low 60s in lehigh valley. yesterday's high temperature was 48. today high of 70 will spesh record for philadelphia area. back over to you. >> thank you so much, scott, we talk about it all the tile. philly beer week something we look forward to and the idea help the brew and other event are in mid of fund raising, flapel animal local celebrities in a beer community all dressed in plan heet that's some of the note owes pro momenting tonight as event. joining us now the vice-president of philly loves beer casey parker owner of jose pistolas and hichanso models. >> they sevk specifically asked me to not call them
8:32 am
models. >> why not. >> they're like action figure figures. look at them. look at them. >> tell us what is going on. >> tonight at heritage we're doing -- we do about three philly loves beer fundraiseers a year to promote the philadelphia craft beer scene tonight heritage doors on 6 and show start 8 we're doing all male flannel fashion show do you dig my cape. >> that was my question. >> that's impressive. >> where do you score a flannel cape. >> sarah walker is a designer and bartender. >> i'm rolling here. >> get in with the models we're got calling them models. >> action figures. >> how long have you been an action figure tour sir. >> 2 1/2 years. >> and you? what do you guys expect tonight for performance. >> well tonight it's going o be my first ever catwalk winner of the models or action figures
8:33 am
whatever you want to call them gets twelve-person party at urban axis in kensington. we have to do it to take all those wonderful photos you saw. yeah. and it makes you feel like a viking throwing an axe atwood and it's $5 suggested doe nace and we'll be giving away two vip tickets to opening tap for philly beer week at the fill moore and two tickets to brewers place and two places liberty brew tours as well. it will be a lot of fun. 15 different models, or action figures. >> we can go with action models right. >> i can dig it. >> is that how you define yourselves. >> you can bring dollar bills that's how we're raising money. >> you have to throw dollar
8:34 am
bills. >> should we make them show their skills. >> i want to see a shut. >> i want a strut. >> you don't seem shy casey. >> is that the one? >> here's one, what is next up on the model pose? let's see it. show magnum. >> said use the camera, show them magnum. >> nice. >> take it all come out and check that out. do you want to chance. >> shawn can we get you in there. >> this is going to be great. >> this is going to be a great time tonight at heritage and you can all come out to get the donation. $5 all are invited. >> going to be a great time. limited space. i mean it's going to be packed. come early.
8:35 am
>> hoping 6:00, show at. >> a lot of people are off tomorrow get on out. >> come on out and check them out. we'll all be there. [ laughter ]. >> nice, nice is that our wra wrap. >> yes. >> it would have been great to go to break. >> we were trying to be all cool and go to break you. >> want to wear my cape. >> i was wondering where you >> want to wear my cape. >> i was wondering where you were going.
8:36 am
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8:38 am
♪ ♪ get that ice or else no dice♪ >> taking a look outside the warm is beautiful thank you for starting your day with us on "good day philadelphia weekend" and afterward you can go out and sxwlor and get brunch scott says the weather will be beautiful. internet is talking about this there's a new video going around social meetia of a woman named courtney who theatered on her multiple times. they felt the same way that he she did and have since koypd her #hurt bae. >> i don't think you're a bad guy because you cheated, i for gave you. >> why? >> because you're my best
8:39 am
friend. >> i apologize for hurting you. and and i hope in the future we can remain good friends and i get a chance to see you grow into the woman that you're becoming. >> okay. so, according to reports courtney, although it doesn't look like it to me. she now moved on and is in happy and healthy relationship. people all over the internet are talking about this. they say she is so he positional and so into it and he just doesn't look like he cares. she's hurt bae. >> it simd like they were actors though. i guess this is real throw, right? >> it's on the internet it has
8:40 am
to be real. >> it is like staged that's her exboyfriend. >> i'm not sure i understand the point. >> i don't understand how you can stay with someone that cheats on you multiple times that's the first thing that goes through my mind. immediately when they brought that up and second thing i know they're not in philadelphia but lez let's say they are 2 million them this city. move on. move on. there's no reason to be in the relationship he doesn't like you. >> why make a video. >> why do they want attention of a video. >> now she has the # name hur hurtbae. >> they say she's in happy and helmy relationship and how does the current boyfriend feel her upset and crying over how the extreated her. i would be like look you have things you need to work on call me when past it. >> do you feel for hurtbae. >> you know what i love now
8:41 am
salt bae. >> i've been watching his videos. >> this is emotional moment we have to get jenny joyce we want her take on this you have guys talking about this emotional situation. jennie i tell you when i see think don't feel like she moved on? no i'm with you guys on everything you're saying. certainly i feel for her as female in this relationship who has been cheated on and that's obviously terrible, terrible things and they do look like actors i feel weird watching this video and i feel like it can't be real and if it is real then why what is the point? if she has moved on and is in new relationship it doesn't really make sense. so, as a spectator watching that video i had to turn it off. i could not get through the whole six minutes because it's really weird and really awkward and you have to deal with that on your own. >> you know what i feel like the next video that comes out
8:42 am
will be the current boyfriend breaking up with her and she'll have another individual dwro nobody appreciate me. >> but you know what, she'll get a new # and be internet sensation and get a role in romcom. >> #perpetually single is what she will have from now on. >> so we have men and women thank you jennie. we all agreed on this one that this was too much. >> little odd that's for sure. >> something a lot of people talked about. we're talking hallly better write now. she's getting candid about divorce. the actress feels guilty and responsible for her three failed marriages. so actor spoke at event in los angeles and she's now anti ferry germ girl. she was married to dave justice 93 to 97 eric domet 2011 to
8:43 am
2015 and olivia martinez 015 to 2016 eight-year-old daughter with gabrielle and 3-year-old son with martinez. so she says that she may have to bear some of the responsibility for the this you got the look to say something. >> yes, yes, because how many times has halle berry come up in conversation throughout the years and you would say. >> something must be wrong with her. >> she's crazy as heck. >> at least she's admitting it it's not one sided. >> i tried so hard not to say that because i know women watching is like it's all about halle they're doing her wrong too. >> it's never one sided look halle is stepping up to the plate and saying that. >> she shares part of the responsibility. >> i think it brings humanity about thing like relationships and marriage and divorce. she's a celebrity beautiful
8:44 am
woman and she's failed. >> she is. oh, well. good talk. keeping it going. beautiful day. drinks are coming in the studi studio. >> stay with us, we'll be right studio. >> stay with us, we'll be right back ain't about the khing that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪
8:45 am
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>> time 8:46 look at the temperatures feel like spring, feeling like april. temperatures upper 50s. get ready for 70 this afternoon. 59 in philadelphia mid to upper 50s. areawide. 56 now in atlantic city and we have low 50s currently in lehigh valley. so as we go hour by hour warming rapidly take a look at noon. already up to 65. 70 by 3bg that will smash old record for today, 6 if we hit that 70 degree mark. turning cooler temperatures back to 30s to 40s in philadelphia and as we look at the head lines we're talking about a spring like sunday get outdoors and enjoy it and coming up, of course, our next rain chance not until tuesday night into wednesday and looks like we have a chance as we move towards friday and into saturday and temperatures today
8:48 am
spectacular. bill back over to you. >> thank you so much. thank you so much, scott. we need you to come here and join us scott, we have food and delicious treats. it's notional minute chocolate day. who knew. >> tam's tastykakes is here we're always looking for excuse todz have good foods. >> good morning. >> you've done all the different shows cupcake wars and sugar show down part of what they do is make you create. >> yes. >> we said create. >> absolutely i love a challenge. minute goes well what chocolate. why not. we did minute chocolate chip cookie cupcake. >> come on in. >> interns coming had in and amir is here first sampler have at that and what is he eating. >> minute chocolate chip cookie. >> you have to take the paper off. >> first time eating a cupcak
8:49 am
cupcake. >> what's that about what do we have. >> it's a minute cake chocolate chips and cookies in the matter topped with vanilla beaten cookie crumbs and chocolate gonash drizzle. >> what do you think. >> that was good. >> doesn't want to talk about it. >> he is getting the bell. scott get in on this that was first creation. >> you don't normally make this. you came up with it. >> we have a minute cupcake but i add cookie for extra depth of flavor. >> the reason i'm not sampling i had mnl root canal i have temporary filling in my mouth i cannot try these. >> this is a minute chocolate chip fudge brownie with chocolate gnoche and bringsle on top. >> if you're clock late lover you'll love those. >> you opened another locatio
8:50 am
location. >> yes a store in morrisville 229 that is our second lobe. we're under construction for flag ship store which include a soul food cafe hamilton new jersey now these are foodies. so these quiz would tell you incorporation of the men. >> you don't want it over powdering you want to kaiingt minute, chocolate. you want the balance. >> when i talked to you about national chocolate minute day you threw out 1,000 different ideas hi to reign you in and say do two. what are others. >> minute chocolate cake cheese cake pops and cookie sandwiches so many different things just cheese cake and full like pound cake. there's so many different things you can do. whatever your prevrps is. it's delivery.
8:51 am
>> you use candy pieces but you can use -- you use exact as well. >> minute de minute extract to add a little more minute to it. >> when you talk about minutes you know where my mind goes right. >> where. >> shamrock shake. >> my daughter she was like so excited when i made those she loves the shamrock shake. >> we're all good you want to try the brownie. >> yeah i do. >> chick it out. i feel like we should bring hudson in as well. we'll go ahead and have cocktails that may too into this. thank you. >> we'll be back to try adult beverages to go with it to wash it all down. >> what goes better with >> what goes better with cupcakes than alcohol?
8:52 am
8:53 am
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tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. no one's surprised tender pieces and crunchy bites ended up together. that's just what happens when cats call the shots. friskies tender and crunchy combo. tasty textures cats gotta have. friskies. for cats. by cats. >> so we told you it's time to put a philadelphia spip on classic cocktails. we welcome back master mi mixologist. that's a good title. hudson austin is here we have two drinks right. >> two. >> broad street and squall. >> yes. >> you came up with this. >> i did. twist on classics. >> these two guys will make them. >> first one this is my version of dark and stormy removing rum. >> no rum. >> were changing it up bourbon
8:55 am
barrel aged begin. >> two ounces of begin. >> and i you should use a bourbon barrel aged one and then ginger beer. this is barrett's ginger beer the beer of bermuda fill the glass and give icy stir. >> all this available locally. >> yes. >> stir. >> i love the ice kunz. >> big cube. >> as a grown up ice cube you get foam to mix in and you're done. >> now i'll steel the stirrer. the so now. >> no garnish on that one. >> squeeze of lime to finish it up. shoot the lime in the glass not at us. >> don't get in the eye it will sting. >> here we'll do quickly this is our little twist on basically like an up version of. >> look at this s. >> we didn't know that would
8:56 am
happen. >> this is blue bar dea into the mixer glass. >> follow up instructions. >> we'll use this to strain. >> there you go. >> all right. >> yep. >> ounce of -- select this is like campari that's good. >> more than an ounce that's good ounce of montnegro amaro. >> how much. >> ounce. >> same amount you poured of other we'll be good. couple of ice cubes. >> toss them in there would you? >> we're all about classy. >> and then we stir this up. didn't make it throw in shaker glass. >> let's do that. >> he was ready for that part. >> give a shake or stir. >> i like the stir because if you shake it it gets cloudy. so give it a stir. >> you're professional. >> i do what i can and then strain it into our up glass. >> does it matter if you use a lot of high or up scale or
8:57 am
higher level cocktails. >> you quite honestly these are pretty simple drinks relatively speaking but at the same time the better ingredients like cooking the better ingredients the better the outcome. then we garnish be. >> or pizza. >> we garnish this with the orange i cut a second ago. not a lot of white okay use potato peel to get off that. a lot of bartenders restaurants thick white rind that's bitter you don't want bit are you want oils and you can give this a twist. you see that sprits off there. >> you get into the home stretch you need to try these. >> taste your own drink. >> try them. >> scott, >> here we go. >> cheers my friend. >> what do we think♪ ah♪ refreshing. >> good morning cocktail. >> always a pleasure sir. >>s it's a wrap for us we have to get ready to get out of her here. lauren is back next week. gentleman thank you for letting
8:58 am
me spend time for you thank all of you for watching "good day philadelphia" we'll be back of you for watching "good day philadelphia" we'll be back stay tuned.
8:59 am
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yours, >> chris: i'm chris wallace. if donald trump campaigns to rally his supporters to one month his presidency. ♪ >> i am here because i want to be among my friends and among the people. >> chris: after lashing out at his critics -- >> with the leaks are absolutely real. at the news is big because so much of the news is fake. >> chris: and combining with russia to win the election. >> i have no bones in russia. do not have any deals in russia. >> chris: the president defends the start of his administration. >> chaos, zero chaos. this is a fine tuned machine. >> chris: we will discuss what he does from here


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