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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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night after a day where everyone was again talking about the weather as we take look outside of our old city studios we are in for beautiful night and some more warm temperatures tomorrow. it appears that punxsutawney phil was wrong a few weeks ago when he predicted six more weeks of winter. what does he he know? thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm iain page. behind me there it says winter weather authority but the calendar says winter but it doesn't feel like it. so check this out. people enjoying today's beautiful temperatures outside philadelphia city hall eating outside in shorts and t-shirts. how long is it going to last? let's check in with meteorologist scott williams. first look at your weather, scott. >> hi there, iain. everyone is talking about the spring like temperatures. i mean it doesn't feel like late february. it feels more like may. record temperatures across the area for today and guess what? it's going stick around for a couple more days. 73 a new record in reading. 73 in wilmington. philadelphia 73 degrees. 2 degrees away from the record high today which was 75. atlantic city 72 a record.
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allentown 71 and a record. look at the temperatures at the 6:00 o'clock hour. still in the upper 60s. philadelphia 67. 68 right now in allentown and take a look at phoenixville. still checking in at 70 degrees. media, 66. chester right now at 69. so folks al fresco dining stepping outdoors in center city. folks are out and about still after a high of 73. 67 degrees right now at 6:00 o'clock. so as we go hour by hour, we will see more cloud cover moving in, fog redevelops but look at the temperatures by 11:00 o'clock. 60. overnight low temperatures most of the area stuck in the 50s. coming up we'll talk about how the cold air will be moving in and, yes, a chance for thunderstorms for the weekend. back to you. >> all right, scott. crazy stuff. thanks. now to developing story out of radnor. a teacher's aid is in trouble with the law tonight accused of sending lewd videos of herself to students at the school aims
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to help troubled girls. she's the second employee at the village school to be arrested recently. another teacher is accused having a sexual relationship with a student. the recent arrests have parents concerned. fox 29's dave kinchen has been following this story and joins us tonight from radnor. dave? >> reporter: tonight, iain, we can tell that you school officials are facing more pressure to address a growing list of concerns around staffing. >> it's a little bit unsettling, you know, them being our neighbors, um, that they don't really have like a handle on the people. >> reporter: gabbie schwartz is worried now that another staff member at the neighboring village school in radnor township is facing criminal charges for sexual behavior towards students. it's the latest in a list of reported problems at the institution for troubled girls. >> are you saying anything on your client's behalf. >> no. no comment. >> reporter: there wasn't no statement from the attorney representing maya johnson, a 35-year-old fired teacher's aid
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accused of showing lewd pictures and video of herself to several underaged students at the village in late january. >> greatly concerns us when victims are not necessarily able to defend themselves, have the normal mechanisms to report something or just simply call 911. >> reporter: johnson facing three counts of corruption of minors charges after police say she showed a group of girls cell phone video touching herself and allegedly flashed them showing her buttocks. investigators say she also showed them a selfie in linger lingerie. cops don't joe know yet if johnson sent images to student. >> they have to a tough job at the village. they try and help students who have gone through tough experiences to get themselves there. >> reporter: days ago, fired village teacher nina scott was charged with having sex with a girl on campus and police responded to a handful of fights at the youth facility alarming neighbors. >> we need to keep the community safe and so it's probably important we get people who can help maintain that safeness.
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>> reporter: radnor police say they respond to incidents at the village more than any other school in the township combined. we reach out to state regulators who say they are checking into it. meantime, radnor officials think more can be done locally to reign in the troubles. >> with this latest incident, you know, i think we'll have to see what, washington we can do fay to go above and beyond what the state already has in place. >> reporter: the village tells us in a statement that they fired johnson as soon as the accusations came to light and reported her to state regulators. we can also tell you she's been released from custody and will be back in court next month. iain? >> dave, thank you. in wilmington, delaware arc jogger shaken after a man tackles her to the ground and tries to sexually assault her. it happened last night on south park drive near the swinging bridge. the victim told police she was able to tendon him off but he took off with some personal stuff of hers. officers did conduct an extensive search of the area but they never found the man.
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in new jersey, gloucester township police say this is a sketch of a man who tried to pull a woman into his suv monday night. it happened around 9:00 o'clock on may apple road. the victim told police he asked her for directions before trying to force her toward his car. when she started to scream, family members came outside and the guy took off. turns out sunoco is not only building one pipeline across pennsylvania, they're now building two. is reporting that sunoco logistics partner says there were so much interest in its plans to build the natural gas liquid pipeline that they decided to build a second one. this is video from a meeting middletown township last fall. just one of the many times residents have protested the project forsythe mental and safety concerns. if you're in the criminal justice center in center city any time soon, you'll notice a new system for keeping your phone turned off. the center just partnered with a company called yonder it specializes in creating phone free spaces. if you bring your phone to
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court, you'll be given a lockable pouch to store your phone in. while it's turned off you can keep your pouch with you but it will be locked until you're allowed to use it again. mexico spent a lot of time president trump's crosshairs during his first 100 days in office. today the commander in chief sent two of his top advisers across the southern border to try to smooth out relations. the trump administration calls the visit bisect of state rex tillerson and homeland security secretary john kelly a step toward mutual understanding. but disagreements over immigration issues and talks of cutting off in order to pay for that controversial border law cast a shadow over the diplomatic trip. >> let be very very clear. there will be no repeat no mass deportations. everything we do in dhs will be done legally and according to human rights and the legal justice system of the united states. >> hours earlier president trump
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referred to parts of the immigration overhaul as a quote military operation. that was later clarified by the white house press secretary saying that mr. trump meant it would be done with military precision. gearing up for the daytona 500 that will air sunday right here on fox 29. and today's hang's take it looks like someone has got cabin fever and we got the answer for hank flynn and his need for speed that green flag can't come soon enough. >> reporter: i tell you right now, fox 29 has been drag its feet getting into whole auto racing business. that ends now. ♪ >> reporter: whoo! wow! [ laughter ] >> reporter: he's my hero i love racing always have with the daday tone into 500 sunday afternoon on fox i thought i'd get out and spread the word and talk some smack.
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even if my head look like a canned ham in a helmet. i'm a faster driver than you a are. >> yup. >> yeah. >> simple as that. i'm faster than you are. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's right. as long as they knew who the boss is in the news business we needing to places fast, fast drivers, fast vehicles. so i drove down by the airport to visit a friend of mine who's an expert and see how we're looking. >> i can tell you're a rookie because there's no racing stripes and no bumper marks. there's no nothing. i mean if you're not rubbing you're not racing. >> williams is good. i don't know. he don't look good. >> liquid lou can be very direct. veteran race drivers run everything from micro mid jets to super modified. been at it since he was a kid. whether you're a racer like he is a dork in a truck like me or running daytona this weekend necessary skill set is the same. >> part of being race car driver you need to have good car
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control. you have to have good feel for what the car needs to make it go faster. and you have to have good endurance and make good decisions. that's what sets a lot of people off from everyone else. >> reporter: lou knows facts former speedway lap record holder planning on finding the new schedule new egypt in 2017. conversely lou also knows what is slow. my fox 29 honda pilot. >> i have the same car. we said a world speed record 73. we dropped out of airplane. >> not fair. lou lives and breathes racing he was born into it. how did i miss the boat? i'm sorry, what did you say am i jealous? >> of course i'm jealous. are you kidding me? >> reporter: and that's why i've got to get out there and get after it in the street. daytona 500 is on fox this
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weekend. you know that, right? >> i didn't know. >> reporter: well now you kno know. >> good to know. >> reporter: he ain't watching fox. i will be. you can join me. nascar says green flag flies around 2:00 o'clock this sunday afternoon at the world center of speed the daytona international raceway you'll see it where else, right here on fox. >> damn i'm good. whoo! i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ third grader in cherry hill, new jersey, was recognized for kind of a cool achievement tod today. allison cang new jersey's winner of this year's doodle for google competition. she was chose september during assembly with classmates joseph d. sharp elementary school tod today. so she'll take home android tablet google thing and have a chance to within a $30,000 scholarship for her artwork. congratulations to her. it was a special and adorable celebration at the philadelphia zoo today. guests helped celebrate the six month check in of gorilla baby named a ma'am me as we as the
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first birthday of lemurs the zoo babies opened toys and treats. it was put on by the zoo along with peco. atlantic city may be known as a place to party but there's one thing you'll no longer be able to do when you celebrate down the shore. tom? >> iain, the 76ers trade a center today. nba deadline but not the one that you might have expected. who went where and for what? coming up in sports.
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>> breaking news in new jersey. skyfox over a fire in logan township. that's in gloucester county. right now there are no reports of any injuries. these are early reports that a building under construction you can see the smoke and flames from as far away as wilmington from our weather camera. we'll stay on top of this and bring you more throughout the end of the newscast f you're in atlantic city, don't release any balloons outside. city council voting unanimously to fine violators up to $500 the new rule is aimed to protecting
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marine life that could confuse those balloons for food. the other towns are absecon, ventnor, margate and longport also ban release of balloons. well after a month of collecting the new soda tax, the numbers are in. revenue higher than projected for but that's no enough to real philly's $91 million goal for fox 29's dawn timmeney is just outside philadelphia tonight, dawn, does it seem like people are leaving the city to buy drinks? >> reporter: absolutely, iain. in large numbers. shoppers have soda tax sticker shock. i couldn't believe how many people from neighborhoods all across philadelphia came to his acme right here in bala cynwyd just to buy soda. >> yes, this is usually piled real high. soda right in front here. back here which is empty. my products here that's usually full of soda. >> reporter: not any longer. there is no demand for soda at an john's beverage on 50th and lancaster in philadelphia. the family run business blames the city's one and a half cent
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per ounce tax on sugary drinks. >> it's huge. it's really huge. you think of the scope of my business is soda and beer and this was big part of my busine business, and it's literally it's gone now. >> reporter: anthony catalano says long-time customers just can't swallow such a steep tax. >> not in philadelphia. we'll go across city avenue. >> reporter: that couldn't be more true than at the acme on city avenue in bala cynwyd. shoppers with cart after cart after cart full of soda. all in an effort to avoid the sting of the soda tax. >> sugar is cheaper up here. it's sweeter up here. [ laughter ] >> reporter: tamika kelly of north philadelphia got a ride here from a co-worker and left with a trunkful of sugary drin drinks. >> how much do you think you saved. >> like $40. i think like $40 rt report roar theresa pardon of germantown says the soda tax adds up fast for many folks. >> i refuse to pay that it's ridiculous. you can go here, you can go to cheltenham and cost me five dollars worth of gas to come
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over here. it was worth it. >> reporter: it's also worth it for lawrence williams. >> i'm a ginger ale man. [ laughter ] >> i love to drink ginger ale. even though it's a bit of an inconvenience to drive to city avenue. >> it gets kind of hard and but, hey, if it's cheaper we'll come. >> reporter: now the city says it expects the soda tax revenue to increase as people eventually factor in the inconvenience and the price of gas but the shopper who's i spoke to today say no way they're not paying the tax. they will not buy their soda in the city of philadelphia as long as there is a soda tax. iain? >> all right, dawn. thank you. >> the ax the sewed at a tax coalition release a statement today that says in part "regardless of how much money the administration says it collected in the first month of this tax, the pain philadelphia families and businesses are feeling is very real. the beverage tax is causing prices on thousands of items to skskyrocket, stepping shoppers outside the city and forcing
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steep declines in sales ". let's get back to the breaking news we showed you a few minutes ago in new jersey. incredible flames here. skyfox is over a raging fire in logan township. that's in gloucester county. right now we are not hearing any reports of any injuries. this fire right now continues to just burn out of control. there are reports though that this is a building under construction. you can see smoke from this fire as far away from our wilmington weather camera. the fire is burning on a roof. you can see crews trying to douse those flames. they continue to just kind of burn out of control. we also see what appears to be some boxes in the area but again we understand this is a building that's under construction. there's no telling what type of material could be fueling those incredible flames. we of course will bring you back to this in just a moment. let's get to fox 29 weather authority now. check in with scott williams. all this warm weather, scott. >> hi there, iain. feeling more like may across the delaware valley. also, parts of of the southeast. but winter it's actually hanging on across sections of the
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midwest. in fact we have winter storm warnings for parts of nebraska, south dakota, wyoming and also in red those are blizzard warnings south of minneapolis and also as you move north into sections of iowa. but for us february on track to be the warmest ever since records have been kept and also in case you're tracking 22 of the past 23 months have seen above normal temperatures. now, right now it's still pretty comfortable in philadelphia. temperature at sketch degrees. we made it to 73. look at the warmth off to the south. mid 80s oklahoma. along with dallas so right now it feels like spring. tomorrow temperatures topping out in the 70s again likewise as we move toward saturday. but saturday night into sunday a frontal boundary will move through and by sunday, we're looking at temperatures feeling more like they should for this time of year. and in fact we've advanced the clock ahead to your saturday. we'll keep some clouds around. it will be kind of muggy but a
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line of showers even thunderstorms will be approaching from the west after about 5:00 o'clock until about 10:00 o'clock across the area. so you can say the warmth will be ending with a bank. so high today 73. 75 tomorrow. saturday 73 and look at sunday. back into the 40s for high temperatures. for tonight though it is mild. 54 degrees will be the overnight low temperature. watching out for more fog developing and look at tomorrow's high 75 degrees. if we hit that, that will break the record. so 75 tomorrow. 73 saturday and look at sunday. 46 degrees iain it is going to turn chilly again. back to you. >> all right, scott thank you. a couple warm days coming up let's get back to breaking news in new jersey. some incredible flames here as we take a look from skyfox at a fire on the 2600 block of old man's creek road in logan township. the fire is raging on a building we understand is under construction. right now incredibly there are no reports of any injurie. we're back with more right after
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♪ >> back to that breaking news in new jersey now. there's a fire on the 2600 block every old man's creek road in logan township. this is not under control as you can clearly see. we just got off the phone with officials who do confirm this is a building under construction. they are asking for more crews to help knock this out. so far we have no reports of any injuries. >> talking basketball tonight the nba trade deadline came and went. jahlil okafor is still here after weeks of speculation they kept him but traded away a third year center.
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nerlens noel heading to the maverick. ten points a game in the time with the sixers but never happy with the surplus of centers that include the okafor and joel embiid he should have more defined roll now with dirk novitski and maverick. sixers get andrew, they most likely were will buy out. justin anderson and protected two to us ate 181st round pick. protected by the mavericks. if the haver fix big lower than 18 76ers get the pick. if not a second rounder this year and next year. how about baseball. phillies and exhibition game before the he can his big season starts taking on the university of tampa down in clearwater. roman quinn right here solo homer. fill over tampa six to nothing. across the state coming up sunday it is the daytona 500. last year decided by 1,100th of a second with danny hamlin meeting martin truex, jr. >> to within the closest 500 in nascar history is a special feeling having that stamped on your resume being the daytona
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500 champion will be there for as long as i'm alive and thereafter. so it's such a great feeling and you see the highlights and you still are in awe how it all happened. back to that breaking news logan township, new jersey. check on that fire. skyfox has been over this fire at a building under construction for about 15 minutes and it has no sign signs of letting up all happening on the 2500 block of old man's creek road. you can see stacks of material around this fire. it's burning through the roof. smoke can be spotted for miles right now we have no reports any of injuries. but we'll have a full update for you tonight on the fox 29 news at 10:00. that will do it for us at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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♪[ music ] to catch their killer. >> is this how the brave girls recorded the suspect before they were slain? >> down the hill. down the hill. >> then, neighborhood undersiege. >> shame on you! >> uproar over the cop who clashed with teens who walked on his front lawn, and, she's back. the return of kellyanne conway after being gone for a whole week, and message to the president prosecute katy perry? then, murder at the movies? two wives face off in court. and does janet jackson have a secret daughter? exclusive. she us


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