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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> i'm bringing back the victory. i'm bringing my heavyweight world title. i love you guys. fight on. >> i know you play for usc. but this is the roll tide country. and good luck because you're going to need it. speak up back you're getting ready for round 3. once again we are pleased to be joined by a former of the world. what you think so far? >> deontay's and throwing enough punches. they have to them down. >> what would you say to wilder? >> i would tell him to pick up his jobs. washington is up to rounds.
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what are they showing? >> they open up. most impressively pad speak of physical strength of washington. they are stepping in and around him. he's with deontay at this point. >> deontay on the ropes. really trying to open up the repertoire. wilder wants to open up and attack. but that's a nice attack right off his shoulder. >> disrupted his rhythm. >> washington in this round, he sees something. but at the same time he has to be smart.
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wilder is known for that right hand. he nabbed it really well. timing is perfect. for some reason washington went on a bad foot. now he's standing stationary. >> they should continue. they should continue to use it. >> they had length. wilder of course has the wingspan. >> you look at him, when he moves him back again he's in a powerful position. deontay is not stepping, he's not in position to count.
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>> he's giving them momentum. giving washington momentum. >> he's getting confused. he thought he closed his eyes right there. >> washington is 34 years old. elite start in the navy. the clock is ticking. he knows. he needs to make money, he'd like to have a great career. get the shot at the heavyweight title. in enemy territory. moves in, right hand to the body again. active with the japanese had were going to keep it here. let's look back at some of this,
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and virgil, tell us what we are seeing. if you're seeing things be very effective. >> vsat knock him back. that's it happens in a fight of this magnitude. deontay hasn't figured it out. not only is he knocking him back, but he's twisting him. he's had an effect on him. deontay hasn't figured it out yet. let's go to christine. christine? >> the guys are here tonight have both warned the heavyweight championship belt but it has a new name now that it belongs to deontay wilder. he's named it sophia from "the color purple" because she's a strong woman. he told me he names everything after women including the car that got him here today, a mercedes sprinter named anna mae because she can nurture our who
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always gets into his destination safely. but if the fight keeps going like that that is, washington might have a chance to rename that belt. >> and a few new cars, too. >> you had a whole bunch of belts in your life. have you ever given them a name? >> no, not really. >> i didn't think so. what about light, lucille? what you think? do you have a relationship with larry holmes? >> no, not really. in the zone so far. they stay close. >> washington is able to use his size and strength on deontay. >> washington was able to establish that distance and stay in the pocket.
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you see their scoring average. so far a clean sweep. watching on tv here on fox. you all think three rounds to zero. we asked what he thought, he said he's got it all, he's terrific. he said it's about me, my timing, my mental game. i've got to be aggressive. i've got to learn to be comfortable when you're supposed to be uncomfortable. in uncomfortable situations. >> he's usually very effective. i don't think they expected it here. >> a good body shop.
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now he gets a little rough. he fought against arreaola. he was able to do the punishing even with one hand. >> he needs to take advantage of this round. deontay should throw a little bit more. but washington, i think he's waiting for that job to counter on top without overhand right. i don't know if i'm right, but he's definitely waiting for deontay to make a mistake. has a double job. >> i almost want to see more aggressive. we haven't seen as of yet. there's a job coming up from the other fighter. but he obviously has a more
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complete arc but we haven't seen it yet. gerald washington doing a terrific job, established himself early. keeping him at a distance. getting physical. he could be winning i guess all of these rounds. we don't know the score but he seems to be the one who has been aggressive and more assertive. you see him with his right hand. >> that is a good point. now we're talking about that because of the injury. i don't know if it's the injury or that just hasn't presented itself. >> he has not shown that ability and determination and he's shown it tonight.
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>> he's in the corner there, vociferous there with wilder. let me just ask you this stupid question. he's absolutely looking a guy in the eye, he's used to looking at a much shorter guy at the very least. how much does that bother him. much to size alone change the equation here for deontay? >> i hate to keep saying that but it's true. they're playing a big gap yet he's made his lineup. so he's going to fight. >> that's not a small thing. he's got his mind made up that he's going to win and that will take you a long way. >> it will take you a long way.
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>> how difficult is it to change tactics or be put on the accelerator in the middle of a fight? >> it shouldn't be difficult. he's been in this position before. i don't know what's keeping him from doing so. deontay wilder is a great champion. he is a great fighter. he should definitely change his game plan. [cheers and applause] >> wilder with the right hand, and down goes wilder. wilder talking to the crowd. let's see what happens now. big left hand. he is getting closer.
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washington is hurt, wobbling around. while matt. >> he just gave him a great fight. but that's the right hand where looking for. and that's it. that's all she wrote. >> i initially thought the referee was too close and was looking to stop it. what is you think about? >> it shows you that if you're patient, you got confidence in your ability, you know that he's going to make mistakes and you can capitalize on the mistake. >> in the heavyweight landscape, how perfect is that?
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he was tested by a big man and he answered it with one shot. that becomes an exhilarating wi win. we are going to take another look at that right hand when we come back. it was one-shot. oh, we'll do it right now. there it is. just a sharp right hand right across the face of the washington and that did it. deontay wilder, 38-0, 37 kos. we'll hear from wilder when we come back.
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speak up premier boxing champions is attracted by corona extra who invites you to find your beach. and deontay wilder finding his right hand. it just looks like washington had it all going on. and wilder not only looked like he was losing round he looks lethargic. that wasn't like a perfect,
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long, lengthy right hand. that's why this is such a shocking yet exhilarating win. >> i said earlier yesterday that deontay's long right hand, you can see it. but when he has that short when he's devastated and you can see how short it is right there. like washington never shot. and washington made the mistake of stepping out with a half jab. >> evander holyfield is here. what'd you think about short right hand? >> hit them right in the temple. you don't see it, and that's what happens when you get hit with a short top. >> again, wilder looks lethargic, losing rounds, great right hand, evander holyfield ringside. larry holmes as well, what did you think, larry? heavyweight legend, and wilder remains one of the heavyweight champions. let's go to ralph lorenz. >> ladies and gentlemen, the end comes at 1:45 of the fifth
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round. our referee in charge, mike griffin, brings and enter the contest for your winter by technical knockout, still undefeated and still the heavyweight champion of the world, the bronze bomber, deontay wilder! >> deontay wilder, he wants joseph parker, he wants another belt. he always has his eye on april. he's always an interesting interview. let's go to christine in the ring. >> thank you. deontay, yet again, your fans in alabama came out to support you, chanting your name all night. is there anything you'd like to say to them? [cheers and applause]
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maybe it's the belt? >> first off, man, i want to give god the glory right now. i want to give god the glory and the praises. [cheers and applause] >> without him, you know, nothing is possible. without him, i'm not possible and without him, these great citizens and fans of alabama are not possible. i want to tell you all right now, i said i wasn't going nowhere and i'm still here. alabama, i love you! and i'm not going nowhere. we're going to keep them coming. were going to keep it coming. but you know, i want to thank everybody. what an amazing undercard we had. we are gentlemen. we do all the work in here. i know it's brutal, i know somebody has to lose, but it
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ended today, we can love on each other and embrace each other and that's what it's all about. >> heavyweight champion of the world, here tonight watching you, you've always talked about unification. see next question marks peter that's a question they've got to ask. i'm ready. now it's time to do your part. >> congratulations, you get to keep sophia your belt. back to you. >> emotional there because it did look like it could be a rough night for him but he comes back, he's got fighters at wembley, could be real excitement in the heavyweight division.
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wilder now makes his claim once again, that he may be the best heavyweight in the world. what you think? >> in my estimation, this is the fight that he comes from behind. he had a tough fight. this is a fight that will make him even better and now i'm looking forward to seeing it dominate the heavyweight champion spirits because we have one minute here. your thoughts on having to overcome a very gain washington customer >> it's very important. you get behind, he's behind this time and he had to step it up and he did. >> what did you think? >> he came from behind and he proved a lot of people around. myself. it was a really one-sided fight but that equalizer. >> washington we believe leading on the cards, haven't seen a bit looking sharp, but with one right hand, wilder changes the equation, 38-0. tomorrow on fox at the 59th running up the daytona 500.
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coverage begins at 1:00 p.m. eastern on fox. we're staying right here. join us on fs1 from our boxing. from all of us, i'm brian kenny, good night from birmingham.
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♪ >> first it was warm, then came torrential downpours and high winds and now is winter charging back? plus he she looks like easy prey but something happened off camera that zen this mother away empty handed. keep it here. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at ten.
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we've got breaking news right off the bat tonight. more than a dozen people are hurt. some are critical after a driver plowed his truck into a crowd of people at a mardi gras parade into new orleans. witnesses say is a truck wassing down the street when it hit another car and swerved into the crowd. officials say so far 12 people are critically injured. but that number could grow. one person has been arrested so far. investigators say it does not appear to be an act of terrori terrorism. our other top story tonight, mother nature used all the tricks in her bag today. on the left is time lapse video from earlier this evening in wilmington. as a line of dangerous storms hit the delaware valley. on the right you can see it's clear now but the temperature certainlies have taken a big tumble. >> all that wind and rain caused problems at the airport. a ground stop halted all flights coming into philadelphia international airport. flights up and down the east coast were also delayed. that stop has now been lifted
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but you can still check with your carrier you probably should. good evening, everybody, i'm joyce evans. >> i'm dawn timmeney. it was another spring like day started out nice but then things took a dramatic turn for the worse we saw heavy rain, we saw heavy winds in the city. but to our east in lancaster county tornado warning in effect this afternoon. you can see just how strong the winds were gusting and how hard the rain was coming down in this video hopefully the swing set still there with all that rain came cooler temperatures. meteorologist my monica cryan is here to tell fuss it's back to reality. >> temperatures back to average through tomorrow. but all of that warmth we experienced today that's what got the storms going. destabilized the atmosphere and those storms got cooking as we headed into the 2:00 o'clock, 3:00 o'clock hour. that's when we had the lead off actually the tornado warning now it was just a reported funnel cloud you can see that local storm report in the western parts of lancaster county we
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have a lot of other local storm reports dozens of them especially back through berks county, lancaster county and up through the lehigh valley. really what we were dealing with very high winds. 60 miles per hour winds and hail anywhere from pea to dime sized hail and the winds continued to push on through, those storms pushed through a lot of lightning. now things are much quieter. here all we have are just a few isolated showers through mays landing and into atlantic city. temperatures are dropping. pretty class tick klee. 42 in pottstown. allentown 46 degrees. 49 for millville. philadelphia coming in at 51 degrees. for tomorrow it will be a chilly start into the 30s. and we're only reaching highs about average at 47 degrees. guys at least we have nice sunshine to look forward to. along with those cold temperatures. >> all right. thank you monica. hope you didn't sleep in today as you can see there. it really was the kind of day to get out and about early because by late afternoon monica just showed you the bottom fell out.
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sending people running for cover. along the way, quite a few people had their travel plans turned upside down. >> they sure did. the severe weather as we mentioned put a ground stop at philadelphia international airport. fox 29's sabina kuriakose reports on this wild february day. >> reporter: >> typical summer night in center city. complete with thunderstorms. >> this of course though is the heart of winter. >> just changing and coming back and coming back. >> even the kids are so confus confused. zoey and her family running outside to play this morning and mom had to get back into warm clothes when the storm hit. >> avenue the rain they put on their jackets because the wind picked up it went raining on and off. i figured better be safe than sorry. >> reporter: the fast-moving storm chopping saturday in half. from mild day to a chilly night. viewers captured fresco video from lehigh county to darby and south jersey showing the force
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of the rain and lightning. when you're in the air or on the road. 2.5 ground stoppage at philadelphia international airport led to hours of delays, cancellations and even route changes. anthony levering spent most of the afternoon waiting for a flight that ended uplanding the other side of the state. >> my son's flight was expected at 4:58. it was delayed and delayed. we watched it on my cell phone app and it was circling in central pennsylvania. i just got a notification saying they were diverting to pittsburgh and they were going to land in pittsburgh at 5:16. >> reporter: of course for travelers like anthony's family where this weather has some longer lasting consequences. so you could have started the day with a picnic and could have ended the night on ice skates really this roller coaster weather taking everyone for a spin. in center city, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. last few weeks taught us anything it's mother nature can
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be unpredictable you can always be ready with the fox 29 weather app available for apple and android devices. >> tonight some local opposition to president trump's change to the affordable care act. big crowds gathering in center city for the philly health care rally. the group is defending the affordable care act which president trump is vowing to repeal. the group today said proposed changes to obama care could have devastating effects on millions of americans. those in favor of overturning the affordable care act say it is not cost effective. taking on the media appears to be one of president trump's biggest priorities in his first 100 days in office. today the administration continued pushing back against critical news reports. meanwhile the president made a surprise announcement regarding the white house correspondence dinner. chris fin fisher has more. >> reporter: the white house continuing its fight against media today and work to go combat reports that senior staff asked fbi officils and
10:29 pm
lawmakers to rebut critical news stories linking the trump campaign to are you shaft the alleged ties between his campaign and russia are worth investigating and wants special prosecutor to do it there are a lot of investigations into this. i can't see a special prosecutor being an appointed at this point. there's not lot of evidence there's anything going on. a lot of this really i think is politically motivate the. >> president trump took to twitter to say that quote i will not be attending the white house correspondence association dinner this year. please wish everyone well haven't a great evening. statement reinforces the president's media stance he can coke remarks he made at the cpac on friday. >> a few days ago, i called the fake news the enemy of the people and they are. they are the enemy of the people. because they have no sources. they just make them up when there are none. >> leading democrats took amatine commander in chief today choosing a new leader for the democratic national committee. >> we need a chair who cannot
10:30 pm
only take the fight to donald trump, make sure that we talk about our positive message inclusion and opportunity and talk to that big tent of the democratic party. >> president trump pushed back on twitter saying newly selected dnc tom perez will actually help the republican party. and president trump will spend much of this weekend preparing remarks for very first address place on tuesday night. at the white house, i'm kristin fisher, fox news. police are searching for the driver who hit a woman and then drove away. it all happened overnight around 1:30am on the 400 block of wyoming avenue. police say the driver hit a 30-year-old woman then drove northbound to fifth street. the victim was taken to temple university hospital. she's in stable condition tonight. in camden county, police have named a suspect in a more than month old sexual assault ton night they need to find him. police are looking for this guy 32-year-old. ke fitzpatrick he sexually assaulted and robbed a woman at
10:31 pm
seventh and sherman streets in camden on january 15th according to police. if you have seen him or have any information on his whereabouts, camden county investigators want to hear from you. philadelphia police are piecing together clues following an early morning shooting in kensington. investigators arrived to the 800 block of east allegheny avenue about 2:30 this morning. that's where they found a 40-year-old man shot several times. medic rushed the victim to temple university hospital where he is listed in critical condition tonight. police say they are looking for two shooters. in camden county, police now say a report of an attempted abduction turned out to be a hoax. madison gargus so charged with making a false police report and a drug related offense. we first reported this story to you last tuesday when police released information that the woman had claimed a man tried to pull her into an suv while she was outside her house. she lives on may apple road this is in gloucester township, new jersey. police say based on the
10:32 pm
information given by the woman, they located a person of interest. tyler mc girl but they determined that the woman had met the man and she had some kind of disagreement with him. and that the attempte attemptedn report was all made up. however the man is facing drug related charges. uncertain future tonight for some of pennsylvania's public universities. dropping enrollment the states toes 14 colleges may cause some of the schools to close. pennsylvania state system of hire education says it plans to hire consultant to give recommendations that could include consolidating degree programs, revamping marketing and possibly closing some schools altogether. malaysian officials declared the country's international airport a safe zone after sweep of the airport terminal where north korean ruler jim junk un's half brother was killed. the sweep was performed to check for possible traces of poison used to kill kim junk nam.
10:33 pm
at least four suspects arrested and threes are looking for several others. authorities suspect north korea might be behind the murder but leaders in the country deny the allegation. police officers risk their lives to pull a man from a burning car. it was full of smoke but he was alive. how that lucky man is thanking the officers from his hospital bed. an elderly woman heading into a grocery store is forced to defend herself from the man trying to snatch her purse. she was not an easy target, though. what she did off camera that sent that guy away empty handed.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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>> young basketball players from bucks county took to the court for a very good cause. the kellyanne dolan memorial fund now 17 many year of fundraising. >> organizers of the basketball tournament say it gives students a fun way to raise awareness about some serious childhood diseases. our jennifer joyce has the sto story. >> we have teams of three playing basketball separated by their grade level and they play at least two games. >> reporter: all day competitive three on three basketball tournament at tam nine middle school. >> it's fun so see everyone come together for great cause. >> seventh, eighth and ninth graders are shooting hoops to raise money for families of sick children through the kellyanne dolan memorial fund foundation. >> each of us raised about $45. some of us did like chores and stuff for our moms and dads. >> i may have lost daughter, but i've gained thousands of kids.
10:36 pm
>> reporter: peggy dolan is the founder of the organization. she says she formed an emotional connection to the community after their 17 years of fundraising. >> this is major for us. because like i say now they're raising anywhere between 30 to 35,000 a year. that's like a major grander that we would get from a foundation. >> reporter: students spend time learning about the kellyanne dole man memorial fund and can only jump on the court if they raise a minimum of $45 for the cause. >> educational pieces, something we stress a lot over the years so the kids don't think -- they know what their money is going towards they know they're helping local families who are in tough financial times and tough situations. >> it feels good. i mean, it's sad we don't get to meet all of them but it feels good to help other. >> creative, colorful costumes and uniforms make the day of bonding through basketball even brighter. >> it adds a little more spice
10:37 pm
to a good cause and it just makes it a lot more fun and makes you want to participate. >> the middle school is hoping to raise $20,000 at today's event which will mean in the last 17 years of hosting this they've raised $400,000 for the kellyanne dole man memorial fu fund. reporting from warrington, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> to you can get involved help the kellyanne dole man memorial fund next month our scene sue sr. yo is hosting the organize's taste 2017 food and spirit eve event. it's all happening on marc march 21st so write it down. put it in your calendar calenda. for tickets all you need to do is head to our website fox29.c philadelphia go to food destination transformed who into a party hall for the night reading terminal hosting its seventh party for the market. more than a thousand people eating, drinking and dancing at 12th and and arch. proceeds go towards the preservation of the reading
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terminal market nearly 125 years old. >> wow! hollywood biggest party is happening this sunday, yup, tomorrow and one of the favorites to win an arm full of oscars is la la land. the movie spectacular opening sequence features dancers on a gridlocked freeway. >> fox's julie chang goes behind the scenes to recreate the moment and show us thou mazing scene was filmed. ♪ >> reporter: before we get to all of this, rewind, la la land wasn't built overnight. >> we intertwined the, um, the stunt department within the dance department which i'm trying to think if it's ever been done before. revolutionary. >> if you watch it there's no edits. you're seeing humans do this stuff in real time. >> reporter: meet the team behind the opening highway scene and in la la land. stunt coordinator mark and
10:39 pm
choreography mandy. they gathered 300 cars, 100 extras, 30 dancers and six superintendent artists to create perhaps the most iconic and ambition traffic jam session ever. >> you got to be perfect because if i mess up my part, we got to go all the way back to that part. it's not just we can pick this up here. >> it's essentially like a live stage performance. >> reporter: on a sunday the la la land stunt team gives us the exclusive opportunity to recreate that rush hour scene with performers most of who were in la la land and me. >> it took two days. almost 48 hours of around the clock work with people, and there was a science to how we had to put those cars, you know how far they had to be for the cam ran for the dancers and for safety. we usually were between 35 to 42 takes. so you know josh the guy that was flipping even in this video i think he did his flips 47 times on camera that day.
10:40 pm
>> director damien chazelle worked on the la land concept for nearly seven years the action team only had a week of rehearsals and two days of filming to execute the six minute single camera scene. >> have you broken bones. >> oh, yeah. >> trial and error a lot of it. >> the worse injury i've had thus far getting a couple teeth knocked in. la la land broke the record with seven golden globe wins last night and poised to win the big one at the oscars as it waltz in with 14 nominations. meanwhile here's our version that's up for bragging rights. two weeks of planning and two hours of rehearsal all squeezed into this 52nd continuous tak take. >> we all do love what we do. when you do get to work, like,. >> it makes it all worthwhile. >> ♪ >> it's an art. making it look and making the
10:41 pm
action sell. >> utilizing stunts and dance and acting and putting it altogether to make this thing is i mean it's remarkable and the music is beautiul. ♪ >> romance being behind the scenes. it's fun to watch the big action scene and just knowing that you did that. >> ♪ >> julie chang having way too much fun out there. in case you're wondering, la la land's 14 oscar nominations tied for the most ever with titanic and all about eve. betty davis. he's the son of one of most athletes and civil rights leaders of all times that did not help muhammed ali, jr. get
10:42 pm
through a florida airport. why he was detain.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
the son every the late muhammed ali was detained at a florida airport earlier this month reportedly because of his religion. that's according to the family
10:45 pm
lawyer. muhammed ali, jr., and his mother arrived from ft. lauderdale -- in ft. lauderdale airport on february 7th from jamaica. the attorney says ali, jr., was questioned by customs officials for two hours. they asked if he was a muslim and where he was born. tragedy in ex text tonight. police in houston are searching for the person who shot and killed an eight-year-old little girl. police believe it was all a case of road rage. little demari was in the car with her mom early this morning their car was hit by a run car that ran a red light. the car may have been racing other cars. according to police one of the drivers got out of the car and fired shots killing the little girl. >> she didn't deserve that. she was just a baby. >> the person that did this to know they took away my baby. they took half of my heart. >> police say so far no arrests.
10:46 pm
well tonight a police officer from washington, d.c. is being credited with saving a man's life. >> the dramatic rescue is all caught on the officer's body camera. >> can you open the door? open the door! >> that officer happened to be driving along when he saw flames and smoke coming from the hood of michael smith's wrecked car. you see the flames intensifying there as more officers join in and they pull smith out of the car. the driver was continues at the time but his wife says he has no recollection now of what happened just before or after the crash. she had a message though for those officers. >> they're angels in uniforms. i mean there's no words for -- for the heroism and the bravery that they displayed in saving him. >> tanya says she and her husband can't wait to thank those officers in person. in the meantime, michael smith is facing a long road to recovery.
10:47 pm
it's out with the old and in with the new for the democratic national committee. who the party has chosen as its newest leader. before the big guy starts their engines tomorrow this group of special need youngsters got their shot at iconic track at daytona. how a local university made it all possible. >> monica? temperatures are taking a bit of a dip but i promise cold weather won't stick around for too long. a look at your seven day forecast we'll show when you we'll see those temperatures rebound. stick around for that. ♪ ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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it's coming soon to the poconos! america's largest indoor waterpark. kalahari resorts & conventions book your african adventure now!
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♪ both republican and democratic lawmakers are taking a pause from washington but they're getting no break in their home districts as more and more town halls are flooded with frustrate the voters and demonstrators. some lawmakers are actually canceling appearances forcing constituents to host town hall meetings without their
10:51 pm
representatives. >> democratic party selected new leader one who has ties to the obama administration. they gathered in atlanta today to decide on who will lead the party into the future and the new dnc chair will have his work cut out of him falling internal controversies including two of his controversies. jonathan serrie has more. >> my honor now present the gavel the next chair of the democratic national committee to mr. tom perez. mr. perez congratulations former state of labor under president obama thomas perez elected chair of the democratic national committee winning the seat on the second ballot. >> i am confident that when we lead with our values and lead with our actions we succeed. that is what the democratic party has always been about. >> reporter: democrats working to rebuild their party after republican victories in the november election. at the top of the agenda president trump. >> he has been a disaster. if this presidency were a season
10:52 pm
of the apprentice, donald trump would have fired donald trump at the end of the first episode. >> another area of focus getting to the bottom of russian interference in the 2016 election and preventing future problems. >> if you want to know how to interfere with us i'm leaving the next chair 463 pages. this is i've been able to compile. if you want to know what it's like to have your file stolen daughters harassed your staff harassed i'm leaving you with this. >> reporter: democrats are hoping to build on the anti trump momentum mounting across the country to take back congress in 2018. >> we as democrats must move forward with courage, confidence and optimism and stay focused on the elections we must win this year and next. let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country. >> reporter: the new dnc chair comes into office under intense scrutiny following internal
10:53 pm
controversies involving the two previous chairs debbie wasserman schultz and donna brazil. in atlanta jonathan serrie fox news. >> police in arizona released body cam footage from the knit that plane crashed into a house there. the video shows what happened back in september. you can see people trying to hold a woman back distraught over the aircraft crashing right into her house. the small plane was carrying a group of sky divers. all of whom escaped. fortunately nobody was hurt there. but the house was seriously damaged as you can see. the homeowner says she plans to rebuild it. federal aviation administration investigating why a helicopter crashed near app apartment complex in new jersey. this happened last night in chatham. pilot was not hurt but his lone passenger was taken to the hospital with back pain. the helicopter came down just 3 miles from the morristown airport. fortunately no one on the ground was hurt. certainly is reason enough to celebrate when you reach 90
10:54 pm
years old. >> it certainly s today in old city that was reason times three. triplets betty, joe and mna spending saturday ringing in their big 90 together. friends and family coming from all over the country to mark this special milestone for the trio and when asked about how they were feeling about being healthy and able to celebrate their birthdays together like this, the triplets said similar things. >> happy, can't believe how happy i am and thrilled and blessed. really blessed. >> i also flapless blessed with a happy family an lot of good friends and a lot of good fami family. can't ask for anything else. >> we're very fortunate that our families are so close all of them. >> no fights. >> never had any big fights. we all get along amazingly. >> no fighting? the triplets were born op february 27th,
10:55 pm
1927. so they're actually two days shy of their real birthday but who is counting at this point? >> an elderly woman heading into a grocery store is forced to defend herself from a man trying to snatch her purse. she was not that easy target he was hoping for. what she did off camera that sent him away empty handed.
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♪ an elderly woman used her cane to fight off a man into tried to mug her. she was trying to into grocery store in detroit and she walk in the door you can see a man grabbed her purse, but the 71-year-old woman was not having it. instead she repeatedly hit the would be robber with her cane. he finally gave up and took off and the woman walked away uninjured. >> good for her. back to your fox 29 weather authority. the ben franklin parkway drying out tonight after a line of dangerous storms pushed right through the delaware valley but now the rain is gone. and the temperature is dropping big time. meteorologist monica cryan is here to tell us more about it. how far are we going down? >> temperatures in the 70s early today. now we're talking 40s. that frontal system was strong
10:59 pm
and also is bringing in the colder air. those winds out of the north northwest at 16 miles an hour northerly component ushering in the cooler temperature. 49 degrees where we stand right now but compare that to your high today. 73 degrees. not a record in philadelphia but allentown actually did reach a record for today. here's where that cold air is located you can see all of those showers off into the atlantic following in behind it some snow in western pennsylvania. here i think there could be some snow showers in the poconos. otherwise we're pretty much done with all that moisture. and we're going to gradually clear out overnight so that by tomorrow morning we're looking at really nice sunshine to start our sunday morning. into the afternoon keeping the sunshine around. so really nice day if you don't mine the cooler temperatures. temperatures only into the 40s. by monday morning here's what we're looking at. partly cloudy conditions. we'll increase cloud cover as we head into monday. and then we actually have some shower chances as we head into our tuesday.
11:00 pm
overnight low 37 degrees. let's go to your lottery numbers.


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