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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 27, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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i have no idea what kind of person would do this. i just don't have time to cry. >> happening right now on "good day philadelphia" vandals desecrated a jewish cemetery toppling hundreds of tomb stones and now police are working to determine who is behind this. back in court bill cosby goes back before a judge, what his defense team is requesting right now, just days after a legal victory. the academy a ward... >> la la land. >> this is not a joke moon light has won best picture. >> my goodness. >> did you see this. >> oscar fail, epic error people will be speaking about this for a while wrong title announced for best picture, so
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, how did all this happen. >> hopefully we don't have any envelopes to open up this morning. >> great to have you with us on this monday. >> good morning, thomas nice to have you back so early. >> i haven't been here in a while. >> good to have you back. getting up early. >> a little bit. >> there is red side of the table there. >> blue side. >> we're back. >> color gradient there. wow, that is last monday of february. >> what happened to spring. >> well, it was never spring, it was always winter. >> we tend to forget we thought we went right into spring. >> it feels like february for hey little while but when you see that seven day forecast you will see we will go back to warm temperatures, briefly again. now today is a seven out of 10 because we got used to being warm and it is 33 degrees, sun rise time is at 6:37. that lets you know that we are get closer to spring, at least , it is only 25 in pottstown, 27 in allentown, 28 in wildwood. wind chills are cooler. we don't have wind that we had yesterday. but the wind chill does not
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make that much difference. no precipitation in the offing at least not yet we will show you that in the seven day forecast but plan on being in the upper 30's by 9:00 with plenty of sunshine today, with a high of 46 degrees, chilly evening as well. we will get to the rest of that forecast coming up and talk about another little mild streak, bob kelly or if you prefer, the roller coaster ride. >> exactly, front row of the roller coaster good morning everybody 4:02. we are looking live at westbound side of the 422 out near oaks egypt road interchange a lot of emergency crew is here and they are, some of the responders here, they are trying to shine some flashlights in the grass here. this is a stretch of 422 when leaving the king of prussia area does not have overhead street lamps so they want to make sure there are no cars, down that embankment here. again this is all westbound,
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422, right here near the oaks and egypt interchange. you can see they are putting flares down, they have cones down here. do you see the guys down here. this is all happening this morning on the westbound side of 422. otherwise, vine street express waste looking good this morning. crew did his not work, sunday into monday. we are opened for business this morning but when you come into center city, the new overpasses they put in there they don't have the lights up yet so it is liking nothing to a dark tunnel. turnpike connection bridge, remains closed to vehicle traffic, and so you use the options and a new schedule in play for septa's city and suburban transit schedules. i have put a complete list and lincoln my facebook and twit ter pagers, thomas and karen, back to you. time is 4:03. criminal and beyond vandalism is what philadelphia police are calling the desecration of more than 500 jewish grave sites. this morning rewards are being offered for arrests in the case. now this marks the second time
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in a week an american jewish cemetery has been targeted by vandals. lauren johnson is at mount carmel jewish cemetery in frankford with the very latest , lauren. >> reporter: good morning, thomas, this frightening discovery happening sunday morning as family members came to visit their loved ones. detectives say that this is not just criminal, it is more than vandalism but beyond belief. after the initial call to police and discovery of one family's tragedy police did a walk through and discover the number is up to 500 tomb stones toppled over. the mayor offered his condolences to the families affected and promised to find, charge those responsible, saying that hate is not perms ible in philadelphia. authorities have not named a motive or a suspect but victims of this crime believe that whoever committed the act is motivated by the current political climate in our country. >> they should ab shamed. i have no idea what kind of person would do this. i just haven't had time to cry
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it is personal. >> reporter: effort to destroy and deface here in philadelphia follows a vaned list many in suburban st. louis at another jewish cemetery where more than 150 headstones were toppled last week. the vice-president visited this cemetery and condemned those action. many groups are looking at the president, including local organizations calling on him to outline a plan to combat these rising forms of hate. we can tell you mount carmel cemetery is one of the four graveyards at this intersection, no other visible acts of hate were displayed at other ones which are assumed to be karen and thomas christian cemeteries. >> really is alarming, something needs to be done. lauren, thank you. we should point out a go fund me page has been set up to raise money to repair damage. find a link, on our web site, fox and just look under seen on tv. bill cosby will be back in court this morning, for his
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sexual assault case. it is go ahead, thomas. >> change of venue. comedian and his defense team have been seeking. steve keeley joining us from norristown with more on this one, steve, good morning. >> reporter: for you viewers out there this is yet another pretrial hearing for cosby's trial scheduled to start in four months in june. his legal team, asking for the trial to be moved, out of here , or for a jury to be brought in here from another county. now in a court filing to this request back in january, montgomery county's district attorney wrote cosby's quote a celebrity alleged to have committed 50 sexual assaults. he cannot expect to find a jury venue anywhere that is completely other beliefs just to the facts surrounding this case. only friday before the weekend on another pretrial motion this same judge ruled that one other, of those 50 women accusing cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them will be allowed to testify in this trial. prosecutors had wanted to call 13, of the 50 women.
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now district attorney here, karen and thomas, says that all of those women, testifying said the same thing but this woman known as victim number six will let this injury a zest evidence relevant to establishing a common plan, scheme, design of sexual abuse >> all right steve we will take on top of the developments and see what happens with this case over the course of this days. in other news dover police department in mourning after two members were tragically killed. this was aid car crash that happened off-duty patrol man robert defont and james watts were killed when defonte jeep wrangler crashed in the utility pole. it happened early sunday morning on hadlandville road. watts was in the wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle. both men died at the scene. it is all under investigation. philadelphia police this morning are investigating what a pit bull killed a man late friday night in olney. twenty-one year-old and the dog were found in his apartment on rising sun avenue
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neighbors say victim and his brother had recently found the eight month-old dog and ate period to be malnourished. when a friend went to check on the man they saw the dog through a crack in the wall and victim was not moving. >> the dog was trying to get through the crack. i ain't opening door because it wasn't letting me in, so i looked through, just trying to jump through crack and it wouldn't let me in the room. it wouldn't let me in the room i could not check no pulse or nothing but from what my standard of vision i could not sees him moving. >> reporter: victim died at albert einstein medical center police say autopsy results should determine what happened the dog was taken by animal control. the first 100 days, president trump preparing to layout his legislative agenda during his first joint address to congress. tomorrow's speech is expected to include, the plans to create jobs, tax reform, also securing the border. while hosting his first governor's ball late last evening the president says he does have plans to replace the
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affordable care act. >> as most of you know obama care has had tremendous problems. i won't say in front of the democrats i will just say it to the republicans, it doesn't work but we will have it fixed and we will repeal and replace , and i think you'll see something very, very special. >> president trump is expected to sign a revised version of his immigration order, wednesday, meantime, the white house continues searching for the source of leaks, to the press, seeking access to personal, government issued cell phones, from the communications staff. the truth is, our nation is more divided then ever. >> did you see this? days after days after several news organization where is ban ned from a white house press briefing the new york times responded with a tv commercial. when president trump heard about this ad he said tried reporting accurately and fairly. thirty seconds spot tightled the truth is hard aired during the oscars. and, yeah, speaking of the oscars did you see what
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happened? lots of people are talk being about this and one of the biggest, i think one of the biggest mix ups that has ever happened, in there. >> you wouldn't think something like this would happen at oscars because wrong film was announced for best picture. >> the academy award... for best picture. >> you are awful. come on. >> la la land. >> there is a mistake. moon light, you guys won best picks tour. >> this is not a joke. >> this is not a joke. >> this is not a joke, moon light has won best picture. moon light best picks tour. >> apparently they gave him the wrong envelope the present ers before they walked on the stage so they read next category. we will break down buzz in the next hour, plus a look at the oscar fashions at 5:00 o'clock
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nicole kidman looked amazing. so how long is o.j. simpson going to be behind bars. >> still ahead on "good day philadelphia" why it may be just a matter of months before he walks free from his prison cell. and, forget hype, the signs that it does not matter when navigating up and down the court wait until you see the move he makes. speaking of moves, good morning, bob. >> 4:11. we are moving out the emergency crew is here westbound 422 right here near oaks interchange and lets go downtown a live look at ben franklin parkway, all lit up object a monday morning, we will check jam cams sueby has your forecast when we come right back.
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welcome back at 4:14. take a look at damage in luzerne county. this is a yard here. national weather service confirms a tornado touched down over weekend in pits ton, township. this picture is from pennsylvania emergency management meteorologist jim jumper, the tornado was ef2 with winds hitting 120 miles an hour, and no word on any injuries but aloft people were talking about this one. i almost didn't believe it was real, it was real, we had to get shelter. >> weather changed so quickly this weekend, sue. >> the insulation from that house's roof was on the tree, outside, did you see that? >> um-hmm.
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>> the damage from tornadoes is just stunning. so, yeah, that was confirmation of that, what we all had rocking and rolling times, on saturday and, of course, that indicated a big change but even yesterday, we were 1 degree, above normal. so we ended up with another day, in february, of temperatures above average, so only five days in the month so far, that have been below average and i think we're on track to be the warmest february ever. now we will look at precipitation, on the map here but none of it is in our area, eventually, some of it may make it here but, not today and probably not tomorrow morning. maybe, in the afternoon we will see a couple of showers tomorrow. there you can see a few clouds , rolling in about three or 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. chance of a shower or two tomorrow afternoon, and then, a little bit at night, as well , so we could wake up to some rain, on wednesday morning, but then it is another warm day on wednesday,
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and another day of rocking and rolling with thunderstorms, late in the day on wednesday, and probably into wednesday night. so we will see a return to springtime temperatures again, and then, we are back to chilly temperatures, again. so this is even a shorter roller coaster ride coming up this week. we were just a degree above freezing in philadelphia, 27 mount pocono. thirty-seven in dover. twenty-eight down in wildwood. winds are practically calm. it doesn't make a real difference in the wind chill in most place bus does feel like the teens in the mountains this morning. so now our average high is up to 47 degrees as these days get longer, and it gives, the average high a chance to rise, a little bit. here is our weekend. 74 degrees on friday. seventy-three on saturday. 46 degrees yesterday. and now we will go backup roller coaster today, 57, 64 tomorrow, and then a high of 73 on wednesday but as we mentioned, thunderstorm roll in on wednesday in the
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afternoon, we're back to seasonal temperatures by friday and saturday, and then another warm up is likely, and by the end of the first weekend of march. it is crazy, bob kelly. >> lots going on not only in the weather but also here in the traffic department. this is something brand new just popped up here i-95 northbound the ramp to the blue route 476, fully engulfed vehicle fire here. fire fighters just arrived throwing water, throwing foam on the flames there but watch how sharp it is coming around that curve here i-95 north approaching the ramp for 476 just be careful coming from delco, and heading northbound, up towards philadelphia international. it looks like this fellow pulled over here to assist, we have got fire fighter, wow, watch the headlights coming up , real quickly, behind the fire fighters here, the fire trucks, and which are, in what would be that right lane as you approaching the curve here look at these guys, the truck
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behind them here. getting ready to head out front door north on i-95 heading towards 476. we are dealing with that accident west on 422 near egypt road. old for business downtown here on the vine street expressway. crews did not work last night. we are okay there. no problems on i-95 or route one working your way in towards the city. some work crew is still left over on the freeway. 295 you know, normal drill over here in bellmawr every night construction crews are out there. it is an active moving around of all of those barriers so be ready rolling out there this morning. turnpike connector bridge remains closed to vehicle traffic. septa made some changes over the weekend, they switched up transit schedules on the new city and suburban lines, so there is also a new bus route whiz is 311, we have put the list of the changes on facebook, twitter, for ease i click on a monday morning. thomas and karen, back to you. 4:18. fists bullets flying inside a south philadelphia club has left a with man cut and police
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are on the hunt for a shooter. as scene, club onyx on the 2900 block of columbus boulevard. police rolled up at 3:30 yesterday morning and found a woman with a slash to her leg and shoulder from flying glass she told officers a big fight had broken out near entrance and one of the men involved, fired a shot and then hit the front glass. she's at jefferson hospital in stable condition. in reading, a deadly police involved shooting, it happened on the 200 block of south 12th street on saturday evening, police say that six two-year old michael stouts was threatening neighbors with a shotgun. officers say he pointed gun at them from his porch. one officer fired. stout was killed. while hollywood honored its best of the best last night many were thinking about the family of actor bill packs ton who died yesterday after, complication from his surgery. there is still no word on why the actor had undergone
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surgery, paxton had rolls in blockbuster including aliens, twister, apollo 13 and titanic his final big screen role will be in the thriller circle which is in post production. paxton was 61. also judge joseph wapner has died. retired superior court judge presided over hit show for 12 years and heard thousands of cases. he was opinionated, passionate and later received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. he was 97 years old. o.j. simpson could be released earl friday nevada prison, october 1st is earliest possible parole date for now 69 year-old a cord together sunday express parole board is expected to recommend his release for good behavior. former nfl star has served nine of the three three-year sentence for kidnapping, robbery and assault. time right now 4:20. we want to get back to the breaking news we are following on i-95, bob. >> good morning, everybody. it is a vehicle fire northbound lanes of i-95 right
4:21 am
at off ramp for 476, blue route. you can see what is left here, still smoking, this was fully engulfed just a few moments ago, but is what tough now is we have one fire truck in that right lane, we will check rest of the jam cams but a busy weekend in sports, sean? coming up in sports, in a minute, daytona 500 had crash after crash after crash. see who could avoid all of the wrecks and get a big win, coming up next. maybe it can quickly give this teen a thicker mustache? doesn't look like it. will clearasil act fast to help this teen concentrate on his math test? darn. can it help... nope. no. so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen things.
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welcome back. we have been following that breaking news on i-95 let's get to bob. what is the latest, bob. >> vehicle fire that popped up here in the last couple minutes or so, northbound lanes of i-95, approaching 476 but you can see fire fighters on the scene putting water, foam, what is tough is that you only have this one fire truck and one officer here and we are just holding our breath that we don't have a accident waiting to happen. look at how fast folks are coming up here on i-95 and then merge around the fire truck and then quickly get into the lanes here. so there is a lot going on in an area that doesn't have any overhead street lamps and it is actually on this curve here anybody coming north, on i-95, leaving delco, heading up towards the airport, look out,
4:25 am
obviously safety of the fire fighters is coming first, carries a total wreck but you can see here we have two lanes coming around a curve, also merging with i-95 all at the same time here in delaware county. if you are leaving say delco and heading northbound, up in towards the airport area, just watch out that vehicle fire is all right here on the ramps, from i-95, to go north, along 476. we also have an accident westbound on 422, out near the oaks interchange. so not a lucky start to our monday morning, but, i hope, that you were lucky, you know, lets go back to karen and thomas. >> all right, bob, thank you. >> sean bell will have sports in a minute. >> hi, shawn. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm sean bell spring training for phillies rolling along, biggest thing
4:26 am
to look for this season is the offense can come alive and do it all year. they did yesterday. phillies taking on blue jays already up three-two in the third. andre blanco with the huge shot to right. phillies, and offense will be the difference in this team. they are going to be something this year. they have had 10 runs beating blue jays 10-three. to the daytona 500 tons of big, big crashes, in the first race of the year this 10 car collision with 59 laps to go that was jamie mcmurray and chase elliott start ago this one. after a wild last couple of laps, curt bush coming through in the clutch winning his first daytona 500, and lasalle taking on u-mass and explorers continue to have a rough, rough year. u-mass sack sag rule right here with the spin move and floater. lewis had 37 points, explorer lead 84-71. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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more than 500 graves toppled over and now they are trying to figure out who did this. uncertain future why several local universities could soon be forced to close their doors. the academy award. >> come on.& >> la la land. >> applause. >> this is not a joke moon light has won best picture. >> it is no joke but it is all we are talking about, oops, a huge mistake made last night everyone is talking about it. we will try to make sense. >> didn't seem too happy, did he. >> from a high to such a low. great to have you with us, i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp good to have you back. while you were away we played with the camera. you know that sweeping move right there. >> yes. >> basically what happens when you air way, right. >> i took my drama mean, i'm excited.
4:31 am
>> i changed my mind about the number, today, i will go with an eight instead of the seven. >> put you in a good mood. >> we're chillier then we had been most of last week but hopefully you got used to it little bit yesterday and we will be milder then yesterday, today. but, you have to wear that winter coat because it is 33 degrees outside in the city , colder in our suburbs like 25 in pottstown, 24 in reading, down in wildwood it is 28 degrees and 29 in atlantic city. we don't have any rain or anything else to show you on radar, it is really all about the temperature this morning, and plan on sun and clouds to start your day. milder then yesterday, when we& got to 46. today we beat that by 10 or 11 with a high of 57, yes, another warming trend after two cold days offer really one , whole cold day. so, lots of ups and down coming in the seven day forecast. we will get used to that bob kelly. >> yes, we are but i cannot
4:32 am
get used to these early morning accidents here. this is a vehicle fire, live look in delaware county, it is ramp from the blue route south to go north on i-95 right here near i-95 and blue route come together. it all started with the vehicle fire sitting right here on the shoulder, fire fighters, police pull up, they are blocking actually the on ramp from the blue route to go north on i-95, so watch out how folks have to kind of squeeze in before the merged lane at the same time folks are coming around the curve here, on i-95, so there is a lot going on at this interchange and it is interchange that doesn't have the overhead street lamps here do you see folks backed up here. we were afraid one of the fire trucks would get rear ended we even have tractor trailer coming in here. leaving delco and heading north on i-95, or south on the blue route, right here where merge comes into play is where
4:33 am
that vehicle fire is taking place. so just be careful for next 10 or 15 minutes and then westbound 422 leaving king of prussia heading out towards oaks interchange, there is an accident taking out the left lane, downtown, vine street expressway is opened for business, the crews did not work last night, so the lanes are all opened for start of our morning rush hour but yesterday, septa, put in a new city, suburban transit schedule, plus added a new bus route 311, we have put changes , new additions on the facebook, twitter page for easier reference. otherwise no problems on the blue route, i-95 out of the northeast, looking good, karen and thomas back to you. all right, bob we have a problem here, hundreds of grave stones damaged in philadelphia, many of these headstones, more than a century old. this morning there are rewards being offered in what police are calling a criminal case. it is beyond just vandalism this marks a second time in the week that an american jewish cemetery has been
4:34 am
targeted by vandals. lets get to lauren johnson at mount carmel jewish cemetery in frankford, lauren. >> reporter: good morning to you, karen. devastating, absolutely but will this break spirit of the jewish community? they say absolutely not. shocking sunday discovery at mount carmel cemetery sparked a bigger conversation about hate in our country. it started as one tomb stone toppled but once police started looking around that number grew, one man who said his parents and grandparents are buried here said he started counting himself and he spotted 537 in total. families now devastated while police search for a motive and suspects behind such a heinous act. mayor jim kenney condemned act and promised swift justice for those responsible but some say this is bigger than a local issue. jewish voice for peace philadelphia said trump and his enablers in congress have done damage to our society and they must take extraordinary steps immediately to halt spiral of the hate treat they
4:35 am
have unleashed whether it targets jew is, muslim, immigrants, transgendered individuals or any other group >> on a scale that is quite devastating, you know, just gone through what happened in st. louis and other muslim communities, churchers that have been targeted, it is hard to see this level not just a random act but to topple so many headstones is a concerted effort with inn tenth. >> this latest act has many groups uniting not just for each other but whenever mosque s, cemeteries desecrated or immigrants are detained. right now police have no motive and no suspects in this case but as you can imagine everyone wants to know who is responsible for doing something so awful, karen and thomas. >> thanks, lauren. time is 4:35. back to court for bill cosby. his legal team will be looking for change of venue just days
4:36 am
after a small pretrial victory last week. steve keeley joining us from norristown this morning with more, steve? >> reporter: we are still four months from this scheduled start of cosby's trial in june , before this latest pretrial motion here this monday. and this one to move the trial out of montgomery county, as cosby and his lawyers want or at least bring in the jury of people who live outside of the montgomery county here to this district attorney's written answer to this request back in janice essentially that cosby and this case among 50 alleged sexual assaults are so well known every where, that quote he cannot find a jury any where completely oblivious to the facts surrounding this case. well, on friday the judge in this case ruled that just one of the 13 of the 50 victims that the district attorney wanted to call as witnesses will be allowed to testify in this trial and that one is victim number six who says in
4:37 am
1996 cosby gave her red wine and a white pill, knocked her out and then sexually assaulted her. cosby's trial is scheduled to start in four months and may not be over by july 12th, karen and thomas, the day cosby turns 80 years old. >> certainly more to come, steve keeley in norristown, steve, thank you. camden county police named a suspect in more than month-old sexual assault and month they need to find him. police are looking for three two-year old ike fitzpatrick in a picture there. they alleged he sexually assaulted and robbed a woman at seventh and thurmond street in camden on january 13th. if you have seen him or have any information about his whereabouts camden county police would like to hear about you. a horrible discovery in national park new jersey. woman was walking her dog there yesterday when part of someone's leg washed up on the river. the gloucester county medical examiner is taking a dna sam tomorrow try to figure out who it belonged to. to delaware stephanie
4:38 am
hanson has won a special election for delaware senate seat vacate by lieutenant governor bethenny hall-long. after winning she tweeted, i am so honored to be your new senator and can't wait to get back to work. her victory means delaware will remain five states where democrats hold the legislature and the governor's seat. now to an uncertain future for pennsylvania public universities. falling enrollment at some of the states 14 colleges may cause some schools to close. pennsylvania state system of higher education says it plans to hire a consultant in the next few weeks to look at recommendation that is could include consolidating degree programs and revamping the way some state schools are market to go get new students. cheyney university is one of the schools that could be targeted, it has lost half of the enrollment in the last several years. a new miss philadelphia has been crowned. >> a place. >> 22-year old nia andrews is
4:39 am
taking home crown of the 96th miss philadelphia pageant as drexel university's mandell theater on saturday. they showed up their talent, beauty, panel and judges, winner gets a scholarship of $5,000 and she will be on "good day philadelphia" in a number of hours. time right no 4:39. mardi gras celebrationness new orleans marred by a drunk driver, who plowed into spectators at a parade. what happened here. well, what one witness did not do that she says actually saved her life. make the most of a few minutes
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welcome back, at 4:42, scene was horrific, three times legal limit is what new orleans police say man's blood alcohol content was when he drove through a crowd at a parade on saturday evening. >> do you see picture right there? police arrested neilson roseto after he drove his truck through packed crowd in new orleans, 28 people were hurt but thankfully no one has died neilson rosetoys being held in jail after his first court appearance and his bail set, $125,000. >> i'm very shaken up. i was crying hysterically because i saw the entire thing happen and lit rally with liz walked two steps forward it would have been me being run over. >> prosecutors have charged him right here with hit and run and reckless operation of the vehicle. how can this happen? that is what folks at oscars are asking this morning after last night's show.
4:43 am
>> still don't believe it. wrong name announced for best picture? that is the biggest category. we will break down what happened and also, the reactions from the audience because it is like is this a joke? um-hmm.
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makewith instant moisture utes from k-y ultragel. ♪ good morning everybody. 4:45. calming down a little bit here this is what is left of the vehicle fire here in delaware county. it is on the ramp from the
4:46 am
southbound blue route where it merges to go north on i-95, sharp ramp here, and we had near misses earlier this morning. so anybody coming out of the delco from macdade boulevard, sharp ramp from blue route to go north on i-95 is where we had fire trucks roads all wednesday, everybody pulled away, i think we're okay now but heading up towards airport it is early morning folks going faster then they probably should especially, when we don't have any traffic jams, just yet and here's an interesting, plot, westbound on 422, the accident i showed you, well, police have two vehicles but no drivers. that is what they are looking for here. they had flashlights down, in the grass embankment, and this is westbound 422 right here near the oaks interchange. leaving king of prussia and heading west, look out they are taking out what would be the left lane here, and again, there is no overhead street lamps in this area. that is tough. they not only have a crash but
4:47 am
they are looking for a couple folks in the grass. that should be interesting how that will turnout. using northeast extension or maybe took an extra night to stay at poconos coming on back back on the northeast extension, lansdale, mid county construction zone. it is monday morning. so a new schedule for city, suburban transit line. septa changed it up over the weekend. we have put a list of the changes on facebook and twit ter. it is monday. brand new week. we need a new forecast. sueby has got tonight 15 seconds. we will look at where we have been, and it has been a roller coaster ride, starting last monday when we had temperatures in the 50's. we have zoomed up in the 70's, plunged in the 40's yesterday, and then today we will probably start an upward climb
4:48 am
again, so, don't put away winter coat but also don't put away, the sneakers and flip-flops just yet either because we go rapidly from spring to winter it seems in this current climate. so we have got rain down to our south, but none of that is expected to make its way here until tomorrow, and that is when we expect the warm front to come through. it is dry right now. we don't anticipate any precipitation, clouds roll in, we have a few stray showers around six or 7:00 o'clock in the evening. maybe around nine or 10:00 o'clock and then another round of showers, on wednesday , now wednesday we will have a chance to get into the 70's again and then thunderstorms not unlike what happened saturday they will roll in about five or 6:00 right around the same time it happened on saturday with potentially strong thunderstorms again, wednesday evening, so we will start off with those 70's and then by
4:49 am
wednesday night cold air rushes in from northwest, once again, so it is another dramatic change in temperatures. we are very cold this morning. hope you didn't put cota way temperatures in the 20's and 30's throughout the region but we are heading in the 50's today. sixty's tomorrow. seventy's on wednesday. there are thunderstorms on wednesday. fifty's, early high in the 50 's on thursday and then friday we are back to seasonal temperatures same for saturday but temperatures start to warm up again by sunday. another drama mean necessary, guys. >> we will start popping them sue, thanks. >> thanks, sue. so this is a first in all of oscars history not a good one, this epic, ever, stealing the show during eighty-ninth annual academy awards. >> it happened as warren beatty and fey dunn away announced the winner. >> the academy award for best picture.
4:50 am
>> you're awful. come on. la la land. >> it turns out it was a mistake, la la land didn't actually win best picture. >> there is a mistake. moon light, you guys won best picture. >> moon light won. >> this is not a joke. >> i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. >> this is not a joke. moon light has won best picture. moon light, best picture. >> seriously. >> then everyone trying to figure out what happened. cast already up on the stage. warren bait i tries to explain what happened. >> i opened up the envelope and it says emma stone, la la land. that is why i took such a long look at feye and at you, i was than the trying to be funny. >> well, you were funny. >> cast of moon light real winner for best picture, accepted the award.
4:51 am
>> it is true, it is not fake, we have been on the road with these guys for so long and so gracious, generous of them. my love to la la land. my love to everybody. >> all right. something like that happened and not have people be totally shocked and expressions on their faces. you can see it right there like what? look around the entire room. eyes bugging out, what, did that just happen? hands up. but everybody else was shocked >> you know steve harvey is going see, it does happen. steve harvey announced wrong winner at miss universe. as a presenter you have to look at that and say it doesn't make sense and say is this the right -- she was next category. >> she was right before. >> she had just won it. >> that is end of the whole show. people are reacting all over. >> celebrities like oprah winfrey saying what? congratulations, moon light, my favorite oscars in memory. andy cohen says that the mistake, all comes down to
4:52 am
warren and feye. >> gee, i'm glad i stayed up that was a first. and you talk about miss universe making this joke have your people called our people, we know what to do. >> of course, many highlights though, lets take a look. >> justin timberlake with the opening performance and then, host jim i kimmel with a politically charged opening mono log. >> the country is divided right now, i have been getting advice people telling me it is time to bring everybody together you need to say something to unite us. let's just get something straight off the top, i'm not, i can't do that, if everyone of you took a minute to reach out to one person, you disagree with, someone you like and have a positive
4:53 am
considerate conversation not as liberals or conservatives, as americans if we would all do that we can make america great again, we really could. >> let's get down to the awards, case a fleck wins for best actor for his role in manchester by the sea. best actress did go to emma stone for la la land. and then, big night for viola davis winning best supporting actress, for fences. >> you know, there is one place that all of the people with the greatest potential are gathered, an one place and that is the grave yard. people ask me all the time what kind of stories do you want to tell viola, and i say exhumed those bodies and those stories, the stories of the
4:54 am
people who dreamed big and then never saw those dreams to fruition, people who fell in love, and then lost, i became an artist and thank god i did because we have the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life. >> emotional speech there. davis making history she's first african-american woman to win an oscar, emmy and tony whoopi goldberg completed a triple crown but her tony came from producing a musical but not acting in it. we will be right back.
4:55 am
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sometimes as shortest person on the basketball court you have to improvise so over weekend nate robinson hoist 5- foot nine he does that he plays for delaware 87ers, philadelphia 76ers team and they get trapped by two players. in other player can do do you see him, he goes underneath right through their legs and it is almost like the harlem globetrotters. >> find another way around. >> "good day philadelphia" coming up next. thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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extended bonus buys only at my giant.nt. right now the unthinkable more than 500 jewish grave sites desecrated right here in our area. this morning what police are doing to right now to catch the person,. bill cost which back in court what comedian's defense team is hoping to accomplish before today's appearance with the judge. winner goes to... >> the academy a ward for best picture. >> you're awful. >> la la land. >> this is not a joke moon light has won best picture. moon light.


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