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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 27, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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iant. right now the unthinkable more than 500 jewish grave sites desecrated right here in our area. this morning what police are doing to right now to catch the person,. bill cost which back in court what comedian's defense team is hoping to accomplish before today's appearance with the judge. winner goes to... >> the academy a ward for best picture. >> you're awful. >> la la land. >> this is not a joke moon light has won best picture. moon light.
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best picture. >> talk about a film flub. the biggest award of the night first goes to the wrong movie, so just what went wrong? "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. this is tough all the waste around. we pass ate long. yeah. >> when you look at it, he stops for a second but it is live, you know in front of all those people and she just picks it up and goes with it. >> read this. >> it is the 50th anniversary of the movie bonnie and clyde. >> really. >> what, 50 years. >> we have to watch that one tonight. >> so at first i thought maybe because they were up there a little bit but they had the wrong envelope. >> people are talking this morning. >> they will continue. >> not about the film but the flub. >> maybe about the weather because you need winter coat again. >> yes. >> it is a cold one to start today but it won't end up being as cold as it was yesterday, which is why we are
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giving you an eight out of 10. we will start with temperatures because it is all about temperature. we don't have much wind. 33 degrees feels like 33, sun will rise at 6:37. days are getting longer but we have temperatures in the 20's in most of the suburbs, lancaster, 25, reading 26, 29 down in wildwood and a really chilly 22 degrees in millville , new jersey. nothing to show you on radar, maybe a flurry or two west of lancaster county but that is not a big deal. we are expecting a mixture of sun and clouds. little milder then yesterday with a high of 57 degrees so temperatures will go up and down, up and down and that trend will continue in the seven day forecast. meanwhile we have not been without our drama this morning bob kill. >> i haven't even taken a second sip of my coffee here, so much going on. these early morning hours are crazy sometimes because folks get a little faster then they should be but we have problems
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on 422, i95, both of those situations have cleared up, we will clean the slate, use the eraser on the chalkboard and lets start off here over. we are in good shape on i-95 in and out of the city. i got a tweet from my budd is in west goshen chester county and they said a fire location at wantry road and cromwell lane. watch out for fire crews there here's a live look at the schuylkill expressway coming in the city. we have skies line all lit up, construction guys are out there, new comcast tower they are working 24/7. live look at been i coming into philadelphia, in problems or delays there at all. we can see ben franklin, sky line and just a little movement there on the flag, on top of the camden toll plaza turnpike connection bridge remains closed to vehicle traffic with that whole construction there, work crew is still out in bellmawr on the ramps from 2925 to 42. nothing out of the ordinary but again after a weekend that
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could shovel those lanes around and after a weekend you may say i will stay up poconos one more night and get into the office. watch out for that construction between lansdale and mid county. septa made changes yesterday they have some new city, suburban transit schedules rolling this morning. we have put a list on facebook and twit tore make a click and good to go, thomas and karen back to you. time right now 5:04. damaged and desecrated vandals target hundreds of the headstones at a jewish head stone and now community members of all faiths are coming together in the name of peace and love. >> well this morning rewards are offered for arrestness this case. our lauren johnson is there at mount carmel jewish cemetery in frankford, lauren. >> reporter: that is right, because of this as you just mentioned thomas near liz 200 inter faith leaders are coming together to stand in solidarity this is as police search for a motive and people responsible for what families stumbled upon here on sunday morning, tomb stones toppled and police are saying more than criminal, bigger than
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vandalism but just beyond belief, 500 headstones overturned and now families are devastated by discovery. mayor condemning the act saying he will make sure police fine, charge, whoever is responsible and he says that hate is not welcomed in philadelphia. many people showed up here yesterday, are simply baffled by what has happened. >> there needs to be surveillance set up because it is coming to be a trend and we need to protect not just memories of these depart budd people mourning for them. >> they should ab shamed. i had no idea what kind of person would do this. i just haven't had time to cry >> reporter: some jewish organizations are pointing fingers at the white house and president has created a culture of hate in our country and they are demanding he do more than just condemn the act just last week more than 150 tomb stones were damaged in a jewish cemetery in suburban
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st. louis. sadly cemetery is a crime scene which makes grieving more tougher. now everyone want to know who did this and why. karen and thomas. >> let's hope someone will come forward. we should mention a go fund me page has been set up to raise money to repair that damage. you can find a lincoln our web site at fox and look under seen on tv. this morning that sexual assault case for bill cosby continues. this is a change of venue that the comedian and defense team are trying to have happen. >> our steve keeley is on this one in norristown, steve. >> reporter: cosby is 79 years old and will turn 80 in july a month in the trial, fittings as scheduled in june. this latest pretrial hearing set for today is established where the trial will happen, or at least, will the trial jury come from. cosby and his large legal team want to either move this trial out of montgomery county or jurors moved in from outside
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montgomery county. arguing that cosby cannot get a fair trial here, with all of the coverage on the case until now. district attorney has had to answer that request in quick back in january and says because cosby is a celebrity alleged to have committed 50 sexual assaults he cannot expect to find a jury any where completely oblivious to the facts surrounding this case. also in writing just on friday judge ruled in the one page written decision that the district attorney cannot call all 13 of those victims he wanted to have testify to establish cosby's pattern of how he drugged and sexually assaulted woman. judge did let the district attorney have at least one victim testify, victim number six an assistant to cosby's agent who said cosby in 1996 gave her red wine and a white pill and then sexually assaulted her as she was too helpless to move or to fight back and again, that happened eight years before what happened in 2004, which is
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this case is all about. again, this is scheduled to go in june if it goes as planned. karen and thomas. steve, thank you. dover police department is mourning two members who were killed in an off-duty car crash that happened this weekend patrol man robert de fonte and cadet james watts were killed when a jeep wrangler crashed in the pole about 4:00 a.m. yesterday morning on the road. state troopers say watts was not wearing a seat belt and eject from the vehicle. both were pronounced dead at the scene. it is all under investigation. philadelphia police are investigating whether a pit bull killed a man late friday night in olney. twenty-one year-old and the dog were found on rising sun avenue, neighbors say that the victim and his brother had only recently found the eight month-old dog and ate period to be mal nourish. when a friend checked on a man he saw a cute through a crack of the wall and victim was not moving. >> dog was trying to get through the crack. i was than the opening the door. it wasn't letting me n i
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looked through the crack. jumped through the crack and attack me. it wouldn't let me in the room it wouldn't let me in the room i cannot really check no pulse or nothing but, you know, i could not see his chest moving >> victim died at albert einstein medical center. police say autopsy results should help determine what happened, the dog was taken by animal control. president trump is preparing to layout his, agenda during his first joint address to congress, happening tomorrow. it is expected to include, the president's plans to create jobs, taxes and reform and securing the border. while hosting his first governor's ball last evening the president said he also has plans to replace the affordable care act. >> as most of you know the other bam a care has had tremendous problems. i wouldn't say in front of the democrats i will just say it to the republicans, it doesn't work but we will have it fixed and we will repeal and replace and i think you'll see something very, very special. >> president trump is expected to sign a revised version of
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his immigration order on wednesday, and in the meantime white house continues to search for source of the leaks to the press, seeking access to personal and government issued cell phones from their communications staff. >> the truth is our nation is more divided then ever. >> did you see this one yesterday? days after several news organizations, including cnn were banned from a briefing from the white house. new york times responded, they got a tv commercial. when the president heard about this he tweeted try reporting accurately and fairly. this is a 30 seconds spot and it aired during the oscars. also, speaking of the oscars, we are still talking about what happened because it was a big deal. biggest mess up that has ever happened. >> because the wrong film was announced for best picture. >> the academy a ward for best picture you're awful.
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>> la la land. >> there is a mistake. moon light, you guys won best picture. >> moon light won. this is not a joke. >> i'm afraid i read the wrong thing. >> this is not a joke, moon light has won best picks tour. moon light, best picture. >> it was a mistake with the wrong envelope given we will break down buzz, coming up later, plus a look at the oscar fashion. o.j. simpson, how long is he going to stay in jail? >> coming up next on "good day philadelphia" why it may be just a matter of months before he walks free, from a prison cell but first a check of the traffic. >> good morning, everybody 5:11. crazy start to the morning here but 422 looking good, we had a earlier accident that left a car but no driver, police are still on the scene there westbound, off to the left lane, and lets go outside
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and say good morning to delaware as we are's waking up on a monday morning rubbing the sleep out of your eye sue by has the forecast and we will check jam cams when we come right back. packs ton. pack ton. packs exton.
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and a tornado, touched down over the weekend in pits ton township. this picture fridays pennsylvania emergency management, jeff jumper took it. this was a ef2, pretty strong
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for our neck of the woods, winds hitting 120 miles an hour, and we do not know if there were any injuries. that is wild to have happen here. >> we saw strong storms over the weekend, sue. >> yes, it is unusual, to have a tornado at all. it is not unusual, it happens, but especially in february. it hardly ever happens. so yes, an unusual february for sure and then even yesterday, when we had a cold, windy day, it got to 1 degree above where we were supposed to be this time of the year. i think we're still on track, to be the warmest february ever. so, we've got no rain in our area, plenty to show you on the map but we're only concerned about what will happen here and your biggest concern is wearing that winter coat, maybe finding it again if you didn't go out yesterday in the cold. today as we look at future, we have seen clouds rolling in late in the day. tomorrow we could have a shower or two in the morning and then another round of showers in the afternoon. we have a warm front coming through, another spring-like
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pattern coming up with temperatures by wednesday zooming into the 70's. again, a couple showers in the morning but the big, loud thunderstorms come again in the afternoon and then evening , on wednesday, giving us a much chillier day on thursday. so it is same pattern that we had over weekend repeating itself but first we will get warm before that happens. today, the opposite of warm, temperatures are mostly in the 20's in the suburbs and then right along i-95 we have 30's just idea grow above freezing in philadelphia right now with chill but it is cold enough, just with those actual temperatures. so today, as opposed to yesterday's high in the 40's we will get in the 50's, 60's, 70's and then cold again at least on thursday, friday and saturday should be cold again. probably a windy day, on thursday once that cold air rolls rolls in. even though we get to 50 it
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will feel chillier then that. but even that will in the last too long. we will have another, warming trend by the end of the weekend. sort of the opposite of last weekend cold and then warm, bob kelly. >> crazy. saturday was opposite of sunday. saturday running around without a jacket, short sleeve shirts, sunday was like where is your jacket. 5:17. grab your jacket. put it on your kids before you roll out of the driveway and front door this morning 567:89:17. live look at blue route 476 up and over the schuylkill expressway. kind of quiet now. we had a quiet first hour but you are waking up now grabbing your coffee things have calmed down a little bit here no major incidents on the major roadways. live look here at the vine street expressway folks coming off of the schuylkill and as you come into the tunnels, the vine street expressway, those new overpasses that they put in here, they don't have any streetlights, so until we see daylight, it looks like we will go through tunnel there coming into downtown. otherwise kind of quiet on i-95 through stadium area, no problems coming through the
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walt whitman bridge. fire location in west chester, wantry road at cromwell lane just off of route 100 just watch for crews responding there. septa off to a good start no problems to report on the regional rail lines but they& have put in a new transit schedule for the city and suburban transit lines. we have a quick lincoln our facebook and twitter page. turnpike connection bridge that remains close sewed remember burlington bristol, scudders or trenton morrisville bridge as your alternates. thomas and karen back to you. 5:18. fists and bullets flying inside a south philadelphia club has left a woman cut and police on the hunt for a shooter. club onyx was the scene on the 2900 block of columbus boulevard. police rolled up 3:30 yesterday morning and found a woman with her leg and shoulder slashed from flying glass. she sailed a big fight broke out and one of the men involved fire a shot that hit the front glass. she's at jefferson hospital in
5:19 am
stable condition. there has been a deadly police involved shooting. it happened in reading on the 200 block of south 12th street on saturday. neighbors say the man, michael stout was threatening them with a shotgun. officers say he point that had gun at them when he was told to drop it. an officer fired, and stout was killed. we have been reporting about a lot of town halls all across this country that have been heated. congressman brendon boyle people there from the 13th district packed first presbyterian church in flourtown. lots of the questions were along what is happening in the white house and the president 's agenda. >> will we have russian ties investigated. we absolutely 100 percent need an outside investigation. >> congressman boyle a democrat said he will hold more town halls across philadelphia and montgomery counties in the coming months. hollywood honored its best of the best last night many were thinking about the family
5:20 am
of actor family bill paxton who died from complication from his surgery. there is no word why the actor had undergone surgery. paxton had rolls in several blockbuster including aliens, twister, apollo 13 and titanic his final big role will be in the thriller the circumstance until post production. paxton was 61 years old. another sad passing judge joseph wap inner of the peoples court has died. retired superior court judge presided over the hit show for 12 years and heard thousands of cases. he was opinionated, passionate , he later received a star on the walk of fame. judge wapner was 97. o.j. simpson could be released earl friday a prison in nevada. october 1st is earliest possible parole date for the 69 year-old, according to the sunday express parole board is expect to recommend his release for good behavior. former nfl star has served& nine out of the three three-year sentence for kidnapping, robbery and assault. all right. how about this, so fresh what
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you can new do with uber, that may make you want to stay home and cook some fresh seafood, wow. for the happen butt.
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in your health this morning the loss of an hour, well, it may be a health concern for woman undergoing
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in vitro fourth lacing. >> this is a new study from boston university. setting clocks forward in springtime doubles number of miscarriages for women who have undergone ivvf. loss of that hour places stress on a woman's body during the early stage of pregnant i. the impact is most pronounced in woman who have already had miscarriaging before. in your money watch, samsung is unveiling two new tablets overnight they un veiled the galaxy book, and, tab s3. they offer 10 or 12-inch screen and run on microsoft 10 this is first major announcement since these problems with the galaxy phones, and samsung's new phone by the way which is galaxy s8 is going to be launched in march. apparently is what oldies new again on the smart phone market. >> so we have got our first look at new nokia3310 phone a blast from the past. remake of the original 3310
5:25 am
which was sold 17 years ago. what was so great it was inn destructible. it has bigger screen, better camera. phone maker is hmd and they bought rights to the nocia brand and releasing several new phones on sale this summer just 50 bucks. price is great. you can still play snake on it >> do you remember what was it >> yes. >> nokia. >> i love those phones. >> uber eats is expand nothing our area. >> service now offering a full array of fresh sea food. ipitleto seafood has partnered to give customers fresh seafood in addition to the sandwiches and salads. the ability to order raw ingredients stinted of the just prepared food is unique to philadelphia. stay tuned for more on that one. before we go to break, this morning's black history moment. we will honor inventor and ophthalmologist patricia bath.
5:26 am
>> first african-american doctor to receive a medical patent in 1986 she invented laser probe which revolutionized the treatment of the cataracts. we will be right back.
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more than 500 graves toppled and now hunt for who is behind this crime. uncertain future, why some of the state universities could be forced to close their doors. and this is a moment we will talk about basically forever. the huge mistake that happened at the oscars last night, and the stunning end, the reactions and we will bracteal down. >> felt so bad for everyone involved especially those who thought they won and then pass envelope to another person. great to have you with us on this i necessity monday morning we will get through it thomas drayton, thomas drayton bob kelly and sue serio. >> mother nature reminding us it is still winter and it has been. >> we have forgot a couple days. >> flowers are blooming and stuff. yeah. but you need that winter coat for sure. there in bus stop buddy's hand it is national strawberry day. cold, winter coat kind of start to your day. we have a temperature in
5:30 am
philadelphia of only 33 degrees. not much wind. at least things have calmed down since yesterday, sunrise time is 6:37. we have 20's in our northern suburbs, even 29 degrees in wildwood, 32 in wilmington, right now, no precipitation, maybe a snow flurry in lancaster county. that shouldn't amount to anything though just a little bit of moisture in the air. we have clouds increasing but we will get to a high of 57 degrees today, warmer then yesterday and sun does not set until 5:51. we are closer to even closer to springtime but still lots of winter to go. we will talk about another roller coaster ride and temperature in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 5:30. live look at the schuylkill express waste looking cool as you work your way in to or out of the city, this is near belmont avenue headlights heading up the hill out of town, out towards belmont, conshohocken as that new apartment building, that they put up, right there, between
5:31 am
manayunkand belmont avenue, live look downtown, vine street expressway cruise did his not work last night so everything is opened, ready for morning rush hour. we are looking good working in and out of the city. ninety-five no problems at all through south philadelphia, we have a fire location in west chester though, police and crews are on the scene with the fire fighters at wantry road and cromwell lanes so just watch out for some local detours off of the route 100. so far so good on septa's regional rail lines no reports of any issues out of the gate this morning. that is good news. over the weekend, septa put into some new changes transit schedule for city and suburban lines. i have put a list of those changes, linked up on my facebook and twitter page. some adjustments are slight, some lines don't have any at all, but your best bet to make sure you have the new timetable before you roll out of the driveway. turnpike connection bridge remains closed to vehicle traffic so we are using burlington bristol, scudders or trenton morrisville bridge.
5:32 am
work crews just pulling up the cones over here in bellmawr, new jersey along 295. karen and thomas back over to you. all right, bob, thank you. members from all religious faiths are banding together after vandals desecrated another jewish cemetery this time in frankford and there are rewards in connection with this case. lets get on it to lauren johnson with the very latest, lauren? >> reporter: hi there karen, that reward $13,000 on the table if anyone can help police find out exactly what happened here at some point saturday night into sunday morning. at this point police do not have a motive or any idea who they are looking for. investigators believe whoever is responsible showed up after dark to do their damage. when it was all over 500 tomb stones had been toppled over inside the cemetery, the news, spread like wild fire on social media and family members, raced to the cemetery , hoping that their loved ones were not affected by the damage. families are complete liz outraged that the mayor of philadelphia is enraged, saying hate has no place in philadelphia. complete strangers hoff no tie
5:33 am
to the families here or this cemetery, showed up here yesterday to show their support. >> we saw headlines and we had to do something. this is not something we can accept or just be passive about and there is plenty of people from the philadelphia community and around the world that don't share the same view s as people that did these activities here, and we're here to show that there is more love in this world then hate. we have to do everything we can to fix wrongs when we see them. >> reporter: cemetery is closed since it is now considered a crime scene. later this afternoon a inter faith press conference is planned with nearly 200 members of our community to address what they call latest act of hate in our country. karen and thomas. >> lauren, thank you. there is a go fund me page to help raise money to repair damage. find that lincoln our web site at fox and look under the seen on tv category. it is 5:34. here we go, happening today, back to court for bill cosby
5:34 am
this morning. his legal team will be looking for a change of venue just days after a small pretrial victory last week. steve keeley on this one out of norristown, steve. >> reporter: cosby turns 80 year-old on july 12th his trial is scheduled to start a month and a week before that on june 5th and before both yet another priest trial hearing cosby and his legal team, asking for the trial to be moved and asking for a jury to be brought into this court house from another county. in a court filing montgomery county's district attorney said cosby is a celebrity alleged to have committed 50 sexual assaults and he cannot expect to find a jury venue, anywhere, that is, completely oblivious to the facts surrounding this case. well, while a ruling on friday on another pretrial motion the judge in cosby's case ruled that one other of those 50 women who is accused cosby of drug and sexually assaulting
5:35 am
her will be allowed to testify in this trial. prosecution had wanted to call 13 of those 50 women. district attorney says, that had the woman known as victim number six be allowed to testify, she will tell the jury all of the evidence established a common plan, scheme, design of sexual abuse , the district attorney says, karen and thomas. >> all right steve, thank you very much. camden county police named a suspect in more than month-old sexual assault and now they need your help to find that person. police are looking for three two-year old ike fitzpatrick who alleged they sexually assaulted and robbed a woman at seventh and thurmon streets in camden on january 13th. if you have seen that suspect or know where he is, they would like to you please call camden county police. now to an uncertain future for some of pennsylvania's public universities. falling enrollment at some of the states 14 colleges may cause some schools to close. pennsylvania's state system of higher education says that it plans to hire a consultant in the next few weeks, they will
5:36 am
look for recommendations that could include consolidating degree programs and revamping the waste some state schools are market to go get new students. cheyney university is one of the schools that could be targeted. it has lost half of the enrollment in the last several years. sometimes you don't have to be big guy when it comes to sports, out there on the court , there is a basketball player who proves size does not matter when you get up and down making shot. >> we will show you coming up but first sean bell with sports in a minute. coming up in sports in a minute daytona 500 had crash after crash after crash. see who could avoid all of the wrecks and get a big win coming up next in sports.
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those are moms. anybody seen my pants? lasts up to two times longer. tide, number 1 rated. good morning, i'm sean bell. the phillies spring training, rolling along and hopefully bats can come alive this season just like they did yesterday. phillies taking on the blue jays up three-two in the third , andres blanco with the solo shot to right. phillies progression on offense will be the difference all season. they have scored 10 runs, beating blue jays 10-three. to college hoops, lasalle taking on u-mass and explorer continues to have a rough, rough year. look at this, u-mass zach lewis with the spin and lewis had 37 pints in this game. explorers lose 84-71. their fourth loss in five games. to the daytona 500 tons of crashes, in the first race of the year, and 10 car collision
5:40 am
right here, through 59 laps to go, jamie mcmurray and chase elliott started this one, a wild last couple of laps. curt bush comes along with his first daytona 500 victory. that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell.
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st. patrick's day parade. we will move it to downtown philadelphia we will start right here, at 16th and jfk, work over to city hall, we will go around city hall and then bam, straight down market street, bypassing, all of the hotels and coming right in and ending in front of the independence hall. it will be great for everybody that is in center city, the winds won't be as windy like we always have on the parkway, plus, the flower show is in so you get a two for one, down to see flower show and come down to the market street and catch st. patrick's day parade when? it is sunday march 12th. if you cannot come down to center city and have some fun with us live, we will be able to bring it to you right here on fox 29. live look at i-95 south, even school buses are rolling this morning. starting to see some delays working your way out of northeast philadelphia into
5:44 am
center city. pockets of volume here on the freeway as monday morning is underway, everybody looks like they are showing up to the office today, opening set for 6:10 mark your clock time to beat burlington bristol bridge set for an opening at 6:10 this morning. remember that burlington bristol that is one option for that turnpike connector bridge that remains closed. septa made changes over weekend they put in a new city , suburban transit schedules for city and suburban lines. some tweaks, some bus routes november tweaks at all but make sure you have a new schedule. i have put a link, on my facebook and twitter page. that turnpike connection bridge remains closed. how do we dress for our monday morning? sueby has that answer in 15 seconds.
5:45 am
all right. we are kind of recapping the almost the end of the month of february. we have got our map and climate straight now we have 1 degree below average with our temperature yesterday so we ended up now with six days, of temperatures below average. today is supposed to be in the 50's. tomorrow supposed to be in the 60's and then wednesday, in the 70's but that is march 1st all and all it looks like we will still end up, with the warmest february we ever had. that is because southeasterly winds will be blowing in today , and it is very cold right now, and a couple of flurries might be showing up in lancaster county. that might be just a cloud indicator but we have clouds rolling in later in the day. here's tomorrow morning with the possibility of a shower or two, maybe six or 7:00 o'clock in the morning and a warm front comes through and then that means warmer temperatures but it also means a possibility of more showers maybe in the evening. then a couple of showers, way ahead of the cold front that
5:46 am
comes through on wednesday, late afternoon, it looks like we will be ragging and rolling just like we did on saturday afternoon because before this front comes through we will get in the 70's, again just like we did on saturday, so, again, some of those storms could be strong to severe even lasting in the overnight hours and that is wednesday into thursday. right now temperatures 33 in philadelphia. thirty down in dover, delaware 24 degrees in allentown. go further north we are still in the 20's, hazelton 25. reading 26. trenton is 30 degrees. checking south jersey ocean city i we have 36 but we only have 22 in millville. down in cumberland county and 33 degrees in lieu is, delaware. so, winds are calm. we don't have a wind chill to talk about. we're checking records for wednesday because that is supposed to be warmest day of the week. forecasted high of 74. record for wednesday is 76. that will be the first day of march, so, it looks like march will come in like a lamb,
5:47 am
temperature wise, but maybe kind of least onish with the thunderstorms we're forecasting and then gets chilly again for the first half of the weekend. it could be milder by sunday. lots of ups and downs, guys not that seven day forecast. >> that is the truth. thanks, sue. so this was an oscars that everybody is talking about. let's bring you the moment. they announced rock film for best picture last night, lets take a look. >> the academy award for best picture. >> you're awful, come on. >> la la land. >> there is a mistake. moon light, you guys won best picture. >> moon light won. >> this is not a joke. >> this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. >> this is not a joke, moon light has won best picture. moon light, best picks tour.
5:48 am
>> i opened up the envelope and it said emma stone, la la land. that is why i took such a long look at feye and at you, i was than the trying to be funny. >> well, you were funny. >> all right. so one more, to talk about that other big winners, case a fleck wins for his role, best actr manchester by the sea. also best actress goes to emma stone for la la land. and then, best supporting actress in fences, and there is emma. there is viola davis. she did phenomenally. she's first african-american women to win oscar, emmy, tony award for acting. also for best supporting actor , ali with his role in moon light which did win the whole thing. we like the awards but we love
5:49 am
the passion. one of the most favorite parts of the whole show when you get to see who wore what. we have torey's take on the fashion. >> good morning. >> how are you. >> good. >> i didn't see outside nicole kidman looked stunning. >> yes. >> fabulous. who wore it right and what it was like. >> first let's start with taraji p henson my girl from empire. taraji looked beautiful this this black alberto gown, very old hollywood with the high slit, neck line brought sexi ness, jimmy chew accessory , i love it. >> next up,. >> next up we have janelmonet. people were just like what, but i thought she looked great for monet, perfect for her personality. i just throughout beading and detailing, everything, it was just absolutely perfection on her. and the belt, she had a belt which was, again, a big trend last night. it was huge.
5:50 am
women wore belts on their gowns. christie teigen and a few others. so i thought janel looked beautiful. that little cut. just perfect. >> i'm looking at the skirt portion of that, that looks like it is all -- >> it is all beaded, i nose. >> dangerously time, louie the 14th or something. >> yes, pretty cool. >> for her she's so spongy, and she likes to stand out, be different. for her it was perfect. >> who is next. >> next up i think we have haley steinfield and this was just so roman continuing, beautiful. she war this lavender floral print with metal i can accessories and gown. >> no, that is not her. >> no, that is not her. >> she wore a gorgeous gown and it was beautiful. she was my favorite, favorite, favorite. i promise, it was pretty. we will look at it later. >> we have viola davis. >> we should have viola davis. it was a big night for her. she looked like a winner. she wore a red armoni, this
5:51 am
was beautiful this halter gown with the drape sleeves, that short haircut. i was just like yes, honey, yes. >> her make up was on point and she gave an emotional acceptance speech. >> she looked like a winner. fit her to a t. it was totally made for her armani. >> this was another big look what emma stone. >> yes. >> another winner and what she wore. >> yes, i love it. i love this awards season she has kept true with la la land. she looked great with a fringe number and gold, it looked great with her red hair. she had red lip. she was absolutely beautiful. >> there was a lot of nudes on women too. >> yes. >> big trend. >> metallics. >> everybody wants to be a oscar statue. >> jessica beal a beautiful woman. >> mrs. timberlake she cannot go wrong, cough and franco this beautiful gold dress. she wore this tiffany necklace that really just set it off.
5:52 am
i thought she looked great. simple hair was perfect. only thing i thought with her hairy wish it would have been a more defined bun, more defined slick back look. it was just they slicked it and just left it back there to hang out for some odd reason but other than that she looked beautiful this dress fit her just amazingly. >> her hair looks a little bit like. >> it is like a pin up but it is just like bobby pins. >> it was beautiful, sort of amish. >> that is what it looks like. >> i wish it was more a nice defined slick back bun but other than that she looked great. >> how about halle berry. >> oh, halle. >> gown was beautiful. right off the runway in versace but that hair. >> yeah. >> i have to call her grandmother to see if she's missing anything. it is a bird's nest. i don't know what happened to that hair. we missed the short haircut, what is this.
5:53 am
>> maybe she just wanted more hair and rock something. >> that is not it. >> she was the talk. i had so many text messages last night, jen fred and other friends they were like halle berry's hair, really. when she walked over i was like what? >> yes. >> dress was beautiful but hair brought it all down. >> sometimes people want a new look we will get to them later we are out of time. thank you. please come back. >> let us know what your favorites were for the dresses and outfits and use our #fox 29 good day. so much more coming up on good day we will be right back with restaurant week coming up, yum , yum, yum, i'm ready.
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come monday it did come once again as it always does. we will make the best of this day. i got something good, how about this, a favorite food promotion returning to south philadelphia today. we're talking about restaurant week east passyunk restaurant week. take part in the three course meal for 15 to 35 bucks, and they have got a whole bunch of restaurant, at least 20, this will last until march 10th. phenomenal. two for price of one. sometimes when you are shortest person on the court you have to improvise, that is what nate robinson did at 5- foot nine. he plays for delaware 87ers which is, affiliate of the sixers. he gets trapped by two players
5:57 am
he goes right through their feet. do you see that, he went right through, in one else on the floor could do that. he gets it to the rim, takes it down, good moves right there. how about this drama in daze tone a. find out which driver survived a wreck filled race to win his first ever 500. back in court bill cosby goes back to before a judge what his defense team is requesting now just days after a legal victory. lots more "good day philadelphia" still to come.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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i have no idea what kind of person would do this, i just haven't had time to cry. unimaginable act of vandalism, hundreds of headstones, toppled in a jewish cemetery in northeast philadelphia. who is stepping up to help repair damage. also ahead bill cosby due back in court today what he will be asking the judge to change in his upcoming sexual assault trial. the academy award. >> come on, la la land. >> this is not a joke, moon light has won best picture. >> oscars fail wrong winner announced for big award of the night, how it happened plus other big winners at last night's academy award. >> note to self, carefully read the envelope. >> yeah, really. >> make sure you have


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