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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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community centers as police investigate graves says did he say crated as jewish cemetery. >> attack a cemetery where you're attacking people who are defenseless. >> yet people of all states are standing up together against this. plus a change for bill cosby's sex assault trial. who will make up the jury that decides his fate? >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. across the country over and over again attacks and threats against jewish organizations and cemeteries have not only police investigating but the feds as well. that includes here at home. the fbi is investigating whether the incidents are hate crimes. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live from mount car ma mel cemetery in frankford. dave. >> that's right, iain and lucy. we can tell you the fbi is looking into this case to see if
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a hate crime was committed. meantime, leaders from several different ree live juice groups are speaking out against this act. >> they're not meant to be moved. they're built to last forever. roar report desecration at mt. carmel jewish cemetery in frank toward is so personal many came to honor the dead despite not having family buried. here couple traveled down from new york. >> we wanted to come and pay tribute and pay respect and try and lift up the tomb stone or two if we can. >> just very could you warily act that undercover of darkness people would come in and attack people who can't defend themselves. >> reporter: philadelphia police say about 100 tombstones were toppled sometime saturday but volunteers cleaning up say that number could be closer to 500. police say so far there's no surveillance and no clue twos who would do this and now the fbi is investigating. >> happy physical they were not
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damage. it hurts just as much. >> philadelphia mayor not mincing words. >> if were my family in holy cross cemetery i'd be just as angry and this ethnic religious and bigotry needs to stop. >> reporter: over at the lutheran seminary in mt. airy, a call for solidarity from nearly 200 inter faith leaders. >> this is philadelphia. any act of desecration towards a place of worship, a place of resting for our dead is totally unacceptable. >> reporter: this afternoon, city officials say the philadelphia building trades will restore the had he stones for free and the ibew union will cover the installation of security cameras. meanwhile, those evaluating the damage struggle to understand. >> so hard to fathom they would go after some tombstones and people that as i said should be resting in peace. >> reporter: a $13,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the suspect or
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suspects. back to you. >> all right, dave. thank you. of course around our area jewish people are feeling uneasy not just with the cemetery did he say crated with bomb threats now called into three local jewish community centers. they came in to centers in pennsylvania including our part of the state also in delaware and new jersey. >> ton night police are stepping up patrols let's get straight to fox 29's dave schratwieser life in cherry hill. dave? >> reporter: lucy, cherry hill police, camden county prosecutor' office and the fbi are now looking into the incident here this morning. they have stepped up patrols tonight around the jcc here on springdale road as investigators try to determine just who called in that bomb threat. it was just after 10:30 monday morning when a phone call to the katz jewish community center on springdale road indicated there was a bomb in the facility. >> we got additional information from the witnesses the person who took the call and called in additional resources including bomb dogs. >> reporter: everyone in the
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building was quickly evacuated as police, k9 units and investigators from the county prosecutor's office arrived on scene. a full search of the building quickly followed. nothing was found and people were allowed back in just afternoon. >> very disheartening much there's no room for hatred and this type of ignorance in cherry hill at all. >> we would hope that, you know, through the assistance of some of our federal partners and as well as our county partners that we can be hopeful to find a resolution to this and bring the people that are doing it to justice. >> our earlier y delaware the seagull jewish community center on garden of eden road received a telephone bomb there. the building was evacuated. police and k9 units did a full explosive sweep of the entire structure and found nothing. these repeated threats at jcc's across the country have the community on edge. >> this community this jewish community we're strong, we're pulling together and are not going to stand for it. >> reporter: bomb threats were
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condemned by local politicians and the bishop of the diocese of camden. one local congressman is asking for federal funds to protect south jersey's jewish communities. >> we appreciate any support that we can good from the congressman. >> we can use more funds. we use as much technology as we can get but you can always use more. >> reporter: now those also a bomb threat called in at jccc in harrisburg today. again folk here at the jcc here in cherry hill were allowed back inside around 12:45 everything has been pretty much normal this afternoon. extra police patrols out here and the investigation is continuing. iain? >> dave, thank you. we of course are staying on top of the developments in this story. you can always get the latest on our website, just head to even when you're away from your television. >> fox 29 weather authority right now. warming up yet again. folks at rittenhouse square enjoying the day. it wasn't that warm. warmer than normal. i know it's. warmer than normal. this dry and -- has ban warm
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winter. >> used to 70s. >> right. it's changing yet again. just such -- wacky out there, kathy orr. that's all i can think? lucy how warm do you want it to be. >> i don't. i'm worried about the planet. >> yeah, i know. i'm with you on that one. my flowers were popping over the weekend. it was pretty scary out there. today's highs across the delaware valley were nearly 10 degrees above normal. consider the normal high is 47 for this time of year we've been so spoiled we don't even know what normal is for february. wilmington, philadelphia, even trenton made 50s lower 50s for reading and allentown and atlantic city allentown at 52. that's february. it's still hard to believe. we're looking at high pressure off the coast it will allow the clouds and some moisture to build in maybe a few spritzes here a few sprinkles over the course of the evening. otherwise, just fairly mild with a cloud cover and light southerly wind that will continue still 52 in the city. 48 in allentown. spring skiing conditions in the poconos at 40 degrees.
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overnight tonight, 34 in the mountains. 41 in millville. trenton 40 degrees. philadelphia around 43 and 45 in dover. so that's pretty mild for this time of year. and then looking ahead in the seven day forecast, we'll talk about some showers moving in for your tuesday. we'll time them out. near record warmth again but that record warmth is going to end way boom. just like it did on saturday. with a threat of severe weather. we'll time the out for you coming up with the seven day. it will be very active weather week as we head into march. i'll see you later. >> all right. thank you very much, kathy. talk soon happening right now bill cosby sexual us a salt trial will stay right in montgomery county. so says a judge who today denied a request from cosby's lawyers to move it elsewhere. the trial staying put the judge is going to allow a jury to come from another part of the state. >> bruce gordon reports on the latest developments from today's hearing in norristown. >> reporter: if the cosby trial jury were selected exclusively from those locals who show up to greet the legendary comedian on his way in to court --
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>> we still love you, bill. >> thank you. mr. cosby anything to say today? >> he innocent. he's an innocent man. that's what he got to say. >> reporter: his defense team might not have asked for an imported jury. but cosby' lawyers claim the jury pool in montco has been tainted by unfair media coverage that branded the entertainer a serial rapist long before the first trial witness take the stand. inside the courtroom, defense attorney brian mcmonagle characterized some reporters and pundants as engaging in a sinister competition to destroy cosby to demonize him. he asked judge steven o'neill to move the june trial out of norristown. at least select trial jury from somewhere else in pennsylvania. cosby is charged with sexual assaulting andrea constand former temple university athletic department employee inside his cheltenham mansion back in 2004. cosby claims the sexual contact was consensual. attorney mcmonagle pointed to the campaign attack ads still bouncing around the internet
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that helped elect kevin steele montgomery county's district attorney. in it he blasts his opponent's decision not to prosecute cosby. >> many more victims came forward and castor admitted he can have used their testimony against cosby but he didn't try. >> prosecutors argued that moving the trial out of norristown was unnecessary. but agreed press coverage has been pervasive didn't not fight the idea of importing a jury. judge o'neill agreed. ruling the trial will stay in montgomery county but with a jury selected from elsewhere in pennsylvania. >> what do you think you get from jury that's not from montgomery county? >> no audible response there but you might have been able to notice a quick smile an thumbs up from mcmonagle in response to my question. inn court he made it clear he would prefer a jury selected from philadelphia where there is somewhat more racial diversity than here in montgomery county. but that call will be in the hands of the state supreme cou court. they'll decide in the text days and weeks where the jury comes from. it's been said that a trial can
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be one or lost during jury selection. we may get a chance to fine out n norristown, bruce gordon fox 29 news. accused killer back in camden county court today for a plea deal. part of timothy donnelly's plea deal admit he shot and killed kathleen cobble. prosecutors say he gunned down her during a home invasion robbery in gloucester township in 2013. the victim was house sitting for her mother when she was murdered on mayflower drive. this south jersey guy you see here is in jail tonight on child porn charges. detectives seized the phone of 32-year-old franco sylvestri from barrington. found his downloading history. charged with distribution and possession of child pornography. president trump first 100 getting ready for his first address to congress. less than 24 hours before the speech the white house is sharing some details of what you can expect. speaking to the nation's governors at the white house, president trump shared what he plans to focus on in his joint address to congress tomorrow at
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the top of his agenda. a new budget calling for a $54 billion increase in defense spending. the president will also reveal his more detailed plan for reforming the tack code and over hauling president obama's affordable care act. and democrats are already pushing back. >> what happened to the president we saw in the campaign trail? railing against the special interests. turns out, the special interests are getting their way at the expense of working americans. less coverage, higher premiums, fewer sick people insured. >> reportedly the administration could make major cuts to the environmental protection agency and state department budgets. but will leave social security and medicare alone. you can watch the president's address to congress tomorrow evening right here on fox 29 starting at 9:00 followed immediately by fox 29 news. coming up a thief got away in the dark of night and he swipes something pretty strange
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sean, steph curry in the house tonight. yeah, the court is lit for steph curry. not lit for the sixers team. a lot of disappointing news coming out today. brett brown shows frustration for the first time. that's coming up later in sports. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet
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♪ >> thieves on the loose in queen village second of the city. police are hoping you can catch the guy responsible. surveillance cameras captured this man taking pot the plants from a home on the 100 block of bainbridge street. so if you know anything, give police a call. the dog who may have played roll in an olney man's death has been euthanized. an autopsy will determine how the 21-year-old man died. victim and pitbull were found in an apartment on rising sun avenue saturday. witness told fox 29 he saw the dog attack the man. the dog was taken in by animal control and then acct philly. police continue to investigate. mass history month comes to an end local leaders are
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remembering a first. >> at the fireman's hall museum in old city, this monday it was all about commissioner harold hairston. he was philadelphia's first african-american fire commissioner. he passed away last year. but today firefighters and the museum celebrated his life and legacy. those who worked with him and new him say he was a true pioneer in the city forging a path for african-americans. >> the first african-american to lead the nation's fifth largest fire department. for this reason commissioner hairston will always represent equality. for the young men and women of color growing up in philadelphia, they saw that hard work, dedication and ability will ultimately lead to the recognition they deserve. >> commissioner hairston was an army veteran who served 40 years with the philadelphia fire department. in old city a celebration of past sports today the department of states philadelphia passport agency blew out 50 candles but the agency is accomplished a lot
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when it opened in 1967, it issued 35,000 passports. now the agency gives out nearly 220,000 passports to local residents every year. do you want to free tree or two because leaders fairmount park conservancy and td bank joining together to give away trees. you can register with tree philly through march 27th and might just get one over the neck month you'll see a social media campaign to help get the word out calls for celelb trees and feature local celebrities pro potting trees. >> can you say it? >> celebridrees. >> did you a good job. kathy can say it. >> no. >> hard. >> it is hard one. >> i was just practicing. >> celeb trees. >> celebtrees. >> you're a celeb tree? >> you got it? [ laughter ] >> oh, no, it's monday, guys. >> yeah. >> take look at old city philadelphia. that's my only excuse.
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right now the temperature 52. the high today 54. winds out of the west southwest at 10 miles an hour and i'll tell you, these temperatures are running about five to 10 degrees above normal and you can see how we made it to our high temperature between 2:00 and 4:00 and then by 5:00 o'clock the temperature dropped off but the days are getting longer. you'll see the high temperatures occurring later in the day. right now, we're looking at a mild stretch. friday and saturday the 70s. yesterday we dipped down below average. today back above normal and that's the way it will be for the next couple of days. we have some 50s, 60s and 70s even 80s to the south and west. this will make a run into the region once again before the month ends and as we begin the month of march. as we go hour by hour, you'll see mostly cloudy sky tonight. tomorrow morning a few showers. especially through south jersey moving up the coastal plane. then we get break during the day and by the evening more showers and thunderstorms about 7:00 o'clock along the i-95, 495 corridor.
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and then moving through the philadelphia area during the late night hours. then wednesday is the main eve event. we're in the warm sector. we have some showers moving through midday but then a cold front comes in to break this heat. when it does it will move through with a bank. showers and thunderstorms wednesday late afternoon and evening. some of these could be strong and even severe. there is a slight risk of severe weather for wednesday as we look ahead. main storm impacts damaging winds. there is a threat of hail and also potential for flooding rain with these downpour downpours. we'll keep an eye on that late wednesday. but overnight tonight it's quiet. mostly cloudy, cool, 42. the high tomorrow even warmer. at least ten to 15 degrees warmer than today. we'll go for 68 with some rain showers especially in the evening. most of day rain free for most of us we won't see any rain until the nighttime. tomorrow 60s. some 50s but very comfortable day and of course in the afternoon through millville and even through wildwood a chance of few spotty showers.
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as we look ahead on your seven day forecast, wow. great warmth is possible on wednesday. the record is 76 we're going for a high of 75 only off by 1 degree so it's quite possible we could tie that record of 76 set back in 1972. we cool it down and by next we week, we warm it back up. that's a look at your seven day forecast. march looking pretty good. >> all right. thank you, kathy. not looking so good for the 76ers little bit of disappointing news for fans. >> little bit? >> oh, my goodness. another day, another injury. sean bell is at the wells fargo center. what's going on, sean? >> yeah, there's been disappointment this whole month, okay. injuries and everything else, we're going to talk about that and this building right now is electric for the warriors. so we'll break down the game tonight and break down why we've had such a disappointing month. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ that is joel embiid on the side lines. unfortunately, that's where he's going to be. probably for the rest of the year. embiid is now going to be out indefinitely because he had soreness and swelling in his knee and that is not the news that they wanted to hear. we thought we might see him back at some point in the season. but that's not what is actually going to be. out indefinitely is big big problem. soreness and swelling with 23 games left. why even risk putting this guy back in. so it looks like he's done for the season. it will be on the side -- he'll
6:25 pm
be on the side lines. i spoke to coach brett brown about this situation. for the first time he showed a lot of frustration. >> different weak moments, you know, you get a little bit frustrated, but when you really sort of look at your purpose of trying to take some punches and hits in order to move the program forward, you know, i'm not 30 years old. um, i'm fine, and i really believe in what we're doing. >> it's really really hard to believe when these things keep keep happening. some more news from ben simmons as you know he's already out for the season. but he had a procedure done today that hopefully will promote some healing. he'll be back to work and back on the court in a week and also the released andrew bogut. they acquired him via trade. he's probably going sign with the cleveland cavaliers. and have a shot for championship team. now let's go to the phillies and the tampa bay -- listen, franco
6:26 pm
is killing it. he didn't play well today. he's killing his spring traini training. third homer of spring training. but the phillies go owes on to lose, seven-two. and villanova still number two. that's little bit of a surprise. only behind kansas after losing last week. they thought they would drop off little bit. but there's still number two. and it looks like they're going to have that number one seed in the ncaaa tournament. once again the building is electric right now for the warriors. not for the sixers. so it's a problem. more injuries. more issues. not happy. back to you guys. >> kd was right behind you with the beats headphones on. >> shut him down tonight. >> we'll see what happens. that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪ fios in the house!
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worst oscar blunder ever. >> there's a mistake. >> the moment everyone's buzzing about. >> this is not a joke. moonlight has won best picture. >> moment by moment how it happened from the accountant's under siege. >> all the winners are in here. >> to the chaos backstage, and it's happened before. >> oh. >> how she saved the show when she was handed the wrong envelope at the daytime emmy's. >> then, gary from chicago. >> how gary from chicago stole the show. >> how are you? >> all aboard the tour bus that changed their lives. >> we're on the tour bus. >> and red hot red carpet fashion. >> emma, charlize, halle's wild hair. >> the fashion


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