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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  February 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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story. joins us live now. dave? >> reporter: lucy, just a vicious crime. we can tell you the victim just got out of the icu yesterday but still in the hospital. detectives slowly but surely trying to get information about her attacker in a situation that left her with a bag, shopping bag covering her face. east brandywine police officers monitor this home on creek road as the relative of a 72-year-old woman assaulted and bound in this home inspects the property. police say the elderly woman was locked in closet for four days after someone savagely beat her before stealing her car and a laptop. this semi rural community is alarm. >> yes, i'm concerned. i think everybody will be concerned. >> to me that's my mom. it's my mom's age. and regardless of the age, you know, especially female, come on. >> reporter: investigators tell fox 29 police were called to the home this past sunday by a woman who said she found her
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mother-in-law beaten and bound in the closet. the horrific crime happening sometime wednesday. police say the victim was severely dehydrated after being locked away for so long. >> i think it shakes my daughters up more than it shakes me up. >> i'm like i was out yesterday. when i came back to get out of the car until you called me and tell me you're home. >> reporter: that's what they told you. >> yes. i had to come in and then they would, you know, call me again and then they would check. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say the victim did not remember much other than getting out of her car, being grabbed from the back and struck in the head by a man dressed all in black. chester county has seen other violent home invasions in recent months but detectives largely believe this is a separate incident. >> we can't prevent crime from occurring but if we all pay attention to our neighbors we can keep them from being tied up in closet for four days. which is something. >> reporter: and police have released this description of the
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vehicle belonging to the victim. the vehicle they're looking for a silver 2013 base model fiat 500 with license plate that reads j tj 0600. 2013 silver fiat 500. jtj 0600. give police a call if you have any information on this crime. back to you. >> dave, thank you. also developing to night, a lot of attention on philadelphia but for all the wrong reasons. the us attorney's office is now joining the fbi as it continues to investigate vandalism at a jewish cemetery in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. and tonight the cleanup continues after someone toppled over more than 100 gravestones at the mt. carmel cemetery it happened few days ago but there was so much damage that volunteers are still working to clean up the mess. today, the city, community and religious leaders congregated at the cemetery to condemn the attacks on the jewish community which included yesterday's bomb threats against three local jewish community centers and
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emotions are still running high. >> this sad thing i'm just not surprised and i'm saddened that i'm not surprised. i really can't believe in this day and age my children, my daughter, my 16-year-old daughter is here cleaning a toppled over gravesite from jews. >> there is a growing riri ward of $13,000 for any information connected to that vandal ditch. in addition to the cemetery vandalism across the country including in our area monday at least 31 bomb threats reported called in to jewish community centers or day schools according to the jcc association of north america. this week's threats mark the fifth series of attacks this year. delaware police say a drunk driver is responsible for a crash involvin involving a dart. prosecutors charge 37-year-old james mullen from wilmington with the dui. cops say he was driving on i-95 yesterday just south of route 141 when he suddenly changed lanes crashed into
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another car which then hit the dart bus. six people are hurt, though, they'll all be okay. mullen is not injured. another mardi gras celebration with another driver plowing into the parade. this time it happened in alabama this morning. days after the same thing in new orleans. and this time the driver plowed into a marching band injuring a dozen students. four of them are in critical condition tonight. the students are between 12 and 17 years old. officials say it does not appear to be an intentional act. they still don't know why the 73-year-old driver accelerated. >> i can see kids stuck underneath the vehicle, and other ones fleeing and some just rolling behind it. people running out of the parade trying to help pull the kids out from underneath. >> police say the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. they are right now talking with him. montgomery county prosecutors today charged a collegeville man for allegedly
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walking into a high school locker room and then recording. john lions, jr., facing invasion of privacy charges. state police say that he entered the perkiomen valley high school back on february 18th during a swim meet and then allegedly started recording video inside a locker room full of female swimmers. no word yet on when he'll face judge. >> fox 29 weather authority right now. live look along the ben franklin parkway. another crazy warm day near record yet again which is good because i forgot my coat today. big storm, big storms are about to roll on through. meteorologist kathy orr standing by nearly sleeve less. >> girl, you need your raincoat. >> i know i do. >> yeah. we have rain moving in. some warmth but some rain. temperatures yes running close to 20 degrees above normal tod today. look at this. the temperature 64 degrees. highs in the mid 60s. the normal high is around 47 this time of year. we have some warm air building in and it's coming in with these rain showers and they've already made it through lancaster and
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into chester county, and they'll make it toward philadelphia. so if you're going out tonight, make sure you pack an umbrella some of these will have heavy downpours associated with them. so between west bradford, 76, out to 202 into chester county, you have the rain moving in and it's heading toward delaware county. right now light rain but you'll be seeing heavier rain within the next half hour. temperatures still mild with that southerly flow mainly in the 60s. 53 in the poconos. 55 in dover and right now in wildwood it is 58 degrees. overnight tonight, still mild. look at these are overnight lo lows. 55 in the city. forty-eight 48 in the poconos. wilmington 53 as temperatures soar near record levels tomorrow but that will set the stage for a severe threat tomorrow afternoon with some gusty winds. potential for damaging winds. we'll talk more about the warmth and the storms coming up with your seven day forecast. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, kathy, thanks. as president trump's first 100 days in office continue to move forward he's set to give
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his first address before joint session of congress tonight's speech expected to focus on a number of economic issues like health care, infula structure and increasing military spending. of course you can watch the speech live right here on fox 29 at 9:00. meantime, in an interview on fox and friends this morning, the president talked about who he think social security behind a number of on-going anti trump protests. >> no, i think that president obama is behind it his people are certainly behind it, and some of the leaks possibly come from that group, you know, some of the leaks which are really very serious leaks, because they're very bad in terms of national security. but... >> coming at 5:30 we'll take closer look at the president's address to congress tonight and we'll talk live with fox news anchor shepard smith. meanwhile, house speaker paul ryan insists the white house and congress are working together on a plan to repeal and replace obama care. >> he acknowledges republicans do not see eye to eye on this but says the gop focused
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oncoming up with legislation that gives americans more choices and he says the current laws not sustainable. >> democrats made it very clear with us that they don't have any interest in repealing obama care. the democrats want to go down with the sinking ship. obama care is a collapsing law. our whole purpose is to improve access to affordable health care coverage regardless of whether you have a pre-existing condition or not. >> ryan says obama care discriminates against people who don't get health care coverage through their job because of the tax penalty for not buying insurance. the statement came after three senate republicans dismissed the emerging house plan as obama care light and said they would oppose it. some of the ideas floating around revamped medicaid program and tax breaks to help people pay doctors bills. chris christie is marking another last tonight as governor of new jersey. governor christie in trenton addressing the democratic lead legislature for this final budget proposal. with 11 months left in his term,
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this year's proposal lacked some of the drama we saw last year when he clashed with lawmakers about transportation funding. governor christie says his biggest foles for the budget are lowering faxes, controlling spending and enhancing the state's pension system, funding schools and confronting the opioid crisis. fighting the addiction crisis facing new jersey has and will continue to be a top priority in my tenure as governor. we have made unprecedented increases in the amount of funding provided for addiction services since i took office. some lawmakers didn't waste any time taking to social media to criticize the governor's address. among his critics issues, his failure to include a sweeping education funding overhaul which he pushed last year. happening right now, details unveiled for major event coming to philadelphia in late april. the eyes of the sports world will be on the ben franklin parkway. >> after stops in new york and chicago the nfl draft is coming home to philly dan the nfl kind
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of gave us a peek about what will happen in its big event. sean bell you're on the clock. >> guys, about to be a big, big party on the ben franklin parkway for the nfl draft on april 27th to the 29th philadelphia will shut down the parkway and transform it into an nfl fantasy experience. it will be a free expansive outdoor football festival. check out what it's supposed to look like come april. huge stage, areas where fans will get to tailgate and try out some best food in fill and some of the best restaurants around and there's even going to be a columbine corner an area where fans get to run the 40-yard dash and do some of the thing the rookies do at the nfl combine. it's going to be an event with over 200,000 people a great, great look for the city. >> this is the birthplace of the nfl draft. as many people know the first draft took place here in the conference room at the ritz carlton in 1936.
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come a long way since then for sure. >> what philadelphia is going to do is going to be absolutely mind blowing. chicago did a great job the last couple of years. but i know what philadelphia can do. i've seen the renderings and part of the process. 200,000 people on the parkway. 40 million people project to be watching on television. and economic impact of over $80 million to our community. it's going to be special. it's going to put philadelphia on the map. >> later in sports ron jaworski will actually talk about what the eagles need to do in this draft and what they need to accomplish. luce glee thank you sean bell. one woman has big problem with unwanted house guests. snakes moved in. she wants to move out. the problem her landlord and the deposit. i'm living paycheck to paycheck. i really need that money. >> why the landlord says he has the right to keep the money. >> it's been a mild winter. good news for your heating bill, right? not so fast.
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why pgw says that warm weather that we've enjoyed cost you? ♪ >> it's hank. i'm in delaware state house regulations are rubbing massage therapists like the wrong way. hank's take coming up. >> new at 6:00 lost and found. tsa gives important advice about how to keep track of your stuff. ♪ question, are my teeth yellow?
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they're already blooming. we're in the -- >> too early. >> it is. we're in the final weeks of very warm winter. one of several in recent years. so natural gas is plentiful. natural gas home heating for efficient than ever before. >> so why is the philadelphia gas works asking state regulators for permission to jack up your monthly bill by more than 11%? we asked our bruce gordon to find out some answers. >> reporter: pgw office on frankford avenue, bill paying customers were not happy to hear the utility is looking to hit them with a double digit rake hike, 11-point 3% hike to be exact. >> i think it's a disgrace. it's-enough. how they expect to us maintain our bills they keep going up and up and up. we can't do it. especially if you live on social security like myself. >> that's too much. i'm an a fixed income. and most of my money ties up with my rent and everything, and i don't -- i can't really afford that much for it. >> hard to deal with.
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got to -- because it's already kind of expensive on the winter we spend a lot of gas. so they should like give us a break. right? >> reporter: pgw serves nearly half a million residential customers in our area. utility says since its last rate increase in 2010, winters have been warmer and homes and appliances have been more energy efficient much that's good news, right? well on the pgw website the utilities president and ceo says those factors have quote caused our sales volume to drop by over 11% since 2009. i took my confusion to pgw's spokesman barry o'sullivan. >> i'm being more fish. i'm being asked to be more efficient. when i do that i still see a rate increase. >> it's a fare question. >> reporter: o sullivan says without that increase natural gas supply and greater efficiency they're rate hike request would be far larger. he says while the price of the gas itself is down, the cost of delivering it is up. so too are lots of other costs
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associated with running the business. >> the cost of pipe is outside of our control. the cost of health care continues to raise nationally and biscuits in general are going up and that's unfortunate while we have to come back and ask for this rate hike. >> many smaller rate hikes are being proposed for commercial and industrial customers. the public utility commission will take look at all these plans, hold public hearings in the months to come, and could approve the increases by the end of this year. just when i thought i had this whole supply and demand thing figured out. iain? >> just never works in our favor, bruce. >> reporter: nope. >> thank you. philadelphia city leaders want suburban businesses to try out working in the city. today mayor jim kenney announced the commerce department is launching gateway philly it's incentive program to get companies to set up satellite offices in philly. commerce department will reimburse companies $30,000 in rent. mayor kenney says the program allows companies to experience the benefits of having a city office without the long-term commitment.
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>> the test drive of our city so that it stab a business, small proportion, 20, 30, 40, 100 jobs and see how it goes and i'm sure it will go very well and hopefully they'll decide to move more folks in here. >> businesses have to commit to at least a year for a minimum of 20 employees. companies can apply for the program on the city's website. ♪ police raiding massage parlors nothing new often with prostitution charge that is follow. delaware cracking down on crook parlors with a new bill in the state legislature but is it punishing legit practitioners. hank flynn decided to get a massage while answering that question. ♪ >> reporter: ahh! ahh! ♪ >> reporter: oh my neck is a train wreck, man. yeah little tension over in
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delaware as i found out today when i went for a massage. >> light touch. you can also be. >> reporter: oh wow. here's the rub delaware massage therapist like chris don't like a bill work through state legislature. if it passes he says it could change the way he does business. >> the folks who wrote this law primarily concerned about dealing with human trafficking. >> right. >> and without consulting with massage professionals they didn't realize the implications that their wording would have on our businesses as well. >> reporter: chris is talking about bill 35 which would amend state codes for massage and body work establishments. first, chris' business and he's the only employee would have to be licensed. he's already licensed individually. the bill also reads that officials can inspect any massage establishment without prior consent. chris says that goes against the entire point of a client's vis visit. >> it would be difficult for me
5:20 pm
to do a good massage if i was constantly worried about whether an inspector is going to be knocking on my door while i'm trying to work with client. >> reporter: i was thinking about all of that and loose as goose actual as i drove north to visit with the senator short in claymont. he is the legislator that is sponsoring the bill. >> first short says the bill is about curbing human trafficking and prostitution which he says is happening in delaware and in illegal massage parlors. >> it's a significant problem, and it's problem that's on the rise with of. we've actually had a spike in illicit mass satisfy businesses in delaware as well as in the seventh district. >> reporter: but he says the concerns of chris and other legit therapists are being hurt. he'll be adjusting language in the bill to make it clearer says but the licensing he says is nothing that salons and barbershops haven't been living with more for years and licensing fees will likely run in the 20 or $40 range.
5:21 pm
>> this legislation is in place to strengthen our communities and protect people who are actually victims in those businessebusinesses. [ laughter ] ♪ >> reporter: one national group the associated body work and massage professional stands behind chris and others asking why new law boss matter if the ones in place are being broken? good question. short says he's got the numbers to pass his bill. >> dude -- >> the next legislative session picks up mid march. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ huge sipping hole opens up new jersey street and takes an suv down. why where it was parked ends up being a bad idea. probably because of that, right? >> it's a new twist crime fighting that gives cops the clues real time. tonight we take you on a high high-tech hunt for a killer. violent outburst outside a police department. man with a bat starts banking
5:22 pm
away on a window. what happens just hyped him that he never saw coming. ♪
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during our 10:00 o'clock show. three people on the plain died. two others on the plane are badly hurt. officials say a husband, a wife and three teenagers were returning home to san jose after a cheerleading competition at disney land. no one on the ground is hurt. an suv in hoboken this morning came after a 12-inch water main break flooded the streets there. look at that suv was park right on top of where that water main break it got trapped under the water. after a giant hole opened up in the ground. why the water main broke is now under investigation. a man walk up to police department window with a bat started going to town. then one officer showed the man who's in charge. >> watch how this unfolded in west company vino, california now to the far from los angeles. man hit the department window few times as three women sat in the lobby they ran to safer location during this scare but an officer was watching from outside he runs up and tackles the guy before he could real dollar any damage.
5:26 pm
the glass was never broken. the man was taken into custody after being treated at the hospital for some minor injuries. it's not clear what started this violent outburst. another controversy for the trump white house. why this photo has a lot of folk buzzing on social media. and after sunday's big blunder at the academy awards, what the group behind the oscars says it's doing to make sure there's never another mix up like that again. kathy? we are talking about warm temperatures across the delaware valley but here come the showers, typing them out this evening and the threat of severe weather for tomorrow coming up.
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♪ tonight president trump will give this first address to joint session of congress and with unconvention al president the question is, what's he going to say? >> this of course comes after a rocky transition into the white house. democrats are not plan to go protest president trump's congressional address but some say they are passionate about showing their discontent with the president's policies. >> i think, um, as much as we have nothing in common, with the president, we do respect the office of the presidency. i respect the office of presidency itself. and keeping that in mind we'll be polite. what will show very little if any enthusiasm at all for -- i anticipate this speech will be
5:30 pm
about. but only time will tell and only when we hear the president's speech will we know what he's actually going say. >> i think that is so true. mr. trump. fox news anchor shepard smith joins us live now to talk about tonight's big speech. schep. >> lucy, iain there's big news coming out tonight we know that. we're expecting movement on immigration. remember during the campaign he talked a lot about deporting undo you meaned. they've already begun doing that kind of wide scale across the country especially in the border states down along mexico. well the president is said today when speaking with the network news anchors over a lunch at the white house he said that he is moving on immigration to a point where those who are undocumented but have not committed any crimes in the united states would have a path to legalization. not to citizenship but to legalization and wouldn't face deportation. that's new. he's expected to detail that tonight and the other big news we already kind of know about came out of that same luncheon it has to do with the budget. the president has been looking for what he calls a historic
5:31 pm
increase in defense spending. had to figure out a way to pay for that. now the suggestion is that they might cut 37% from the state department budget. of course it's the state department that does diplomacy makes friends for us around the world we won't have to go out and use our military. women, that cut is dead on arrival according to leaders on capitol hill. >> it's interes interesting bece clearly it's not a state of union address, right but the next best thing he's got to sell his agenda on capitol hill tonight. do you think, schep, that this is going to be more sweeping overview? is he going to drive down and actually nail real specifics here? >> it sounds like an overview really lucy. that's sort of what we've come to expect in recent presidency. the president will lay out short of an outline of his agenda. but we know a couple of things he'll be pushing for tonight. members in his own party are not for the leaders in the house and the senate regarding this budget matter call this -- call this budget as described earl yes today as dead an arrival. it's more what i'd like to do.
5:32 pm
because the congress has to decide what they're going to pay for and right now they're a world apart. >> shep, whatever he talks about affordable care act, ryan he ising military septembering i guess a lot of people are wondering how he's going to say it. is he going to be in raw forth like he was at his inauguration speech in january? >> well the white house says this is going to be very inclusive sort of calm affair. we'll see actually what happens. the president is one to go off script. if he stays on script tonight it sound like this is going to be the sort of state of the union. they don't call it state of the union in your first year in the white house. >> right. >> that sort of an affair where there's all the clapping and standing and all of that instead of. we're expecting that pomp and circumstance tonight. inspect it to last for about an hour at 9:00 o'clock here on fox 29. >> wee shall see. shepard smith a pleasure talking to you there from new york city. they're call it a renewal of the american spirit that's how they're theming this evening. we'll see if if it is or not.
5:33 pm
>> we'll see. we won't know until it happens. you can watch the president's address to congress right here on fox 29 at shepard mentioned beginning at 9:00 followed immediately by fox 29 news. >> all right. let's talk about weather, shall we? because that's been crazy this year. fox 29 weather authority live look outside of our old city studios. nice mild day great for people who forget their coats like myself. you know what, last day of february, right, march is coming in like a lion we're not talking winter weather. kathy though does have severe weather in 15 seconds much temperatures were over 20 degrees above normal today. the normal being 47. philadelphia 68. we tied the record. wilmington tied the record at 66. atlantic city trenton mid 60s. reading and allentown up to
5:34 pm
64 degrees as we end the month of february which is the warmest on record officially. ultimate doppler showing some rain moving in from lancaster county into chester county into delaware county as we previously talked about moving toward the east toward philadelphia. concord into glenn mills into media into broomall heading toward the east. so periods of heavy rain during the evening and then patchy fog. we'll watch as temperatures warm over the next 24 hours. especially in the east down through the mid atlantic and heading toward the west but look at chicago. 38 degrees tomorrow. cleveland 63. philadelphia 75. the coastal plane we'll see the heat but the cold air isn't that far away as you can see the northern plains in the 30s. so we'll have one more really warm day and then it will come to a screeching halt with a bank with some thunderstorms. after this rain moves out this evening, tomorrow morning we'll be seeing patchy clouds and around a showers of thunderstorms moving through
5:35 pm
late morning. toward the noon hour. the second round after the sun comes out moves on through at about four or 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon. during the evening rush. 95, 295, the turnpike, 76, the blue route, 476. all impacted for tomorrow evening's rush by these storms could see some bowing in the radar when it bulges indicating some strong winds and wind damage and then this moves out during the evening. so it's a quick hit but there is the risk of severe weather. by severe weather we mean damaging winds in excess of 60 miles an hour. maybe even the possibility of hail. so once again, mainly for tomorrow afternoon. overnight tonight, 56 degrees which is 10 degrees above the normal high for this time of year. with evening rain and patchy f fog. tomorrow a round of showers ang few thunderstorms in the morning the more intense storms in the afternoon around the dinner hour. winds gusting to about 30 miles an hour. the high temperature 75 degrees. the record is 76. and here's a look at your highs
5:36 pm
across the delaware valley. mainly in the 70s tomorrow. in the poconos close to 60. the records to beat in the 70s many of these will fall during the day tomorrow. seven day forecast calls for heat for your wednesday. cooling thursday. a chance of a morning snow shower friday. how is that for a twist? and then we warm it back up sunday, monday and tuesday back to the 50s. welcome march. [ laughter ] >> i'll take it kathy. thank you all right. it is a dream for a lot of people. a trip to paris and one local teacher hopes to make it reality for a whole class. they are so close. how you can help. entire community coming together over peanut butter and jelly and cereal. >> then at 6:00 o'clock lost and found. tsa gives you important advice how to keep track of your stuff. fios in the house!
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5:40 pm
today the volunteers delivered everything to mercy neighbor ministries in north philadelphia. good stuff. >> good for them. traveling can open doors for young people especially when they're studying a language tonight a french teacher at a local high school is hoping to raise enough money for her class to visit paris. paula, work at woodrow wilson high in camden hoping to take her french class to paris in april. so she wants to get the word out so she can raise enough money for this enriching trip. we showed you her story this morning on "good day philadelphia". soon after it aired, the rachel and drew katz foundation donated 10,000 bucks. >> wow. >> for the trip. now they are just a few thousand dollars away from what could be a live changing experience for these kids. >> it changes their lives. gives them knew perspective. especially in our district. which is a fabulous district. it needs positive experiences like this. and the world should see that camden is a great place.
5:41 pm
>> good for her. we got a link to the class' go fund mow page on our website just head to if you'd like to help out. they are so close. it is crime fighting in the 21st century and in philadelphia if you're thinking of committing a crime, they're watching you. >> we have 28,000 cameras so first we have to figure out what cameras were in the area and then we have to look at blocks of time that sometimes are pretty expansive. >> the new ways police are using cameras to track down bad guys. and from local students spent the day chowing down on bugs. [ laughter ] >> oh, my. the important lesson, yes, there's a lesson here they're taking away from trying the little critters.
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♪ fox 29 investigates tonight. philadelphia and septa police have a new game plan to track down criminals across the city within minutes of a crime. whether it's a murder, bang robbery or a shooting or home invasion, some new tools are putting investigators on the trail of criminals in just minutes. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser reports, cameras the cloud and a new alert system spell trouble for criminals hoping to make a clean get away. >> reporter: it was a murder case that rocked philadelphia. a mother shot and killed, her daughter shot and seriously wounded in the 700 block of north third street in northern liberties. >> detectives don't have a lot of information on what they know that it's couple blocks from an el stop. >> reporter: philadelphia homicide detectives went searching for anything that would help them catch a killer. >> they recovered a scarf from the scene. that's it. >> reporter: detectives and septa police began searching video from septa's vast array of
5:46 pm
surveillance cameras at the spring garden station. hoping to find the man with the scarf. >> they captured video of a guy carrying a scarf what looks like the scarf recovered at the sce scene. they fast forward to a immediately following the shooting and right after the shooting they're looking for that return of that same guy and sure enough he comes back and guess what he doesn't have? he doesn't have the scarf. >> reporter: the video helped lead to an id and finally the alleged killer who was captured by us marshals with the murder weapon. >> that simple piece of video provided philadelphia homicide detectives with a great lead. >> reporter: this case and hundred others just like it now has septa police joining forces with detectives from the philadelphia police department's special investigations units. they are using septa's 28,000 cameras the cloud and good police work to track down criminals. >> we all know video is phenomenal tool.
5:47 pm
chief of detectives james kelly said it was septa's cameras that helped svu investigators quickly apprehend the suspect in a horrible chestnut hill home invasion and sexual assault in january. >> that was real bad guy. no doubt. >> reporter: suspect it turns out dropped his septa transpass at the crime scene on east chestnut hill avenue. septa police traced the use of that pass in the minutes before the home epp vision and then downloaded video of the suspect as he rode the 23 bus along germantown avenue. that led them to the suspect james bradley. >> we had seamless cooperation with septa police and chiefness tell and that was crucial to us bringing that job in. >> reporter: like with this case, a bank robbery at 16th and market street in center city within a few minutes of the robbery, septa police were using their cameras at the nearby 22nd street station to scan for a suspect matching the
5:48 pm
robber's description. >> as soon as bang robbery happens we're looking on our video to see if we can capture. >> reporter: septa crack group of camera operators and detectives spotted the suspect and followed him via video to allegheny avenue where he could be seen exiting the subway. this time with his hat off and red dye on his hands. >> he was trying to rub off the dye because the bag blew up. >> reporter: suspect was subsequently charged with a string of bank robberies in center city. >> i think we're just kind of really in the initial stages of how much it will benefit us. >> reporter: now, septa has added a new wrinkle. the cloud. they can now up load video of a suspect to the cloud for easy access to other law enforcement agencies. >> which will allow to us pull video right away. >> reporter: quickly check those 28,000 cameras on septa's widespread fleet of buses and trains along with cameras at hundreds of stations across the city. >> it could be something as simple as bad guys standing on
5:49 pm
the corner before the crime curse. >> i think it's a great thing on everybody's end. >> reporter: even septa's mobile century cameras have been used to help this one captured a shooting in progress at 52nd and market. >> a young suspect pulled out a gun and fired on a group of men fleeing. one man was hit and later died. cameras caught the crime and the suspects on video. >> being able to have eyes on the street 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that aren't going to be intimidated, won't be afraid to come to court and will tell you the truth about what they saw is a great witness to have. >> reporter: dave schratwiese schratwieser, fox 29 investigates. >> what's that old song, somebody is watching you? remember that song. >> yeah. somebody is watching you. >> that's exactly right. [ laughter ] >> and they are. all over the place. >> always. >> i got a question for you. >> okay. >> do you ever eat anything on a
5:50 pm
dare? >> actually no. >> i didn't picture as one of those guys. >> exactly. >> which is unfortunate for you. >> why? >> today would have been your banner day at the college of new jersey. >> oh really? >> how does it taste? >> not good. [ laughter ] >> no more? >> maybe a different flavor. >> no. [ laughter ] >> good to try new things. maybe. students pushed that notion to the limit today as they ate bugs and larva and other delights at their college of new jerseys to's tasting the tree of live event. they're not -- they weren't live by the way. they were already dead. hosted by the tcnj school of science. it's all about showcasing bio diversity and it's relationship to the things we eat. >> our goal for today's event is to bring the importance, the excitement, the impact of science to the tcnj community into the broad public in a way that is both acceptable and
5:51 pm
delicious. >> maybe if you like crickets. hank flynn was there sampling a menu that consiste consisted ofd larva, hmm, frog legs -- have you ever done frog legs. >> i have. >> does it taste like chicken. >> it does. does it really. >> they do. >> how about alligator sausage. >> i've not done that. >> type. >> no. >> all things that you might not order if you didn't know that you could. and you can some places. >> look at hank. >> i know. >> he is loving that. students used a tree as metaphor to trace the history of species and describe the relateness of living thing much i was looking up online those witch chitty grubs. have you heard of them in australia. >> no. people love them. it's a delicacy. check this out. a president of picture one of president trump's top advisers getting a lot of buzz on social media that's kellyanne conway got her feet up on the coach in the oval office. the post sparked calls for conway to have more respect for the white house and its guests. others have said hey it's okay
5:52 pm
for conway to be comfortable in the oval office. some have tweeted out pictures of president obama with his feet on his desk in response. you know folks all across our area and around the world are celebrating mardi gras. >> it's the last day of the carnival season before the faithful fast for lent. >> columbia you can see colorful costume music and dancing taking over the streets in rio de janiero. schools participating in a carnival parade competition. it was a fruit fight in italy as hundreds of revelers took part in the traditional battle of oranges. of course, one of the biggest parties in new orleans where hundreds of floats and marching bands paraded in the french quarter. do you have any problems accessing certain web sites or apps today you can blame it on huge amazon outage. amazon cloud service is down across the eastern united stat states. now, thousands of web pages are just not accessible. amazon says it's work to go make repairs and get things back up and running. it's not clear yet what caused all of these problems. what would you do if your
5:53 pm
home was filled with snakes? you'd probablely want to get out of there, right? one mom having a lot of trouble doing it. who is holding her up. >> after sunday's big blunder at the academy awards, what the group behind the oscars says it's doing to ensure that never happens again. ♪ question, and be honest...
5:54 pm
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but crest whitestrips safely work below the enamel surface ... to whiten 25x better than a leading whitening toothpaste you used the whitestrips i passed the tissue test. oh yeah. would you pass the tissue test? see for yourself with crest whitestrips. they are the way to whiten. the organization behind the oscars says it is reviewing its relationship with the accounting firm that tallies votes after sunday' best picture epic fail. academy of motion picture arts
5:57 pm
and sciences and accounting firm pwc had relationship with 83 years. accounting firm took full responsibility for the big mix up where la la land was mistakenly announced as best picture instead of moonlight. which actually won. well, pwc says an accountant gave presenters the wrong envelope then issued an apology about the error late last night. >> steve harvey 2.0. all right. kansas mother of two wants to leave her home because, well, snakes have moved in. >> yeah that's pretty good reason. the landlord says no. won't give deposit back and she says she can't afford to move without it. fox's mary pulley has her story. >> reporter: safety and security are number one for tanya bell just like they are for every mom. that's why she says her current housing condition is unacceptable. >> it is scary. we can't sleep. every time i hear noise in the wall because i know they're
5:58 pm
there. they're in the walls. it is just creepy. >> reporter: bell took us into her daughter's room for a closer look at what's keeping them up at night. >> like wow, you know, that could have got around my daughter's neck. it could have -- anything. it could be poisonous. >> reporter: within five days, bell says she found eight snakes. >> my kids don't want to come home. they want to stand outside and sleep in the truck. >> reporter: her pest problem started with mice. >> the mice were really bad jumping out of the trash cans everything. eating my bread everything. >> reporter: bell signed a two year lease last june after several attempts to get rid of the snakes the owner of the home and the kansas city housing authority agreed to let bell out of her lease. but her release turned to frustration she learned she would not be getting back 500 out of the $600 she paid on her deposit. >> why? what did i do as a tenant. >> reporter: her lease states that deposit money would only be held to cover any damages she incurred. fox four didn't find any portion of the contract saying bell would forfeit the money for
5:59 pm
other reasons. bell says she found another home to move into, but says she can't afforded to it without getting her deposit back. >> i'm living paycheck to paycheck. i really need that money. it was hard for me to even get up all the money to give to them. >> reporter: the company that manages the property declined our request for an on camera interview. but says several things were done to try to rid the property of the snake. we left a number for the property owner to call us back. so far that hasn't happened. >> here's the thing. another woman says she used to live at that home also had problems with snakes but aside from snakes also mice and plumbing. >> big issues. >> they should give her her money back and help her home. obviously there's problem. >> stay with us. your news starts now. ♪ outpouring of support for the jewish community after vandalism and threats. how locals are uniting to erase the hate. an elderly woman locked inside a closet for four days.
6:00 pm
what police know tonight about the horrifying ordeal. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. ♪ tonight in philadelphia, locals pulling together after a hostile act at a jewish cemetery. people of all faiths coming to clean up in the wake of hate. good evening and thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. volunteers are sending message of their own tonight. fox 29's dave schratwieser is on this story. dave? >> reporter: lucy, some news right up front i'm told by a high-ranking police official tonight that the reward in this case has now gone up to $50,000 thanks to donations from the city, some anonymous donors, councilman alan dam and other that is reward now $50,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. fbi and philadelphia police continue to investigate. but today was all about the clean up. volunteers


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