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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 1, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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>> so you are delivering food with a side order of trump. >> a little trump message, yes yes. >> there are dominicans who support trump in brooklyn. >> okay, maybe only one. >> what are you doing? >> this is a great spot for selfie. >> i do not agree with you on the.
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>> put all of the stereotypes aside, there are two manikins who support trump in brooklyn. >> okay may be the only one. >> you actually deliver with the trump yes i have been doing for quite some on. his name is josé, he wears a trump trump hat when he is making food deliveries. the restaurant he doesn't want me to mention the name because he doesn't he's doesn't want to be association. i caught up with josé, it with the trump sticker on it. there is another sticker with a very right wing to website for it he was wearing a trump opinion and a big red hat. why do you love trump so much are
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what? >> people i'd do not feel comfortable. >> he said for example, trump supports small businesses and many small businesses in brooklyn are suffering. >> have you ever not gotten a tip or someone i want the food when they saw you with a trump hat? >> one a barbershop they're very angry at me supporting trump. one of the guys did not give me a tip because i was supporting trump. >> then we got to talk about mexicans and trump wanting to build a wall. >> that u.s. is a country that goes by the will law. sometimes in our country there's not strict loss so people do not follow loss. >> he said he wished trump had used different words but basically what he was saying is he does not support you legal immigrants. >> at the time people compare
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themselves to come here the right way. >> that i was time to make the delivery. i want to experience for myself the reaction he gets with that hat. >> what you think of the heck? >> i'm shocked. i support his position because he has a fully flushed out reason why he supports a trump and he is not doing anything bad. he assured is sharing that message. >> i also agree with the restaurant. they could easily fire this guy for maybe having a mixed a message to what they believe inches i note that is not the right thing to do but it happens all of the time. the fact that they let him has his belief and they have their own is great. >> i don't think i would have problem with him delivering my food but if you getting a political message and might be different. >> it should just be about the rice and beans. i agree with what he is saying, but i do not want a political
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message. i don't want to engage. >> with the race and spaghetti and we have my favorite meat, go to meet. >> so you are delivering dominican food with a side order of trump. >> in recognition of your dedication, technical competence and high standard of achievement contributing to the united states of america successful first man lunar landing. on july 20, 1969. right here, i love it. it turns out turns out we have our very own hidden figure when here new jersey. a plainfield resident, marion johnson was part of a treat team of three women who work for boeing much the team and was responsible for getting the mathematics together for launching people to the moon.
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>> there's three of us. it's incredible. when i saw the movie i thought is that part of my life? my life story. >> marion's success is far from normal. >> i came out of college, younger. and i was in his position at boeing but they wanted an engineer. and i said i'm a a mathematician. i don't think i can do that. in the of my head i was pushing it forward trying it, you might like it. >> she was responsible for cal collated the projections of where the rocket and debris would land after the launch. another woman on her team worked on the computer programming and the third was in charge of the engineering. >> we had to put the data into the machine and calculate for the debris. >> what made her work stand out from the rest? it turns out she had 20 perfect
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completed missions in 20 attempts. she was literally perfect. >> they were complete and perfect. >> really is that normal? >> not necessarily. [laughter] >> for her work she was awarded two medals of honor and her name was placed on the apollo and saturn five. copy of those lists exist in the library of congress and the smithsonian in washington, d.c. >> at the library of congress. >> but i was curious, in the movie we saw lots of racial conflict and prejudice, was she experiencing that sort of thing a boy? she said no. >> no, it was not like the movie if he saw they had a lot of that going on. but they worked that out because
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we had a mission. our mission was put a man on the moon. and that is what we did. >> now she is a computer instructor in jersey city. she is is teaching the next mind of computer engineers how to create amazing things so we can advance more technology. >> you said she didn't initially want to apply for the position. i think many of us look at job postings and say oh i don't have enough experience. we should stop rethinking things and go for it. >> i think it is incredible that we did not know the stories about incredible women in our own backyard. >> before you start, please welcome jay black, new jersey comedian. [applause] >> he is being kind of a diva,
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right? not as bad as my dog, though. my story starts with a standup. some ducks are just natural divas. i divas. i happen to have one of them. i have no fault of my own i decided to take her with me to brooklyn to become a style dog. dog was sophistication. i drove her drove her to meet up with former street stylus and dog stylist chantel who is best known for her work with instagram influencers and look-alike dogs. >> i figured if there's anyone who can calm my crazy dog down to take a picture, it would be
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chantel. >> ice to be a street photographer so i worked for elle magazine and i do the fashion week in milan and paris. >> can you smile? and then they lowered the rate heart rate dramatically. >> now street styler sartre in charge of keeping us in the know of what the latest trends are. these days they are a dime a dozen. chantel had to get creative with her next career move. >> my friend at the huffington post how would it look like if i dress docs and human close and pretend it's a street side, poking fun of fashion. >> she took that opportunity and ran with it.
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since she made the career change about a year ago she has been picked up with companies like chase bank and nbc with the kentucky derby, styling horses. i needed to get my dog and there to see if she could become the next ugly diva. it did not work out so well for us. but chantel is always a pro and was able to calm emmy down and get some good shots. >> would you start with this? >> i start with the dude. by the way can you imagine having a cause and finding out this guy supports you? this guy is kind of a mess. helper, broker, need a trophy
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for capitalist of the week because he somehow managed to monetize his battle against us versus them by doing the most narcissistic stuff i've ever done. let's get a dog that's my twin and take pictures all day and posted on social media. >> here's the thing. he took the opportunity to solve a problem that he had. he was getting very anxious about putting himself out there. this dog helped calm him down. the dock has anxiety problems. a work off of each other. >> can we focus for one second. they look exactly the same. you could have 1,000,000 different people and a million dogs, i have never same man and best friend. [laughter]
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>> we were here when governor christie announced under the rotunda inside the state house, that if they did not spend $300 million, the place could be a death grit. some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide or stand up.
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at strayer university we've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america.
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>> hoboken's water main system
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is a dismal over 100 years old. as we all know what happens when you have old pipes. they break a lot. guess what, what, flash forward to tuesday morning, water main broke between fifth and sixth avenue along willow street in hoboken. a massive sinkhole swallowed up a huge car. >> it will the carnations have quite the empire but now you can keep up with a cuter version of the family. the show based in iceland features a house where four kittens live, they play with each other and they nap and eat. they pretty much do exactly what the kardashians do, nothing. in this case they are bringing attention to animal adoption. these kittens have been adopted so the next litter will be moving in soon. you can check out the live
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stream online. >> hi guys. bill here with diana, we are ready to governor is going to give his budget speech and for the 2008 in fiscal year. we are ready. we were here when governor christie announced, under the rotunda inside the state house, that if they do not spend $300 million the place could be a death trap. so course safety first. we have have our hardhats. >> that's right, we do. first we have to test them out. >> so excuse me while i -- sorry. one more time. >> so the hardhats are working well. we are going to head inside. >> look how dangerous it is. it is falling apart.
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>> it's not like you did not see us. do people keep looking at us? >> people are looking at us because of the hardhats. >> i think the hardhats are the fashion statement of the budget day. >> they look at on young people. >> let's get to work one last time together. god bless you and god bless the great state of new jersey. >> this is a formality of politicians adding each other on the back. >> this marks governor christie final budget address and it slightly higher than last year. 35.5 billion dollars. >> we still have work to do. we will always have work to do, were new jersey and's. >> he talked about education in one of the challenges is that the governors funding despair funding plan. the idea of equaling out the payment for every student to be the same number doesn't address the spending.
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>> and never gets into the classroom, doesn't get get to the child, that's what they should be focusing on. >> he also mentioned spending 400,000,000 to fix the roads. >> a better new jersey today that we had inherited in 2010 on transportation. >> it's only a little bit more than the total amount they will spend eczema state house. >> so we made it out alive. >> the governor can talk all he wants about how great the state has become under his leadership, things are not getting better, they're getting worse. all the while they see want to spend 300,000,000 dollars to fix the state house with no accountability. where is the money coming from and is the money coming from and where is it going to go? >> welcome to the italian the state of our country's first female millionaire, madame cj walker. it's right along the hudson river. >> thank you for having me at your lovely home. >> please commit.
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>> the villa is the first two letters of really walker's name, lew a and the last name, so he created that name. people say i don't understand that. there is no w in italian. >> madame walker was an african american woman who was born in 1867. she went from making her way washing laundry for other people to launching a successful business which is still around today. that is how she made her fortune. it was only a year before she died from kidney failure 1919. many decades later 1993 a former 93 a former u.s. ambassador for the african bank and preservation trust but the 34 room home. they turned the villa into a
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home for their family and made it their mission to preserve madame walker's legacy. >> this home -- my desire would be to have the villa conform to that which it would be a monument to her people. >> the kitchen was a working commercial servants christian -- kitchen. >> it should be a museum where young people can come in and learn about madame, about her successes. >> it the villa is a breath of fresh air. it's magical. but it tells the story of how a woman who came from very humble
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means made a fortune that is alive and well today. >> stylist are the first to know what ugly dark secret. some say they should be trained on how to handle it. >> when you come to the hair salon you want to be here. you trust the person any see them all the time. >> i wonder how many people are going to get falsely accused or interrogated. >> interrogated. >> it is about helping women. >> have a story we should know about? help us chase it down.
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>> you should have set it differently. >> i was yelled at by paul. now there's just an awkward pause. >> thanks paul. >> my daughter's friend, megan
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has a special honor tonight. she is a guest of the first lady at the presidents joint address to congress. it is part is part of the recognition of rare disease day. president is going to recognize her during the speech. megan was born with a rare condition, diagnosed she is not supposed to pastor second birthday. thanks to the herculean efforts of her father she is 20 years and a sophomore in college. >> a trip to the salon doesn't just make you look better, but feel better. >> stylist are often times the first to know our ugly, dark secrets. some say they should be trained on how to handle that. illinois just passed a law requiring all stylist to be trained in domestic abuse prevention. now, there's a push for new york to do the same.
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>> it's a safe place when you are at a hair salon. >> i headed to the salon in the lower east side where i spoke to stylist. >> i am really passionate about helping women get out of my situation because i myself was in one. having fred as a bus and coach me through getting out of that really changed everything for me. when you come to the hair salon you want to be here. you trust the person and you see them all the time. i see people every four weeks. >> nationwide, more than 20,000 phone calls are placed into the domestic violence hotline each year. 15% of cases are said to go unreported. bridget, with the national nonprofit, cut it out, is among those fighting to get stylist to school to change those numbers. >> we are not asking the stylist
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to become a counselor. raskin the the counselor to refer their clients to those who do have that understanding of domestic abuse. >> in illinois stylus have to undergo one hour of training for part of their license. it has to be renewed every two years. in new york there is no law, but in new york city the administration for child services had a similar program in washington heights. >> with any feel good like this, i think it comes out of the gate strong and people feel like you're going to increase your calls and reporting, but if you look into the details in illinois, it's one hour adding on to their continuing education. i don't know what the hairstyles go through but i have a number of real state licenses and i do continuing at every two years. there there is no bigger waste of time. >> have to get to the point where you actually want to tell someone you let your hair down literally, it's the best venue. you tall your tell your secrets to your hairdresser. i know i do.
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that person is the best person to identify a problem with the relationship and start the conversation. >> i wonder how many people are going to get falsely accused her interrogated because a stylish has this idea the head. it would be nice if it could be voluntary. it's it's one hour every two years, go in, i think a lot of people would sign up involuntarily to it. >> this is a money grab to continue continuing education which is a cash cow. >> is about helping women. >> know it's not. >> was making money? >> when neighbors call the police the police officers come to assist and they say nothing is wrong and those are police officers. i'm just having trouble thinking that they will fess up to a hairstylist. >> will see. thank you diana. >> another great night of chasing news, thanks for watching.
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