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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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all this on day that we really had it all. warmth, severe weather and now we're getting ready for what, the return of winter? thanks for joining us tonight at 5:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn tim feature lucy is is on assignment. fox 29 weather authority told us weaved be in for a wild ride and they were right. >> the most instability was to the south and that's where we saw most of the severe storms through delaware and also south jersey. that moved on through at about 60 miles an hour with winds gusting to 70 miles an hour and now we're just seeing some spotty showers in the wake of those storms. they are moving so quickly that no doubt there will be some type of wind damage maybe through southern delaware as we see the reports coming in. right now, drying conditions across the region with areas of fog in some spots but still some mild temperatures. ultimate doppler showing some spotty showers in delaware and also northern parts of new castle county. it's 56 degrees in the poconos. down to 67 in philadelphia.
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after a high of 74 today. close to the record but not quite close enough. wilmington still seeing a southerly wind at 66 degrees. now, this is what to expect into the evening a few additional spotty showers. that's just about it. the severe threat is over across the entire region. winds are already increasing gusts to 35 miles an hour likely during the evening period and temperatures will continue to fall fast. coming up we'll talk about the possibilities of wind advisory as those winds increase late tonight and also there's talk of snow for friday. i'll be back with that as well. >> oh, my good negligence thanks kathy. as we take live look outside our studios in old city remember you can see live ultimate doppler radar and get up to the minute weather conditions on our website. just go to developing right now another disturbing act of anti semitism in our area. a family in the city's bustleton section discovered a swastika spray painted outside their ho home. this of course comes after a wave of other antisemitic acts happening across our area and
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the entire country. as philadelphia police try to find the vandal behind it all, neighbors are stunned that someone would do this. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live from bustleton. dave, you spoke to the homeown homeowner. >> reporter: that's right. we did earlier today and we tell that you homeowner and the family is not only shaken by this whole thing but they're absolutely outraged. >> i'm thoroughly makes me sick. >> reporter: theresa angel lilly can't believe what her neighbor around the corner found on their front step. it's so offensive we are blurring the image of a swastika drawn in paint. >> i grew up in many neighborhood. i'm 51 years old. the family is a wonderful fami family. it's disheartening. it's ugly. >> reporter: philadelphia police are investigating and say a homeowner on the 10,000 block of clark place left to go to the store, came back and found the swastika sometime this morning. the family telling fox 29 off camera they just wish people
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could be left alone. >> i'm going to say it's kind of surprising. i've never seen anything like that. as long as i've lived here. >> reporter: this home front defacing comes just days after the mt. carmel jewish cemetery in northeast philadelphia was vandalized. more than 100 headstones toppled over. it's not clear if there is any connection except that both incidents have residents in the northeast sickened. >> it's a sad world. sad world we're living in. >> reporter: and we can tell that you police are expected to be back out here this evening to canvass the area and they've identified at least one house with a surveillance camera so they're hoping they can get that video and find out who is behind this act. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. meanwhile in buck county a group came together to speak out against the acts of hate. >> one bucks is taking action to fight this anti semitism and address the fear among neighbors. the group and local leaders gathered at doylestown borough hall to promote their message of
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peace and hope. doylestown is one of several towns where flyers promoting the kkk recently turned up and local leaders say part of the one bucks commission to get people to speak out any time an act of hate occurs. >> we must make it clear to them and to all that it is not now okay for them to do so. that hate will never be accepted in our community and that we will not stand silently while our neighbors and truth all of us are victimized by these acts. >> tomorrow night at 6:00 a candlelight vigil will be held in doylestown town center just outside of starbucks and the reward is now up to nearly $70,000 for any information leading to an arrest for the jewish cemetery damage in philadelphia. various donors come forward to offer the money. volunteers have been helping pick up the pieces at the mt. carmel jewish cemetery after vandals toppled a lot of tombstones. police are continuing their investigation. police in newark, delaware, are looking for this man donald
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maxwell who they say exposed himself twice this morning. both incidents happening just after midnight and involves students at the university of delaware. police say maxwell was standing naked and committing lewd acts a warrant has been issued for his arrest. two alleged victims bucks county man who police describe as a serial child rapist come forward to tell their stories today and encourage other victims to speak out. police say 58-year-old william thomas molested young children for more than 40 years until he was arrested last month. investigators say thomas documented the horrific abuse they removed boxes and boxes of evidence from his trailer in morrisville include wagon police describe as a perverse shrine to criminal behavior. today at the network victim assistance and jamison two young women who want to be known as js and jm broke their silence after nearly 20 years. >> a man who preyed upon young innocent helpless children doing things to us that we had no idea
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were wrong at the time. things like this mess a person up for their whole lives. wonder wagon was wrong with you. i want women all over the world to find courage like i did to speak up to get the justice they deserve and to put predators like william away in prison where they belong. >> william thomas is facing more than 51 felony charges police believe there are many, many more victims out there. they have encouraging them to come forward. we have a link for the information on our website and we will hear much more from those victims tonight at 6:00. a philadelphia man and girlfriend now charged in the shooting death of the man's aunt. u.s. marshalls have arrested andrew crutendon and michelle, he's charged with murder, burglary and robbery and related offenses. she's charged with burglary and investigators crutendon shot and kill his virginia in her port
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richmond home in on friday. the motive was robbery. bucks county police officer is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a firefighter's fund. ryan walter a lower southampton officer is facing various felonies for theft recent lated offenses. bucks county district attorney says walter served as the feasterville volunteer firefighter's relief association's vice-president, treasurer and secretary and the da says in those roles, walter made improper loans to himself and other people and that he also falsified documents to cover it all up. prosecutors say all totaled walter stole $51,000 from the fund. in delaware, a home invasion suspect arrested 30 minutes after a victim says he stole her money and beat her up. ronald charged with home invasion, robbery and assault and related offenses. 69-year-old woman told police that he broke into her north dover home and demanded that she give him some money. she says he got about $2,000 before he left. he punched and kicked her. the victim though was able to give state police a description
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of his clothing and troopers found him shortly after the violent home invasion walking near scarborough road and north dupont high wage troopers say he had the victim's money in his pock. operating a business is not always easy and tough economic times. one west philadelphia business is face agnew challenge. bruce gordon is working to get results for a long-time daycare operator who seen a fender bender turn into a full blown nightmare. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, call it the pitfalls of doing business in the big city. on this the 5200 block of baltimore avenue traffic of all kinds at all hours of the day and night including at least one dangerous driver who created a chain reaction of sorts of chaos for a long-time business owner here. it's not exact al total loss but the driver' it's side rear bumper on this 2015 ford transit fan took a pretty good shot from hit-and-run driver 2:30 tuesday morning. leon jamison lives right across
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the street. this was big bang? >> yes. actually sounded like something exploded. >> reporter: what exploded figuratively speaking was thelma peak's long-time daycare business. >> you come out here 6:00 o'clock. >> we open at 6:00 o'clock. we came out. we open at 6:00 o'clock. >> reporter: tuesday morning you come out and you see this. >> this is banged up. so we had notify our parents right away that we did not have service. >> reporter: thelma runs daycare peak's little angels but also a before and after school program. each morning that van now out of service till the insurance company can take a look transportings 29 young children to 15 area schools and each afternoon picks them up and returns them to the daycare. that program interrupted thelma is out the tuition. she's already cutting the hours of staffs who are temporarily unnecessary and parents must now make other arrangements to get their kids to and from school. parnes like in a tisha carter a will dode mother of two. >> ultimately yesterday i was late for work. they were late for school because i had to find somebody
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to, um, take them to school as well as to pick them up. >> reporter: that hit-and-run drive cost thelma, her employees, parents and their children. says mr. jamison -- >> whoever did it, need to man up, woman up, or speak up because you damaged somebody's property and pay for it. >> reporter: oh, by the way while we were shooting the damaged van we nearly stepped on a dead and decaying dog or cat stuffed into a plastic bag and left by the side of baltimore avenue. we'll spare you the grizzly sight. thelma says it's been there well over week and she's repeatedly notified the city. >> to say we've got a dead animal laying here get it out of here. nothing. >> nothing. i wish they would come and pick it up. >> reporter: just for the record we made some phone calls to the streets department this afternoon but as we stand here, the dead animal remains. thelma peak tries to teach her young children to do the right thing. but whether it's discarding animals by the side of the road or hit-and-run driving, it would be nice if the adults around
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here got the message. dawn and iain. >> wouldn't it though, bruce, thank you. today is ash wednesday and it mark the beginning of lent for millions of christians around the world. >> 40 day period is ushered in with tradition of marking the sign of the cross with ashes on their for heads. archbishop charles chaput celebrated mass at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul in center city. short time later he put issues on the faithful in attendance. ash wednesday marks the beginning of length length in the cathedral rick church a period reflection in preparation for easter. >> the faithful also turned out in camden this afternoon bishop dennis sullivan celebrating mass there before marking people with the sign of the cross. the ashes come from the burning of palm branches from the previous palm sunday. ♪ pope francis marking ash wednesday in rome in his homily the pope tommed told catholics to renew their hope and their commitment to christ. search for the guy in this surveillance video. what he stole from one woman
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after he forced himself into her apartment. and likely not the news at all that sixers fans want to hear. joel embiid is out. what doctors say they found in his mri. a world war ii vet from philadelphia not letting his age slow him down. why he says he's got no plans to retire from his job at a supermarket. >> all new at 6:00 o'clock, we love to hate them. of course talking about pothol potholes. how scientists are trying to prevent them from forming in the first place.
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.live look at wilmington which
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saw record high temperatures today. but it is a return to winter as march truly comes in like a lion. kathy orr will have your full forecast in just minutes. >> police think the same man is behind two violent robberies in west philadelphia on sunday and the first he walks into an apartment complex around 4:00 in the morning on north 52nd street and knocked on several doors. before a woman opened one of them and the man forced himself inside. he stole the woman's cell phone and nine dollars. about four hours later he spotted another woman walking along the same street and took her purse. she tried to hold on but fell to the ground. he was able to pry the bag away. >> turn to president trump' once hundred days the days after he delivered his joint address to congress he's soaking praise for being hailed presidential in his performance. fox's joel waldman is in washington with the latest reaction pouring into the capitol today. >> we're just here to start the
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process. it begins as of now. >> reporter: president trump back at work during a lunch with republican congressional leadership less than one day after striking a noticeably inclusive and presidential tone in his first joint address to congress. >> the time for trivial fights is behind us. >> reporter: republicans quick to praise the commander in chief saying he took command of his job last night interrupted by applause 94 times during the one-hour address. >> i thought this was one of the most inspiring speeches i've seen since i've been here. >> reporter: the president who began his speech by recognizing black history month and condemnincondemning antisemitics clearly appealing to people from both ends of the political spectrum. the chief executive laying out his hefty legislative agenda everything from increasing infrastructure spending to promises of massive tax cuts for the middle class. but his proposal still falling on deaf ears when it comes to a number of leading democratic lawmakers.
5:17 pm
>> i found that the president in delivering his speech appears to be separated from reality. >> first of all my initial impression he's living in parallel universe of alternative facts. >> reporter: the president's cabinet is also continuing to take shape as montana's only congressman ryan zinke was officially confirmed as the new secretary of the interior. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. defense secretary jim mattis submitted misery limb nary plan to defeat isis to president trump. steven townsend says there are between 12 and 15,000 isis fighters left in iraq and syria with main focus now defending their remaining territory in mosul. and blocking coalition forces from liberating the isis capit capitol. townsend says the fight will not be easy and the top u.s. commander in iraq says they likely will not include large numbers of u.s. troops. that event we bring in any additional troops will work --
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we'll work that with our local partners here iraq and syria to make sure they understand the reasons why we're doing that. >> president trump says he's still weighing his options but critics say he has to act sooner rather than later to stabilize the area or the isis threat will only continue to grow. white house says senior adviser kellyanne conway acted quote without nefarious motive when she plugged ivanka's trump products in television interview f letter from the white house to the office of government ethics, white house attorneys say they met with conway to discuss federal ethics rules the letter says conway is unlike toll make the mistake again. no mention of any plans to punish her. well, the sixers were hoping to put a bad month of february behind them on this march 1st. today they got the mri results on center joel embiid's injured knee and -- >> it look like march is starting the way february ended and sean bell is here now. sean we all new this was coming. >> yeah. exactly iain. sixers admitting what we already
5:19 pm
new. joel embiid done for the season. the mri monday the meniscus tear is worse than previously thought. he went from being out day to day with a bruised knee to being out indefinitely meniscus tear and done for the year. he played 31 games this season which is only games he's played in the last three years. sixers said their concern is his long-term health at this point you have to wonder if he'll ever be able to play a full season when he's on the court the guy is unbelievable. averaged 20 points, eight boards and 25 minutes a game. the problem you can't ever keep him on the court. later in sports we'll talk more about that embiid situation plus we'll have little bit of flyer. they made a deal before the trade deadline. i'll let you know who went where. iain. >> thanks, sean. >> dawn. >> senator bob casey has some more competition now another republican says he will join the race to challenge the democrat next year's election. andrew she could says he'll formal al nouns his campaign very soon. the 60-year-old ran successfully
5:20 pm
last year as the delegate for president trauma many to the republican national convention. right now he's a berwick borough councilman in northeastern pennsylvania much another republican running is state representative rick is a comb from the pittsburgh suburbs. now to the city's northeast vection we caught philadelphia police officer recruits leaving early this morning. they are heading to the holocaust memorial museum in washington, d.c. the recruits are studying ethics and they'll visit, the visit will expand on classroom. anti defamation league is partnering with the holocaust memorial museum to present the training program. >> not a typical robbery at one convenience store. what the masked man took that may raise some eyebrows. and no vacancy the famed waldorf astoria hotel kicks its guests out. why it had to shut its doors. a new warning from doctors. why they're so concerned about recreational marijuana. ♪
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check out this from mad dock referee's new arizona. elderly man trapped in his car by a raging river caused by heavy rains. fire departments in the air had to get -- area had to get involved in the water rescue the elderly man was taken to hospital. he's okay but there's no word yet on his condition. in north carolina, a strange robbery at a convenience store where the thief left taking something unexpect the. surveillance video shows a masked man bursting into the store. he searches for the safe, searches through it but police say he didn't take any money and never even made a move towards the cash register. instead he took the clerk's purse which didn't have much money in it. the clerk says she hit the silent alarm as the man rummaged behind the counter. >> just odd it's almost like somebody thought there was
5:25 pm
something in my pocketbook that they were going to benefit from. i hope it was worth it. i mean what goes around comes around. >> the thief was in and out in less than a minute but right after he left he tried to walk back in again. by then the doors were locked tight. in new orleans a massive cleanup police holding a ceremonial clearing of bourbon street symbolizing the end of mardi gras season at midnight thousands of people wearing elaborate costumes out on the streets watching the parades along saint charles avenue. check ins by the way no longer available at one iconic hotel in the big apple. as today of the waldorf astoria is officially closed for makeover. the final guests had until noon. no late check out today's to check out of the historic hotel the first waldorf hotel closed back in 1929 to make way for the empire state building. reopened at its current location two years later. we don't know yet when the hotel will be back open for business. >> we're getting a breath fake taking view from cole vain know in italy tonight. check it out.
5:26 pm
pilots took a drone up to mount aetna on the east coaster of sis sill toll get bird's view. latest eruptions began monday night. you can see giant orange fountains of lava spewing out and down the side of the mountain. local authorities say there's no danger to nearby homes. mount aetna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. we all have some weird dreams every now and then. but what do they really mean? an expert delves into your dreams to see if there's any hidden messages there. and severe weather in the midwest. the damage the storm doctors to parts of the nation's mid section. kathy? >> part of the same system that has moved through our region. fortunately it didn't pack the same punch. behind it much cooler air. look at that. snow in chicago. what that could mean for us coming up. >> as th
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>> allentown saw record high temperatures today. the saying march comes in like a lion that was true today. kathy will have your forecast in just a few minutes. >> system that moved through the delaware valuable is responsible for all of this devastation in the midwest. at least three people are dead and many more are injured after a series of tornadoes last nig night. >> damage stretches across several states. matt fin has more tonight from illinois.
5:30 pm
>> reporter: series of deadly tornadoes sweeping through the midwest overnight causing widespread destruction in arkansas, iowa, illinois and missouri. one of the hardest hit towns on the washington illinois at least 50 homes are damaged or destroyed. >> it was scary. did it sound like a freight train like they always say, and it was fast and stuff was blowing around hitting the windows. >> it's nice and clean. now it's a mess. we'll rebuild come back. >> reporter: tornadoes a result of small but strong storms known as a super cell with sunshine warming atmosphere ahead of an approaching cold front. >> high winds and heavy rain over a huge area from texas to ohio. putting some 45 million people at risk as the storm tracked over long distances. many residents had evacuated to storm shelters coming back this morning to a assess the damage. >> i could feel the pressure dropping and my ears were popping and i knew it was here, and i just -- i didn't expect it
5:31 pm
to happen to me. but it happens to anybody. >> reporter: now local officials are doing their best to restore basic services like power and water with the damage so extensive, and search and rescue operations continuing in some areas, the recovery process will take time. >> we're going to try and get utilities back on as safely as possible, and help the residents as much as we can. >> reporter: the storm is expected to shift to the east today with strong thunderstorm warnings as far northeast as boston and all the way into the deep south. in illinois, matt fin, fox news. all right. fact in our area live look at ben franklin parkway. the most severe weather kathy told us earlier has moved through our area but now we're tracking the possibility for some snow. kathy will break it all down for in you just 15 seconds.
5:32 pm
a record warmth in many locations. then storms moving through and now we're talking about wind before we even brooch the subject of snow. take a look outside in old city philadelphia as the sun gets lower in the sky, there's some breaks in the overcast. here's look at today's highs. average high 48 for this time of year. philadelphia 74. close to the record but we didn't break it. we did break a record in wilmington at 75. atlantic city a new record of 73. trenton made it to 73. reading 68. allentown broke the old record we have new record 68 degrees. the warmth is fading with the passing of the showers and thunderstorms. some additional showers especially through areas of delaware and south jersey through the evening and then we'll slowly dry it out. when you look at the temperatu temperatures well the warmest temperatures along the coast today. philadelphia still sketch. raleigh at 76. 50s through the midwest. 30s in the upper midwest. as a matter of fact in chicago
5:33 pm
it's snowing right now. with another storm 35 degrees minneapolis. 36 kansas city. 49 we will be seeing the cold and the in the wake of this front the winds shift to the northwest. that means some wind and much colder only temperatures we have a wind advisory that begins tonight goes through tomorrow at 1:00 o'clock for the lehigh valley, reading berks county and into the poconos for winds gusting to 45 miles an hour. many locations around the delaware valley have wind advisories don't have one in philadelphia just yet. but we could by late tonight. as we go hour by hour, we'll have the clouds tonight. a few spotty showers and then during the day tomorrow, mainly sunny. but windy. gusty winds everywhere and then we'll see some snow showers sunday. possibly just sirring to the south. it's still little uncertain but somewhere we'll be seeing light snow either friday morning or into the afternoon. we'll keep updated i think the bigger story is going to be the wind and the wind chill. much colder air will be moving in.
5:34 pm
friday wind chills in the 20s and the teens friday morning. that's cold. but saturday morning is going to be different. wind chills in the teens in the single numbers. the wind chill stay in the teens all day saturday. it's going to be cold one. and sunday morning, even colder. single numbers through most of the region. with the exception of south jersey. so it will feel like seven in philadelphia. unbelievable. sunday morning it will feel like two in the poconos. so old man winter wants to hold on. i don't think he's going to win. overnight tonight, 46 with some scattered showers. especially south and east turning windy. winds out of the west about 15 to 20 will be gusting to 35 tonight. even in philadelphia. during the day tomorrow, temperatures not rising that much. the winds are going to be pretty controlling of our weather. we'll see the sun. but temperatures 49, 50 degrees that will do it. westerly winds gusting to 35 miles an hour and of course much colder than it was today. here's look at your high temperatures for tomorrow. mainly in the 40s.
5:35 pm
some 50s through millville, dover and ac. only at 37 degrees in the poconos. good news for ski resorts there will be good snow making weather later in the week and for the weekend after a morning rain or snow shower friday it will be windy. the winds continue morning lows in the 20s saturday and sunday. that's why those wind chills are going to be so low. 38 saturday. 45 sunday. and then guess what? >> it's back to spring. monday 58. tuesday 60. wednesday mostlily sunny and 54. i don't know if you guys new this but march begins the meteorological spring. spring already for us. [ laughter ] >> all right. i don't like those tumbling temperatures though, kathy. thank you. world war ii veteran from philadelphia not letting his age slow him down. he has no plans to retire from his job at a supermarket. a new trend invading new york city. the sweet treat so many people are flocking to sing their teeth into. a south jersey high school with a controversial spring musical. the special guest students there
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♪ in your money a surge for wall street. the dow cat pulled over the 21,000 mark. the nasdaq, s&p 500 russell 2,000 hitting records on the first trading day of march. pepsi says he plans on laying off dozens of workers and the company says philadelphia's new soda tax is to blame. the company says it will lay off somewhere between 80 and 100 workers at three distribution
5:40 pm
plants. pepsi says the new soda tax has cut sales by 40% in the city. and workers will be laid off over the next few months at the plants in north and south philadelphia and wilmington. city officials criticized the news saying the tax has been benefiting the expanded pre k program and is created more than 250 new jobs. they also reference pepsi's overall profit. also belt tightening at chocolate maker hershey. the company plans to cut thousands of jobs in a restructuring oh reduce the global work force by 15%. most of those layoffs will be outside of the u.s. hershey has roughly 19,000 full-time workers. >> new business is all the buzz in new york city selling cookie dough like scoops of ice cream. sounds good, actually. the owner of dough cookie dough confections says she's been selling 1500 pounds of cookie dough a day at her greenwich village storefront she hopes to expand both in new york and online. products are the latest new york
5:41 pm
food fad to generate buzz customers waiting guess this three hours in line just to get their hands on it. >> i think if you eat one full scoop you're filled for half a day. >> yeah. >> i'll bet on it. it's too much. even if we had breakfast this morning. >> i don't eat lunch. >> we don't need lunch right now. it's too much. >> probably super sweet. the company has a number of dough flavors and freezes it to make ice cream sandwiches, sundays and milk shakes. i think it sounds great. >> it does. i'm not waiting three hours though. new warning from doctors. why they're so concerned about recreational marijuana. and we've all had weird dreams now and then but what do they actually mean? an expert looks into your dreams to see if there's any hidden messages in them. ♪ fios in the house!
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in your health tonight, a warning for parents of teenage teenagers. >> concern mounting among health experts as laws around the country change. problem more than and more states are legalizing recreational use of marijuana. >> fox's jennifer lahmers spoke to one doctor who is warning everyone about the dangers of getting high especially teenagers. >> reporter: pediatricians are tightening their warnings about teens and pot. so far seven states have legalized recreational marijuana. 28 have approved it for some degree of medicinal use that's why the american academy of pediatrics says it's opposing medical and recreational marijuana use for kids and it's time pediatricians and parents have a sit down with their tee teens. >> we've known for years this is really dangerous and i'm thrilled that they finally came out and said this. >> reporter: doctor harris
5:46 pm
trautner heads a clinic in new york. like the addiction specialists he's seen a spike in the number of concerned parents coming to him with questions. >> vast majority of adolescents who come to caron marijuana is always included among their top drugs. and we've seen marijuana use go up and at the same time seen tobacco and alcohol use go down. >> reporter: and as more states decriminalize the use of pot, he's worried teens won't take the long-term consequences seriously. researchers say not only are marijuana products three to five times stronger than they were a decade ago, dr. trautner says the drug itself isn't safe for the add lessen brain. >> marijuana affect affects the short-term memory that part of your brain which is located in the front which we call the neyo cortex. we know that that area of the brain continues to develop through the age of 25. >> reporter: what about kids who suffer from seizures or condition where is medical marijuana is prescribed? >> what do you have to say to
5:47 pm
them. >> i have to say to them that's a medical condition and that's a very low amount of adolescents relative to the hundreds of thousands of adolescents who are destroying their allot ability to think clearly and they're ability to memorize things. >> more evidence supports the fact that carrying extra weight may increase your risk of number every cancers. study notes british medical journal those additional pounds appear to particularly influence cancer risk in the digestive area or those driven by hormonal abnormalities. study authors say the next step to determine whether losing weight would decrease that risk. new research is shedding light on the link between radiation therapy exposure played on 70 cancers with existing cancer patients. now the study look at 23,000 pediatric cancer survivors from 1970 through 1999. researchers say they can now prove that radiation therapy was
5:48 pm
in fact causing secondary canc cancers in some patients. doctors say over the last two decades, a decrease in the use of radiation was actually the right way to go. >> our hope is to more clearly define which individuals absolutely need fit there's certain children that we can save from needing it. >> doctors say their work is far from over they're looking at the impact of certain chemotherapy treatments and how they interact with radiation. well when you are sick the last thing you probably want to do after leaving the doctor's office make that trip to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription even though it's supposed to help you. in a fee mix er there's a machine in the waiting room that will fill your prescription. it's at the banner university medical sent it has 900 different types of medication and makes a video call to a pharmacist on duty. you just scan your prescription and your insurance card and you get it. >> a lot of times patients will leave the emergency department
5:49 pm
have no have the ability to go to the pharmacy right away. now we can be sure they get their medications upon discharge so they can start their treatment immediately. >> doctors hoping these boxes in the er's will cut down on repeat visits to the emergency room. have you ever had a puzzling dream you just couldn't figure out? it's kind of a common occurrence. >> there's one woman who wants to help you make sense of it all. fox's kelly ring introduces us to her. >> reporter: fleeting images, disturbing pictures, the mind can be a confusing even terrifying place when we fall asleep. >> my name is beverly i hope you with dreams. >> reporter: otherwise known as dream momma. >> i'm a cuomo i don't know depth psycho therapist, a dream worker. >> reporter: who helps people deal with deep sometimes dark riddles of their minds. >> if you share a dream with me i can reframe it. i can send it back to you with a different vision about the dre dream. a different perspective. different way to look at the
5:50 pm
dream that opens up your consciousness. >> reporter: figure p guy stein dealed dealt with emotional puzzle for 31 years. the dream was about my wedding day and my grandfather showing up. my grandfather had been does he do dead 14 months when i got married and i had this dream actually seven years later when i was pregnant with my daughter. >> she saysville have a hemmed her crack the code. >> i learned that i steal needed validation from this man who has been dead for so many years. >> reporter: how does she do it? what's her secret? velva says the secret is inside of y you. >> every dream has primary symbol. every dream does. you find the primary symbol and you start viewing it from many different perspectives. and then you start making connections to the primary symbol. >> reporter: velva says the worst dreams may not be as bad you think. >> i like nightmares the best,
5:51 pm
because they -- they're full of deepest unconscious darkest material and it's very good to look at that, because you can transform it. >> this is what a typical sleep map looks like. >> reporter: at florida hospitals tampa sleep lab, dr. lara, believes some dreams cannot only be disturbing they can't dangerous. >> the most intense emotional dreams including nightmares happen in rem sleep. >> rem stands for rapid hi movement. during which they become viole violent. >> it's something called rem behavior disorder. if they think they're being attacked they will punch. they will kick. they will bite. they can actually choke or hurt their bed partners not knowing it because they're in dream state. >> in these extreme cases the doctor has a warning. >> if you're noticing anything where you are acting out dreams, you need to have a sleep study. you need to have a sleep consultation. >> reporter: although this can occur velva believes you don't have been afraid of your dreams. in fact, they're actually your
5:52 pm
friend. >> they help you problem solve. they help you create. they help you to learn about yourself to understand more of who you are. >> reporter: perhaps discovering the real you in dream land. kelly ring, fox news. i can never remember my dreams. me either. people i see in my dreams i don't know who they are. >> right. >> i don't know what that says. >> that could mean something. >> it could mean something. primary symbol. world war ii veteran from philadelphia not letting his age slow him down. why he says he has no plans to retire from his job at a grocery store. south jersey high school with a controversial spring musical. the special guest students are going to have as part of that educational experience of rag time. >> and we love to hate them. we're talking about potholes. how scientists are trying to prevent them from forming in the first place.
5:53 pm
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philadelphia mayor jim kenney made a little basketball history with harm let me globetrotters at city hall tod today. the mayor treked up four flights of stairs with a basketball before passing it off to west philadelphia native brie ya young the 14th woman in globetrotters history. swish loved that name turned and shot the ball through a window and into a hoop in the courtyard and it was without a doubt nothing but net. i was done in front of a live audience. the globetrotters by the way have ten games coming up at the wells fargo center this weekend. >> how cool is that. >> impressive. that's good shot. tucked away in grocery store in
5:57 pm
new jersey is. a member of the greatest generation. >> none-year-old world war ii veteran archie fagan doesn't have to work. but he does any way to help out his community. fox's kayla reports. stop by the shop rite in flemington, new jersey a piece of american history might bag your groceries. >> we give you service with a smile. ladies and gentlemen the sandwich is on top. we have the best store in town. come right in. very good. get a hot zapped witch before they're all gone. >> reporter: meet archie fagan the supermarket employee is in his 90s. >> i don't get tired. i just do my job. >> reporter: clearly full of life. >> every time i come in he's got a smile on his face, and greeting people. helping. he's great. >> he's the best. he's the mascot the shop rite right here. >> reporter: fagan sold his business in 1989 he doesn't have to work. wants to work. for 24 years these aisles here have been the 91 years old
5:58 pm
office space. 40 hour work weeks on his feet with no intention of retiring. >> i'm not one to retire. it's not in my forte. >> fagan was born in philadelphia. his parents were jewish immigrants from eastern europe. the family spoke yiddish and german at home which made him a valuable asset when he joined the army in world war ii. i was able to interrogate german prisoners in army intelligence. always good to see you. good job. >> he went on to fight in the battle of the bulge and was part of liberating the concentration camp. >> we got there and saw the desolation, the human misery the walking skeletons. >> reporter: witnessing first hasn't the darkness the world has to offer. still fagan radiates light. >> i have a lot of energy. name good health. i love what i do. where i'm at and who i am. >> we really are about customers service and archie epitomizes
5:59 pm
it. >> if i can clone it would be wonderful thing. >> reporter: not possible. has a enough energy for store full of people. >> i love to sell pork chops and roast beef. >> reporter: in flemington, new jersey. kayla, fox news. i love it he's all dressed up with his tie and everything. looks good. >> good for him. plenty of energy. all right. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ >> right at 6:00 in like a lion storms moved quickly through our area, now the fox 29 weather authority is tracking cold temperatures and the possibility of snow. >> another antisemitic incident in our backyard. >> i'm thor roll -- makes me sick. >> what homeowners in northeast philadelphia found on their house. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. live look at ultimate doppler radar as it's severe weather and the rain move out of
6:00 pm
our area. this comes after a day which saw record high temperatures in wilmington, delaware. >> but now we're tracking major changes as we kind of shift back to winter. thanks for joining us tonight the a 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. lucy on assignment. march comes in like a lion and today proved that. but not for everyone. let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr for all the detail. how cold are we talking, kathy. >> it's unbelievable. we're talking about wind chills, dawn, in the teens and single numbers. that is the big switch the big curve ball that's coming in the seven day forecast. ultimate doppler shows just the remnants of what's behind the front it's spotty showers and potentially a little mist and fog this evening. right now temperatures are still pretty mild. 66 in philadelphia. 55 in the poconos. 66 degrees in wilmington after record highs. now in the wake of the storms, the winds are going to pick up. gusting to 30, 35 miles an hour tonight and we do have wind advisory that goes into effect the lehigh valley


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