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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  March 2, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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morning, and pretty much the whole area, under the high wind warning, with potential wind gusts of 50, 55 miles per hour, we have 41-mile per hour winds gust in philadelphia, at this time. that's tropical storm force, same for lancaster, reading, with 44 miles per hour. so bus stop buddy, he's not being very successful at holding on to the hat. make sure you have winter jacket on, too, because it will stay pretty windy all day. even after it expires, and with temperatures in the four's, it will feel like it is in the three's all day. sunrise officially 6:32, more temperatures in the four's to show you. i think they'll go down some more. and then go back up again with the sunshine this afternoon. but not very far. we got seven out of ten, or 70s are distant memory. we got to 74 degrees yesterday. today we will settle into the mid four's in the afternoon. with windchills in the three's. bob kelly? >> sue, definitely make sure the kids are holding onto something when they stand out on the bus corner, live look, sun glare coming inbound on the schuylkill expressway.
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right near montgomery drive. hold on to your cup. here is a example of the winds, as we look live, at the talcony palmyra bridge, look at this guy, going out for boat ride here this morning. that's going to be a rough one. talk about getting sea sick this morning, got a tweet from a passenger on one of the septa trains, that said the train had to stop because of fire, at red lion road, lower moreland, electrical fire at dale road, and boyde road. that's for septa to suspend service on this west trenton regional rail line. any of the trains that were out on the tracks, and had some passengers, septa sending shuttle buses to take care of those passengers. however, further, through the morning, that west trenton line suspended. there is also delays across the board on a lot of individual trains on the regional rail lines. ten minute delays because of switch problems on the market frankford. no a or b express service this morning, a downed tree, blocking one of the lanes on the westbound pa turnpike, it is out near the norristown interchange. backed up from ft. washington
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all the way over and just getting out of the neighborhood could be little difficult for this morning. downed trees south on 295. right from the bus drivers mouth, say bob tell the parent some of the school buses could be little late. they have to divert around the detours like all of us specially some of the neighborhoods. bak to you. >> let's get back to breaking news out of clifton heights. we have been talking about these strong winds. but certainly feeling it in deliver ton heights where tree fell into a home. >> one person injured. steve keeley with the injured homeowner and an inside look. >> reporter: funny, you say laying in bed you hear the wind howell. maybe consider yourself fortunate that you only heard the wind howellment tom foley laying in bed in this spot. he doesn't hear the wind howell. what he wakes to up is that window smashing on top of his head. he's got alarm clock here. that never had a chance too long off. now the power is out. this is the rude awakening,
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here is the tree, on one side of the house, this is where the tree came down. and it is a real big tree. it is completely blocking mill street now here in clifton heights, delaware county. will lean forward. see bunch of bricks out there. that's what's left of the chimney that got smashed. the tree smashed this window, but did not come in the bedroom this way. you see the power lines down, as well. so the power is not -- the tree, like a whip, goes over the house, smashes the chimney and roof, and then chris will walk through here, see the blind, the bed full of glass, he's cut from head to tow. chris will go all the way to the window, sections of the tree outside this window and that part of the tree, the top part, then whips around and comes through the house this way in a whip like effect. that's how this window got smashed. look at the screen, window pains, frames are out, knocked out, and knocked right on to the pillow where he had his headrest g asleep, not being
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woken up by the how long winds, which obviously were how long to do this kind of damage. and you see the shattered glass throughout the whole bed, and he's waking up to that. and he had no idea. he thought somebody through something through his window. here we again, three hours since you got woth end up, now tv crew in your bed with you, that's probably the most shocking thing of your live today. but has it hit you yet this isn't a bad dream? >> no. i am still kind of little bit of shock actually. >> the safe part we should tell people just watching us, you went to the hospital, you got ban and dollars leg, little blood running down, and a cut around your ear and your forehead. >> but you're okay. it is safer to be in this house because the house was check too? >> yes, yes, the firemen came through, took athermal something, and check all of the walls and made sure there were no hot spots or anything. >> so the power turned off. the house is safement it is not, you know, knock off its -- >> structurally, yes, yes, everything is fine. >> now this was the perfect night for your wife to fall
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asleep watching it. v on the couch. or she would have been in here? >> exactly, exactly. >> she is downstairs thinking whatever that boring show that put me to sleep was, probably one of the other stations newscasts, i'm thinking at 11:00 and that knocked her right out probably. and so sleeps down on the couch. this was the night to do that for sure. >> exactly. >> one thing i noticed here in the bedroom, you're saying what was he lucky for? he's tom foley, bob kelly, it is the luck of the irish, there is his four leave clover and his pride flag on her beer mug. that's what got him through this, i'm convinced as we approach saint patty's day. >> that has to be it, lucky for sure. >> steve, thank you. time 7:05. straight from the mayor's office today as we know jim kenney, going to be releasing his second budget net five year plan for philadelphia. now he's asking city counci to approve new investments in two key areas. those would be health and human services that kenny says will up lift or most
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vulnerable. he lots wants to focus on creating initiatives that he says will result in economic opportunity for all philadelphians. >> people of all faiths are rallying together to stand against hate. it is their ands to recent threats and slimmed limb at jewish cemetery. >> jenny joyce at the mount carmel cemetery in wissinoming this morning. hi, jenny. >> good morning, guys, reward stands at $69,000 for information leading to arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this vandalism. that reward has continued to grow each day, as you mentioned, there will be a role ate noon today bringing all faiths together, standing against hate. that's going to happen at independence mall. so this incident here at the cemetery will one man was apparently visiting his relatives grave site when he noticed that they had been damaged. it happened last sunday. he called police, detective determined that more than 100 headstones had been toppled. it is believed that the vandalism was done sometime after dark, on saturday, police and federal authorities
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are still combing through all of the evidence to find the person responsible, additionally, people have donated their time to clean up the damage, and they've done nail dollars more than $140,000 to make the necessary repairs. in light of the recent bomb threats, and targeted acts against the jewish community, across the country, people of all faiths, in philly, coming together again, today, to stand against hate, with a rally at noon, at independence mall, it is hosted by the jewish federation of greater philadelphia. governor tom wolf is also supposed to be there. alex, thomas? >> more details on what's going to be happening in just a few moments. >> we will be talking with the organizers coming up in 15 minutes. 7:07. philadelphia police now investigating another case of antisemitism. this after a man found a swastika drawn outside his home. now, obviously he blurred the image because it is offensive. but someone spray painted the symbol on the front step of the home. this happened on the 10,000 block of clark place,
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detective say the homeowner went to the store yesterday morning, came back to find that hateful act. the homeowner didn't want to talk on camera, but neighbors, they've plenty to say. >> i've been here all my life almost. and we've never seen it. we don't ac like this around here. shouldn't be act being like this anywhere. >> people need to realize what is more important. and love each other. love your neighbors, and live in peace. that's what we should focus on and work together. >> police say they found at least one home with security camera, check to go see whether it recorded the incident. >> about dozen people in reading are out of their homes after an underground fire. police saw the problem with one cable on court street. fire spread. no one is hurt. about 20 custom verse no power. and it could take two days to get it back. as long as nothing else goes wrong. the owner of the trump taj mahal casino property has struck a deal to sell it to hard rock international and two other unidentified new jersey investor.
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car icon closed the casino four months ago siting $300 million in lost revenue. hard rock has long toyed with opening a casino in atlantic city. and pepsi says it is being forced to layoff workers here in philadelphia. because of the city's tax on sugary drinks. the company says the tax is hitting them so hard, they're being forced to take drastic measures immediately. it gave notice that it intends to eliminate 80 to 100 positions including front line and supervisory roles over the next few months, spokesperson for pepsi says because of the beverage tax, it sales are down 4% in a city. and up only ten to 15% outside of the city. >> seven doctor zero nine. private family drama playing out in the spotlight. >> joe bid zero biden responding to reports about romantic relationship between his late son's widow, and his younger son. >> in a statement, biden has confirmed relationship with haley biden. the former vice president
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issued a statement to page six of the new york post supporting of beau biden's widtho and other son hunter, quote, we are all lucky that hunter and haley found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness. we spoke with center city psychologist who says this casino every trauma bonding is more common than you think. >> the people that you feel closest to are the people you went through that trauma with. it doesn't mean anyone is over a grief but they feel enormously relieved to feel that they're able to love again. >> hunter biden reportedly separate from the his wife five months after the death of his brother. they have three daughters. more news out of washington this morning, number of democrats are calling for u.s. attorney general, jeff sessions to resign. >> this follows revelations that sessions met with russian envoy last year. as doug luzader reports from washington, sections is firing back though. he says did he nothing wrong,
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doug. >> reporter: that's right. white house put/new statement on this this morning. in addition to that, so, at the very least, this is distraction for the white house, but it comes as democrats and republicans here on capitol hill have agreed move forward into an investigation, into russia's alleged role in the campaign's last year. >> as the presidential campaigns were heating up last year, on at least two occasions, now u.s. attorney general, jeff sessions, spoke with russia's ambassador to the u.s., there is no evidence of any campaign collusion, but during his confirmation hearing when asked about possible contact, sessions said this. >> i have been called a surrogate at a time or two, in that campaign, i did not have communications with the russians. >> democratic house minority leader nancy pelosi pounced in a statement. now, after lying under oath, to congress, about his own communications with the russians, the attorney general must resign.
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>> sessions was an early trump supporter, but he denies any wrong-doing. suggesting the meetings were part every his job as senior member of the senate armed services committee. i never met with any russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign, he said in a statement. i have no idea what this allegation is about. it is false. but whatever role sessions may have played, on capitol hill, an investigation is churning forward into allegations of russian interference in the campaign pages. with the republican in charge, blaming the obama administration. >> year ago i went out and called the failure to understand putin's plans and intentions to the largest failure since 9/11, largest intelligence failure since 9/11, and the last administration didn't do anything about it. >> reporter: well, the trump administration this morning putting out statement saying this is an attack from partisan democrats. this is sure to add to the calls though from democrats, that at the very least sessions recuse dollars himself from any investigations into russia, moving forward. >> alex, thomas?
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>> adding fuel to the fire, doug luzader in washington, thanks. >> could we see another celebrity become president in 2020? >> the big question mark, karen help joining us from the news room. what's this all about, karen? >> all about oprah. could she go from the talk show queen to commander in chief? maybe. oprah recently sat down for interview with bloomberg david rubin steen. she said she always thought she was unqualified for the job of president, but not any more. >> i thought oh, joey don't have the experience, i don't know enough, i don't know. now i'm thinking oh. >> all right? well, okay. >> so, a lot of people jumped on that thinking she was hinting maybe on the potential run for the white house, and are saying run, oprah, run. but she quickly cleared it up. >> as you consider whether you are going to run for president of the united states or not? >> no that won't be happening. i did think gee you had to know so much more than i thought you had to know. but anyway.
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>> and she also previously told late show host, steven cobair back in january she would never run for president. but there is certainly a lot of people that would love to see her do that and are cheering her on, all over social media. we'll see. a lot of people say never, never until they decide to do it. >> so who knows. we'll see. twenty/20. >> that's right it. couple of mower years always hear no, then when it is time to do it, oh, wait actually i will take that. >> so two and a half years all ' be right there saying guess what? oprah is running. we'll see. >> thanks, karen. 7:14. clean up now underway after deadly tornados sweep through the midwest. at least three people are dead. dozens of others injured. hundreds every home have been dog tried or damaged. those who survived are recalling the frightening moments as them heard the storm get closer. >> feel your ears pop. like up in a airplane. coy hear the roof popping. you could almost feel the
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house shake little bit. >> i felt the whole entire house like it was being pick up like if you're on plane for turbulence, then just drop. >> there were more than 20 reported tornados from illinois and missouri to iowa, tennessee, and end ann a the white house says it is ready to provide federal support as needed. >> horrible ordeal. here dealing with high winds, flew. >> sunny outside. so it feels deceiving, that it will be as windy and as chilly as it will get throughout the afternoon. now, we won't be going back to 74 degrees, like we had yesterday. but all of these areas in brown here, under the high wind warning with gusts possible, 50, 55 miles per hour, this hour, we have a 41-mile per hour gust in philadelphia. even higher in lancaster, and reading. lancaster not even included in the warning, but they probably should be. >> these are the kind of winds that can topple the trees.
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we've been seeing it. if you see anything, let us know on social media, take a picture as long as it is safe to do so. let us know about winds damage in your area. 47 degrees in philadelphia right now. been watching temperatures go down all morning. at midnight temperatures were around 60, 65 degrees, so, those will end up being in the records for our high of the day, but, for us, looking at just tiny bit of maybe sprinkles, precipitation, just some moisture coming down from the great lakes. all of that wind. future cast takes us to tomorrow. about 1:00 in the afternoon, not in the morning any more, but 1:00 in the morning quick clipper system coming through, possibility of snow made from the mountains, lehigh valley, pretty quick though. so doesn't look like we will see any accumulation, but snow shower, maybe about 3:00 in the afternoon, around philadelphia. would not be out of the question. so 45 today. forty tomorrow. feeling very wintery tomorrow specially saturday when we wake up to windchills in the teens and get only to high of
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36. then high of only 42 on sunday. so after wintery weekend, for the first weekend of march, back to spring like temperatures by the middle of the week. still crazy bob kelly. >> and crazy out on septa west trenton regional rail line. take a look at this video sent to me from one of our viewers, the electrical fire, that has caused suspension of the west trenton line. this is in lower moreland, septa says, that an electrical fire, according to peco, and septa, caused this brush fire here. this is right along the track. there is your railroad tracks, and the firefighters, along the west trenton regional rail lines. so let's go to the maps. location is dale and boyde road, lower moore lands, and i first got alert from someone that was actually on the train. and said hey we're attestor stop mere. what's going on? septa has sent shuttle buses to rescue all of the passengers already on trains in service along that rest trenton line. that person just told me the trains, the buses are packed,
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but they're there. so again, west trenton regional rail line service suspended a lot of delays on a bun. of the other lines. eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, accident, off to the shoulder there, at the blue route. four car crash on the turnpike, this is westbound at ft. washington. already a delay there because every downed tree westbound out near the norristown interchange. alex and thomas back over to you. >> thank you, bok. we want to get to some breaking news out of north philly. firefighters putting out hot spots at an abandoned row home, at ninth and susquehanna. no injuries reported. you can see they're still firefighters moving around the scene though. the fire was placed under control in about 15 minutes. >> the hits keep coming for the sixers. the team announcing yesterday that joe emel bead will not play again this year. mri monday revealed his meniscus tear in his knee worth than -- worse than he first thought. >> make matters worse, the
7:19 am
team followed up with news that, well, one of its worse performances of the year. dario and tj mcconnell, with a bit of confrontation on the court in miami last night. sixers, they go onto lose this one, 125-98. so what's going on here? sean bell he will be joining just just a little bit to talk about the state of the sixers. after what many are saying has beea disastrous month. >> every time, oh, it will be great, it is getting better, and then something happens. >> then simmons will play, and keeps getting push back, here we go again. >> here we go again. another blow for uber. see the latest incident that has the company's ceo saying he needs leadership training. >> the children's tv x-rays sweeping the nation. they'll be in our studio later this morning, so in their honor we want to know what was your favorite tv show as a kid. sends in yours using hashtag
7:20 am
fox 29. we'll share them throughout the morning. is.
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>> once you step outside you'll feel the wind gust, up to 50 miles per hour, ewing ' certainly feel it this morning. >> apologizing after being caught on camera. berrading one of the drivers of his own company. look at this. >> what have i changed about back? >> you changed everything. >> you drove the prices. >> you know what? >> some people don't like to take responsibility for their own actions. >> they blame everything in their life --
7:24 am
>> e-mail for phone card. >> good luck. >> good luck to you too. but i know you're not going to go far. >> oh, the driver argued, he noticed they were talking about black. it was the price for uber black, which is a company's more upscale car service, and he says it keeps going down, costing him the driver money. now the ceo has apologized for his behavior, but this incident is just the latest on what's been problematic year for uber. hillary when i saw this i thought oh, another incident? >> that's right, after this, uber ceo getting blow back, admitting he needs help, he needs leadership help. he doesn't know how to ledee negatively, disappointed in his actions and said he needs to grow up. >> just had resign after he failed to report, that there was sexual harrassment claim, filed, against him, at his previous company. which was goose he will. so he's been asked to leave.
7:25 am
that will was just five weeks after he was hired, again, more issues, pointing to systemic problem. one of their former employees, came out, and said that they reported several times, but says their h. r. mcmaster department part of systemic cover up. didn't do much to follow up on these claims. and again, there is another problem, that they've had, which was the delete uber scandal when sending cars to jfk during trump's travel ban whether other taxies were protesting the trump orders, a lot of people deleted their uber accounts, 200,000 people or their users deleted their uber apps. this is the latest scandal break being the company. we'll see how they recover from this and get their users back. a lot of people lost a lot of
7:26 am
fate in ooher. >> they certainly have. we have to see. leadership training. well the dow closed above 21,000 for the first time and made history yesterday. >> gist 24 days before it hit the 21,000, well, it hit 20,000. so, we're really keeping pace with this trump rally, and a lot of this is in response to trump's big address before congress. investors were happy about his tone of all thing. they didn't hear a lot of policy specifics, but they say, his tone was enough to have them express optimism on wall street. they were happy he came across presidential and their optimistic about what he says he'll do, also, one important thing to note, banks were also way up. because they're anticipating another interest rate hike this month, which means, it will be easier for them to make a little bit more money. so, they contributed to this, as well. >> oh, like president trump speech spread willing the
7:27 am
positivity. a lot of positive reaction to it. thank you so much, hillary. >> coming up on 7:27. well, we want to introduce to you mitchell eason. look at this guy, right? would you be surprised if i told you, he's in high school? ya, he's in high school of the but already taking the modeling world by storm. jenn fred is hanging out with him today. he doesn't look like a high schooler, jen. >> he doesn't look like a high schooler, right? he's got nine jobs, maybe just three of them. we will ain't deuce to you this guy mitch on the most windy day. your hair is not moving. >> i put a lot of gel and hair spray. come on back, yes, mode he will with one of his jobs, at plymouth whitemarsh high school this morning. looking good. hi
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(high winds warning in effect right now, knocking treason to homes, and even knocking power out, we will get you more info. hottest show on tv right now, characters of pop patrol in our studio later this morning, discussing this yesterday when we had our meeting, a lot of the parents who have younger kids were like paw patrol. new crate, if you don't have the kids or kids older, wait, what's this? what? but this is the new thing
7:31 am
folks. >> what was the big thing that everybody was talking about? either way here in the show, it will be good, having lot every kids come if sue for this one mayhem and madness here kind of like what it is outside with all of the winds, i don't know if you can see but somebody's playhouse that toppled over. terry tweeted us i think there is a witch under here, careful. just be careful where you are working, driving this morning, there is a lot of debris around, thanks to the high winds. high within warns stays in effect, winds potentially gusting as high as 50 or 55 around 41, 44 lancaster, 38 miles per hour mount pocono, 28 miles an hour in wildwood. bus stop buddy on this national banana cream pie day, can't even hold onto piece of pie. that's blowing away, as well
7:32 am
as his hat. got to hold on to your hat. and wear enough of a coat today for wind chills in the 30's, because probably staying in the four's all day. windchills will stay in the 30's all day long, quite a bit different from the 74 degrees every day is so different from the day before. 30s in the mountain, weather number today is a seven out of ten, because of all of that sunshine. but we will stay in the mid four's just remember, windchills in the 30's today. and keep that winter coat handy. you'll need it bob kelly through the weekend. >> austin on his way, wanted to make sure were there, sue, he want to make sure there are smacks in the snack machine. >> people were tweeting us yeah, my neice loves paw patrol. i need to get hip. >> i have every imaginable paw
7:33 am
patrol toy. he wanted to come with me today at two #. wake me up. >> oh, i love it. >> can you imagine waking him up? that was not going to happen. >> normally just you no, but now that it is papa troll? >> oh, of course, we have to do it 7:33 dark you can -- talking about this fire, dale and boyde row. somebody sent me video firefighters pulled up to the scene. septa says peco wire. that actually caught fire. there is the track for septa west trenton regional rail line. so right now, service is suspended on the line itself. i'm not sure if the line had anything to do with the overhead power lines, but as we go back to the maps, one of the passengers they that give me the tip on this first thing out said you know what? able to take the bus, but forget about it. come back, dale road, boyde road in lower moreland.
7:34 am
so service suspended there. a lot of the regional rail lines accident east, causing jammo behind it, pennsylvania turnpike a police from ft. washington, four car accident there. and then a downed tree, further west, over near the norristown interchange. alex back over to you. >> okay, thank you so much, bob. clock 34. in a show of support, pennsylvania governor tom wolf will join leaders of all faiths for stands against rally, at noon at dependence mall, organized by the greater of philadelphia, recent vandalism, and also the bomb threats that have been called at different jewish community centers, thomas over at the independence mall with the organizer of this event. thomas?
7:35 am
>> we come tag as community, daniel segal, community relations council joining thus morning, great to have you with us, daniel. >> how do we even, when we look back, at the recent events here, how do we even begin to make sense of all of this? >> difficult to make sense. but to make sense of it, but when you look back, hatred has been with us, has been with us for thousands and thousands of years. >> prominence of hatred may and product to the political after is agents of our society, so many, in some ways and today for the demonstration for the entire community, jewish, non-jewish, totally non-partisan opportunity to be in solidarity, speak out against
7:36 am
hate, we in the majority, we will win, and hatred is a terrible enemy every all every us, jews, muslims, christians. >> i mention this is what we do best. were you surprised at all by the amount of people of different fate coming out saying yes we too shall stand up? >> not surprised but enormously gratified. this is a problem that we all have. and we are deeply grateful, because these particular incidents were anti- appear to be anti-semetic in nature, particularly grateful for our christian muslim colleagues, and to come and be in solidarity. when there are hate crimes, targeted at them. >> what's the call for action if you will? fosh elected officials. >> the call for something to make our voices heard, to make elected officials voices heard, that this simply is intolerable, intolerable in terms of the way people talk to each other, intolerable in
7:37 am
terms obviously of the crimes themselves, we ask for total and complete enforcement of the laws. and a statement that this is sisimply unacceptable particularly in the city of brotherly love sisterly affection. >> what's the feeling in the community when it comes to fear and understanding of what's going on? >> we have to go about our business on a day-to-day basis. we are concerned. there is heightened security at institutions, but to have this casino every hatred, limit our activities, is a victory for the hatred. that will we will not do in the jewish community, the american community cannot and will will not do that. >> appreciate your time this morning, once again the stand against hate rally scheduled at noon at independence mall, we of course will be covering it, back to you alex in the studio. >> yes, updates on the 5:00, 6:00, 10:11 for you.
7:38 am
>> we have star power, star jones is on good day this morning. how she is helping women in philadelphia get to the next level in the workplace. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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>> paw patrol, one woman said she got tickets nine months ago, getting ready for this weekend. you're prepared. so it will be on our show later, some people hip to this, though they knows what's going on paw patrol? what were your favorite kids tv shows when you why younger? >> so getting some tweets already. >> john said mr. roger, taught cents the most important things like being kind and being yourself. i agree, that's really good one, jen. and then jacky says: i'm millennial, obviously my gave rid show growing up was all. that will good one from jacky. keenan and call, right? and another says gulagula islands, that's true, that was another good one. getting so many tweets about this. if you want us to see them use
7:42 am
the #fox29goodday, so we can show it on tv. we go down memory lane this morning, as we get ready for the new wave which is papa troll. >> joe em will mills of miss the rest of the season we breakdown what it means for the sixers future, what do do we did now, embiid out, simmons out. what's next?
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7:44 am
7:45 am
>> some on the folks on the train said forget about it, i'll get an uber. good news from septa just resound service on the west trenton regional rail line, but not after they've had service suspended for about an hour, because of that fire hatched full over dozen where the regional rail lines running with delays this morning, all weather rear late dollars ten minute delays on septa market frankford line switching problems, no express service this morning, live look at i-95, cameras shaking everywhere, and just getting out of the neighborhood could be live difficult. if it was trash day last night, trash cans probably down the end of the block, anything that wasn't nailed down on the decor the front lawn is again probably neighbors areas front lawn, a lot of downed trees, branches, electrical wires, east on 422
7:46 am
and a note from bub drivers this morning, make sure to pass to the parent some of the buses could be late this morning getting ready saint patrick's day parade. brand new route for you. we kick off at 16th and jfk boulevard. then head over toward city hall go around city hall and then work our way east on market street, ending up eventually at cool spot this year. on market street, we will have the reviewing stand, tv cameras right in front of independence mall. so, we come on down, join us, sunday, march the 12th, philadelphia saint patrick's day parade, right here on fox 29 from noon to 3:00. then of course we will rebroadcast again on saint patrick's day march the 17th. sue has the forecast in 15 seconds.
7:47 am
>> part of the northeast, under high wind warning, for even higher wind gusts, possibility of 55-mile per hour gusts, which is craze but true, and seeing 41, 44 miles an hour, wind gusts to 41 miles an hour in trenton and in philadelphia at this hour. and temperatures are in the four's, most of them, 32, but the windchill, thanks to those high wind gusts, into the 30's, the reason we show you this is get used to it, because it will be this way all day with temperatures in the four's, and windchills in the three's, such a big difference from the weather we had yesterday when we got into the 70s, it is crazy, so, no precipitation to show you on radar. i just want to show you future
7:48 am
cast for tomorrow. when we have the possibility of some snow showers, now it looks like if they happen at all it will be in the afternoon, say, 2:00, 3:00 few snow burst, snow showers moving through the area, that is for tomorrow. now, snow or rain, depending on the temperature, but that's the deal. and it will be cold tomorrow. and saturday. and sunday. so that the wintery weather comes back for couple every days, and then it is back to spring by the middle of next week. guys? >> thank you, sue. the sixers, they made it official. joe emel embiid will not play again this season. and mri monday revealed the torn meniscus in his knee worse than first thought. top priority is his long-term health. >> to make matters worse for sixers nation, team follow up that news with one of its worse performances of the year bit of confrontation, sixers, go onto lose this one, 125-98.
7:49 am
sean bell everything that could go wrong with this team has. >> i mean, this is awful news, and that game yesterday, was the worse game i look at all year. worse lost they've had since november. okay? that's how bad that game was, and we already new this would happen right? we already new joe em embiid is out for the year. >> oh, just three more games. >> stringing you along, so you maybe come to the game, so you would buy some tickets so they could get little dough out of you. >> they made it seem like that. >> new, that last week he wasn't too happy how the team said it was day-by-day. >> that's all that was about. but joe em embiid being out is bigger problem. thirty-one games in three seasons.
7:50 am
>> joe em embiid. >> so did yeah mink, look at that. >> that's true. but yow mink, he didn't miss his first two and a half season. you see what i'm saying? >> think about that, okay? noel is gone. that's one guy you take for. okafor, definitely going to trade. that's another guy. >> should we still trade him? >> we don't have joel embiid. don't have simmons. >> joel does not want to be here i know you don't trade a guy because he doesn't want to be here, but after a relationship, you making it clear that you don't want this guy, he needs a fresh start. he's pretty much done. okay? and then ben simmons, listen, you think he's going to come back, the griffin effect, miss the first year in come back, have great career, but you don't know that. so all we know for sure we had dario saric. good player, tj. >> you love it.
7:51 am
j. look, tj, he is a good player. >> i'm just saying. >> solid player. >> he's had good shots. >> we take for stars. >> but the stars aren't working out for us right now. >> exactly. >> appreciate what we have. >> and mcconnell might get extension. we're at a point embiid we can't trade him. >> contract coming up this summer. >> no one will pick him up via injury. so we have to die with this. we will live or die. >> so you're saying? >> does he pick it up, become refracted free agent? >> give him ex tone sean, only playing 31 gaming he'll get paid more money. which listen at this point there is nothing you can do with him. >> did you think we would be here where okafor is the star? >> i'm a big okafor fan. >> we got him. >> i know fans kill him. but i'm a big okafor fan. what i think is he's a 20, 21 year old kid, he's fed up. he's confused. he doesn't know what it do. he's given no role. this team has given no support to be better. so, at this point,'s like i'm
7:52 am
check out. i'm discouraged. i mentally a.m. check out, i'm discouraged, he needs a fresh start. >> let's talk flyers though. because streit out. what's it mean for us? we have valterry? >> i really, really want to cover a good team. but they're making it hard on us, okay? the flyers, it was a throw away trade, okay? >> fourth rounder and seventh rounder. >> upgrade, you feel it is a lateral move? >> you'll struggle to make the playoffs. already not in it as it stands. so that's a problem. and then, if you do make the playoffs, you're getting bounced out in the first round again, lateral move. this team doesn't have much for the future. they might have to below this thing up soon. >> simmons, and blow this thing up, okay? because steve mason about to be going to goalie.
7:53 am
they gave michael a long-term extension. two years. are you kidding me? he's not your answer. >> good centers hard to find. that's what they say. >> listen, people don't want to hear this, but they may have to go the sixers route. >> rebuild? >> rebuild, trust the process. tank. if they want to be a championship team. okay? >> all right. >> if you want to make the a seed every year then keep doing what you're doing. >> thanks for your positivity, your positive tiff this this morning, we appreciate it. just saying i appreciate. >> the flower says i want to be positive, guys. >> the flower power this morning. >> not giving it to me, okay? i want them to. please. >> this keeps you happy. >> we always have the draft, sixers >> 7:53. a local high schooler, sean said that's a grown man. well, ya, he feels grown. because he's taking the
7:54 am
modeling worm by storm. jenn fred's been hanging out with him. jen, what i want to know is that outfit, does he really wear that to school or is that just for you, for tv? >> reporter: well, that's a good question, we'll let him answer t but he did get it at new york fashion week, so where is he? we're in world culture class. who in this class walked new york fashion week? it is hard to tell. because we're all so handsome and gorgeous.
7:55 am
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7:57 am
>> mitchell, senior at plymouth whitemarsh high school this year guess what he walked in new york fashion week? >> and he's live, walking around his high school this morning, with jenn fred in the classroom. >> first of all good morning. >> good morning, class.
7:58 am
>> not only rocked new york fashion week, ooh our badge on, realtor? >> yep. >> and you own a landscaping company? >> gwen scapes llc. >> that's great. so your mom is here. she said you've always been motivated. also said she drove to you new york about 600 times forecasting before this whole opportunity happened. >> before i could get my license she was carting me back and forth, or taking me to the train station, picking me up, vice-versa. >> so of the three jobs which one do you like the best? >> oh, i don't know, they're all my three passions. i don't know. >> when you got to new york fock fashion week did it feel real? you just turned 18 in september. that's the first time you could walk up there, correct? >> yes, you have to be 18 or else you need a concert my mom would have had to been there actually kind of crazy going to some of the parties and meeting different people, from across the worlds honestly from germany, italy, really everywhere. and then just meeting like
7:59 am
almost superstars and designers and they give you free clothes which is awesome. so -- >> do you normally come to plymouth white marne looking like this? >> , no usually don't have sparkle jacket on. but i would say button up shirt and slacks is casual, yes. >> doctor, get over here. we have to talk to you. so you're on abbreviated schedule here because you go and you do the real estate thing as parts of your academic day? >> yes, internship, correct. >> mom, get up here. you guys are being shy. high everyone pretends to go study for a test. like is he walking around like a model all day here? >> he thinks he does. no, he does, he is one of our best, i think's great role model for our kids, a leader, and our student body, and we think it is great that we customize the schedule for him, meet his needs, we know he is going to be great in the your your, entrepreneur as he is right now, can come back in remember they helped guide him for his career. >> moms' here. >> yes. >> said he's amazing?
8:00 am
>> very self motivated, dedicated, going to be places and wearing three hats every day, yes. he is a good young man. >> i love it. >> well thanks for letting us come into your class, thank you very much. i'm excited. i can't wait. i would like to you mow my lawn, sell me a house and i'm teases g but congratulations, it is awesome. continued success, guys, here's what's fun first offer in as an agent today. >> later today 3:30, congratulations. >> congrats. >> did you card him though? >> women, his mom is here. >> good day to you, thursday, march 2nd, 2017. >> a morning dose of whiplash. brutal wind, below through the area, ripping out trees forging down polls shall and the while weather not over yet. where snow may fall.
8:01 am
>> finding love after a lost? beau biden's widow and his brother now a couple. why this type of emotional connection is not unusual. >> from the power rangers to paw patrol! >> the stars of your children's favorite shows are live in the studio. >> and we're got the star power, star jones is on good day this morning. how she is helping women in philadelphia, get to the next level, in the workplace. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> lovely. >> talking about the winds. >> oh, so cold outside. and that winds is brutal. >> i told thomas, he look like superman when he was outside. because the sky was just flying back there. >> halfway, like didn't my mama tell me not it leave the house, without a jacket? what's going on? seventy-five yesterday. >> yes, we had 75 yesterday. windchills in the 30's today.
8:02 am
and it will stay feeling like the 30's. >> lovely. >> high wind warning, in effect, until 10:00 this morning. all of the highlighted counties there, the possibility every wind gusts 50 to 55 miles an hour, we have had 4-mile per hour wind gust, thomas trying to walk in that 44-mile per hour winds gust outside. 41 miles an hour in millville. 31 miles an hour in allentown, 39 miles an hour, which is tropical storm force so bus stop buddy he can't even hold onto his hat or ban a cream pie day. >> blowing away. >> oh,. >> everything is. 46 degrees, feels like 36. that will go right through you the winds and the cold temperatures, your actual temperatures still going to give you a seven because of the sunshine today. we don't expect any precipitation, just 45 degrees, and feeling even
8:03 am
colder than that. >> you got it, sue. 8:03, we call it, on thursday morning. we had some problems this morning, and electrical fire, along the tracks of the west trenton regional rail line. lower moreland, at dale and boyde road. now the fire extinguished, and the trains are rolling again with delays on that west trenton line. problems on 295 now, northbound lanes of 295, and an accident, right near the black horse pike, and that's causing a domino effect on the 42 freeway. as i mention, service restored, but expect residual delays throughout the rest of the morning, on the west trenton line, a lot of the other regional rail lines are also running with some scattered delays this morning, some a tribute today that west trenton line, ten minute delays on septa market frankford line switch problems, no a or b express service, hungry? it is thursday, got to head for breakfast today, northeast fill which little irish twist, get ready.
8:04 am
>> thank you so much. reward is growing to find the van as responsible for that damage mount carmel jewish cemetery in wissinoming. $69,000 now being offered for information leading to arrest and conviction, cash donations are also pouring in to help repair hundred dollars cents of top epp tombstones, more than $140,000 has been already collected to help with those repairs. >> stand against hate rail i being held today. jewish federation of greater philadelphia says the event of out standing and solidarity with all faiths against the wave of hateful acts that we've seen across the country it, begins at noon on independence mall. tom wolf is expected to attends. >> a private family drama being played out in the public spotlight. >> former vice president joe biden is responding to reports about his son's romantic relationship with his sister-in-law. the widow of former delaware attorney general beau biden. hunter biden has confirmed a relationship with haley biden. former vice president joe biden issued a statement to
8:05 am
page six of the new york post supporting beau biden's widow and his other son hunter. hunter biden reportedly separate from the his wife five months after the death of his brother, and he has three daughters. >> so benninging in doctor rg allen win wilson, couple and family therapy department from drexel university here to talk about this. >> good morning. >> good morning, some people were surprised to hear about this. >> yes? well, family drama can be surprising. not surprising for family therapists like myself, but for the lay person's out there, it can be surprising. but it is not unusual, quite frankly. you know, death can be a connector and interestingly enough sometimes people connect because they feel like the person that they lost, there is a bridge, if they're connected with the person who lost that same person. does that make sense? >> it does. but is there concern when the overwhelming connector if you will is the emotion of grief? >> well there is a concern
8:06 am
about that. because grief is powerful. unfortunately, there are also unrealistic expectation that is kind of happen when people are together. for example, you said alex that, you know, beau biden they separated about five month after his brother died. >> hunter biden. >> sorry. five months after his brother died. what i'm thinking, possibly, is that that created some unrealistic expectations, sometimes when people are driving, there is an expectation from the partner that they'll kind of get on with life because they have three children, that is tox participate in, if that wasn't happening fast enough it could have created a lot of conflict. a lot of marriages don't survive that. >> and everyone handles grief differently. when it comes to expectations you might think okay when i had someone pass, i handled it this way. so you should too. but it doesn't really work that way? >> absolutely not. everyone handles grief differently. the pain is very, very powerful. and it sometimes can be paralyzing to the person and it can be paralyzing to the partnership.
8:07 am
and so there are stages of grief. but un fourth fortunately some people don't grief at all for a long time. couple of years later the floodgates open. other people grief more quickly. >> it was interesting, when i posted this yesterday. some of the viewers, they were saying, okay, this is their business, how this goes, others were saying i lost, i saw one comment really struck me said i lost my husband eight years ago, i'm so lenly, i'm so happy she found love again t can be hard after you lost someone. specially your partner. >> yes. interestingly enough, there are cultures that actually say that if a widow is, you know, grieving, that the brother is responsible for taking care of that family. now, they're not necessarily saying you leave your wife and your family and go take care of this family, but it can be a very lonely process. that's why i said that death can be a connector. because there is a way in which people who are grieving the same lost are connected in a way that other people don't understanded. and death is the most private and public thing that we can experience. no one else experience it is like we do, because it is unique to us, and that person,
8:08 am
but everyone if you live long enough will lose a loved one. and have that experience of pain. so it is universal. and we tends to try to figure outweigh to deal with it the best way we know how. >> powerful emotion. what do you say to someone who seeks out therapy, seeks out advice, perhaps having feelings for family member during this time of grief? >> oh, my goodness, i don't think that anybody should go through this without going through some kind of family therapy. and some kind of grief therapy. because we are navigate agnew terrain. you maybe never lost that loved one, loved one before. or never had that experience, and so you have got to deal with new norms, got to deal with new expectations and need to communicate effectively, if you don't seek out therapist maybe spiritual advisor or confidant or friend where you can process through. the worse thing that you can do is stay in your own feelings and not express them in withdraw. >> okay, well, thank you so much. doctor aregie. >> not uncommon. >> no, it is not, and we should not judge real.
8:09 am
>> i that's the important thing we talked about this earlier during i think it was the 6:00 hour, not necessarily because a lot of people well it is gossip, you try to interfere with someone, but it is really about talking about that emotional connection that a lot of people have during the time of grief. and it is a real world issue. we need to get through it. >> absolutely, grow throug it, hopefully. some people do. some people stay stuck. >> always good to see you. >> good to see too. >> 8:09. it is morefin time. the power range remembers getting a make-over. stars of the new movie joining us live in studio, yes, power rangers are here. >> if that's not enough, speaking of popular kids shows, get your children around the tv here, because we have paw patrol, joining us in the studio, for a very special performance. >> so we've been asking you, what was your favorite kids show? crystal says frag he will rock, one of my favorites as a child. and then jk says mighty heroes. best ever. that's another good one. so keep sending them in. all reminiscing this morning
8:10 am
as the kids are excited and they get ready for the paw patrol. and power rangers. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:11 am
8:12 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:13 am
winds, new overnight, high winds brought down a tree in deliver ton heights and landed right on a homement take a look at the scene on mill street. the man who lives in the house, says, he was sleeping with his wife, when the tree came down. >> it came through on this side of the house. but the branch went over the top of the house, and swung in, and went through my bedroom window on the other side. and the window fell through, and landed on my head. >> the man said that he feels lucky, because he knows it could have been so much worse. bob, just what we're dealing with whether it comes to the wind, up to 50 miles per hour. >> yes, had a lot of drowned trees, a lot of debris in the neighborhoods, live look, this is 95 southbound, right at the street road onramp. an accident. that's causing delays, for folks coming out every bucks county, feet way, heavy coming in toward philly. up and over the whitman, you'll feel t both hands on the wheel when you are coming across any of the area bridges, service restored on
8:14 am
the west trenton line, but expect delays through the rest of the morning, delays on the airport, media elwyn, west chen at any, trenton lines, north on 295, an accident right near the black horse pike, and that's causing a domino effect on the 42 freeway. but hey, let's turn the fan off before we get to the saint patrick's day parade. we got brand new parade route for this year, we will kick off 16th and jfk boulevard. take our work around city hall then down market street, and there will be a viewing stand, tv cameras set upright thereon market, between fifth and sixth. so we invite to you put if in your calendar, come down to join us, philadelphia saint patrick's day parade sunday, march the 12th, you can catch it live, right here, on fox 29 from noon to 3:00. then we rebroadcast the parade again for all of the irish on saint patrick's day itself. sue has the forecast coming up in 15 seconds.
8:15 am
>> high wind warning continues in the area with winds possibly gusting between 50 and 55 miles an hour. how about 44 miles an hour? right here in the city. it is making it feel so much colder than it actually is. temperatures, themselves, are in the mid four's. but the wind chills in the three's, we mention this because you need to stay used to it, because you're going to need your winter coat. it will feel like it is in the three's all day with these winds blowing in from the northwest. even after it calms down, winds lift, it will be a cold one. seven day forecast has only 45 for today. that's after 75 degrees yesterday. possibility of a couple of pop up rain or snow showers in the afternoon on friday. a cold saturday with windchills in the teens in the morning, and high in the 30's in the afternoon. sunny, chilly sunday. but back to spring time
8:16 am
temperatures by the middle of next week. alex, thomas? >> some of your favorite childhood characters, have been re-invented for the next generation. >> used to do the moves, didn't you? >> yes, go, go power rangers. >> after school? we of course talking about the power rangers, good chance you you or someone in your family were one for halloween? pretty impressive. look at the trailer. >> movie clip (. >> we're excited, you guys excited, too. we have rj along with becky g. so we have the blue power ranger, yellow power ranger, yes, we hear it is your birthday? >> it is my birthday today. >> happy birthday! >> ♪ happy birthday becky ♪ >> yes, yes. >> jen is he going, there you
8:17 am
go. >> i don't know the spanish version. >> i don't know. >> stevie wonder version, you don't know that one? >> ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ all right! >> i thought were you going to pull a mariah carey. >> so, how many times have you guys seen the trailer? i love, you got so excited watching this? >> a couple of of times not for myself. >> do you want me to try to count? i can't. i can't do that. >> you want to replay it? >> to be honest it is addiction. >> so seeks it -- so exciting for us, bringing childhood memories back, you know? and not only that, but it is in a whole new way now, it is like a new err generation, and i think the key word for us is like re imagination. it is definately going to be something. >> certainly look different. >> little different. >> they have like metal. like they got big upgrade. wouldn't you say? >> upgrade for sure. >> were you heard about this, you knew the power rangers,
8:18 am
gout the role, the table rooked? -- the table read. >> at the condo, all in one night, as a cast, we all cried, we laughed, we got mad, we open to up each other. that's what made the friendship so genuine and real. because we just knock down all of the barriers before we even filmed. so it was time to, you know, hop onset and actually try to make this movie great. you know? >> it looks great. what do you mean try? >> right, at the time, we was trying to make it great. now we know our work actually paid off. >> i want to know about the stunts. because i mean there is some cool ringings, fighting and everything else you guys do it all yourselves? how did this work? >> pretty crazy. we trained a lot. me and rj trained in l.a. two month before we headed over to canada before we film the movie. once we got there we went into pre production, we got it trade altogether all five rangers, so me, rj, leudy ... and it doesn't matter how much
8:19 am
you prepare for stunts, the moment it is like the on the day, and they yell action, like you get so like excited, and like it just gets a hole of you, and it happens. >> this was your first fill until. >> first movie. not this guy. he is a pro over here. i learned so much from him. and the rest of the cast. but i mean, for myself, it was a dream come true. i have's always wanted to be an actress. i got little taste every it on couple of really good opportunities. >> empire. >> yes. >> we saw you valentinea, working your stuff there. >> see? >> at the same time. >> i remember the scene, you didn't say nothing about being in a group? i want my solo career. >> that was nice, little taste for it. it was nice because it still had a comfort zone for me which is the music, obviously empire based on the music not just the drama so it was nice to kind of have that transition, but, how you're treated on scene. doesn't sing or anything. so she is just, you know, a girl with a little bit of self
8:20 am
conflict, and figuring out where she belongs in the world just like billy and the rest of the charger. >> can we talk real quickly going back to the training, what it like to be in training to be a power ranger? it has to be intense? >> it is more than just lifting weights or what? >> it is a lot more than lifting weights. >> lift ago low of weights. pictures on there. >> oh? >> really? >> no wonder you miss your condo. >> ya, ya, to be honest. but, no, it was definitely one of those things where it is like you have to train physically but also it is a mental thing, too. growing up in jacksonville, and also becky knows englewood, when you fight. >> you fight. >> ya. that's what it is. but in training for a movie fighting it is like that's your partner instead of your enemy. >> yep, they're not your opponent. >> and their protection is important. so we had to learn that. >> it was hard. >> but don't hit it. you're like --
8:21 am
>> lit me hard. >> there is an art. that's why they call it stunt choreography, that is dance, and we both got rhythm so we did well. >> how many comic cons have you been to? >> you three, i missed the one in brazil, filming another movie, i was so bumm, sending me pictures. >> those are some passionate fans. >> actually, shout out to all of the og power rangers fans nothing but excited. i know they have some concerns, and whatnot, but for the most part, they've been so positive. and we're really thankful for that. like we said we're so -- it is an honor for us to be a part of it. >> part every great legacy, sure. >> right. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> you celebrating? >> his birthday is coming too so we'll probably celebrate. >> we are filming. >> we should have played becky g from the block. >> oh, you remember that? >> what were you like 15? >> fifteen. >> she is 16 now. >> haha. >> you got to talk to my dad
8:22 am
and my 30 uncles. >> that's right. if you want to date me you got to ask my daddy or my 30 uncles, you can meet them in a alley. >> i love it. >> and the crazy brother named rj, ya. >> ya, can't forget him. ya. >> i love you all relationship. this is great. >> thank you. >> 8:22. well, we hope they enjoyed it. the two people involved in the big oscar club. they're not going back. who the academy fired, and the other people who made may be on the chopping block. >> jen getting ready for a big surprise this morning, hey, jen? >> hey, guys, yes, still in plymouth meeting. but we are going to a town very close to here. to recognize a person who helps the kids, that need it most. so we will talk about that in our next you go there. have you figured out who it is yet? we will be right back. are.
8:23 am
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8:26 am
>> the academy award ... for best picture ... >> you're impossible. >> la la land. >> there is a mistake. moonlight. you guys won best picture. >> moonlight won it. >> this is not a joke. >> this is in the a joke. >> organizers of the academy awards announce two price waterhouse accountants responsible for the mishap, on the side of the stage, will not be allowed to work the oscar ceremony ever again, no decision made whether the award show will still continue its partnership with the accounting firm even working with him for years and years, but we do know those accountant, i don't think is a surprise to anybody, they won't be on that stage again. >> not after taking some
8:27 am
pictures, posting it on twitter. i want to know how the other one got kind of wrapped up in the controversy, as well. because there are two who have the envelopes, the guy, brian, right, he gave the won envelope to the presenter. now the over one in trouble as well. >> she was on the other side of the stage. so she probably why me? >> they still a job. that's the good thing this morning. >> that's true. >> get ready for saint patrick's day for few bucks, sue, is going to attempt in her latest penness to make this festive wreath. find out just how easy or hard it is.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> we know j-lo can dance, the unusual dance-off that we will try for ourselves. >> and guess what?
8:31 am
we've got star power, star jones, is on good day this morning, how she is helping women in philadelphia, get to the next level, in the workplace. >> and we just want to stop and take a moment, because we know you've been missing mike on the showment and we have been missing him, too. you guys have been reaching out to us, asking about mike, and we've tried to apply to as many of you as we can, we want to let our viewer family know mike is taking some time off for personal family issues, we want to say thank you to everyone reaching out and asking about him through phonecalls, emails, and comments on social media. we certainly are feeling the love. and here on "good day" we all miss him just like you do. we look forward to him coming back. and i can't wait to have my partner in crime back so we we love you mike, can't wait to have you back. >> love you mike jerrick. >> not loving the wet they are morning. quite a shock to wake up and first hear the weather, before you walk out to experience it, first-hand. because we have high winds out there, there is high wind warning still in effect, until
8:32 am
10:00 this morning. and it is, it means, wind gusts have the potential of being as high as ooh or 55 miles an hour. so let's check on what we've got, had 4-mile per hour winds gusts in philadelphia right now. that's indeed tropical storm force. poor bus stop buddy. can't even keep his happen hat on his head so windy. it has banana cream pie day. that piece of pie is flying around. so hold on. we've got few more hours of these really high wind, but it will be pretty windy all day long. so even though 46 degrees, it feels like 36, and right now, all of our other temperatures are in the 40's, with windchills that are in the 30's this morning. our number is a seven. and we're going to get to high later on, well, our daytime temperature, we already had our high for the day, stayed mid 40's, bob kelly, but feeling a lot chillier than that. >> a will the going on over there in a minute. good morning, everybody, let's go outside. live look at i59 southbound, an accident right near street road. off to the right shoulder.
8:33 am
got some wick sun glare, and hold onto our coffee cup. look at the wind rocking our camera, 59 at cottman avenue. southbound heavy from cottman into downtown. septa running with delays on the west trenton line. restored service after an electrical fire. delays on a lot of the regional rail lines this morning. ten minutes on the market frank forwards, no a or b express service, and crash north on 295, right near the black horse pike. it is arts and crafts time. >> also, known aspen this. and this time, sue serio, has saint patrick's day theme craft. are you ready for this one? can she do it? so we will show what she is trying to do, right, sigh? >> the attempt. i decided it all started because this is couldn't be easier. i wanted to put a wreath up on my door for saint patrick's day, parade coming up on the 12th, i thought let's go to pinterest, always great project. but my project never ends up
8:34 am
looking quite like the pinterest. so this was, the reason i like this one, so easy. according to pinterest, right? and because it was cheap, and/ellie like cheap. the claim is you can go to the dollar store and spend $4 and make that beautiful wreath. $4? really? >> really. i went to the dollar store yesterday. >> how much? >> i spent one, two, three, $4. >> okay? so that worked out? >> i already had this basic wreath at home. i had something else on it, i took it off. >> okay. >> most of you probably have something that's basic like this, if not get a wreath in the craft store. okay? so you can help me by opening up one of these. >> okay. >> very expensive dollar shamrocks. basically these are foam shamrocks. now, the website that i went to on pinterest said to use hot glue gun to glue these on. right? >> but sue is not a fan. >> i don't like hot glue guns, a, i burn myself, b, the glue
8:35 am
get all stringy and i don't like. that so i'll try elmer. >> but it dries faster, that's the thing when it comes to elmer, do you have wait to let it dry. >> may not turn out so good, alex, no. >> oh, that's the fun part. >> i give you tacky glue, cute little tiny one. >> okay? >> and i'll just put some good old elmer on here. so we just oh, did it dry out? don't you hate when the he will mens dries out? >> used to peel off the top. >> yes, i guess. >> a lot of times, you see, you go oh, okay? >> see? oh, that's a lot of glue. >> just glue it on there and basically -- >> how do any. >> do i need -- >> cut the top? >> i put straight pin on earlier. you know what? you can do what i did. >> just take off the top? >> and let it out. >> i thought this would be the easier one ever alexi swear. >> you want the lighter or darker? >> we can make variety, because, and, sometimes use the other side i think. but see we can just sort of, i mean, could this be any more stupid easy?
8:36 am
>> that's good. >> all right. >> but see the wild-card is the no glue gun. and but i think the good benefit of this one is it is showing you that you can go to the dollar store, spend couple of dollars. >> yep. >> make beautiful wreath. answer these are shamrocks. >> oh, they're moving. threat dry. >> so we will let sue get to work on this. >> oh, so hard. >> but look at all of the glue you're putting on. that's a lot of glue. >> see how this goes. we will keep checking back in. >> 8:36. is this a wrestling match or a game of tag? one little boy, has no plans of getting pinnedment look at him, like ring around the rosey or something. his adorable moves to out run his opponent. and then it is one of the most popular kid shows out right now. you're going to want to get your kids around the tv. because paw patrol will be here in the studio, having live performance. this will be real excited. now that i'm hip. i know all about how popular it is. oh, amy says growing up my favorite shows were quick draw
8:37 am
mcgraw, and rug rats. that's a good one. and then one of my favorites, bonnie's world, another good one, all reminiscing this morning, let's talk with the kids again, how about that?
8:38 am
prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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8:40 am
>> film direct or revealing the movie features disney first gay character. gaston sidekick played by josh, who also was in frozen, we'll explore his sexuality during the film, calling it small but suggest is sub plot.
8:41 am
beauty and the beast hits theatres march 16th. >> young boy meets his match at his first wrestling tournament. >> so when he realizes that the competition is a girl, he literally runs here. >> this video wrapping up all of the likes. four years old, the girl is five. and it turns into a game of cat and mouse. he gives chase. but she eventually pins him down. then he breaks free, setting off another chase. >> i love this. >> that is a smart young manning he knows do not mess with a girl. >> so cute. >> it shows girl power, for sure. >> brings you back to the sixth grade. first time i got bopped in the nose, alicia demarie. >> what did you do to get bopped in the nose? >> probably said something. >> i think she liked me though, had little crush on me. >> you thought that's what she did? i didn't know girls were the ones. >> yep, like pop. >> did you have to go to the nurse's office? >> probably did. >> she lost interest after that. >> very tough.
8:42 am
>> maybe it was all a test? i don't know. >> we have another exciting go there. >> we're near plymouth meeting and we're close to our person. shush. be right back.
8:43 am
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country crock has always been made with the goodness of plants. it has real, simple ingredients... and the same country fresh taste you love. welcome to crock country.
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>> 8:45, how windy it is, now it is getting folds up. wobble cam here in trenton new jersey, everywhere, it is so windy that we have a high wind warning, that is in effect until 10:00 for most of our region so it is really these winds are not letting up 44 miles per hour wind gusts, in philadelphia, right now, 40's our temperatures, and they continue to go down, because colder air still coming in after the cold front, that's causing all of this winds. windchills are in the 30's, so think about that for the rest of the day, winter coat, wind chills in the 30's, winter coat tomorrow and saturday, and sunday, tomorrow we get, may get, few rain or snow showers depending on when that comes through, but back to spring-like temperatures, by the middle of next week. 8:45 your time.
8:46 am
this might be the easiest pin this project i've ever attempted. we're trying to make a wreath. that looks like this. just using dollar store supplies. basically this cost me $4 in supplies. i had the wreath at home. and so i've been gluing them on. oh,. >> all right, now i know why they wanted the hot glue gun, see, i just don't like hot glue guns. so basically, the construction to leave it horizontal until -- >> sue, the big question, would that wreath holdup in the high wind we saw today? >> not at all. >> it would be halfway down the block. i thought this was going to be the easiest oner. >> should we just pull out hot glue gun? do we have one in the back? might have to just go ahead and give in. >> okay, there you go. >> because -- >> you can see the potential, right? >> oh, there is potential. >> i mean these, i got them at the dollar store yesterday. so anybody can be crafting.
8:47 am
just follow the trunks cents. >> as it continues to drip. >> i was going say, that glue dripping? >> it is. >> (laughing). >> it is okay, sue. >> thanks, sue. >> thank you, martha stewart. >> really. >> well, it is time now for us to go there. jen, is out, gearing up to surprise another amazing person, in our community. >> surprise surprise. jen's in conshohocken this morning, hey, jen? >> i want to be clear. the amazing person is not driving the car. okay? this guy is not getting recognized for being amazing. okay? >> first mistake you all made. >> listen, here is the situation. the person that we are recognizing today helps children. special needs children. do amazing things. so we will talk about that. and, i have to tell you that every, every person we've talk to about this person has said my gosh absolutely but never thought that this important would be recognized because this person kind of, you know, stays out of the limelight little bit. that's the type of person we
8:48 am
are looking for, someone who goes above and beyond, gets that early, stays late, fearless, without needing any credit. go to my facebook page, nominate someone. because we always need more submissions. but if you nominate this guy. >> i don't qualify. >> delete. >> i don't qualify. >> delete. just say it. >> you two! >> be safe. we will check back with you in a little bit. >> mayor jim kenney, say, he made basketball history with the harlem globetrotters at city hall. >> so the mayor trecked up four flights of stairs with a basketball before passing it off to a globetrotter. bee a swish young, made the shot, and it is in. west philadelphia native. swish, that's right. that's why they call her swish. and so cool. so, the trick shot is the first in the 106 year history of city hall of course. and so cool that swish who is from philly got to come to philly and make history here. >> and that is why she does
8:49 am
what she does. that is an amazing shot. i heard it was one and done. >> oh, another view here! was it really one and done? >> we will say it is one and done. >> ya, just say. that will the video makes it look like it is one and done. that works for me. so alex balwynne we know he plays donald trump saturday night live. guess what? he's coming out with a new book, lampoon president trump's first year in offers. the title it is called you can't spell america without me. the really tremendous inside story of my fantastic first year as president donald j trump. the book being published by penguin, due out for release in i have no. obviously satire. i was trying to google here. because the editor, the editor of a magazine. i'm trying -- >> alec baldwin is? >> no, the one he is writing it w it is supposed to be funny magazine here. but we will find out. so he basically says the editor of the magazine which will be satire, he's going to basically write the book and
8:50 am
just, you know. >> put his name on it, yes. >> so we'll see. >> we will. >> but can you imagine? yes, court anderson the publisher of which magazine? >> he is talking to megan by the way. megan, can you hear, megan? >> okay. so, we will find that out. this is going on. >> you put her on the spot, thomas. >> because she responds in the my ear, are you talking about kurt? yes, kurt. >> anyway. but that's okay, thanks for your contribution. yes, i wonder what the whole book will be about. spy magazine, thank you. he is the editor of spy magazine. >> victory. >> esteeming up with alex, i wonder what the book will be about though? hole book about impersonating donald trump. we'll see. >> i guess enough material there. >> 8:50. not your typical ashes, as catholics, and also people of other fate. they lined up for ash wednesday, some got a little surprise. what some churches added to the ashes.
8:51 am
you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ♪ in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ♪ you can feel good about general mills big g cereals.
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8:54 am
>> several churches are using to show their support for the lgbtq community. >> program organizations, to use grit termination into the actions to include inclusion. christians of different denominations typically mark after wednesday by having minister mark a cross on their foreheads with ash, remembrance of mortality beginning of four day period of re pens dense known as lent and leads up to the celebration every easter. >> ash for ash wednesday. >> still ahead, finding love after a lost. >> by biden's widow and his brother are now a couple. why this type of connection is not unusual though. >> guess what? have you seen this? one of the most popular hit shows around right now. get your children around the
8:55 am
tv, because papa troll will be joining just studio for very special performance. >> then people weighing in on their favorite tv shows or kid shows, roxanne says lover underdog and pastier growing up. can't choose which one i love best. oh, i love casper. my favorite shows glowing up specially the powder purr girls, basically like anything on the cartoon network. i like that. >> sends in your messages #fox29goodday.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> we foe j-lo can dance, but does she have better moves
8:59 am
than jimmy fallon? has inspired us here on "good day," yes, we will try for ourselves, luckily weaver karen hepp here, we know she has some moves. >> bad moves. wait to be horrified for this one but i will do it. >> you'll see. >> this will be good. >> good to have you. >> morning, guys. >> yes, it is thursday, march 2nd, 2017. we've got so much going on in this hour, it will be so exciting first we have star power. star jones, on good day. how she is helping women in philadelphia, get to the next level in the workplace, and of course, we're got to so some hot topics with her. >> always lover it when she is on, also, cool topay, how one brand is bringing hair pieces, that's hair piece right there, back into it is, but guess what? it is going to cost you. >> hey, jen? >> guys, getting ready to surprise one, basically one of his coaches in special olympics. >> this is mom, if you know mom, don't say. but basically lied nag truck. and then when things are crazy
9:00 am
do you think we're crazy? >> no. >> see you in a few minutes! >> can't wait. thank you, jen. >> so cute. >> we have to discuss this. because this came out yesterday afternoon. and it has some local ties to our area. a lot of people have been talking about it, it is private family drama being played out in the public spotlight. former vice president joe biden now responding to reports about his son's romantic relationship with his sister-in-law the widow of beau biden. so this is beau biden's widow who is now officially in a relationship with his brother, hunter. and hunter has also confirmed this relationship. so former vision president joe biden, issued statement to page six of the new york post, first to report this, and sports there is gives them his blessing, he said we are all lucky that hunter and haley found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness. and we spoke with a expert about this who says this kind of trauma bonding is actually more common than you think. >> death can


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