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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 3, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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gunshots one after another with children on the bus. what happened. >> plus your chilly weekend forecast. your news starts in 30 seconds. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at ten. we begin at 10:00 with breaking news out of the montgomery county. sky fox over the scene in pottstown where a pedestrian has
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been struck and killed. this happened around 8:00 tonight on route 100 and shoemaker road. right now, we don't know what led to the deadly crash. police continue to investigate. we don't know if that driver stopped but we do know elapse are open right now. more breaking news another car hit a person. this time mt. laurel, new jersey. this is right around 73 and rogers walk happened around 9:15 tonight. we do know that medics did transport someone to virtua hospital in marlton. we don't know what their condition is. >> developing news out of nicetown. unbelievable what happened. children belong on buses not bullet holes this is what things looked like right around this afternoon 4400 block of north 19th street. good evening to you, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. gunshot after gunshot right in the middle of the afternoon in the end police say the shooters fired more than 40 rounds. fox 29's joanne pileggi was on
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the scene right after all this went down. she's life in nicetown for us tonight. joanne? >> reporter: that's right, lucy, chris. 42 shots fired. can you imagine what that was like? all going down in the logan section of the city this afternoon. fortunately only one person was hit by a bullet. but tonight, police are looking for the four shooters. >> take a look at this schoolb schoolbus. shattered glass and a huge hole in another window. bullet holes in several spots. the driver happened to be passing through this intersection in logan when a barrage of gunfire erupted. >> 42 shots were fired from semi-automatic weapons we up to 42 spent shell casings at the intersection of 19th and wing hog begin. >> police say the wild shooting was captured on real-time crime cameras. four men all armed with semi-automatic guns got out of
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red car with tinted windows. >> all four of these males had guns in their hands. all four males were wearing masks covering their face. the recording shows all four of these males firing on 19th street. >> reporter: cops say it appears they were shooting at two men on the corner by the bodega. one of them was shot in the ear. during all of this, the schoolbus passed through. fortunately, the driver and two passengers escaped injury. despite all of the shots that hit the bus. >> people got to send their kids to the store, you know. send your children to the store and not knowing whether they going to come back. >> reporter: long-time local residents like mary may disheartened that the gun violence is just too common. >> i just pray. god, you know, keep me. keep these children. when i see little kids, go home, get off this corner. >> reporter: you know, maybe a
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blessing that we've had colder weather maria may says if it was a lot warmer there would have been so many more kids outside right at that corner. tonight, the motive is unknown. one person who was shot is in stable condition. again, police looking for that red car with tinted windows and the four shooters. back to you in the studio. >> joanne, thanks. skyfox over a crash on i-95 in northeast philadelphia. a tractor trailer, a dump truck and another car all collided near cottman avenue. this happening around thee this afternoon. police closed three lanes as crews work on the scene. no one was hurt. right now it is unclear what caused that crash. on your radar tonight winter finally making an appearance with bitter cold temperatures. we were just talking about spring like a week ago or so, right? live look at ben franklin parkway. here's the phrase we haven't said for while. bum up. >> yeah. daffodils and an hour later i saw snow squalls. >> there you go. >> fox 29's meteorologist mike
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masco here to fill us in. what's the deal, mike. >> mother nature is a little bipolar. look how fast the snow bands moved here. 45, 50 miles an hour. we have one low shower around lacy township along the garden state parkway and route nine. a little isolated snow shower but the bigger headline is the gusty winds and of course the cold temperatures. the gusts now 25 to 30 miles per hour. we'll factor that into the cold temperatures it's feeling like two above in mount pocono to 18 here in philadelphia, and overnight tonight, we're going to feel like five to ten in town north and west. upper lehigh valley into the poconos five below to five above, and things are going to stay pretty cold as we go into tomorrow. these are your actual air temperatures for tonight. eight to 23. you thought tonight is bad. well, wait until you feel tomorrow night. we'll talk about that coming up in just a little bit. guys. >> we're only three days into march the only way to describe this weather a roller coaster.
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>> we say it a lot. it really is. you know, wednesday warm, fabulous. today -- >> snow. >> yeah. it is winter, though. fox 29's brad sattin joins us live from center city. brad, it's a great night to be in the studio here instead of where you are outside. i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: you are rubbing it in is what you're doing. >> i'm sorry. i'm saying i'm sorry. >> reporter: thank you. you know you talk about the temperature swing. um wards of 50 degrees tonight and tomorrow compared to about a week or so ago. we're along the avenue of the arts here a couple hours ago we had chance to talk to some theater goers last week's weather they're ready for an encore. what a difference a week can make. snow today wasn't exactly on anyone's radar last friday. >> at recess we all took off our shoes and everyone was doing cartwheels. >> reporter: outside. >> yes. >> reporter: how about today? >> um -- >> i don't want to take anything off. >> reporter: low temperatures in the 20s certainly aren't unheard of in early march but
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it's somehow different when days ago it was nearly 50 degrees warmer and suntanning weather. >> people were eating outside. they were going to the cafes. and they were having fun in 72-degree weather and tonight we're freezing. [ laughter ] >> reporter: they say it helps to think warm thoughts but that just raises questions like -- what are you thinking? >> just really wanted ice cream. >> it's friday. >> it's friday. >> reporter: days ago this was the line for ice cream in center city. this is the line today in collingdale. there were maybe a dozen customers over two-hour period at rita's water ice. >> it's so cold out and it's snowing and we're open. >> reporter: cold is not good for business but it's great for studying on a like today there's a loft down time. >> yeah, definitely. get some homework today. >> reporter: deli immediately regretting not changing into warmer clothing after track practice. >> started snowing i'm like wow i didn't expect this. now i was freezing out there, hands cold.
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everything, legs. >> reporter: goose bumps on goose bumps? >> yeah. >> reporter: that's wait feels like out here. it has been this weather very uncertain but what is certain is that spring officially is just 17 days away. it is very cold out here, but please lessened it back to you guys in the very warm studio. >> yeah. thanks. >> warm in here. [ laughter ] >> brad, thanks. new tonight another legal victory for comedian bill cosby. a federal judge in massachusetts has dismissed the claims of three women who said bill cosby sexually abused them decades ago. they were arguing intentional emotional distress. cosby tweeted tonight hash tag more great news. cosby is set to go on trial in montgomery county this june for allegations he sexually assaulted andrea constand back in 2004 just this past week a judge denied a change of venue but the jury will be selected from elsewhere in pennsylvania. good news if you've had detour between pennsylvania and
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new jersey for awhile. repairs on the delaware river bridge are ahead of schedule. engineers say they're hoping to reopen the bridge in about a month from now. officials say you can thank february's extraordinarily mild weather for the speedy work on the i276 bridge. crews closed it of course in january when a painting crew found a contracted steel truss under a travel lane on the pennsylvania side. inspectors have not found any other major structural problems. another week political finger pointing on capitol hill and another weekend in in order for president trump tonight he toured orlando catholic school with education secretary bets tee devos both of them touting school choice. meanwhile vice-president mike pence is planning defense in wisconsin after records show he used a private aol e-mail account while governor of indiana. as trump's running mate pence criticized hillary clinton's use of private e-mail server but says his use of private e-mail is different saying he fully complied with indiana law. happening right now, four
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people are in the hospital tonight after a night out at a bar ended in gunfire in east mt. airy. bullets started flying around 2:15 this morning after cops say a fight started inside the bar on germantown avenue. >> one of those bullets hit a bartender who police say was trying to cam the crowd. fox 29's dave kinchen reports in east mt. airy. >> my wife said, you know, there was a shooting next door. i said what. >> reporter: gregory lock first thought his business was hit by gunfire when he heard about early morning shooting on the 7100 block of germantown avenue. the boo teak owner realized a bullet struck the 7565 restaurant next door. >> to have a shooting in such a way it happened. you know what oy mean s really sad. >> reporter: mess say about 20 people were watching a concert at the 7165 restaurant when an argument started and spilled outside. at that point, investigators say one of the people in the crowd grabbed a gun from his car and started firing hitting four people in their mid 20s includ
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including a female bartender shot in the leg. >> she was outside trying to calm the crowd along with other employees of the bar restaurant when the shots were fired. >> reporter: police say officers rolled up to the scene away and speeding off in their cars. this car slammed into telephone pole with gunshot victim inside. cops rushed that victim to the hospital in critical condition two other victims in their 20s are in stable condition with gunshot wounds. >> that's what's going on now. nobody what's to sit down and reason with one another, and as a result, they deal with it with guns which is really sad. >> i live in the neighborhood. upping, to hear about that, i can't imagine how the people down here felt with all the confusion and commotion was going on. it's not good. >> reporter: crews boarded up the window of the bar struck by a bullet as police look for the shooter and this normally peaceful neighborhood tries to get that normalcy back. >> it's really sad for the people who got hurt i'm really
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upset for the employees here that got hurt. i just pray she comes out okay. >> reporter: police say the suspect got away in vehicle that was either red or maroon. they don't have much more of a description if you were out last night in the area or you have any information, give philadelphia police a call. in east mt. airy, dave kinchen fox 29 news. coming up village people song about how welcoming the ymca is, right? >> sing it. >> next break maybe. >> perhaps the neck break. the move 1y made to keep anyone from feeling left out. hugh jackman says goodbye to wolverine as logan hits theaters but you might want to leave the kids at home for this one. here's bill. >> reporter: in this room you've got all the food. in the next room you've got prom dresses. you might think it's a store but this is felicia coffee's house and she donates all of this to people in need. the story is coming up next for goodness sake. >> police officer just wants
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someone to talk to during lunch. they saw post and invited her to have lunch. >> love this story. >> so do i. ♪ (vo) what if this didn't have to happen? i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back?
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what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. ♪ police made first arrest in a rash of threats against jewish community centers in missouri prosecutors have charged 31-year-old juan thompson. they say he was behind at least some of the threats. so far, though, no arrests connected to any of the threats in our area. now in new jersey, governor chris christie is standing in solidarity with the jewish communities following all that has happened recently.
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>> the governor is now calling for increased security around the state. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live from cherry hill with the details tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: well, it is still very sad to hear the heart wake in people's voices over what happening to the jewish community and people i talk tonight are encouraged by the governor's order but they aren't so sure it will help. >> it's a shame. it's very painful, and we have to get together, um, you know, to go against it. >> reporter: bertha felt a little more at at ease heading into temple emmanuel in cherry hill tonight after learning the governor has ordered increased patrols in houses of worship, community centers and cemeteries around the state. >> we definitely think that the security will help. it does help, and the bad people who are thinking and seeing the security, they will think twice. >> reporter: announcement came during a news conference today with the attorney general state
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police and homeland security officials. >> the jewish community pool values are oh what keep the jcc doors open every day. to americans of all faiths and backgrounds. so we will not let bigot tee and harass many intimidate this community. >> reporter: increased patrols are a result of jewish cemeteries being vandalized and community centers forced to evacuate because of threats. it's happening all over the country including our area of new jersey, delaware and philadelphia. >> we now have $10,000 rewards available for any leads that lead to us the violation of bias crimes and anyone in this state who commits that type of crime will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and sent to prison. >> reporter: david isn't so sure the extra security will help and is deeply saddened by what's happened. >> it seems to be getting worse. >> reporter: it's discouraging. do you think that the order from the governor to step up security would be a help? >> i don't think it's going to help. you know why? because it's in people's heart.
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people hate. >> reporter: so we haven't actually seen any police patrols since we've been here at temple emmanuel for the past few hours. but i'm told that the routinely at least one security guard inside. lucy. >> thank you very much. mayor kenney speaking out against president trump's reversal of his president did he say soar order dealing with trance jent institutes public school. he believes transgender students should be allowed to use whatever bathroom or locker room corresponds with their sexual identity. those who agree with president trump's reversal of the obama administration mandate says states should decide this issue themselves. critics say the roll back stepped message to transgender children. the president doesn't have their backs. torments night fire investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this huge three alarm fire in owing grove, new jersey. this happening around 5:15 this morning at old park view inn. the fire also spread to the top of nearby condominium and two homes next door. the red cross is assisting 23
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people who were displaced in that fire. three people including a child are in the hospital after some life-saving efforts by firefighters in kensington. fire ripped through the row home on the 3300 block of e street just before 11:30 this morning. firefighters pulled the victims from the burning home and performed cpr. they were also able to contain the flames before they spread to other row homes. fire officials say all the victims are in serious condition at local hospitals. no word on the cause yet. it is the first step towards justice for 24-year-old man. if it is indeed is it was one far reaching step. philadelphia police basically had to reach the caribbean to find the man who they say pulled the trigger in feltonville. >> but tonight that guy is in custody. fox 29's dave schratwieser has the story. >> reporter: when shots rang out on the 4900 block of rising sun of a early wednesday morning police say a long running feud
10:19 pm
caused 24 year old ellis nova his life and 19-year-old franklin estevez was on the run. >> we had several people identified the shooter very quickly. >> reporter: police quickly learned estevez purchase add one-way plane ticket to the dominican republic and fled the country. homicide detectives and members of the fbi's gang task force quickly built a case against estevez as the 11 shooter after witnesses cooperated. >> we've been having a lot of issues as far as getting witnesses in but they came forward very strongly very quickly on this case. >> reporter: before estevez's plane even arrived in the dominican republic, federal investigators notified immigration authorities. when his plane touched down, estevez was immediately arrested and thrown back to the united states. hours later, he arrived at jfk airport in new york and was arrested by the nypd. >> we are in the process of going to new york right now to bring him down to philadelphia and officially charge him with murder. >> reporter: the arrest comes as homicide unit has been taking some heat for the clearance
10:20 pm
rate, that's the number of arrest detectives make. there were arrests in less than 50% of the homicide cases in 2016. that's the lowest in 15 years. >> we're working day and night around the clock to solve these homicides. >> reporter: city offers $20,000 reward for each unsolved murder. but only 54 witnesses received rewards since 2013. ranging from 500 bucks to 20,000. >> it is not a lot. the money is there for them. we just need them to come forward do their part. tell us who done these murders and they'll get their money. >> reporter: estevez will be arraigned on the murder charges as soon as he arrives back here in philadelphia. he may also be questioned in connection with other crimes. at police headquarters, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. coming up arc guy leads police on a wild car chase but the first one to get their hands on the guy was not a police officer. two little girls home alone when burglar broke into their house. they hid in the bathroom.
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then they did something that had that guy running. and pennsylvania's liquor stores may be trying something new to keep you from traveling out of state to get your booze. >> all right. ♪
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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a wild police chase in houston comes to a dramatic end with two bank robbery suspects behind bars. the driver hit at least two cars and just kept going. when the armed men finally bailed out of the car, they tried to carjack a disabled man next to them. well that's when the man's son jumped no action and tackled one of those suspects. the good samaritan helped police arrest him. in california, a would be robber is still on the loose tonight. >> he broke into a home but little did he know two young girls were inside. savannah jones was babysitting her four-year-old niece in montclair when she heard a knock on the door. she heard the doorknob jiggling. the man was trying to get in. she grabbed her four-year-old niece and ran off to the bathroom and that's when she heard three loud bangs. >> i knew he was in the house. he -- i her his footsteps, and
10:25 pm
zoey -- i had zoey hiding. >> so scary. savannah wanted to call police but she was afraid the intruder would hear her she teched her mom instead. her mom call the neighbor and the police and that neighbor got there first started shouting which sent the guy running empty handed before police arrived. investigators make a very disturbing find outside a former catholic organ thank you very much in ire land. officials discovered a mass grave containing the remains of hundreds of babies and toddlers. the discovery coming from county gallon way the fining comes after historian was trying to learn the fate of 800 children who died at the facility. that orphanage closed down in 1961. >> personally deeply disturbed by this and i think of them, i have been thinking of them thinking of the children since hearing this news. carrying that in my heart.
10:26 pm
>> investigators say most of those children were buried there in the 1950s. the facility offered shelter to orphans and unwed mothers and their children. this isn't a store it's a woman's home but she's not keeping all of this stuff for herself. we've got a great story for you tonight. >> mike masco track your forecast much he's a busy man. >> it's cold out there, guys. 31 degrees. feeling like 18 degrees. if you have big plans for tomorrow, bundle up. 2:38 o'clock in the morning only getting into the 30s. we'll talk more a very chilly outlook coming up. >> village people sunk about how welcoming the ymca is. but there's one thing that isn't so welcome any more. at one pennsylvania y. we'll tell you what it is. >> i like the construction workers. good let me see you dance. >> this is a y. remember? ♪ ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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what's fios? fios has fallen behind. don't fall with it. xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv. >> historic home we spotlight asked no more. gone in the cover much night.
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demolished to make way for highway. hank flynn showed us the hug harrison glover house from the revolutionary war era in bellmawr. overnight the new jersey department of transportation had crews destroy it without notice and quiet a few folks are not happy. the department of transportation says there was quote a great deal of confusion regarding the historic nature of the house. and so it is gone. a two month investigation into drugs has land add man behind bars in delaware. police arrested 33-year-old dumb bee at his home in magnolia kent county. detectives found more than 650 bags of heroin and more than $1,900 in suspected drug money. dembe's one-year-old daughter was home with him when cops arrested him. another family member is now carrying for her. your closest pennsylvania state store could soon be getting a customer rewards program. legislation passed last year allowing pennsylvania liquor control board to implement programs similar to private businesses. one board member said the
10:31 pm
program could resemble one like amazon prime. no decision has been made but liquor control board is now looking at results from a focus group to figure out what customers want. ♪ our bill anderson always working hard to find those stories that inspire us. today bill met a woman who's house has become sort of a one one-stop shop for those in need. >> she provides not only food but clothes and friendship for goodness sake. >> reporter: facebook message from someone who told me in a house here in collingdale there's somebody who's whole house is basically dedicated to helping people giving away stuff, food, clothes. let's check it out. ♪ >> reporter: how long have you been doing this? >> about 11. >> i have 24 hour emergency food cupboard and i also have once month foot distribution aid on
10:32 pm
first friday of every month. >> reporter: free distribution day is exactly wait sounds like. several local markets and stores have donated to felicia's no non-profit the empowerment zone and people simply come through and get what they need. the giving is selfless but the inspiration was at least in part related to keeping her family safe. >> the biggest inspiration was my son. because in order for him to not be on the streets and a productive citizen i needed something to keep his time occupied. not getting in trouble so i i made him start volunteering. >> reporter: march 3rd was the first friday of the month and her son was there helping as a line formed and people came in to get what they need. on your back posh. [ laughter ] >> essentially shopping for fr free. >> given to me to give back and that's what i just want to give back. ♪ >> reporter: fresh produce, canned goods you name it the empowerment zone food cupboard going on for nears but this year she decided she would help young
10:33 pm
people who can't afford prom dresses. >> last year my son and daughter went on their prom and it was stressing gel for their classmates,/weren't able to go on their prom. why not trying to give back report roar thanks to local about teaks who donated sever dresses back posh is a food cupboard and the dining room is now a prom boutique. >> pick any dress they want. it doesn't matter. they're not used. they come from nice boutiques anding. >> if they can afford it she would like $25 donation per dress to help fund additional necessities but if they can't afford it no problem. it was funny that fell leisha didn't seem to recognize the service she was provided until i pointed out the cost of the dresses. >> 340. >> 450. this is 566. >> 566. you got nice dresses. >> yeah. >> it wasn't about the cost or anything other than helping people with her son and daughter on board with the mission the
10:34 pm
empowerment zone is making a difference. >> mom doing the right things she's always done. >> yeah. nothing new. this is nothing new. >> empowerment zone, this store felicia's house call it what you will it's basically open 24 hours a day to address all sorts of needs and she does it for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ talk about commitment. your whole house. >> i know. and then to show -- this is how to raise up kids right you look at them. looking at their mom. she's their hero. upping they'll be doing it too. >> doing the right thing. all right. it's still fun to stay at the ymca but don't dare talk about politics. that's the rule at y in scranton, pennsylvania. the ymca is now restricting what people there can watch on tv when they work out and on that banned list 24 hour cable news. >> yeah. >> no surprise, right y says it's about making a safe and
10:35 pm
sane place. >> i think because this is a safe haven and people want to come here and feel safe and be part of a community and when arguments are being -- are taking place over politics and things like that they don't feel safe. i just don't think it's the right place for it. >> you'll be happy ton the ban does not include fox 29. >> thank goodness. >> just all news cable 24 hour news channels. >> all right. we have happy stories around here. what better place to promote in you movie than a truly philly landmark. today after stopping by "good day philadelphia" actors dax shepherd and michael -- >> can you help me out. >> pena. >> we're missing an n. pena. it's spelled differently got cheesesteaks at jim's on south street. jim' social security supposed to be great. i've not dropped by there yet. >> what? you've never been to jim'. >> what is my problem. we'll have to go. >> i was there last week. >> two of the new movie chips.
10:36 pm
two middle-aged california highway patrol officers tasked with stopping a crook cop. >> i loved chips. >> so did i. >> hugh jackman says goodbye to wolverine as logan hits theaters you might want to leave the kids home for this one. >> could a big change coming to local casino e-mail workers at the sands bethlehem just got. ♪
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♪ a police officer in california given a special lunch time treat. sergeant cassie recently posted on facebook that she often has to eat lunch alone when she's on patrol and that people don't even stop and say hi. well, you know what happens ne next. the post was originally meant for just family and friends but a co-worker shared it and guess what, a fourth grade student saw it and invited her to come to lunch at school.
10:40 pm
>> i wanted to have lunch with her because she was -- she was alone and i didn't want her to be alone. >> i'm happy to be able to make these kids day and they made me day just as well, and to just have lunch where there's no stress, no -- just positive vibes. >> the smile on their faces. >> right. >> the sergeant told the kids that if they ever see any of their classmates sitting alone they should invite them over. isn't that great. >> that is true. how often, our children sitting by themselves. >> schools have buddy benches now. >> that's the way it should be. i love that. she says humans aren't meant to do things by themselves. >> we're not. we like company. we do. >> in your money tonight speaking of folks gathering to get -- gamers braced the call and skipped sleep to line up at the best buy in south philadelphia early this morning. man, look at. >> wow. >> in that their sights chris o'connell, are you a gamer. >> no, i'm not.
10:41 pm
>> it's called the new nintendo switch. it launched worldwide today. this new gaming system let's you play at home and on the go. it will be on your christmas list for your girls soon. it costs $300. be prepare. >> i hope not. sands casino resort in bethlehem may have a new owner. the company's president sent out e-mails to employees about the sale. however an official announce many has not yet been made. e-mail tells employees that there is a potential buyer and a lot of work still needs to be done before the final sale. all right. coming up at 11:00 -- hot tub hang you like to cool in the whirlpool. wait until i tell you what's in it. hang's take coming up. >> okay. mike masco tracking the foreca forecast. >> those flurries out of here now. here comes the cold. we have 24, 48 hours of some wicked chill coming up. ♪
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♪ it's the end of an era actor hugh jackman says goodbye to playing wol wolverine. logan opens today and it mark the final time he'll play the super hero on the big screen. >> word of warning you don't want to take the kids to see
10:45 pm
this x-men flip. >> jenn fred sat down with the stars of logan. >> you got to pay for that, right? hey, come on. ahh! >> not okay. >> logan is the last installment of hugh jackman' wolverine series. >> we got ourselves a m men fan. >> this movie isn't for kids. it's violent graphic, scary. >> 11-year-old is on the cusp it depends the kind of 11-year-old. remember we have a 12-year-old child in the movie. well she was 12. >> logan director james mangold. >> it's violent, it's great, we kind of got the permission to go for bear on that, but to me, the thing that makes a movie live, whatever kind of movie i'm making is it's emotional center. >> ♪ >> they're of there will always be better technology, better
10:46 pm
effects better something down the line. the movie we return to and look back and remember are the movies that have heart. >> where is she? she's like y you. >> jackman does show wolverine's softer side of this film. it's all a part of the final chapter of this series. his body still the focus. but this too time it's a body that's fading away. >> we came up with this idea because i as well people found out i had heavy metal poisoning mercury poisoning i don't know what from. probably eating tins of tuna those body building days. your number is meant to be five and i was 37. and i said, what does this mean what will the effects job all of a sudden it hit me. here's a guy living with metal in every bone in his body. when he's immune system breaks down, when that starts to seep in, what happens? mood swings and the joints and pain and headaches and all that stuff. >> logan, what did you do? >> critics are saying it's jackman's best performance yet. ♪ >> reporter: wolverine super
10:47 pm
fans will certainly love it. >> you still have time. >> jennaphr frederick fox 29 news. >> ♪ >> we should mention jenn's travel accommodations were provided by 21st century fox. >> i want to be jenn. >> she does great stuff. >> just for a day. logan opens in theaters today by the way. on your radar, snow squalls are out of here. man -- >> look at that. >> some areas, some of them right, chris much this is wait look like in center city earli earlier. >> you would think it was actually winter here. >> well towaway for about two minutes because if you blinked you missed it. >> well now a calmer scene across the delaware valley. man it is cold out there. let's take live look at reading to night. mike masco has your full forecast coming up in just 15 seconds.
10:48 pm
all right. the snow is out of here. now we're just stuck with the cold and the wind passion we look out towards the parkway. 31 degrees with a northwesterly wind coming in at 21. last hour gusting up to 26. so that means we have a feels like temperature coming into the teen now that's in the city. wait until you see towards the north and west. what you need to know it's a biting breeze right into tomorrow. tonight will be the coldest night since february 10th. coldest day tomorrow setting up since february 4th but the silver lining to this forecast is really that we get back up to 60 degrees by next week. 31 in the city but 15 in mount pocono right now. the winds have been gusty, 15 to 20 miles an hour on average and look at the wind chills feeling like it's two above zero in mount pocono, 13 in allentown and reading coming in at 14 degrees. feels like temperature for the overnight hours will drop into the negative digits well to the north and west. just about 18 by tomorrow morning and all day spent into the teens and 20s jet stream well down to the south.
10:49 pm
that's a loin for this northwesterly wind kick, however, if we go down he will pasco and into houston there is a bubble of warm air that's coming up a off of the gulf of mexico. a lot of cold real estate from the lakes out towards the east, look at the warmth that's starting to develop down across the central planes from wichita down towards dallas into austin the mild air returns and comes our way into next week. it's numbing cold for tonight. 23 degrees feeling like it's around tepp degrees. tomorrow afternoon if you have big plans we'll have to bundle up. it's 38 degrees. cold breeze out there. sunny skies though is the good trade off look what happens by tomorrow night. this is fox future cast. these are actual air temperatu temperatures. six above in mount pocono. 15 in pottstown. 16 in philadelphia. so some very cold air by tomorrow night only gets us to 38 degrees for your day on sunday but, again, sunshine does reign supreme could be worse could be talking about snow this is good trade off.
10:50 pm
watch some rain develop by next tuesday at 63 degrees and temperatures remaining pretty seasonal as we get into next week. we'll talk more about this cold and we'll take a look at the outlook, beyond the next ten coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. sean? >> mike, let's head down to where it's nice and warm. stunning fla where the phillies played another spring training game today. we tell you about a player that's really making a name for himself this spring and no joel embiid no ben simmons. no problem. the sixers hosted the new york knicks in friday night showdown. we have the highlights next in sports.
10:51 pm
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10:53 pm
the sixers are hurting right now. that's for sure. with joel embiid and ben simmons out for the remain of the season jahlil okafor being embarrassed every single night for lack of hustle ener lens noel shining in dallas rook coast year candidate dario saric that was until tonight.
10:54 pm
sixers and knicks what was the justin anderson show, folks. fourth ^rd of quart sixers down. czar 86 gets caught unthe basket and finds mr. anderson. anderson finished with 19 points on the night. to tie. three pointer to tie. courtney lee gets it off. no good. how about this? the sixers beat the new york knicks which always makes me happy, 105-102. talk -- raise the cap. >> talk football what a truly is trying time for all philadelphia sports the eagles come with a victory that could have a huge impact night one of the nfl draft. the eagles were winners of coin toss that landed them the number 14 overall pick instead of 15th in this year's draft. taking place right here in philly. the coin flip was necessary because the vikings and colts finished with the same record. the vikings traded their pick for quarterback sam bradford. why a big deal. eagles have interest in drafting
10:55 pm
a run back soar the colts. >> let's head down to sunny florida checking on those phillies spring training ball phillies and twins jeremy hellickson on the mound for the phils. he look good in this one, folks. there's two of his four strike outs in three innings of work gave up a run. phillies, keep this guy in mine. second baseman scott king again here's a two run shot to left. i absolutely love clearwater. i got to get down there soon. phillies lose, four-three. >> let's talk some college hoops villanova wildcats they wrap up the regular season with trip to georgetown tomorrow at noon. the key to tomorrow is stay hot right off the big east tourney with a win. but any time nova and georgetown get together, it gives us a reason to play footage from the biggest upset in champion shim game history known 85 national champion shim game forever made nova and georgetown rivals. here's jay wright on the rival rivalry. >> our guys are fired up to play
10:56 pm
georgetown great respect for them we almost got beat at home always a great atmosphere down there. a great rivalry. we'll be ready to play. >> once again nova looks to finish out the regular season with a head headed to next week's big east tournament hot. nova, georgetown right here at noon on fox 29. and final toll local teams in the colonial conference tournament taking place this evening. delaware already a winner over hofstra 81-76 and drexel dragons taking on james madison they won -- excuse me james madison beat drexel 80-70. >> march madness right around the corner, baby. >> get your brackets ready i love this time of year. best time of year for sports. >> can't wait. >> gentlemen, and that you. that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. lucy noland standing by for what's coming up at 11:00 lucy. >> not to tread on your turf, mike masco it's out, right, pool weather will be right around the corner which brings to us a new study that might have you
10:57 pm
thinking twice before you jump on in. our hank flynn's diving down to get to the bottom of this o one. kind of icky. you kind of need to hear it. your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. i hope you guys bought your tickets. we've got the mega millions lottery drawing. it is neck.
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