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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  March 5, 2017 9:00am-9:50am EST

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next with senator tom cotton of arkansas who says that democrats are distorting effect. he wants sessions to testify before congress and set the record straight. plus, >> everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. every problem can be solved. >> chris: we will ask or send a whether this will get in the way of passing the trump agenda. and our power player of the wee week. a political outsider and former navy seal takes charge in missouri. >> that's what too many politicians have said. >> chris: all right now on "fox news sunday" ." >> chris: and hello again from fox news in washington. president trump has dramatically escalated the battle over his alleged collusion with the
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russians, accusing president obama of tapping his phones at trump tower during the campaign. in has president obamon, watergate, of. >> in the summer they transition folks and claims, alleging the surveillance communications, bue to have a cput.wires tapped juse neither president or obama or any official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen, said kevin lewis. but a former obama speechwriter warned i would be careful about reporting that obama said there was no wiretapping, the statement just said that neither he or the white house ordered i it. >> just a few moments ago, sean spicer engaged in a twitter storm of his own, posting four consecutive messages. he now wants those congressional committee that are investigating russia connections or
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allegations of russian connections to be investigating this allegation as well. and he closed with this. neither the white house or the president will comment further until such oversight is conducted. >> chris: james, thank you. joining me now, republican senator tom cotton of arkansas. welcome back to "fox news sunday" ." you are a member of the senate intelligence committee, the one at the white house is now calling on to investigate whether or not the obama administration abused its executive role. are you going to do document speak to chris we've already begun an inquiry on the intelligence committee on their efforts to undermine confidence in our political system last year and in our interest all around the world. we will follow the facts wherever they lead us. i'm sure that this matter will be a part of that inquiry. >> chris: this matter, this allegation... >> tom: imparted that we are going to review allegations of these things have speculatece ue
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about media something mentioned show probabd if not, are you're being careful, and i know i'm i going on in this country, andpr? >> tom: i try not to parse and review every one of president trump's tweets. i prefer to focus on things like his speech to congress, where he laid out a very careful plan of action. what he's thinking and where he wants to take the country, just like the appointments and his cabinet and the policies he's pursuing. >> chris: this is a pretty serious charge. what would you say to them about an allegation by one president, that a former president wiretapped and during the campaign? >> tom: we had a town hall with over 450 citizens, almost for an hour and a half got a lot of questions. we got one question about this. all of the questions were about
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health care in the harms that obamacare caused and the immigration laws under president obama's tenure, or rebuilding the military. this kind of topic is not going to do much to bring these people comfort that we will fix their health care system or immigration laws. i think that town hall is a pretty good indication of where most americans minds are right now. >> chris: you say you don't pay a lot of attention to his tweets, why not? >> tom: i think it's one medium that politicians can use to communicate, just like fdr used the radio. president obama change the radio address to the weekly youtube address. ifcongress the other. >> chris: y anything that obamaspending, yon for one true and that charge but another president wi underse for someard russian agents toion between interfere with the election?
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>> tom: i've seen no evidence, and i can i would say media report claiming that sever. the one thing you can >> tom: thus far, iaver they ta, but i wouwe will review these our next guest, set thier collut capabilities of knowing those d. >> tom: my immigration bill. >> chris: next time, because here's the point, sir. president trump is living under a cloud and his agenda is being sidetracked by continued leaks from inside the government, belt inside this >> tom: that "new york times" collected. i onhe intelligence committee,iao, n assessment. i didn't have that was that department nowit he special counsel to handle this matter going forward? >> tom: i see no reason for that at this point. i would like to see politically accountable officials make
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decisions, which means i would like to see the senate move promptly to confirm president trump deputy attorney general and associate attorney general. at this point, i see no reason why that would be necessary. i also see nocial co committee is underway. if you started over with as posr if you started over with as posr 2016anement.hether
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>> chris: now we continue our coverage of the latest developments in the trump-russia story with the president accusing former president obama
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of tapping his phones in trump tower before the election. joining us now, democratic senator chris coons of delaware, and send her, i to begin where i began with senator cotten, your reaction to president trump's allegations that his phones were tapped by president obama. >> senator coons: these are remarkable allegations. i think another attempt by president trump to change the subject. this deserves full investigation. the larger point, i would agree with senator cotton on, it's in the best interest of our country for us to move forward promptly and get to the bottom of all of this. i believe that no president should ever directly order and intercept a wiretap on an american citizen. that's not what our system provides. you have to go in front of the judge and get an appointment in order to conduct a wiretap, so . peter president trump has an appropriately released classified information and was himself the subject of a court
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ordered wiretap, or, at a think this is a very remote possibility, there was some inappropriate actions by the previous administration. in either case, it doesn't help our country for this to all be worked out on twitter. it ought to be worked out in a fair, prompt, and thorough investigation, whether by the senate intelligence committee or by a special prosecutor. >> chris: there is another possibility, which is that it's just not true. >> senator coons: that's right, of course. quite possible it's just not true and the president offered no evidence or backing for his outlandish claim. >> chris: why would you suggest in that clip that i displayed for senator cotton that there are fbi transcripts that show, provided very critical insights in the collusion between the trump campaign and the russians? >> senator coons: what i was trying to make clear, and i appreciate a chance to restate this, is that i don't have, and i don't know of, any conclusive
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proof one way or the other about whether there was collusion between senior levels of the trump campaign and russian officials. but i believe that our intelligence community, which is the most sophisticated in the world, as raw intelligence, and it's important that the senate intelligence committee, which is instructing an investigation would give us access to the transcripts so that they can get to the bottom of this. the american people want us to move forward. they want us to work together in washington and it's important for us to remember that the russians are adversaries. republicans and democrats, we have different political agendas, different political views, but we can and should work together to make sure that what intelligence there is is gotten access to by the intelligence community, and that there's a special prosody community. >> chris: i don't think anybody would object to that, but that isn't quite what you said on friday. i will replay the clip of what is that on friday, which is
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different. >> there are transcripts that provide very helpful, very critical insights into whether or not russian intelligence and senior russian political leaders, including vladimir putin were cooperating, with colluding with the trump campaign at the highest levels to influence the outcome of our election. >> chris: senator, we are talking here about the president of the united states. isn't there more than a whiff of mccarthyism for you to say that there are transcripts out there that provide insight into whether or not there was collusion, but you don't even know whether they exist? >> senator coons: to be clear, what i was trying to encourage was that the intelligence committee be given access to the raw intelligence. i've been told now that that's going to happen this coming week and i think that's positive and productive. last week on the floor of the senate, i joined republican senator marco rubio in a joint speech to talk about russian interference, russia as our adversaries and the importance
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of us working together. at the end of it he said i won't be part of a witch hunt, and it will be part of a cover-up. to the extent of those comments, they might be some way misinterpreted as leading to a hyperventilating attitude during the senate about this, i apologize for that. that's not what i was trying to do. what i was trying to do, and i think it's important, is to draw the american people to what joins us in common, they need for us to get to the bottom of this, to get access to what intelligence there is. i am confident that intelligence exists but that is to this question. not that says there is collusio collusion, and proof of it, that's not what i'm trying to say. last week there were senior republicans and president trump in previous weeks saying there's nothing here. there's nothing to look at. this was just after senator sessions was revealed to either have misspoken or
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misrepresented his meetings. i think it's in all of our interest for this to be investigated fully, fairly and promptly. i'm confident that such intelligence exists. >> chris: if i may, i want to talk about the broader story here. do you have any evidence at this point, in this investigation has been going on for a long period of time. we know that the fbi and intelligence sources were looking at this in october, because that's when they all came out and said that the russians were interfering. do you know of any hard evidence of collusion between what i call "trump world" and the russians to interfere in his campaign connect not suspicions, not contacts, but evidence of collusion gimmick >> senator coons: chris, i have no hard evidence of collusion, i think what hard evidence there may be will be discovered either through a full release of president trump's financial interests and concerns or the
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intercepts that i believe our intelligence community and fbi have of conversations between and among russian officials. that's why i think it's important for us to get the bottom of this, so we are not still talking about this as an unresolved issue where we don't know the answer. >> chris: do you worry that this continued talk about this when we are months into this and there was no evidence of collusion, there's no evidence that any crime or anything untoward was committed, do you worry that this continues to put this president under a cloud, continues to derail his agenda, or frankly, is that precisely the point? >> senator coons: to be clear, i'm not the person who forced or coerced in any way senator sessions to answer incorrectly or falsely in front of the senate could to sherry committee. >> chris: we will get to him in a moment. is the point here to keep this
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white house from being able to do what it's trying to do by continuing, at this point, evidence-free debate about collusion with the russians? >> senator coons: that's not my goal. i recently met with the new commerce secretary just on thursday to sit down with him and say i'm on the relevant subcommittee that appropriates the commerce department's funding. i would like to work with you and manufacturing policy. i think we can do things to get back to focusing on growing our economy and growing manufacturing jobs. you know me, and i think you'd recognize that i'm someone who is willing to work across the aisle. my goal here is to make sure that we defend our democracy. it's outrageous to suggest that we shouldn't investigate thoroughly and fully what are credible allegations of russian interference in our election. >> chris: i don't think anybody is suggesting that we shouldn't investigate it, the question is, when there's talk about collusion without any evidence, is that helpful or is that simply blocking the
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government and donald trump from being able to do what he was elected by millions of americans to do? you wanted to talk about sessions, so let's do that. that was the other part of the story. attorney general sessions, in his confirmation hearing on january 10th, he was asked by senator franken, there had just been breaking news on cnn of a dossier that i come out that showed that there was compromising information about donald trump and also that there had been continued contacts between the trump campaign and the kremlin, and it was in that context of his breaking information that senator sessions didn't know that he was asked the following question. >> if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the russian government in the course of this campaign, what will you do? >> senator franken, i'm not aware of any of those activitie
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activities. i have been the called a surrogate a time or to come, and i did not have communications with the russians, and i'm unable to comment on it. >> chris: i've only got a little over a minute left. do you believe that senator sessions lied to that committee that you are a member of? >> senator coons: senator sessions certainly misspoke when he said i did not have communications with the russians. whether or not that is a willful misrepresentation or lie something i think we should investigate. i think the attorney general ought to come back to the judiciary committee and answer questions so we can clear the air and get to the bottom of this. that's the only way we are going to move forward with confidence in our system. i do think this is a distraction from governing, but it's an important distraction. one that deserves our attention in a measured and bipartisan way because russians did interfere with our election and why the interfered and what the consequences are going to matter to our defense of our democracy going forward. >> chris: senator coons, thank you, it's always good to talk with you. >> senator coons: thank you. if it's going coming up we will
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bring in our sunday group to discuss the sharply escalating battle between president trump and the kremlin. plus, what would you like to ask the panel about the controversy connectors go to facebook or twitter and we may use your question on the air.
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>> chris: coming up, the trump administration fends off allegations of links to the kremlin. >> let me be clear, i never had meetings with russian operatives or russian intermediaries about the trump campaign. >> chris: we will ask our sunday panel about the continuing cloud over the
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>> what we seen from the previous administration is that they did spend time listening to conversations between then-senator jeff sessions and ambassador to russia while he is in his u.s. senate offense. if that were to take place, which supposedly did take place,
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what other conversations did they receive? >> chris: former campaign manager supporting the claim that the obama administration eavesdropped on donald trump and his team. next time now for our sunday group, dana perino, cohost of "the five" ," bob ward road from "the washington post," peter baker, who covers the white house and laura ingraham, editor of lifezette. peter, i'm sure you've been working your sources feverishly ever since trump's tweets started appearing on saturday morning. do they have any evidence to back up his contention that president obama ordered the wiretapping? >> i don't think they do. basically elicited that from very two well-connected senator senators. a sweeping assertion. we obviously do have some reporting out there about an investigation of people around
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trump and it certainly conceivable that some of the people around trump have had their communications intercepte intercepted. remember, the fbi intercepts a lot of russians communications and if they were talking with americans, they might have already tripped over that. >> chris: he was saying that they wiretapped his phone and trump tower. didn't offer any evidence. >> the president of the united states at the time, there is no evidence he ordered that. if >> chris: laura, first there's the question whether this is all true, whether or not the obama administration, it would be very dramatic, ordered the tapping of the phones with donald trump in trump tower, but second, it seems to me, is there a political question, why does donald trump want to keep breathing life into the story about the whole russia-trump connection at the precise moment he's trying to unveil and push his agenda? >> perhaps one of the reasons, and i don't know, i'm just speculating, perhaps one of the reasons is because the reporting
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on the russia supposedly connection in the collusion with the trump campaign has just been feverishly overblown. the sound bite that you played to senator coons about jeff sessions, the entire sound bite where al franken is asking that question is really revealing. this rambling question about cnn reporting some report that there might be compromising information, i don't even know if you've ever seen it, but the question was did you speak with russians in your capacity as a surrogate for the campaign, and was that about the campaign, and that was obviously the question. i actually don't think jeff sessions needed to recuse himself. that might be controversial, but if jeff sessions told the truth, and i believe he did and that question and the follow-up questions, i don't think he had to recuse himself. i think donald trump is probably frustrated about that. a lot of pressure was put on
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sessions to recuse himself, he was considering recusing himself earlier, but the idea that russia through the election for donald trump and people in michigan and wisconsin and ohio and pennsylvania. >> chris: that's not really what they're saying. they're not saying that they threw the election, they are saying there was collusion interfering with the direction. >> a one time foreign policy informal advisor to trump and paul, who was no longer with trump, those guys were at conferences and saw some russians, people connected with russia and europe, it is so tenuous. you scratched the surface of it in your interview with senator coons, and he said we don't have any evidence of collusion. this is typical washington feeding frenzy based on little to no evidence. are we actually going to talk about the fact that we need to have jobs and the economy and border enforcement make >> chris: that's my point. >> i think the tweet yesterday
9:27 am
when he said i would be careful with people think administratio administration -- >> chris: just trolling. let me bring in dana. we asked you what your questions about this whole issue of collusion with the russians. janice gibson, this gets kind to your point, said this on facebook. i honestly think the democrats are using this as a diversion. of all the issues facing america, they focus on this. it's tiresome. but john sees it a bit differently. the republicans would not let go, they did not let the email scandal go, why should the democrats let russian go? is this more of this constant cycle of political hardball? >> yes, however, i do think that washington is able to do a couple things at once. several investigations going on with us suppose it collusion and now i guess the president's team has that they will ask congressional committees to also
9:28 am
add in this question of allegations that president obama asked for a wiretap of resident trump, and i would imagine about 50% of the people would believe that is actually happened even if there is no evidence, and the same is to tell my true of democrats. there is no evidence about that so far. at the same time, i believe tomorrow you will have a new executive order from trump on the immigration issue. you will have an obamacare plan put out there by the house team and they have lots of different things with the budget, members of the cabinet now having to go up to congress and defend the cuts that donald trump wants. we haven't had anything go bang in the world. but as we all know, that can happen at any moment. >> chris: i promise, we will talk about real issues and the agenda in the next segment. as someone who has seen a few washington scandals, and i will defend myself with this question of talking about this so much,
9:29 am
it was donald trump who created the storm this weekend. what does that make of this? what you make up the whole allegation of collusion, what you make of the story that came out of "the new york times" this week that the obama administration spread the intelligence like breadcrumbs so that it would be out there and people would continue to talk about it and perhaps these lakes would happen and what do you make of donald trump's tweets this weekend? first of all, you've got to understand that as president trump has this vast espionage establishment as his disposal, $50 billion a year plus, even the cia, they claim the first customer. he can get the information he wants, he's the only one in the government. the question is, did he just spontaneously, because he read something or heard something about this tweet, which is quite
9:30 am
syrian, we don't know. if you are absolutely right. no evidence on that. on the russian collusion, there's a lot of smoke, no evidence. the other thing is, the mechanisms for investigating this week, the attorney general has recused himself. how is the justice department, the fbi going to really examine this? there's no independent counsel law, special prosecutors don't work. congress also is not very well- well-equipped to do this. they've had some flaps in recent investigations. the quality of information of evidence we are liable to get this going to be weak. i have to recall, watergate went on for two years and two months to get some sort of closure and clarity. i wonder how long this will take.
9:31 am
months or years. >> chris: the only difference, watergate there was a break in. we don't have any evidence. >> is a clearly established crime. in this case, you don't have it, but there is a lot of suggestio suggestion, people have just not come clean about what they did. trump is the one, because he is the president, who could actually say that's really examine this and put out some internal reports. >> there was a break in. it was a break in in the email accounts in the united states by russian sources. >> chris: i'm talking about whether there was collusion. >> we didn't know it necessarily who was responsible at first and that's what the investigation led. we don't think that that's necessarily but this will go at this point. if a lot of smoke without a lot of heat, a lot of heat without a lot of light. it's hard to imagine that he actually colluded in it explicit
9:32 am
way with a foreign power. >> chris: i know you just want to talk about this, but i want to talk about issues. i want to talk about what somebody -- what is going to affect somebody's life. we will take a break here. when we come back, donald trump laid out an ambitious agenda. where does that stand? and what will the russian controversy due to derail it? back in a moment. do you have trouble falling asleep or wake up with a sore neck or headache? then it's time you discovered mypillow. >> hello, i'm mike lindell, inventor of mypillow. just like you, i problems sleeping. ten years ago, i invented mypillow. it took me two years to develop, because i wanted to have everything you would ever want in a pillow. i made sure you could adjust my patented fill, so you could have
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>> the time for small thinking is over. the time for trivial fights is behind us. >> chris: president trump appealing for unity in his speech to congress this week. a moment that now feels like it was a long time ago. we are back with the panel. dana, president trump gave, in that speech to congress, what
9:36 am
most people think was a very effective speech, laying out his agenda, but we now hear that there are serious clips among republicans in congress on the issue of obamacare repeal and replace and tax reforms. what kind of shape is the trump agenda in chemic >> i think it's actually in better shape than it looks on paper. because you have good cooperation between president trump, the vice president, because of his relationship with a lot of members on the hills and then mcconnell, who runs his caucus very well. there will be an obamacare replacement, and i do think that president trumbull have to find time in his schedule to get out there and provide an explanation in a way that only he can. at the same time, you have other claims about the airport that would be the supreme court nomination, that has to figure out a way to get to land. lots of things happening, if to
9:37 am
figure out how to sequence these things. obamacare repeal and replacement will be first. >> chris: let's talk about that, because there is talk on obamacare that house speaker ryan is going to end up putting a bill on the floor that he knows some conservatives in his own caucus think is too soft, still creates a government entitlement, basically they are conservatives to block it saying if you would want to stop repealing obamacare, that's on you. that's a pretty high-risk strategy. >> if you take people and put them on truth serum and say do understand obamacare, everyone will agree they are not sure they do. there are splits in the republican party and the house and in the senate. there are splits in the white house. it will be interesting to see if this comes together at all in a reasonable period of time. >> chris: do you think that he might? that ryan might really do that, not know that he has the votes
9:38 am
and just play chicken with a house conservatives chemic >> he has the privately he thinks he has a good relationship with trp on the domestic issues and thatn kind of call the shots. we're going to see. again, i'm not going to say that again. this could take a long time. there is the sense of you can push the button and take a very complex, troubled law and fix it is a fantasy. >> chris: let's throw down a little bit on a couple of big political differences with obamacare. one has to do with a discussion of how it will help lower income people pay for insurance. there's this idea of refundable tax credits. as you know, some of the more conservative people say that's just another name for subsidies, it's the same deal. there's also this question about the 11 billion people --
9:39 am
11 million people will gain coverage under the expansion of medicaid. what happens to them? those are sizable issues. >> it's always hard to create a new entitlement to pull back on that entitlement. when president obama won back in 2008, he passed obamacare was not single republican vote and now it's such a mess of legislation. you pull up one stick out on the whole thing falls apart. i would say this, a lot of conservatives call into my radio show, they believe it donald trump ran on a very serious reform agenda. you weren't just going to be tinkering with some of these behemoths up to government programs, you are really going to tackle them. that would bring the cost of health care down. he talked about that in his speech, the prescription drug prices, which are skyrocketing. the cost of health care, which needs to be busted up and dealt with by removing the trust protections health care providers get. if those are the things that a lot of republicans don't want to
9:40 am
tackle. if that would actually bring health care costs down by almost 60-70%. that would bring care down so much that people could go to the doctor for a soul throat sprained ankle and pay nothing for it. we will tinker with the mandate and do a little of this and a little of that. we might leave this ipad board, otherwise known as the death panel, it still could survive in the right legislation, which could lead to huge cuts and coverage on the road. dana is right, the president needs to use his political capital in his election victory and go to capitol hill and be confident in what he wants and make that case to the american people. i don't think it can all be on paul ryan's shoulders. it has to be a broad-based page. >> chris: let me bring peter in here. there is a huge political debate, even after seven years, after talking about repealing obamacare, there still a huge debate about how to replace it.
9:41 am
then you've also got the tax reform and his huge fight and there are a bunch of them, but the one that is rising to the surface if the adjustment attacks. do you get the sense that the trump white house has a clear strategy both in terms of political strategy, legislative strategy and also in terms of substance of how to get both of these through? >> was really interesting about the team is that they are not on the same page on a lot of issues. even with each other. they are playing that out pretty publicly. on the border adjustment taxes, if the white house who says we could attacks them -- tax them. and of the economic advisor saying no that's not the way we want to go, and they don't know. they're having a fights in a very public way, which is different than some other white houses. >> chris: how do you push legislation, tough legislation through congress if you don't have a clear strategy coming to the top chemic >> that will be
9:42 am
the key. he has to sit down and say this is the way we are going. once he does that the republicans will fall behind them. when he hasn't made a decision, there's a free-for-all. he hasn't said anything. >> chris: we have about 30 seconds left. i think it would be fair to say that this president is good on the broad strokes, not so interested in the fine details. if there's a lot of fine detail here. what's going to happen on the death panel board. is this president going to start calling people and say i need your support? >> he just said last week, who knew it was so complicated. a lot of people knew it was complicated. he's discovering it. he's not experiencing politics, so we will see how he learns. >> chris: thank you, panel. up next, power player of the week, and exciting new face.
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> chris: president trump ran as an outsider in 2016, but he wasn't the only one. one candidate took a road to
9:45 am
offense with even more twists and turns. here's our "power player of the week." >> i'm an outsider, a navy seal, and we are taking on politics as usual. if thank you, god bless you. if >> chris: meet eric greitens, elected as missouri's governor. the nations second youngest. >> so help me god. >> chris: what really sets them apart is his path to public office. back in 2,000, he was a rhodes scholar who also worked with humanitarians groups in war-torn countries like bosnia and rwanda. he worked at a memorial for rhodes scholars who died. >> if they hadn't made that decision, i wouldn't be standing here. i realized at that moment i wanted to do my part. >> chris: greitens did four tours as a navy seal, serving in both iraq and afghanistan.
9:46 am
you know that there is somebody to your left and somebody to their right and they are counting on you. i can fight for them for one more minute. if i can make it through one more minute, i can make it for ten more minutes. >> chris: when he returned to missouri, he started a nonprofit called "the mission continues." >> continue their mission of service in communities and start their own businesses and get quality private sector jobs. and to live as contributing citizens again here at home. ( >> chris: the ferguson riots were a turning point that led him into politics. >> ferguson was a tremendous failure. if we had a leader who had shown up with any kind of command presence encourage and calm and clarity, we could have had peace the second night. >> chris: greitens ran as an outsider and he wasn't subtle
9:47 am
about it. >> i'm no career politician. i'm a navy seal and i will take dead aim at politics as usual. >> chris: as governor, he has kept aiming at the same target. >> you talk about ethics reform before issues, why? >> we have to have people who trust their leaders. if people want to have leaders who they can have confidence in. >> chris: his first act was to ban gifts from lobbyists to members of the executive branch. >> the people of missouri are ready to work, so let's get to work today. >> chris: he is also signed a right to work law to boost the economy, and on public safety he has worked out with local police i'm going to poor neighborhoods to send out sandwiches. >> we need to have leaders or willing to go to the front line and that's what too many politicians have failed to do. >> chris: when he and his wife held their first event of the governor's residence, they were told it's usually a cocktail party for political insiders. instead, they invited three foster families for dinner. as a symbol of the 13,000 kids
9:48 am
in state foster care. >> as governor, we can make a difference in those kids' lives. as governor, we can keep a promises to the people of missouri and make their lives better, get results for them. that's what's so satisfying. >> chris: greitens says it was great the democrat after being disillusioned by that party, he cares about people. if he says he became a conservative, not by birth, but by conviction. that's it for today, have a great week, and we will see you next "fox news sunday" ." fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get our best offer of the year. 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years.
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