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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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fears running rampant in quite community and now cops want to you stay alert bluntly saying, don't take any chances. kidnapper struck three times that has residents looking over their shoulders afraid they could be next i'm lucy noland. this map it tells the tale. the crime scenes are very close together. three strikes in one month. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in new castle county delaware, dave? >> reporter: lucy, new castle county police tonight are still searching for the suspect in this case. they do tell us they're getting a lot of tips an lot of leads and phone calls from the public and they encourage the public to connell to do that but in the meantime, folks in this area know it's now time to do things differently. >> he's clearly very good at getting in and out of places. >> reporter: just 24 hours after a woman's terrifying confrontation with an armed robber at this apartment complex next to hers, christine rivera was out walking her dogs fiona
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and tessa worried about her own safety. >> i tell my neighbors when i'm coming out now. so i say, i'm going out. if i don't come back in 20 minutes come looking for me. >> reporter: these are scary times here police say armed robber on the loose targeting women and in two cases kidnapping and sexually assaulting them. >> the randomness of the cases it could very well be one of our family members, your family members that are the neck victim. >> reporter: monday night around 6:30 a woman out walking her dog here was approached boy a man dressed all in black with a gun. he announce add robbery and forced her back to her apartment. when a man inside came to the door, the suspect took off. >> he held a gun to her head and said i'm robbing you. >> reporter: monday night's frightening confrontation comes weeks after kidnappings at the top of the hill apartments in holly oak on february 13th. and another on february 19th at the are a ren dale apartments in pike creek those victims were
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kidnapped, sexually assaulted and forced to remove in and from local atm'. >> it all requires that we pay attention and pay attention to our neighbors. >> reporter: police have added extra patrols in the affected areas. there is a twenty three $20,000 reward in this case. the victim in this latest incident was not injured. lucy. >> thank goodness. all right, thank you much, dave. right now in germantown the search for whoever a fire on a guy riding in jeep. the shots hit the 25-year-old passenger in his head much he is critical. it happened at east haines drive. the driver wound up crashing into the car. clearly police now have a mystery on their hands. on your radar, well my friends we got a chance for snow but you wouldn't know it if you walk outside right about now. check out the ben franklin parkway on mild night. winter though not done with us yet. kathy orr tell me this is going south, this storm thing is going south g everyone has been so
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focused on sunday they need to be more focused on friday. >> yeah. at this point. >> that typically happens when off really big system in the long range and you don't focus on the short range. we'll cover both of them take a look behind me. old city philadelphia a few light rain showers that's all that's moving through right now. it's moving through the i-95 corridor into south jersey moving toward the northeast and once this swings through they'll be a line of showers and few thunderstorms that will be breaking up over the i-95 corridor about 5am if you live in delaware county, if you live in chester county, even places like new castle or salem count counties could hear a rumble of thunder with that southern band moving through. but other than that, we're just talking about some rain and by 7:00 a.m. some clouds giving way to sunshine so tomorrow an improving day beautiful day becoming sunny, windy and mild. then we have to fast forward past thursday another nice day. to thursday night when we see clouds and rain moving in with warm temperatures in the 40s. cold air comes in and changes
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that over to snow by friday morning. it will be a wet slushy nuisance snow but it will be timed for the morning rush. so 7:00 a.m. friday. temperatures in the 30s. i do think since the day before we'll be in the 60s the ground will be relatively warm. and most of this will accumulate on the grassy surfaces that's the good news. could be some delays. then friday by noon it's out of here just windy and cold. as far as snow accumulation for friday well, not much of anything through south jersey and delaware. i-95 perhaps an inch or two on the grassy surfaces. a higher accumulation two to four as you move toward the north and west. toward the lehigh valley and even in the poconos. overnight tonight though 52. that's well above the average high for this time of year with some scattered showers. tomorrow becoming sunny. a beautiful day with high temperatures again in the 60s. we have a cold front that moves through overnight but it won't be cold tomorrow and it won't even be cold for thursday. the cold lags behind until thursday night. so thursday warm and windy. friday morning snow showers.
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saturday down retold cold for the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade. bet chance of a snow shower will be in southern delaware and jersey it's looking more likely that storm goes well to the south that would mean just a brisk day for the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade but d dry. so we'll keep that rolling. sue will have the latest tomorrow morning to confirm many then monday and tuesday temperatures in the 40s. little bit below average. but lucy, i think the luck of the irish will be with us on sunday. >> here's hoping. thank you very much, kathy. >> you bet. skyfox above massive fire in tioga that has thousands every people sitting in the dark tonight. thousands more have their power finally back on at this point. behind it all, you see right there. flames that tour through peco substation on west more land street. dave kinchen is live at the scene. dave, you were moving and growing to the sounds of the 70s. >> reporter: that's right. still even for 11:00 o'clock i'll step out of the way want to show you this power station here. this is all the damage. everything that's been burning for hours. you can see all of the charred remains here and we know tonight
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7,000 people, 7,000 customers are still without power. ♪ >> reporter: sounds of the old school filling the air on one north philly city block. ♪ >> reporter: this multi colored sound system is a way of improvising through a large power outage that left thousands in the dark. >> these are my people. these are my friends. these are my family. they came by to make sure everybody was cool. >> we figure we would just enjoy ourselves until was over was over. if not just make the best of a bad situation. >> reporter: peco westmoreland substation went up in smoke and flames this afternoon shutting off power to 36,000 customers at its peak. fire crews controlled the blaze as traffic lights got knocked out, too, but notice at this impromptu block party and seeing the darkness in a different light. >> darkness is something that everybody has to deal with from time to time. >> okay.
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>> right? so why not deal with it now? >> reporter: i like your outlook. [ laughter ] >> reporter: i guess he has a point it's not clear exactly how long those in the dark will continue to deal with this. we can tell you peco crews are rerouteing a lot of that power to get it to people who are in the dark again about 7,000 customers still without power at this time. no injuries though in this incident. back to you. >> all right. thank you much, dave. developing story out of mississippi. officials now say four people have died and dozens of others are hurt after a freight train crashed into a charter bus in the city of biloxi. that bus was heading from austin texas to casino. witnesses say the bus got stuck on the tracks and was there for about five minutes before the train hit it. we don't yet know what went wrong there. does he have more victims? that's what police in delaware county want to know as convicted child rapist sits in prison 20-year-old hugh taussig-lux in prison after pleading guilty in february to attacking and raping
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children. investigators in media say they know of a dozen victims as young as 12 years old. police say taussig-lux met his victims in playground in media and lured them back to his apartment. district attorney spotlight wad he did to one little girl. >> he lures her back from the media elementary school playground. lures her back to his apartment, plays video games with her then attacks her then forcibly rapes her at age 12. >> call police if you know anything about this because investigators think he may have more victims. president's first 100 days have been eventful to say the least. the gop solution to repeal and replace obama care is not ge getting rave reviews from everyone and some republicans are among the most vocal critic of the proposal calling it quote obama care light. gop leadership released details last night. it scales back the government's
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role in health care. the bill removes both the individual and employer mandates and also eliminates subsidies and replaces them with tax credits if you make less than $75,000 a year. big changes for philadelphia's police brass the department just promoted five top leaders to deputy commissioner they have moved up the ranks for these new management positions. commissioner ross says promoting from the inside benefits the police depth. the great thing about this department is, um, we got a number of people that i could have pulled up, and because we've got some tremendous talent here. people that could not only do these jobs but could go anywhere else be a chief and that's what really makes me comfortable in leading this department. >> commissioner ross also promised to continue to make progressive changes in the department. coming up a story that might have you rethin rethinking your breakfast. brand new clue that cracked open a hit-and-run case. first, though, if you're a big
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♪ in montgomery county discovery that could lead to the person behind a deadly hit-and-run in pottstown last week. police found the truck they say was involved at the time of the crash. they found a piece of the 1994 ford xlt at the scene. 24-year-old donald prunell was working to work when the truck hit him. he died right there. long arm of the law has found a man want the for murder in delaware. in tennessee on sunday chattanooga police arrested bobby taylor after man called police say taylor assaulted him. prosecutors charged with aggravated assault he's awaiting extradition to delaware for the
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2015 murder authorities say she shot and killed taylor at a car wash. phillies top cop admit police response to monday evening center city mob flash violence was not what it should have been. 1,000 teenagers dee ended on the city hall area. some of the teens were up to absolutely no good. one of self incidents dozens of teens chased another young person into the fed ex store at 20th and market right around 5:30 monday. so that was yesterday during rush. attorney joe ferris watched it all go down. says a kid trashed the store attacked workers and the kid they chased in there. ferris says he called 911 but -- >> it was 25 minutes at the very least i didn't see a police officer to be found. >> i think we drop the ball a little bit in our deployment on this in that even though we had people here for that very purpose, i don't know that we had enough given the early dismissal. >> last night police cited 20 young people for diss orally conduct. but that's it.
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new reward tonight for help in findin finding vandals behinh cemetery damage in wyssonoming. that reward stands at $74,000 for information leading to arrest and conviction of the people behind it all. last month someone toppled more than 100 headstone at the mt. caramel jewish cemetery. no arrests obviously as of yet. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are doing all kinds of amazing things in our area. and iain, i know they got lot of action tonight. >> they do lucy wild seen in norristown after this car ends up on a front lawn. fresco user jim heck captured the scene this afternoon. fire officials telling fox 29 the car slammed into the home on east freely street around 3:15 this afternoon. the driver of the carrie fused medical treatment. no other injuries were reported. fresco user nick takes to us a rally in delaware county where dozens of people protested new legislation that threatens to defund the planned parenthood. protesters stood outside congressman patrick meehan'
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office in springfield urging had um to oppose the were ill that would repeal obama care. other similar rallies held across the country today. in collingswood some residents spend their day getting to know their officers pa, who patrol their neighborhoods just little bit better. police held this coffee meet and greet this morning. this was the first coffee with a cop event for the police depth. when you see news happening take out that phone shoot it and use the fresco app and send it to our newsroom. you might be get paid. >> in your health tonight the link between diet and disease according to study in the journal of the american medical association, almost half of all deaths from heart disease and stroke and type two diabetes in the united states are associated with the poor diet. the largest number of heart disease deaths are associated with eating a lot of processed meats and should you garr sweetened beverages. while a high stroke risk connect to do a diet low in fruits and vegetables and high in sodium. of course no matter your economic background paying for
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college is extraordinarily hard. today fox 29 partnered with the city of philadelphia to get help for parents and students who need help help. jenn fred says they took at least 500 calls. ♪ i walk a parent through the pennsylvania state grant. >> reporter: today's city hall college financial aid phone a thon was quite the success. >> verify what information, what form. >> reporter: fox 29 partnering with the city and some of its council members to help students and parents fill out the all important faves at a form. councilwoman blondel reynolds brown worked in penn state's admission office for five years. even with that background the process for her was frustrating. >> for first generation college students it's overwhelming. it's overwhelming for well informed parents especially here in philadelphia where one of the poorest largest cities in the country, but even more seriously we're in a state which has one
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of the highest debt loads in the country of graduating students from college. and so we need to bridge that gap, and the way that we have to start doing that with these fafsa applications which is free application for federal student aid. >> one piece of evidence everyone received, get personal with an employee of your school financial aid department. >> if they're first and last game, get their direct extension, and every time you call you should speak to the exact same person. even if you have to wait for them. also suggest making time to see them in person even if you have to go out of state. when i was in college, my dad drove me from philadelphia to d.c. to meet with the financial aid person in person so that we could start building that relationship because they're going to look out for people that they know. report roar there is assistance available and the city of philadelphia wants you to know there are plenty of places you can call to get that help. jenn frederick, fox 29 news. it is fabulous help oh sit that. march madness is on sean bell.
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>> it is. the first weekend ncaa tournament always the best thing in sports. that doesn't mean it doesn't have flaws. i have one glaring issue with march madness. i'll tell was it is want needs to be changed next in my sports commentary. ♪
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♪ breaking right now that fire in tioga this afternoon now has two schools closing tomorrow. as we told you 7,000 customers still have no power. that's the problem here. the philadelphia high school for girls and ew roads middle school are both closed tomorrow. philadelphia high school for girls and ew roads middle scho school. just two philadelphia schools impact the they are closed wednesday that includes after school activities. sean bell is taking on the
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ncaa tournament and who gets into the big dance. his commentary 15 seconds away. ♪ let's be clear. i love, love, love the ncaa tournament. march ned social security is the best thing in sports. one and done games are the most exciting games you will ever s see. but the way some of these teams get into the tournament has to change. particularly the small major schools that sent conference tournament champions every year some school like mississippi valley state gets hot. wins their conference tournament and make it to the ncaa tournament when they have no business being there. 2013 liberty made it with 20
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losses listen i know you want every conference represented there's no way schools like that should get in. when it comes down to small conference schools they should send the team that's been the best all year long. the team that actually won the conference. that the the team that should be in the big dance. listen the point is, stop it. the regular season has to count, okay? it really does. if do you this then all of a sudden it doesn't these small schools are going to have conference tournament do what the ivy league did. they put in four teams and that's it. that's the way you know that a team that is actually decent gets into the tournament and not a scrub that has 20 losses. lucy. >> all right, thank you sean bell. we have new information in the death of music super star george michael. an autopsy shows singer died of natural causes. the result of heart disease and a fatty liver. george michael died at his home in southern england on christmas day. he was only 53 years old. i loved his music, man.
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former new york yankee slugger alex rodriguez trading in the baseball bat for microphone. the three-time mvp signed on as full-time analyst with fox sports rodriguez earned rave reviews during his time as a guest analyst with fox during last year's post season. he's also going to expand his broadcasting responsibilities sean bell to feature reporter for fox mlb pre-game show and on the fox sports one studio show mlb flip around. >> a-rod somebody wants to hate, okay he gives us reasons. we want to hate him on the broadcast but he is actually really really good. >> this coming from sean bell. that is high praise. >> it is. good you know what, when they show him, he's easy on the eyes. >> well, he is that. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered all morning.
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save energy and money. peco. the future is on. announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: donald trump thought he was doing a safe thing. what could be wrong with going out and surprising kids on the tour of the white house? >> he's coming out towards the crowd, he has to pass by the hillary clinton painted portrait. harvey: smiling down on him. >> his big moment, hey, kids. and there's hillary clinton right over his shoulder. >> another big celebrity burglarized in l.a. this time was l.a. dodger superstar yasiel puig. this guy likes to flaunt his jewelry on social media. harvey: now people are going to get scared to buy jewelry because they're getting hit. you're going to see people like zales and places like that saying if you don't wear jewelry, the burglars are winning. >> nobody's breaking in to steal your open-heart pendent, ok? >> on the set of "ocean's 8" we got kelly rohrback, serena


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