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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 16, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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county officials say they may have some of your jewelry or other valuables. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live from jewelers row in center city with more. dave? >> reporter: iain, about 600 hours of manpower went into this case. you have law enforcement folks from several different counties and really multiple states wor working together pulling all of the stolen jewelry together and trying to get it out to the public because they say somebody may actually recognize what they know or what they see that was taken over the last couple of years by what police are calling a very elaborate burglary rink. an lot of that jewelry actually ended up down here where we are in the jeweler's row area. and at the store of one of the businesses here's more information. top notch watches precious bracelets valuable coin collections and other stolen items on display by multiple officials who want them back in the hands of their rightful
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owners. prosecutors say the goods were swiped in an elaborate burglary ring that spanned all across the delaware valley and allegedly ended up jeweler's row store st. we found him at one of his stores today. >> are these allegations true? were you selling stolen goods? did you know they were stolen he refused to open the door and comment on what investigators are calling a whopping $1.5 million in stolen goods. sha zazz was charged with belo belonging to corrupt organization and receiving stolen property and has since been released. four other men were also charg charged. >> these defendants effectively targeted high-value homes and specifically looked for jewelry, designer purses and cash. >> reporter: detectives say they recovered 50,000 stolen pieces of jewelry and other valuables grabbed at numerous high-end homes between august of 2015 and july of 2016. extensive ring that investigators say were responsible for eight burglaries in montgomery county, six in delaware county, one in chester
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county, plus alleged thefts in cherry hill and new castle county, delaware. >> our investigation revealed that these crimes were the product of a sophisticated and organize effort by this criminal enterprise. >> reporter: police raided his v jewelers store this past january much it is now closed. officials say his home was also searched where they found more suspected stolen goods in buckets along with computers and documents we receipt peteedly tried to talk with him. >> we want to get your side of the story. we just want to get your side of the story. >> reporter: montgomery county prosecutor's office put out a website for people to go to if they recognize any of that stolen property. we will link to that website on our website fox iain? >> dave, thank you. happening right now in warrington, bucks county five-year-old boy is in the hospital after a tragic accident while playing with a family dog. the child was found lying face down in the snow outside his home on pal mean know drive
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yesterday. no one knew what happened. police now think the boy was playing tug of war with the dog when the dog grabbed the scarf and pulled it. cutting off the child's air supply. he's under heavy sedation at chop tonight. upper darby daycare worker accused of shoving four-year-old girl down the stairs goes before a judge. sarah gable is answering to this incident caught on surveillance video. child care of the future daycare center. today the 52-year-old waived her right to a preliminary hearing leaving court without comment. gable is now scheduled to be arraigned on april 12th. on to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live look at the pocono mountains. a lot of snow up there, and even some potential that skiers up there who are going to like it could see some more. let's get more on that to meteorologist kathy orr. kathy? >> 2 feet of powder isn't enough in the month of march, right? >> right. >> i'll tell you, iain, this month has been one really incredible month. because it's been even colder than it was in february. you can see the winds continue out of the northwest and they
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will be subsiding this evening and late tonight. temperatures mainly in the 30s. popping up to 40 degrees in dover. but the wind still strong gusting to 32 in philadelphia. gusting between 20 and 30 miles an hour everywhere and that is putting a serious chill in the air only feels like 28 in philadelphia. 27 in wilmington and in the poconos it feels like 18 so overnight tonight winds ease but guess what? that skies will be clear and temperatures will fall. the morning slow in philadelphia 23. 19 in allentown in the poconos 16. and pottstown it will only be 1y morning. coming up we'll take look at the forecast for st. patrick's day and talk about weekend snow and rain. it's going to all depend on where you live once again and why watching a coastal system fit comes close enough some of us could see additional snow on sunday. we'll talk more about that with the seven day later in the broadcast. i can't wait for this month to end. >> i'm tell you, kathy, all right, thank you. more than 48 hours after the major sleet and snow fell
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trenton still covered in the longer those near freezing temperatures last kathy just talked about the worst slippery conditions are going get as we take live look outside of our old city studios you can see the lasting impact for drivers and if you're walking out there we're talking falling ice, slippery sidewalks, curbs that are blocked and roads just little difficult to navigate. walking really anywhere can be tricky. slipping, falling or being hit by something from the sky they're all very real concerns out there right now. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live in old city, dawn, this affected one of the people's who's job it is to keep us safe from ice in the city. >> reporter: yeah, believe it or not the director of communications for licenses and inspections slipped on a slick sidewalk and then there's this. big chunks of ice falling on to the sidewalks from tall buildings. signs warning people are all across the city right now. >> i'm watching it fall down and it's like zooming through the air and then when it hits the ground it's like all over.
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it's real dangerous. >> reporter: nadin tucker keeping a close eye to the sky as she tries to avoid the chunks of ice flying off philadelphia's high rises. >> one lady and her husband were walking passed right there, and they had to run from it a big piece came down and almost hit them. >> reporter: that's exactly why licenses and inspections along with the streets department are out surveying any site that is could be problematic. l and i issued a directive to the owners of tall buildings to address any icing that could turn to trouble. >> we're asking business owners to do a visual inspection of their building and if they have a concern to be proactive and close off the sidewalk before something can go wrong. >> reporter: police cordoned off parts of 12th and market at the loewes hotel while crews broke up the ice on top of the building with what looked like a wooden mallet. it was quite a site for those passing by blow. >> i'm kind of looking up a little bit just to see how bad it really is. >> reporter: it was raining snow and ice at 18th and jfk boulevard. as maintenance workers there up
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tension alley pushed the frozen stuff to the ground. this all in an effort to avoid a precarious situation. >> it's unpredictable when and how it will happen but sometimes pretty big chunks of ice will fall off of the buildings. >> reporter: nicole works at one liberty. she narrowly missed falling ice while stepping outside on break. >> its it's very scary definitely. i mean i guess any little bit of ice can hit you and hurt you pretty bad falling. >> reporter: of course, just falling and slipping is also a big worry for people navigating the slippery and sometimes snow covered sidewalks and crosswalks. the city says it will fine those who don't clear the snow but it's most interested in compliance. >> it matters a lot including me because i fell on the way to work yesterday as i told you. um, that you keep your sidewalk clear and just meet your responsibilities. >> reporter: now the fines for not clearing your sidewalk are 50 to $300. so the city is really serious about this. but the main goal is just to get people to do their part, to be
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conscientious and keep everyone safe during this cold spell. iain. >> good advice, dawn. thank you. as we mentioned, packed down snow on the streets and sidewalks really causing lot of problems out there. our cameras caught people all across the city trying to get around places weren't shoveled at all or they were not shoveled very well. and forget parking in parts of center city. a lot of metered spots are still full of snow. remember you can always take live looks at ultimate doppler radar and get up to the minute forecasts on our website just head to fox president trump first 100 days the gop's plans to repeal and replace obama care moves a step further in the house. that is despite opposition from win the republican party as the president's budget proposal looks to beef up defense and strip money from other parts of federal government. fox's joel waldman is following it all in washington, d.c. we love ire lapped. >> while president trump lurched
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i irish leaders they were dee gisting the white house new budget. >> it will hurt people opportunity to get ahead report roar among the biggest gripes, massive cuts to big government agencies including the state department, the environmental protection agency and health and human services. all facing cuts between 18 and 31%. the white house also to go cut funding altogether the global climate change initiative, the national endowment for the arts and the corporation for public broadcasting and that's not all. >> the trump budget cuts education by 14%. >> reporter: new budget blueprint is said to add 54 p oil billion dollars not military and while the white house is also looking for 1.5 billion for a border wall, it's defending the deep federal cuts as way to keep the deficit in line. >> this budget simply rielle low indicates and row prior advertises spending as any family or business would do. >> reporter: the house budget committee meanwhile narrowly passing the gop backed american
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health care act. house speaker paul ryan down playing growing republican opposition. the president of the united states is the one bringing people together sitting around a table hashing out our differences so that we can get to consensus document. >> reporter: also today, top republican and democratic members of the senate intelligence committee putting out a statement saying they've seen no evidence to support president trump's claim about being wire tapped. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. devastating blow for president trump's second attempt at a travel ban. two federal judges temporarily blocked the order just before it was set to take effect. judges in both hawaii and maryland are rejecting trump administration arguments that the new ban was different from the first. it would have blocked travel from six majority muslim countries. some public officials and legal experts are applauding the ruling, but others say the courts over stepped. >> this doesn't make america safer. and it doesn't make our
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democracy any better that is why judges republican appointees and democratic appointments are striking it down. >> to try and look for statements made by 15 months ago is beyond the scope of what a judge should be doing. the trump administration calls the ban search for protecting the public against terrorism and says it will appeal the ruling all the way to the supreme cou court. mayor jim kenney responding to the federal court rulings on the revised travel ban. he said today in part, "the latest travel ban would have hurt the city's economy and be trade our founding principles. i applaud the courts for hating it and you were the white house to put aside once and for all attempts to single out particular religion and ethnicities. secretary of state rex tillerson and his first trip to asia what may be need to be done to deal with north korea's nuclear threat. you're an artist. money is not your thing until property rise -- rising property
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prices become a thing. new development is helping a group of artists say in eighty four home sweet homes for goodness sake. a tree stump giving lessons about life. the book this piece of wood is channeling. a happy reunion for a second grader and his father. air force major who just returned from overseas. how the dad and the school teamed up for the ultimate surprise. ♪ (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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we're following developing story out of france this evening. three people in the hospital after a shooting at a high school in the southern part of the country. police say a student at the
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school opened fire injuring two students and the principal. officers arrested the suspect and investigators don't know the motive yet. france of course remains in state of emergency after those deadly attacks in 2015 in paris also in france an explosion at the international monetary fund in paris. letter bomb threw blew in the hands of a staff causing some minor burns and investigator sauce it's not clear who accept the letter. imf staff left the building and military officers secured the area. secretary of state rex tillerson is on his first visit to east shaye since taking office trying to address mounting tensions with china and north korea. he met japanese officials in tokyo saying the trump administration wants peace with the north but after 20 years of failed diplomacy he says a new approach is needed tillerson also calling on china to put pressure on north korea to end its missile and nuclear progra programs. >> we will be having discussions with china as to further actions
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we believe they might consider taking that would be helpful to bringing north korea. >> meanwhile north korea continues preparing for another possible missile test while also calling for an end to joint military exercises between the u.s. and south korea which the north says pushes the region to the edge of a nuclear war. canadian minister trudeau and first daughter ivanka trump on broadway. evan at a blue to new york to city trudeau introduce the play come from away celebrates canadian compassion in welcoming u.s. travelers in the wake of 9/11. trudeau praised the long history that continued between the united states and canada. un ambassador nicky haley was also in attendance. >> ♪ you hear a lot of sad news these days but our bill anderson always looks for the good and tonight he introduces to us group of frustrated neighbors getting forced out of the community they've actually help
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build. tonight they've got a new place giving them hope for goodness sake. >> i looked at a house for rent it was $2,000 a month. i'm like what? >> reporter: it's double edged sword of development particularly around philadelphia's universities. we all want to see communities developed, but that development often leads to long-time residents being priced out. >> a lot of developers in this community right now hig high-ine and high rates. >> reporter: rebecca rosa what many would describe as struggling artist. you may have seen one of her pieces at the intersection of 40th and lancaster. the neighbor she's lived in for years. but now she's one of the first tenants of an affordable housing complex designed to allow those who help build the culture of a neighborhood stay there as property values increase. >> enter my comfortable a body. >> reporter: it's called the 4050 apartments a low-income building developed and funded by the peoples emergency center and several other organizations and
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the concept is simple. the community of west powelton believed that artists are important parts of the community so if they were below a certain income, they received preferen preference. >> artists are part of the identity of community. when price -- home prices are going up, rent is going up how do we make sure we dope lose this part of our community. >> come on in. >> reporter: as i toured her new apartment she was clearly excited and inspired by the design and the space. >> there's a lot of space up here. >> i know, right. >> wow. >> i know. that's the master. >> the master bedroom for the artist. >> we were struggling starving artists. >> reporter: you don't want to give up your dream? it's your life. >> no one wants to give up your dream. create beauty, to be inspired. >> reporter: so far the concept of low income artist paying 30% of their income to live at 4050 apartments it's working as planned. >> there's photographer, core graphs, there's poets, there's dancers. >> reporter: and there's an
5:19 pm
appreciation that the people's emergency sent and partners are trying to hear communities that are looking for consideration as development makes their long-time neighborhoods unaffordable. >> artist co-op places, artists get together and try to make an opportunity for them self but to have an institution help you. >> reporter: 4050 is an opportunity to color ways for pec to continue their work and in some small way show that in cases of massive development the community can and should have a voice. >> while it's maybe not as visible as old city or some other neighborhoods in philadelphia, they're here and the community recognizes them as an important part of what makes the neighborhood special. >> reporter: first 20 apartments are full but hopefuly the concept of working to provide opportunities for communities to experience growth and success together that continues to expand for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪
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a man finds a box of kittens and tells someone in the neighborhood. what that person did that left the guy shocked. could protecting yourself from the sun be as simple as taking a drink? one man thinks so. why critics though say not so fast. real live willie wonka the candy maker trying to revolutionize sugar in new york city.
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verizon store no new york got cleaning up to do after a car went flying through the front of the business. police say both vehicles were rear ended and then they went airborne. one of the cars flew into the fence and another one crossed into the median. and then landed in the store. no customers thankfully were hurt. both the drivers had minor injuries. not clear if ice played a role
5:24 pm
in that accident. a rape victim in california blames the hotel where the crime happened and now she's suing. the woman says she was tacked in her room at a holiday inn express in bakersfield. security video shows the suspected rapist at the front desk just before it all happen happened. according to the lawsuit he paid the receptionist $100 for the victim's room key. holiday inn express says it cannot comment. now to arizona where a man saves a litter of kittens but they almost didn't make it. the man who wants to stay anonymous says he was working in the neighborhood when he found a box of kittens so he alerted some neighbors. but when the neighbors reappeared they had a shovel and looked like they were going to kill the cats that's when the worker had an intuition to check a nearby trash can. that's when he found the kittens in the trash still inside the box. >> the most ridiculous thing ever. like the 30 minutes that the cats were probably in the garbage can for me to go and look for them, you know, he
5:25 pm
could have taken them somewhere. >> the kittens are doing just fine tonight. family in colorado is desperate battle with animal shelter to get their beloved dog back. take a look at capone he was picked up by animal control in aurora after he got out of the yard the shelter though won't return him because he could be part wolf and it is illegal to own a wolf hybrid in aurora and capone could be euthanized the shelter is holding him until dna test comes back proving he's not part wolf. the family says they believe capone was a german shepherd m mix. >> he's a family member and we don't have him here with us and we all miss him so much. >> a lot of dogs could have 2% wolf in them. what constitutes an actual wolf when they going to start pricking my beagle and finding out if it's a hybrid animal that should be terminate. >> family's lawyer says the city's there was not state what percentage of wolf makes a dog wolf and they expect to find out the dna tests in a week.
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a space x falcon rocket carrying communications satellite blasts off in to space the rocket launch pad was originally built to support the apollo row gram also used for historic launch of the moon bound apollo 11. launch had been scheduled for earlier this week but it was pushed back to today because of the weather. real live crime drama. one local town gets some new technology that could help them solve mystery a lot quicker. a teenager too afraid to leave the house because of addiction. and he can't find help. kathy? >> the good news, iain, that we are finally going to get out of the freezer. the best day of the week is tomorrow as temperatures slowly warm up and the wind eases but there's still snow in the seven day. i'll be back with that. >> all right, kathy. italy's mount aetna spewing more lava high into the sky. the volcano in sis illy erupted last night and today so far though no damage to any homes. question, and be honest...
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♪ search is on for the guy wanted in a couple of food truck hold ups in west philadelphia. he's seen on surveillance video there casing the area at 45th and walnut. police say he robbed two food trucks within hours of eve other monday night. he got away with 2,000 bucks and is considered armed and
5:30 pm
dangerous. police are also on the look out for the thief who target add shopper at acme on east passyunk avenue. security camera catches the crook in action stealing a man's wallet right out of his shopping cart. he waited until just the right moment when the shopper turned his head. if you recognize that guy, police would love to hear from you. now to bensalem where the police department is trail blazing with new crime testing technology. the bucks county department will become the first in the country to use rapid hit id for dna testing. the new technology generates lab quality forensic dna profiles in less than an hour and a half. the city's public safety director says this means catching criminals quicker and making streets safer. >> it's not about necessarily locking up people much it's about preventing victim tomorrow and that comes by locking -- getting criminal off street today. what took us 18 months then took us 30 days now as the da said you give us an hour and a half start we'll get these guys and
5:31 pm
gals. >> some critics local dna labs say it can be difficult to regulate how dna samples are collected because there's no state or federal oversight. if president trump runs for re-election in 2020, you minot be able to vote for him at least if you live in new jersey. today new jersey's democrat led assembly approved a bill inspired by president trump's failure to disclose his tax returns. the legislation would mandate that candidates release taxes before getting their name on the ballot. the bill now heads to republican governor chris christie's desk to sign or veto. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take a live look at wilmington on cold thursday night. but will we be seeing a warmup? kathy orr is going to let us know how high that mercury will go in 15 seconds.
5:32 pm
those winds will be easing the skies are clear but that means cold temperatures overnight tonight across the region. right now in philadelphia the temperature is 38 degrees. it feels like it's only 28 with winds out of the west northwest at 21 miles an hour. so a chilly evening. you can see the temperatures going up through the afternoon. peeking late this afternoon. the past four hours with temperatures only in the 30s. well below average for this time of year. now as we look at ultimate doppler you can see we do have some clouds fading and we have clearing skies moving in. and that means the winds will slowly lighten up but right now it's 38 in philadelphia. 40 in atlantic city. 40 in dover. 31 degrees in the poconos. but with winds at about 20 miles an hour sustained, it's driving those wind chills down only feels like 29 in millville. 18 in the poconos and 27 in reading and lancaster and even wilmington. so those northwesterly winds keeping it cool but as they do subside the temperatures will be falling. you can see we still have that cold air going down to the tennessee valley.
5:33 pm
but warmth building in the west. so we will be getting out of this deep freeze slowly but surely as temperatures try to get back into the 40s. which is still well below average for this time of year. as we go hour by hour, we have a clear sky tonight. sunshine during the day tomorrow, the next chance of any precipitation is going to come late tomorrow night and into saturday morning. if you have any outdoor plans for saturday, look at this. here comes a warm front with rain showers to the south. philadelphia right on the line of course is between little sleet and little snow to the north and west we have light snow saturday morning and then as warm air work its way in, we change most of it over to rain. still could see a little snow in lehigh valley and.poke no in the afternoon. light accumulation there then as the storm system is off the coast we could be seeing snow showers backing into the area on sunday it all will be determined on how close that area of low pressure that coastal low gets. right now it looks like we can see little light snow down the shore in south jersey on sunday.
5:34 pm
tonight locking for low temperature of 23 degrees. mainly clear. we see those winds diminishing. a big improvement out of the west at about ten to 15 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, i think it's the best day of the week. no debate there. 41 degrees westerly wind only five to 10 miles an hour. with temperatures pretty comfortable in the 40s. still about 10 degrees below average. so for your st. patrick's day it will be pleasant. for the wearing of the green. saturday some morning rain and snow showers. the high 45. sunday 43. with morning snow showers possible. and then monday we warm it up close to 50. 51 degrees more seasonal tuesday with some showers. then it turns colder again wednesday's high only 42. and thursday 45. most of those low temperatures iain are below freezing. we only go above freezing a couple of days there so march as we head into the second half of the month much colder than february. >> absolutely. 70s seem like so long ago, kathy. >> they sure do. all right. well it could protecting
5:35 pm
yourself speaking of that from the sun be as simple as take taking a drink? one guy thin ts so critics say not so fast. mcdonald's twitter feed hacked. the message that appeared today that's got the company officials investigating. a happy reunion for a second grader and his father air force major who just returned from overseas how the dad and the school teamed up for the ultimate surprise.
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seat bets could detach in a crash. the recall covers sonato maze side sedans from the 2011 through 2014 model years and the sonato hybrid from 2011 through 2015. owners will be notified beginning in the first week of april. dealers can also make a fix as well. mcdonald's is looking into a message on its twitter feed that called president trump disgusting. tweet from mcdonald's official account call trump quote a disgusting excuse of a president. it was temporarily opinioned to
5:39 pm
the top of mcdonald's account so it would be the top message people saw if they visited the company's twitter profile. mcdonald's says it is investigating the matter. the school district of philadelphia looking to hire a thousand new teachers. >> if you want to make anally packet in student's live then joan us in become a teacher for the school district of philadelphia. >> the district unveiling new campaign to recruit and higher it's current until its second year of a $440 million investment plan. this year the focusing on staffing. the district is looking for all types of teachers including people who teach languages and music. the district starting salary for teachers with no prior teaching experience is just over $45,000 a year. temple university's rethinking that meal plan fee hike that it blamed in part on philadelphia's new soda tax. temple had announced a 6% hike for its meal plan for the 2017 2017-18 school year but they're doing recalculating this comes after mayor kenney criticized
5:40 pm
the university for hiking meal plans calling the soda tax a scapegoat. temple says the mayor' office raises valid concerns and they'll review the amount of the increase. also going up in price the cost of homeowners association fees in philadelphia. research shows the city has the fourth highest hoa fees in the country. the average rate about 450 bucks a month. the rate of the increase is out pacing actual home prices. in ten years home prices grew more than 15% but hoa's jumped nearly 33%. a teenager just two afraid to leave the house because of some addiction, he can't find help. his story is neck. a tree stump giving some lessons about life. what this piece of wooder is channeling. >> sean. >> you know what time it is the best day of the year is here. ncaa tournament has started and smart guy with a shot to wip the game with second left. see if they could be the first to be a bracket buster later in
5:41 pm
sports. (male announcer) is this the year
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all for free. bass pro shops. ♪ starting lineup for citizens bank park but these are not baseball players. today the group of ballpark bankers were unveiled at citizens bank park.
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44 person group are ambassadors during baseball games help you find atm's, your seats, a bathroom and they'll make the experience for people watching the phillies a lot friendlier. let's hope the team does a little better. in your health tonight warning about drinkable sunscreen. the product is fake and doesn't work a lawsuit claims the guy who creates stands by his product benjamin johnson the creator of harmonized h2o says by using what he calls energy medicine he's found a way to us& frequencies in water to block the sun's rays from your skin. he uses the example of noise cancellation headphones to explain the science behind the all. >> what they do they put out signal that interferes with jet engine noise or something. it blocks the noise. so the same concept what we're doing here. i found frequencies that are cancellation waves to the sun. >> okay. new lawsuit filed by the iowa attorney general led johnson to
5:46 pm
break the law in the state because he cannot reasonably back up the product's claims but johnson says there's been clinical testing and his product works. critics say those trials were flawed. few things are more heartbreaking to a parent than finding out that your teenager is hooked on drugs and just spiraling out of control. even worse, the nightmare of searching for treatment and finding out nothing is open for your kid. a local mom who is just at her wits reached us out to fox 29 to tell joyce evans about her desperate race against time to save her child's life. ♪ >> reporter: hanging in the man cave. parked in front of the tv. >> i love this movie so much. >> reporter: precious pup lucy cuddling up close. surfacing food. >> my mom makes my food for me. >> reporter: typical 15-year-old. right? >> i don't want to burn down my house. i think that's a good reason.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: but the tension, pain and urgency going on behind this cozy scene has reached a critical cross road. >> i don't leave the house. my parent -- i'm too paranoid to leave the house. i have to have someone with me. >> reporter: jared has been out of school for months. >> sometimes i cry myself to sleep because the anxiety is so -- it's like crippling. >> i knew there was a problem. report roar his mom has taken leave from work to stay with her only child and deal with it. >> but i'm scared. >> reporter: here's why. >> i started smoking weed for my bad anxiety and then the doctor prescribed me a prescription i started taking three a day. that turned into more. and then soon i was -- i took a bottle of 90 in three days. >> reporter: retried to stop but -- >> i've learned that because it's my only coping skill. >> reporter: his doctor cut off the anti anxiety ms. didn't matter.
5:48 pm
>> how do you get them? >> i get them -- they're everywhere. pills are everywhere on the streets. everywhere. >> reporter: it's become really expensive. >> my xbox. i got about 200. that's xbox one. about $20 for my xbox 360. my ps3 i got like 15, $20. >> reporter: it's become really dangerous. >> at night i have nothing to do. and i'm eating, drinking, smok smoking taking pills. that combination one day is going to kill me and i don't want that. >> reporter: so as any other scared teenager might do, he fessed up to his mom. >> when he came to me i said okay, great, he's ready. let's get this taken care of now. >> reporter: that was months ago. >> i've probably gone through ten pages. >> reporter: lists full of in patient treatment centers. >> this is the list of the
5:49 pm
insurance company treatment centers as you can see they all say 18 plus next to them. that's the only people they accept. >> reporter: johnny depp val vo found those who do treat teens don't take her medicaid plan. >> i call each place and oh, no, we're no longer cover adolescents. how do oy get my child help. i don't know the answer to it. >> no one is trying it makes me feel like nobody cares. >> reporter: she has raced her running what she thought might be an overdose. they've even been on their way to treatment facility out of state when the place called them on the phone and said, no. >> my world was crashing down because i have no more money. >> reporter: families often forced into debt paying out of pocket. joan says she would too if she can. >> you need 30, $40,000 for a good treatment center.
5:50 pm
>> people that have access to services get good services and people that don't get services in our prison system. >> reporter: andrew burke key is recovered teenage drug abuser. he's working to change the system. >> it puts them in a system that's very difficult to get out of a major major problem. you know if you look at intervening early, this isn't the next right thing to do this isn't the moral thing to do. the it's cost effect testify thing to do. >> reporter: could save taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars he says. burki is pushing for series of treatment and rehab programs that he says stand a better chance of keeping kids out of jail and alive. >> do you think that you could overdose at anyone of these episodes that do you? >> yeah. >> when was the last time you used them? >> three days ago. i want to be happy. i don't know how you're always one decision away from totally
5:51 pm
different life. >> it's very true. >> reporter: joan works to keep jared's confidence up. >> she cries in private. she also joined an online support group. their children died because they couldn't get treatment. that's not going to happen with my child. somehow, some way, i will find him treatment. i'm not going to lose my child. >> reporter: joyce evans, fox 29 news. pulling for them. treatment sources that we reached out to have been working to find a center somewhere in the country that can help. not an easy task for them but they are still working at it. all right. a real live willie wonka. a candy maker trying to revolutionize see shy garr in new york and president trump releases his first budget plan. how philadelphia mayor jim kenney says the president's budget will affect the city. and a baby is alive because of his mother's love. the brave decision she made to save her son.
5:52 pm
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philadelphia rapper meek mill was reportedly charged with misdemeanor assault after a fight in an airport missouri. this was according to tmz. the altercation occurred at st. louis lambert international airport after an employee asked meek for a picture and shortly after that interaction sources say a fight broke out between mill and his entourage and two men on the airport's staff. beauty and the beast star emma watson taking legal action after private pictures of the
5:56 pm
actress were allegedly leaked on the internet. photos were shared on the so-called dark web encrypted network not easily accessible by the average user. representatives for the british actress released a statement denying that any of the pictures showed watson nude. a world of pure imagination now a reality in new york city. brooklyn is now home to candy shop with some unique treats. fox's jennifer lahmers paid a visit to the willie wonka of new york city. >> reporter: the willie wonka of brooklyn eugene jay. take took of his shop and you'll see all kinds of candy concoctions pinwheel pops, sugar plums, gum balls, bears, boogers, blocks and gummies of just about anything you can imagine. >> i feel like i got the golden ticket being in this place right now. tell me a little bit about where you get your candies and how you make them. >> candies are sourced from all over the country and international alley long island portland, boston we get hem things from europe australia.
5:57 pm
>> how did you get started in this. >> it was a long journey. i graduated with chemical industry engineering industry in 2005 and went straight into a firm but i've been making candy on mine since 2,000 and had it in the back of my mine. >> reporter: owner of his own candy land eugene cure rates sweets from different manufacturers all over the country. but eventually he wants that to change and stock the shelves with mostly his own creations. >> this is your baby, right? >> it is my baby. >> you call them sg freaks. >> sell me about them. >> i guess you could describe them as giant in other words with textures on them. it's seven hour process to make it start with small sugar core and growing a shell on it after the seven hour process you just let it sit for week and hold it. >> occur whim a wonka real list drawing inspiration from the original book that inspire the movie willie wonka and the chocolate factory.
5:58 pm
>> a fun realm to play around in. >> he has a laboratory in the back coming up with new ideas. >> you pull back the purpose pill curtain and your lab is back there we can see how the whole thing works. >> right, right. i don't think so. pretty mundane. just i watch paint dry. >> you really are the real live willie wonka. >> from brooklyn, jennifer lahmers, fox news. viral image got the internet stomached on creator but it's given new life to classic children's tail about a tree and a boy. >> i don't read very much now said the boy sit quiet place to sit and rest. >> a tree stump on sidewalk in oakland, california got people walking by readin reading the inscription carved into the stump which is shaped like a chair. the inscription is the last part of the story the giving tree. taken from author shell silverstein's book about a life long relationship between a giving apple tree and a taking boy now some parents are trying to take away life lessons from it.
5:59 pm
>> as soon as you become a parent that's something that is just inherent in our beings. we give and give and give, um, but i don't think that we practice that with each other as human beings. >> while silverstein initially had trouble finding a publisher his book makes many all-time and top 100 children's books list. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00 a happy reunion for a second grader and his father air force major who just returned from overseas. >> hey, buddy. >> how the dad and the school teamed up for the ultimate surprise. ♪ a baby is alive because of his mother's love. the brave decision she made to save her son. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin tonight with a
6:00 pm
developing story. possible justice for some burglary victims police say they may have jewelry to return to some people this is after a massive investigation. thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00 i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight this all involves more than a million dollars worth of stolen goods that investigators say was then sold on jewelers row in philadelphia. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live in center city tonight with the details. dave? >> reporter: iain, we know there's still trying to find some of that other jeweler still out there that's been sold but what they found it took hours to sort through. pay close attention as you watch tv right now you might recognize your stolen jewelry and other precious metals numerous officials put them on display wanting to reunite them with their owners long after investigators say they were snatched up by a burglary ring targeting high-end homes all across the viewing area. >> they mean a lot to someone who may have lost a family member, w


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