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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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developing story. possible justice for some burglary victims police say they may have jewelry to return to some people this is after a massive investigation. thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00 i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight this all involves more than a million dollars worth of stolen goods that investigators say was then sold on jewelers row in philadelphia. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live in center city tonight with the details. dave? >> reporter: iain, we know there's still trying to find some of that other jeweler still out there that's been sold but what they found it took hours to sort through. pay close attention as you watch tv right now you might recognize your stolen jewelry and other precious metals numerous officials put them on display wanting to reunite them with their owners long after investigators say they were snatched up by a burglary ring targeting high-end homes all across the viewing area. >> they mean a lot to someone who may have lost a family member, who was given something
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over the years. >> reporter: we're talking $1.5 million in stolen property that the montgomery county da says ended up bought and sold by shahaz at his jeweler row stores. we found him there today. >> are these allegations true? will you selling stolen goods? did you know they were stolen? >> reporter: he refused to let us in and comment on the allegations. prosecutors say they charged him with receiving stolen property and belonging to a corrupt organization. four other men were also charg charged. >> the defendants effectively targeted high value homes and specifically looked for jewelry diner purses and cash. >> reporter: detectives say the 50,000 recovered pieces were grab at numerous pricey estates between august of 2015 and july of 2016. including one break in on lafayette road in bryn mawr where police say the homeowner was tied up during the heist. >> it's part of a web of criminal activity responsible for eight burglaries in montgomery county. six in delaware county, one in
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chester county, plus alleged thefts in cherry hill and new castle county, delaware. >> you have a lot of hours that have gone into this. we expect there's going to be a lot more hours that go into it with the work ahead of us report roar police raided shahaz v jewelers store this past january. it is now closed. the montgomery county da says, they found buckets of jeweler at his home, too. he's been out on bail and we tried repeated toll talk with him. >> we just want to get your side of the story. we just want to get your side of the story. >> reporter: well the montgomery county prosecutor's office says a website has been created so you can go to it if you recognize any of that jewelry you can look at more pictures and file a claim. we'll have a link to that website on our website fox29.c iain? >> dave, thank you. now your fox 29 weather authority. as we take a live look at ben franklin parkway today. cold again out there today. though we were above freezing and that could mean some ice concerns tonight and anything that melts is going to refreeze.
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let's check in with kathy orr. kathy these temps don't wanting to up. >> no, sir. we didn't make it above freezing as you mentioned iain. we did have some melting everything refreezes tonight. we melt a little bit more during the day. so it will be a slow melt but, yes, it will be icy again. on ultimate doppler you can see the persistent northwesterly winds the skies are clearing. the temperatures are falling. right now in philadelphia 38. 30 in the poconos. 37 in wilmington. winds are sustain at 20 miles an hour. and that's making it feel much colder. still gusting to 30 in philadelphia. 32 in wilmington. and gusting to 32 miles an hour in the poconos. those winds will ease as fair weather high pressure builds in tonight. but look what a feels like right now. 28 in philadelphia f you're heading tout night in allentown or pottstown it only feels like it's in the 20s. and right now in the poconos it feels like it is 17. come tomorrow morning we won't be worried about the wind. but it will be a chilly start to st. patrick's day. it will only be 16 in the poconos. 18 in reading. 17 in lancaster. philadelphia and millville the good news is, tomorrow is
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going to be the best day of the entire week. not just because it's st. patrick's day. the temperatures will finally be pleasant with less wind. we'll talk about weekend snow and rain for your saturday and watching the coast for sunday. iain another storm is going to come close. not a big one but it could mean a little more snow. we'll talk about that later. >> i know. >> all right, kathy. >> in the broadcast. >> exactly. >> it's march madness. >> it is madness, all right, kathy, thanks as we take live look at reading right now the problem after the storm that brought us snow and ice is that as kathy talked about just starts to melt and when buildings are involved that could mean falling ice which is a real danger in philadelphia. crews are doing whatever they can to keep people from are walking and drivers in the city safe. fox 29's dawn timmeney spoke to some who say just walking around is down right scary. >> reporter: it was raining chunks of ice and snow at 18th and jfk boulevard today. >> it's unpredictable when and how it will happen but sometimes pretty big chunks of ice will fall off of the buildings.
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>> reporter: that's why maintenance workers were intentionally putting the frozen stuff off this high rise. they're trying keep it from coming down at the wrong time and hitting someone. >> we're asking business owners to do a visual inspection of their building, and if they have a concern, to be proactive and close off the sidewalk before something can go wrong. >> reporter: part of the street at 12th and market by the loewes hotel was cordoned off while workers there broke up the ice on top of the building. it was quite a site for those walking by blow. >> i'm watching it fall down and it's like zooming through the air and then when you -- it hits the ground it's like all over. it's real dangerous. >> reporter: dangerous indeed. nicole smith work at one liberty in center city. she stepped outside to get some fresh air and wound up dodging falling ice. >> it's very scary. definitely. i mean, i guess any little bit of ice can hit you and hurt you from the tee bad falling. >> reporter: navigating the slippery sidewalks and crosswalks also presents a precarious situation for
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pedestrians. some spots still snow covered and slushy. >> some of the problems are a by product of the fact that when you plow a street they're tends to be some build up in certain places and then folks have to start crossing the streets. >> reporter: the city says everyone needs to shovel their walkways if they haven't already done so or they will be cited. >> really what we want is compliance. we don't want to fine you. we want to you shovel your sidewalk. >> reporter: fines range from 50 to $300 so the city is really serious about this. just to keep residents safe and is asking everyone to just do their part. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. as we mentioned pack down snow on the streets and sidewalks causing a lot of problems out there. as you can see our cameras caught people all across the city walking around tip towing around those areas that weren't shoveled very well if at all. forget parking in parts of center city out there. many metered spots are still full of snow and ice. remember you can always take
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live looks at ultimate doppler radar and get up to the minute forecasts on the latest now on president trump's revised travel ban. today ad federal judge in maryland temporarily blocked it. the ruling comes aft a judge in hawaii also rejected the executive order calling it unconstitutional. fox's kevin cork reports as reaction continues to pour in. >> reporter: federal judges in hawaii and maryland have blocked president trump's second attempt at a travel ban for six muslim majority countries rejecting administration arguments the new travel ban was different from the first. some public officials and legal experts are applauding the ruling while others say it simply went too far. by specifically citing statements made by the president on the campaign trail calling for a total ban on muslim travel to america. >> this doesn't make america safer. and it doesn't make our democracy any better. that is why judges republican appointees and democratic appoint tease are striking it
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down. >> to try and look for statements made by is beyond the scope of what judge should be doing. >> reporter: the hawaii ruling came first on wednesday night. and it sure to bring new attention to the ninth circuit court of appeals which also issued the hold on the previous executive order. the house judiciary committee is now debating plans to split up the court saying simply too big and to often overturned. >> 20% of the us population now resides in this circuit with nine states and two territories. >> the trump administration calls the ban search for protecting the public against terrorism. and says it will appeal the ruling all the way to the supreme court. >> the president's executive order falls squarely within his lawful authority in seeking to protect our nation's security. >> the ruling however do leave one part of the executive order in place that is the temporary ban on refugee recement in the u.s. at the white house, kevin cork, fox news.
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meanwhile tonight a new budget proposal from president trump the plan includes an increase of $54 billion in defense spending that's offset by taking money away from more than a dozen other agencies. the agriculture labor and state departments will see a more than 20% drop in funding and more than 30% will be taken from the epa. the proposal also ends federal support for the national end do you mean of the arts. national endowment for the humanities and the corporation for public broadcasting. but the director of the office of management and budget is making no apologies. >> this is what we're calling the american first budge. america first and america first candidate. you plow america first president and it shouldn't surprise anybody we have an america first budget. >> the national institutes of health will also be stripped of $5.8 billion in funding. the budge also calls for eliminating programs aimed at helping the poor like low income home energy assistance. if approved the budget will not take effect until october 1st.
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no surprise that president trump's budget proposals getting big push back here in philadelphia mayor kenney releasing a statement saying in part "this budget would be devastating to every single philadelphian. its effects cut across racial and socio economic lines while we are still evaluating the total and precise details of the impact, it's safe to say the cuts to the community development block grants would devastate small businesses, neighborhoods and affordable housing ". happy reunion for a second grader and his father air force major who just returned from overseas. how that dad and the school teamed up for the ultimate surprise. a baby's alive because of a mother's love. the grave decision she made to save her son. sean? iain princeton looking to be bracket busters early. they incredible game against notre dame. see if that last second shot will put them to the next round much that's coming up later in sports.
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♪ major surprise for a second grader in ma thack ton. >> hey, buddy. come here. you can say hi. look at you standing in your chair. >> exactly like you're supposed to. >> good to see you. >> he didn't know if he can get out of his desk that's owen and his dad u.s. air force major john, he just got back from duty in kuwait and surprised his son at arrow head elementary school today. the kids were told they'd have a mystery reader but didn't expect the story time reunion. the children got to hear all
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about the major's experience as c130 pilot. a family already faced with tragedy going through more heartbreak. newborn is fighting for his life at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania tonight. his mom died just weeks ago when he was born. fox 29's shawnette wilson reports. >> who is that. >> you and mommy. >> reporter: max flips through photo album with his four-year-old daughter avery. >> i don't want her to forget her mom. >> they were on the way to becoming a family four now his wife danielle is gone and his newborn son jake is nicu at the university of pennsylvania struggling to hold on. >> his lungs just can't catch up at this point. >> reporter: what happened to this beautiful family is heartbreaheartbreaking. it started to years ago when 30-year-old danielle had a mole removed. it was melanoma. but a year later, she found alum in that her breast and the aggressive cancer had spread throughout her body. danielle was six months pregnant with her son jake at the time. >> when she was officially
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diagnosed with metastasized melanoma was february 9th and she had passed away februar february 27th. >> reporter: before she passed away, danielle made the decision to let go so she could save her son. >> when they did the c section they didn't think she was going to survive. so that was her decision at that point. >> reporter: she died three days later. >> for me it's a complete shock. the couple had been married five years. had started building their dream home for their extended family. max is a k9 officer with monroe township police and an army veteran. he has support from them and from his family. but his sole concern is this blue eyed beauty. >> she gets upset sometimes. we talk about her mom. look at pictures and gets her happy again report roar neighbors set up this gofundme page to help with the children's education. but all max can think of now is the loss of his love who was always happy and strong until the end. >> it never goes away.
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you just -- i guess day by day learn to deal with it. >> in williamstown, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. if you'd like to donate to help max and the children head to for a link to their gofundme page and the address to mail in donations to a fund set up by the fop. march madness fun for great cause today. big crowds coming out for the annual march madness event in addition to making brackets they were eating and drinking and also a silent auction. all proceeds go to philabundance to support its non-profit grocery store which provides the city's residents access to nutritious foods like fresh produce, meats and dairy. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live look at allentown there was isn't sun out there today. tomorrow could be the nicest day of the week as winter officially winds down. but still going to feel like winter out there, kathy. >> it sure s spring begins next week it certainly won't feel like it. it's going to stay pretty chilly, iain. >> yeah. >> skies are clearing. temperatures are falling. the high temperature today look
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at this, only in the upper 30s. 39 degrees. right now the temperature 38. it feels like it's 28 with those winds sustain at 20. the good news is, the winds will be dying down but these temperatures will be falling from the 30s into the 20s overnight tonight. wind chills in the 20s with those whipping winds in the poconos it feels like 17. in millville it only feels like it's 29. down the shore in wildwood it feels like it's 30. when you look at the country as whole you can see that cold wedge of air all the way down to the tennessee valley then some warmer air through kansas city, oklahoma city this is all associated with warm front and that warm front is going to push toward our region. it's not going to make the through but it will bring some rain and west snow showers late tomorrow night into saturday morning. tomorrow will be the best day of the week with plenty of sun and less wind. we'll watch these snow showers and rain showers move in from the west. by saturday morning, you can see right along that i-95 corridor 7am on the borderline as always. between the rain and the snow rain through south jersey and delaware. a little bit of a mix through
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philadelphia north and west seeing some light snow. and then as the day progresses warmer air works into this and changes mostly everything over to rain. light accumulation avenue couple of inches through the allentown area and into the poconos. as we could keep it all snow there. then we'll watch an area of low pressure from the west. bringing this precipitation slide off the coast and as it moves off the coast normally it would just keep going much guess what? it's not. it's going strengthen into a nor'easter and if it stays close enough, it could slow back a few inches of snow through south jersey maybe even a little light snow into philadelphia on sund sunday. so we'll keep a careful ooh on this low if it progresses out or if it lingers to produce a little more light snow for sunday morning. overnight tonight, no worries though mainly clear temperatures will be in the 20s in the city. the teens in our suburbs. less wind tomorrow just a beautiful day for saint pate tricks day 41 with sunshine and westerly winds five to 10 miles an hour. on your seven day for cat weather authority some rain and snow showers for your saturday.
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all depends on where you live. for sunday a chance of morning snow showers, 43, by the afternoon monday 48. rain for tuesday. it will be spring by then. wednesday 42. thuses thursday 45. not feeling like spring but it will get here eventually. we'll send it over to you. >> not soon enough. >> not soon enough. >> it is march madness. come on. >> how is that bracket looking? >> not good. i pick up couple upsets that didn't happen early on i'm not doing too well. i got time. >> you got time. only the first half of the first day. we still got time. villanova taking on mount saint mari's in just a little bit mount saint mary's says we're not squared a little bit. hear what they have to say. check out this last second shot that could have put princeton into the second round much that's coming up next in sports. my hygienist told me to try...
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♪ i don't know about you but i'm good. my bracket still intact and that's most important thing here. right. ncaa tournament is back and the the best time of the year. games all day with bracket busters and big-time upsets. it's heaven for hoops fan and little over an hour villanova will start their tournament run trying to win back to back championships and be the first team to do in about decade florida was the last team to do it. everyone looking to see what they'll do but apparently they haven't really thought about this whole repeating thing. >> woe never talked about repeating this whole year. it was just about committing ourselves to villanova basketball, buying in and being
6:25 pm
the best team we can be at the end of the year. >> it starts tonight against mount saint mary's. who? >> mountaineers come from emmitsburg, maryland. they have just over 2200 students. a small school with a simple basketball phil haas fee. >> humbling experience but then again they're just human beings just like us. we're just going to go out there and play the one thing that they do well on consistent space play hard. we just got to match that intensity and, you know, you never know what can happen at the end. >> princeton notre dame the smart guys looking for that classic five-12 upset in the second half notre dame creating distance look at this. colson with the wide open dunk to put the irish up 11 points but princeton would fight all the way back. now with seconds left they have a chance to go ahead and win this game but no good. they can't get the upset. notre dame survives 60-58. to the eagles, nick kohl's
6:26 pm
coming back to philly to be a backup. today he sounded pretty content with that which is a good thing because that's all he is at this point. now, foles just wants to come in, get better and help carson wentz be great. >> i want to continue to, you know, grow as player and ultimately, you know, that's ultimate goal but this is a great opportunity to come back here and a part of this organization. you know, with a quarterback like carson the opportunity to help him continue to grow. >> love princeton. up a got it done. >> i have to be honest with you i picked notre dame to go to the elite eight. >> i said listen i don't need that right now, princeton. too err toll break my bracket. >> that's right. me too i'm with you. >> i did it too. >> love prince to. >> i picked princeton to win. >> i wanted them to win. >> i know. good game. that will do it for us here at 6:00. see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪ (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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a widow breaks her silence about the day her husband was shot to death at a shopping mall. >> i'm screaming, "stay with me, stay with me." >> did her husband die because the ambulance was too big to get to him? >> we're not going to make it in. if this was a real emergency this is as close as we could get. did a secret service agent photograph president donald trump's grandson while the youngster was sleeping? a kidnapped woman's heroic escape from the trunk of moving car. >> what you need to know to get out alive. it's really tight back here. then, spree of violence by moose. why these animals suddenly


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