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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:24pm EDT

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first at 11:00 eveloping news out of philadelphia's northern liberties. woman's car riddled with bullet holes tonight whoever was holding the gun that fired those bullets is still on the run tonight. i'm lucy noel. shooting shut down interstate 95 for sometime tonight. no one is hurt investigators are trying to figure out where those shots came from. our shawnette wilson is live at the scene. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, it is definitely amazing that no one was hurt, because those pull bullets traveled across spring garden, two of them hit a woman's car as she was getting in. >> they were inside the building when they heard three gunshots. >> reporter: vacant apartment building under construction on the 100 block of spring garden turned into crime scene this evening when philadelphia police got a call from three men doing renovations. >> they believed that the
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gunshots came from inside of the building. >> reporter: swat showed up to go floor by floor in the five-story building but didn't find anyone. but police say they did notice an open window with two bullet strike marks on it. then a twist in the investigation. involving a woman who works at a business in the plaza at spring garden across the street. >> she was getting into her car and her parking lot when she heard three gunshots. then she realized that her vehicle was struck two times by gunfire. >> police say the woman owns did he lila's nightclub in the shopping center. security guards lined up in the lot to try and keep media off the property. police say one bullet went through the drive's side windshield and the other through the front corner. the woman was just inches away from where the bullets hit her car. >> the woman was definitely shaken up. she was scared. >> reporter: and police don't know if the woman was the intended target but they say it is certainly a possibility. meanwhile they will be looking at video from surveillance cameras on businesses on this
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block. lucy. >> all right, thank you shawnette. annual philly love run half marathon brought thousands to our city over the weekend and now put steve brotherly love in the world spotlight in a good way. one amazing moment has lit social media on fire. and millions of people have now viewed the fox 29 video that shows two men helping runner in need cross the finish line. our chris o'connell is live in south philadelphia after talking to some of the folks involved in that sweet moment. chris, just love this. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, this video is legit viral right now. millions of people have seen this. i tell if there's one thing i know about being a runner in this community, it is a very tight-knit group and you're about to see how tight it is. in the dramatic video now gone viral, 21-year-old haley clinger from lancaster county nearly collapses. her knees buckle from the
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dehydration as she approaches the finish line to this weekend's love run half marath marathon. >> i was thinking she was about to go down and that she needed help. and i just stopped. >> just feet from the finish line, here you see brian and another man along the race help haley to her feet. moments later, that's his buddy joe mcginty picking up hail until his arms and carrying her just inches from the finish li line. so she can cross herself. >> just picked her up and said let's go, and we got her to the finish line. >> she's well today. she's back at school. she's studying. um she's recovered from the dehydration. >> reporter: haley's father harry joined us on the phone from florida. his daughter scene here on her facebook page is an athlete at messiah college near harrisburg. she prefers to stay private while studying for finals. >> just so appreciative that someone was so self -- unself
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fish to stop running their race to help her get across the line. report roar these two social media heroes who took me for run around south philly say they don't feel like heroes. they were just helping a fellow runner. >> they want that glory of walking over that line, you kn know, and i didn't want to take that away from heck you know. she earn it. >> reporter: now, haley has heard from dozens of media outlets from all over the world. she wants nothing to do with it. she says she just wants to concentrate on her final exams and her upcoming church mission to bolivia. lucy. >> i love that she's a missionary. that is fantastic, chris o'connell. hope you didn't pull anything running with those guys tonight. >> reporter: no. i didn't. i'm good. >> chris o'connell is a big-time runner. >> on your radar tonight a chance for rain. a good nice for a jog as chris o'connell showed us.
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>> you could hear rumbles of thunder. >> it's that time of year. >> almost april. i keep forgetting like that. >> march felt like january. >> it did. [ laughter ] >> beautiful evening. you can see out on the circle a beautiful night to get outdoors and enjoy even at this late hour. look at these temperatures. 54 in philadelphia. wilmington 56. and millville 55. even allentown 50 the poconos 40. so temperatures staying mild overnight. we have a few showers moving in from the southwest periods of rain during the day tomorrow. even a marginal risk of severe weather in southern delaware for the rest of us just some afternoon thunderstorms. go hour by hour with our fox future cast by tomorrow morning spotty showers temperatures rising through the 50s but by late afternoon these storms, this south and west of wilmington will be moving through philadelphia and that is our opportunity for some thunderstorms temperatures will be mild in the upper 60s. so overnight tonight, low temperatures staying in the 50s. 52 in philadelphia. that's close to the average high for this time of year. areas of fog could be an issue
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again tomorrow morning. the afternoon high in the city 67. south jersey we'll get in the 70s but north and west we'll be in the 50s tomorrow as a warm front really struggles to move toward the north. late week, we have potential for soaker friday into saturday this area of low pressure moves off the coast. becomes a coastal storm. we stay on the warm side but it means at least one to 2is of rain and friday looks like it could be a wash out. here's your seven day forecast. wednesday gusty with temperature of 64. beautiful day thursday. the high 58 with less wind an lot of sun. your friday soaker could linger into early saturday. and then by sunday partly sunny 62. monday the high temperature 61 degrees. saturday incidentally lucy noland is april 1st. >> april fool's day. >> yeah. >> no joke. >> already, thank you very much, kathy. >> you bet. >> skyfox over an emergency in bucks county. this is the 100 of heart wood road in levittown pick up crashed into us a h it happened
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right around 7:30 tonight. we're told medics took one person to saint mary medical center we do not know how that person is doing. a buck county police corporal suing septa three a els shocd morris in play clothes when that person saw pitcher and took off. when he wires shocked him and lef police say he tug. happening right now the sing chasing a man down the street in the victim's family wants answe bars. fox dave schratwieser is lucky e after heas pushed on his
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way to the store.ble condition tonight and hearted p. , about her son's safety night after surveillance cam aet out the sioux shooting just stoe approached on the opposite ofaliber handgun with. >> h him. the male calls the up. at this time the shooter is sosa had just pcs store on the corner right before t store surveillance usuy
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bustling with cars and no reasoy we should always have to worry about what's going to happen next. >> reporter: there is a daycare center and an early learning center win i wasn't had he had dr. feet of shooting scene. police say the gunman fired more than half dozen shots. cooper was hit five times and raised to the hospital in critical condition. >> it was lucky that just one person got hit. >> reporter: now police did not recover the weapon and they have no motive for the shooting. they're hoping someone might recognize his guy by those camouflage pants and that distinctive blackjack. lucy. >> hopefully that happens. thank you, dave. a philadelphia dr. face as number of charges to night. prosecutors say 29-year-old peter grossman hacked into the e-mail phone and social media accounts of some of his former high school classmates. the victims all women went to delran high school with him in south jersey. grossman made copies of more than 2,000 photos of these wom
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women. straight ahead tonight, parents of premature children face obstacles most folks simply do not understand. >> one of my babies was on a ventilator the first 24 hours of life. you're not holding your baby. you're not even feeding your baby. you're not changing your baby. >> but this mother took her struggles and turned them no inspiration to help other parents for goodness sake. >> do you wake upper happens in the middle of the night to use the restroom? the problem might not be how much you drink before bed but how much salt is in your diet. new study out of japan shows a connec tack and which is sleep interrupted by the need to use cut your salt intakep at night. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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♪ the pressure continues to mount on indicted philadelphia district attorney seth williams to leave office. this morning handful of black lives matter protesters blocked traffic outside the da center city office. federal grand jury indicted williams last week. prosecutors have charged him with accepting bribeed to favors for donors in need legal help. they say he even stole money meant for his own adoptive mother. >> what you're going to do you're going to g the heck out f this office. you krupped enough. >> hen. da cou convicted of the him >> ♪ of darkness in it. our bill anderson parents ofnd many have to faceh.
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well woman doing and more for >> it w see my baby, hold my. ♪ >> reporter: unless you're a chn child you probably don't unrs through. >> when you have a premature hot fairy tale ch forward to can be complicated w expected. back to taken care of. aced with the reality of premature she gave
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birth hin families. >> we spent three summer of' 14. thee months try back. ♪ >> reporter: give back to the tt families so well. and give fing an experience most are unprepared for. her desire to give back inspired kell toll launch the super hero project. >> super her row project is an organization that supports families with neonatal intensive care babies anything from gift cards to words of encouragement to care packages, um and angel eye cameras have been the biggest thing we've done so far. >> she raised tens of thousands of dollars to support famil fams and angel eye cameras. they allow parents to see or speak to their chirp 24 hours a day. >> any time i'm thinking about they will and just wondering how they're doing i turn them on it.
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can be 3:00 o'clock in t and i can see they're breathing. at the hospital constantly but their children while facingy huu and britt you're not going to -- this. he said you what? way for nur progress of their children. >> camera. wn they get bottle. people'snged me to know that, wasriences for the better deep. new to me. buerson who learned from
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their own cha others who may face them inhe. >> as a motherr again in the hospital, that is such a. very cool lesson for middle school students in holocaust. holocaust survivor to burlington township middle school. his mother dd camp but his dad did make it out the students a piece of up lifting >> it's difficult to have such . no matter how you to -- there'so be struggles. even just to pass a. but you cannot you down. >> and he says that advice helped him and his brother in
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those incredibly difficult yea years. police in rockledge, montgomery county need your help identifies this man. he was just sitting on a front posh on the thee hundred block of rockledge avenue this afternoon and he could not communicate and he has no id. hopefully you can help here. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's going on around you. iain, what's up tonight? >> lucy fresco user, take us to delaware county you can see huge clouds of smoke and fire coming from a home. fire officials tell us the flames broke out just before 7:30 tonight on the 700 block of harvard avenue in math more. no one is hurt. in cherry hill, city leaders taking a stand against bigotry the township council unveil its hate has no home in cherry hill video to celebrate the town's diversity. the council also announced the creation of a humans relations board to focus on such issues when you see news happening take
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out your phone and sight it and use the fresco app to zen it to our newsroom. >> lucy. >> thank you very much, iain. sean bell in the house much what's up? >> lucy for the love of money. oj set it a long time ago and it still holds true. nfl is about the paper hanging one of the greatest plan bases in sports out to dry. i'll tell you why there's only one place the raiders belong next in my sports commentary.
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♪ sean bell is taking on the raiders and why he thinks their move to sin city is a sin. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ raiders should be ashamed of themselves. point blank period. one of if not the greatest fan basis in all of sports is now without a team. the owners approved the raiders move from oakland to las vegas 31-one only one team sea saw something wrong with this. this move was all about the money. no one cares about the players. no one cares about the fans. all they care about is their bottom line. vegas will pay for new stadium and the team's salary an lot of that will come from the pockets of taxpayers in nevada. fans in oakland dedicated to this franchise. despite it being garbage for most of the last 25 years. the black hole has been one of the coolest things in sports crazy fans that were passionate and smart.
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something most teams would die to have, and nfl pays them back by leaving. any time a player does something for money fans get angry curse them out. how about we start getting mad at the nfl and owners? billionaires taking money out of your pockets and not giving two cents about your feelings. lucy. >> i do feel sorry for oakland i have to say, sean. all righty. actress shailene woodley will not serve jail time over her involvement in dakota access pipeline protests in north dakota. the di very jent star reached a plea deal. police arrested her along with 27 others last october. she's agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. she'll serve one year unsupervised probation and for fits a $500 bond. judge needs to sign off on this. actor antonia banderas released he had a heart attack earlier this year. he recovered from the januar january 26th heart attack. doctors put three stents in his heart. says fortunately the heart
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attack did not cause any serious damage. all right. so we could have some interesting weather coming up here. >> visibility still fairly decent across the region. but in northern burlington county we're seeing visible back becoming reduced and especially ocean county. there is dense fog advisory for coastal ocean county lbi until tomorrow morning. please beware that could be a problem again tomorrow morning. just like it was this morning. >> yeah. >> we need the water to go away saturday. i'm doing the hot chocolate run 15k. >> it will be a problem. 15x. rain, 8:00 a.m. >> i would run a block for that. >> i'm in the sure about what you're doing. >> back here at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly is your weather and traffic covered all morning long. ♪
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