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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 29, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> came home and -- doctor jan was killed here. it was a life live spectacularly with extraordinary grace and kindness. >> everything she did, she did with energy and enthusiasm. >> wow. is he registered to vote? >> that was racial. >> we are trying to find a silver lining here. >> that was rude. >> all of my daughter's birth pictures were on the third floor.
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>> i came home and she was all in as a mom and wife. she went to church, she was all in as a church member. everything she did, she did with grace, compassion, energy and enthusiasm. >> you are chasing a transi trac story. a dr. killed another pedestrian death in new jersey. >> we have all heard the expression, a life well lived. you would be hard-pressed to find a life that embodied that grace more than that of doctor jan houston prior who was killed here by an oncoming car while walking her dog, right near her
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home one week ago. >> it was not just a life well lived it was lived spectacularly with extraordinary grace, love, and kindness. a mother of 12, ten of those children adopted, many with dramatic backgrounds from texas, china, guatemala, russia and ethiopia. her life outside the home equally as special. she founded summit breast care and was known for treating anyone regardless of their ability to pay. her husband told me the words he is heard the most over the past week, she saved my life. >> everyone she started fresh, brand-new. totally focused on that one patient from what they tell me. >> jonathan and his two sons and other family members have been coming by the roadside memorial every day since the accident. this is an entire community in morning. medical community, church community, pink ribbons on the trees for miles around. the family hoping for some of heher strength to help them go . >> i came here and there is a 7-year-old in prayer with the
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rosary. >> she met her husband and suddenly showed up at the roadside memorial. what are they going through? >> there having a hard time figuring out how to go on without her. she was the rock of the family. it was her faith that inspired her. she was inspired by mother teresa. i was here at the site taking photos and images. they pulled up. the father two sons. one of the sons headed to the marines. an amazing family. one after the other, the stories, little bit about the accident, the driver has not been charged, the prosecutor's office is investigating. >> thank you. >> the hay is on fire. the hay is on fire. this happened in fresno, california.
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america's a horse favorite snack turned into a massive blaze. this is what 100 pounds of hay on fire looks like. check out the video. firefighters once he tried to fight it. they're trying to investigate the source of the fire. no horses were harmed. >> check out this a video in argentina where a school of orca, killer whales are getting some snacks out of seals on the beach. the video is shockingly graphic but nature is >> this is a chasing news special report. leggings dated 2017. thanks to the whole athletic leisure movement, women all over
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the world are wearing leggings. they become the company stable in everyone's wardrobe. they're wearing them to work, to play, and on airplanes. maybe not anymore. let's look at art leggings gate correspondent at the international airport for all the details. >> one sunday, shana thunder of mom's demand action witness to young females being denied access to an airline flight from minneapolis to denver because they were wearing leggings. not please, she exercised her fingers and took to twitter to air her grievances. her first tweet, a united gate agent is not letting girls in leggings on the flight from minneapolis to denver because, spandex isn't allowed? united's response, the two passengers this morning were united pass writers who are not in compliance with our dress code policy for companies benefit travel. that is all we have here from philadelphia international airport. back to. >> let's unpack this a bit. two teenage girls in question
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were pass writers. they have a family member or friend who worked for united airlines. as a result they were flying free that day. in accordance with the policy of the company, they needed to look a certain way. the policy states, you're not allowed to wear clothing that does not look neat and professional. that includes form fitting like our spandex tops, pants, dresses and other things. twitter users called the sexist and biased against women. i cannot imagine that united enjoyed this is part of a twitter thrashing earlier. in the shadiest tweet that i saw all day, find out that means comfort. so that means you can wear your leggings. i think i got that message loud and clear now.
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then united double down and then they said either you cannot wear leggings as a pass writing but everyone else feel free. what's interesting is that delta is not the only one with a more lenient dress code policy. american also allows it. so, what would you say if they took away your right to wear leggings every day. >> but they're not going to. >> i'm going to fly united in leggings of the next three months. >> the differences these girls did not pay for their ticket. they have to follow the rules of the company. >> it was one of the first mornings we woke up and president donald trump has not said anything ridiculous. we paid more attention to spandex. >> he would look good in leggings.
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>> the perfect body doesn't always come from the gym, but under the knife i had level section to my abdomen aback. >> all of it. >> right now, what i think would be good. >> i met up at the medical center new jersey. they got married this summer but first he is going to undergo what is becoming the most popular surgeries in plastic, i am but left. >> what i am doing right now is prepping her for surgery. when antiseptic prep. >> it's efficient.
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>> what happens in a brazilian butt lift is 360-degree level section. that is harvesting of the bat. and then a lot of your final look is based on that. it is not just about increasing the size of the rear and. it is sculpting the body. >> the surgery originates from brazil. it is more popular in the united states as we have become more culturally diverse. take a look at kirby barbie. she has changed a lot. also celebrities like kim kardashian and nicki minaj. in 2016, more than 18000 surgeries for brazilian butt lifts were done. a 26% increase from 2015. that happened to be called the year of the rear. it happens to cost about $10000. just a few weeks ago a patient died in miami. a new report from the surgery
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education and research foundations that a patient has a 20 time higher chance of dying when undergoing the brazilian butt lift surgery than any other type of plastic surgery. >> a board certification is very important to look out for. however, it is important to to know where that board certification is coming from. >> is a girl, when you put on a dress you have an image of how you look. when you really look at yourself versus reality it is like, that is not what i wanted. with this contour of my body i feel like i'm going to get what i always wanted to. how i look in the dress in jeans. i will's feel super confident. >> does it take into account that a lot of the surgeries are
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illegal by unlicensed physicians or people who are not doctors at all. there is a lot more to the story because it is so cost prohibitive that there is an underground market. >> there are some reasons why people would want the surgery. perhaps god does not give them the booty they want to. if that's the case then you put your own fat in your body than putting an implant like nicki minaj and having the flip inside out. that seems difficult. >> it isn't just about making your butt to bigger. it is making you thinner elsewhere in contouring. >> okay. thank you. what you want to do next question went. >> on thursday evening a mother and her six-year-old son were found dead.
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[laughter] >> i like that one. >> giraffe watch, 2017. >> i am so sick of this stupid draft. >> obviously april is still pregnant. of course i would have a much better intro if she wasn't. she is like really pregnant. i check out the lifestream at animal adventure park and from
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inside her fence everyone can watch when she does it give up birth to this cap that she is going to have. her belly is huge. she turned sideways and she is massive. turns out, giraffes walk at 10 miles per hour and can get up to 35 miles per hour when sprinting. that is faster than most horses. and, that is all. >> thank you. >> it is awful. it will not and. it will not and to. >> do you hear that sound? there is a scratching above us. that is what a family in phoenix heard above the house in the attic and they thought they had a rat problem. it was really these cuties. baby foxes huddled together for warmth. they were just born but the mother was nowhere in sight.
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the cubs are being taken care of by a local rescue but still looking for the mom. they set traps. they are hoping to reunite the family soon. i will keep you posted. >> from new jersey at the apartment complex, rather stay mean a mother and her six-year-old son were found dead right inside, behind where that bushes. a 38-year-old and her six-year-old son were found, both stabbed multiple times. the county prosecutor's office or have ruled the death said double homicide. neighbors are shaken up. according to authorities, the husband and father was the want to report the incident to police. he stated that he came home around 9:30 p.m. on thursday evening and discovered his wife and young son. >> still no charges. >> to have persons of interest at this time? any information?
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>> would nothing we can discuss publicly at this point. >> a small memorial sits at the door of the apartment in memory of the deceased. as indian natives their families would like their bodies return to india for their final arrangement. initially, some reports commencing this is possibly a hate crime due to the indian origin of the family. that was quickly rejected by the prosecutor's office. >> and you definitely rolled out a hate crime or hate crime related? >> there is no reason at all for us to believe this was a hate crime. >> it from covering cases like this in the past, this it.
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>> what about the husband? you said he is not a suspect in cases like this often time those closest are right at the top of the list. they talk to them first. have they said he is not a suspect? or just that he is not been charged? >> they have said that he is not been charged. that is all they can tell me right now. >> it keep us posted. i cannot imagine the horror of this father and has been coming home to discover his wife and kid dead. that's horrific. >> i have a young son and this hits pretty hard. >> nature is as beautiful as it is -- >> despite the fact that the new jersey governor's race is more than 200 days away, the political season is underway. on monday night and more scanty i met up with republican club and the keynote speaker, bill spady a. i also called out the
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gubernatorial candidate to ask him if he or anyone can fix new jersey. >> it might be worthy of bipartisan support. >> some say that music can bring all different types of people together. and this video it's an example of that. ♪ >> here you see two servicemembers to play music. they are playing separately at a camp casey community center in south korea. they teamed up and had fans played a little bit more. >> at just ten years old, katie and smith of north carolina came up with a brilliant idea to help his younger brother, max who has autism and suffers from multiple medical complications. hayden decided to draw pictures to raise money for his younger
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brother. then he set up shop outside his home with a sign that said, pictures for mad at max. people came about the pictures because his mother advertise on facebook. he sold the pictures for 1 dollar. now, the family has raised over $1000 for max. both from the pictures and a gofundme page for max. that is a heartfelt story. >> the first case in connection of the murder at the mall of short hills in december 2013 is in front of a jury. jurors will decide if the alleged getaway driver will be convicted on six counts, including felony murder in the death of dustin friedman. they're at the mall when a group of four men, allegedly including henry try to carjack the range rover. the man was shot as his wife watch. earlier today, the prosecution and defense had the last chance to convince the jury of their case with closing arguments. prosecutor said the carjacking
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murder was cold-blooded, at the scene henry and three other men conspired to do so. the defense said that friedman was accidentally killed during the carjacking gone awry. we'll see which side the jury believes. they will resume deliberations at 9:30 a.m. on wednesday morning. follow me for updates on chasing news. >> christine came home from her company's holiday party and slipped on her kitchen floor. >> and never crossed my mind that i broke minute. i thought maybe the chair fell on my leg or something, it was scary. >> what did the dr. say? would you be able to walk again?
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>> bill. >> michael. >> tell the viewers to look away. >> viewing
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♪ ♪ local double.
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>> and in-home tragedy,. >> when i spoke with christine, a mom of two from hawthorne, new jersey i could not help but notice her smile. she sat in her wheelchair and described her life taking a dramatic turn within a blink of an i. and becoming paralyzed. >> it never crossed my mind that i broke minute. i thought maybe i pinched a nerve on my leg, the chair fell on my leg or something. that was preventing me from moving. never did i think maybe i broke my not. and never crossed my mind. >> christine came home from a company holiday party and she slipped on her kitchen floor. that was around midnight. she remembers waking up around 5:00 a.m. the next morning and could not move. she was on the floor for 12 hours. >> i was just laying there wondering what's happening to me.
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i can't believe this. where is everybody. nobody can hear my screams. >> after a neighbor got christine to hospital should she broken it. she had surgery the next day in which they fuse together some of her vertebrae. she spent close to three months at a rehab facility doing physical and occupational therapy. the big question is will she ever be able to walk again? >> what are the dr. saying? >> nobody says. that was my question to everybody when i first got there. i would say, have you ever seen everybody my condition walk out of here? in my mind i thought after three months i'm going to walk out of here. after a month or two i realized it is not going to happen so quickly. >> christine has had a lot of support. someone remodeled her home so it is wheelchair accessible. she has a gofundme page which has well over $40000. i have the link on my facebook
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page at chasing ashley johnson. i asked what the biggest challenge to overcome? >> my challenge is to stay positive and realize it is one day at a time. it is a marathon not a sprint. it took me a while to understand that. it took me a while. i need to celebrate every victory. remember when we're so excited that my big toe move toward the tip of my finger moved. now, my parents say, don't get frustrated if you can move your whole leg or lift your leg up. remember when we are excited when your big toe moved. >> the thing that struck me about her machine so positive. it is amazing. >> is expected to recover question. >> every case when it comes to something like this is different. right now, they cannot guarantee she'll ever walk again. i believe with her strength that she will. i actually witnessed her mother
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grabbed her and helped her stand up. so she can stand for maybe one minute without getting dizzy. her mother has to hold onto her the entire time. she is not standing by herself. it was amazing to see. >> she just slipped and fell? >> she was wearing heels. she said i had heels like that on when i fell. she said for all women just to be careful. >> another great night of chasing news. thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. >> have a story we should know about? help us chase it down. log on to
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