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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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system not going anywhere any time soon. let's go to philadelphia international airport where the system is messing with travel. flights now are running about an hour delay. thanks for joining us at 5:00. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. we've been saying all week the rain was going to come and here we are and it's just getting started. let's get to fox 29 weather authority here's meteorologist scott williams. >> scott. >> hi there dawn and chris. we have the cloud cover reduced visibility. it continues to pour right outside our studios here in old city at fourth and market. the umbrellas are up. the windshield wipers are going pretty rapidly. the temperatures are chilly. right now only in the upper 40s with winds out of the east northeast at 13 miles an hour. look at ultimate doppler and look at the airport delays. philadelphia international about an hour. several hours there toward new york's jfk just look at that. the storm system the center of circulation is still off to our west. so we still have several hours
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of rain to get through, but take a look across the delaware valley. we'll kind of zoom in and show you where the heaviest of the rain is occurring right now. especially in parts of chester county, delaware county, where you see that yellow, we're kind of zoom in little closer here. moving toward the phoenixville area right now, just outside of west goshen, media getting some of that moderate to heavy rain, moving toward chester then eventually moving back toward the philadelphia area. down the shore, take look at cape may county, cumberland county, atlantic county. millville down the shore looking at some of that moderate to heavy rain. take a look at the impression seive rainfall totals so far on average one to 2-inches. look at wilmington. 1.66-inches. a little over an inch toward the philadelphia area and we're not done. we still have a flood watch the entire area almost through tonight and an additional one to 2-inches of rainfall is expected. so if you're stepping outdoors, for dinner, checking out that movie, use caution on the roadways.
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the heavy rain will start to taper over the neck several hours, but overnight a few light showers will linger and then tomorrow morning it's cloudy, but we will be drying out. we'll talk about how much rain has fallen in other areas plus the entire weekend forecast and another threat for a similar system in that seven day forecast. guys, back over to you. >> all right, thank you, scott. >> the constant stream of rain causing ponding on roads all around the area. cars driving through water on kelly drive. huge puddles on the side of the road. but it didn't keep these crew teams out of the water today. let's take another live look at the ben franklin parkway where it is sloppy. our crews are out there they're driving around. rain is making for a wet and slippery rush hour. >> as we take live look at philadelphia international airport, remember, you can always get life up to the minute conditions by downloading the fox 29 weather app. it is available in the apple and google play stores. developing tonight, a man now in custody accused of the shooting outside a spring garden gentleman's club.
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29-year-old lawrence mitchell facing attempted murder charges. police arrested him last night in gloucester county. he's accused of shooting at a car in the parking lot of dell lie la's den on monday on the 100 block of spring garden street. the shooting prompted the shut down of nearby i-95. police sources tell fox 29 mitchell had no connection to the woman who owned that car that was shot. and now to buck county where the district attorney is keeping the death penalty on the table in the disturbing murder of a 14-year-old girl. today at the courthouse because a no show for jacob patrick sullivan the 44-year-old waived his arraignment in charges that include killing, raping and dismembering grace packer. sullivan was dating the victim's mother. the case is set to go to trial in about a year. district attorney matt weinstraub says this case may warrant the death penalty. >> we filed notion of our aggravating circumstances earlier this week. and we intending to forward with that of course that gives us the option something we're required
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to do so we did it before the arraignment and we can always make a decision or revisit that but that's where the case stands at this point. >> grace packer' as adopt tiff mother sarah packer is also charged with murder in the case. prosecutors say they want to try sullivan and packer together. philadelphia district attorney seth williams is giving up his law license temporarily but he's not stepping down. the da left federal court this afternoon with his new attorney in his bribery and extortion case. williams former colleague thomas burke plans to represent him. the previous attorney asked to be taken off the case. williams is accused of taking more than $160,000 in gifts in exchange for favors. his attorney says he will voluntarily suspend his law license while he fights these charges. >> the indictment does not contain a single allegation that the out come of a single case prosecuted by my client's office was effective. we look forward to refuting the allegations and to the day mr. williams is cleared of this
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behavior. >> now william says he got into financial problems after his divorce. his city salary $175,000 a year for the city's top prosecutor. and now to a story you first saw on fox 29. more fallout tonight in those controversial comments tweeted out by a drexel university professor saying he wanted to vomit over a good deed for a uniformed soldier. twitter has been lighting up with angry reaction to the professor's remarks. our bruce gordon is here to say a new move a foot to get professor george ciccariello maher fired, bruce. >> reporter: 20 twitter is not happen a couple of examples honor soldier, boycott drexel university, our military fights for his freedom to be disrespectful. he needs to spend that time in war zone and drexel university, what a bunch of loser professors you have and this represents just part of the blow back. drexel university is in spring break on this day the campus is
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soggy and it is quiet. but inside a lounge at a campus dorm soft more brett long is hard at work. long started a petition drive on the sight thursday night. to demand professor george ciccariello maher be fired. >> he threatens tarnishes the value of our educational experience. i'm shocked a professor at drexel with such an accepting environment would say anything like that. >> reporter: drive comes after this tweet from the controversial professor of politics and globe studies. in which he describes feeling the need to vomit at a passenger giving up first class airline seat to a uniform member of the military. >> i have lot of friends empty military and i was really upset. speechless. >> i mean what does that mean? >> ciccariello maher appeared on tucker carlson' fox news channel program thursday night and explained his tweet was a shot at the war, not the warrior. >> i think it's really irresponsible to blindly
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support, for example, wars that send off young people into combat, risk their lives, kill many others as we we've just scene in mosul. >> he lock his twitter account in the face of backlash from the public. >> you need to protect your twitter feed people who like to go on and on about free speech decide it's time to violently threaten people who are using that free speech. >> long who's petition had attracted more than 200 signatures by mid afternoon friday isn't buying the professor's clarification. >> him getting in trouble and then trying like a kindergartner to explain, oh, well, it wasn't like that. >> reporter: you may recall ciccariello maher ruffled feathers and made headlines back in december when he jokingly said he wanted white genocide for christmas. he's currently on sabbatical in mexico. one more tweet to show you. at drexel university, when are you going to address your radical professor, your silence shows your stance on his mouth hash tag boycott drexel. the university has stressed
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tears the professor's personal views made outside the classro classroom. dawn, the fire storm continues. >> i'll say. thank you, bruce. we now know the cause of the twin baby girls who died last week in lindenwold, camden county. a medical examiner says that jesse and guiliana died o natural causes. their mother found a seven month old girls unconscious in their crib in their home last wednesday. their funeral will be tomorrow at the worcester funeral home in clementon. turning now to president donald trump's first 100 days. former national security adviser mike flynn is now seeking protection for his testimony about russia' meddling in the 2016 presidential election. fox's garrett tenney has more on the investigation. >> reporter: another white house over shadowed by the investigations into possible conclusion between members of the trump campaign and russian agents. >> any comment on michael flynn, mr. president? >> reporter: president trump was so tight lipped on twitter.
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backing former national security adviser mike flynn's request for immunity in exchange for his testimony before the house and senate intelligence committees about possible ties to the kremlin during the 2016 electi election. >> i don't think congress should give him immunity f there's an open investigation by the fbi, that should not happen. i also don't believe actually the president should be weighing in on this. >> reporter: adam shift the ranking member on the house intelligence committee said more work needs to be done before any deal is cut. but described flynn's request as grave and momentous. also, fox news confirmed that two white house staffs aided devin nunes the top republican on the house intelligence committee in his request for evidence supporting claims that members of the trump transition team were surveiled and in some cases had their entities reveal. all of this is raising more questions about the close ties between nunes and the white house. >> he was asked to come over here by an individual. he came over which happens dai daily. he was asking to somewhere. he went there. he is cleared.
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what he did, what he saw and who he met with was 100% proper. >> reporter: representative nunes was criticized for not taking his democratic counterpart with him last week to review those documents. but today adam tshiffley got his chance heading to the white house to view those documents himself. at the capital, garrett tenney, fox news. meantime, pennsylvania senator pat toomey says he supports changing the senate rules in order to get donald trump's supreme court nominee confirm. rhett can wants to change the rules so democratic opposition to neil gorsuch won't stop him from becoming a justice. toomey last year backed a republican refusal to consider then barack obama's nominee nation of judge merit garland after justice scalia's death. traffic in georgia is a nightmare after flames cause an interstate overpass to collapse. when that road may open. i'm going to take small bites. >> a little girl chokes at lun lunch. who jumped in to save her life.
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and new at six relic of the past. when is the last time you used an old pay phone booth. while you'll soon want to step into one right here in philadelphia. and a live look at reading as the rain continues to fall. meteorologist scott williams is fine tuning his forecast the next seven days of weather and yes, there's rain in there coming up in just minutes.
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♪ >> 35-year-old man in critical condition tonight after a shooting in north philadelphia. just after 2:00 this morning, police say someone opened fire on the 2500 block of north colorado street. the victim was hit over and over
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again in the back torso and ar arms. he's at temple university hospital. the shooter is still out there. a retired none-year-old federal judge with memory problems who went missing earlier this week in northeastern pennsylvania has been found safe and sound. a u.s. marshall says edwin company suck was found about 10d area just outside of scranton after two boys spotted his vehicle. company suck was conscious and was talking and taken to an area hospital. the judge who take medication for memory loss sis appeared from his home on tuesday night. sparking intensive search by state police, fbi and us marshall service. he stopped hearing cases last month. tonight a final farewell to a national hero. a funeral service for a local veteran and tuskegee airmen john harrison was remembered today in south philadelphia. >> he packed a lot of accomplishments in his 96 years here on earth. let's get out to fox 29's dave kinchen live in south philadelphia. dave. >> reporter: it's almost hard
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to imagine not being able to serve your country because of your race, but a hero being laid to rest helped change all of that. moving final farewell for a patriot who not only served the country he loved but changed it in the process. >> run run taps playing (. >> reporter: family, friends, current and past military members say good boo to tuskegee major john harrison, jr., who lives this world at age 96 and made history along the way. >> he was just very graceful and always very dignified. very humble. >> the amount of doors he opened in this country for many different people but still at the end of the day he always stayed well grounded until his last. >> reporter: familiar members say major harrison loved airplanes as a kid, and at age 22, became one of the nation's
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first black airmen in the military. harrison was one of nearly a thousand pilots who trained in segregated unit with u.s. army core near tuskegee, alabama. >> he and i have similar stories, where we were initially told that black guys couldn't be pilots. he went and brought back a magazine and showed the guy they are training black men to be pilots. >> reporter: he fought in italy during world war ii and was awarded a congressional medal of honor like this one. >> very proud to be a part of a group of men that changed our country. >> reporter: and it's a legacy that family members home younger generations never forget. >> he was a tuskegee airman. he was very proud of that but he was so much more. >> inspiration, courage, perseverance. he meant a lot. you don't have a lot of roll models like that these days. >> reporter: no doubt about that. major harrison will be laid to rest at arlington national
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cemetery. chris? >> all right, dave, thanks. more than four decades late a south jersey family reunited with famous norman rockwell painting. stolen right from their home. someone stole this 1919 painting known as taking a break and lazy bones from the grant family's cherry hill home way back in 1976. well, an fbi -- fbi says an antique dealer who had the painting hanging in his home came forward. he says he thought it was a co copy. mary beth grant says she knew it was theirs because of a hole her father-in-law accidentally made with a pool queue. >> he had no idea at the time the rockwell would become america's favorite artist. he truly loved this painting. and was very sad when it was stolen. now it's been returned and i can see that he is probably smiling down on us right now. >> i'll bet he's smiling. this paining now valued at a million dollars. back in the '70's the grants they only paid 50 bucks.
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>> can you imagine. >> no. >.the president is not backing n don his executive order op immigration. the white house filed an appeal to a hawaii judge's order. the executive order bans citizens from six muslim countries from entering the u.s. the appeal goes to the ninth circuit the same court that block the president's previous executive order. meanwhile the administration continues pushing for more deportations of illegal immigrants. announcing the expansion and modernization avenue pro to deport immigration who have been convicted crime. attorney general sessions means it will mean the removal of criminals more quickly. a judge has approved an agreement for president trauma top pay $25 million to settle lawsuits over his now defunct trump university. this ends nearly seven years of legal battles by people who claim they were misled. trump university held nationwide seminars on success in real estate customers claim they were pressured to spend more money and in the end the course failed
5:19 pm
to deliver. under the terms of the cement president trump admits no wrongdoing. a coffee shop in western pennsylvania brewing up some controversy. >> i'll say. national attention as fox's michelle chavez reports. >> it's just like other loyalty card it takes ten hole bunches to get a free cap of coffee. flip it over and here you have a picture of the president along with on the people management doesn't like. the black forge coffee owner says it's to poke fun at a president who doesn't show her views. >> we're not threatening the president. we don't want to hurt him. we don't condone hate. >> the shop loyal clients say regardless of pin it's constitutional rate to offer these cards. >> they're practicing their freedom of expression. i've noticed they're coffee shop has been packed and i know how hard it is for small business to get noticed not everyone likes the rewards program people are showing their disagreement on social media. and the coffee shop has gotten threats from all area codes for
5:20 pm
punching a hole in the head of the president. >> blocked, blocked, unknown, 512, 602, 205, it just goes on and it's no one from our state. >> reporter: now the owner tells us she's had these since 2015 but just recently added president trump. in pittsburgh, michelle chavez, fox news. a little girl saved at lunch when she started choking. no jumped into action and saved this first grader. and teens are getting pretty crafty as they try to hide their online lives from their parents. they are using apps to keep you in the dark. and the art gallery that proves the selfie well it isn't exactly anything new. ♪
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convicted south carolina church shooter dylan roof will plead guilty to state murder charges to avoid a second death sentence much he's set to enter the guilty plea in april 10th in charleston the deal will not safe him from possible executi execution. earlier this year a federal jury sentenced roof to death for shooting and killing nine black
5:24 pm
parishioners in 2015. >> f bit. releasing never before seen photos showing the devastation from the september11th attack on the pentagon. this is just sample of the 27 photos showing the aftermath of the attacks. images of debris from american airlines flight 77 that hit the building inside of the pentagon and first responders who rushed to the scene. you can see the rest of those photos on our website in the scene on tv section. more people appear to be visiting the statue of liberty. the ferry service to the statue of liberty and ellis island statues cruises has seen a spike in the number in the visitors in the first two months of this year compared to the same months last year. in january estimated 170,000 visitors saw liberty island and ellis island. a teacher's aid in new york is being hailed a hero tonight. >> she rushed to child's aid probably saving her life. joanne a teacher's assistant on long island for the past 11
5:25 pm
years noticed something was wrong with one of her first grade students. she was choking. mrs. g sprang into action and started the heimlich maneuver helping dislodge the food from the child's throat. >> i felt something and then i -- i saw i was choking and i -- then i tried to tell my friends i was choking but they didn't know. >> i pulled her forward, turned her around and with my fist put my hand and pumped three times. the cheese must pop up. she color came back, she smiled. she laughed. >> wow. >> unbelievable. >> luckily the district provides first aid training every two years and mrs. g is set to renew her certification in november. but she says she's always ready in case of an emergency. well, trouble getting through the night? the electric jolt that is actually keeps this guy asleep. >> and ground breaking science. researchers believe mars and earth which one of course
5:26 pm
similar. why did earth flourish while mars remains barron? >> scott. dawn, march is certainly going out like a lion but find out when to expect april showers. the seven day forecast is next.
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♪ live look at the ben franklin parkway on this rainy friday. the last day of march. april fool's joke? this is just messy out there. >> it's not nice. here's live look at ultimate doppler radar. you can see all that green covering the entire region that means the rain will be here a little while longer. sorry to say. scott williams will have your full forecast in just a few minutes. happening now if you think the commute is bad in philly this evening, nothing compared to this major traffic issues in atlanta after a highway collapses and shuts down one of the city's busiest inter states. as crews assess the damage still lots of questions about that fire and how it caused that me mess. >> absolutely. fox's porsche bruner has the story from at than georgia thick black smoke and raging flames sored high above i-85 thursday evening brave atlanta firefighters were tackling the blaze below but pull out quickly
5:30 pm
when two batallion chiefs spotted critical signs of trouble. chief joel baker credited the firefighters with sparing firefighters from the catastrophic collapse. >> how soon did they see it just minutes before your firefighters were underneath that area. >> they heard the crackling of the the concrete. they were able to see the concrete was flying all over the place going towards the firefighters. this really the experience of those two batallion chiefs as well as officers on the scene who made a great recognition to determine the bridge was getting ready to collapse and move everyone away. >> friday morning firefighters were back on piedmont road dousing stubborn hot spots underneath the rubble of this crumpled stretch of interstate as inspectors and contractors tried to determine what ignited the plastic piping and construction material that was stored here by the georgia department of transportation. >> we're trying to understand more about how long that's been stored there. but, again, it's no different
5:31 pm
than having a plastic cup in your cupboard it does not igni ignite. it takes something to cause something like that to burn. >> reporter: transportation commissioner russell mcmurray says three southbound and three northbound lanes sustained irreparable damage and will take several months to replace. >> that's over 700 feet of bridge that has to be removed and totally rebuilt. >> g dot officials say friday morning the feds approved $10 million to jump start those efforts. already underway today. >> we expect the demolition of these damaged sections to last throughout this weekend and into monday. >> reporter: porsche bruner, fox news. back to your fox 29 weather authority now as we take live look at a soggy allentown the rain continuing to fall over much of our area. so will we see the sun this weekend? meteorologist scott williams has answer in 15 seconds.
5:32 pm
>> to you're stepping outdoors keep the ponchos and umbrellas handy. we have lot of green showing up on the map. moderate to heavy rainfall right now parts of south jersey, delaware, north and west and then the main center of circulation is still moving through sections of ohio and west virginia. so that will continue to pinwheel toward our area. to the north, northern sections of new england looking at several inches perhaps even up to a foot of snow toward the highest elevations and severe weather breaking out right now in southern sections of virgin virginia. we'll zoom in and show you several flood reports across parts of our area. one in particular around the skippack area. flooding being reported on pa113 in both directions. so be mindful of that. some flooding has also been
5:33 pm
reported on conshohocken road also fairfield road there in conshohocken. so just watch out for ponding on the roadways as we continue to deal with the downpours across the area. philadelphia still looking at some of that moderate to heavy rain. a little bit of a break off to the west. but take look at the yellow. showing up pretty much the entire county there, burlington county sections of camden county will move in a little closer down the shore, socked in with the clouds right now. atlantic atlantic city, ocean city, moving toward avalon. so just certainly be cautious out there on the roadways. visibility has been reduced. take look as we move toward philadelphia down to 4 miles about an hour at the airport. expect those airport delays. we're looking at 5-mile visibility right now in wildwo wildwood. as we go hour by hour the heavy rain starts to taper off from west to east over the next several hours. but by 8:00, 9:00 o'clock we're still looking at the cloud cover occasional light showers lingering across the area.
5:34 pm
then as we continue overnight, we're stuck with the clouds but the rain it pulls away. so by tomorrow morning, it's mostly cloudy, we're looking at some areas of fog maybe some drizzle to start but as we go throughout the day, it's mostly cloudy but dry for the most part on your saturday. so here's the bottom line for that weekend forecast. the normal for this time of year is 58 degrees. low 50s for saturday. sunday the pick day of the weekend high temperatures in the low 60s and a lot of sunshine so looking pretty good for the second half of the weekend. 56 degrees right now in millville. mid 50'ss in atlantic city. 34 degrees right now in the poconos dealing with some freezing rain and drizzle earlier today. temperatures for tonight chilly, upper 30s north and west. low 40s parts of south jersey. 42 the low temperature in philadelphia. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you the cloud cover around for tomorrow. 53 degrees will be the high temperature.
5:35 pm
for the donor dash on sunday, looking pretty good. high temperatures top out around 61 degrees and then monday the clouds roll in and afternoon evening shower and that will set us up for a similar storm system on tuesday to what we're getting right now. 62 degrees will be the high temperature. we start to dry out but the clouds kind of linger into wednesday. 60 degrees. 61 on thursday. a shower chance. maybe an early shower on friday. cloud cover around but looking pretty good, though, for the phillies home opener. guys, back over to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. something new for facebook. what you'll soon be able to ask your friends to do on the social media site. and beloved local janitor is in the running for a nationwide contest for janitor of the year. why it could mean a big win for his school. and new at 6:00, they're relic of the past those old pay phone booths. while you'll soon want to step into one right here in philadelphia.
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♪ special preview tonight of the lego landis cory center at the plymouth meeting mall. fox 29 cameras got to check out this awesome indoor play ground before it officially opens on april sickth. the 33,000-foot attraction is enough to keep any child exploring for hours. >> lego landis cory center two to three hours of lego play what we say. it we have a ride at the front which is kind of your first experience coming in. we have over ten different play building challenge areas throughout. there's a 40 movie theater with three different movies.
5:40 pm
jag go training camp and laser maze. a great tour through lego minute me land philadelphia. >> here's the bow parents can schedule to have a birthday party there as well. >> amazing. mc time you buy a box of crayons, you may find a new color inside. crayola just announce its replacing the color dandelon with a crayon in the blue fami family. easton based company is letting fans come up with the new name. it will be in the 24 pack the company appropriately made the announcement today on national crayon day. >> of course. i'm sorry, i didn't send i was card. >> facebook is giving its users more ways to raise money. >> the company has introduced a new fundraising tool. let's people ask for donations for personal needs anything like tuition, medical treatment, pet care, personal emergency, even burial expenses. facebook also adding a donate button to live streams of verified pages. the company all right has tools
5:41 pm
for non-profit organizations to ask for donations. trouble getting through the night? the electric jolt that actually keeps this guy asleep. and teenagers are getting pretty tricky as they try to hide their online lives from their parents. the app they're using to keep you in the dark. sean? dawn, the phillies played their final game of spring training today. as they get ready for opening day on monday. how ready are the fightings for the regular season? we have your answer later in sports. savings at giant. only at my giant.
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fill your basket with easter only at my giant. ♪ new strawberry mansion apartments is one step closer to being done. today city officials along with governor tom wolf broke ground on the complex. the philadelphia housing authority is developing the
5:45 pm
complex has 55 units. the pha's president says the units will be sustainable and low energy. >> whenever pha brings avenue forrable housing to community it bright tense up the community and creates economic opportunities. the units we're building here will be beautiful units, modern efficient housing that anyone will be proud to call home. >> jeremiah says they're inves investing more than $40 million in strawberry mansion with more developments planned. in your health tonight are you struggling to sleep through the night or maybe just stay awake during the day? it's often a life-threatening situation and for many who suffer not much hope for any relief. but there is a different therapy for sleep apnea that's growing in numbers of patients and a lot of successful treatments. >> and doctors at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania are among the few performing this surgery. our joyce evans spoke with a local man who says it is working wonders for him.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: tom and jessica mullarkey preparing a mid afternoon snack. just in time to welcome home four-year-old connor from scho school. >> hi. [ laughter ] >> reporter: little play time. then family movie time. >> scooby do. >> reporter: what's unusual about this? >> in the afternoons, you know, 1:30, 2:00 o'clock he'd be songed. >> reporter: happened in the middle of his work days, too. he's in sales. >> there were times i had to pull over, and you know just shut my eyes. >> reporter: it was much more serious than roadside cat naps and nodding off while watching scooby do. >> seven years or so that i've been struggling with this. >> reporter: a bad case of sleep apnea. his breathing obstructed while he is sleeping. episodes that leave him dangerously gasping for air. >> 57.5 times per hour. almost once a minute.
5:47 pm
so that's quite significant. >> reporter: restless nights, loud snoring. he's get sick of me wacking him. he couldn't do a cpap. >> i tried different styles, different sizes. i would take it off in the middle of the night. >> reporter: again his breathing disrupted almost every minute he slept. >> so that and of itself is bad but the lack of objection jenn is also bad. >> reporter: tom sought out dr. erika thaler ent and head and neck surgeon at the hospital of university of penn one of a few centers chosen by the fda to implant a pacemaker like device. >> called a hypoglossal nerve stimulator. >> reporter: it's stimulates a nerve to open the airway helping to prevent obstructed breathe. >> this is a new thing that is in between having to struggle with cpap that maybe you haven't really been using effectively
5:48 pm
and doing more involved surgery. >> reporter: more painful procedures with license thee recoveries still may not have great results but you have to qualify for the inspire therapy. you have to have moderate to severe sleep apnea and inability to tolerate or get good benefit from cpap. and you can't be significantly overweight. >> there are three incisions that happen, um, in the implantation surgery. >> reporter: one to install the implant. another for the breathing steps soar and then the third for the stimulator that opens the airway. remote control turns it on and off with a sleep timer. >> you can think of it as pacemaker for the tongue. >> you can feel like your tongue moving. you can feel your tonsils moving. it's almost like a little electrical shock waves in a sense. >> reporter: does it tickle? >> it doesn't tickle. i can tell you this much. report roar the number of times per hour his breathing is obstructed now? >> 1.5.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: wow. >> so it's normalized. >> he sleeps. he's not snoring. it's changed the way we sleep. and the way we feel the next day. >> reporter: tom says everybody gets a good quiet night's sleep. >> now i can. >> reporter: during the day he's alert and engaged. even 99 minutes of scooby do for the 20th time is a piece of cake for him. >> all the time. >> reporter: joyce evans fox 29 news. could sitting down for long periods of time be bad for your back? well according to doctors in denver the answer is yes even have a name for it. it is called appropriately the sitting disease. doctors say sitting for too long can compress the discs in your back leading to that pain. so what can you do if you're stuck at the desk all day. >> listen up dawn. doctors recommend you do three basic stretches. now, first, put your ankle on your opposite knee push into it like basically you're crossing your legs.
5:50 pm
the second get loose. hank like a rag doll and three, wait, wait a second, get on all fours and arch your back like a cat. >> i think that might draw a little attention. >> you can do that in the office. >> all right. russian cosmonauts and american astronauts teaming up for a trip to the international space station. members of expedition 51 and 52 to the iss taking part in final preparations near moscow. the lift off was initially planned for the end of march, but due to some technical issues, it was reschedule for april 20th. ms spacecraft will carry two people as part of this mission instead of the usual three in and effort to save money. red, cold and dry. these are the facts we know about the plan at the time mars. well now scientists think they know the reasons why. new study finds mars was very similar to earth about 4 billion years ago. but blasts of wind from the sun suck all that warmth and moisture from the red planet and left it the bar i don't know
5:51 pm
place we know today. earth on the other hand has magnetic field that deflects those solar winds. all right. a warning to parents tonight about what may be on your children's phones. we're talking about ghost apps. children and teenagers often years them to keep information away from mom and dad's prying eyes. >> fox's maury glover shows us how they work and what parents should look out for. >> reporter: most parents check their kids phones to keep track of what they're doing on social media. but for some apps widely used by teens and tweens there is much more than meets the eye. >> they're popular because they work and they're popular because people are using them successfully to hide information that they don't want someone to see. >> reporter: cyber security expert mark, says so-called ghost apps appear to have one function like cal can you later but when you punch in pass code they open a secret vault for pictures or videos or a hidden web browser. >> purpose of these apps is to
5:52 pm
stop mom and dad from knowing what -- what we're doing on our phones. kids, um, you know -- they know that some parents are going to look at their phones. and kids want privacy, and you know they're friends are using these apps so maybe there's a little bit of pressure into using these apps. >> reporter: some statistics show as many as 70% of teens have hidden online activity from their parents. but the local counselor who works with parents and teens believes that number is even higher and is cause for concern. >> i fine that a lot of times young women specifically have very sexual pictures that they take of themselves and send out through the apps, um, i know that i've heard of drugs being sold through the apps. a lot of bullying is pretty common. >> reporter: sarah says the fact that teen has two calculators on their phone could be a red flag. but in the end she says the best app for parents is talking to
5:53 pm
their child. >> being curious, being aware, having open lines of communication. that was fox's maury glover. beloved local janitor is in the running for a nationwide contest for janitor of the year. why it could also mean a big win for his school. and new at 6:00 the relics of the past. remember those old pay phone booths? well you may soon want to step into one right here in philadelphia. ♪
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kids in wynnefield had a lot to celebrate today. the party started when the lights went out at the mastery charter school main campus. students celebrated the end of spirit week also got them pumped up for standardized tests next week. pumped up for standardized tests? good for hem them. local true called the dollar boys entertained the kids. >> could today finally the day millions of people across the country have been waiting for the morning april the giraffe gives birth. zookeepers say it can be any minute now. but many people are wondering if
5:58 pm
it's all in april fool's joke. april was supposed to give birth at the beginning of february. >> hmm. >> art gallery in england has a new exhibit dedicated to one of the 21st century's most important trends. the selfie. that's right. i got a good one. london gallery exploring the history of the selfie. they say it is actually nothing new famous artists like van gogh and rembrandt took selfies although back then they were called self portraits. the exhibit's goal to celebrate the creative potential of the selfie. >> the art world can't ignore selfies because they have become probably as a if he non nom the most expansive form of visual communication that we've seep in many, many years. >> the organizers of the exhibit say selfies are just the beginning of an art revolution. they say as people realize their phone cameras are just as good as some of the professional studio equipment out there. the world is being documented
5:59 pm
and more interesting ways i guess you can say. >> yeah. a local elementary school janitor on the national stage tonight. >> i love this. all you have to hear is just excited the children are about knowing him and you know that he is one loved guy. >> screams are for ted cally of newtown elementary school bob kelly will this morning to get to know this very special guy. he's currently in the running for national janitor of the year run by sin tax. if he wins, he could get $5,000 and the cool also gets $5,000. and he says just getting nominated is an amazing feeling. >> i was so overwhelmed. it really meant a lot to me. i couldn't believe that i had that kind of effect on them, you know. so overwhelming. >> to hear the things that they said about you that you know everyone's name. >> you never take day off. always here.
6:00 pm
>> yeah. i don't know how that hammed but i was nervous. >> he's been with the school since 1994. yup, 23 years. he's been a janitor since 1967. we have more information on how you can vote for him at go qwale. >> right now at 6:00 out like a lion. unpredictable march ends with a nasty friday. so will april start with showers, too? or will we get a sunny weekend? plus, they're relic of the past. the old pay phone booths. why you'll see want to step into one here in philadelphia. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. it is straight up 6:00 o'clock. we begin with breaking news. a son walks into point breeze home and finds a gruesome scene both of his parents stabbed. good evening everyone, i'm chris o'connell.


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