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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 3, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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happening right now on "good day philadelphia", a 13 year-old girl is abducted and sexually salted in hunting park. we have a live report straight ahead. c cos is back in court. late et cetera legal proceedings this morning. some pretty supreme court showdown three democrats say they will support the president's nominee as we get closer to the nuclear option. play ball, it is the opening day for our fightin phillies. sue will have our forecast coming up for end of the week when we will have our home opener on friday, typically, it rains, so we will see, if that is the case. >> no pressure, sue serio, no pressure at all. >> i am's not feeling it. today, i wish they were playing at home today because it will be dryer here then it will be in cincinnati.
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>> okay. >> now, they have got rain in their forecast. we do not at least for today. it is an eight out of 10. we have dry conditions here in philadelphia. good morning. and, 46 degrees, calm wind, and so it is not too cold out there. we have 48 degrees down in wildwood. it is chilly in the poconos mountains with 30 degrees and 39 in lancaster but most of us are doing okay, nothing on radar, but what is on the way, well, series of strong, thunderstorms, some of that cluster down there in alabama, mississippi affect wye that and some ofha toward ohio for earlier today. it was a sunny sunday. was than the yesterday gorgeous. 63 degreesthere will be even moe average today with limited sunshine, we still expect a mild afternoon, and a high temperature of 67 degrees, and sun does until 7:28, bob kelly, wow. >> we got to stay out late maybe go for some water ice. good morning, everybody on a
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monday morning, back at it at 4:01. no problems at all on the schuylkill expressway, what a hot mess, all day yesterday, on the atlantic city expressway. let'smol our news van when we were on the scene of the overturned tanker right here near farly services plaza that were closed for most of the day and into the overnight. that was last night. i have good news for this morning. they have suspended the clean up operation, and through the morning rush hour, came back to the maps here so until 8:00 e opened on the eastbound side, right here near farly services plaza after 8:00 a.m., hazmat team will return to make the final clean up. so at lee for morning rush hour you're good to go, probably have a lot activity there that will slow us down. here's a live lot at blue route 476 no problems up and over schuylkill, it was a mess using i-95 all weekend as well , crews were making repairs to the concrete
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pavement near cottman avenue. we are good to go and back in business, all four lanes are opened, for the morning rush hour, and just watch for that new project in an uneven payment on route 202 between route boot road and route 30. mass transit and airport looking good, karen and thomas , back over to you. thanks, bob. developing right now police are searching for group of teenage boys who they say sexually assault aid young girl inside an abandon house inside hunting park. victim so young just 13 years old. >> lauren johnson at philadelphia police department special victims june it this morning with the very latest, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, unit nowd karen. investigating this awful crime that happened yesterday in the hunting park area. as for victim we hear she was taken to st. christopher's and she's expect to be okay, despite what happened, sexual assault happening at a vacant property on the cornerar avenue just one block off busy broad street. police tell us it was just
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before 5:00 p.m. when a 13 year-old walking down the street was snatched up, pulled into the property and sexually assaulted by three teenage boys. at not told us whether the victim knew her attacker or if this attack was random. people living there were too afraid to show their face on to say about their kid, their parents and now the crime. >> reporter: these juvenile everything, doing everything, everything they shouldn't be doing. a parent should be held responsible. these children come in the vacant building over there, causing all kind of problems around here and here we are a 10 year-old girl ace salted. like i just don't get it. >> reporter: neighbors say at bandon property has been boarded up but that is not stopping the boards off windowsd climbing inside. one couple told us that they caught teenagers trying to get into their home through a window, they were forced to we have up security at that home and police are hoping that they can identify the boy'sbrutd
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thomas. >> horrifying details. >> thanks very much. so disturbing. other news, three teenage girls will be going to trial today they are facing charges related to the death of the 16 year-old amy joyner frances. she died after she was assaulted inside of a high school in wilmington last year , in a bathroom. investigators say she had a preexisting heart condition but the stress of the assault was a contributing factor in her death. only one of the teen defendants is charged with criminally negligent homicide. man accused of shooting in the parking lot of the gentlemen's club last week is expect in court this morning according to twenty-nine year-old lawrence mitchell will be in camden county superior court for detention hearing. he is facing a tempted murder charges. police say he used a rifle to fire shots into the delilah's parking lot from a build ago cross the street from the club the shots hit two cars, parked nearby as a woman was walking toward one of the vehicles. police sources tell fox 29
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mitchell had no connection, to the woman who owned that car, and was shot, she was being held, he is being held in camden county jail on fugitive charges. right now time is 4:06. bill cosby returns to court this time attorneys for entertainer will try to bar any mention of quaaludes in the sexual assault case. >> our jenny joyce is out there outside the montgomery county courthouse in norristown with the very latest on this, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen. this hearing is scheduled to begin at nine credit 30 this morning, its purpose to hammer out details of which evidence can or cannot be used in the upcoming trial, last week, prosecutors found and filed a motion to use statements cosby made about his use of the aphrodisiac spanish fly, a substance made up of chemicals from a beetle in his 1991 book childhood, and live interview with larry king in the same year, cosby says he used spanish fly to get girls interested in him. his defense attorney says that the comedian was joking, the
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comments aren't fun toy prosecutors who are trying cosby on sex assault charges in june. the 79 year-old ace cues of drugging and molesting andrea constand a former temple university athletic department employee at his philadelphia home in 2004, cosby says that the sexual contact was consensual. prosecutors are pushing to introduce evidence of cosby's testimony, from a decades old deposition in which the actor admits to drugging a string of women before sleeping with them. however, cosby claims did he not use quaalude was constand and therefore his defense team thinks the testimony should be barred from the trial. all of this is expected to be debated at today's hearing. dozens of woman have raised sex assault claims begins cosby but judge steven o'neill has ruled only one of them can testify at the june 5th trial, and cosby has pleaded not guilty. he did so in 2015. karen? >> jenny, thanks very much. many developments on this one. also right now, police are
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investigating whether a drive by shooting that happened right on roosevelt boulevard this weekend was a random incident or if the driver was somehow, targeted. police say that the 39 year-old victim was waiting at the light on somerdale avenue just before 6:00 saturday when another car pulled up beside that driver and opened fire. witnesses say gunman then turned on to the boulevard, drove south, the victim crossed six lanes of traffic, and then hit a fence outside of a friends hospital. police have not released the name of the victim who died at the scene. another accident, in a woman being coiled after a car she was riding in hit a deer this happened yesterday. car was driven by a man which struck a deer early in the morning and then slammed into a utility pole which fell, and then cut the vehicle in half. there was a 22-year old woman who was pass evening shore was thrown from the vehicle, she died at einstein medical center, the driver, who is 27, he is expected to recover. and there is, a man from north philadelphia right now in critical condition, after
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he was shot several times, in the stomach. it happened yesterday evening on the 1800 block of north tam ey street. police took him to hahnemann hospital no arrest has been made. an investigation continues into a fatal apartment fire in east oak lane. fire fighters quick to respond to the 6300 block of north tenth street, just before 4:00 . that is when they found the lo ne victim inside regency house apartment building. it took crews a half an hour to get that fire under control no word on how this all happened. or started. time it is 4:09. expect a fiery she down this week as senate votes on the confirm nation of judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court at least three democrats will support gorsuch while others are threatening to filibuster. should that happen, republicans are expected to exercise the so-called nuclear option by changing senate rules allowing a simple majority to confirm the nomination. as it stand it would take 60 senators to approve the nomination. top ranking senators remain
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split over possibility of the judge gorsuch being confirmed this week. >> no supreme court justice has ever, in the history of our country been stopped by a partisan filibuster, ever, and in fact, the business of filibustering judges is a fairly recent invention ironically of the now minority in the senate, the democrats. >> when gorsuch refused to answer the most rudiment try questions in the hearings after there were many doubts about him to begin with and he wouldn't even answer whether he supported brown v board, even judge roberts who was very red sent did that there was a seismic change in my caucus. >> while opposing democrats say it is unlikely gorsuch will get 60 votes needed republicans are vowing that the judge will receive final confirmation, by friday. well, it has been a rough year for philadelphia sports. i think flyers just got eliminated from the playoffs, going forward but our fightin phillies, it is all brand new
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on day one and maybe we have something to look forward to, opening day is finally here, fightin phillies will be taking on the red in senate think afternoon at great american ballpark. first pitch scheduled for just after 4:00. phillies have their home opener, on friday, where they will be facing off against, the nationals. >> feel the excitement. flyers goalie michal neuvirth back at home after passing out during the game against devils on saturday. during the first period, neuvirth fainted, falling hard on the ice, and medics rushed in escorted the goalie off on a stretcher. according to flyers general manager ron hextall all of neuvirth's testing came back normal. he will be reevaluating this afternoon. >> so disturbing a crime that was caught on cameras coming up on "good day philadelphia". >> detectives make their first arrest in the assault streamed live, on facebook, and watched by dozens of people who didn't call the police.
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wow. >> wow, is right. that got your attention out there we have had all of these thunder strikes, lightening, scarring people at a wal-mart they make a run for it. all right, bob kelly. good morning everybody. making a run for your car. we are good to go on the major roadways g news for gang up at mid county interchange all of the e-z pass express lanes were opened up for the weekend open up your front door and say good morning, cool shot of the ben franklin parkway and art museum, sue has your monday forecast, i'll check jam cams when we come right back.
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well, what a scene here more storms expected today in parts of the south after a possible tornado rips right through southern louisiana. that storm destroyed a mobile home killing a mother and her three-year old daughter. you can see devastation. two were inside when the storm hit yesterday. witnesses say child's father had just stepped out to go to the grocery store when that storm hit. lets get a check of our weather, we will have a number of systems moving through this week, right, sue. >> right, it is april now, and april showers, plenty of them in the forecast, we just to have see if we can get some baseball in between the showers, and now there is the area of storms now in mississippi, heading into alabama, very strong to severe storms down there in southern mississippi and parts of the louisiana. we will zoom into cincinnati, ohio, where the phillies start their season playing the red
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today at 4:00 o'clock. you can see a little bit of rain in the vicinity already, there is more in the forecast for later on in the day but for us we're expecting a dry day, at least today. as we check the future cast we will head into tomorrow, we will see cloud on the increase , and, later on today, and then we will see the rain start, probably nine or 10:00 o'clock tonight, maybe a little bit earlier and possibility of pop up thunderstorms along the way. we will get a round in the morning and then another round for afternoon drive time for tuesday. so this is basically a monday night/tuesday event, with this event and rain and it should be gone by wednesday. how much rain? not a ton. maybe around an inch of rain when all said and done. little bit more to the north where we expect most of the rain to fall. meanwhile back to today, you do not need any rain gear today, it is 46 degrees in philadelphia 30 mount pocono. thirty-nine lancaster. forty-seven in dover delaware and 48 in wildwood. not bad for an april, morning.
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very calm wind, tranquil, if you don't like monday, weather will cooperate with you a little bit and it will be gentle as well. i don't know why i started talking like this but okay. >> yes. >> we will ease you into monday morning. it is a 63-degree high yesterday. beautiful day. sixty-seven today. we could inch in the 70's tomorrow but the trade off is showers, and thunderstorms, a dry day on wednesday, and then back to showers and thunderstorms on thursday, and then the home opener for the phillies is on friday, cloud and question mark with the showers. a little iffy with that. we have time to work on the forecast for friday. >> time to find my phillies umbrella hat so i'm ready throwing. >> right. >> 4:17. good morning. it is monday. we are back at it. we are looking good on the major roadway 95, schuylkill expressway, no problems on the upper end of the roosevelt boulevard but what a mess we this overturned tanker on the atlantic city expressway. let's roll video our news van
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on the scene right after it happened in the eastbound lanes right near farly service plaza. actually right before the far ly service plaza we had eastbound lanes closed for most of the day and overnight because of the tanker that spilled all of the fuel. so they had to clean everything up. here's the deal, lets come back to the maps. they have opened up the eastbound lanes, for the morning rush hour, however, at 8:00 a.m. the clean up crews will come back, they will close all eastbound lanes, and then traffic will be diverted back off again at hammington interchange which is exit number 28 and route 54. at lee in the morning rush hour we are good to go heading down to ac and get your coffee there at the farly plaza an accident right here on the roosevelt boulevard, right here near adams avenue interchange, i-95 looking good at the moment, it was not the case over the weekend. they did all of the concrete repairs down to one lane at times through the weekend, but we're opened and ready to go for rush hour. no problems here on the schuylkill expressway, the
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martin luther king, kelly drive are back opened again looking good on the roosevelt boulevard and no problems, on mass transit. karen and thomas back to you. chicago authorities issuing a warrant for at rest of the teenage boy following an assault, streamed live on facebook. it stems from the sexual assault of the 15 year-old girl last month. so far the 14 year-old boy is facing charges of aggravated criminal sexual assault in making and disseminating child pornography. police say multiple videos of the attack were made including version that streamed live on the social network. forty people watched the assault live and no one called the police. >> we have seen a couple acts in this city now in the last few months, involving social media and it just discussions me that people would look at those videos and not pick up the phone and dial 911. >> further charges are expected against others, including an adult, police say the attack involved five or
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six males. tragedy at a hotel pool party, covered the 13 year-old boy and send more than a dozen others mostly children to the hospital. it happened in michigan. investigators say it was a malfunctioninging pool heater to blame. emergency crews responding to the quality inn and suites found 15 people sickened in the pool area, monk them seven children. hoe tell employees and also some police officers who before there trying to help. two people are still in serious condition. that hotel has been closed. and the tragedy in columbia, overwhelming, where hundreds were killed by raging waters while they slept. rescuers are continuing to search for survivors after heavy rain, sent water,mud, debris into and through homes, crushing them at least 207 people were killed, and many of them children and now another challenge they don't have fresh drinking water, there is no power which is making it very difficult there for people trying there to help. they are suspending search and rescue effort throughout the night and more rain, is expect
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in dubai a massive fire engulfs a 72 story sky scraper under construction sending a cloud of thick smoke over the city. it happened at residence fountains tower. it is located near dubai mall and world's tallest building. emergeny crews say the fire was an accident that started on the parking level. three men were injured in that fire. this weekend's fire just a block away from the 63 story tower that was heavily damaged in a fire on new years eve in 2015. a heart pounding scene. eighteen people injured after an accidental explosion at a weekend bond fire near paris. five of those injured, including a child, are hospitalized with serious injuries. authorities say the gasoline used to light that fire was improperly handled. some people were hit by shots of burning wood but most of the injuries were burns. severe weather system caught some people off guard
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at a wal-mart parking lot. >> wow. >> wow. >> apparently it is in louisiana, residents came close to people shopping. witnesses say there was a tornado spotted near the area about the same time. good news that is nobody in the parking lot was hurt. atlanta will be putting 10 million-dollar in emergency federal fund to work so drivers can get around the part of i85 that collapse after that massive fire. white house says the quick release funding will be used to restore emergency access and making most critical repairs in the next few weeks. the scene you are looking at there just a couple days ago. governor of georgia said state is mobilizing resource toss try to keep traffic disruption to a minimum, while emergency work continues. all right. 4:22. we have a lot of news. lets give you something light hearted, it is not road rage but it is rude rage. >> coming up on "good day philadelphia" it is a kangaroo
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faces off, with a driver after the driver follows a little too close. are you talking to me. coming up next in sports in a minute was do or die for the flyers, see if they could keep their playoff hopes alive coming up next in sports.
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good morning, i'm sean bell, phillies kick off the season today in cincinnati, and opening day starter jeremy
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hellickson spoke about the goals for this upcoming season >> outside a 200 inning goal i have set since i was a rookie, you know, that is one of the things those guys taught me over there if you make every start and get to 200 innings you can probably look back and you'll like how your year went >> the flyers and rangers they needed this win to keep their playoff hopes alive, third period, down by one with 202nd left claude giroux takes the shot but it is saved and the flyers, hopes of making the playoffs are over. they lose four-three officially eliminated from the playoff race. sixers are just as depressing, taking on the raptors, nick stauskus trying to bring the ball up, gets the rim and that would lead to this, fred van cleve hits a corner three. sixers lose 113-105. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> all right. we are talking about a revolution, our revolution we
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are just a couple weeks away from a major unveiling. a sneak peak inside the museum of the american revolution.
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a girl yanked off the street dragged into an abandon house and assaulted. she's only 13. more on her a elected attackers who were also teens. coil are bill cosby goes back before a judge a showdown over evidence in the sexual assault case. and talking about a revolution, our revolution, these are some items, that have never been, on public display, before, everyone is talking about this one we will give you a sneak peak. >> good day we are beginning a new week. we are all back together. >> gang back together. >> great to have you with us. >> hail, hail, gang is all here. >> how sit feeling getting up a little earlier. >> it is who are manyible. but it is great to be with you out and about getting my coffee. >> once you get here, it is worth it, just when you hear that alarm. >> yes, we have aloft people we saw at organ donor walk that was yesterday that was great. sue you had a big event too. >> the wdas women of excellence award.
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>> wow. >> that was saturday. >> so proud. >> it was really cool. it was so inspiring, a lot of women, so accomplished, and telling their stories, and it was a great event. >> working on that. >> yes, i'm so tired. let's get to the forecast for the day. of course, we have eight out of 10. weather by the numbers. it is a decent day to day. you loved yesterday, sunny, beautiful, saturday was a little cloudy but wasn't bad, 46 degrees, calm, sunrise time 6:41, we have 39 degrees in allentown, 42 in atlantic city and 30 in mount pocono, and chilly spot this morning. hazelton has 38 degrees, coming down to the south we have ocean city at 46, dover delaware, 47, and then medford lakes at 41 degrees, lewis delaware in the upper 40's as well this morning. not bad at all, it is not
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windy, it is just a very calm, tranquil morning, and we have got some action, down to the south and west of us, down mississippi anal bam a and rain heading toward cincinnati , ohio where the phillies are playing, their opening game of the season just this afternoon. sunny sunday 63 degrees today. it will get warmer then that even with a whole lot of cloud cover. 67 degrees is our high temperature today, we will talk about more april showers in the forecast, coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 4:32. congratulations to michael. our director, back after the birth of his little baby boy, wow, wow. he has not had any sleep. no sleep at all. good morning, everybody. the schuylkill expressway 95, the boulevard, all looking good this morning as you work your way out of the driveway but what a mess we had yesterday on the atlantic city expressway. let's roll video when news van pulled up to the scene, eastbound lanes blocked, and into the evening last night with this overturn tanker, right before the farly service
4:33 am
plaza. it spilled, diesel fuel all over the roadway. they have had hazmat crews out there for most of the night, lets come back to the maps because it is good news/bad news, good news they have opened up all of the lanes for the morning rush hour, so there is no problem this morning, other than just a lot of emergency equipment to slow you down, however at 8:00 a.m. they will close eastbound lanes again, at route 54 which is hammington, the finalize the clean up. so again all eastbound lanes of the expressway will go back to shut down mode at 8:00 a.m. and then again it is stretch between hammington and the far ly services plaza it occurred actually right before the farly service plaza good morning to the schuylkill expressway as headlights go uphill, pennsylvania our camera at belmont. no problems at all on the schuylkill. we are looking good up and over ben franklin bridge. all of the lights are all lit up there in downtown philadelphia and that new traffic pattern just be careful for this one here 322 down to one lane during the midday as you work your way from route one down to i-95.
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karen and thomas, back to you. time is 4:34. a 13 year-old girl snatched off the street and sexually assaulted inside an abandon house in hunting park. this morning police are searching for her attackers. our lauren johnson is live at philadelphia police department 's special victims unit with the very latest for us, good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. medics took that young girl to st. christopher's yesterday after this alleged assault and this morning, investigators from the special victims unit are trying to identify these teenage boys, who are responsible. the crime happened inside an abandoned property on the corner of the butler and park avenue which is one block away from busy broad street. according to police reports the 13 year-old girl was walking when she was snatched up and pulled into the property. three teenage boys sexually assaulted her inside the home. neighbors don't seem to be shocked about where the crime happened, but one woman who does not want to be identified , says that she blames the owner of that
4:35 am
property, for leaving it in disarray. she has had her own troubles with teenagers. >> the kid around here are break nothing to peoples home. like i said my husband and i caught someone coming through our kid bedroom window. we had to reenforce windows for that particular reason. it is point where i don't think we can put our air conditioning unit in our children's room due to the fact that someone might kick tonight and come through the bedroom window. some of these kid are outside of the neighborhood. they are coming around here, they are causing all kind of problems. >> reporter: she says she has seen teenagers pulling those board off of the covered windows just to break inside the home. at this time police have not told us whether they think victim knows her attacker or if this crime was completely random. thomas and karen. >> thank you very much. we will follow-up on this one most certainly. another day in court for bill cosby. this morning, his attorneys will be trying to bar any mention of quaaludeness his upcoming sexual assault trial. lets get out to jenny joyce
4:36 am
with the very latest, jenny? >> reporter: good morning. today's hearing is all about the evidence what can be admitted and what both prosecutors and defense teams want barred from trial. we have heard about cosby's use of quaaludes but made mention of the spanish fly an aphrodisiac made up of chemicals from beatles. prosecutors want to use statements cosby made in his 91 book childhood and a live interview with larry king that same year explaining that he used spanish fly to get girls interested in him. his defense attorneys say the comedian was joke bug comment weren't funny to prosecutors who are trying cosby on sex assault charges in june. he ace accused of drugging and molesting andrea constant a former temple university employee at his philadelphia home in 2004, cosby said the sexual contact was consensual. prosecutors are pushing i don't dues evidence of the cosby's testimony from a
4:37 am
decades old deposition in which the actor admits to drug ging a string of with man before sleeping with them. cosby claims did he not use quaaludes with constant and therefore his defense team thinks that the testimony should be barred from the trial. all of this is expected to be, debated at today's hearing. it is scheduled for 9:30 this morning. cosby says he will go on trial for those section assault charges on june 5th, karen. >> thank you, very much. 4:37, set william will appear before federal court for his new attorney for case management hearing. on friday, former collogue thomas berke agreed to represent williams in his bribery extortion case. d.a. is accused of taking more than $160,000 in gift in exchange for favors. williams says he will voluntarily suspend his law licenses while he fights those charges. tragedy this weekend in new jersey, when state police say a 14 year-old boy died in an atv accident. this happened saturday afternoon on friendship road
4:38 am
in southampton township, police say that one of the atv lost control and, struck another, boy driving, one of the four wheelers nicholas cunningham died at the scene. they are expected to recover. the only museum dedicated to our nation's fight for indies, continuing to open. rare cases of history, many never before seen on public display were showcased when museum of the american revolution opened on third and chestnut street in olde city. so, the museum uses modern, technology to bring these exhibits to life with more than a dozen, theaters and exhibits to allow visitors to experience the models and tools used to fight. >> many places that served, a portion of it, battle field, tavern, a home, but this is a place that gives the place the whole story, and given that this is the most important
4:39 am
event in our history, it is really remarkable that it has taken this long. >> cannot wait to check this one out. we all can when it opens up april 19th which is anniversary of the start of the revolutionary war, and cost you 19 bucks to get in. talk about a java jolt here at 4:39 trying to get going. listen up. >> um-hmm. so, how you can get your hand on the world's strongest coffee? they put a big x on it.
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all right. there is a ride shut down, a really popular indoor water park in the pocono mountains after police say 10 kid wound up getting kick this happened at kalahari resorts in the pocono summit. you will see a promotional video from the web site. parents say that their kid were coughing, complaining of the breathing problems and nausea after riding the anaconda water coaster. emergency dispatcher says chlorine likely the cause here but officials say every ride has been tested and exceeds regulations. 4:42. amazing story of survival from maryland, all four people involved in this tractor trailer wreck walked away with only minor injuries. that is just amazing. truck flips over, london top of the pick up and then slams into a bridge support, this was on the outer loop of the beltway in college park over the weekend. it also caused a fuel spill which hazmat crews had to
4:43 am
clean up but amazingly they got out okay. is there a driver in australia, who is road rage, run in. >> the culprit, not another driver, but it was a kangaroo. don't mess with the kangaroo. >> we will show i exactly how. tailgating. kangaroo turns on him and not having it at all. so, it starts punching and then i will get you, unleashes a fury on the car and then tries to get around the kangaroo and kangaroo is not having it, continues to follow his vehicle, and punch at it. still ahead this morning is there a alert for people relying on the life saving epi-pen. and also hackers that can get your information, from your light bulbs? it could happen. we will explain. coming up. ♪
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♪ hello wilmington, delaware. lower end of 495, south of the i-95 split. kind of quiet this morning as we are getting ready to role and start a brand new week. here's a live look at i-95 just south of the stadium area heading toward girard point double decker bridge no problems, in philly international, i just checked tote board looking good, up and over ben franklin bridge working your way in toward philadelphia, sky line all lit up there, so crystal clear skies, for the morning rush hour, septa looking good, we are off to a good start here
4:47 am
on the trenton and paoli thorndale regional rail lines. left over crew on the turnpike , this is westbound, between fort washington and norristown, they said they will be out there until 5:30, 6:00 o'clock or so. no problems coming in on the schuylkill, i-95 construction from the weekend back to normal. nasty accident yesterday, let's roll video from the news van when we pulled up to the scene of the atlantic city expressway an overturned tanker right here near farly services plaza causing a massive hazmat clean up operation on the overnight, so good news/bad news as you come back to the maps here all eastbound lanes are opened, right now but at 8:00 a.m. they are coming back, they will shut down the eastbound lanes with the clean up a thane close another will go in effect in hammington which is route 54. is what your our forecast like for monday? sueby has tonight 15 seconds
4:48 am
take a look at radar, yeah we don't have anything going on in our neighborhood but is there plenty on the way, we're watching this system down to the south and west, this is, a line of very strong storms, it looks like it covers practically the whole state of mississippi edge nothing to alabama but we are watching cincinnati, ohio, because today is the phillies opening day. it is our season open tore day home opener is friday, so there is some rain in the forecast were you there is a good chance they will get the game in because the showers, will be scattered, nothing but for us today but as we look at future cast you can see cloud, throughout the afternoon, rain rolls in eight or nine or 10:00 o'clock tonight. rains on and off throughout the night. we will get a few breaks in the middle of the day tomorrow we will get rain in the morning and rain in the
4:49 am
evening, bookend on the day, sound familiar, that is sort of what happened on friday. possibilities of thunderstorms as well, that is tuesday, and then probably about an inch or so of rain, maybe more to our north and when all is said and done and again that is tonight into all day tomorrow. right now, pretty tranquil out there. 46 degrees in philadelphia. thirty in mount pocono, and 48 . thirty-nine, in lancaster. wind are calm as we mentioned, a very tranquil day so we can ease you in the workweek. average high is up to 59 degrees but we will beat that yesterday, 63 after a saturday high of 53. it was a brighter day on sunday, more cloud, today then sunshine i think today but still 67 degrees, 70's tomorrow but your trade off is rainy day, wind, thunderstorms , we will dry out on wednesday, more storms are forecast for thursday, this is april for you, and then slight chance of rain on friday, but mostly cloudy skies for the phillies home opener, on friday, it should be a cool
4:50 am
one. we will work on getting rid of those showers for friday. >> we know you will, sewer's not worried. >> it rains every home opener, it is always the way. >> 4:00 is 15 your time. lets look at health news. we have a recall for epi-pen now expanding, f.d.a. says that there have been two reported failures with the my land epi-pen and peppy pen junior. >> it could be life threatening if the epi-pen is needed in an emergency situation. effected injectors have expiration dates between april and october of this year. the recalled is in effect for north and south america, europe, and asia. myland, the company saying that to keep the epi-pen as a precaution for now until you are able to get a replacement. coffee lovers, well, can't stop talking about this one black insomnia coffee. the x says it all this south african jaffas hailed as strongest on earth. guess what, it is now available here in the you had. typical cup of joe has 150
4:51 am
milligrams of caffeine to get you going but inn some me a will hit you with 700 milligrams in a single cup that is over f.d.a. recommended 600 milligrams a day, so getting more in one cup then you are what you are supposed to get an entire day. you can buy the coffee on amazon but be careful. >> yeah. so, this is going to freak all parents out there if you want to send your kid to college, be prepared to dig a lot deeper into your wallet. >> we know it is expensive. vanguard investments is giving us a glimpse of the cost parents might be facing in future here. >> in 18 years experts say cost could go up to $54,000 a year at a public college and a $121,000 a year for private institutions, so that is half million-dollar for four years, for one kid. well, i don't know what to say about that one. this one sound like sci-fi hackers can get into your stuff using a light bulb. >> experts have found, vulnerabilities and ikea's new
4:52 am
smart bulbs. >> here's what they say, hackers can get in and then grind your internet to the halt across the world. ikea just launched these $12 smart bulbs last week. they say they are looking into that problem. big night in entertainment , of course, stars out for country music award. >> we're talking about 52nd annual academy of country music award held in las vegas. jason aldine won the top award of the entertainer of the year , florida georgia line won single of the year for their song holy. miranda lambert took home two albums, album of the year and female vocal list of the year. >> newly reunited back street boys teamed with florida georgia line for a performance of their hit, everybody. >> 4:52. if you are just waking up community is coming together for a very good cause, how people are able to raise money for organ donation. >> hi there, buddy. >> bus stop buddy. ♪
4:53 am
4:54 am
hitting the mid-morning wall? with up to 24 grams of hearty protein jimmy dean bowls help you avoid it. shine on.
4:55 am
welcome back. people just tuning us once again thousands involve tears laced up their sneaks for a great cause in philadelphia fox 29 a proud partner of the 22nd annual donor dash this was at art museum, our bus stop budd there i as well, an event for all fitness levels there was a 10k, 5k, even a walk and, of course, gift of life did donor dash, fox 29 family karen hepp, bill
4:56 am
anderson, bruce gordon, bruce as well. gift of life donor dash raise 's wear necessary. thanks for coming out. another great event at please touch museum, it opens earlier yesterday, for what they call play without boundaries event for families with children hoff different need and abilities as well as children who are on the autism spectrum. organizers say by having a less crowded area for kid to play in, it can encourage children and support them, they might feel overwhelmed during some of the normal hours, just focusing on that. wonderful event for so many families. >> sometimes, the museum can be a very overwhelming place. there is a lot of lights, sound, things like that. so we sort of turn off some of the more overwhelming elements for kid who might not prefer that and it gives them a chance to play, explore, and be enriched through play the same way that we do every day here at please touch museum. >> the kid who went also got to do some music therapy, with the group, music works.
4:57 am
all right. there was a very young teen, 13 years old who was assaulted , lauren johnson. >> reporter: good morning to you, karen that is right, special victims unit now investigating trying to find teens who were responsible, we will have details about what happened after the break but first jennifer joyce. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. bill cosby will be back in court a hearing to discuss what evidence can and cannot be introduced in his upcoming sex assault trial we will talk about biggest issues to be debate today coming up. a vanilla bean? mmm! breyers the good vanilla. we use non-gmo sourced ingredients in some of america's favorite flavors. mmm! to test her favorite soap... against dove. so we are using this test paper... ...that represents skin. the paper is dissolving... and dove is not dissolving... at all! with < moisturizing cream dove is gentler on your skin.
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right now on "good day philadelphia" a special victims investigation into an assault on a very young teen by three boys, a live report, coming up. spanish fly caught in the cosby court trap? what we're expecting when the comedian head to court today. play ball, it is season opener for our fightin phillies. plus, hoop dreams and one shining moment. >> i got to go back to my temple days. those are guys that really believed in our vision. >> philly's own dawn staley coaches south carolina to a championship, "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. great to have you with us, a very good monday morning, should those word be


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