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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 4, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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of a supreme court nominee and we will not start this week. >> battle of nominee neil gorsuch democrats vowing to block him, republicans preparing for the so-called nuclear option, might push him through. "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. it is great to have you with us on this tuesday, i'm thomas drayton with thomas hepp. always good to see bob kelly and sue serio. good morning everybody. unfortunately we have to deal with some rain this morning. >> right, we have had heavy rain moving through overnight did it wake you up. >> no. >> on the bright side, it goodies for our grass. my lawn need to be cut already >> yeah. >> it is, we will have great flowers and some flowers have been starting to bloom in february. >> see the budd. >> they are back. april 4th, 4/4, lets see what our number that we selected. we will do a four. i did a five. we will get 75 degrees and some sunshine. i might go with six.
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but we have buddy happy that the phillies won their opening game yesterday, in the 2017 season, but he also has umbrella, showers are around this morning and it is good idea to have one with you. we're in the seeing widespread showers, throughout the area but there is more on the way as we look out toward western part of the states, we are not finished just yet, very damp right now and it is mild, at 60 degrees with 11-mile an hour wind and sunrise at 6:40. it is 57 in pottstown. fifty-five atlantic city. forty-four in mount pocono. today we will see showers end at some point, we will have some sunshine at 75 degrees but that also means we will get pop up thunderstorms in the after noon. we have in the said this in a while bob kelly but keep your eye on the sky. >> you got it, sueby. from the sky to the roadway here's a live look at this jackknife tractor trailer tying us up on i-95 southbound
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watch for delays now approaching cottman avenue, tractor trailer accident happened around an hour or so ago. here's a live look at traffic jammed, pushed over to the right down to one lane approaching cottman avenue. anybody leaving northeast philadelphia, bucks county, coming into the city, this mess is already ahead of you here. as you can see everybody is slowing down getting into that one lane, again, south bound at cottman avenue. that is only major incident but i expect slower than normal speed today because of the weather. we had a minor train derailment yesterday at insuring's penn station. because of that this morning amtrak will run a modified schedule, washington to new york which includes philadelphia's 30th street station, new jersey transit also running an adjusted schedule in and out of penn station. high water, high tide in trenton route one blocked between perry and olden avenue and watch for construction zones like 202, 422, i-95,
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throughout the and, located, shuffled around in the travel lanes and that could make for high dray planing but mass transit in the airport so far, so good, karen and thomas, back to you. 5:03. following a developing story, a third person has died in the north philadelphia shooting. gunfire ringing out as children were coming home from school. our jenny joyce live at police headquarters this morning with the very latest on the investigation, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. back to the breaking news police confirmed that a third person, third victim of yesterday's shooting has died from his injuries. a fourth remains in critical condition at hahnemann hospital. investigators believe two shooters fired two dozen shots in north philadelphia in the middle of the afternoon yesterday. shooting happened on west die machine street near harrison plaza public housing community and at about 3:30 p.m. as children were making their way home from school. police say victims are in
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their mid to late 20's. it is unclear why they were targeted. we did see pill bottles scattered near crime scene but police could not confirm if they had anything to do with the actual shooting. they are disgusted, concerned for the many children could have been caught in the cross fire, and police tell us that between 20 and 22 shots were fired. >> we have four people standing there, we believe that someone came, east from this location and started firing and they started firing at individual and fled from this location. we don't know what it is over. >> my kid had to run past bodies on the ground which is like reparticular lust. i have four kid in the house. three minutes earlier maybe they could have been shot. >> it is just sad. police dot best they can did but you cannot stop this type of violence. is there one under lining common theme is that there is too many weapons on the street of the city of philadelphia.
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>> reporter: again, three of the four victims of the shooting have died a fourth remains in critical condition and the shooters are still out there police believe, that the two shooters got away in a small gray suv, thomas and karen. >> let's hepp someone knows something this morning. jenny joyce on the scene. thank you. lets show you this dramatic video this was a barn in perkasie, bucks county. it has been gutted by fire, sky fox is over the scene at 9:30 last night. it was on the 200 block of smith school road, the good news, there are in reports of any injuries and investigators are trying to figure out what started it. two children in two days approached by strangers on the streets of the gloucester county. on sunday night a man in the white van approached a 17 year-old girl, and asked if she needed a ride home on black horse pike in blackwood. yesterday, about a mile away a 12 year-old boy approached by a man in the veneer fairmount avenue and fels street. despite similarities police do in the believe the incidents are related but parents are
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concerned. >> it is scary to know that locals here in this area it is like a good neighborhood right down the street from the police, park, kid coming out all the time. >> investigators are urging anyone may have encountered similar incidents to call gloucester township police. opening statements begin in the trial of the eric frein , the suspect accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and critically injuring another one, a judge has ruled that prosecutors can use his videotaped confession as evidence in his case, he can face death sentence if convicted of killing corporal brian dickson and shooting trooper alex douglass in 2014. russian intelligence officials have identified the st. petersberg subway bomber as a russian citizen, and that death toll from the blast in st. petersberg climbing now to 14. explosion tore right through a train station as it was traveling, or train as it was traveling, between two stations. a second larger device was
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found in another station. president donald trump offering his condolences calling the explosion quote absolutely a terrible thing. russian president putin had been in st. petersberg earlier in the day laid roses at a makeshift memorial with candles outside the metro station. >> we will do everything to identify the reason for what happened, give a fully valuation what happened and city and federal authorities will do everything possible to support families of the killed and injured citizens. >> russian officials have still not revealed whether the attack was a suicide bombing or whether the bomber got away first 100 days time right now 5:07. judge neil gorsuch moves closer to becoming newest supreme court justice as democrats continue their efforts to block his nomination. senate judiciary committee approved gorsuch's nomination yesterday that cleared way for full senate vote this week. democrats claim that they have the required votes now to sustain a filibuster, that
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being tipped over edge with delaware senator chris coons becoming the forty-first senator to say he will in the vote for that nominee. >> i will be vote ago begins, unless we are able as a body to finally sit down and find a way to avoid the nuclear option. >> there has never been a successful partisan filibuster of a supreme court nominee and we will not start this week. >> if necessary, g.o.p. plans to change the rules, by invoking the so-called nuclear option which will allow gorsuch to win approval with the simple majority vote and if that happens, he would be confirmed, by friday. president trump's approval rating continues to go down, according to investors business daily, only 34 percent of americans approve of the president's job performance which is an 11-point drop since last month this poll has a 3.3 margin of error. president trump is men for his twitter blasts and now his tweets will be preserved in
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american history. at the request of the national archives the white house saved each of president trump's tweets even they he deletes and corrects. the presidential record act requires such correspondence to be preserved, for history. meantime president trump makes good on a campaign promise donating the first three months of his salary. during yesterday's briefing white house press secretary sean spicer presented a 78 you this dollars check to the national park service. money will get toward beautifying neglected battle field national park. white house also releasing first official portrayed of the first lady melania trump to have her glam uses look she op the twod for a black tuxedo style jacket her diamond engagement ring reportedly 25 carat on full display. if the graph was taken in the white house private residence. coming up on 5:10 right now. older woman, 80 years old. she's robbed by some guy who comes by on a bike, pretty
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brazen, we have video of the whole thing. >> still ahead on "good day philadelphia" a story you will see only on fox 29 by the way, why this woman say she may have gone down but not out of fight. how about this, bacon, bacon we necessity breakfast is most important meal of the die. well, there is a new study that says forcing your kid to eat breakfast is child abuse. bob, what do you say to austin >> you got to eat your breakfast, you got to eat your banana, your fruits, veggies, all that good stuff. you have to get around this southbound i-95, a jackknife tractor trailer right here near cottman avenue interchange, come on lets open up that front door and say good morning to trenton, new jersey, where we are wet behind the ears, sueby has details coming up after the break.
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welcome back on this tuesday morning. sun will set fire to the rain this later today we will see peaks of sun but right now it is all rain. >> it is a rainy forecast in, about 45 seconds but here but lets get down south about picking up pieces after severe storms hit parts of the south. at least five people are dead,
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mississippi, alabama and gaff been hit the hardest. >> is there a man who who both his wife and his daughter if you can imagine this when a tornado struck his home. he said thinks hard to believe part, that he is grateful for all of the people hoff helped him in his time of need it is a miracle of god that people are together, you know, when a tragedy like this happens, it is a miracle. >> obviously getting power restored, schools back opened, getting community back to a sense of normalcy is incredibly important. >> reporter: storm system is expect to clear up as we can progresses. >> yeah, our thoughts with everyone down south affect. lets get a check of the system moving through our area, sue serio. >> later this afternoon we don't have anything that severe in the forecast but we have to keep an eye on the sky for possible pop up thunderstorms. we have warm front that will be followed by another front, cold front, all happening, today, although, the cold front will only make it a little bit cooler. we have got a 75-degree
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temperature for today, but also more rain on the way. we still have rain around this morning. it is heading through the area little bit in delco and philadelphia, across the river in camden county, up toward trenton, pennington, bucks county we will see more rain. so this is kind of lingering on and off throughout the rest of the morning. by about 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon sunnies coming out but that is when we have to keep an eye on the sky for showers and then are storms. it is going to be warmer, more humid and unsettled. after all that we will clear out overnight. it is a gorgeous day on wednesday and then we will watch our next system wednesday night into thursday system which brings us on and off rain all day, heavy downpours, possible thunderstorms, thursday evening and then we will have to watch out for friday, and only go a little bit into early friday morning but we will see unsettled weather, possible on friday, maybe a
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shower or two, it is phillies opening day. still have time to work on the forecast. it is very mild. don't need a heavy coat today. sixty in philadelphia, 12 miles an her breeze out of the southwest. this is our normal high, 60- degree, we got up to 68 yesterday and 15 degrees above average with a high of 75. that is good part. sixty-eight tomorrow. back to showers and thunderstorms on thursday, it may be friday but we are clearing out for a very nice weekend, and, 55 degrees on saturday, 65 on sunday, back to the 70's on monday, bob kelly. >> powdered blue shoot, and, and, here's an update, i just talk the two crew at penndot and it sound like they have a hazmat situation now with this tractor trailer accident. here's the jackknife tractor trailer, see the white cab, kind of spun around here, this is i-95 south bound
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approaching cottman avenue. we have three tractor trailers involved and one resulted in this jackknife situation, so we have got three tractor trailers, it looks like only that far right lane gets through and this is that stretch of i-95 that they just recently completed and was four lanes and it is like a drag race. coming through there you know what i'm talking about. so as you come south on i-95 be ready, everybody is hitting the breaks and only two lanes instead of your normal four. we are typically jammo in this stretch to begin with, taking out two extra lanes and because of the rain, and the fuel spill hazmat team will have their hand full here, this morning, again you can see the light wagon up which is a sign they are setting up shop for a little while here. thinks southbound i-95 at cottman avenue interchange. anybody leaving bucks county, northe philadelphia, bam, is
5:18 am
there your spot. you may want to use the roosevelt boulevard or work your way through the neighborhood and get on at cottman avenue. if you get on at cottman you are okay going south. this accident is right before had cottman avenue interchange so again, get on at cottman and good to go, to come into downtown. otherwise, expect slower than normal speed this morning all because of the weather conditions, weather conditions could also lead to delays, down in fill it international, i saw a couple septa regional rails start to pop up, some morning delays, so be ready for that slippery rails, slippery platforms, and we had a train derail many, minor one , yesterday at insuring's penn state but because of that , amtrak today is running a modified schedule between washington and new york, so right through our area, and new jersey transit, president running an adjusted schedule in and out of new york city's penn station. time is 5:19. father of the two-year old quakertown boy who accidentally shot and killed
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himself with his father's gun is sentenced to jail. twenty-seven year-old nicholas wyllie pleaded guilty machine in bucks county court and has been sentenced to almost two years in jail. prosecutors say he left a loaded handgun in a bedroom where his son had gone to watch winnie the pooh last september. wyllie's attorney says his client is already serving a mental life sentence and will never recovery motionly. two suspects charged in the shooting death of the 13 year-old boy shot last month, as he ordered take out foot at a hunting park restaurant. police say 19 year-old tymir johnson was the shooter. they charged 18 year-old christopher sutherland in the december of khiser davis. surveillance video helped them identify these suspects. only on fox a story you will see here, an 80 year-old mugging victim talking about a brace's tack. we have video of what happened here, there is a than 80 year-old woman's list bet walking home from the store. you can see the guy on the bike that is suspect and he
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reaches in, grabs her pocketbook rips it out of her hand and gets off with $200. there is a picture we have zoomed in. that is the suspect. if you know who he is, you can see picket book was in his arms, 500 block of hunting park avenue. the robbery victim, says she's pretty mad at this guy. >> i ain't going to lie to you if i didn't have a gun would i shoot him. i would have shot him in the head so help me god. >> so, nobody was seriously hurt physically. she's very upset. if you have any information about this guy, please call over to the police and specifically the east detectives. search is also on for brazen robbery at a feltonville sandwich shop. police releasing this surveillance video showing a masked man storming in the shop. this is last monday on the 4400 block of whittaker avenue he goes behind the counter, points a gun at the employee and demand cash. he grabs that money and then runs away. state police trooper is hurt,
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in a serious crash, in new jersey, this happened yesterday afternoon, and interstate 70 in the township, and more than a half an her, to get the trooper out of his car before he was taken to the hospital. extent of the injuries is in the yet men at this time. authorities have not released his name. lets bring you a bright spot, good news, first for our philadelphia fire department they have just promoted their first ever female fire battalion chief. fire commissioner adam tiehl swore in captain linda long yesterday. she's also the first person, man or woman, who rose through the ranks as both a paramedic and then a fire fighter. she join the fire department as a par medicine nick 1990 and then 14 years ago at age of 39 she said i want to be a fire fighter. lots of hard work later now she's where she is today. >> so excited and proud to be a woman representing the women
5:22 am
in the fire department. i may be the first but i doubt i will be the last. >> thank you. there were two dozen promotions yesterday and more history was made there paramedic captain crystal yates because came cities first african-american female paramedic, services chief, nicely done. >> big congratulations, proud of them all. airplane woes, harrison ford in the clear. >> so, he learned whether he will face charges after landing in a big scare in the airport, a big plane and little one coming across the runway, like what? weak explain what happened.
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i feel, time to look at that money n your health at 5:25, the smell of pancake is breakfast the most important meal of the day. >> is there an expert, who says that eating breakfast is actually dangerous and forcing your kid to eat breakfast is child abuse. >> this guy's name is a professor terence keeley says eating breakfast puts people at risk for developing, type two diabetes and obesity. the former vice chancellor of buckingham university was a type two diabetic but he
5:26 am
managed to reverse condition after, he stopped eating breakfast. he said quote i would let the kid decide if they want it. >> yes. >> come on, seriously, all right. there is a lot of woman who rely on the morning after pill as a method of emergency contraception but there is a new advisory warning it may body type. health experts say drug may be diluted in larger woman which can prevent from it working properly. doctors are advising overweight woman to double dosage or use some other method instead, health experts say woman with larger body mass index over 26 are most affected just have a talk with your doctor. also, an important warning for lens wearers, doctors at university of tennessee say people hoff been wearing contacts for more than 10 years you are six times more likely to develop an infection that could make you go blind,
5:27 am
wow. they say people are in the following proper hygiene when they wear their cast and that bacteria can form on our cornea causing pain and vision impairment. they suggest getting rid of your contact lenses all together and to have laser eye surgery to correct your vision instead. >> wash your hand before you are touching your eye. >> good advice there. a lot of health insurance are start to go cover that because that can be expensive. saying good bye to that egg. >> you know what we're talking about. >> twitter ditching its standard avatar, so, what is in its place. we have the answer. >> it cannot be generic person symbol, could it. >> yeah. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. a third person has died in , north philadelphia, jenny joyce is on the scene in the live report. supreme showdown will democrats filibuster president trump's nomination for high court. will republicans be forced to go with what they call a nuclear option to get him through. ♪
5:31 am
legendary diana ross is returning to filth a, we have details, here this morning. >> i see bob kelly, you would look fabulous in that sequin number. >> yes. >> purple body suit. >> put new that one. would you look good. >> i can do that. >> april 4th, 4/4/2017, we are starting off damp this morning we're very showery, out there, bus stop buddy is dressed accordingly but he kept his phillies cap on he was so excited. they won their first game of the season, yesterday against the red. grab that umbrella because you will need it, at some point today even if it is in the raining where you are, we have rain around philadelphia down in cumberland county, new jersey as well and we will keep an eye on the western part of the state, and see how long it takes for that rain to
5:32 am
get through as well. when you see how sloppy it is this morning lots of puddles around and 60 degrees with the 9-mile an hour wind out of the south where we are at the moment in philadelphia, it is 44 in mount pocono, 53 in reading, trenton has 57, 55 in wildwood, 64 in dover. it is a mild one today. we will see some sunshine but watch out for pop up showers and thunderstorms anytime this afternoon. wind gusting as high as 25 but how about that 75 degrees bob kelly, looking good. >> not looking good, 5:32 on i-95 in northeast philadelphia here's the deal about an hour ago an accident involving three tractor trailers, resulted in one tractor trailer, becoming jackknifed on the roadway. so southbound lanes at i-95 aspen dot plays around with the cameras. we go on the air here, religiously and when it is time to show you what is going on here comes hazmat team,
5:33 am
this is what we are waiting for. is there 60 gallons of december you will he will fuel spilled on the roadway as a result of this accident. they zoom in on peoples cars here as we are's trying to get information, southbound, i-95 at cottman avenue, three tractor trailers, one, jackknifed. now when that accident happened, 60 gallons of diesel fuel spilled on the roadway. they are assessing whether they need to close that stretch of the red way or not. there is tanker, is there gas tank to give you an idea. couple alternates, boulevard or enter at cottman avenue you will be able to go south or pick up the new jersey side and use route 130, karen and thomas back to you. we have this developing story, right now we know a third person has died after that shoot-out happened, in philadelphia, it happened as kid were getting out of school , simply walking home. jenny joyce is live at the scene with the very late owns this, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen. three people dead, fourth is
5:34 am
in critical condition and police are looking for at lee two shooters who may have been involved in this quadruple shooting yesterday. investigators believe they fired nearly two dozen shots in north philadelphia in the middle of the afternoon. it happened on west styles street near harrison plaza public housing community at 3:30 p.m. as children were making their way home from school. victims in their mid to late 20's, it is unclear, why they were targeted we did see pill bottles scattered by the crime scene but police could not confirm it. people living in the area say they are disgusted and concerned for many children caught in the cross fire. police tell us between 20 and 22 shots were fired. >> police responded to this location for multiple shooting , when they got there, four individual were found all males in the area of 25 to 30, they were transported to area hospitals. >> it is ridiculous. we have a school across the
5:35 am
street you know what i mean and kid just getting out of school and in one thinks of that, man. we need to get this together. what are we doing? how nature are we getting with this seriously. >> we continue to have conversation about gun control but for whatever reason people don't think it is important to talk to their new attorney general josh shapiro and i believe that he will do some things but at the end of the day until you get weapons out of these peoples hand we will have this level of violence. it is just sad. >> reporter: department's homicide unit very busy now as a third person recently pronounced dead. so three people killed in this quadruple shooting from yesterday and a fourth is in critical condition. police are still looking for the shooters, they tell us they may have gotten away in a small gray suv, karen and thomas. >> another tragic scene, this morning, thank you. it looks like senate is going nuclear, president trump 's supreme court nominee crossed an important hurdle. >> but so did democratic
5:36 am
opposition to oppose him as well. lets get down to washington doug luzader, we have a standoff right now what do we think latest on this will be, doug. >> reporter: well, neil gorsuch president trump's nominee for the court will make it on the court one way or the other so say republicans but at the moment only way they will be able to do that is to engage the so-called nuclear option where they essentially change the way the senate operates to no longer require a 60 vote threshold to get a supreme court nominee through but back ago this down to the simple man jotter. that is a matter of concern for both parties because of the precedent it sets for future supreme court fights. republicans feel any nominee president trump put forward will be filibustered. democrats are still angry about the way president obama 's nominee for this same opened supreme court seat more rick garland was not even considered by republicans during the president's final year in office.
5:37 am
there are certainly hurt feelings on both side here but we are going to be shaping up for this big showdown toward the end of the week. >> what exactly is time line what can we expect moving forward, doug. >> yesterday we saw senate judiciary committee give its stamp of approval on a party line vote for judge gorsuch which refers him to the full senate. the way things operate here we think there will be about three days of debate here and then this will move to a full senate vote on friday. now, you cannot rule out possibility of some kind of a deal here because democratic and republican leaders in the senate to avoid that nuclear trigger but right now we just haven't seen anything like a deal emerge. >> we will stay on top of it. never know. with this administration every single day seems like a lifetime, we will see what happens. >> a lot going on behind the scenes. >> thanks, guys. last year villanova came out on top against north carolina tar heels this year very different story. >> another shining moment for another team and sean has more
5:38 am
in sports news. >> coming up in sports in a minute see what caesar hernandez did for phillies that hasn't been done since 1938, opening day, in baseball , next in sports. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. get the best. go to
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good morning i'm sean bell national championship game was ugly. the referees were awful. but still north carolina tar heels found a way to complete the redemption tour. late in the game unc up by one
5:41 am
isaiah hicks with the drive, and then hangs in the air like mj, to get the bucket that puts unc up by three. then on the other side of the court, kennedy meets comes up with the block and tar heels win the national championship, sixth for the program. and opening day, for phillies, taking on the red, very first batter caesar hernandez with the deep home run. that is first opening day lead off home run since 1938 for phillies. phillies started off great, freddie galvis with the shot in the second, phillies will win four-three. nationals at home, bryce harper that guy is not human, monster shot, right there, nationals will go on to win this 14-two. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. you don't let anything
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national championship game that seemed uneven all night perhaps big hees star wasn't a member of either team north carolina oregon sag. member of the villanova a brotherly connection right here, so as we take a look at the game one of the people that we saw, time again and gannon camera was jenkins, but he was not playing. why was he featured so prominently? we will explain. take a look. >> arcidiacono 32nd, mid court , gives to it jenkins for
5:45 am
championship. >> yeah. >> villanova. >> yeah. >> so who could forget last year when villanova forward broke tar heels hearts last year with that championship winning three pointer at the buzzer for for the title game. jenkins was sitting right behind unc coach roy williams wearing a north carolina shirt why? his brother plays for the team nate brit playing for tar heels and that is why he has been at all of these games since wildcats were eliminated from the tournament. >> life long friend but they are much more than that, jenkins was adopted by brit's family so he could pursue his basketball career. celebrating together. quick check of traffic here at 5:45. this morning, bob. >> good morning, keeping it in the family. here's alive look at i-95, what a hot mess we have got here now. hazmat crews pulled up to the scene, jackknife tractor trailer punctured fuel tank and spilled 60 gallons of diesel fuel all live south on
5:46 am
i-95 approaching cottman avenue. here's jackknife tractor trailer, big spotlights, hazmat team all here in front. what is tough is not only do we have the oil but they cannot put down that natural kitty litter oil dry because it is raining, it will not dot trick, they have to mop it up in a different manner. bottom line all traffic pushed over to what would be that right shoulder, of the roadway so i-95 is a hot mess, there is assumed in shot of the busted fuel tank. your best bet, roosevelt boulevard out of northeast philadelphia, if you are from the neighborhood, if you can event's couldn't man avenue you will bypass the jam. the accident ace approaching cottman avenue interchange. where every go side streets, frankford torresdale you know the drill, get to cottman and you will be good to go. or forget is there a river there, pay a couple bucks and go across the bridge and come down route 130 on the new
5:47 am
jersey side. is there the accident scene and it will impact everyone from northeast philadelphia, bucks county coming down i-95 in that funnel instead of the four lanes down to one as awe approach cottman avenue. all this rain we have been having plus high tide, trenton , route one, high water between perry and olden avenue in new castle, airport road that flood out when we get a drizzle but that is block at ramps to i-95 and they are running with delays on both paoli line and route 13 trolley. when does mother nature turn off spigot, sueby has the answer in 152nd. a lot going on, ultimate doppler radar not only here in the philadelphia area but more out to the western part of
5:48 am
pennsylvania. we will keep an eye on that throughout the rest of the morning plus severe thunderstorms in the northern part of the florida, around jacksonville, this morning but back to us, widely scattered showers, they are pretty light what we have right now but there is more on the way. so we will zoom into philadelphia, and part of delco, around half forward we are seeing rain. go up north around bucks county around buckingham we have a few showers as well. southern new jersey these just popped up in the last half an hour north of vineland and around deerfield and other parts of the cumberland county widely scattered showers as well. lets watch ultimate doppler radar in the only today but once we get into thursday and keeping an eye on the friday forecast. today we have got some showers around throughout the rest of the morning. cloud lingering for a while. then sun comes out. because this is a warm front we will get warm in the 70's but we have the chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms maybe three or four or even in the evening hours. we will clear out overnight.
5:49 am
we have a beautiful, sunny day on wednesday, and then wednesday night into thursday, it looks like we are setting up for a super soaker for thursday, do you remember last friday? we have rain in the morning, we have rain late morning, lunchtime, afternoon and heavy downpours at times and then just after that some chillier air on the way, this is possibility of up in the northwestern part of the state , but probably not here, you know we were looking at there, the s word. out to the west of us, 53 in reading. west chester at 58. here in philadelphia it is 60 degrees. sixty-five in middletown delaware. fifty-seven in williamstown in new jersey and 61 in wood land that is where we are, heading to a high of 75 we will see some sunshine eventually but not much this morning. 68 degrees by tomorrow, beautiful day, and then the rain, thunderstorms on thursday, maybe lingering into friday, that is the wild card
5:50 am
for the phillies home opener but rest of the weekend looks good. rest of the series with the nationals, and then none we're back in the 70's. that is your seven day forecast, guys. >> all right, sue 5:50. trending right now it is equal payday national campaign to draw attention to the pay gap between men and women. >> so it also symbolizes. >> you know you get paid more than i do. >> women's wages catches up to what men were paid the previous year. congress will recognize this day by reintroducing a bill to strengthen protections for women in the work place. experts say there are several reasons for pay in equality including out right discrimination, unconscious bias and differences also in experience and education. there is a new study done by lean in to the organize that says on average women earn 20 percent less money then men do, researchers say closing this pay gap mean there would be three millwork would go men and families lifting them out of poverty.
5:51 am
need to be done. twitter make something changes this morning. >> so default if you pick a picture, it is a egg. well, they are change ago this >> what will it be. >> you were right. >> instead of the egg they will use that, you know, profile picture right there, that is what we will see instead of the egg, a neutral human silhouette. company says there was an association between the default egg and internet troll s, so the movies to sort of change that and strategy to fight harassment in hopes of the new design will encourage users to up load their own personal profile picture. >> now we will have troll was silhouettes, that is not going to change anything. 5:51. good morning, good news here. today you can get free ice cream at ben and jerry's all morning long, or noon to 8:00. we will give you more details here from 12 to 8:00 customers , i'm so excited about this as many free cones as they want for precone day. go on line, do a google search and fine the closest location
5:52 am
near you. any flavor, chunky monkey, cherry gar see. check late cherry gar see ace -- is off the hook. delicious food and we amazing and we crave, christie jeep, gear deli, are teaming up to make some amazing doughnuts. here's their new flavors. see salt carmel and mint chocolate inspired by cot's own squares that are so popular. see salt carmel is filth with salted carmel dipped in people just chocolate icing and topped with more sugar and salt, and sugar and salt. mint chocolate chip that flavor is filled with white, mint cream, and then also dipped in that check late icing and then topped with the mint chocolate chips and coated with powdered sugar. i'm already in line. >> harrison ford will in the face any penalties after mistakenly landing on a taxiway at a airport in southern california earlier this year. this means he will be able to
5:53 am
fly, without any restrictions. ford's attorney says actor has been cooperative during the entire investigation and been a pilot for more than 20 years with more than 5,000 hours of flight experience without any incident. he landed on the wrong runway next to a large plane, investigation went on but he has been cleared. >> he had an accident a year or two ago, he landed on a golf course. >> let's hope it is the last. >> yes. prison break resurrection returns to fox tonight. >> this one will be reuniting brothers lincoln, michael for yet another escape after one that was thought to have been dead. actor wentworth miller and dominic par sell say fans will not be disappointed. our mutual friend, jody harris , this is just so good. they have been friend guest starring on another show together they said lets do this reboot. >> we're getting out of this country. >> we work together or we both
5:54 am
die. >> the idea was to honor what came before and live up to what has already been established. we wanted to make a great, product, story to stand alongside what came along before but also make it present day and contemporary. >> so cute. >> so those stars will be on good day coming up later on good day this morning and prison break will be right here on fox tonight at 9:00. jody gives it two thumbs up.
5:55 am
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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welcome back, exactly 5:57. no too long we will have a big draft party right there on our parkway. but we're excited because we have learn diana ross is coming back to philadelphia this summer. >> ♪ >> she will be at mann center july 29th as part of her name of love tour she has not been to philadelphia since 2015, tickets go on sale friday. we are learning new developments following the big shooting that happened quadruple shooting that has happened, third person has died, jenny joyce will have the latest coming up next on "good day philadelphia".
5:58 am
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okay i want to see flowers in may. it seems like we have had a lot of rain. another wet start to the morning commute but when it clears you will like the way you look, and the way you feel the warm temperatures, i feel it already. how long will it last. rain may have been a factor. live look at i-95 south a hazmat situation involving a jackknife


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