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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 8, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the car was perfect. a shame the races get decided by guys who are not balanced at the front. we did all we could do. been a tough couple of rays for us so we'll enjoy having a drink tonight and -- >> winners just like too win, guys. the second place when they reflect back on the end of the year, will be a good result. >> devastated, j.b., because he finally had victory potentially. jordan taylor will be tough to stom. >> speaking of that moment, let's look at our "audi moves of the race," the one we just talked about. >> this is why he's frustrated. goes to the outside. seen that a little late. didn't have the head of steam ta jordan taylor did. but jordan taylor getting that bar back online, managing the break into turn one and no mistakes was superb. >> they're still cheening up in
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the hair pin that turned into a parking lot here. what a fascinate, unique, interesting race we had here. next round of the championships, circuit of the americas first weekend in may after three very different events. this next one we're on a real racetrack. >> superb facility. if you haven't been there before and you're thinking of going, there's not a better facility in all of north america. make the visit. the race will be superb. >> for justin, brian, calvin, i'm greg. thanks for joining us. we look forward to talking to you again from austin, texas. why give it brakes that belong on a racetrack? why on earth build a sedan that goes 200 mph? sfx: engine revving ♪ it's simple,
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you can build a car, or you can build a cadillac.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. developing tonight in montgomery county, an investigation into the death of a teenaged girl. good evening everybody i'm joyce evans. now the possible circumstances of what may have happened to her making it even more difficult for friends, family and her entire community. fox 29's sabina kuriakose spoke with people who knew her. >> reporter: grieve counselors on hand for second day at spring forward high school in royersford. on this beautiful spring saturday families and students quietly seeking help to deal with the tragi tra and sudden df ninth grade girl. police are investigating claims of cyber bullying in connection
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with what appears to be the teenager's suicide. >> touch a lot of people. yeah. >> reporter: pastor melissa of christ search of the valley says the young teen was a devoted church member for years. >> she would come every single sunday and volunteer in our children's programming in our elementary age group. >> people here are stunned. they say the girl was very lov loved. the district superintendent releasing this statement which reads in part "our thoughts are with the family as they struggle to make sense of this tragedy. we encourage our school community to care for one another as we cope with this loss of a young life ". >> it's hard. um, we're just devastated for -- for her and we're just really caring for the family and thinking and praying about them. >> reporter: the church and the school district are offering resources for anyone affected by this death. and they're asking anyone who feels alone or sees somebody else facing similar situation to
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ask for help. >> we just want people, kids and adults to know that there are people available, so don't be afraid to reach out. um, because people are waiting to reach back. >> reporter: limerick township police are investigating. they hope to have more information released in the coming days. meanwhile, the school district plans to have grief counselors available through next week and christ church of the valley says they're going to have tribute for the teen during services tomorrow night. in limerick township, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. also, developing to night, police say somebody tried to abduct a seven-year-old boy in quakertown, bucks county. police were called to the unit block of elm street just before 7:00 last night. now the boy says he was riding his bicycle outside his house when a man jumped from behind a bush and ran toward him. then he tried to grab him but the boy ran to a nearby elementary school where his mother later found him. police are still looking for the man involved in that incident.
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and this all comes as police in new castle county, delaware, search for the man who abducted a four-year-old girl and sexua sexually assaulted her. we first told you about this story on thursday night. the girl had been lured away while she was playing with her friends near her home. police say the man forced her into his car and drove away. the girl was found two hours later miles from her house at a park in newport. police say at tack kerr was driving a dark colored four door car with tinted windows. a man who police say -- believe they say set the fire at famous fourth street deli they have a man under arrest tonight. 59-year-old juan berkeley facing charges for that costly fire set back in february. bark system accused of setting two other fires in center city in january causing damage to a parked car and another building. arson is just one of the many charges he is facing. and turning now your fox 29
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weather authority. these folks spent part of their day enjoying time at wiggins park. this is the marina in camden. plenty of bright sunshine but still quite chilly in the air out there. meteorologist monica cryan here says just you wait. >> yeah. >> the good stuff is on the way. >> i can't wait, monica. >> i know it will come as early as tomorrow. we're expecting temperatures to continue to warm up. here's what the highs were for today. upper 50s go 60s a bit below average talking 60 degrees in philadelphia. we had 59 for those of us in reading, 60 degrees in trenton. want to look at your temperatures. 59 in philadelphia. wrightstown also at 58 degrees. 58 in allentown. 56 for those of us in wildwood but it wasn't just the cooler temperatures. it was also that wind. we had some gusty winds out there right now at 25 miles per hour in philadelphia. 20 in trenton. so it made it feel that much cooler out there whipping up we're looking at your doppler radar, and man it was clear. you may see a few clouds through
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the overnight but it will stay clear as we head into our sund sunday. temperatures dropping overnight into the low 40s. some areas into the 30s. but wait until we head into the afternoon. tomorrow afternoon, monday afternoon and even into tuesday afternoon it's going to continue to climb i've got a look at those highs coming up in your full forecast. back to you. >> can't wait, thank you monica. police say damage at a delaware county cemetery was not the work of vandals. as many as 30 headstones and markers at mount sharon cemetery were found toppled over yesterday. but springfield township police say that they have been in contact with the cemetery owners there and they say the environment and other reasons are probably why those markers were disturbed. vandalism was the first thought that came to mind especially after all that damage caused at grave markers at the mt. carmel jewish cemetery in frankford. this was in february. police still have not found the vandals in that case.
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a new exhibit at the penn museum hopes to shed some light on cultures in the middle east. impacted by the war. it's called cultures in the crossfire. stories from syria and iraq. visitor which is brows dozens of ancient art and artifacts. it features the work of people are doing to keep, fresh losing that culture there. organizers say that it highlights the beauty in that war torn region. >> it's very important for the people who, um, you know, are suffering there. not on lives of people that have been affected but also the stones and the ruins and the old history. >> local refugees and immigrants invited to the ribbon cutting to today. meanwhile, the international community is reacting to president trump's launching air strikes in syria following that chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of people. fox's lucas tomlinson reports trump administration officials are not ruling out more strikes.
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>> reporter: reaction continues to pour into president trump and's air strikes in syr syria. demonstrators have taken to the streets in parts of the united states and syria in opposition to the attack. >> translator: we're steadfast. we will continue and not be terrified by the attacks and by the tomahawk missiles. syrian people will not be terrified by those attacks on the syrian values. >> reporter: but the overall response to the president's action is positive. >> i think the president made the right first step and i think he has the support of the american people. >> reporter: president trump and tweeting a congratulatory message to the us navy sailors who kicked the strike. roughly 20 jets hit the syrian base were destroyed including fuel and ammunition depots but the runway was left largely untouched. officials are also reporting that up to 100 russian military personnel at the base were left unscathed. the attack was in response to the chemical weapons attack earlier this week that killed dozens of of whom were children. syrian air force has more than
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dozen other bases in operation. allowing the regime's war to take the skies as they hit opposition targets across the country. one of though targets near the location of this week's deadly chemical attack some are calling for more act. >> i think that we need to have further air operations to stop this kind of slaughter. i would argue for a no-fly zone and arming and training the free syrian army. >> reporter: the us ambassador to the united nations is not ruling out the possibility of more air strikes. >> we are prepared to do more. but we hope that will not be necessary. >> reporter: less than dozen ear yann jets were left untouched in the tomahawk missile strike. making it likely they could be used again in the future. at the pentagon lucas tomlinson, fox news. a murder mystery with a trail of bodies leaving families grieving after three guys who worked together are targeted. before they died their parents made sure that she would be set to continue living
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comfortably inside the family home. but she says rising taxes almost forced her out. how people like you kept ali smith's dream alive. ♪ vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers. by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie.
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♪ fox 29 investigates a murder and shooting spree carried out against workers at a local tow truck company. two employees died. another critically wounded in a bloody 24 hour period. the killer still out there on the loose. dave schratwieser has a story you're going to see only on fox 29.
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♪ >> my grandson. he was the fifth of 14. he lived live to the fullest. >> reporter: marie fruster says she feels the loss of her grandson cayenne every day. she misses his smile, his dedication to his two sons and the mother of his two boys. >> work hard, play hard. that was his life. >> marie says their lives changed january 13th that's when surveillance cameras caught the 28-year-old fruster being gunned down execution style as he jumped into a tow truck on the 6600 block of hager man street headed to work at bob's towing. >> just left the house and he i her shots. no rationale why they blew my grant son's brains out like that because he just walk up to him. >> i believe there were six shots fired. >> reporter: homicide detectives joe and john are investigating fruster's unsolved
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murder. as this video shows he was shot one time in the back of the head. his co-worker at a bob's tow truck driver tom wilshire was shot multiple times. they say whoever shot the two men was lying in wait. >> fruster the deceased victim was definitely the intended target of this attack. report when it was time to do what he was intended on doing calmly walked over, no rush. >> reporter: somehow tow truck driver tom wilshire survived the barrage of gunfire. >> he went to a hospital and got saved at the hospital. that's why he's alive today. >> reporter: family members say fruster worked three jobs to support his family. he had no enemies, no criminal record, and no threats on his life before the murder. >> i'm not allowed to use the words i want to use. but somebody's mother son is out there and you didn't teach him to respect life. >> reporter: fruster's murder is further complicated by
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another execution style murder caught on camera just 24 hours earlier. it was outside this bar in the 4500 block of mill rose street. this is where 35-year-old eric robinson another tow truck driver at a. basketball's was gunned down. >> the shooter walks right up and begins firing as he's walking up and then stands over our victim and puts at least one or two more into the victim. >> reporter: detectives say robinson was shot just moments after he walk down the block from a. bob's towing on orthodox street. he was on his way to see his girlfriend at the melrose bar. the detectives believe the killer stalked robinson at the store next to the bar. >> he peeks out the window and sees our victim standing outside of the business. he then orders a beer and leaves the premises going back the way he came. approximately 15 minutes later, we have our offender who is now in a vehicle say 15 or 2016
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hyundai sonata. he comes down melrose street. our victim is still standing on the side of the premises but he's talking to his girl friend at this time. >> very calm person who walked up with the intent to execute this guy. >> reporter: the gunman ran from the scene to his hyundai sonata parked a block away and drove off. there is a $20,000 reward being offered in each of the murder cases and tips have come in. but three months later, the killer is still on the loose. police believe it's the same suspect carrying the same caliber weapon. so far the only link between the two murder victims and the tow truck driver who was wounded is that they all worked for a. bob's towing. >> some way, somehow something is but i don't know. i can't put my finger on it report roar we went to amount bob's towing to see if anyone had a comment. they're still shaken up by all the violence and did not want to comment. detectives are now looking for the public's help to catch a
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killer and marie fruster, she wants to know why a murderer took her grandson's life. >> i want him behind bars because i would like to visit him every day the rest of his life. >> reporter: for fox 29 investigates, i'm dave schratwieser. police in delaware have a man behind bars tonight for human trafficking. police say this man right here 55-year-old jorge arch nay yo was involved in a prostitution ring that was run out of had a mobile home in georgetown, delaware. this is in sussex county. police watched the home and they say they saw a number of men go in and out. when authorities burst inside they say they also discovered a victim. a 25-year-old woman from the dominican republic in one of the bedrooms. the suspect is being held on $250,000 cash bond. splitting up with a spouse can split to a splitting headache at tax time. how you can avoid tax day surprises after a divorce.
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plus -- here we go. >> that's a baby girl on the way to the hospital to be born her mom went into labor.
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♪ here we go.
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certainly an unforgettable day on the job for one new jersey state trooper. he helped a woman deliver her daughter on the side of i-78. happened in the town of summit. this was thursday morning. the mother was being driven to the hospital by a friend but her little girl could not wait. the driver pulled over to the side of the road and called 911. the baby was delivered within minutes of the trooper's arrival. mom and baby were taken to the hospital. they're both in good condition tonight. well, many residents in north philadelphia spent their saturday focusing on their health. the omega chapter of alpha cpa alpha sorority host add free community wellness fair at the john f. street community center people were able to get free screenings, food and they played some games, too. they were also able to take advantage of some resources to promote healthier living. it all kicked off with a community walk aka organizers say that they wanted people to walk out of their feeling both
6:26 pm
healthier and happier. >> we're here for the community, and he were have really special resources to give. very important resources, and we really want everyone to take advantage of this very important service that we're doing for the community. >> well people were also able to participate in techniques to relax and relieve that stress like meditation. well if you noticed the streets of philadelphia were a little bit cleaner today. it wasn't just a quinn dense. hundreds of volunteers spent part of their weekend today throwing out trash and viewing you have streets. this video shows mayor jim kenney kicking off the tenth annual philly spring cleanup at the hunting park recreation center. it's just one of many public spaces across the city that volunteers helped to clean up. well, getting a second opinion could save your life. what a new study shows about how -- just how much and how
6:27 pm
many patients benefit from that second look. the cast of rosewood is getting ready for the second season. i should say the season finale. they got to close it out first. what lead actor morris chestnut who looks so good says about the twists and turns that you should expect.
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♪ the fbi and philadelphia police are hoping these surveillance pictures lead to the arrest of this man. they say he robbed a republic bank on 16th and walnut. that happened thursday morning. suspect walked into the center city location with a note after passing the message to the teller, he was able to get away with an undisclosed amount of cash. officials are warning the man should be considered armed and dangerous. getting a second opinion from a doctor could save your life. new research shows that 90% of people who sought another opinion went home with a revised or refined diagnosis. fox's rob olson explains why seeking more medical advice
6:31 pm
could be crucial. >> reporter: mayo clinic researchers quick to point out with this study that general practitioners make diagnoses every day that many of them are correct about. what they're looking at here specifically are those patients who are referred because their cases are complex or there are questions about that initial diagnosis. and what they found in a vast majority of these cases is that getting a second opinion was a good idea. >> so i was a little surprised that there was as high percentage of patients who we really did find something completely different. >> reporter: dr. robert lure is one of two mayo physicians involved in the study looking at 286 patient that is were accept to mayo to see a specialist to get a second opinion. it found one in five it was something entirely different. >> we all know that happens. but it was about 20 a little over 20%, 21%, that the referring diagnosis was fatigue and the final diagnosis was leukemia.
6:32 pm
something like that. >> reporter: what dr. luhr wants to be clear about these were patients who were referred because there were questions. from a doctor who wanted somebody else to take another look. >> it doesn't mean that one in five diagnoses at the primary care physician or the nurse practitioner's office is wrong. by any means. because most of the time they're right. these are patients who for whatever reason needed some more work. >> what does this mean these second opinions often do pay off. in addition to the 20% misdiagnosed about two-thirds needed a clearer diagnosis. about 12% there was no change. they believe it shows doctors shouldn't be afraid to receiver. >> providers always and i put myself in this category you need to know your limits. if there's something that i don't feel comfortable with i need to get some help and that applies to everybody at any level whether you're a medical student or very experienced. >> reporter: take away here not just for doctors but for
6:33 pm
patients is to push for a second opinion. if you have questions. getting that second opinion can often lead to better results. ♪ now to your fox 29 weather authority. here's live look into old city tonight. it was a cool day around the region. we only reached about 60 degrees for the high. felt a little cooler to me. but some good news a warmup, big warmup is on the way. meteorologist monica cryan is tracking all that for us now. hey, monica. >> joyce, i think the reason that it felt cooler is that wind. that's northwesterly wind coming in from canada it's pretty cool, and it's gusting to about 16 to 20 miles per hour making those temperatures that much cooler. 59 degrees your high for today. 60 and here's what's going on with the jet stream. we've had a bit of a dip in the jet stream which is why yesterday and the day before that it was cool out there and there was also some rain. now what's going to happen want to you notice this jet stream starts to push up towards the
6:34 pm
north this is what we call your ridging affect. this ridging affect really sends those winds out of the south. and that's why we're talking temperatures 70 even near 80 degrees monday and as we head into tuesday. we'll talk about those temperatures in just a bit but will you be able to enjoy it? looking at your future cast notice that we've got mostly clear skies through the rest of the evening. as we head into the early morning hours of our sunday we're waking up to lot of sunshine, and even into the afternoon we're going to keep it dry. so we are going to be able to enjoy these very warm temperatures as we head into sunday, monday, and even into tuesday. there's really slim rain chances over the next seven days. so let's take a look at your overnight temperatures. 40 degrees in philadelphia. we've got 35 for those of us in allentown. wilmington coming in at about 3d overnight dropping into the 40s. so for tonight we are talking some cool temperatures. remember that jet stream is
6:35 pm
still dipped over top of us it's really not until we head into tomorrow and the new work week that those temperatures will start to rebound right back up. so we're looking another your high tomorrow 69 degrees. it's going to be a nice sunshi sunshine. some comfortable temperatures. and what's even better are those winds are going to be calming down through tonight winds will be calming from five to 10 miles per hour and so it's those temperatures are going to feel as they are. so we're talking 77 degrees on monday. a lot going on including phillies games. maybe you can get out there enjoy those phillies games because we've got very nice temperatures. look at this. tuesday 81. we're hitting the 80s finally. we haven't done that since october of last year. we've got low 70s as we head into wednesday. wednesday we're at 71 degrees. partly cloudy conditions. really only chance for some rain tuesday and even that's pretty slight. we could see scattered showers as we head into tuesday. wednesday more sunshine. back to you. all right. thank you monica. there's a new way to know what's
6:36 pm
in your mail before you even open it up. the new system offering that convenience. plus, the cast of rosewood is getting ready for their season finale. what the star of that show morris chestnut has to say about all the twists and turns you can expect to see.
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♪ one of britain's most recognizable landmarks is getting a fixer up. license don's big ben will be stopped for the first time since 1859. work on the colossal tower began today and it will last for three years. it costs nearly $42 million to repair it and it is the biggest job in decades for that huge clock. big ben is actually the name of the largest one of its five bells. it's officially named the elizabeth tower in name of, energy honor of queen elizabeth the second. well the fox hit rosewood is gearing up for its season fina finale. i know it's got to go, though. tonight star morris chestnut gives fans a peek into what's in store. >> she crazy three more episodes before the rosewood season
6:40 pm
finale. star morris chestnut says he's continually impressed by all of the twists in this procedural drama. >> you fought with ashleyly the day you died and we found your wig hair on the body. >> sometimes when they're going good they end up bad. sometimes we think they're bad they may be good but they're always on the fence you never really no. >> unfortunately it will take 24 hours to prepare the body for autopsy. >> our tone shifts. one minute we can be very serious. next minute we can all be humorous and funny went all have strong strong family dynamic. not only plays on screen but it's also behind the scenes as well. no broken nails. no bruises or lacerations. >> he says some of the cases that his character investigates are inspired by real life events. >> there's a lot of creative license you know just to make it different and, you know, not get sued. but, yeah. cases are inspired. >> the message was left in organic material. >> our technical add 55 onset he
6:41 pm
seen i can't even name how many murders and homicides he's seen and witnessed and he's had to autopsy, and you would be surprised of a lot of his stories. >> and when it comes to romance between rosy and via morris says fans just need to be patient. >> the finale episode, um, rosy and v. a we also have some discussions about where we are in our romantic relationships with each other. >> it's not like every woman can have their own rosy. >> in hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news. well, splitting up way spouse can lead to a splitting headache at tax time. how you can avoid tax day surprises after a divorce. plus, before they died her parents made sure she would be set to continue living comfortably inside the family home but she says rising taxes almost forced her out of there. how people like you kept alice smith's dream alive. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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alright gus,[giggle]next. ready? ok. go!...seahorse... no. -giant snail. -flamingo. the water... ...under the... pony! no. bow and arrow? oh oh... uh-huh. yeah. the leaning tower of pisa. ah-oh. [giggle] really?! [ding] ohhhh. what was it? bank on it. ohh, the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of $300 grand! oh, i knew what it was the entire time. [laughter] keep on scratchin'. in your money we're talking tax time. yeah the filing deadline is fast approaching and if you're recently divorced things could get a little complicated in your returns. fox's jerry willis explains what you need to be watching out for.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: it's bad enough going through divorce but if you fail to carefully plan, you could create attacks nightmare. key to getting it right is understanding the diss its different wait irs treats alimony and child support and get this, to be deductible you have to take alimony as a cash payment not property. the rules change when it comes to child support. there's no deduction attributable to a child support payment because in the eyes of the law that's a parent's obligation. likewise, the receiving parent doesn't have to report child support as income. to avoid tax day surprises lay out the details in any pre divorce plan. >> all that should all be discussed and argued and settled in the divorce decree don't trying to figure it out lately. >> in new york, gerri willis. delays for delta airlines are lasting through the weekend after those severe thunderstorms ripped right through parts of
6:46 pm
the eastern coast. on wednesday, i was caught up in that myself. the airline already canceled 3,000 flights because of the storm, and the airline said more flights could be canceled this weekend as they try to get back on schedule. the storms heavily impacted delta's hub at hearts felled gentleman jackson international airport in atlanta. 60% of the airlines fleet role in and out of there every day. kfc wants to make its chicken little bit healthier. don't worry it's still going to be deep fried. the restaurant chain says that by the end of 2018 it will only serve chicken that is raised without antibiotics. kfc joins a growing list of fast food companies that have made changes for their health conscious eaters. south carolina residents are some of the first people to try out the new service from the postal service. informed delivery allows people to see what's in the mail, what's going to be delivered to
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your mailbox before it gets there. here's how it works. the postal service takes images of your mail as part of their sorting process. residents who sign up for the service then get an e-mail with those pictures. the service is expected to expand. ♪ they can be a lot of darkness in our headlines but our bill anderson looks for the light and tonight it's a family and community united to help a disable woman who saw her taxes sky rocket and she was at risk of losing her home. here's bill for goodness sake. >> reporter: you've lived here pretty much all your life. >> yes, pretty much all my life, and i love living here. >> reporter: alice smith's parents knew that complications from her polio would make it difficult for her to ever be able to pay for her childhood home they didn't want heff to have to leave they made the necessary arrangements for the home to be paid for before they passed away but in new jersey common problem increasing taxes
6:48 pm
has put alice in the position where she could be forced out of that home where she's lived for nearly 60 years. so your parents bought the house. >> yes. >> reporter: and gave it to you? >> yeah. >> reporter: why did they do that? >> um, because they wanted me to stay here and that was my dream. >> reporter: alvis physically and mentally disable. she is fairly independent living on her own in haddonfield with care takers visiting daily, but i had been warned she doesn't exactly a just well to strange strangers. thankfully alice and i immediately found a common bond. >> i used to love to listen to wdas at night georgie woods, oh, my god, i had a ball listening to them. >> reporter: i grew up at wd wdas. >> my father used to manage that station. now we're friends she shared much of the situation. alice receives permanent disability and her late father's pension roughly $17,000 a year. with family support she got by.
6:49 pm
but as taxes rose to $8,500, she got behind and faced foreclosu foreclosure. >> if somebody told you they wanted you to move, what would you say? >> hell, no. you go to hell. >> reporter: [ laughter ] >> reporter: unfortunately as alice remained in her home the foreclosure moved forward. the family didn't have the money to pay back taxes and reversed mortgage couldn't be completed because the house had thousands of dollars up improvements that to happen first so her brother and nephew launched a gofundme account. >> absolutely amazed and very encouraged. you put out there there's somebody in need and how quickly people responded. >> reporter: thousands of dollars poured in. enough money to pay alice's back taxes make the home repairs and complete a reverse mortgage. alice's house appears to be safe. >> there's other people out there who, um, who may not have the support that alice has. also may be elderly or physically handicapped and may be getting taken out of their
6:50 pm
home. >> reporter: while alice showed me her love for the piano and we continued to talk old time radio she remains unaware of how close she came to losing the only house she's ever known. >> all my memories have been in this house. >> reporter: the hope is that alice's story will inspire decision makers to take a long look at policies and how they impact many of those least able to care for themselves for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ nice story there. for goodness sake you have bad news? >> tough time in philadelphia sports right now, joyce. >> really. >> you know what we got the phillies. so who knows. bright future ahead. >> all right. that's what we're -- >> i'm waiting. >> with only one game left in the season the flyers mut decide on bringing back goalie steve mason. hear from mason himself. the phillies looked to bounce back after a tough one run loss
6:51 pm
in the home opener. on the mound tonight is aaron nola. here from coach mackanin on what he expects next in sports.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
♪ his flyers season was all about making the playoffs. after a disappointing season two as gm for flyers last year ron hextall whose in control from everything from hiring to college coach to hasn't pickl py the the players they needed to show progress in year three. they finished with the worse record than last year and eliminated from play off contention last sunday. show must go on though. interesting off season two games left in the season. flyers and blue jack today's. for period scoreless at the wells fargo sent. pierre puts the flyers on the board first. one to nothing good guys. fast forward second period. flyers up-one on the power
6:54 pm
player. claude giroux finds vorachek he skates around and finds the back of the net. flyers within four-two now with only one game left the attention quickly shifts to off season movements. >> not in a position here where, um, moving forward i have any indication of what's going to be happening. summertime it will be an uneasy exciting and, you know, stressful time i'm sure. >> started off with steve when we were 19 years old. had an opportunity to play with mason four years now. nothing but good memories. >> phillies opened up play at home yesterday when they welcome the washington nationals to town for three. after falling to a seven-zero deficit the phils made eight ballgame in the bot. to ninth ended up losing by one. today aaron nola gets the start and there's high expectations for the young righty the number seven overall pick in 2015 draft had solid rookie campaign
6:55 pm
sophomore season was cut short due to elbow soreness. now with off season of rest and a full spring training under nola's belt the path is there if nola wants to be a top of the the rotation starter. >> we were pleasantly surprised that he had his velocity in spring training. he had better velocity in the spring than he had all last year, so that with that, wish that being said we know he's healthy. when he's been good, he's hit his location with his fast ball down in the strike zone both sides of the plate. that's what i'm looking for him to do. if he can do that, that's sets up every other pitch he has. >> talk sixer after season fin finding down with a miss on post season play our philadelphia 76ers there's only three games left in the season. for the most part all eyes are on the rookie of the year hopeful dario saric. head coach brett brown spoke with the media today about the award and said quote that's our trophy it comes through philadelphia. well that's a hundred percent our statue of wilt chamberlain today the sixers unveiled their third and final
6:56 pm
statue outside of their state of the art practice facility in camden. chamberlain joins hal greer, billy cunningham and completes the trio statue that is honors the 50th anniversary of the 1967 sixers championship team. history was made last night in nba for the first time in 55 years, only the second player ever, russell westbrook from the okc thunder clinch add triple average for the season wolf games to play, 31 points, 10.7 rebounds and 10.4 assists. >> can never say in a million years i would ever think that was even possible. for me to do it it's he can treatmently a blessing. something that i'm honored, and to be able to do it especially in this game today at the highest level true blessing. i'm very thankful. >> unbelievable season. he is the mvp. all right. masters round three action picked back up today and it was another beautiful day ugh is it
6:57 pm
a georgia leader board reads as follies... it's going to be fun one tomorrow for sure. >> yeah. >> all right. >> thank you so much. and be sure to join us tonight for fox 29 news. what police say one man mailed to president trump led to all out manhunt much she's losing her fight to feed hungry kids constantly hitting brick walls but those kids they have an offer to help that will warm your heart. that's our news for this saturday night. your life lottery drawing is next followed by tmz. see you tonight at 10:00. ♪
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