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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 15, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> jon: tough for reis. never received this kind of attention, gotten this much media in any of his fights before. that was something he was getting used to. still getting his timing, a bit of a slow start here in round 1 as he settles into the fight. a shot here from wilson reis. in kansas city. johnson continues to attack here. good start for the champ. another quick right hand from d.j. just so hard to hit, slips and gets back into the octagon. johnson is on point tonight, much better start of the missile. >> brian: turned the corner on wilson reis marcotte him repeatedly with the right hand,
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nice work by demetrious johnson. >> jon: 20 seconds to go in the opening round. round 2 coming up, folks. [horn blares] ♪ i can't get enough. ♪ i love it, love it, love it. ♪ let's keep it going on. ♪ i can't get enough. ♪ i love it, love it, love it. ♪ don't stop. don't stop. ♪ i can't get enough. ♪ i love it, love it, love it. ♪ let's keep it going on. ♪ i can't get enough. ♪ i love it, love it, love it. man: now starting at 299.00 it's time for you and your boys to get out of town. (laughing) left foot. right foot. left foot. stop. twitch your eyes so they think you're crazy. if you walk the walk you talk the talk. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance
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you switch to geico. hide the eyes. it's what you do. show 'em real slow. >> jon: while many of you were in commercial break, we got to listen to two of the best corner men. your thoughts? >> i love what he told wilson reis. i'm looking to land the third strike. watch the legs. when d.j.'s legs are there, then you finish with the punch. when you're starting to move away, i wanted to finish with the leg kicks. he wants wilson reis landing strikes at every opportunity. and also try to catch him. and he wants demetrious johnson to be throwing more punches, feels like wilson reis is just covering up. needs the opportunity for demetrious to throw more than one punch at a time.
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he did say, be wary, make sure you exit and slip away. >> jon: reis already landing at a better clip in round 2. wednesday, april 19th, the season premiere of "the ultimate fighter: redemption." big season coming up. wednesday, april 19th. >> brian: excellent job, a moment ago, defended that takedown attempt. having a hard time finding him on the feet, not seeing the combination that his coach called for.
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johnson showing reis the southpaw look here. he transitions so seamlessly it stands to stands, denying reis the ability. they can get that body lock and take you down. just cut the corner, not there, never in front of him. >> jon: in and out, tonight, into the corner of wilson reis. >> keep that glove, keep that glove. >> move your body! >> again to the leg, again today leg! reloaded. you have to reload it. again, reload it. >> jon: the left hand, gets out of harm's way. we were chat there for
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wilson reis. >> brian: you can see the respect johnson has for the clinch and power of wilson reis. johnston, a master at understanding distance. >> jon: arguably reis' best shot. again, demetrious has been so good with that straight right hand, straight through, perfect hand to use against the southpaw, splits the defense. he's done it repeatedly tonight. >> jon: a beautiful kick to the body for johnson, right under the left elbow of wilson reis! and every time reis thinks about
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taking him down -- >> brian: even when reis had some nice attempts in round 1 and looked like he had him down, just two quick, wasted energy for wilson reis. 's for one some swelling around the eye of wilson reis. all demetrious johnson through . oh! beautiful left hand for demetrious johnson. >> brian: the thing is too, when he is landing punches, not even getting the counterstrike. not even getting the opportunity to get in that big right hand and catch him. >> jon: some blood coming down now out of the nose of wilson reis. >> brian: at this point, reis' got to abandon it and make this
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fight as ugly as he can. force the clinch, force the brawl. all easier said than done. >> jon: d.j. here, got him down. final seconds of round 2. [horn blares] round 2 to the champion punctuated by that right hand. >> brian: johnson not even breathing hard. beautiful knee, the attempt after he caught the knee, started to drop the knee party. >> take a deep breath. double down. >> jon: will be right back in 30 seconds. 30 seconds. stay with us.
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♪ 30 seconds. stay with ♪ around the world. around the clock. in defense of all we hold dear back home. learn more at >> jon: there is wilson reis. demetrious johnson, don't be reckless. god still delight that whack a mole pop up. >> brian: when reis is done covering up, weight on it, that is when he wants him to time it. he would like him to land maybe one more punch at the end of his combination. >> jon: saying johnson can't just prioritize the finish, but that is the case.
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>> in, out, in. in, out, in. >> brian: it looked like wilson reis may have been hurt at the end of that round. when i looked at the replay, it didn't seem so at all. >> jon: nice by johnson to prevent that takedown attempt. >> brian: that right i is closing up. >> jon: reis starting to find some success with his leg kicks, but more often, it has been one and done. >> brian: moving the pressure side to side and every opportunity, trying to force engagement. the takedowns aren't working, not as fast and quick as d.j.
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he is doing the right thing. but that body kick had to hurt. >> jon: reis absorbing a lot of damage here early in round 3. johnson giving him a different look here. johnson back to the wall with that kick. the third one he has landed. those are horrible. not a fun strike to take. you don't hear the big loud slap, but that thud is worse. you can see d.j. starting to look for an opportunity to land some knees. reis getting out of dj's reach.
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>> jon: the attack from reis, no good. >> brian: this is tough, when you are missing with this many strikes, it really messes with your head. you second-guess yourself, and you don't have confidence in what you throw. sometimes you don't even throw the combinations, we are seeing that a little bit here from wilson reis. >> jon: and even when he seemingly kept up there effectively. now d.j. with the takedowns easily. >> brian: been following, following, following, the right foot, smash with the overhand right, immediately transition to the takedown. d.j. does such a nice job of always looking to get on the ground. a lot state half guard or full guard. working on the choke, forces
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wilson reis to get back to side control. >> jon: this is his 29th professional fight, control here for d.j. >> brian: is on the tim elliott fight, d.j. so good here, as you go through all of your textbook escapes, trying to get the half guard or belly down and get up, he has got an answer for all of it. good job for wilson hayes to get back to half guard. -- wilson reis to get back to half guard. >> jon: one of those appeared to open up a cut on the face of wilson reis. >> brian: taking advantage of every single opening.
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>> jon: wilson has got to be thinking, i knew this guy was good. >> brian: here on the ground, both shoulders flat. >> jon: not a good spot here for wilson reis. d.j. working on him here! demetrious johnson! demetrious johnson! the winning track for demetrious johnson, ten title defenses, he moves along side anderson silva, ten successive successful ufc title defenses for the ufc flyweight king,
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demetrious johnson. the move of the fight is sponsored by metropcs. >> brian: the overhand right right in, takes him down, get into dominant position, it is exceptional how he uses his strikes and every opening to help advance his position. so dangerous when he passes your guard. here he is floating on top, landing effective ground and pound transition and strikes until he's got the opening. go to block the strike, the arm bar, look at the wrist control here. perfect technique. another amazing, dominant performance for the champion. >> jon: what do you think will be the best move of the night? let us know out #metromove. and to an end to the postfight show on fx one the fight. -- show on fs1 after the fight.
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demetrious johnson getting it done tonight in kansas city. we are right back on fox.
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okay, that's a one-piece breast. five dollars. hmm, pot pie costs you five bucks. that's a famous bowl, five bills. tenders for a fiver. and that's my two-piece original recipe, also five dollars. that's five real meals, each for five bucks. kfc, it's finger lickin' good. >> jon: they are all still standing here in kansas city, that includes bruce buffer now with the official decision. >> ring announcer: ladies and gentlemen, referee dan miragliotta has called a stop to this contest at 4 minutes and 49 seconds of round number 3, declaring the winner by submission due to an
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arm bar, and still the undefeated ufc flyweight champion of the world, demetrious "mighty mouse" johnson johnson! >> brian: here with the champion, so fast he can't keep the belt on. demetrious, you just tied the record, tenth title defense, how important is this moment to you. >> great here in kansas city, an amazing crowd. >> brian: this is the highest grossing sporting event in the city, by the way. >> that's awesome. happy birthday, son. shout out to my sponsors, metropcs, it was a good night. >> brian: talk about this
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sequence on the big screen, just put together everything to get a finish. >> this is probably the best training camp i've ever had. just be you, just be you, you know. and i went back and did a lot things different this camp. >> brian: i know the historical significance is important to you, but when we talk about the best, do you think tonight, now, your name belongs of among the best ever to step into the octagon? >> you know, i think the crowd recognizes it. i am the best to step foot in the octagon. the strike, clinch, ladies and gentlemen. and everybody at amc, all of the guys, thank you so much for this fight. >> brian: i know there has been talk of you potentially going up to 135 to challenge a
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fighter there. what do you expect next? do you expect to defend again and break the record or possibly bump up and take on the winner of cody garbrandt-t.j. dillashaw. >> i need a million-dollar payday. next time i step in the octagon -- [shouts] >> brian: demetrious johnson! >> jon: that is going to do it for us. from high above the octagon, it is all yours. >> curt: thank you very much. at the end, demetrious said he is the best champion that the ufc has ever had. it is hard to argue. he keeps getting better and better no matter what. break down his performance tonight. >> dominick: , it was perfection. he fought the perfect fight against the man who get taken down early and possibly give him trouble. he beat him up striking first, and staying on the outside, not letting wilson touch them, once
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wilson got softened up, he went for the takedown and caught the finish where he knew he could. you've got to make the better grappler respect your striking a little, beat them up, then they're not as good on the ground. so "mighty mouse" did exactly what he needed to do. a perfect game plan. he knew not to let him have half guard. made it a flawless night for "mighty mouse." >> curt: demetrious johnson's star continues to get better and better. d.c., it may be a star was born tonight with robert whittaker's performance. >> daniel: robert whittaker had the perfect performance. demetrious johnson is a perfect fighter, but robert whittaker part the best fight that he could against jacare. he made jacare stand with him. every takedown attempt, he defended. even when he heard jacare, he didn't rush, he took his time, hides behind the right hand, they throw the right hand, and
10:21 pm
as it is about to connect, the leg is already following it. robert whittaker really made a statement today. if they give him a title shot next, i would not be opposed to it, but because of the lay of the land, he will have to fight again. great job, young man. it doesn't fit better than what you did tonight. robert whittaker, you should be very proud of yourself. >> curt: a fantastic card on fox. next month, the largest and smallest champions will head to texas for a doubleheader worthy of the big t. >> who is the baddest man on the planet? >> and again and again, nobody's going to take it from me. >> he is sensational. >> the former champion! >> i am dominant on the ground. >> you do not want to miss this,
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ladies and gentlemen. >> this card is almost too good. >> curt: those should be fun fights to watch coming up in may. that just about does it for us right here. for a complete recap, don't forget to flip over to fs1 for the "ufc fight night" postfight show. next on your local fox station is your local news, except on the west coast. for dominick cruz, daniel cormier, i'm curt menefee. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get.
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i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit >> coming up next dirt bike rider runs over a woman and her grandchild in the chase across two counties. >> plus an ostrich breaks free from a local farm. what sent it sprinting off. keep it here. your news starts in 30 seconds.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at ten. a chase, a crash and a carjacking. a wild scene in upper darby and hundreds of children saw it happen. when it was all over, a six-year-old little girl and her grandmother were seriously hurt. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm joyce evans. what started as an effort to get dirt bikes off philadelphia streets crossed into delaware county and that's where nearly turned deadly. fox 29's brad sattin is live tonight at upper darby police department with what happened out there. brad? >> reporter: well, joyce as you know it is a against the law to ride atv's and dirt bikes in the city of philadelphia. it's been a real problem for police with these aggressive drivers. so when police spotted one
10:26 pm
today, they gave chase, and it ended across the line here in delaware county with a crash. >> just chaos with kids up and down the street. >> reporter: chaotic scene around 1:30 on 69th street up in per darby in front of hundreds of children lined up for show at the tower theater. witnesses say out of nowhere a man on a motorcycle being chased by police came flying down the center line of the congested street and struck two people as they walked in the crosswalk. >> motorcyclist hit a little girl, and her grandmother. >> reporter: off their feet into the air the grandmother dazed. little six-year-old girl more seriously hurt as people rushed to help. >> she was unresponsive and then there was an adult who was responsive. so i concentrate the on the little girl. there was always nurse on scene helping her. >> reporter: what witnesses say the motorcycle driver did next is even more shocking. >> he immediately jumped off the bike, got into -- tried to get into a car that was next in line in front of him, got open -- didn't good open the door.
10:27 pm
the car sped i was he was hanging on to the side of the car. i'm not kidding. it was like a movie. >> reporter: the motorcyclist carjack the car in front of him at knife point while the car was moving. >> i saw him run up from behind the car and open the door. he was banging on it. he opened the door. >> looked like he got out and said take it. so the guy took off down the street then you see the philly pd officer coming behind on the cycle. >> reporter: that car nissan was found about half mile away. a man later discovered in some beer woods taken in for questioning. >> it's absolutely insane that somebody would put the whole community in jeopardy the way this guy, this nut, put everybody in jeopardy. >> reporter: a nut is one description. here's another. >> i think the guy is an idiot. >> reporter: well update tonight on some conditions. that six-year-old girl taken to children's hospital. she is in serious condition. her grandmother taken to penn presbyterian hospital in guarded condition. the carjacked driver was not hurt. again they found that guy in the woods. they are still questioning him.
10:28 pm
as far as we know no arrests at this point. more expect tomorrow. joyce? >> all right, thank you, brad. well, three men are in the hospital tonight after a shooting in the city's fair hill neighborhood. philadelphia police say gunfire broke out at 8:15 this evening on the 2800 block of hope stre street. two men both 28 years old are in critical condition tonight at temple university hospital. another 24-year-old man is in stable condition. no arrests have been made. students at the university of delaware are on high alert tonight. a mid reports of three sexual harassment incidents. at least two of those complaints involving women being groped off campus. fox 29's sabina kuriakose has the details. >> sad like i can't believe that this stuff is happening scary unsettling night for university of the delaware students. three separate instances of a man groping or following young women just off campus. it all started here at lovett and hansa avenue around 10:00 o'clock friday night.
10:29 pm
19-year-old ud student reported being groped and grabbed on the butt and shoulder by a man who then kept walking. shaken she called police. nearby sorority house and students got this text alert. >> we live in a world where we have to be scared to walk home at night. >> reporter: half hour later on prospect avenue, another young student this time 20 years old assaulted in the same way. by a man fitting the same description. less than an hour after that, two frightened students, 21 and 20-year-old, called police as a man follows them for half a mile beginning at north chapel and new street. he leads leaves before cops arrive. the students are unharmed. >> i feel like now i'm going to like have someone unfought phone with me or have not have my headphones on and be aware. >> reporter: friends and erin and mckail la says there's unwritten code among ud students not to walk him alone. now they're going to take added precautions. cops say the suspect is between 20 and 30 years old white or
10:30 pm
hispanic male and he's thin. they don't know if he's a student. >> maybe just be more aware and, you know, keep staying in packs and always have, you know, your phone you. >> reporter: the attacks happened just off campus in areas packed with student housing. newark police are looking into whether these assaults have any connection to the kidnapping and sexual assault of two women in wilmington and the attempted abduction avenue third all within the last few months. and you'll remember just over week ago that four-year-old child that was kidnapped and sexually assaulted in new castle county all of these cases remain unsolved. in newark, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. tonight the search is on for whomever spray painted graffiti on the cars of two septa transit officers. septa transit police chief thomasness stelle tweeted these photos today. he tells us it happened sometime overnight at transit headquarters at broad and
10:31 pm
glenwood. you can see the two different cars there were vandalized. if you have any information on who may have done this, police want to hear from you. on your radar tonight lots of people out enjoying this gorgeous evening along the ben franklin parkway. and get ready if you like it hot for some warm weather. we are set to see a summer like easter sunday tomorrow. meteorologist manukai yann has a peek of your forecast. monica. >> guys, temperatures are going to be soaring as we head into easter sunday right now we're at 61 degrees in philadelphia. your high for today, 66 degrees. there's going to be big difference between the high this afternoon and tomorrow's high all because of those win right now out of the southeast. but that southeasterly flow is really going to be ushering in some warmer air. at this point ultimate doppler radar showing us we have a few scattered showers they're light at this point but we will hold on to those slight shower chances through the rest of your evening into the overnight. temperatures in the suburbs at about 55 degrees. the city just dropping below
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into the upper 50s for tonight. those winds 20 so it will be breezy as we head into tomorrow here's your forecast across the region. for your easter sunday. center city the warmest 85 degrees. potentially in the afternoon. down the shore, we'll see some sunshine in the morning. a little bit more cloud cover through the afternoon. as temperatures head to the mid to upper 70s. lehigh valley watch out for some showers late in the afternoon. i'll map out those shower and storm chances coming up a look at the full forecast. back to you. >> thank you monica. political protest turns into all out brawl in berkeley, california. punches and bottles flying everywhere as supporters of president trump and his critics clashed in the streets. at least 13 people were arrested here. no word on possible injuries. back here at home, much calmer heads in center city philadelphia. where demonstrators came together for attacks rally calling for president trump to release his taxes. now similar demonstrations were
10:33 pm
held across the country. candidate trauma as you may remember promised that he would show his taxes when he was on the campaign trail once an audit was lift. >> many doubt president trump will ever willingly release them. the president's critic are hoping continued pressure will force him to respond. fox's bryan llenas has the story. >> reporter: demonstrators gathered across the nation for the tax march a protest aimed at getting president trump to release his tax returns. clashes poke out in berkeley, california, between pro and anti trump demonstrators where one trump supporter was sprayed in the face with pepper spray. police in riot gear came in to break up the scuffle making several arrests. >> i've already been tear gassed. i'm not worried about it. i'm not here for a fight. some guys have been running across the barrier on both side. that's not what i'm here for. >> i'm an immigrant from canada and i love what the united states stands for, and i feel
10:34 pm
like it's being ribbon into factions i'm so upset. >> despite the conflicts in berkeley the majority of the tax day protests have been peaceful. >> hundreds of thousands of americans are taking to the streets from sea to shining sea in big cities, in small cities across this nation to demand donald trump releases his tax returns. are you ready to go? >> yes! marches organized more than 150 cities including new york, los angeles, washington and chicago. >> if taxation without representation tyranny, the representation without taxation authority i. we deserve democracy. >> reporter: protesters gathered outside of president trump's mar-a-lago estate in palm beach florida where the president is spent spending the weekend. president trump was the first major party nominee to with hold tax returns since gerald ford in 1976 and he has shown no signs of plans to release them.
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in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. attempted commission missile lunch by north korea failed according to government officials the united states and south korea. that botched exercise comes as north korea celebrates one of its biggest holidays. the run fifth birthday of its deceased founder. normal core trotted out a variety of military equipment for a massive parade. tomorrow vice-president mike pence is headed to south korea as concerns mount over north korea's nuclear program. in egypt two churches are under a tight blanket of security as they celebrate easter. the stepped up measures come after at least 45 people were killed in attacks on the places of worship on palm sunday. isis claimed responsibility. more attacks are posing a challenge for egypt's president who has pledged to protect minority religious groups as part of his campaign against extreme i. >> why would philadelphia city workers load trash into their truck from a construction site
10:36 pm
on the street? here's a hint. it's a very bad idea. that fox 29 investigation report coming up. and a campaign to fight childhood cancer. the video you could soon see popping up all over your facebook feed. plus, peeps and eggs are the norm in easter baskets, right? some parents are going to the extreme to make their little ones happy on easter. -priced items showing up in that plastic grass.
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♪ in center city plenty of people gathering for an easter vigil mass on this holy saturday. archbishop charles chaput led the mass at philadelphia's cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul tonight. that vigil contained four components beginning with the blessing of the fire and lighting of the pa she was canal. earlier in today in northern liberties the community gathered for traditional blessing of the easter food baskets. the priests blessed the baskets outside the immaculate conception ukrainian catholic cathedral. the service included prayers and traditional ukrainian songs. tomorrow many kids will be waking up early to see what gifts are filling their easter baskets and we're not just talking candy and colored eggs here. >> no. over the years those baskets
10:39 pm
have become much more complex. fox's jessica fur mows is a shows us how some parents are practically breaking the bank. >> reporter: easter around the corner and children who celebrate the holiday are wait to go get their easter basket. >> i like to get swimsuits and candy and sometimes art supplies. >> reporter: who doesn't want a basket filled with a chocolate bunny, peeps and some jelly beans. well now a days it seems like candy isn't enough. some parents are swapping out the sweets for more extravagant gifts like excessive toys and clothing. >> they're making easter more like christmas with over the top baskets. they're putting electronic in there. putting clothing in there. which is fine if that's what they want to do. however, i'm more old school and i still think that if you're going to give an easter basket it should have chocolates, peeps, plastic eggs, fun games and toys and you don't have to go all out. >> reporter: liz stern of diva an mother of three says if parents want to go all out
10:40 pm
for easter, so be it. however, she says, the only people really benefiting from these over the top baskets are the retailers. >> they know that the parents are the ones that are buying and purchasing the gifts. let's make eight little bit more aha moment and make these baskets even better and more competitive. >> i remember the days when i used to receive a basket. >> reporter: what did you get in that basket. >> a lot of hard boiled eggs which i don't think they even do any more. but you paint them haven't fun putting them together. but away from that it was usually some candy, some peeps, some chocolates. but it was pretty simple. >> we hear these baskets paren parenting are pitt putting them online look at my basket, mine is bigger and better than the other basket. at the end of the day it should be about tradition and should be about a holiday. it shouldn't be who has the biggest, better most awesome expensive basket. >> it's silly. it's absurd. you know you can't spoil the kids too much. keep it simple. report roar there's this trend parents are filling the baskets with electronics, big toys, clothing. what do you think about that?
10:41 pm
>> um, i think it's gotten too big then. it's knot another christmas but for me it's all about the hunts. it's about the brunch. it's abou about easter is the hy we go to church in the morning. >> easter is about christ. it's not about the things you get. i think it's stupid. >> i don't think easter is the right time to do that. i feel more birthdays or christmas is better. >> reporter: smart shopping expert has been writing about easter for several years. >> i've seen this stage pop up about two to three years ago where parents were lead leaning more toys toys away from candies. >> reporter: because of health concerns. those parents who refuse to give into the trend say giving children candy on a holiday won't hurt them. >> i'm jessica fur mows is a, fox news. some philadelphia police officers spent their off duty day this saturday teaching kids how to play ball. the officers hosted a baseball clinic for children who have
10:42 pm
special needs. they all gathered at a sports complex in the northeast for drills, lunch and give aways. the department's blue socks baseball team has hosted the event every easter weekend for the past five years. officers say they try to keep the drills simple to make them more approachable and fun for the kids. >> it gives the kids with special needs the opportunity to participate in baseball. traditional baseball. they may not be able to play in an organized setting. so we created this clinic so they can participate and, you know, we can spend time with them and teach them baseball. >> well officer killian says their goal their ultimate goal is to host a baseball league for kids who have special needs. well this beautiful little girl put up quite a fight against childhood cancer but the deadly disease eventually took her from her heart broken fami! family. even though the 11-year-old has passed away, she's from media,
10:43 pm
she's having a big impact in the fight for a cure. >> she sure is. her mom is starting a movement that officially begins today she hopes will go viral and ensure better cancer treatments for all children. >> you definitely have to look at the up side of a lot of things. >> nyah was fearless. the sixth greater was smart and sassy, kind and compassionate. her smile was contagious. even after developing brain cancer. she never ever let it get her down. >> she was determined to live life. that was just who she was. >> nyah made this video to raise awareness about child who's cancer and give other children hope. >> you have to find things to do to keep you enjoying each day and you have to do things that just make you happy. ♪ >> this shining star was just nine years old when her family got the horrible news.
10:44 pm
she endured two brain surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. she lost her battle in 2014 but nyah made her mother promise to keep fighting to find a cure for kids. >> she said, mom f i don't make it i really want you to change this i want to you end cancer. >> nyah's family started a foundation in 2015 no more kids with cancer. their now launching the mustard challenge to highlight the need for better treatments for children and fund cutting edge research. >> why mustard? >> in the journey we went through with nyah, it really struck us that the toxicity of the drugs was really high. some of these drugs are derived from the same chemicals as mustard gas. >> mustard challenge -- >> this mother is daring people to eat a spoonful of muss starter. challenge four friends, share thick% can't social media and donate at mustard i was more than happy to take part. >> one, two, three.
10:45 pm
>> it's in honor of her and hopefully we'll raise a lot of money for kids. ♪ >> amy says not a day goes by that she doesn't miss her baby but knows nyah would be proud and is always in her heart. >> i think i get through it because i feel like i was so lucky to have her. so, you know, the loss is huge but then there's the gift that's huge. ♪ >> nyah raised $500,000, joyce for pediatric cancer research before she died. she's an amazing young girl her mom wants to raise millions and wipe out this killer. she's hoping that the mustard challenge goes viral like the buck challenge for als. hopefully lit. >> so sweet. but there's so many childhood cancers that the research is so far behind. >> yes. >> medications decades old it makes no sense. >> right. hopefully this will change that. >> hopefully. beautiful story.
10:46 pm
thanks, dawn. all right. well ostrich makes a break for it from a chester county farm. what sparked the bird's mission to high tail it out of there. and time is running out for to you file your taxes and if you're rushing to finish, it can often leads lead to mistake. how to keep from making simple errors that could wiped up costing you.
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♪ well the deadline to file your taxes is tuesday. you got a little extra time, but
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when you rush, there could be some easy mistakes that you can make just trying to finish it on time, and those errors could cause big problems why the irs is processing your return. >> that means if you're expecting a refund it will be delayed. you could also end up paying. fox's gerri willis has tips to avoid those simple mistakes. >> reporter: making a mistake on your tax return can have consequences. you'll delay refund you're due, even so errors common. simple things like failing to find the form are missed by filers. filing electronically can help you get it right. top lauer tax software programs calculate the math for you e file will reject your filing if you make a common error. and if do you that refund and request it direct deposit, double check the account and routing numbers. make sure the money goes to the right place.
10:50 pm
in new york, i'm gerri willis. ♪ tonight the jenkintown police department is mourning the loss of their beloved k9 officer rocky. rocky passed away today with his handler and partner lieutenant rick tucker right by his side. rocky was jenkintown's first ever k9 and was a member of the force for nearly nine years. police say the dog helped find many drug and burglary suspects. fox 291st introduced you to this tough and committed service dog back in 2014 when he was sick and in need of donations to pay for live saving surgery. rocky retired his badge over the summer. well the roots have something special in the works, and it's just for kids. where your family had soon be able to check it all out. and talk about making an entrance. the easter bunny sky diving into an egg hunt in new jersey. monica. >> i'll actually let you know when the best time for easter egg hunt will be for tomorrow
10:51 pm
coming up in your full forecast. stick around. are allergies holding you back?
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♪ (bell tolls). today mark the somber anniversary four years since the boston marathon bombings. remembrances were held throughout the city of boston today. three people were killed and more than 260 others were injured when two bombs were set off near the finish line back in 2013. meanwhile thousands of runners are getting set to run in the marathon on monday. president trump's support it's are worrying tonight about what some consider a move to the left. >> but is he making changes on a case by case basis or is the president making a real shift in his ideas? >> fox's kevin cork reports from the white house. >> reporter: for president trump this may end up sun splashed easter week mend florida but in some circles clouds of concern are building.
10:55 pm
especially after a series of recent policy decision that is are at direct odds with previously held positions by the president including notable reverse salts on nato, xm bang, chinese current see manipulation even his view of fed chair janet yell land. once dubbed by time magazine the great manipulator steve bannon. >> bannon has been at odds with trumps son-in-law jared kushner who sides with his wife on major policy matters a political game of thrones that many conservatives fear will pull the president to the left on climate change, abortion and policing for example. and a front to his base they say in direct contrast to campaign rhetoric that propelled him into office. said rich lowry of the national review, this group is all democrats who have marinated for decades in the financial and social elite of manhattan. if jared and ivanka end up running the joint, it will be
10:56 pm
hard to overstate the turn about for last year's campaign. >> he has chosen to surround sim self with a number of establishment republicans who don't understand trump i. the largest current that is got him elected. >> the media research center says trump has to energize his base with more than just talk because if they don't do it, i absolutely guarantee you that conservatives will walk. but is that really true? some analysts suggest that just as they did during the campaign trump's base simply won't care about his inconsistent cease. >> they elected a man knowing that he is very flexible ideologically. they said that's not what's interesting -- that's of interest to us. we think he can't get things done. >> white house officials insist the president will defend his base and all american people but he will also remain flexible in the process. perhaps best evidenced by today's decision by the white house to decline to name china a
10:57 pm
currency manipulator offering to keep an on six other countries. at the white house kevin cork fox news. a warning tonight from new jersey officials as the spring wildfire season gets underway. the state's forest fire service is urging residents to be particularly careful right now. the agency says this year's season is starting earlier than usual because winter conditions were drier and warmer than normal in late february. keep an eye out for fallen trees and leaves on the ground. officials say they can dry out quickly and catch fire. turning to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live act at atlantic city tonight, holiday weekend is a perfect time to head down the shore especially tomorrow we're in for some beautiful weather that will be excellent. they wrote that for me. for easter egg hunts. meteorologist monica cryan is tracking your forecast. monica? >> guys i was actually just down the shore yesterday. absolutely gorgeous.
10:58 pm
the sun was out. the boardwalk was packed with people getting ready for the holiday and summer. it's almost there. it's definitely going to feel like it's almost there as we head into tomorrow. we're at 60 degrees in philadelphia. 60 degrees in millville. 54 degrees for those of us in mount pocono. low 60s for those of us in allentown. looking at the setup, we've got a high pressure system to the south of us. notice that clockwise rotation that we usually see when it comes to high pressure system it's pushing in air out of the south so that warm air from the south of us is going to move up towards the delaware valley. we're going to track it out for you as we look at your planner for tomorrow. notice it's a sunny start mid 60s comfortable even in the morning. 78 degrees that's a big warmup all the way by noontime. notice cloud cover does start to increase the afternoon there could be a few storms out there. i don't think we need to cancel any plans. maybe if you do have outdoor
10:59 pm
activities get them in early then threw the afternoon just keep track of radar not everybody will see wet weather but we can be seeing some isolated showers. i'll show you here on future cast. you can see as we head into sunday afternoon there could be isolated shower or two. maybe a rumble of thunder but it's not widespread at all. it's very isolated and then we head into monday morning. and we are talking more sunshine in store for us. only thing is temperatures will be much cooler. it will be cooler as we head into monday all the way through tuesday. we're at 65 degrees by tuesday. it will be sunny but cooler out there. next chance for some showers maybe a rumble of thunder again that will be on wednesday. temperatures into the low 60s. cloudy by thursday. surprisingly enough we're tal talking 85 degrees. that's not even a record. 90 is the record in 2002.
11:00 pm
here are your numbers for tonight.


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