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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  April 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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slams into his home. slam dunk, free agents, carmelo anthony and his wife, splits, "good day philadelphia" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. good day, everybody it is a tuesday, thanks so much for joining us. it is tax day but i don't think we russias much, in the past we would do live shots where people are at post offices trying to get them in. >> yes, do a lot of stuff on line. >> did you get yours in. >> no, i filed a extension. >> how but. >> we're in the same boat, my friend. >> we file an extension. >> we have so much to hide, don't we, bob. >> we're in, as far as i know, my darling husband handled all of that. >> billy has been up all night long with his number two pencils. >> yes. >> crunching the numbers. >> yes. >> put pencil, to work. back to school a lot of kid, today school. >> yes, yes.
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>> but that is what the tennis for, really not really for the forecast. we've got a live look at the temperature right now, it is 53 degrees. 9-mile an hour wind out of the northe and 53 percent relative humidity. sunrise time 6:19. for today unlike yesterday we should start with some sunshine. temperatures include 49 in trenton, 46 in allentown, other temperatures to the north of us are in the 30's, we have 55 degrees in ocean city, new jersey and ellendale , delaware at 53. right now there is nothing to show you, on ultimate doppler radar at least not at the moment but we wanted to show you bus stop buddy. almost forgot about buddy. it is national, animal, cracker day, and so, enjoy that little box with the little animal, that we all loved when we were kid, maybe put some in your kid lunch.
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we have a temperature of 67, sunny skies, seasonal beautiful day bob kelly. >> sound good, those cookies never made it to the lunch bag i used to eat them all. good morning, everybody. we have an accident, we have a word of a hit and run at 58th and walnut. just be careful in the neighborhood, lauren johnson in the news vaananen her way to the scene, we will go there when she arrives. major roadways are looking good, schuylkill expressway in problems at all here at spring garden. we have an overturned tractor trailer, north bound, new jersey turnpike, at exit number seven, it is taking out right lane so anybody heading north up through central, new jersey or into north jersey all the way up to insuring be ready for that this morning, to slow us down. otherwise turnpike looking good, schuylkill speedometer reading where they should be and in problems on the 42 freeway. left over crew on 422, both directions, every day this week, through the overnight, into early next morning, they will be working right out here near audubon trooper
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interchange, work crew on the platt bridge, girard point double decker of course always a great option no problems at all between stadium area or airport. and then they are making some guardrail repairs along the blue route, northbound side, right here near broomall, otherwise, mass transit and airport looking g karen and thomas, back over to you. happening today, we're expecting the fire commissioner to answer questions about the report on the death of lieutenant joyce craig, she is the cities first female fire fighter to be killed in the line of duty. lets get to steve keeley with what we may be expecting, steve. >> reporter: we already got reaction last night from both union and new fire commissioner, and again, it is resurrected all of the emotions, that we heard for pennsylvania couple of years, sadness, demand for change being heard at fire fighters union hall and in every firehouse in philadelphia, after the release of the national institute for occupational, safety and health, in the line of duty death of fire fighter, joyce
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craig back in december 2014. the last word that anybody heard, 37 year-old mother of two say, can't breathe, i can't breathe. there are those, through her air mass suffered catastrophic thermal degrading, resulting in a very large, quick air loss. she essentially suffocate todd death, the response to her five mayday calls for help, the report says, quote seemed delayed. fire fighter union president in a broadcast interview last night said we deem this to be an unsafe environment to work in, and that is reaffirmed by the report which essentially said bad equipment, bad training, brown outs those ridiculous nutter administration closings of firehouses that resulted in slow, backups to get to her, all contributed to her in the being with us today. well, the fire commissioner adam tiehl, now on the job, just for 11 months, obviously not here when this occurred in a written statement last night
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said, we have already made many of the recommendations and reached same conclusion about training, communication and equipment and he notes breathing equipment has already been upgraded. he will go from a written statement yesterday to verbal statements today, when he takes questions at 11:00 o'clock this morning. he will face questions, and then he will be answering even though he wasn't in charge at the time. people that were in charge the newer administration and his fire commissioner not on the job anymore to answer for this , guys. >> we will wait to hear more, steve, thank you. a news conference will be he also held in wilmington today regarding death of the delaware corrections officer steven floyd. floyd, died, during a prison uprising at vaughn correctional center in february. his widow is expected to announce that she as well as five other corrections officers are filing a lawsuit. developing this morning, a nationwide manhunt, continues for facebook murder suspect
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steve stephens. on sunday, stephens a talk 74 year-old robert god win, senior, and posted it on facebook. yesterday, there were reports that stephens had been spotted in philadelphia but searches for him proved to be unfounded victim's family issuing this heartfelt plea for the suspect , to turn himself in. >> i just want him to know that god loves him. we love him. yes, we're hurt but we have to forgive him. if we don't forgive him the bible says your heavenly father won't forgive you. >> police say stephens should be armed and dangerous. a $50,000 reward is being offered for the arrest. when news broke of the search for stephens yesterday in our area, fox 29 alerted you on your possible devices as well as on facebook and twitter. a reminder you can stay up to dayton this breaking story by signing up for text alerts and following our social media, fox right now we're following some break news out of the
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holmesberg section of the city , we know a man is in the hospital after that car, you can see right there on the curb and smashed into his house. this is right after midnight. he was sitting there in his basement and a car hits his home and glass shattered right into his face. scene is 4700 block of oakmont street. so he was taken over to the hospital, he is at aria torresdale. he has facial injuries from the glass. the driver did stay, at the scene. philadelphia police have a mystery on their hand this morning, yesterday, contractors found the charred remains of the man inside a franklin mills restaurant. sushi kingdom, on the 400 block of franklin mills circle , has been closed and boarded up for quite sometime. contractors found body in the room that was also scorched. investigators are looking into whether the man had been living in that abandon business. they are not ruling out, foul play. fast moving flames gutted a historic church in boothwyn as fire fighters bat told try to save some of the precious items inside this was sky fox
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at memorial presbyterian church on chichester avenue yesterday morning. so, this of course is right after easter and so many hundreds that came out easter sunday services. now coincidently in the surmon the pastor was talking about an analogy with the church burning down, and a cross left standing. well, the pastor says that is exactly what happened. >> a fireman brought that cross out to me, all, blackened from the smoke but it is in perfect condition. >> it is a word from the lord. we will rise again. >> listen from the ashes. investigators are looking into what started this fire but preliminarily says it doesn't look suspicious. very few items remain in the memorial where brandon create owe was found, most of the items have been removed in preparation for possible visit by the jury, hearing the murder trial of david creato. prosecutors have charged the 23 year-old with murdering his three-year old son, brandon in october of 2015.
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the toddler's body was found in the creek at cooper river park. investigators believe the westmont man may have killed his son nerd to continue his relationship with a now former girl friend. a three-year old in the hospital this morning after being seriously hurt in the car accident. two car collision has shut down lincoln highway for about 30 minutes yesterday afternoon impact was so severe you can see it right there crews had to cut both drivers out of that wreckage, paramedics rushed him to st. mary's trauma center with critical injuries. here's some ways to get more money or new car seat, if you have an old car seat, target says well, bring it over there, drop off your car seat at a local store and you can have it recycled. that is first part. second part they will give you a 20 percent coupon for a new one as part of the recycling program going on through end of this month. two guys ransacked a cashier of the popeyes. >> coming up here on "good day
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philadelphia", this morning police say these guys right there were more -- were after more than just a special. highway headache, drivers already frustrated after a horrific, fiery collapse of a big highway and now they have another major artery in hot atlanta that is having some problems, we will explain, as tell tears flared. nothing like that here, bob. >> we're in much better shape then atlanta but we're going for a ride, pennsylvania turnpike still work together northeast extension until about 6:00 o'clock or so. lets say good morning, to reading, pennsylvania, waking up, sue has your number of day we will check jam cams when we come right back.
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♪ >> we will just tell you the truth, on this tuesday morning at 5:13. good morning, thanks so much for joining us. big problems in atlanta, commuters there will have a big problem because another major highway has now been shut down, damaged gas line that caused the lanes of i20 to buckle down there, and the two right lanes, reopened, overnight, but thinks still expect to be a big slow go there. there was a driver who crashed , he is in critical condition, georgia department of transportation says that they expect to have this all fixed up by this afternoon. you may recall last month, of
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course, we showed you a massive fire on, underneath an overpass caused it to collapse , that will take a long time for that one to be repaired. also, road, in our state of pennsylvania are getting receiver, number of deadly accidents on the highways in pace down from last year. new data shows the traffic deaths from last year, now at lowest record, since 1928, so that is some progress right there. they say there were fewer then 1200 deaths, down from a dozen a year before. 5:14. we will check on your traffic in a moment but first sue serio has your weather authority, good morning, sue. >> yeah, looking good today. here's yesterday's cold front that came through, it cleared up nicely by the evening. if we had a chance to go out and enjoy that late day sunshine yesterday, but still a few lingering cloud from that cold front but as we go through the rest of the morning we will see those cloud, go further to the south we are getting ready for a nice day, right now, nothing on radar as we look at future
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cast, we have got cloud building in tomorrow afternoon , it is a possibility of shower or two, as well, another chance of showers, on thursday, probably in the morning and then friday looks unsettled too, with showers, around, so each and every day after today we will have a chance of showers in the forecast but you may be able to dodge them, in the middle here and there 50 degrees in wilmington delaware. and 54 in wildwood. and most of the temperatures in the 50's but in the 40's to the north and chillier air settles in the wake of the cold front in the 30's in the mountains and 9 miles an her breezeness philadelphia right now. sixty-five is your average high. we are well above average on easter sunday which will undoubted be the peak of the week, since we're not expecting anymore 80's in the foreseeable future. we have got 67 today. sixty-three tomorrow. mid 70's for thursday, before, things cool down, over the
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weekend. it looks like saturday and sunday we have at least possibility of a shower or two here or there and even into monday as well, so it is april , time to crank up the showers, and all of the more reason bob kelly to enjoy today. >> get out there and enjoy to it day, definitely make up for our rainy, yucky yesterday. 5:16. got an accident at 58th and walnut getting word of a hit and run. lauren johnson was on her way. we will get their life the minute it arrives. watch for police activity there, 58th and walnut. otherwise we are off to a quiet start but we will have a jammo kind of mornings. everybody is back to school. spring break is over, book bags were packed, ready to go last night. we have an early morning overturn tractor trailer accident, this is north on the new jersey turnpike, at exit number seven, taking out the right lane and anybody heading up in to central new jersey, north jersey up in to new york be ready to hit the brakes there they are still work together pennsylvania turnpike
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northeast extension stretch from quakertown down through lansdale, they should be out by 6:00 o'clock or so and a crew still working on out on 422, some lane pattern shuffles here, between trooper and audubon road. otherwise outside we will go, live look at i-95 right here near philly international, in problems at all they had a crew work on i-95, all of the cones in the back of the truck and they are gone for the day. heading down to the airport in problems getting there, looking good there, parking garage at philly international also no delays on the tote board but then right after the rush hour head up, if you are traveling 322, dunn to one lane starting at route one as they widen that stretch of the roadway down to i-95 and here's your travel times, in problems at all on major roadways. so far we are off to a good start, karen and thomas back to you. getting to some breaking news, two people rush to the hospital after a hit and run in west philadelphia. our lauren johnson is on the scene with the very latest, lauren. >> reporter: good morning,
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thomas. police just roping off this area at 58th and walnut where crime scene remains. motorcycle still in the street two people were taken to the hospital with what we understand to be is a very serious injuries this accident happened two hours ago, just around 3:30. we understand that two people riding in the met or cycle were hit by someone driving a minivan, that van left the scene. so this morning police are investigating this as a hit/ run. again we understand injuries to the two people riding the met or cycle were severe, they were transported to the hospital this morning. investigation continues into exactly what happened here on walnut street. we can tell you that jared and i, our photographer, when we pulled up here on this scene, we noticed red light camera. it won't be too tough to get a description of the vehicle and possibly a license plate if that minivan was traveling down walnut street toward 58th we don't have much information
5:19 am
into exactly what happened at the scene but two people were transported to the hospital with very severe injuries. thomas and karen. >> follow latest on the investigation in west philadelphia, lauren johnson, thank you. arkansas's first execution in 12 years has been halted, after u.s. supreme court declined to step into prevent lethal injection from taking place. justices turned down airing arkansas attorney general's request to vacate a stay for inmate set to be executed last night. arkansas's governor had planned to execute 78 inmates over 11 days before the owned of april. that is when a key bringing used in lethal injections is set to expire. a black hawk helicopter comes crashing down on a golf course, this is in maryland, killing one crew member and injuring two others. team was on a training flight yesterday when it happened, one witness described pieces falling from the chopper while another person says, that they saw it spinning before it went down. the helicopter was stationed at davidson airfield in
5:20 am
virginia. happening today, man convicted of killing six year-old etan paths will be sentenced, 56 year-old pedro hernandez once lived in new jersey. patz disappeared in new york's soho neighborhood in 1979. hernandez once work in the convenient store near the boy 's home. he confessed to the murder back in 2012 but his lawyers argued that he was mentally ill. 5:20. first 100 days, vice-president mike pence has now arrived in japan, the white house is hoping his visit will be opening up the doors for our goods and attract some infrastructure investment in our country. on monday, the vice-president was in south korea amid tensions with the neighbor to the north, and there are increasing concerns that north korea could be preparing for another weapons test. right now officialness hawaii are scrambling to dust off that states emergency plans for the first time since 1980's in preparation for a possibility, however remote of an attack, on those island.
5:21 am
>> when kim jong unsays he will strike united states and will use nuclear weapons against the united states, we have to take him at his word. >> over the weekend, north korea launched a failed missle test just hours after the vice-president touched down in south korea the vice-president is on a 10 day trip to asia. all candidates in the upcoming preliminary election for philadelphia's district attorney took the stage for the first time last month. attorney tom kline moderated, candidate forum at drexel university, seven democrats and one republican are vying to be philadelphia's top prosecutor. it will fill spots soon to be left vacant by seth williams facing several corruption charges. he announced wow not seek re election. chester county man accused of fatally beating his girlfriend's three-year old sonnies competent to stand trial. according to a judge who ordered a psychological evaluation for gary lee fellenbaum, prosecutors want fellenbaum to face the death sentence for 2014 death of
5:22 am
scott mcmilan, police say he and boy's mother tape the toddler to a chair and beat him unconscious, in their mobile home. breaks your heart. 5:22. three people in jail facing charges connect to the home invasion of the korean war veteran. they got these guys off the street. steve keeley was out there when it all happen. there was an 88 year-old man still trying to recover after this robbery happen. they roughed him up good last week. these armed guys forced their way in the home in bustleton around 3:00 and they got away with stuff, jewelry, money, guns and his car. a car, minute mint conditions, 1986 cat lack. detectives did find some of those stolen things inside of those suspect's apartments. the search, on for two armed men, behind a hold up at a popeyes restaurant in mt. airy. you can see the guys right there on security video jumping the food counter last it happened on the 3100 block of west cheltenham avenue, one of them held a cashier up at gunpoint demanding money, no one was hurt here but roners
5:23 am
got away with the cash. over in north philadelphia , the search is on , for a man who hit up a restaurant, police just releasing this surveillance video from the buzz cafe on the 1800 block of north howard street. police say earlier this month the man right there broke in through a side window, took some money and then ran off. according to police the suspect is a white male last seen wearing a north face jacket and dark colored shoes, better description on the way. if you know anything take another look here, give east detectives a call. love those chips and dips and tacos at chipotle? get ready to pay up. >> quacamole is best part. >> we will explain, the reason that the company will be raising its prices. we will explain.
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in your money, your next trip to chipotle might cost you more. >> yeah, they will to have raise their prices, 5 percent more at their 400 restaurants including many in our area. that is about 20 percent of the locations, they say, because they have to pay people more and also prices of the food has gone up as well. all right. what do you think about this
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one, living height life. >> coming up at 5:30 what singer medical less a either ridge just admitted to doing with her kid. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit the road to recovery starts now. we are asking steve tone turn himself in but if he doesn't, we will find him.
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>> you can run but you cannot hide, that is message from police who launched a massive manhunt for the suspect behind the murder. a federal report just released in the death of a philadelphia fire fighter, the number of errors leading to her death. remembering wrinkling brothers, the circus may soon be a thing of the past but you can get a hand on a memorabilia just keep witt you forever. >> that maybe over but this one, is continuing. >> good day philadelphia, thomas drayton with karen hepp , ring leader, bob kelly over there. >> good morning everybody. >> the lion tamer. >> yes, coming out of the clown car, get it? >> that ace pope eighth. >> beep, beep. i whim just wear a red nose. i don't have it yet. lets look at our number, no, buddy, because know what coincidently it is animal cracker day. bus stop buddy has his little box of ringling brothers animal crackers, cloudy and
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cool to start with mostly in the 40's. and 53 in the city with a 9- mile an hour breeze. we will be close to sunrise time at 6:19, other temperatures, trenton, 49 to the north of us, 39, and hazelton, doyletown at 45 degrees, and 54 in, ocean city, and 56 in cape may. so, that is where we are, right now work no precipitation, here, and none in the off go to day, just a lot of sunshine, lovely day, and a high in the 60's all day long, sunset i should say, it is not until 7:43. this will be a nice one bob kelly, just some april showers in our seven day forecast, we will break it down coming up. >> i'm glad it would be nice, my first practice as official coach of the d ball league was rained out, last week, so, we will give it another shot here tonight. juice box just call me juice box, get me a juice box. fifty-eighth and walnut we have an accident, lauren will have more on that situation in a moment but watch for local
5:32 am
detours and then, northbound on the new jersey turnpike. an early morning overturned, tractor trailer, on our way, it is northbound lanes at exit number seven, anybody heading up to central, new jersey, north jersey that right lane is block, so be ready to tap brakes there this morning. twenty minute delays on the trains right out of the gaeton septa's west trenton line. we have a brand new parking garage for you, lansdale station, they have opened up 305 additional spots bringing the grand total to well over 600, good park and ride scenario for gang today at lansdale, station and then watch for that one lane pattern coming back right after the rush hour here along 322, through delaware county. otherwise no problems to report, on the schuylkill, and or i-95. back to you. we will get back to that situation we just mentioned this breaking news, we know two people have been rush to the hospital after a hit and run happened in west philadelphia, lauren johnson is at the scene, lauren? >> reporter: good morning, karen. we have gotten closer to the
5:33 am
scene here to show you perspective. we understand that the van is here on the scene, you can see it is on 58th street, turned in the opposite direction, of traffic there and a officer tells me once they arrive from the scene the driver of the van had already bailed the car motorcycle, also still here on the scene as this becomes a crime scene as police try to investigate the accident and, find out what happened. two people ride ago this motorcycle were transported to the hospital with extremely severe, injuries, we understand, this happened around 3:30 this morning. so again, we do know that the van is on the scene, the driver of the van and whoever is responsible for this accident is not on the scene and that is who police are hoping, maybe returns to the scene and turns himself into explain exactly what happened while those two people in the hospital get a much needed medical treatment, karen? thanks, lauren. a nationwide manhunt continues this morning for facebook murder suspect steve stephens, on sunday police say stephens shot and killed 74
5:34 am
year-old robert godwin senior at random and posted it on facebook. yesterday there were reports that stephens had been spotted in the philadelphia area but searches proved to be unfounded. victim's family issuing a heartfelt plea for stephens to turn himself in. >> i just want him to know that god loves him, we love him, yes, we're hurt but we have to forgive him, because if we don't forgive him the bible says your heavenly father won't forgive you. >> police say stephens should be considered armed, and dangerous, a $50,000 reward is offered for information leading to his arrest. later today we are waiting to hear more from philadelphia 's fire commissioner in response to the federal report, about the death of joyce draining, she's cities first female fire fighter killed in the line of duty. the report find that there were a number of factors leading to her death. steve keeley is following this one in northern liberties this morning, steve. >> reporter: well, no surprise s found in the report by the folks who man the
5:35 am
offices here, the fire fighters union hall, the president, last night, on television said that all of the critical findings in this national institute for occupational, safety and health report are exactly what the union long warned about, during the days of the nutter administration years. bad equipment, joyce craigs air hose failed and she suffocated, slower response team, do you remember those nutter administration brown outs, temporary shut downs of firehousees, now ending in the kenney administration's first seconds it seems, joyce craigs backup didn't arrive for 21 minutes. report showed never before seen still pictures of the both her bad equipment that failed her and where she was killed, fighting a fire back in december 2014. and that is the sad bit of all the hose leading from her oxygen tank to her mask, that failed. her last word now so understandable when you see these pictures and read the
5:36 am
report, can't breathe, i can't breathe and that is why she suffocate todd death. no smoke inhalation. new fire commissioner adam tiehl only on the job 11 months, not here obviously back then but now firmly in charge put out a written statement after this report and says that the equipment has already been upgraded, replaced, brown outs are long over, and he is adding many fire fighters, to the ones he has already added since coming on the job just last may and he says more are coming in 2018. what the fire union president said on tv last night was a new training facility is needed. they simply do not have one right now. fire tower where they with train with practice fires is unusable he says last night. that is likely, one of the questions that the fire commissioner will be asked when he takes questions beyond his written statements later this morning, at 11:00 o'clock at the fire administration building, right around the corner in spring garden, guys.
5:37 am
details certainly difficult to hear. more from the fire commissioner late tore day, steve keeley, thank you. police recovered car blank ing to the uber driver who went missing in philadelphia police found kristin lives green subaru at end of the ben franklin bridge yesterday, this was on the pennsylvania side. police are now saying that her disappearance may have been voluntary, and she may have been trying to hurt herself. the 45 year-old woman from abington was last seen last tuesday morning after dropping off, a passenger in the north east. and the funeral, happening today, for former pittsburgh steelers chairman dan rooney is going to be happening today he lived a long life, many accomplishments, mass will be held at 11:00 at st. paul cathedral in the pittsburgh. among those expected to attend is former president barack obama, you may remember rooney served as ambassador to ireland, under the obama administration, he died last thursday, at the age of 84. here's a question, i saw this one on twitter, why did
5:38 am
lady gaga face time prince harry? there is a personal connection they both share. >> we will have the answer in two minutes. >> coming up in sports in a minute, eagles get together for off season work out and north dakota kid carson wentz talks about dealing with big city pressure, that is coming up next in sports.
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yesterday carson wentz, talked about what a feeling of
5:41 am
second year. >> i don't really like to put pressure on myself, i just let things happen and as i said i hold myself to high expectations and high standard so, the pressure from the outside was never what really gets me, i put a lot of pressure on myself to be great , and i will continue to do that. big five showing some love to their past and present, basketball players at their annual banquet, jameer nelson and randy foy among others in the big five hall of fame and jay wright won big five coach of the year, josh hart player of the year. to the nba playoffs, cavilers/pacers, getting it done, as always, kyrie irving pulling up for tray ball in the fourth quarter. he had 37 in the game. the cavilers win 117-111 taking a two games to none lead. that is sports in a minute.
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septa is making it convenient to pay for airport line. transit authority launched fare kiosk at philadelphia international airport. anyone traveling from the airport to anywhere on the septa rail system can now purchase quick trips, they can be used on that day for one way travel. also new for septa ride hours take lansdale/doyletown regional rail line of more places to park. >> a lot of people have been wait forgo this one and now you have it. 300 more spaces added to a new parking garage at lansdale
5:45 am
station. inbound side and nice thing they are covered space is too so will not get rain when you get out of the car or snow in the winter and they can inflate your tires there because they have tire inflation stations. >> my tire's always flat. bob kelly joining us, with a look at the traffic. you have had an event last night, bob. >> good time to help raise money for ronald mcdonald house in delaware. we had an event at sullivans, we had a silent auction. i was showing that woman what she need to do for live auction. we were down at sullivans in wilmington to raise money for ronald mcdonald house in delaware. it was eighth annual wine and dine. we are good to go for last night and good to go this morning as we go out to the maps here double five's on the speedometer readings, in problems from south jersey, i-95 looking good as well. we are off to a quite are the start on the majors but as we just heard an accident at 58th and walnut hit and run, police are on the scene of that area be ready for unusual detours
5:46 am
and obviously an active police presence. an overturn tractor trailer this will slow us down for everybody heading north bound on new jersey turnpike in, to exit number seven, central new jersey, up into north jersey, the right lane, taken out here , if it stays in the right lane, we will just have a delay, hopefully they don't try to upright this puppy before we get past rush hour and lane restrictions, continue for everyone coming into the city. today is first day back after the easter holiday, first day back after any holidays, always, tighter and craze year then any of the other days. just be ready for that. on top of that we have one lane on the kelly drive, coming into the art museum area, portions of the parkway still blocked, spring garden still closed and then tomorrow , they will close the entire inner drive of the parkway, both directions, again, thinks all in preparation for the nfl draft, that is not even coming until next week even. so every week we will get tighter with some of the lane restrictions.
5:47 am
northbound on 202, just watch a new traffic pattern here between boot road and route 30 is what your forecast looking like on this tuesday? sue has it. you saw earlier in the hour we gave this a 10. there is only one down side and that is the allergy forecast, grab tissues, grab your prescription if you have it or your medication, because you will need it all week long the tree pollen is our main offender, juniper, mapel and poplar in case were you interested. so now you can be forwarned about. that we don't to have warn you about any rain today but after today things start to get a little unsettled. we will not have a whole lot of rain tomorrow but there may be some in the afternoon and quite a few cloud, thursday,
5:48 am
about the same, with some rain in the morning and cloud kind of hanging around and still un settled on friday, probably through the weekend, so enjoy today, 54 degrees at the shore in wildwood. it is 49 in trenton. fifty-one in reading. forty-six in pottstown. chilly 38 in mount pocono, all of those temperatures out here are chillier then yesterday but still, not too cold, 9- mile an hour wind here in philadelphia, 65 is our average high. we wet well above average on easter as you know, 87 degrees yesterday we had 72. cooler today that the cold front has come through, 67 today. it is a 10. tomorrow 63 with showers possible in the afternoon and then a chance of showers, on thursday, and then friday, and maybe even saturday, and then for sure, on sunday, possibly even monday, so it is april, showers are coming back, have fun outside, today. we will try. sue, thank you. we have to tell but this
5:49 am
big break up, nba power couple melo, carmelo and lala and tony may be heading for divorce. >> they have separated after seven years of marriage. lala moved out of the family home in new york and staying at her own place. sources say current nba season has been very stressful on their marriage with talks of carmelo being traded from the new york knicks. two were married in 2010 and they have a 10 year-old son together. jersey shore star the situation is answering to a judge on charges of tax fraud. >> he has his own situation michael sorentino and his brot 's period in federal court in newark yesterday and they are pleading in the guilty. prosecutors say he failed to pay federal income tax on almost nine million-dollar. they say brothers filed bogus tax returns claiming their luxury cars and clothing were business expenses. melissa eitherridge makes a confession about her personal life, grammy award singer revealed that she gets high with her adult kid and
5:50 am
would rather smoke with them then drink. her daughter, 20, her son 18. she says it actually brings her family together. the five five-year old gave that interview in a new project that is being done by yahoo. if you ever wanted to live like a playboy, mogul hugh hefner making his life, remember the original playboy mansion in chicago. whole magazine started in you can live there. they have converted it now into seven condominiums, and obviously they will be pricey. they are 3.4 million-dollar. this is hugh's life and is there obviously all those girls and all that kind of thing. it has a bunny hut where the dorms, women used to live, the bunnies and screening room and all that kind of stuff but they didn't get rid of the pool. >> playmates not included. 3.7 million. beyonce celebrating easter in a big way with family in los angeles. >> take a lot picture of her mom, tina giving fans a peak behind the scenes there at
5:51 am
festivities. they look so lovely. these are snap chat photos they have put out. this is one with kelly rowland and beyonce and mom all together. just one of the several pictures from their celebrations. they also had... oh, lord okay they had a fun time at beverly hills hotel. okay. kim kardashian, also, throwing lavish easter celebrations, it seems like they throw these things just to take pictures and celebrate with everybody else. these kid are so cute. they look adorable. if you are not a fan of the kardashians guess who knits bunny costume, kanye has a tradition where he does this, he dress owes up as easter bunny. it is a huge hit with the young crew. they looked adorable. they had fun. they did, the stars are just like the rest of us, they had easter egg hunt but they hung out by a pool, lot of cute memories there. >> just like the rest of us,
5:52 am
yes, lots of money. >> yeah. 5:51. lets talk about prince harry. >> so many people discussed this big revelation from prince harry. he is breaking the royal condition about speaking out about mental health issues. he said he struggled for years after the death of his mother. >> royal admits he sought counseling back in his 20's. during an interview with the daily telegraph, prince harry said he nearly had break downs since his mother's death in 1997. he shut down all of his emotioning until he was an adult. prince harry was 12 years old when diana was killed in the car crash. journalist landed the interview believes the prince 's openness will help others battling mental health issues. >> you don't want him to have been through pain he has been through but he has taken this really huge negative and he has now, with this interview turn tonight to an absolutely massive positive and that is something to really he should be really proud of.
5:53 am
>> prince harry revealed along suppression of his grief eventually led to two years of total chaos but he says he goodies now and thanked his brother william foreign couraging him to seek help. william is so involved in this and cause so important to them, what we are looking at is lady gaga, face timing prince william. how cool is this. you can see on the screen is there prince and there she is, big event, they shot together because they wanted to talk about mental health, health issues. this is so important to both of them. trying to work to get rid of the stigma. on this call, that just came out overnight, they make plans she will be in our area. when she's in london they will meet up in october and they have plans to partner on so many more projects as well. >> issues that need to be talk about more openly. 5:53. very good morning looking live in atlantic city. check your weather and traffic in a moment. we will be right back.
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welcome back, very good morning to you. we have behind the scenes look at lady gaga and bradley cooper's new movie a star is born. she shared a photo of them rehearsing on instagram. gaga wrote a caption saying i'm so exited to star in my first move a long side someone i'm lucky to call my friend, bradley cooper, making his directing debut in the warner brothers remake. gaga joined the cast after beyonce backed out of the project. ringling brothers circus
5:57 am
memorabilia is going up for auction, among items large full colored posters advertising the circus coming to various towns as well as circus wagon wheels, cast iron circus toys and other memorabilia. auction will be held in chicago on may fourth, buyers can bid by phone, absentee bid or on line. famed circus closing down in may after more than 100 years in business. forgetful president gets a nud ge, what the president forgot to do that create aid funny moment, good day continues in just a bit.
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breaking right now a hit and run in west philadelphia a van, motorcycle collide, and then van takes off, where police are now searching for that driver. all right. the facebook killer, still on the loose here. he mentions a woman's name, just before he kills, he is still on the run, right now, the manhunt, nationwide, of course, it hit close to home yesterday in philadelphia blocking down nine schools. troubling report new details on what killed philadelphia fire fighter joyce craig, how the department is working to make sure that this same mistakes are never made again. what is the word? it starts with an e?


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