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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 18, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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motorcycle and van crash in west philadelphia but then driver takes off, where police are searching right now. and, a troubling report, new details on what killed philadelphia fire fighter joyce craig in 2014. how the department is working to make sure that the same mistakes never happen again. inside of the mind of a killer. >> i snapped, dog, i just snapped. >> steve stephens still on the run after posting a video of the horrific murder of a man on the street. >> hi, can you do me a favor? can you say joy lane? >> what? >> can you say joy lane. >> joy lane. >> yeah. she's the reason why this is about to happen to you. >> had causes someone to snap like that? new clues about what may have motivated him to kill.
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trying to open eyes of the world prince harry makes a surprising admission about his struggles after his mother's death, why someone would say why this could help millions struggling with mental illness good day, lots to get to here on this tuesday morning. >> tuesday. >> tuesday. >> april the 18th, yes, today is day you have to get your taxes in by midnight. >> for some kid it is first day back to school. >> others are still out. >> bob kelly, is super excited about that. >> front door, bags all lined up, i was ready to drop them last night just in case. >> drop those kid. >> they have a good day to go back, outdoor recess for sure today. it is a 10 out of 10, buddy ready to go with animal crackers for lunch. it is national animal cracker day. although animal crackers are actually cook is in my opinion , and then temperatures in the 50's this morning, regardless, we can get and debate that on social media for sure. look at how beautiful it is
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out there right now, the sun, 52 degrees. we are heading to a high of 67 lovely day with sunshine, of course, bob kelly, sun can be a problem this time of the day as well, as you say, wicked sun glare. >> wicked sun glare. 7:03. lets begin first of all from sky fox live over williamstown , new jersey this dump truck accident not sure fit was rolling along with the back end up in the air, caught some of the power lines but nonetheless there is down wires that are pulled down this is along the stretch of 322, right before you get into williams town. so 322 closed for the morning rush hour, also getting word of local power outages, to the businesses, in that area, again, just outside of williamstown. lets go to the map, 322, right at tuckahoe road right there between 55 and the atlantic city expressway. look at this mess, the blue
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route, 476, southbound right before media swarthmore exit number three. it looks like debris came off the tractor trailer this car involved in the accident, somehow, some way i don't know when hit back of the guy or debris. police are not even on the scene just yet. this is southbound lanes of 476, again, folks using shoulder heading south. keep that in mind heading to the airport. that is in your way, mike and alex, back to you. lets get to west philadelphia two people are in the hospital in critical condition after a motorcycle and a van come together. the first was the driver of the van, he got out and ran. i guess you can still call it a hit and run. >> they are trying to find that person, lauren. >> reporter: that is right, alex and mike. scene now cleared at 58th and walnut street. it was a scene here since 3:30 when police tell us a van and motorcycle were involved in the crash. it was just around 3:30 in the morning. before they were able to get here the driver of the minivan
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had taken off and it wasn't here. two people on the motorcycle had to be transported with severe injuries to presbyterian hospital. at this hour not sure exactly what happened at this intersection that led up to the accident but two people were injured. there was debris scattered in the road, we arrived here we saw shoe, backpack, parts off motorcycle both were towed off here when the street was reopened. there are red lights cameras here at the intersection mike and alex so should shed light on about who is at fault and maybe they will get a look at what happened here in west philadelphia this morning. all right. got a clear though, traffic flowing again, behind lauren. a man is in the hospital after a car crashes into his home, it happened around midnight in the 4700 block of oakmont street, in holmesberg. police say man was inside of the basement when the car hit the windows, and he was transported to aid hospital,
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for facial injuries from the& glass. the driver remained at the scene. 7:05. we have breaking news out of france, two people arrested for preparing an imminent attack accord together french interior minister. two people arrested are suspected radicals, we are working to get more information and we are bringing it to you when it becomes available to us but two people have been arrested. we're expecting fire commissioner to answer questions about the report of the lieutenant joyce craig. >> she's cities first female fire fighters kill in the line of duty, back in 2014. steve's in northern liberties, steve. >> reporter: we are seeing so many positive changes through the fire department here in philadelphia, just talking to the guy, and, just getting in here, and, the changes, although the sadness, anger and demand for change all again among emotions at fire fighters union hall here right around the corner here from
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the fire headquarters where the fire commissioner will talk about all this. later at 11:00 a.m. every firehouse in philadelphia still feels pain important losing 37 year-old joyce craig, a mother of two. after release yesterday of the national institute for occupational safety and health into the line of duty death of joyce craig and the last words that she was last heard uttering on tape i can't breathe, it turns out her air hose, the report said quote suffered catastrophic thermal degrade days, and they put never before seen pictures of that air hose pointing out a hole that was burned through it, and we know that she suffocate todd death because the oxygen wasn't going from the air tank to the mask. now we see why the big hole in her burnout hose. well, fire commissioner put out a written statement before he talks, to reporters today, and he said all of that bad equipment, that she and rest of the department was burned
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with long before he got here by the way in charge, already has been upgraded and replaced the other problem, the point, the report made was the response time. her five mayday calls for help the report says seemed delayed quote. it turns out 21 minutes before the backup team, came and her initial team and fire fighters union president said last night on tv quote we deem this to be an unsafe environment to work in and that is all reaffirmed by this report. bad equipment and brown outs, closing firehouses, slowed the backup, nutter administration says it went hurt timing but it did and that is why fire commissioner tiehl not here when this occurred, same with jim kenney, son of the philadelphia fire fighter, changed that instantly when they took office, there is no more brown outs, no more shut firehouses and i can tell you this in just 11 short months on the job every fire fighter i talked to when i speak to them off record and here again
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at the union hall loves this guy and loves changes he has made and they are hoping he will agree with the top question likely today which is still not been changed. they need a fire academy. they can't use the one they had, they can't get in that building and set fake fires and teach new fire fighters coming on the job how to fight a fire because it is inadequate. they need that and that is probably, on key questions today among many for adam tiehl. >> let's hope so, yeah. all right, steve. well, a memorial set up, for a three-year old found dead in the wooded park in new jersey has been removed ahead of his father's murder trial. why would they do that? because jurors will go out there and they don't want them to see the memorial. it might influence them one way or the other. prosecutors have charged 23 year-old david creato with murdering his son, brand an, this was in october of 2015. the toddler's body was found in the creek, at cooper river
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park, and the jury is expect to vice that it park during the trial, creato's attorney expressed concern about the possible impact that memorial would have on the jury so that is why it has been removed. this morning authorities in many, many states, it is a nationwide manhunt. i shouldn't say, multiple states. it is a nationwide manhunt actively searching for the man hoist considered extremely, dangerous, right now, of course, talking about 37 year-old steve stephens. >> he is accused of killing an elderly man and posting video of it on social media thomas drayton we have had a scare yesterday because some people believed he was in our area. >> we did in our area, lot of places and schools on lock down while they conducted that search. it turned up, with nothing there, this is the guide they are looking for, the burning question this morning is where could stephens be? it was on easter sunday stephens attacked 74 year-old robert godwin seemingly at random in cleveland, ohio. stephens fatally shot godwin a
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retire father of seven and then posted that video on facebook. >> can you do me a favor? can you say joy lane? >> what. >> can you say joy lane. >> joy lane? >> yeah. she's the reason why this is about to happen to you. >> reporter: always hard to watch. victim's family issuing this plea to the suspect to turn himself in. now members of the family say they forgive the alleged killer. >> i just want him to know that god loves him, we love him, yes, we're hurt but we have to forgive him because if we don't forgive him the bible says your heavenly father won't forgive you. >> authorities are offering a 50 you this dollars reward for information leading to stephens arrest. police are warning people across midwest and northeast to be vigilant. yesterday we mentioned reports that stephens had been spotted in the philadelphia area and caused police and schools to be on lock down but it proved unfounded. facebook is saying because of
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thins dent they are lane restrictions launching a review in how violent videos are handled. the social media giant said it need to do berth, mike and alex. >> that is for sure, all right lets get to some international news, vice-president mike pence is touring asia this morning. he is, hopped over and flown over to japan now. white house hopes it will open up trade doors. >> but there is increasing concerns over another north korean weapons test. >> yes, the term nuclear war has been thrown around over the last 24 hours. caroline in d.c., good morning >> reporter: good morning to you mike and alex. north korean representative to the u.n. says that nuclear war could break out at any moment on the north korean peninsula, of course, u.s. officials trying to ratchet back that heat rick. mr. trump not getting into specifics with how he plans to deal with north korea but he is telling this nation to behave. overnight vice-president mike pence reassured japan that the u.s. considers their alliance
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key to security in asia and defense against north korea. >> let me be clear to you mr. prime minister and all of the people of japan we are with you 100 percent. >> reporter: the president tells fox he does not want to telegraph what he may do to north korean dictator kim jong un. >> they have all been out played by this gentlemen and we will see what happens. >> reporter: still white house is being pressed for more details about how the president plans to handle the ongoing threats. >> i don't think you will see the president drawing red lines in the sand but action that he took in syria shows that when appropriate this president will take decisive action. >> reporter: others are advising negotiations over isolation. >> trump administration would be wise not to announce it on twit error something like that but you can go through back channels this might be something that the chinese can help out in a pragmatic way. >> reporter: alliance revamping emergency response plan in the event of the missle strike by north korea. they would only have 20
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minutes to prepare. mike and alex, back to you. getting intense. 7:14. prince harry was just 12 when his mother princess diana was killed in the car crash in paris in a recent interview he revealed it took him nearly 20 years, to deal with that grief , and that loss. >> so karen, he is really opening up but his emotional trouble. this is first time we have heard him be this candid. >> he swallowed that pain he had until many later years. it had consequences along the way. he was fueled by this pain. when we see him publicly he is fun one, out there sort of the laid back, not intimidated, doesn't have to bear responsibilities of being part of the royal family, as his older brother d but in this interview basically we didn't necessity about these eternal struggles he was dealing with in the wake of his mother's death. he revealed that he had near break downs work we are showing his mother princess diana she died in 1997.
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that death really shut down his emotions, for 20 years. he did finally get that counseling he really needed but not until his late 20's. the journalist who landed this interview says his openness new will help so many others, with their battles with mental health issues. >> obviously you don't want him to be through the pain he has been through but he has taken this huge negative, really huge negative and he has now turned into an absolutely massive positive and that is something to really be proud of. >> reporter: he talks about how that long suppression of the grief led to two years of complete chaos where he was in this whirlwind. he says he goodies now and he thanked his brother williams foreign courage to go seek this health. that is why mental health is so important to both brothers. lady gaga just face timed with prince william, the older brother, talking about mental issues and they are partnering up and they plan to have many
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more conversations about this. >> that is a great thing here, opening up that conversation, with other people half been through similar situations to know it is okay, there are things you can do. >> karen, thank fur that. let's check on this weather, sue, allergies. >> yes, that is only down side when you have a 10 out of 10 and springtime and is there tree pollen all over the place because leaves are coming back on the trees finally. juniper, mapel, poplar are big offenders this week and high levels of pollen, even with rain in the forecast, a few of these days, it is not going to be enough to take down those pollen levels. so, that is something you will just to have put up with today as you enjoy a beautiful, rain free day. tomorrow, cloud will roll in as we see especially in the afternoon with a chance of scattered showers around. thursday, scattered showers around, especially in the middle of the day and then in the afternoon, and then friday , we will head into that day with a possibility of some early rain as well, so, period
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of unsettled weather is coming , after today, not today but after today. 47 degrees in lancaster. thirty-seven in mount pocono. very chilly start to the day there 48 in trenton 567892 in philadelphia and in wildwood, and then 20810 miles an hour wind out there. that is not a big deal either. enjoy the 10. 67 degrees today. showers tomorrow. possible in the afternoon. then we will get in the 70's at least for thursday and friday, cooling down over the weekend especially on sunday with a chance of showers and a high temperature in the 50's. that is your weather authority forecast, what are we looking at here, bob kelly. >> thinks a mess the blue route, 476, and and, i'm not sure fit was rolled up, and nonetheless, it is all over the roadway here. only the far right shoulder getting on by, as this is approaching right at the baltimore pike which is exit
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number three. bam. just like that. over an hour delay to make it from the schuylkill on down. blue route bumper to bumper heading an hour into the baltimore pike which is exit number three. we have a dump truck accident in monroe township. sky fox over the scene of the dump truck that actually pulled down overhead power lines along route 322, this is just outside of williamstown before you get in the heart of the williamstown and, of course, with the down power lines they have to get pse and g crewness there to shut off power there will be local power outages in the neighborhood. again route 322 closed at the moment. back to the maps. it is right before you get to williamstown. that is tuckahoe road. here is your travel times, and , the freeway, mike and alex. back to you. you have been in the traffic business how long. >> twenty-five years. >> explain to me how this
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happened. >> okay. two things could have happened my first guess is that the handle that pushes the back end up is sometimes right at the guys knee and he is either driving along or had it in the upright position and pulled out of the work zone he probably clipped some of the wires and that knocked it off to the side. >> i think your first idea is more plausible, who control, hit that lever. >> bam. >> and then beddings up, crash >> yes, you can see hee it crashed and thinks a telephone pole right here. so i'm not sure whether the wires are pulled down before or after, it is kind of tough to see the string right here, that is tough to see that wrapped around there or not. i'm in the sure what happened first the accident or the back end here. we have seen that a couple times, guys in the work zone, they drove away and it hits them, it drops the salt in the wintertime. >> yes. >> all right, that is an odd
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one. 7:20. >> eagles are back in town for their off season work outs, yesterday, carson wentz spoke to the media and said last years seven-nine record just wasn't good enough. >> i think we all agree with that. one of the ways to get better is through the draft which is what aid week from this thursday? >> yes. >> by the way, we will be live at this show we like to call "good day philadelphia" down on the parkway we will be live all morning. >> yes. >> we will. >> i do believe their practice facility, eag dolls watch us, if would you like to help us prepare for the draft we were love that. we are trying to get things together. >> who is guys making run today so stylish. >> malcolm jenkins. >> our new guy from last year. >> rodney mccloud. >> that is exactly right. >> he is doing work with big brothers, big sisters. >> i was invited to a draft party where rodney will be. >> are you going. >> yes. >> it is on the rooftop. >> okay. >> aren't you fancy, are you
7:21 am
going to share the wealth. >> i will tell you where it is >> carson was asked by the eagles to look at some video tape of potential wide receivers in this draft. this is what he saw. >> there is a lot of talented players from receivers, your a asking about a lot of talented receive their could help but i don't know where it will go and i don't have any input either. i'm exited to see what we add very it is offensively, defensively. obviously the draft being here in philadelphia there is excitement for that as well, it will be fun. >> they asked him a hundred time so who did you look at? which college player did you look at? he wouldn't say. >> of course, he can't say. he will be happy with whatever he gets, at lee it is somebody >> somebody that can do that. alshawn jeffery, tori smith can they do that for us lets hope so. carson said he hasn't thrown to them yet, they will get together and toss the ball around. >> since they are dock work
7:22 am
out now they will have that opportunity. >> owe you better believe it the. we will have a camera there. i have a question. this is a live shot we will put up, why, why are those people sucking an a car. >> what? >> that is a live shot, why with they be kissing a car. >> lot one person sucking on a bumper. >> that is a live shot we will explain, i think.
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let's punch up this live shot of people sucking, kissing automobiles. now, grab it there on the left there it says radio station, kiss fm. >> in austin. >> in austin, texas.
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kiss me kia lauren simoneti, how long have they been doing it. >> i'm calling them all wimps and here's y they have been doing it since yesterday morning. here's the goal, you have to keep your lips publishingerd on a kia and last man standing gets the kia20171, that starts at 22 you this dollars for free. but this is why i'm calling them wimps. they get a break, every hour, they get a 10 minute break. >> no, no. >> i know, they get to sit down, one is even laying down or you have your phone you can watch, stream shows on your netflix. >> this could last for weeks. >> yeah, what do they expect to it last. >> they are basically i think they even this at 50 showers and figure our out how they will determine a winner, if more than. >> you get a car, you get a
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car. >> well, that stinks. they shouldn't have a time period on it. >> or breaks. >> there shouldn't be breaks. >> well, you have to go to the bathroom. >> not every hour. >> yeah. >> it should be five minutes every two hours, i'm redoing the rules. five minutes, every two hours. you cannot lie down that guy is laying down. >> whoever is laying on the ground. >> there should not be a time period you do this until it is over. >> exactly. >> maybe they are worried about health issues. >> i need a new carry want to know why would you lie like that. wouldn't you lie along the car since it is natural turn off your head. >> are you talking about the woman laying on the hood in her bathroom -- bathrobe. >> do you think she has a bet 's approach. >> you are still on the feet. i like the whole laying down part because i feel like that is taking weight off and relaxing but you could fall
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asleep and that is danger on have that. >> your head tilts and your lips are in longer publishing erd to the car. >> exactly. >> if anybody knows, well, moving on. lauren, have a great day, we will see you tomorrow. >> good bye. >> fascinating. >> what car would you be willing to do that for a tesla , a maserati, what car would you say mark lemont hill was in. >> i hate to call him out you already did on tv. >> i don't now how you saw it, mauback, what sit. >> i don't know myself a may back. >> mayback. >> is that rolls royce of some sort, bob, do you know anything about cars, mayback. >> he is looking at us like what. >> it is made by rolls royce. >> it is a rolls royce.
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>> how do you say, what ace above a building, roof. >> th sky. >> no, it goes like this it is a roof. >> a roof. >> what do you say roof. >> it is not a roof, that is what a dog says, it is a roof. >> jen freddie's under a roof right now at a yoga dance party. >> that is how she rolls. >> yeah, it is pronounced may back even brody fredrick necessary that. is it a nightclub, a yoga class, wharton finals prep situation. it is called today break. by the time you see us next time a crazy raging nightclub will break out, come on back we will tell what you day breakers is.
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the man child is bus stop bid and he has a giant box of animal crackers. it is nationals animal cracker day for some reason. we have cloud around and it is cool but the sunnies getting brighter, it is 52 degrees with 8-mile an hour breezes out there bit of the cooler start then yesterday and we will end up staying in the 60 's all day instead of the 70 's where we were, on monday, sunset time is 7:43. plenty of bright sunshine all day long, 50's, 60's, there is your, tuesday planner, we will talk about the showers, that are in the forecast for, a
7:33 am
good portion of that seven day coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly. >> let's enjoy sunshine while we can, 7:33 on a tuesday morning. what a mess on the blue route. a live look at 476 southbound with this tractor trailer that who its whole load of sheet metal here. it is in the southbound lanes, just suit, right before the on ramp for the baltimore pike. so look at these guys here showing up, penndot guys, this guy has a shovel. he will need american that here. they will to have hand lift this stuff up. i'm not sure how thick that is , fit is plate metal that goes over potholes. lot at travel time jammed up for well over an hour, 476, from say the schuylkill expressway all the way down to the baltimore pike. this accident is right before the baltimore pike on ramp so traffic can get on and off, so keep that in mind heading to the airport.
7:34 am
dump truck accident blocking 322 in williamstown. mass transit and airport looking good. 7:34. law enforcement in the country are out in force looking for a man who posted a murder on facebook. >> as you know by now on easter sunday a couple days ago police say 37 year-old steve stevey stephens attacked a 74 year-old man by the name of robert godwin. seemingly at random, random, on the street in cleveland, ohio. here's the video. >> hi. can you do me a favor? can you say joy lane? >> what? >> can you say joy lane. >> joy lane. >> yeah. she is reason why this is about to happen to you? >> remember that name, joy lane. this is why this is about to happen to you. police say, stephens that guy right there, fatally shot god win a retired father of nine who has 14 grandchildren and then posted the video on
7:35 am
facebook. >> then the search started. it started in cleveland but one point they said he could be in other states, in pennsylvania. and, yesterday it expand todd our area after several people reported sight goes of the 37 year-old caseworker. more than 30 local schools were put on lock down at one point but then we were told those calls were unfounded and they did not confirm that the suspect was in our area. but $50,000 reward is being offered for arrest of steve stephens because they still don't know where he is, this case is so disturbing as many of us asking how could someone do such a thing, what is in the mind of this man who has committed such a heinous crime and posted it on facebook for everyone to see. >> we may never necessity but here is forensic psychiatrist doctor gary glass, and first of all, give me your background. >> forensic psychiatrist and been doing this for 40 years. i've val waited probably 500 to 700 murderers, i have work with the fbi and state police
7:36 am
in investigation is let's get into this then. weak play more videotape, the top there, we said remember the name joy lane, apparently his ex-girl friend. after he killed this man he went on facebook live again and mentioned, the ex- girlfriend. >> the love of my life is joy lane. we have been together for three years. we were supposed to get married but just some things i could not deal with her anymore. >> so, he says he snaps and stuff like this. can a loss of a relationship, send new to this kind of grief and madness. >> yes, it can but there has got to be an underlying issue as well. nothing is singularly determined it is always multiple issues. we know we have learn he was a compulsive gambler. he had long gambling problem which we consider as an
7:37 am
impulse control disorder. so we know that there is, some deranged impulses. we know he was offended. when people are offended what do they do they try to recapture their strength. many years ago there was a comic strip called dadwin and the boss would yell, wow go home, kick the dog and punch the wall. we accept that. difference today we take that up a level. >> how does he get his power back by killing a 74 year-old man at random. >> because he does it on face book. he is now a celebrity, if you will. and he is increasing his strength by claiming that he has done it 15 times before, and he will do it again. we don't know if that is true. there does than the seem to be others out there but why would he do that? he is talking about his self image and his potency and his strength. >> what is significance of him
7:38 am
going up to mr. godwin and saying joy lane, is that just a message to her or he is trying to pretend that is her. >> first of all, it is an odd name, joy lane, which certainly join out to be not that friend. secondly, we can presume, and please understand that is just a presumption that he had enough, he was with it enough he didn't want to hurt her. he makes this man to be joy lane, if only for a moment which allows him to hurt her as proxy it seems like a message to her. this woman does exist and she's cooperating with police. you are right is there another layer he mentioned when he mentioned her name again in this one. >> you know, being with joy she drove me craze had, i lost everything, i lost everythng i had, man. i'm out of options. now i'm just on some murder
7:39 am
type. so what i'm going to do is, because she did this i will try to kill as many people as i can over here. >> doctor glass you mentioned he had a gambling problem. >> everything is her fault. >> yes, everything is her fault. she's responsible for his gambling problems. she's responsible for outcome. he implies but doesn't say it that she ended the relationship or forced him to end the relationship. so he takes responsibility for nothing. but very important thing to look at here is that here's a man who as you listen to him sound very clear, very coherent, he is not mad, he is not raving but he has the ability to do something very heinous and outrageous. >> he is very measured but word he is saying are outlandish. >> he did mention the fact that he snapped. i want your response to this people were coming to me with their problems.
7:40 am
i'm a case manager at beachwood. would i go to work every day. when it came to my problem nobody cares. i'm always the bad guy. >> i snapped, dog, i just snapped, dog, i just snapped. >> dawn just snap. >> yes. it is odd, sometimes it is faked as part of a defense but it also does happen. >> he says nobody listens to me. he goes on and on with that guy on the phone with him. i told you, you should have listened to you but nobody does. >> once again his problem was be in listens to him. he was running on empty. he was overdrawn. he is working as a counselor. presumably claims or feels he is giving his all to everybody else. he is empty. nobody gave back to him. more than likely doesn't ask for it, he won't accept it but that is what he is doing so this is his reaction. >> lets talk about mr. godwin the victim in this case.
7:41 am
we are learning so much about him. he have is a father, a grandfather, seemed like such a caring spirit. a lot of people hearts are going out to that family. >> for good reason. >> people are upset but yet you talk to the family they they forgive him. >> the family religion and belief, that is only way we can function sometimes. happen to good people and how else do you deal with it. >> they say that is lesson that he taught them all of his nine children, you know, very religious and you have to forgive him. they forgive him, in 24 hours. >> it is sometimes easier to forgive when there is in reasoning, no explanation, if somebody got hit by a drunk driver that may have been a little bit harder to forgive, somebody whose license, but more power to them if they can do it. >> thanks, doctor. >> people hold to their faith. >> we will continue up to date
7:42 am
you on this, search is still on for steve stephens. nationwide hunt. $50,000 reward for anybody leading to an arrest. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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476, the blue route, southbound, right before the on ramp for baltimore pike, this big old truckload of sheet metal. i'm not sure how thick they are but my guess is they are probably that plate metal that would go over the potholes as we sometimes ride over and rattle the car, they are all over the blue route here. only right shoulder gets by and we are jammed solid, from king of prussia, plymouth meeting area toll plaza, all the way down, to approaching exit number three which is baltimore pike. this is in your way if you are using blue route to get to the airport, dump truck accident shutting down route 322, just outside williamstown this morning. and then an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, it is westbound, between philadelphia bensalem and
7:46 am
willow grove. we have wicked sun glare. we have everybody, back to work and most of the kid back to school, after the holiday so it is a crazy morning, here's a live look at ben franklin bridge stacked, packed from mid span into eighth and vine. sunshine how long will it last sue has the answer in 15 seconds excellent advice get carried a because but not too car weighed. take your medicines. allergy forecast is high levels of tree pollen if that is your problem, you will have to have problems all week long that should be only thing to to bar your enjoyment of the day. we are starting off chilly to the north, temperatures may be 20 degrees cooler then they were yesterday at this time in the 40's, we are at 52 in philadelphia and wildwood but
7:47 am
only 37 in mount pocono. yesterday's high were all in the lower 70's and it turned out by end of the day to be a good day but we had that rain in the middle of the day with the cold front. 67 degrees today, cooler then yesterday, 63 tomorrow back in the 70's on thursday and friday with each day starting tomorrow we have at lee a chance of rain in the forecast , including chilly april showers on sunday. we will be back with more on good day after this.
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
coming up at 7:50. so a mercedes mayback is by mercedes, not rolls royce, mercedes, you don't -- a 2017 mayback or mayback will set you back. >> how much. >> $200,000. >> wow. >> wow. >> 200 you this dollars. >> let's go to the dance party in celebration of that, when i go to my next yoga classy will drive my mayback. there is jen. >> here's what this is, good morning, first of all. >> good morning. >> you found this thing it is called today break. >> yes, that is right you are in 17 cities, coming to philadelphia. >> yes. >> this is your second campus event. >> yes. >> these are all wharton students. >> they have welcomed this. it is exam time. it is to give them a break
7:51 am
from their studying, to be having a good time, have fun but not to drink alcohol but green juice. >> stuff that is good for you. >> i have to say these are the smartest people in america they are the best looking. when did we get good looking nerd. >> i think that they are the new rock stars. >> i know you guys in cities like new york, twice a month, you have early morning dance parties. >> yes, that is right. idea is to get to reimagine the whole night life experience over run by drugs, alcohol, mean bouncers and everyone on their cell phones. in one is actually dancing. our whole experiment what if we created something in the morning where people energy were full and we served no alcohol but just green, healthy food and see what happened and lets get back to the bakes of dancing, community and good time. >> you get the yoga to get them out, right. >> yes. >> and they feel comfortable
7:52 am
coming to the yoga class and then look now she's stuck. she cannot help her self. >> yes,. >> get back to your childhood, and i think we are so caught up in being adults that we forgot what it is like to have fun and go and release judgment of self and one another. >> turf talk to some of these nerd. >> all right. >> i'm sorry, do you go to work. >> i do go to work. >> i have been talking behind your back, you are like the best looking nerd i have ever seen. >> thank you. >> you are the smartest people >> i agree. >> look at this guy. >> why did you get up early and come here. >> because all of my best friend are here and it is amazing, it is a blast. >> does this help you with your exam. >> no. >> maybe. >> we don't really have exams, we don't take things that seriously. >> it will relax us.
7:53 am
>> yes. >> we're in the present now. >> i love this. you think i could have gotten into wharton if i tried. >> yes. >> so there you go. >> this is crazy, this is what is happening and you are a code a nightclub. >> yes, 17th and walnut. >> right now it is a day club, or morning club. >> yes. >> yesy need my day will. >> that is nice club at 17th and walnut, code a. now, let's say thaw are the dad of the guy that she interviewed. he is at wharton. if he didn't get a scholarship what are they paying 60, $70,000. he goes, i am not taking that seriously. 7:53 he is up, dancing in the club. don't worry about taking the test we don't take that it seriously. we were stun in the news room yesterday when we read
7:54 am
this report, that half of all women who have had double mastectomies, may be didn't need them. possibly some doctors misreading diagnoses. new details emerge in the investigation into prince's death, how he worked to keep his addiction a secret.
7:55 am
♪ when it comes to heartburn... trust the brand doctors trust.
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7:57 am
the world health organization says that the depression is number one illness in the world right now we may have a new face for. that. >> prince harry. he was just 12 when his mother princess di an as was killed in the car crash in paris but in a interview it took him nearly 20 years to deal with this grief. this is in an interview with the daily telegraph. he reveals he nearly had break downs since his mother's death in 1996 but he shut down emotioning until he was an adult and he got counseling in his late 20's. meanwhile hard ace brother
7:58 am
prince william, and lady gaga are discussing mental health and ending stigma on it. >> for me, the little bit that i have learned so far about mental health is very much a case of it is okay to have this conversation, really important to have this conversation and you won't be judged, it is so important to break open that fear and taboo that will only lead to more problems down the line. >> yes, it can make a huge difference. >> so, william asked lady gaga to get involved after she wrote an open letter revealing she has post traumatic stress disorder. >> doctor mike, not surprising , depression number one illness in the world. >> effects millions and millions of people and there is two problems. one the stigma attached to it. that is what lady gaga was talking about. there is a stigma. if you indicate that you have anxiety, depression, somehow you are less of a man or woman
7:59 am
you dent want to let people know that you have those problems. secondly, access to mental health which is impossible. it is so hard as a primary care provide tore get my patientness to see someone if there is anxiety depression. it is very, very difficult and can be life threatening. since the economic down turn, in 2007, rates have gone up as far as depression, anxiety and death by suicide. if you are out there folks, listen to doctor mike, get help now. >> i think it was interesting too prince harry said when it first happened he was doing all kind of things. once he became an adult it hit him. do you think when something happens in their lives they are not facing those problems head on. >> that psychic trauma losing your mother like that in a very young age has to go somewhere. you have to deal witt. if you don't deal witt, you will end up having not only long term and site, depression
8:00 am
, powe traumatic stress dust order and problems but it effects your body n chinese medicine you cannot separate the mind from the body. you have gas tries, high blood pressure, and, gain weight, and, drink alcohol, all of these things that are bad for you. that is why a lot of people smoke, lot of people drink because they are dealing with their deem on that is they have not dealt with. >> if you have them problems what do you do. >> you get help. >> get to a primary care physician. >> well, we are the front line >> that is starting point. >> as you well know, there is, some life out there. you have to get through cloud. sometimes it is hard. but there should be no stigma. we have been past that. there is nothing wrong with saying hey, i have a problem, i'm depressed, i'm anxious, i'm suffering from this, i need help. if you are out there, please do it. >> yes. >> get help. >> thanks doctor mike. >> i love you. >> i love you right back on that.
8:01 am
>> ahh, i'll kiss you in a minute. >> did you share today. >> i don't think so. >> good day, it is tuesday, april the 18th, 2017, it is tuesday. motorcycle and van crash in west philadelphia and then the driver takes off, where police are searching right now mastectomy misunderstandings, are women getting surgery when they don't need it? why one report claims that doctors may be, reading your results all wrong. revamp rehearsal dinner and give them some hints. how you can give a stunning preview of your wedding dress before you even walk down the aisle. well, it is wedding season we are deep into april already goodness gracious. >> do you believe that. >> there goes my saturday. i'm at an ager with i don't know many people getting married anymore. that is plus side you don't to have deal witt.
8:02 am
>> one of the pluses of aging. >> but receptions are always fun. >> not really. >> not really. >> because you don't dance. >> well, i, if you get enough drinks in you, i suppose i may have a tough time now at receptions but i think receptions end up being all the same. they introduce the couple, and blah, blah, blah, blah, there is some food, and everybody gets drunk and then the cake comes out and then people start to take their shoes off, and then there is dancing. >> electric slide. >> once that slide starts. >> boom. >> i'm out. >> your daughter did it right she went away to a destination weddings,. >> yes. >> that was really great, it was 118 degrees. >> never mind. >> were you almost there, sue. >> i try to spin it. >> i have pictures of a cream colored linen suit on and there is a huge stain on my butt, from sweat running down my back and it settled in the
8:03 am
crack of my suit. >> it had to go somewhere. >> it had to go somewherey will hire mike as a wedding planner for my daughter's wedding. >> we need a big cat. >> lets take a look at our weather. really sorry, i brought that one up. it is a 10 out of 10 today. bus stop buddy is wearing shade. he has a wig box of animal crackers. but as i just posted on social media why are they called animal crackers? when they are really cookies, aren't they? okay, well, eister i can question, it is out there 55 degrees with 13 miles an her breezes. lovely morning with the mixture of sun and cloud but mostly sunny skies. that is how it will be the rest of the day. a seasonable high temperature, of 67 degrees, and, april showers, will return in the seven day forecast, we will break all that down for you coming up in a few, bob kelly. >> we have a closure here on
8:04 am
the blue route at 476, all southbound lanes new blocked approaching the baltimore pike the accident i showed you earlier the metal big sheets of metal here, you know those metal plates they put over either the potholes, or maybe the water crews, and then drive over them that is what fell off the truck here and all over the 476. now, they could not move them by hand they had to bring in a big old crane. he is just scooping them up and pushing them. >> maybe put a plate on the road. >> a giant metal plate. >> i have one outside my apartment right now. >> yes. >> bang, bang. >> they put it over there temporarily but probably been out there for months. >> bang, bang. >> bottom line, blue route closed is why we're not moving at 0 miles an hour there we are bumper to bumper to bumper
8:05 am
from pretty much king of prussia all the way in. if you are trying to get to the airport folks jumping off using alternates like 252, 320 but the exit where it is impacted the accident closed right there at exit number three for baltimore pike. mike, back over to you. alex. >> two people are in critical condition after a hit and run in west philadelphia a minivan hit motorcycle at 58th and walnut. driver of the van then fled the scene on foot, and police are confident, surveillance cameras in the area will help them to identified that suspect. and we're also expecting the fire commissioner to answer some questions, about the death, or a report of the death of the lieutenant joyce craig. >> she's the cities first female fire fighters killed in the line of duty back in 2014. steve's in northern liberties, steve? >> reporter: yeah, and fortunately the last fire fighter killed in the line of duty, none since. if there is any good news to come out of this there actually is. joyce craig died on duty,
8:06 am
december 2014 but in a way she is likely still saving lives because by dying on duty that day from faulty equipment and response, those reasons blamed in this report has been change for the better, maybe why no more fire fighters have been killed ever since. pictures seen publicly for the first time show the burned through hose between her mask and her oxygen tank. the reason why her air supply was cut off, the reason why her last word were, i can't breathe. and the reason why they are suffocateing. and and the last may, put out a written statement about the national institutes of occupational and safety and health report known as niosh in the fire department, saying that he has made already upgrade to both the response times situation and has already changed all of that bad equipment for the better,
8:07 am
and probably agrees with the fire union president who we just talk to a lot more still need to be done. >> if you read the report and your fire fighter and gist craig did her job. she did everything that she was trained to do she wore her protective equipment. we know a lot of the negative, it is unsettling, every time we have a member's death it is definitely unsettling. recommendations in the niosh report point out a lot of good facts. we need addictional training in the department. we need additional manpower. >> reporter: things have greatly improved since jim kenney took offices specially would you expect that, were being a son of the fire fighter himself. >> well, the marry effectively ended brown outs and mass rotations of fire fighters. we're still in need of reinstatement of the five engine companies and two ladder co put out of service, we need new apparatus and new trucks. we need funding from city council tolly make these
8:08 am
things happen. >> reporter: what a coincidence, alex and mike because this report comes out yesterday, everybody is talking about this now, and already planned and scheduled today at 1:00 p.m. city council's budget hearing for the fire department, so all this will be fresh on everybody's mind and lips today as they demand money to make the necessary change test keep joyce craig from being last fire fighter killed in the line of duty ever. >> i'll be darn, timing is everything, all right, thanks steve. also happening today, a news conference will be held in regard to the corrections office shore died during a standoff at a delaware prison. lieutenant steven floyd was killed during an inmate uprising at james t vaughn correctional certainty. you will remember this back in february. today a press conference will be held in wilmington at 11:00 e investigation as well as a lawsuit made by at officer floyd's widow. five other corrections officers are also expected to announce lawsuits, i'm sure we will have a camera there and bring you update. president trump will be in wisconsin later today where he
8:09 am
will sign a new executive order called buy american, hire american, officials say that the order would direct federal departments to propose new rules to prevent immigration fraud and abuse. white house says that the program is currently under cutting american workers by bringing in cheaper labor. i saw a story on this on 60 minutes about two weeks ago where people were losing their jobs because people from other countries were moved to the top of the list because they will dot same amount of work for less money. >> um-hmm. we will see how that goes, another executive order from president trump. people on twitter are asking more about a story we brought you 20 minutes ago, 15 minutes ago. what is going on in austin, texas. people are sucking and kissing cars. >> not just any car they are kissing a kia. >> i want to see you in a kia. so what is this all about, a
8:10 am
promotion for a radio station. welcome to philadelphia, by the way. >> reporter: good morning. i don't think is there so much sucking going on as killings. they are just trying to keep their lips on the cars. even the tires, guys. we have to keep austin weird somehow. this is a contest for 96.7 kiss a.m. in austin. they have 20 people, they chose at random that signed up for this and they started at 8:00 a.m. yesterday and they so they have to keep their lips on the car, they do get a 10 minute break every hour, so they will get a little time to go to bathroom get food, walk around, lay down, and also they do have to rotate their positions. if they are standing for one hour they have to sit next hour. >> sure. >> reporter: whoever wins gets a kia, $22,000 car. they have been going on what
8:11 am
23 hours now. these guys are committed. so definitely we have a thumbs up from our friend alycia down here. you know it really is interesting because i like to do different position that is people try to take. some people like to lay over cars, some people like to kiss a tire, underneath, it is not april the giraffe. >> i'm april's baby daddy, how are you doing. >> this is new trend, right? this is what people are obsessed with because we have been live streaming and people have been commenting saying i don't know why i can't stop watching this. it is that crazy. these guys really have been working hard. >> i do want to ask you what are the rules then is it the moment your lips get off the car, boom you are out, someone watching or do you need to like, stretch your lips or something. >> reporter: yes you cannot
8:12 am
raise your lips until a 10 minute break. they have to keep them on at the all times. some guys did fall asleep and some people got disqualified because they fell asleep. they are down to 11 people from 20 going on hour 23 here and this can go up to 50 hours , guys. >> cut off point at 50 hours. you have been there a while -- >> reporter: and then at 50 they do a random drawing. if there is two people left at the end of the 50 hours they may in the get a car if they don't get picked. >> that is a health issue. >> put money on it, who do you think will win this thing. >> reporter: there there is a guy over there with the pillows, he is prepared, man, he is ready, i know he is in it to win it. there is a few people here with blankets. they have people bringing them power aid or gator aid.
8:13 am
>> intense. >> he has that gorilla begins that grill, for sure. >> fascinating. >> update everybody then on who wins. if i put my lips on a car for almost 50 hours, i want the car, i don't want to be in a drawing. after all that you can walk away with nothing. >> i don't like that rule. they used to end hockey games in a tie. it is no good. >> 2kia there, give them both a kia. >> we will let you know what happens there. huge head line we have to get to the bottom of this. there is a mastectomy misunderstanding. are women getting surgery when they don't need it? we have had this survey that said half of all double mastectomies maybe didn't need to happen? hi
8:14 am
8:15 am
hey i'll take one of those new fast play games. oh, you ready for a rush? uh, sure! ♪ i'm pretty excited for you right now. ♪ fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! fast play, please! fast play. play fast. win instantly.
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let's get to this study now that is causing a bit of confusion about mastectomies. >> study was done by researchers at stanford university and they found that half of the women who were told they have been cancer causing gene, in fact, only
8:17 am
had a so-called harmless gene variance, that is what they are calling it. researchers say doctors are misreading the data causing more women to get mastectomy whose don't really need them. >> let's bring in somebody who knows about this, doctor sin gares, chief of breast cancer surgery at jefferson hospital. good to see you doctor. >> good to be here. >> first of all give me your reaction to the study, half of all double mastectomies shouldn't have happened. >> two problems with the study one, it is a survey, it is not hard science and that means that people were questioned to their understanding of what their gene risk was and physician whose had relatively difference experience in dealing with breast cancer. that is part of the problem. two word that were a problem were unnecessary which you mentioned and other is harmless. >> unnecessary surgeries. >> unnecessary surgery and
8:18 am
harmless gene. the gene are variance of unknown significance, not harmless and unknown significance means we don't really necessity what the risk is that they conferred. >> can you say that in evening less. >> we know two genes, which clearly increases a woman's risk for developing breast canser that is something you would have gotten from your mom or grandfather. >> correct, hereditary gene. >> women who are testing because it is more accessible to women now, are finding out there is a whole slew of new genes because of our new techniques, that suggest there are genes that we just don't understand. they are not normal. because they stand out but we don't know what they are. >> they have always been there we are just discovering them. >> we are just discovering it, easy way of saying it, yes, sir. >> the thing is people being presented with this information they are saying, i would realitier get mastectomy because we could possibly find
8:19 am
out it is cancer. >> so mastectomies are on the increase that is absolutely true. it is probably from several things. one is that there is genetic tests now that has some element of confusion because of the problems. and number two is we are seeing technology, where for instance woman comes in and find out she has breast cancer in the right breast and then we do an mri or some of these more elaborate test and there could be something in your left breast. well, that just could be. and many women say that is it, i'm done. so the fact that technologically we are causing anxiety for our patients. third reason quite frankly is this isn't your grandmother's mastectomy anymore. we can make woman look better after their mastectomy with her nip he will sparing and skin sparing mastectomy and incredible plastic surgeons.
8:20 am
>> did you see we can make them, the breast look better then what they already had. >> correct. >> that is factored in. >> yes, there is a lot of tension causing the increased rise in mastectomy. it is not just genetic testing >> as we put out there angelina jolie when she had animals second my. >> i'm old enough to remember when nancy reagan and debbie ford said that, you know, they volunteered that they had breast cancer and rise in mammography went up. >> some woman comes to you and said my grandmother had breast cancer, my mother had breast cancer. i don't have it yet. what do you say. >> the message here is to say all woman hoff a question about their genetic risk should seek out, a center, where credentialed genetic counselors are integrated in the process. would i definitely have them
8:21 am
see one of our genetic counselors or private nurses you will not say. >> you have to go see them. it is important that they get counseling both before they decide about the test and after the test. number two, i ask my patients what are you going to get out of this information. it is like a blood test. don't order a blood test if you are not going to use the information. if you don't understand you why went there for that information. then i think, a third is to really under stan what the issues are before you make a final decision. it is in the my decision. >> information is power. >> absolutely. >> thank you, doctor. lets stay with the medical thing here what happened to prince. >> new information paints a picture of i man struggling with addiction, what we are learning about his final days, and what big questions are still unanswered. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. updating our breaking news sky fox over a overturned
8:25 am
tractor trailer on the pennsylvania turnpike, off ramp to route 309, fort washington. it looks like the traffic one lane gets by there. this will impact, though traffic, both directions, on the turnpike, for everybody that exits at route 309, this is like the fifth tractor trailer, accident, that we have had, here this morning. no word on what the causes, whether it was sun glare, whether it was speed but that is a sharp ramp there coming off the turnpike and you hit that 309 interchange that is a really sharp curve so again we will stay over it. they will to have shut ramp down at some point this morning to upright the tractor trailer, mike and alex, back to you. >> whatever he was hauling, didn't get spilled. >> a lot of grass, mulch. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> all right. >> almost a year after he died , there is new information , this is brand new in the last couple of hours in the investigation into the singer, prince's death. >> so new documents show a doctor prescribed oxycodone
8:26 am
under prince's friend name, in order to protect his privacy. now that document is one of the several just unsealed, that suggests, that prince was struggling with an addiction to prescription opioids. investigators also found powerful drugs hid men aspirin bottles. >> he was moving the drugs from about on the toll bottle. oh, no. >> autopsy results showed prince died from an accidental overdose of fentanyl, a synthetic drug, 50 times more powerful then heroin. investigators still don't necessity who supplied that drug to prince. >> that is one of the problems we have had here in philadelphia, fentanyl getting into heroin. >> yeah. >> oh, my god, all right. working without tips, you ever go to chiles that restaurant chiles. >> baby back ribs. >> i want my tip back. working without tips, servicer and bartenders at chiles, they have filed a lawsuit, they claim that they are under paid for the work that they do around the restaurant like
8:27 am
sweeping up. why is this something that a lot of restaurants to have think about now, um-hmm. if you are sweeping up you are not getting tips. speaking of sweeping up why not shred it up. we are talking about our event , friday april 21st from parx casino for earth day shredding event. bob kelly will be there from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. along with people from wiggins shred to go help you get rid of documents do you not need. head out there friday april 21st. it is free, plus you can get on tv. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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that phone in your hand, he is listening. i don't know if he is talking or not. but if you talk on your phone, you are in the minority. why people are more likely to give out their social media handles then their phone
8:31 am
number in 2017. >> wow. >> do you agree with that. >> i do. >> plus, pretty or creepy. the new beauty trend, feather eyebrows, look at. that we will show you how to get this look, that is if you want to, but people are doing it. >> i think you have enough we can do it to you. >> i have a eye brow problem right now. >> what do you mean. >> well, i have to go over to the haircutry today, eddie, because i tried to cut my eye brow myself and there is a hole in it right now. >> how did that happen, you nick yourself. >> i tried to do it with clippers, you get the cope and hair in there but i had a hard time with this side because i'm right-handed and you cannot see because you have the comb over your eye and i cut a hole in my eye. that is good, folks. >> how long would that take. >> i don't know if i can get up to andy rooney style, but
8:32 am
no i don't like bushy eye brow on the guy. >> okay. >> what do you do, fill in it. >> i will to have fill tonight with a pencil. >> put make up on your eye brow. >> maybe i need the feathered look, bob. >> it would look good on you, yeah. overturned tractor trailer , thinks a live look from sky fox, the pennsylvania turnpike, off ramp, to fort washington, and speed could have been a factor here, the guy was hauling what looks like a mulch/grass, brush, but we don't have any reports of any major injuries but this will tie us up here for the rest of the day but eventually they will shut down off ramp nerd to upright tractor trailer. it is pennsylvania turnpike the off ramp to fort washington and, causing delays from both directions throughout the rest of the morning. jammed solid on the blue route this is a live picture, in one going anywhere here, bumper to bumper from king of prussia
8:33 am
all the way down to exit number three which is baltimore pike, tractor trail their who its load, metal plates this morning, they had to bring in the crane to push everything off to the side, it is just grid lock, folks jumping off where they can, 322, 52 trying to get down toward i-95. mike and alex, back over to you. and sue's got the forecast right now. >> right. >> we get around to it eventually. spring sunshine today, looking good shower chances ahead though for the rest of the week, all of the more reason to enjoy perfect day to day and chillier weekend is coming up. let's put that all together in the seven day forecast for you 67 degrees today, chance of showers in the afternoon tomorrow, another chance on
8:34 am
thursday, and probably friday morning, mostly cloudy, can't rule out a shower for saturday and only in the 50's on sunday , so today looks beautiful, but get that rain gear you will need it quite a bit for rest of the week, alex and mike. >> did you ever work in the food industry a waitress. >> no, i have not. >> what? >> i work in the drugstore. >> that is close enough i guess, cashier. >> were you a waiter i was a wait inner college. >> can you imagine being waited on by mike jerricky was also a bartender once. i still remember that, southern pit was the way to the bar but gave away too much beer to my friend and they fired me. >> nice. >> but i was a waiter, and so from that moment on, from when i was 19 and 20 i still give 20 percent minimum. >> because you know what it was like. >> exactly.
8:35 am
>> so former servicer, waiters , waitresses, wait staff, bartenders at the big chain phillys are suing. >> they want their share. >> they say she isn't paid correctly for up to 50 percent of her work. >> explain. >> her name masonry and she mentioned all the side work she does a waitress there she, was restaurant but she didn't make tips for doing. that since she is in a tip producing job she says thinks a problem. now she's suing parent company of chiles which is chesapeake bay, associates, and they reached out to the attorneys representing cot but they did not have a statement to release. >> um-hmm. >> let's bring in jennifer brandt. usually when you have a tip pre duesing job you get minimum wage because you get lots of tips. if you are only working tip producing jobs half time she said i need more money. >> that is right. a tip producing job you get paid less than minimum wage. what they are asking for is that they be paid at lee
8:36 am
minimum wage for non-tip related work they were doing. >> i agree with them. >> do you. >> that is hard to track. >> as a former server, i work as a waitress too believe it or not, everybody knows who has worked in the service industry that there are some side work that usually goes along with your waitressing or waitering job. that is filling saltshakers, cleaning up, filling ketchup bottles, et cetera. that is understood in the industry that is part of your job. you are well compensated because even though you are paid under minimum wage for hours thaw are working with the tips, you are probably making more than someone who says maybe works at a fast food chain that doesn't get tips and just paid minimum wage. >> hold it. i have done this show a lot of years. too long. this is going to, seriously this will get a lot of response on twitter because lot of people who wait on tables, they get up about this
8:37 am
time of the day. do waiters, does wait staff really mob up? why don't they just serve people and that is it. >> and this case is going to turn on what is related to your service job verse is what unrelated. now plaintiff in this case says that she was doing 50 percent of her time doing unrelated work that was not related to her job as a waitress. therefore, during that time which was easily tracked she should be compensated at a minimum wage level, verse the time that she was actually earning tips. i think it is going to be a hard case for her to make. i really do. >> wouldn't you to have go to chiles and have them define duties of the waitress. just trying to argue to find the other side can they say you knew when were you hired these are responsibilities of the waitress and you agreed to do this job. >> that is right. that is what the restaurant is basically saying. these duties that they were doing are related to their job as servicer and this bass a expectation taking the job but the amount of money thaw are
8:38 am
making during your hours when you are serving customers is going to well compensation for those hours that perhaps you have to do some extra work. >> would you keep track of that one. >> i will keep track of that, absolutely and i will tell what you happened. >> that could change everything. >> darn right. >> yes, the whole restaurant industry. >> the baby back ribs. >> that is out back. >> out back, not applebees. >> out back. >> out back. >> thanks. >> that was random. >> do you like the bloomin onion. >> i just like saying it, i want a bloomin onion. plus it is cool, it comes out, it looks like a flower, it blooms. >> it is a bloomin onion. >> yes. >> do you want to know how to stop a fight before it starts because we are about to break out in fisticuffs here, new system to warn you if your partner is having a bad day, so if you don't want to get in
8:39 am
an argument with your boyfriend or girl friend this evening, we have the solution.
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yesterday when i was watching the egg roll my whole focus was the bunny, the bunny rabbit, difficult in the notice melania trump was there for a little bit. does easter bunny remind you of anyone? >> look at that. >> look at that. >> some people thought it looks like chris christie's twin. >> i don't know if i see thaty kind of see it. >> yeah. >> he doesn't wear glasses. >> well, forget the glasses, doesn't he have that same shaped head, he doesn't have big ears. all right, it was was retweet
8:43 am
ed 4,000 times, that is not very much. all right. >> what? >> trump, first lady hold first easter egg roll. >> well yeahy don't get this next one either. why? >> i don't get that, bunny looks like the first lady. obviously that is a bunny rabbit. melania was never a bunny at playboy? no, she was a model but never a bunny this one says siri showed me war hip-hop trio of all time. >> i think funniest one. >> can i just say something, what this story indicates ace parentally really stupid people watch tv or what was that ms nbc. >> yeah, i didn't see what network it was. >> if people really thought that was the first lady, obviously it is a bunny. >> they are trying to make a joke. >> oh, in the viewers of ms nbc because i watch them every
8:44 am
now and then, it is twitter people, people voicing. >> you're digging a hole, man. >> a lot of stupid people on twitter. i know i am to me the favorite part was. >> what is your hand will, keith. >> what did you say. >> milky way we have to stop talk. we are going to jen. when it comes. >> this better be good. >> they can be big. >> sure. >> now you can give a preview without revealing your wedding dress at the rehearsal dinner, a preview dress. >> who is this woman. >> you love linda. thinks the wedding dress. so it is rehearsal dinner hoy would you tease these elements we will show you thousand do that with cool awesome, funky, edgey rehearsal dinner dresses we love her every time, mike. >> hi mike.
8:45 am
8:46 am
creamy, crunchy, chocolatey, hershey's. packed with cookies or almond pieces. hershey's has the taste you love in every bite.
8:47 am
late wallenpaupack looking good this morning, looking good this morning, leaves coming back on the trees. it is springtime, definitely going to feel like it today. we loved easter sunday but
8:48 am
that was too summery, too soon , but we will get there eventually. we have 55 degrees with the 13 m the north east and other temperatures include 53 in trenton, in the 50's in allentown. further are north we have inched in the 40's in hazel town, down in new jersey, 57, at the new jersey shore in ocean city. sixty-seven is our high with seasonal temperatures, sunny skies, today, cloud increase tonight and we might get some fog with the low temperature of 44. alex? >> well, thanks very much, sue >> guess what get through all that, all that rain but wedding season is here and one shop has an idea for bride, give your gets a preview of your wedding gown. jen, normally you want to hide wedding gown but in in case what do you mean by a preview. >> we will show you exactly what we're talking about with linda from shop 65. good morning. >> good morning you are supposed to keep it so secret but you like this idea of
8:49 am
giving them a taste. >> it is nice to give them that preview, look at what the wedding will be like. >> the night before they will see it next day anyway. >> yes. >> lets bring out kayla. we are thinking about this is dress we are talking about for the bride, a gorgeous dress. so what do you see here that is doing preview for the gown. >> well, the beautiful, like bohemian style with litter i ness and ruffles and also the look at the fact that she's going to be having that silhouette. >> yes. this could be a bohemian thing because it is a simple silhouette. >> right, exactly. >> you look gorgeous. thanks very much. this isn't only way you can preview it, right. >> correct. >> next, we have a jump suit. i think woman might not think about a jump suit for rehearsal dinner. >> thinks more for bride that is less traditional, again, showing a little bit more body in the front here, more of the
8:50 am
rib cage a little teaser, again, it has got those lines that are classic but they are definitely not your traditional bride. >> here's what i like about this. they will be photographed so many times in the dress between showers and all this thaw want, they will be photographs a ton, in the rehearsal dinner. this is a completely i mean for facebook you don't want to look the same every time. >> exactly. >> it is a preview. it is, something that gets would have to guess what it is we are previewing. >> yes, she has a beautiful, take lord. >> she clearly loves this jump suit. >> thanks very much. finally for your real sophisticated traditional bride. >> right, so she has again we're showing deep v's all over the red carpet. we are seeing it every where. she has asymmetrical lines that we are seeing a lot but this is girly, fit and flare, it is quiessential bride look that is just feminine,
8:51 am
beautiful, and effortless. >> reporter: again, still previewing the deep vn dress. >> yes. >> it says i'm a rock star but i will not offend my mother-in-law, right? >> exactly you are not all buttoned up but you are not being too showy. >> deep v is very i think beautiful. it is very sexy and very under stated way. >> i love it. >> thank you. >> she loves her dress too. models love their outfits. thanks very much. great idea, it was something we have not thought about so i'm happy you introduced my. >> it is nice to have a for shadowing of what your event will look like just by night before and showing your beautiful classic design. >> this gown is. >> this is a local designer in philadelphia. >> we have had her on the show >> back to you guys. >> yes. >> she's so pretty. she came in here to drop it off, everyone here is gorgeous >> gorge. >> thanks, jen. >> we appreciate it. >> you know since i have been
8:52 am
back from my retreat i have been talking about rainbows and uni corns and i see no negatives. i see uni corns and rainbows. guess what i found? it is a uni corn drink what? >> yes you can new get a uni corn in a frappuccino form. >> yes. >> would you like to taste it. >> yes, place. >> all right after the break.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
uni can frappuccino. >> what is in it. >> it is a mango, cream, frappuccino. >> okay. >> with a couple of pink powder scoops, sour blue syrup
8:56 am
drizzled on it and whipped cream, blue and pink powder. >> that is a lot, a lot going on. >> if you want one of those at a coffee company we will start selling them tomorrow that coffee company. >> yeah. >> but availability is different so it is not at everyone of these joints. i'm a dunkin' donuts guy anyway. >> they are our sponsor. >> oh, are they. >> yes. >> there is too much going on. i don't want any sour mixing with my sweet in my drink. >> i will try anything. >> true. >> is that true though, you will try anything. >> sometimes you go no, no. >> i don't do that, when. name something i did that too. >> certain food. >> like what? >> what, put it out there. >> crickets. >> crickets, seriously, you expect me to want to eat crickets and worm. >> this is a tv show. >> why do i to have do that when you will.
8:57 am
>> true. >> crickets and worms, is that what you are to complain about then i'm fine. >> you ever met lala. >> no, i'm sure you have. >> yes. >> a number of times. >> and carmelo. >> i have met him, in fact, i met the two of them. >> together. >> over at the palestra. >> together. >> now they are not. >> no, it is a slam dunk. carmelo anthony and his wife lala, they are free agents. do you see all of the basketball references here. but i believe i have found out why, they are getting divorced >> oh, um, um, um. >> i heard some details. >> oh, god. when it comes to dating and that kind of thing do you talk on the phone? if you do you are one of the few. why people are more likely to give out their social media handles rather than their phone numbers. >> true. >> what? >> don't get down.
8:58 am
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