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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 24, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> this show has been taking on water for years. towelly, it has been a very good month. what we call sweet, where they have ratings period, in the month of may. and we want to say thank to you our viewers, because it has been one of the most successful may's we've ever had on the show. >> thank you, guys. >> from four all the way to ten. >> 4:00 a.m.'s to 10:00 a.m.'s. >> oh,. >> that's how long we are on in the mornings,. >> 4:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., thank you. how do you do it. >> your welcome, karen. >> and sue serio, and bob kelly, and thomas tray done, and the whole staff, yes. >> and our bosses. >> end at bosses, well, they never come in until late. good day, it is wednesday, may the 24th, 2017. >> now, karen hepp is holding alex holley's baby. yes, alex holley has a babe. >> i baby sister, yes. >> a doll. >> a doll. >> we need a name for the
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babe. >> i she is life-like. you've been weighing in on twit war lot of cool names. >> this one i want to say real quickly i love this my favorite, hold on, nancy says: name the doll amina since she was conceived since mike was being mean. >> oh,. >> the 15 year old girl who makes these dolls, custom makes them in southwest philadelphia said she -- she thought i was being mean to you one day, and she gave you a baby. >> yes, she made me this baby. so have a little sister. >> ameana. >> ameana like mean. >> my crankiness has created life. >> oh. >> so now i remember this superbowl commercial. and we're just going to play, for honda. and they showed year book photos of famous people, remember tina fay. >> and then they came to life. see how neat it was. >> that's actually the real pictures from their year books. but now, in day and age in people are spending thousands of dollars for their senior picture for the year book,
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really kinds of rid inning lust, but we'll show you exam job most the dreaded of all shopping trips for ladies. trying to find that swimsuit that actually makes you look good. swimsuit shopping. we know it is not easy for the fellows, especially trends are changing, so coming up. we'll show you these hot trends, and the tips to help you find what looks best on you. >> really long trunks foremen used to be in. that's changed, guys. >> going short. >> good news for women, one pieces are hot this year. i'm so excited. thank goodness. >> yes. >> also, something that's going to need us to be in the one pieces, spaghetti donuts. >> oh, ya. >> it is a thing, a real thing, it is a funky trends, and we're going to find out how to make them. right, jen? >> axe exactly it. that's something george would never make. you're not making spaghetti donut? no? >> you made this yesterday with the kids. >> yes. >> one of the things we forgot to mention there is big dinner happens on june 16th, it is
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like the legend returns. >> oh, i love. that will i love the way you stay. >> there also a cheese plate. there is going to be sauce. because you're the king of the sauce. >> yes i am king of the sauce. >> you are king of the sauce. >> big announce. , should we tell everyone? he will be my second husband as everyone knows i'm currently married. you don't want me to tell people? >> it is okay. i dont know if i can afford you. >> you cannot, no. >> that's the problem. >> again, we got to get rid of the current husband. but he's -- >> give me shotgun -- >> no, no, no, no, no. you're a sweet guy. he's sweet guy. >> he's sweet guy? >> some people say george perrier -- >> can you imagine, this is a couple. george perier and jenn fred? >> they would have the best party. they would be so much fun. food would be over the top. though have the best crowds, best people at the table. >> dinner party. >> here is the thing i always bonds bedder chef perier, been here 40 years from france. his accent never gets less
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thick. >> is it supposed to change? do accents change? >> i think if your area here long enough able ' able for me to understand you. >> it is part every his core. he goes back to france all the time. part every his charm. he's had lovely wives, very beautiful women. >> wouldn't you want to keep your ac meant. >> no, i think that's what it does. 's ladies man. >> here's what i wonder. do people in other countries find american accents sexy? is that ever sexy? british accent, french, are we ever considered that? i don't think we are. >> i've been to france maybe ten time, i've never heard a french woman say oh, i love your accent from kansas. >> why don't they appreciate our ac meant. >> some prettier than others, even when they yell and skoal their kids, sounds so sweet. oh, no no no. you know? la petite. doesn't sound like agr, like i do. >> put down the handgun watcher do they say?
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>> akkk. >> sounds like something is in their plot. >> yes, cheese. >> america, if you don't speak english, what does it sounds like? sound soft? harsh? >> little gutteral. >> like german. >> like german. >> little bit. we're sort of from that. >> to them we probably all sounds like hillbilly. >> these are things i sit alone and think about. >> you sit alone in your room. >> i'm an only child. >> new study suggest women are attract today women who look like their, oh, you're thinking fathers. their brother. explain. >> this is a picture of model gee gee alongside her brother and boyfriend zayn. >> her brother and boyfriend? >> her brother, and then zayn right next to her in the color, that's her boyfriend, zayn. according to the study, women fancied men who look like their brothers, because they're similar features, suggest they'll zoo suitable
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genes, you know, for the baby making. >> for baby making. all right. well, you have brother. >> i do have a brother. >> what's his name? >> rob, named after my father. >> should we put up a picture of rob? >> let's do it, next to her hub. >> i your husband, brian? >> yes. >> so your husband on the left. >> just want to clarify. >> husband, yes, one i am hugging and my baby brother with his little one aubrey. >> the smile almost identical. >> i was thinking the nose, little bit, in this picture. >> what about the eyes. >> both kind of tall. both had my husband certainly he does all slick back, but you know, really big thick full hair. >> your brother date young women. >> very young, robbing the cradle you would almost say. >> that's his baby? >> that's his baby aubrey. >> do you think they look alike? >> little bit. my son certainly look a lot like my brother. and i think that my sister, she is super tight with my brother, her perfect man would be my brother.
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like a guy, very funny, good sense of humor. >> freak i shallly, are you attract today your brother. >> oh, my gosh, mike. >> my brother, that's 16 years younger, like adorable. no. >> cougar. >> stop. you're weird. you're creeping me out. >> interesting thought though. or maybe i've heard studies where it is basically just looking for something familiar to you. and that's why you like it, because it remind you something you already know and love. >> i just thought of something. >> what? >> you say that you, you know, you're not dating much. right? >> uh-huh. >> you don't have a brother. so you don't find anyone. >> that's why, that's why? >> yes. >> i don't have anybody to compare to, no brother. >> in women are attract today their brothers, and you don't have a brother, ie -- >> no man. >> no man. >> no, no. being attract today your brother is like being attracted -- not attract today
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people like that but almost like yourself, they ' like you, like your genetic component, they're like you, family dynamic. >> i wonder if it works for sisters, mike the women you date, do they like resemble your cyster? >> i have four sisters, let me go through the roll owe decks of my sisters. >> i think we already say it. >> there is kathleen, there is kathleen. >> pretty obvious. >> there is susan. there is mary ann and joanne. >> do they look alike at all? >> what? >> after a good long vacation in the caribbean. >> after they get a little color? >> little color. >> okay, so, kit kat kline, is she in the control room right now, megan? kit kat kline, let's punch her up, remind you who she is. she is married to a lovely guy named dan. >> dan. and she has a real cool brother, ran into him on walnut st. the other day. his name is aling. >> alec. if you married her brother, it would be alex and alex roomberg. >> very loving picture there.
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look at that. >> her brother loves her husband, and vice versa. >> so they're the same type. they don't look alike necessarily. >> they're like lovers. >> oh. that's so fun. >> i i mean -- >> it is a bromance. >> that is interesting. >> so they both kind of frat guys, like sports, with their hats back smashed. >> complete frat boys, look nothing alike, but in that picture they look like -- >> doesn't look like the same guy. >> personality wise? >> personalities? >> similar personalities, yes. they're both obsessed with philly sports. they both, i mean, both sweet, family oriented. >> so it is the same type. i think it is more like the type than opposed to being twins. >> i love that picture. you should frame that picture seriously. that's great. >> i make fun of them all the time for this picture. >> i'm sure they're loving you're putting upright there. >> what's going on there. >> megan, do you have a
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brother? >> nope. >> but you have man? >> oh, my goodness. >> he's cute. >> really cute. >> yes, avenue man. >> but no brother. >> okay. >> got a man. >> i heard you also try to find someone like urinate. >> i hear that a lot. >> like my daughter, jessica, married me. a guy name russ, but again, she calls me russ and she squawls her husband dad. >> so fun toy me. >> so weird. >> she calls him dad. >> wow. >> which is real weird. >> calls him dad or daddy? >> no. >> your -- >> what's wrong with you? what's happened to you? >> i know. too much time with mike. >> god. >> someone just please. >> i would never ask my daughter, so do you call him daddy? >> yes, would you. come on. >> the stuff ask you us? please. >> listen, i was always wanted to marry kit kat kline, bring
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the pictures, kit kat kline's mom. >> oh,. >> so then in my ear she would have to say, okay, go to commercial daddy. >> oh, my gosh. look at her. (laughing). >> that's not rightment it is not right. >> no, her mom, we apologize, has a very smart man in his life. very smartly dressed. and i call help the british man. >> he's brightish. >> no. >> he looks like -- >> when i saw him, and i met him, i thought he was britishment hits glasses, the way he dressed. >> you're describing mr. peanut. >> like a man in lies nice suits, style. >> mr. peanut doesn't have suits. he has glasses. >> well, he has that peanut shell body. he has a little suit on. >> no, man coat, what do they call it, morning coat? evening coat? >> look you up mr. peanut so we can check. meg snap. >> do you have mr. peanut? >> so mr. peanut is dating kit kat kline's mom?
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>> no, i said british. i don't know how we got to mr. peanut if? is he brightish i thought he was born in america. >> that guy is dating -- that's not the guy in the can. like a cartoon. >> no, that's mr. peanut. >> okay. >> ya. >> that's sophisticated very detail version. i'm talking about the yellow black and white one. that one, that's the one i'm thinking of. >> that's a british look with the spots. >> kit kat, what's your mom see in this guy. >> stop t's he very nice. >> let me bring up a picture of him. >> maybe he's nut. >> oh, stop. >> he has no idea. >> listen, get him out of his shell he's great, he's a lot of fun. 's' salty, salty guy. >> mike, cracking me up right now. >> cracking. all right. >> i'm out. >> you're done. >> i don't have any more. do you got some more? >> we have it.
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>> let's see. >> ya, isn't that british looking? >> so that's the guy kit kat kline's mom is dating? this is such -- >> karen doesn't think so. >> no, i think he looks like a super, like an intellectual american. >> his name is timmy. >> come on, a professor, what he looks like. >> he works in advertising. and pharmaceuticals. >> he looks like a mad man. i can see him with the glasses, scotch and sit cigarette. >> none of you guys see brightish. >> he is mr. peanut glasses. >> that's true. >> hey, harry potter. >> harry potter's dad. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is such an invasion of privacy. >> i know? i'm so sorry. kit kat kline, i meant it as compliment. kit kat you know, that right. >> oh, ya. >> he's handsome, no question about it. >> good catch girlfriend, ya. >> look at the leg on megan's face milky wait. >> just move it along. i wore this plaid shirt because i'm in a weird mood. >> what? >> what does that even mean?
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>> cutting down a tree later. >> i got my axe, going to cut down a tree. >> nice axe. >> thank you. >> do you remember your year book photo? did you bring yours in? >> oh, let me text my dad. hold on. sorry. >> specially senior year of high school. apparently new trend now, i've seen this in like 15, 20 states. elaborate photos. >> like an adventure, greatest aspirations people spending money, people that are doing all kind of achievements with sports. >> and a cheerleader tackling football player. that's interesting. >> so, they're saying, in this scenario, some people spending $2,000, some person more than that, last the test every time, depend on what kind of school go to. >> so you take, that you smith that, then they put it in the year book?
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>> that's what's in the year book? >> because the schools used to take pictures and put in whatever. >> live ' been seeing reese lengthly the year book quotes. you guys notice? instagram, some pete putting in ridiculous quote under ther name. because they usually have that. but, i just have no words. that's all i have to say. >> no words? >> outrageous things. >> do you ever go back go back, look at the stuff people said about you when were you 18? >> you what were known for in high school? what they think you'll end up doing in life? >> what was yours? >> a lot every people said tv or radio. >> really? >> yes. >> and then the embarrassing moment, where i got in trouble in high school. remember we, remember, remember? >> did you have a quote? >> no, i don't remember a
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quote. >> just talking about underneath your picture, the quote like jfk, or quote something like the future, you know? >> i said i'm out. >> did you not. >> like that? >> see you later bees. >> i'm out, bees. >> oh, my gosh. real quickly, too. matthew just tweeted oh, oh, alex since talking about dating someone in your family, remember, did you ever consider dating someone who looks and act like mike? >> no. >> that was a quick response. >> let's investigate that. >> oh, gosh. >> you know, a lot of people on television ends up together. >> one couple recently, just taking that, riding it all the way to the sunset. >> so what is it about me that discusts you? >> nothing discusts me. >> but you would never consider a man like, not me, bauman like me as a lover? >> oh, gosh.
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what's the next thing we're talking about? >> isn't there an expression where you ♪ one of those things, keep the lines separate. >> i'm not talking about dating alex. >> then what are you talking about? >> i'm talking about a man like me. >> there is no man like you, okay? >> and we all have different types. >> it is a compliment. you are one after kind. >> is that a compliment? >> i think, karen, you are fun. >> you're one after kind. i take you on dates, you're just not my date. >> the tag along. >> he's been on dates with me. >> just back up for in you case it doesn't go well. oh, i have to you talk to. >> help break the ice. mike always gets the party going. make things fun so it is not awe awkward. >> one time we were at a restaurant, three of us at fancy restaurant. i felt like a fool. >> why, you said were you fine with it. >> i was, but then it got weird, you went off to the bathroom, we had heart-to-heart.
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>> ya, he never called me again. >> never called you again. >> mike still to this day will tell me what he said, but i don't believe him. because he never called again. >> i can tell you what i did, i turned into father mode. she goes into the bathroom in this fancy restaurant. i go what are urine tensions, it actually came out of my mouth. what are urine tensions with al next he looked at me like i had eight heads. >> then he was out. >> never talked to him again. hey, did orlando -- >> so thanks. >> oh, he wasn't that great. >> no that's good, if that scared him offer, then i wasn't going anywhere anyway. >> he was handsome as i remember. >> was he? >> yes. >> needless to say, though, i've not invited mike out. >> ever again. >> ya. well, true, you got to get a date before i can go along with you and ruin it. >> oh, my goodness. >> did orlando bloom get a waitress fired? apparently he did. but it wasn't because of bad service. why he is apologizing to that woman, what did he do to get
9:20 am
her fired?
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>> i've been trying to cover this up with make up. >> some people are asking about it, yes. some want to know did you get punched in the face. >> i can't reveal what happened. but it wasn't violence. >> why can't you reveal what happened? >> you told me it was a cold sore. >> i don't think it is. >> something else? i only get cold source on my upper lip. never had this before in my life. >> now it is glowing. i told him during the commercial break, he started putting on this make up. >> this is more obvious now? >> literally glowing. >> look at that, now, turn to the side. let the light hit it. >> oh,. >> so what did somebody say to you on twitter? >> looks like you put on gold lipstick. >> say it? >> say it. >> it is kind of mean. >> someone said alex, don't date mike until that thing on his lip heals. i'm sorry.
9:24 am
>> and how long will it take. >> i don't mean to laugh. i would not like if someone did that to me. >> they said it would take 20 years to heal. >> i don't have 20 years. hey, porche, porche. >> hey. >> orlando bloom? >> got a waitress fired at a hotel in london. what are you talking about? >> well, apparently, you know, orlando bloom, likes waitresses, and he -- some of them feel it is worth risking their job. this girl, vivian ross, she got fired because she was caught in bed with orlando bloom. >> she's really prep. >> i now she is 21 years old, i don't know if it is worth it, she is 20 years old. and they met in orlando at children firehouse. they met before because he stayed at the hotel for a few days. after her shift, he invited
9:25 am
her for her drink and more, took him up on the offer. now the next morning, he had to go wake up for interview, so he was casino enough to say you can stay in the bed. she stayed in the bed. that was her biggest mistake, the hotel manager caught her in the bed, fired her on the spot, for fratonize g with the clients. so it was a one night fling. a good memory. but i don't know if it was worth her job. >> so that's the problem, you can't be running up -- >> she is a want to be actress, she new what she was doing, he is amazing star, i'm sure she could get another job as a waitress. >> absolutely. >> so, she's a waitress. did he leave a tip? >> (laughing). >> no, just the tip. >> ya, i think that's what he used to get her in the bed, just the tip. you know what i mean? (laughing). >> porche, coming up after your segment, we have a swimsuit -- do you worry about trends when it comes to
9:26 am
swimsuits? because they change every summer. >> you know, you cannot worry about that as a woman. i don't know who does. because i have to get what looks good for my bod. >> i yep. >> so if th the high waist comes in style, that doesn't look like somebody with hymns. i look like sub's aunty. i go with the tiny bottom, full top. >> you go with tiny bottom, the fum top? >> yes. >> sounds like formula for me. >> she makes a point. not every form for every bod. >> i perfect set up for the next segment. see you on dish nation. >> all right, guys. >> little later today on fox. >> so we will help with you your shopping trip as you get ready and get those bathing suits. what works? oh, yes. >> so stay tuned, ladies, we also have some for the fellows, too. we're showing you the hot trends that fit your body.
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call 844 reach nj or visit kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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well, 9:30. we are counting down to the unofficial start of the summer memorial day weekend we are days away. we are looking at cape may right now and, sue says sun will come out. it is great, just in time for weekend but then that means it means putting on the bathing suit. every year i promise my body changes every year. i have to figure something out to fit with my body. we have alyssa fredricko, also style director for dressing jane, love that, and you will show us, you are already ready >> hi, i got to bring my game. i'm ready for pool, beach, happy hour, you name it, memorial day weekend is on my mind. >> you can clearly tell she looks fabulous. >> thank you. >> if you make that shopping trip and look for those swimsuits what are trend hot right now. >> i think it is about pattern , print, one piece, you
9:31 am
know, leading, girls who traditionally love two piece are rocking one piece now. tons of cut outs, plunge details, you know, it is about your total look. not just your bathing suit anymore. it goes down to your accessor ies and cover up. like i said bringing your total game. >> so you will show us cute looks because depending on your body, different things that lah good on you. >> hottest thing doesmean you should be wearing it you should be honest with yourself we all have parts that make us feel uncomfortable or camouflage, some are new mommies, so be honest with your self and pinpoint those areas you might want to kind of, you know, accent wait or cover up. >> being honest pays off. >> absolutely. >> you can find something to work for you i'm ready to see models. >> first we have chastity, coming in wear a awesome red carter two piece. she's smaller on top. i love watching try being will tops. >> you cannot tell. >> what happens is alex it pushes up bust and gives more
9:32 am
support and enhances maybe the smaller bust line in the past. she's rocking this. it is reversible too, so she can get two out of one. >> i love that. >> we pared witt a great, black buster so even if she wanted to run get a drink and something that she can throw on but still rocking her bathing suit and visible. >> i love cover ups but don't all the way cover up. if i bought the bathing suit i want to show it. >> sometimes we just want to cover up the junk, running around. >> where can we get this. >> thinks red carter from blooming dale's. >> i love it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> let's bring in the one piece. >> this is kitty. she's wears a amazing laundry, one piece but what i love is this is the ruffle on the bust and she slipped off her duster great cut outs on the side. it is a one piece. >> yes. >> she's a mommy of three. >> go, girl. >> yes. she is rocking this one piece but she's still super sexy, run around, chase kid at the beach and her body will not
9:33 am
fall out of the bathing suit. >> can we talk about these sunglasses. i love them. >> they are rose gold and they are absolutely amazing. updated aviator but her whole look makes sense. she is fun, vintage, plastic, beach tote doing that retro vibe with betsy johnson cover up as well. >> very cool, thank you. >> also blooming dale's. >> no, nordstroms. >> okay. >> thank you. >> we have to show the fellas. you guys when you go shopping deal with the same thing we do >> yes. >> this is chris, rocking a printed t and striped board. traditionally men wore shorts that were below the men, what i'm seeing, trend for men is that the inseems are coming up he is at the knee but for guy who is not that out there, not going to show all that much leg. this is a great option. still on trend but not too risque for him but pretty top and love the stripe to compliment that. >> above the knee fellas get those knees ready, lotion them
9:34 am
up. or put the sun screen on. another one piece. >> yes. >> i love the print. >> distracting prints is a great option. you have something on your body that you want to camouflage distracting prints are way to go because it is nobody can focus on one thing, more so focused on the print of the swimsuit. >> good pointy love the ripped open detail on the back. >> wow. >> we used a cute oversized scarf that we used as a serong to run around, flaunt the suit but she's covered if she need to be. >> you have so many scarves, you box them up, put them in the basement or attic for summer. use them as cover ups. >> her total look is amazing. we did this black october gone chi to compliment her tribal look. >> i love it another two piece coming our way. >> another two piece, this is julia, she's rocking again a red carpenter. that is smashing witt these two piece bathing suits and all reversible. same thing she's smaller busted but she has those rips
9:35 am
in the bust line calling attention right to the top and giving her some extra support because it is taking it around the neck. >> i love this suit. >> we all have those denim shirts, because they were so in. using that with your swimsuit i like that idea. >> sometimes it is chilly at the beach so using a long sleeve shirt is a easy way to have a cute cover up. she wanted to run to happy hour she's ready to go. >> perfect. >> we have one more fella, eddie coming out. >> eddie is rocking an 18-inch board short and doing a great print, mixing stripe, orange turquoise look but he is loving it. he is more out there. he can wear this shorter board short. >> it is in. >> we see guys wearing shorter swim trunks i'm not talking about speedos but i am talking about this. really showing that leg and being more sophisticated, in your swim choice. >> perfect. >> let's bring everybody out one last time. >> any final tips then as we get ready. i'm looking for bathing suits right now too. >> you need to dress for your
9:36 am
body type. being honest with yourself and looking at what you want to accent wait or camouflage. >> i only hope i can look this fabulous. >> thank. >> thanks, alycia, how can people reach out to you. >> find me at dressing jane .com. >> instagram it is dressing under score jane. >> perfect. >> there we go. thanks, ladies, fellas lou fabulous. >> 9:36. lets get to the kid. kid are ready for kelly's classroom. we will take you live to nativity of our lord school in warminster, wow, they are ready to go.
9:37 am
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well, our bob kelly, i see you still have our good day baby, i love it, made his way
9:40 am
to warminster, pennsylvania and that is where nativity of our lord school is located and boy, are they excited. >> so cute. >> hi there, bob. >> hey gang good morning everybody. if you had the opportunity to be principal for the day, what would you do, say good morning to our nativity of our lord school here in warminster, pennsylvania. look at them all fired up, we're packed into the gym. now here's the deal our principal, rose lee madleon we will kick her to the side. where is she? come on over here rose. this is rose. i know rose's a good principal , is that right. >> yes. >> we will give her the day off. get out of here rose, you are out, all right. principal for the day. brooke and ryan lasty now let me ask what you would like to do aspirin for the day. >> would i make mcdonald's for
9:41 am
lunch. >> make mcdonald's for lunch. >> who wants mcdonald's for lunch. >> yeah. >> i love it. >> okay. ryan what would you like to do aspirin for the day. >> would i make longer recess and no homework. >> i love it, longer recess and no homework. >> yes. >> yes. >> love it. >> school is so much fun. now listen up, gang, i have some surprises for you, okay. i got direct from the boss, that today we're going to have an ice cream truck come to school. what do you say. >> and, you know what let's throw in a magician, we will have a magician come today. and, no home work. plus, guess what? listen up, you will love this,
9:42 am
everybody. anybody that went to catholic school you will love this, you will not have to wear your uniform tomorrow. >> yeah. i love it. kelly's classroom, live from nativity up here in warminster i'm taking my uniform off. >> you bet. >> you got the yellow on. >> he belongs in the classroom >> yes. >> no uniform. >> okay. >> they will just yell at anything he said. >> have you seen trend, on instagram, social media, people having spaghetti doughnuts. >> it looks amazing i love to know how to make it. >> jen's showing us how, spaghetti doughnuts. >> they have three kind, we will show you how to make it. i have to say people either love this idea or they feel the opposite about this idea come on back jeff will tell us how to make it and maybe honest about how to feel bit. >> you will taste one. >> i will try them all.
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9:45 am
i just want to say thank you, to wildwood for putting up these "good day philadelphia" banners up and down down the boardwalk. >> great job. >> is what great, even though it is breezy, they do not move >> wand fur we will have any wind, we will ask sue in 15.
9:46 am
cloudy there as well we have showers tapering off today, eventually, and heavy rain, returning tomorrow, and it looks like we will have a little bit of the warm up by the end of the holiday weekend but there are a few showers we just can't get rid of here on ultimate doppler radar just south of philadelphia all the way along 295 or cross the river in new jersey woolwich township we have light rain there and a little bit down here in sussex county, delaware. by tomorrow though we could end up with an inch of rain or more in someplaces, because of the heavy downpours expected. right now we finally made it to 60 degrees in philadelphia, 59 down in wildwood where we just were on the boardwalk.
9:47 am
sixty-one in lancaster. fifty-six in mount pocono. so here we go we will head in the holiday weekend here with 72 degrees today. seventy tomorrow. friday your getaway day 77. a dry day on saturday with a high of 78. sunday into monies when we expect another chance of showers, we will keep an eye on that situation but by memorial day itself we could be up to 80 degrees. >> wow. >> hey, that is great. >> remind me karen what a spaghetti doughnut is. >> a doughnut made from spaghetti and create it, and they look awesome. >> that is right, new york city restaurant started it, makers market, right. >> yes. >> i guess recipe is simple you cook the spaghetti with cheese, eggs, sauce and force the mixture in a doughnut shape. >> how does it stay like that though. >> you bake it then, so it hardens up. >> let's ask jen. she business people who had made these. >> all right, jen, hello, good morning chef. >> oh, hi, how are you.
9:48 am
>> this place is my favorite place, i have to say, george perry a who is my favorite chef. >> good morning. >> how are you. >> i'm great. so what do you think of the spaghetti doughnut situation. you make three kind. your opinion on this in a general way is. >> well, when we first saw the idea, the first thing a chef will think how did they do this. after that, as soon as we figured out how, second thing is why would you do this? but, you never know, it might be the next big hit. >> we have an intern from italy. she said this is part of the italian culture like a pie made up of left overs and they have turn tonight to a doughnut. people say you take it apart. how do you make this. >> we will start off with two eggs in our bowl here, right. you will be my assistant. >> i don't see why not. >> two eggs in, and then start with this, and add three-quarters of the cup of parmesan cheese. >> is that it right here. >> yes. >> there we go.
9:49 am
>> bam. >> and i have this all measure out. >> so good. >> i have been up early you are a teacher here what is number one thing these students do wrong. >> do we have enough time. >> okay. >> no, no. my students are g as long as they want to come in and they want to learn i'm thrilled. >> good. >> i will take pasta. we have about 6-ounces of cooked pasta. it can be left over. >> okay. >> go ahead. >> boom. >> it can be, spaghetti, it can be. >> that is what alycia said sometimes noodles, rice, whatever you have left over. >> we will put this in here just to coat everything. i'll take some on that butter. >> we are one minute away. >> put that in. >> and then, take. >> and take two scoops of that >> i love it. make a good sauce. lets not get in the whole gravy verse sauce thing. we don't have enough time for that. >> no, sir.
9:50 am
>> after it is all folded together. you can pick up the pasta. >> yep. >> and depos tonight to the mold. >> you can get these in a cooking store for like 10 bucks. shape them. put them in a 350 oven for 20 minutes and then they will bake off. >> when they come out. >> when they come out of the oven. >> yes. >> we have these nice little doughnuts. >> this is what i will try. >> because you have been at restaurant school you kick it up a notch. you have one with pesto, we did alfredo sauce with cheddar but you can add whatever you like to it. and cheddar, parmesan cheese,. >> should i try it. >> you are not done yet. >> i'm sorry. you have a cup of coffee to go with your doughnut and that is more red sauce so you can dip. >> i'm ready. >> ready.
9:51 am
>> here we go. >> here i go. >> it is not bad. >> i wanted to hate it. >> it is not bad, you know what it is, it taste like left over spaghetti with a lot of cheese. >> a little bit of garlic. >> i would say you like cold pizza. >> yes. >> hang over. >> cold spaghetti doughnut. >> yes, saturday if i was over served, you know, sometimes happens. >> yes. >> okay. >> over served in her own kitchen. >> thanks, jen. >> cheese good and it feels like, it feels like a pizza without being a crust does that make sense. >> it comes out nice and soft. people saying it would be hard and crunchy but it is not since pasta is fully cook, butter, eggs. >> yes. >> so it is almost like you were saying spaghetti pie you
9:52 am
had as a kid. >> that is cool, thanks, jen. >> spaghettios. >> kid will love it. i thought it was deep fried. kevin hart was in town, still in town this morning as a matter of fact being recognized for all of the contributions he makes to his hometown here, do you want to hear from him. plus we asked him about do you remember a laden him being in a laden but will smith was up for job too. we had people vote who would they rather have? he is addressing those rumors. see what he has to say. >> i can't wait to hear that. >> in honor of the upcoming memorial day movie tavern in exton is offering first responders and active duty military one dollar admission to any movie they choose. valid through this friday may 26th. in order to receive a discount just bring a valid employee issued id or military id to the box office. what a wonderful way to give back. >> thank you, exton, movie tavern. (vo) this memorial day
9:53 am
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welcome back everybody. quincy's here, q. >> hello. >> he has discovered a new baby. >> this is cool, this is amena >> congratulations. >> man. >> is there your girl. >> yeah. i don't know how she would work. that would be a lot of pressure. >> did you see kevin last night. >> yes, i did. >> he got an award. >> arts, business council 32nd annual award gala. >> his ambition, ability to connect with audiences, through comedy and performance is inn comparable to everyone please join me in recognizing mr. kevin hart and welcoming his back home to philadelphia. >> he does give back, no question bit. congratulations to him. what did you talk to him about >> we talked about movies, we
9:57 am
talk about life, a lot of stuff. i was watching because you guys always should watch good day philadelphia i said okay, should kevin hart play a laden , should will smith play a laden. >> the genie. >> yes. >> but what should he do? we talk bit. >> okayy heard they are saying will smith will play a laden, kevin hart will play a laden. >> are you playing. >> no, i will not. it was a conversation for a minute but that is not the project, for me. i don't want to not do that project any justice which is my fair, i would have to sing, yeah. >> yes. >> he can learn how to sing. >> he just wants to stay true to what he does. >> who is on the show today at noon. >> funny thing a guy who got a raise, kevin hart, toray gordon is coming on the show to do comedy 12:00 noon fox 29 the q.
9:58 am
>> don't forget empire finally is tonight, we will be watching. >> yes. >> bye guys.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. >> now here wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: thanks for watching our show. give it up for my co-host, studio audience. [ applause ]


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