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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 27, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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conforto is retired. >> a.j.: last season, he is known as a tipper. we always need know when he came up with the nationals, you see where he goes hyatt with his glove and see how low he goes here on two different pitches. one of these will be a fastball, one of the left, goes higher. on the right at slower, off-speed a breaking ball, people at home might be saying can you really notice that? absolutely you noticed that. he's fixed that, big league hitters are a lot better when you know what's coming. if you tell a big league hitter, and you can show one it's a little bit late like that come it's so obvious you can make an adjustment as a hitter, i know i fastball is coming, i know a breaking ball is coming, you lay
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off the breaking ball until you get to two strikes and that you have to swing at it. before that, you can gear up for 100 and if you guess right you're right, you know what's coming and you're ready to hit it. >> kenny: how quickly can you pick that up as an opposition player? >> a.j.: we have video guys as cory blaser takes one off his shin guard at 101. we have a video guy and one of the guys watches every pitcher, when you have a team meeting or a hitters meeting you go to every pitcher at this guy possibly is tipping, come look at this. when you watch the video before the game, he'll say to look at this and see if you see it. sometimes you tip and it's too late. you can pick it up as long as you have a heads up, every guy's different, some guys don't want to know what's coming, never understood why. if i know a 79 per hour 79 milr
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slider is coming, it helps. it helps me for a long time, there's always something once a tipper, always a tipper, but he's going from a windup now which is different when he used to go out of the stretch which is where he gave it away. >> kenny: jay bruce gave the mets a 1-0 lead with his solo home one off cole back to the first inning. >> a.j.: you see him going out of windup, the parents went out of spring training and they noticed it. he's now messing with a hitter, he's changed his whole thing. he knows, he's been told you're doing this are you doing that, he now he just changes it is a hitter and he changes at one time. if you mess up one time by the pitcher not doing what you're
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expecting, you'll forget about it, you just go and try to hit 100 miles per hour from a left-handed pitcher, >> kenny: the last 13 mets have been retired but they laid 4-3 as they head to the bottom of the ninth [sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff] [engine starts] [guitar continues]
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>> kenny: bought up on the ninth in pittsburgh, mets lead the pirates 4-3 as we head downstairs to check in with j.p. >> j.p.: some great news this evening for the pirates. just three weeks after being diagnosed with testicular cance cancer, jameson taillon pitches a rehab at start, the pirates cautiously optimistic will be back at some time this season remarkable story for jameson taillon. >> a.j.: certainly great move dumb i can use for him out of the pirates. >> a.j.: certainly tremendous
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news for jameson taillon and his whole family, hopefully he's healthy and can beat cancer. great news for the pittsburgh pirates organization also but more portly for the young man and his family. >> a.j.: pitched a couple of bullpen sessions earlier this week in atlanta. he'll be back on the mound tomorrow as j.p. reported. francisco cervelli steps in against the mets fourth relief pitcher of the night addison reed who looks to close things out. zack wheeler in line for the win, pitched six innings, allowed three runs on seven hit hits. cervelli it 2 for 3, has singled his last two times up.
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cervelli one 1 for 2 lifetime against reed with mercer on dec deck. 1-1, now 1-2. >> a.j.: he kind of crossfire crossfire's many he steps towards the right-handed batter and throws it across his body which makes them effective against right-handed hitters because he hides the ball. seal it looks like the ball is coming behind him cervelli they don't pick it up there little bit late he fells it off in a fastball it's normally a good pitch to hit. >> kenny: back on the track and he makes the play up against the wall. so the second straight pirates butterflies out for the center fielder up against the
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wall in center field. mccutcheon to end the eighth inning and now cervelli to start the ninth. >> a.j.: he squares this ball up, he feels that, he jumps. that's how you win gold gloves, that's why they put you in late in the games as a defensive replacement, that's why you have a gold glove. you're not afraid of the wall and you make the plays as you need to. the pittsburgh pirates right now are going back to the dugout shaking their heads, there being caught all over the yard. >> kenny: winning the gold glove back in 2014. mercer 2 for 3 doubled his last time up and was stranded on third base. back in the seventh inning. >> kenny: i always love the look on the outfielder's faces when they hit the wall like that.
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they know what's coming, they can see they are bracing for the pain thank goodness most of these walls are padded. five, ten years ago, some of them were chain-link fence and no pads. these guys are running full speed into them. >> kenny: on the run once again, this one is off the top of the wall. mercer with a one off double, the potentials potential tyingn scoring position. >> a.j.: not even juan lagares could catch this come i fastball down the middle, he does a great job staying inside of it. he gives up on it and he misses a home run by inches. good job by the fan not to reach over, let it hit. six more inches that ball is over the fence and we have a tie game.
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finally scoring runs at home late in the innings. pirates will take a double. >> kenny: john jaso betting for the pitcher romero. and a pinch runner. he will pinch run for mercer. >> a.j.: first ever player born in the continent of africa, he's not playing for a country, he's playing for a continent. >> kenny: writes. he basically grew up in a clubhouse, his late mom was a clubhouse attendant. >> a.j.: i've never heard of them come i know you've been around a long time, somewhere along the way you've done again.
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now speak 21 pinch running. if pitch gets away from d'arnaud, speak 21 two-thirds. ngoepe to third. >> a.j.: he's a player agent, he just yanks the spell, looks like a slider. d'arnaud does everything he can, when you're set up a way in the pitcher misses completely across the plate, that's the toughest ball for the catcher to get to. the pirates have another opportunity here late in the game with a runner on third and less than two outs. >> kenny: able to block that one after the wild pitch by addison reed.
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pirates trailed by a run. again, the pirates have a runner on third with one out as we saw on the seventh inning where they could not get the tying run across. 2-2, adam frazier on deck. >> a.j.: the hardest thing to do with this situation is calm down the slow everything down. he went after a pitch that was out of us strikes on, he wants to drive in a run so bad. he tried the same page again a little bit lower, he was able to lay off. has there ever been any one more meant to be a pirates than john jaso without hair? he's got johnny depp hair with pirates of the caribbean, doesn't he? they said to the left field, ties the game paradigm ngoepe
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across the plate, we are tied up for. a double, a wild pitch, and then an rbi single off the bat of john jaso to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth. >> a.j.: nice piece of hitting by jaso, if you could get the ball if you can get it to the outfield. >> kenny: strike one to frazier. it >> a.j.: up out of the plate, he sticks his bat out there i tied the game, the benches reaction is always good when you tie the game in the ninth inning.
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get on first, do your signals with the friends of the dugout, you feel happy, especially as a pinch-hitter, off the other teams closer. >> kenny: frazier 0 for 4 tonight. a one-up from reed, now 1-2. not exactly what terry collins had in mind on his 60th birthday parade >> a.j.: everything was going so well for his birthday, got his starting pitcher to the seventh inning, had main relievers out there, had a lead. >> kenny: paste it into right field, jaso on his way to third. pirates with runners on the corners and now the potential winning run not just 90 feet away.
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the third consecutive base hit for the pirates. josh harrison, 1 for 3, doubled back in the third inning. >> a.j.: earlier in the game, we were talking about mario rivera, do you bring the infield and come up delete them for double plays? they have their infield and tried to cut him off instead of trying to pull him back. harrison runs well, that's their thinking. harrison 1 for 3, great job by our entire crew, director john
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moore, associate director jordan harrison, broadcasts associate sam younger. the 1-0. on the ground to third baseman, reyes, mets get the out at first now to away. >> a.j.: he realizes, we have the infield and a nobody is at second, we can't turn an double play to get out of the inning. instead he lofted over to first to get the out at first and move onto the next hitter, josh bell. >> kenny: bell 1 for 4, singled and scored in the sixth inning. pirates tied the game in the
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bottom of the ninth. they have runners on second and third with two outs and a josh bell at the plate. 1-0 for lead to. 1-0 for read. >> a.j.: is due he got the ball down. it >> kenny: we are headed to extra innings in pittsburgh. after the pirates tied the score, bell unable to win its bridge onto the tenth . my last wish is for you to do it for me, as a family.
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>> kenny: extra innings in pittsburgh after they pirates tie the game in the bottom of the ninth. for runs, ten hits for the mets, for once 11 hits for the pirate pirates. remains in the game at shortstop, he score the tying run. john jaso throws him and, jaso says that first base. the fist pitcher of the evening for the pittsburgh pirates is a 31-year-old left-hander tony watson. an all-star back in 2014, neil walker leading off for the mets. his 1 for 4, pitcher in the major leagues. st. louis and the angels, roberto clemente, grew up right here in pittsburgh. >> a.j.: hometown kid.
10:21 pm
>> kenny: the last base runner for the mets back in the fifth inning. the last 14 mets have been retired as walker lifts this wanted to left. the frazier makes the catch for out number one. >> a.j.: four plus innings into the fifth, the pirates bullpen is completely reversed that. the way they pitched in the way they played defense behind him. >> kenny: talk about defense, how about the last couple of innings? >> a.j.: gave up the lead in the ninth, we are home right no now. they've already raise the jolly roger in pittsburgh. he is jumping the fence is in making all these plays.
10:22 pm
>> kenny: batting for the first time tonight. made a couple of catches up against the wall, starts the ninth. final onto the ninth inning to send the game into extra innings here in pittsburgh. look back at the early innings, the mets scored four runs over the first five. in each of the innings in which the mets scored, the first, the second the fourth, and the fifth they left two base runners on in each of the innings. >> a.j.: they left runners out there which you want to add on drugs, add-on, add-on, keep the pressure on the other team. >> kenny: now he's got a base hit into left field, the like.
10:23 pm
>> a.j.: have a night, one leg are a spirit into an happenings here having a great night so fa far. be careful first pitch right here. cabrera is notorious first pitch hacker, trying to go deep off you especially on the right-hand side against the left-handed pitcher. >> kenny: cabrera 0 for 4 tonight. fouls it back to the screen, 0- 0-1. cj rivera has come out with the pitcher we doing in the seventh spot of the order. cabrera 1 for 4 lifetime against watson, lagaras runner on first
10:24 pm
with one out. watson misses a way 1-1. fastball in for strike two. >> a.j.: good pitch right there. there's a place you can throw him especially on the right side, fastball is in and up in his hand. you see the way he takes that end the frustration, he didn't think it was a straight, thought it was high. canted that pitch, the empire calls a strike and puts them deeper in the hole. >> kenny: he makes the catch and right center for out number two.
10:25 pm
>> kenny: here comes the pinch-hitter, tj rivera. too bad for addison reed. 1 for 7 is a pinch-hitter this season. >> a.j.: i don't know that there's a harder job in any sport pinch-hitting off the bench. usually late in the game come easily against the closer, throwing really hard and really good stuff, that's why guys who can do it are so valuable. they can come off the bench at any point and not only get a big hit for you but have the
10:26 pm
possibility to break one open in the ninth and hit a home run. >> kenny: prior to lenny harris. >> a.j.: that's right. for some reason you always remember the guys who can pinch-hit. >> kenny: here's tyler pill up from triple-a las vegas was never pitched in the major leagues here's a pinch single into right field off the bat of t.j. rivera, so the mets with two on and two out here in the top of the tenth inning. >> a.j.: here comes our guy for the cycle again. >> kenny: that's right. >> a.j.: he'll take a ball to drive in the go-ahead run. and if he hits one at the gap, he's not stopping at second.
10:27 pm
>> kenny: five career triples, one this season. as we mentioned earlier, no mets catcher has ever had for the cycle, scott hairston the last minute to do it in april of 2012. after 14 consecutive mets had been retired, to base hits here in the tenth. strike one to d'arnaud. he's driven into runs, singled up the second, a double in the fifth inning. 21, two out.
10:28 pm
>> a.j.: the mets had got a hit, baserunner in the tenth inning. >> kenny: 0-2 on d'arnaud. d'arnaud strikes out on three pitches. middle of the order coming up for the pirates. polanco, freese, and mccutcheon in the top of the tenth. he's driven in three of the four pirate runs
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>> kenny: premium is back and better than ever, watch every out-of-pocket regular-season game on over 400 supported devices, plus get a free subscription to the number one app for life baseball. visit for details. a look at the pill family as tyler pill takes the mound for the mets. his major-league debut, his seventh year in the mets organization as gregory polanco steps in. polanco 1 for 42 nights. 1 for . down to j.p. >> j.p.: that's mike and kelly pill, and tyler's wife jen in from california for this game. it his older brother brett played for the giants in the major leagues and his father mike as we talked about is here tonight, in 1977 was a second round draft pick of the
10:32 pm
pittsburgh pirates. >> kenny: tonight his son tyler makes his big-league debut in pittsburgh, called up yesterday, began the year without allowing entered one in 34 1/3 innings in las vegas. >> a.j.: congratulations with the pill family they've obviously been through this before. it's still a nervous time and an exciting time for their family. to bring the guy in an eight big-league debut and a tie game on the road. >> kenny: center field, back on the track, he makes another catch up against the wall! his third in the last three innings. >> a.j.: huge sigh of relief right there, all he can do is laugh because he's all over the place. he's going to need a nice ice
10:33 pm
bath. it goes with it, once again knows right where he is, has his hand up to the wall. the family thought first big league hitter. i can relax a little bit. >> kenny: now facing david freese >> kenny: pitchers always know when they've given up a ball that's hit hard. again, just like his wife. the interesting thing from terry collins he's never seen pill through a pitch he brought them into a tie game. >> a.j.: that's who told us. >> kenny: never saw him in spring training, never saw him anywhere now he's pitching in the big leagues for the mets. as freese is on his way to
10:34 pm
second, that streak of 34 1/3 started with binghamton and continued with las vegas, now in the big leagues. allows his first major league hit to a former world series most valuable player. and now must face a former league mvp. welcome to the big leagues tyler pill. >> a.j.: welcome to the big leagues, kid. you've got a guy, david freese has obviously had some of the biggest hits in history with a walk-up form runs runs to win games in the world series, no problem, give up a single to him. now go get the league mvp who has three rbis and a home run. and mccutcheon gets plunked by pill as his family looks on. runners on first and second bridge we talked to terry collins as you mentioned, i've never seen him pitch life. and watching a lot of video but talking to pitching coach in
10:35 pm
las vegas and others in the organization. he's telling us that a comparison is dillon gee, the former pitcher. >> a.j.: had a lot of success for a lot of years. one that some big games for the mets over his career. if that's what he develops into, the mets will be more than happ happy. >> kenny: first and second, one out. francisco cervelli. >> a.j.: not a hard thrower, 89, 90. trying to locate the ball, trying to throw it to the corners, not hit the middle of the plate. three hitters, one guy hit the
10:36 pm
ball to the wall, one guy got a base hit and the other guy stuck in the back. >> a.j.: pill to cervelli files it off. pirates have had ten baserunners over the last 4 1/3. mccutcheon thrown out at the plate. to end the sixth inning. we've also seen some brilliant catches by lagaras who did not enter the game it until the bottom of the eighth grade how about clint hurdle's bullpen? five scoreless innings. the 1-1 to cervelli in for strike two. >> a.j.: he told us the ball has all been thrown and will, tony watson has more trust in him than anybody. they've all done with a been asked to do, kept them in the can, given them opportunities to come back naturally tie the game
10:37 pm
in the ninth but have an opportunity to win it in the bottom of the tenth with two guys on. >> kenny: a 1-from tyler pill fouled back by cervelli. he retired polanco to start the inning on the catch, a single to right off the bat of freeze. at first second, one out. tyler pill in his major-league debut. >> a.j.: i was find it interesting, they either go really well or really poorly. it never seems like there's a middle-of-the-road. it's one way or the other. i don't know why that is or why that happens. >> kenny: you made your debut against manager terry collins in 1998 and then you told me during a commercial break earlier, your
10:38 pm
last major league was against tate stomach terry collins. if >> a.j.: i bookend of him, beginning of my career in the end of my career, that's a testament to him and all the managerial opportunity he's been given and the job he's done in order to stick around that long. >> a.j.: he's the one who forced her out of the game. >> a.j.: that's right, it's all his fault. >> kenny: the 1-2 two cervelli. two balls, to strike spread >> a.j.: unfamiliarity with d'arnaud the way he got that ball the way he looked at the glove. i did know exactly what that pitcher was going to do it so i'm a little bit surprised, i'm not sure that d'arnaud has ever caught. until you actually catch a guy in a game and a big situation, you don't know how the ball is going to move and how you're going to react to the way it moves. >> kenny: the to ever two. cervelli held off.
10:39 pm
>> a.j.: that page, same thing. he did know was a breaking ball or a curveball, he didn't know the break, he did know how much it was good to move. he moved his body a little bit more than normal, the pitches outside. he doesn't know exactly how to frame it or how to hold it or where it's going to adopt. >> a.j.: time called by the home plate umpire. >> a.j.: utmost confidence that when cisco's overlays going to put the ball in play.
10:40 pm
he also wants instead of the double play sleep with the minors in motion. jay bruce has a good arm out in the outfield to throw him out if there is a good base hit. >> a.j.: the random baseball question of the day is why is that not a block? the definition of a bark is trying to deceive the baserunner, what else are you trying to accomplish their other than to deceive the baserunner with the inside move to second base. >> kenny: that question from the ex-catcher. her >> kenny: ball for two
10:41 pm
cervelli, bases loaded. here in the bottom of the tenth inning. so pill after retiring the first batter he faced has allowed a base hit, hit mccutcheon, and now walked cervelli. >> a.j.: pill family wanted it it, stomach. hearts beating through their chest right now because they want him to get out of this inning. >> kenny: on the mound with the bases loaded, one out in a 4-4 can come up bottom of inning in pittsburgh. here's freese. representing the potential winning run.
10:42 pm
score the tying run as a pinch runner in the bottom of the ninth. the first african board major-league player in history. he has driven in six runs in the season for the pirates, infield in. freese takes his leadoff third. >> a.j.: the pirate's love in the field, he can get them better than anybody. if he said one hick up in a major-league career, it's making contacts. although he needs to do here is make contacts to get the winning run home. >> kenny: strike one. >> a.j.: in big situations, the first pitch more times than not is the best pitcher going to get. the pitcher doesn't want to fall
10:43 pm
behind. so what did they do question market they throw a nice fastball it's a gift, he took it and now he's behind the counter count, zero one. >> kenny: pill delivers, popped up, shallow right to awa away. >> a.j.: it jay bruce a tremendous running catch. didn't catch it clean, carted off his chest area. tough play running at full spee speed. >> a.j.: here comes josh edgin from the mets bullpen. tyler pill in his major-league debut, there's his family leaves with the bases loaded and two
10:44 pm
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>> kenny: to us bottom of the tenth inning, josh edgin is 6 minutes relief pitcher tonigh tonight. facing john jaso whose base hit in the bottom of the ninth tied to the game at four. bases loaded for the pirates with two outs in the bottom of the tenth. david freese takes his leadoff third third and the pitches blocked by d'arnaud, ball two. >> a.j.: the first two pitchers haven't exactly been close here. d'arnaud dove to his right on the first one and dove to his left on the second one. i cannot see a scenario where it john jaso swings at the 2-0 pitch.
10:47 pm
>> kenny: the 2-0 from edge edgn taken for a called strike. >> a.j.: him not having the best number seconds left and the paycheck and not having seen a lot of left at a pitch in, after the first two pitches were as bad, after the hitter, i'll give him one maybe he'll throw in it will be three have been zero and i will take two. >> kenny: 2-2. so edgin has worked his way back after falling behind 2-0. >> a.j.: one of leave pitcher comes in, until they throw that first rake there always a little bit on edge. >> kenny: or "edgin." >> a.j.: you beat me to it. throw some of their quality strike, get back in the count get to 2-2, put him back in the
10:48 pm
hole. >> kenny: another foul. take it back to the ninth with a power trailing by a run, get it to the outfield. all your try to do, infield income a runner at third, just get a ball up get to the outfield and score the tying ru run. give a bench high five from first base. >> kenny: full count. payoff pitch from edgin, jaso felt it back. >> a.j.: i'm actually surprised he swung right there.
10:49 pm
sometimes you'll see a hitter in a big situation just take. statue him, take him, hope he throws a ball. jaso credits, got a pitch to hit and fouled off. >> kenny: eighth pitch of the at-bat from edgin, on their fil file. bases loaded, two outs, bottom of the tenth, 4-4 again. if made some great plays in the center, know where put john jas jaso. payoff pitch from edgin, into right field, that will do it. he ties the game in the bottom
10:50 pm
of the ninth, wins out in the bottom of the tenth. for the pittsburgh pirates. >> a.j.: when everyone's celebrating in the game's over that's what matters. and jaso gets to show off his hair. >> kenny: on terry collins' 60th birthday, a tough loss for the mets who had the lead in the bottom of the ninth, tyler pill suffers the defeat in his first major-league appearance. after the mets won the series opener 8-1 last night, pirates come back tonight 5-4.
10:51 pm
time for the prevailing moment of the game sponsored by the hartford. john jaso with a game-winning hit driving in david freese. after a jaso drove mn in the bottom of the eighth. >> a.j.: two huge hits for the pittsburgh pirates, two innings, knocking in the tying run up but also the go-ahead run and then everyone gets to celebrate in bucco land. >> a.j.: he hopes the ball just over his head. >> kenny: the pirates when it 5-4, john jaso is with j.p. look out from andrew mccutchen.
10:52 pm
>> j.p.: we have some company here, andrew mccutchen a very gentle dousing of john jaso, congratulations. how about the timing for the first hit off the lefty all season long? >> a.j.: i guess if i was going to get one it might as will be there. that series in atlanta was toug tough. everybody did such a great job tonight, we were hitting the ball so hard and they were just getting caught. it's great to come out with a win. >> a.j.: back in the ninth inning, how did you prepare yourself for that moment? a huge tying hits for the club of the ninth inning. >> i prepared myself by relaxing, you don't want to get too amped up or at least i don' don't. i just chilled, get in there and treated like it's my first or second at-bat of the game, so i don't need too much. great job right there baserunning, getting on base. being on third so i can hit one over the infielders. they set that up really nicely.
10:53 pm
>> j.p.: andrew mccutchen, huge game print tonight. what do these show to your club tonight? >> i think his swings and a termination, there's a lot of things that can get you down in this game. there's all the talk about from hip moving from third to sixth, for a lot of guys, that would hurt. this game it means so much to him, keep competing, keep going out there and trying to be better and that says more than any of the at-bat that he had today. >> j.p.: does anyone have baseball have better hair that you could mark >> no. [laughs] i don't know, there's probably a few out there. >> j.p.: back to you. it >> kenny: john jaso the hero, he had been 0 for 10 against left-handed pitching until that game-winner, pirates when it 5-4 the they split the first two games with the mets.
10:54 pm
for a.j. and j.p. and our entire crew, this is kenny alberts, will send it back to the studio, it's kevin and eric right after these messages every friday, mr. lewis connects with his friends at the senior center to enjoy a nutritious, hot meal. which gives him the energy he needs to connect with his grandson, so he can teach him how to land the big one. when older pennsylvanians make the most of programs supported by the pennsylvania lottery, like hot meal programs, we all benefit. learn more at
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>> kevin: baseball night in america john jaso quite the night. he had quite the look. bring back the five video days back in the 90s. golly. >> eric: obviously two teams are struggling, trying to figure
10:57 pm
it out and the pirates i'm not saying they're going to win the division but they are in striking distance. >> a.j.: it's hard to say that the team it's going to compete but both of these ball clubs, they faced a lot of adversity so far in the first two months. they're both managed by guys that are going to compete, no matter what the circumstances are. we sell it tonight. they're going to go out, they're going to battle. you never know what's going to happen. you go out there, you keep goin going, john jaso said it best, you've got to be determined, that's what both of these clubs are. that's what they will have to do for a while until something turns. >> kevin: that will do it for us, for eric, i'm kevin, will see you
10:58 pm
goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy...
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