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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 1, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. breaking news at the top of the 11:00. philadelphia city councilman david oh stabbed in the back. let's get straight to our dave schratwieser live at penn presbyterian hospital. dave, what do you know? >> reporter: lucy, councilman david oh got here just before 10:00 from what we're being told he was getting out of his car outside his home on thomas of a near baltimore. step out of the way. police presence at the scene at the hospital. he was rushed here to penn presbyterian with stab wound to his back. we're told he is in stable condition. police investigators are inside right now trying to talk to him. if they can. according what i'm being told and preliminary information at this point, that councilman was getting out of his car on 5800 block of thomas avenue when he
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was approached from behind and stabbed in the back. we don't know anything about a possible suspect at this point. police are holding the scene right there now. councilman oh is a two-term councilman veteran of city council. he is the minority whip on city council from what i've been to told. he lives on the same block where he grew up from what we've been told by some of the folks closest to him. police are here at penn presbyterian hospital. they are watching the guarding i should say the front of the emergency room and they have been here since just before 10:00 o'clock tonight. we do understand again he was stab at least once in the back and he is in stable condition here at the penn presbyterian hospital. police are holding the scene in the 5800 block of thomas avenue. that's off baltimore in the 12th police district at this point according to what we're being told, no suspects in custody. police investigators are here at the hospital trying to talk to the councilman. we expect to get update from
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city police as soon as we finish visiting with the councilman and talking to officers on the scene very active scene out there right now as police try to fine out exactly what led up to this situation. again see councilman david oh in stable condition with at least one stab wound to the back again established getting out of his vehicle tonight we're told right by his home a home he has apparently lived in since 1963 or his family has. he's mary and has children and again he is a second term councilman on city council. he is the first asian-american to be elected to political office in philadelphia. he's also a veteran. the only veteran. >> only one. >> on city council. luce glee first elected back in 2011 as well. now, dave, i know that you've got your ear to the ground and you've got incredibly good police sources. do you know at all and you probably don't i know it's breaking right now but i wanted to ask, do you know whether he was by himself at the time or whether he was with somebody else that could have witnessed all of this? >> reporter: do not know that at this point. all we were told he was exiting his vehicle near his home on
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thomas avenue when he was stabbed from behind. one time in the back. he was rushed here to penn presbyterian to the -- to the, um, emergency room here. again, penn presbyterian is where they bring police officer the trauma unit here when they get shot in the line of duty. this is very good traumatic unit here. very good at saving lives. we do not know his condition beyond stable condition and at least one stab wound to the back that's all we know at this point. lucy, as soon as we get an update we'll bring it right now to you. >> keep us posted. thank you very much. dave schratwiese schratwieser ln university city twenty two i was wild scene in the heart of center city. whole lot of people doing double if not triple takes. one rittenhouse store's employees baird all buck naked right on walnut street. not sure what this video is. but fox 29's chris o'connell is live in center city fully clothed. thank you, chris, for and that basically, chris, these employees dropped their pants to raise awareness.
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>> reporter: in this job you see a lot of crazy stuff in this city. today took it to another level. a bunch of people walking around the street during lunch hour buck naked. it happened today on walnut street. ♪ >> reporter: the rittenhouse lunch crowd was treated to more than just skeet music today. make that a lot more. >> ♪ >> reporter: this is what 15th and walnut looked like today outside of lush cosmetics. >> what? why? why? >> reporter: that was the reaction of many passers by when they saw nearly a dozen of the store's staff on the street and all in their glory. >> people got to see a lot more of our employees than normal. >> reporter: come to go work with no clothes on was the company's idea in fact it was a cheek key publicity stunt to raise awareness for excessive wasteful packaging in the
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cosmetics industry. something the british company is passionate about. if we try to be as environment environmentally cons as possib possible. so of course the most eco friendly packaging is no packa packaging. >> reporter: did their message work? ask ryan. we did. >> majority of the feedback was positive. we got a lot of hoots and hollers which is really nice. um, some people did say that they didn't think it was too pretty. >> reporter: by most accounts the packaging protest worked. it blew up on social media and customers haven't stopped talking about it. >> it raises awareness. it caught people's attention. >> reporter: and despite the light hearted protest the company says there is a serious environmental message here. point to go the more than 300,000 tons of discar discarded plastics floating in our world's oceans. 80% of that come from diss cared packaging. lucy, so something to think about. >> sure does. it absolutely does. never bio dee grades, yes, that was a cheek key demonstration. thank you much, chris o'connell.
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on your radar you are lucky enough to have the day off tomorrow. well mother nature is working in your favor, my friend. live look at rehoboth beach, delaware. not a bad place to be tomorrow. meteorologist kathy orr is here and it's really looking like a winner. you were saying i mean earlier this week that it's a ten. >> oh, yeah. thursday for sure and undoubted from the city to the shore to the delaware beaches we're talking about the pick of the week. the temperature still pretty warm out there. 69 in the city. the high today 80 degrees and tomorrow we'll do it again. 68 right now in pottstown. 72 in allentown. the poconos only 58. down the shore we're look at temperatures mainly in the 60s with ocean water temperature at 63 degrees tomorrow we get into a northwesterly wind becoming westerly. you can see a few showers and storms popping up over the central part of buck bucks couny through doylestown earlier tonight moving into mers so county. it's quieting down bit and we'll be seeing those skies clearing a little bit of patchy fog overnight the storms associated with a front that's moving on
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through. high pressure building in. so we see that wind out of the west northwest about ten to 20 miles an hour. so but bright sunshine just gorgeous day to be outside. as we look at the beginning of june as a whole, at least the first couple of weeks, temperatures will be below average for the most part. the normal high for tomorrow is 78 degrees. so it will be above average to start. the end of the month the normal high is about 85. per precipitation trend for the earl dalis of the month, above average in the precipitation department. more unsettled weather, more clouds, more on shore flows keeping it cool and even more showers in our forecast. but for tonight thing quiting down. some patchy fog overnight and low temperature sitting in the 60s. so it will be comfortable. during the day tomorrow we start off in the 60s. we see some clouds with low visibility as far as the fog is concerned. a low ceiling. giving way to bright sunshine temperatures warming by noon to around 80 degrees. we see that westerly wind persistent at about 14 miles an hour. during the afternoon, it's warm.
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it's feeling like summer for sure. temperatures in the upper 70s by the evening. as you look at the seven day forecast from the weather authority from the phils maybe a few up storms on friday. saturday another ten with part sunny skies. sunday looks like rain moving in especially in the afternoon. and that unsettled trend continues for monday and tuesday with a chance of rain and look at these high temperatures. not 80s. not 70s but possibly 60s by tuesday into wednesday. so this is the beginning of that unsettled stretch for the mc couple of days golden sunshine a perfect ten for tomorrow, lucy. >> that's what we need to revel in. all right. thank you very much, kathy. happening right now, a family's desperate for answers in the death of a 19-year-old girl. a rowan university student. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in bellmawr. shawnette, you've been talking with that young woman's family. >> reporter: lucy, familiar members sell me that she was actually going into union your year at rowan university,
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holding down a full-time job and did volunteer work. tonight they want to know why her life was cut short. >> it's already getting caught. >> you're on video. >> am i? >> this cell phone video of selena enriquez getting ready for senior prom in 2015 shows the ravishing beauty and infectious smile her family describes. >> she had a very bubbly personality. >> but the video is all they have left. along with pictures of the 19-year-old killed in a car crash last week. >> a lot of emotions, you know, just very sad. it's been very hard. >> reporter: her brother joshua and her mother jean say the hardest part is not knowing exactly what caused the car to crash. >> confused just trying to figure out exactly what happen happened. vest gathers selena was in this honda with her boyfriend 20-year-old ramon mason when he lost control driving on 295 near woodbury and slammed into a tr tree.
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>> i asked them i need to see my baby. and they wouldn't let me go near her. >> reporter: new jersey state police say they're still looking into why the car went off the road but her family says a witness told them it was a hit-and-run. caused by a driver changing lanes. >> the car that was in the fast lane moved over into their lane and clipped the front end of them which made him lose contr control. >> reporter: new jersey state police telling us tonight this remains an open investigation. they will not confirm whether they suspect a hit-and-run but they do say they're not ruling anything out. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much, shawnette. up next, controversy over story time? a plan to have drag queens read to children is firing up people in one local town. and -- let's go. do you mean me, come to me. come to me. this way. just go, just go. >> terrifying, it's gut wrenching it's new video that shows first responders running into harm's way. they were about to head
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philadelphia city councilman stabbed in the back. it is david oh. it happened on the 5800 block of thomas avenue in southwest philadelphia. now apparently it happened when he got out of his car at his home which is the same block where he grew up. he is stable from what we understand at penn presbyterian. councilman oh at large council
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member the only veteran on city council right now first elected by the way in 2011. sworn in 2012 as it happens. now it's all breaking. we have our dave schratwieser at the scene get gathering all the information right now. we will try and get to him if we can. tonight, we are witnessing through the body cameras of first responders what they saw during the mass shooting inside orlando's pulse nightclub last june. a gunman killed 49 people and injured dozens more. it is the worst mass shooting in our nation's history with fir responders runnin running straio harm's way. >> come out with your hands up or you will die! >> put your hands down. [ gunfire ] >> as people ran from that club the video shows officers running in orlando police released about 11 hours of footage from that night because of a freedom of information request. now police shot and killed the gunman after an hour long
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standoff and during the shooting he called 911 the gunman did and pledged his allegiance to isis. june 12th will mark one year since the attack. a south jersey teacher is out of the classroom and in jail tonight. prosecutors say eric how well hit hid a camera in water bottle and used it to take photos of the skirts -- up the skirts of girls inside lenape high school in medford township. that's where he taught chemistry by the way. fox 291st broke word of the investigation earlier this month and the school banned from school property and events once police told officials about what was going on. story time for children at a local library is drawing a mixed rei took night. it plans on having drag queens read to children to promote diversity and tolerance. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in cherry hill. dave? >> reporter: lucy, you don't really think about controversy when it comes to story time. this event is about three week out but it still drawing controversy already.
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ran dollar roland says his children will not be going to the drag queen story time at the cherry hill public library next month. >> it's just not what i do. not what i live by. not what i try to stand for, so, um, but i think we should learn how to love everyone. >> reporter: drag diva duo known as the shear sisters will be reading to the kids on junoth. celebrating hgbt pride month. parents have mixed emotions. >> yeah absolutely i would go, yes. definitely i would take my daughter. i'd take my son. >> reporter: in fact jay, says it's somewhat perm. >> i thought it was such a great idea. being that i have two family members that love to dress up and be drag queens. so i really felt like, um, that's something that the world needs to see that. >> reporter: the idea is not new. in fact it's a national thing. the website drag queen story hour has pictures of previous youth reading sessions which happen in la, new york and san
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francisco. it says the story hour gives kids glamorous positive and a banishment inquiry roll models. >> but the outlet national review just ran an essay which says the story hour movement merely indoctrinates children into a liberal agenda. >> i'm not surprised. >> tina organized the story time season the biological sister of one of the shear sister. >> we wanted this to be a fun event for children to come learn about issues of diversity, inclusive have the and tolerance. >> organizers say that the event is already booked up and they say the shear sisters are volunteering their name. they're not getting paid for the event. lucy. >> all right, thank you much, dave. prosecutors in camden county say they are will we try 23-year-old david creato in the death of the death of his three-year-old son brendan. the judge declared a mistrial after five days of deliberations jury could not reach a unanimous decision they deadlocked on the lesser charge of endangering the
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welfare of a child. prosecutors charged him with killing his son in october of 2015. they say he murdered his son to help his relationship with his then teenaged girlfriend. but they had no eyewitnesses, no clear cause of death and only circumstantial evidence. >> dj is upset. i mean he wanted -- he wanted to go home today. wanted to be with his family. he hasn't seen his family in person other than in the courtroom for year and a half, and it's heartbreaking for all of them. >> but he remain behind bars. brendan creato would have turned five years old tomorrow. his mother was in court this morning season not commented on the mistrial. 18-year-old is in police custody facing charges for the attempted murder of a seven-year-old sister. early this morning along the 5500 block of north american street in olney, their mother called police to report her car stolen. when police arrived, they found the seven-year-old girl unconscious on the basement floor with a bag over her head. the officers performed cpr on
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her. all the way to the hospital. police tell us she is on life support. they say her brother stole their mother's car and took off before turning himself in. sean bell talking about basketball. >> that's right, lucy. nba finals start tomorrow. cavs/warriors i'm hearing a whole lot of chatter about lebron james possibly passing michael jordon? i'll tell you why that noise is
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michael jordan or lebron james? sean bell has got a pick here. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ stop it with the lebron james michael jordan compare sons. i don't care what happens in the nba finals lebron james is not on michael jordan's level that's not a knock on the guy. lebron james top five dead or alive he doesn't come close to being number one. at least not yet. i don't care what lebron -- i don't care about the fact he made the nba finals eight times i also don't care michael jordan was six for six in the final you don't have to be perfect what matters is, simply the number six. mj has sick rings. lebron has three. that's why mj will remain the gold nobody has more chips than mike. this game is all about winning, right? when you get to pick and choose your teammate as well as your coaches like lebron has, then that's all that matters. all that matters is championships. don't give me he's been seven
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straight nba finals. i don't care. no one cares arnold palmer has more second place finishes than jack nicholaus. jack is the greatest because of 18 because he won majors. until lebron gets his sixth don't mention kareem or colby, either. luce glee that wasn't we've got breaking news right now. philadelphia city councilman david oh stab in the back. new information coming from penn presbyterian hospital what you're looking at right now are police at the scene of where this happened. the councilman is in critical condition going into surgery because of where he was stabbed which is the left side of his back basically vital organs there, right. happened in southwest philadelphia. basically where he grew up. police tell us he was taking bags out of his car when a man walked up and said give up your keys. they ended up struggling the man establish the councilman. he has been david oh has been talking with police and the medical team at the hospital though he is as i told you going into surgery. councilman oh by the way is an at large council member.
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he is the only veteran on city council root now. first elected in 2011 and sworn in in 2012. so as you look at the scene of where this stabbing happened, we have our dave schratwieser at penn presbyterian hospital gathering information there. clearly this is an active scene. was this a random attack? did they know each other? who knows? we don't know right now. it's all breaking but you know that we are going to be on top of this all night long. as of 4:00 a.m. good day take over. and they will have the entire thing there. maybe we'll have more information but david oh councilman at large going into surgery in critical condition. our prayers go out to him and his family. >> all right. >> so we'll see you in the morning for 4:00 a.m. as we take live look at the scene in southwest philadelphia where councilman oh was stabbed this mo
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this is "good dayphiladelph. happening right now, on good day philadelphia, developing overnight. to philadelphia councilman returned to the hospital after being stabbed during a attempted robbery. the suspect this morning, still on the loose. and take a close look at this. this looks like it is another story that involves a tragedy that happened where there was 18 year old, teenager now charged in connection with the death of his little sister, we'll have the very latest on that story, as well. also, ahead this morning, quite the video, a lot of people talking about this one, walking the line, the dash cam video of tiger woods' drug daze. >> also, some holiday fun. it was the holiday weekends, ton of kids go down the shore.
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