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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 1, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> goose moved, it is 5:00. developing overnight, a philadelphia councilman rushed to the hospital. after being stabbed during a attempted robbery in the suspect still on the loose this morning. >> also, we want to show you something. take a close look. this does this look real to you? it is not. the county fit cash popping up in droves all over. why you could be at risk of having some in your wallet. >> also ahead this morning, walking the line. the dash cam video of tiger woods under the influence. 300 kids involved in a beach fight down the shore. the warning from police of that town to parent about
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their children. >> get your kids in line. once again it is 5:00. 5:01, turning right now, great to have you with us on this thursday. >> good morning to you. it is already a new month, it is june 1st, we take a look right now at wilmington, see the skies are brightening, sue serio kicks us off with great news this morning and day. >> i think you're going to like the number of the day. mild start to the day. no jacket needed. it is national olive day. so bus stop budd haste olive branch for all every us today, yes, just wearing the polo shirt to school. so yes. finally not the umbrella although little stray shower around lancaster county but those are anticipating rain. 64 degrees, milder start today. it is a little sticky out there. with the southwesterly winds, but that's what happens when it warms up around here. it is 57 degrees in allentown,
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up in the mountains, a lot chillier, 46 in mount pocono, hazleton has 48 degrees. we have trenton with 62, 66 in cape may, six after allendale, delaware. plan on sunshine today. wear the sunscreen, if you are going to be out for awhile. 82 degrees after stretch of weary weather. this is welcome news. look, i disappeared just like bewitched. in a was fun. a look at your seven day forecast coming up. bob kelly? >> you didn't even wiggle your nose on that one. >> didn't need to. >> 5:02. good morning, it is a thursday already, are you up yet? burlington bristol bridge about ready to get up any minute now. 50:00 an is the call for the bridge opening. so grab that jumbo coffee if you're headed out the front door. police are on the scene in the background, we go for ride. north on 95, new traffic pattern, at girard avenue. now, we had disable
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tractor-trailer, tying us up for the last hour or so. that's gone. so all of the lanes are open. >> chester, kennett square, otherwise, buses, trapsing trolleys all looking good as we start our thursday morning. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. 5:03. let's get going on the top stories here. city councilman attacked outside his southwest philadelphia home by a man with a knife. councilman david oh, in critical but stable condition. hospitalized at penn presbyterian, where steve keeley is this morning to break it all down, me? >> well, we see david oh, quite often, at city hall. very energetic and quite young 57 year old, and the good news is these are quotes from police. he was alert, quite conscious before he went into surgery here, so he was able to tell detectives what occurred, just before 10:00 last night, as he had the hatchback up, on his
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city-owned suv, was taking bags out of the back of it, when a guy with a knife, police figure, was just walking the streets near cobbs creek parkway looking for someone to rob, came across david oh. >> the gentleman at some point pulls a knife out, announces a robbery, tells him to give him the keys for the car. at some point the male stabs him i in his left side. the medics arrive, neighbors assist mr. oh. they take him over here to penn presbyterian, critical but stabilized, they they had to take him into emergency surgery because of where the stab wounds are, all of the organs r he is in good spirits prior to surgery, but looking at this point for black male appears to be in his 20's, wearing black shirt with white writing on it and black pant, roughly -- scruffy beard appeared to go west on thomas, from that location. >> well the latest update we got came from police, and it came just past midnight. that was that surgeons were going to do exploratory surge troy see if any vital organs
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were hit when the councilman was stabbed in the back. but detective walker who you just heard there felt he he's in good hands here at penn presbyterian, his spirits were up before the surgery and said i'll be fine. as far as the guy who stabbed him, didn't get the car, didn't get the keys or anything else from the councilman, before running away, and hopefully, cops will get him with the help hopefully of everybody in that neighborhood, some of whom may have private surveillance systems, may have captured this guy either walking around the street beforehand, or running away after. >> it is an active investigation, steve keel think morning, thank you. mayor jim kenney urging anyone with information to come forward. in a statement the mayor says we are all praying for councilman oh,'s quick recovery, and thinking of his family during this incredibly difficult time. adding whenever violence happens on our street, that is terrible tragedy. when it happens near our homes, where we are supposed to feel safe, it is all the more devastating.
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>> also, breaking overnight, we know two people including a teenager have been killed after a triple shooting. happened in philadelphia's, let's get right out to police headquarters with jenny joyce is what we know. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen. this is the second time this week that a teen has been shot and killed. earlier this week we told but a 14 year old boy shot and killed before he even graduated eighth grade. now we have a 17 year old, who was shot and killed last night. it happened around 11:00 p.m. on the 1300 block of rush street, in north philadelphia. when police arrived, they found two victims on the ground with gunshot wounds to their torso, and chest, both males, 117 years old, the other in his mid 20's, were returned to temple university hospital where they died. police say while they're investigating a third victim from the scene showed up at temple hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm. he is in stable condition. police say the shooters road up on bikes and began firing several shot down the street. they road off, police say it is unclear which of the three victims may have been an
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intended target. >> based on balistic evidence, we know that there were numerous shots fired. we found multiple spent shell casings at the intersection of 13th and rush streets. most of these shell casings were just feet away from where the two victims were laying. so it appears that the shooters fired shots from close proximity at these victims. we don't know which of the three victims were the intended targets. >> police don't have a motive for the shooting right now, but they are continuing to gather evidence, including video from nearby surveillance cameras, police tell us, that homicide detectives are currently inside of police headquarters, talking with witnesses. karen, thomas? >> all right, jenny, thank you, horrible story, we told but yesterday morning, now we have an update on it. this is the suspect in the case. a 18 year old in police custody facing charges for the attempted murder every his own sister, just seven years old, we told but this on good day
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began when that teen's mother called police to report that her son had stolen her car right from the 5500 block of north american street. when police got there, they found another child from the home, seven year old girl, unconscious, on the basement floor. she had a bag covering her fails. the officer performed cpr on the child all the way to the hospital. she is on life support right now, they say her brother stole their mother's car took off, then crashed the car, lock himself in a police cruisers err and locked himself in. >> prosecutors say they'll retry 23 year old dave creato in the death of his three year old son, brandon, jury in the trial dead-locked, after five days of deliberations, the jury could not reach a unanimous decision. they also couldn't agree on the lesser charge every endangering the welfare of a child. prosecutors charge creato with killing his son in october of 2,015. they believe he murdered his son to help his relationship with his then teenage girlfriends, but they had no eyewitnesses, no clear cause of death, and only
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circumstantial evidence. dj's upset. i mean, he wanted to go home today. he wanted to be with his family. he hasn't seen his family in person other than in the courtroom for a year and a half. and it is heart breaking for them, for all of them. >> brendan creato would have turned five years old today. his mother was in court yesterday and has not comment dollars on the mistrial. it will be day two of the trial of the man right here accused every keeping a dozen girls in his home and sexually assaulting many of them. yesterday she testified in the lee kaplan trial. prosecutors say she and her husband, daniel, gave their daughters kaplan including one who he impregnated between twice. their mother told a jury she new about the sexual activity but believed, investigators say it, could have been a good thing financially. >> it is coming up on 5:10 right now. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a window-washer to fall to his death. it happened yesterday at the cherry hill towers on route 38, where that window-washer was working.
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there it is, take a look at the builds, pretty tall, 13 stories, we do not know what caused the accident at this time and they've not released the identity of the victim. also, some pretty shocking video. this is an armed robbery as it happens in north philadelphia. the victim's at toed truck. see the guy there puts the gun right to his head there. were two men involved with this robbery there. it happened last thursday, on the 400 block every west hunt inning park avenue. after the struggle those bad guys get away with a cell phone. if you know either of the suspect give philadelphia police a call. >> drunk dialing 911. police say 51 year old larry craze fresh lehigh county called 911 over and over again, because, well, he was lonely and just wanted to talk to someone. when police arrived at his home, kaiser said he was drinking because he was upset over family troubles. he said he wouldn't do it again. but when they left, he called again, and then discovered a bunch of new people to talk with in jail. >> all right, parent, listen up. if you bring your teenage tears margate, get a handle on
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them. that's the warning from police. after a rowdy memorial day weekends. three teens were arrested in a beach fight, involving some 300 kids. and an officer was also hit with a gatorade bottle. and then late their night, the group gathered outside a wawa. police arrested a dozen people under the age of 20, for alcohol, marijuana, and fighting. >> time now 5:11, inside the terror. >> it was just a night that was absolutely horrific. coming up on good day, they put the video now on what happened inside the pulls night club as that tragedy unfolded. a massacre, we have some more details on that evening. and. >> this. >> no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, you know, being black in america is tough. >> on the eve of the nba finals, labron james speaking out about race in america. what he has to say after a racial slur was painted across
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his home. >> bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning, everybody, 5:11, we'll go for a ride, 202, we've got the traffic pattern between route 30 and boot road. there are still some construction crews out there. let's go out there. we'll go down the shore. good morning to ocean sit, new jersey, looking live at the boardwalk, sue has got a good looking forecast if you want to go to the shore today. she is coming up right after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> we are playing the lonely heart club ban albumn. look at this lovely picture we're showing you down the shore. we have some fabulous weather on tap. if you want an early weekend, sue. >> right. and if you're not headed down the shore this weekend, perhaps you're planning to go to the roots picnic, one of the big event this weekend. and since it is happening on saturday, thank goodness it looks like it will be dry, and seasonable, with high temperature around 78 degrees, i don't think it will be too humid on saturday. lots to look forward to, down there, by the delaware river, again, that's the roots picnic coming up this weekend. so, as we advance, yes, there we go, one little shower here in lancaster county, that's in the process every dissipating. we do not anticipate any rain today, little bit of fog in
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just couple every places, not as widespread as it was yesterday. but down by millville, new jersey, it is a little foggy. we do have slightly reduced visibility in reading, and in atlantic city, as well. checking temperatures, here in the sit, it is warmer than yesterday. or milder, i guess you would say. 64 degrees, so you can probably get away without a jacket. but if you're up in the mountains, only 46 degrees, chilly there, 65 in wildwood. winds are coming out of the southwest, so it is a little more humid out there. and we do expect the breezes to pick up after sunrise. which is happening pretty much as we speak. 80 degrees was our high yesterday. it was sunny at last. there was dining under the stars in media last night. and it was mobbed. 82 degrees today. seventy-eight tomorrow with slight chance of a pop up thunderstorm toward evening. then saturday, looks great, sunday, maybe not so much. high of 75. and some rain rolling in in the afternoon, and it stays
5:17 am
pretty unsettled through the middle of next week. so, enjoy today. and enjoy your ride to work, when you're listening to 101.1 more p.m. we've got your weather authority forecast, on the radio, bob kelly? >> you got it, you're all over the place, sue. 5:17, on this thursday morning. getting ready for some delays here. nice cool shot in the background there. the burlington bristol bridge, set for an opening, any minute now. so, if you are grabbing your coffee and keys, be ready for a delay. they're usually quick openings at this hint. accident here, limekiln and greenwood. police are on the scene with a lane blockage in both directions there. little -- our floor directed or di said that's a big turn for the big old battleship here. obviously not to scale on some areas in the map. north on 95, i can tell you, we had the construction crews out, right at girard avenue. that new traffic pattern, as you work your way up through fishtown. giddy up, devon horse show
5:18 am
continues through the weekends at the fairgrounds, a lot of extra volume, especially, during the late afternoon and into the evenings, here along lancaster avenue. so just keep that in mind. they're still working on the blue route. 476 right as you head into mid-county those express lanes are closed and then south on 495, heading through wilmington, today, look out for some work at edgemore road. otherwise mass transit off to a good start, karen and tomorrow back to you. >> bob, thank you. the sites and sounds simply horrifying. we are witnessing through the body cameras of first responders, what they saw during the mass shooting, inside orlando's pulls night club last june. gunman killed 49 people, injuring dozens more. it is the worse mass shooting in our nation's history, with first responders running straight in to harms way. >> hands up or you will die. hands now. >> as people ran from that club, the video shows officers running in, orlando police releaserelease about 11 hours of
5:19 am
footage from the night. police shot and killed gunman omar martin, after hour's long stand-off during the shooting, martin called 911 and pledged his allegiance to isis. june 12th will mark one year since the attack. >> for the second time this week, someone place add symbol of hate on smithsonian grounds in washington. a visitor found a noose at the national museum of african-american history and culture. it was discovered yesterday in a exhibit on is he remember gays, us parks police, they closed the gallery for several hours, to investigate. it was just four days earlier that a noose was found hanging from a tree, outside the museum. officials have not said if the two incidents are connected. >> 5:19. happening today, the president says he will announce if he is pulling out of the paris climate accord nearly 200 countries have signed this pledge in 2015 to cut the greenhouse gas emissions, in our world, and on our planet, in the coming years.
5:20 am
the president says he'll be making an official announcement at 3:00 in the rose garden. several sources say the president will make a clean break from the deal. if that happens, this country would be at odds with nearly every other nation in the worlds. china talking about this one today. the only two countries, that have not signed this accord, that are large, are syria, nicaragua, which says the parameters not tough enough. pennsylvania man arrested at the trump hotel in washington with a gun and some a.m. aoun anythings his car. he'll be in court today. the police there say 43 year old brian, had rifle, handgun, some ammunition, pennsylvania state police say they got a tip about possible threat. they passion philadelphia on to the authorities there. secret service says they talked to him, he doesn't pose any threat to anybody. prosecute verse charged him with caring a pistol without a license. >> time now 5:20. the guy who allegedly mocked and punched a man with cerebral palsy has rocky criminal past. twenty-nine year old barry baker right here was charged with assault, after an
5:21 am
incident outside a 7-eleven in west chester. see him there assaulting a 22 year old with the disorders. now, according to the smoking gun, the violent assault is just the late that's rap sheet that includes convictions for theft, forgely, conspiracy. baker was also involved in robbing the marked graves of veterans in 2007. >> 5:21, teacher if south jersey now charged with taking up skirt videos of his own student. he's 43 years old, his name is eric howell, a chemistry teacher at lenape high school. he was arrested wednesday. we first broke the story about the investigation earlier this month. police say or last month, police say that he took videos of girls in his classroom and also in the hallways. the school has banned him from it property and any event. >> time now just about 5:22. still to come on good day philadelphia, the dash cam view. >> came out last night. so this is new images of tiger woods and what happened after
5:22 am
officers found him asleep at the wheel of his car that had some damage. we will play some of that for you.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> sure can help, though, right? 5:24, in your money this morning. just kidding. maybe. great to have you with us. you may be eating for
5:25 am
breakfast, raisin bran, rice crispy treats or frosted flakes. but this morning, we're learning the company that makes those popular cereals is facing some cutbacks. >> yes, we're doing our part, we buy all of them, they're on our table right now, but we some jobs we are losing some in our area, 1100 jobs from kellogg's will be cut in the future, about 300 of the jobs from here in montgomery county l reportedly shutdown its facilities in horsham along with 30 other plants across our country. there will be in pittsburgh, 200 jobs will be lost there. the kellogg's company reportedly sent notice to the state of pennsylvania explaining that those layoffs will be occurring in august. >> never like to hear that. another big name design is her closing hundreds, hundreds of stores. >> clothing and accessories company, michael coors, closing 100 to 125 of its doors. these are going to take place over the next two years. it didn't say which locations are going to be shutdown or how many employees will be affected. eventually, they hope to save upward of $60 million a year.
5:26 am
>> the close don't ends with michael kors, also pay less stores shutting down, announcing second set of closings yesterday. bringing the toll al number to about 800. it has nearly 4500 locations worlds wide. pay less, you will remember, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in april, and announced it was closing about 400 locations. business analysts say pay less is among the companies affected by on line shopping. well, talk about this, how about a team player big time. >> coming up at 5:30, hear how cast on went answered the call of some high school student looking to lighten their workload. let's just say it paid off.
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>> developing right now, a city councilman has been stabbed, david oh, in a attempt robbery, just feet from his doorstep. we have the hunt right now for that attacker. >> also, breaking overnight, the search for shooter after two people, including a teenager, are killed in a triple shooting. and, summer fest, it will be a lot different and bet they are year down at penn's landing. they're going to have some new rides to gave you a thrill. >> we are rid. summer, just three weeks away. great to have you with us here at 5:29.
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i'm thomas drayton here with karen hepp. you know, sue serio, viewer just said my tie was like you, a ' of sunshine. >> oh,. >> like me? oh, that's so sweet. and dow like that tie. i think you both look very summary today. even though it is not summer yet, it will feel a little bit like it. i think we've already got the humidity out there. and not really much in the way of rain. but just couple of stray showers out to the west. and they're in the process every dissipating, here ray, and we've got sunshine, a little soupy, out there, and there are few areas of fog. 64 degrees, with 90% relative humidity. it is cooler up to the north in allentown, and 46 degrees in mount pocono. but we expect at least her in philadelphia to get to a high of 82 with sunset time at 8:24. so, lots of time, bob kelly, to enjoy this beautiful sunny day. >> yes, definately, all of your outdoor chores maybe even a nap outdoors on a hammock. got to get a hammock before i can do that, though.
5:31 am
5:30, looking live at i59 northeast philadelphia, not bad at all. time to make donut. look out, new traffic pattern, 95 at girard avenue. hello to conshy, live look the conshy interchange, the schuylkill at 476, we'll have some sun glare today, unlike yesterday, as i mentioned that new pattern on 95 at girard avenue, mass transit, off to a good start. karen and thomas back to you. >> city councilman has been attacked and stabbed outside of his own home. let's get right to steve keeley who is over at the hospital where david oh, is right now. this was attempted robbery, steve, that went wrong, he ended up getting stabbed? >> well, his boss on the council, you can call him the boss, darryl clark, came here to the hospital last night, right after this happened, and spoke to reporters out here and said this can happen to anyone at any time this proves it doesn't matter who, random violence, strikes gun t struck
5:32 am
right at home for coins elman o. his wife and kinds i side the how the, and he was outside unloading his chevy suv with the hatchback up. guy came up to him, said something mr. oh, said he didn't understands at first. >> i think it is a crime of opportunity, sees him, reaching in, grabbing bags out of the car, just assumes that he probably had something of value. and took an opportunity to do a robbery. i mean, that area is very desolate, it is dark at nighttime. and there is not a lot of zero of foot traffic. so i think an opportunity a guy walking through the area, sees somebody, sees someone struggling, grabbing bags, nt was an easy hit to get something. >> after did come out, a cyst dollars him, with wr med toyings arre medics cared for him and took him to the htold by both the coy despite being stabbed in hr, of course, the investigation i let's get to somephia.
5:33 am
police are searching for suspect in a one man and aat pos morning, jenny,thas. police tell us right now homici headquarters talking with witnesses. we a third wounded after thisph. that happened last night around 11:00 on the 1300 block of russ street. when police arrived they found two victims on the ground with gunshot wounds to their torso, and chest, both males, 117 years old, the other in his mid 20's, were returned to temple university hospital where they died. application say they were investigating and in the meantime a third victim from the scene showed up at temple hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm. he is in stable condition. police say they found multiple shell casings at the scene, and believe the victims were shot in close range. and an indication that they may have been the intended targets, but that is still
5:34 am
under investigation. right now, police do not have much information about the shooters. >> based on witness accounts, they say the shooters road up on bicycles, and fired shots in the direction of the victims. and then after firing numerous shots, fled south on 13th street from russ street. we don't have a motive for the shooting at this time. >> police tell us they're working together area surveillance video, that once businesses start to open, they're going to go door-to-door and hope that they get some community cooperation to try to find the people who did this. back. >> jenny, thank you, a father murder charges in connection with the death opolice arrest tn willow avenue in died last friday at children'sof philadel.
5:35 am
>> business owner speaking out this morni surfaced on south 1500 block of south street either bir were used the jet wine bar, thn spot the fake hundred. officials say i i think. >> held it out, the face or whatever it is, didn't match up. and we didn't except the bill. >> it has been estimated that anywhere between 45 and $50,000 in counterfeit currency weekly is passed here in the philadelphia district. >> business owners tell fox 29 they used word of mouth to spread a warning about the fake bills, several owners said there may be two men trying to pedal the bogus money. >> it is 5:35. another reason accomplice
5:36 am
officer is very dangerous exposure to hazardous chemicals or drugs just happened to two office presser cherry hill who wound up in the hospital. expose today unknown substance, but they think it could be heroin. they went out to 200 block of heritage road yesterday morning to go for a report of an overdose after woman there in cherry hill. they found her dead in that home. somehow, those detective, came in contact with a substance, possibly a drug, they think, police say no one in the area is in danger. and they need an autopsy to confirm how that woman died. >> time now 5:36. the rest of the worlds wants to hear what president trump will decide regarding climate change. >> the president saidel make the announcement 3:00 today in the rose garden. doug luzader, lot of worlds leaders over night talking about what they think about all of this. what's happening in washington right now? good morning to you. >> well, good morning. a lot of anticipation for this. and the president is going to build some of that on twitter advertising the fact at 3:00 today the rose garden he will announce his decision, during the campaign, he made it very clear that he was
5:37 am
opposed to this paris climate change agreement. he saw it as a job killer. woe pull the united state/of. it will he go that far? or will there be some middle grounds here? where he says, well, we will stay with it, to some degree, but we want to renegotiate the term. we don't know. but a lot of steak at in this, massive agreement involving almost 200 countries, and there are a lot of president's critics that are going to be very very angry, if he decides to back out of this, and there are a lot of folks, among the president's base, who will be very angry if he decides to stick with it. >> let's talk about the what if's. what if he does pull out? what next? >> yes, well it, takes a little bit of time to do that. because of the strictures of this agreement. but it is important to note how this thing was put in place in the first place. it was done during the obama administration, and president obama decided not to treat it as a treaty. which meant, that it was very easy for him to simply sign off on this without getting san at radification, but because he did it that way, the president trump doesn't need senate approval to pull
5:38 am
the us out of t he can make this decision on his own. and decide that it is just not in the best draft us and scrap it. >> we're seeing china talk about this this morning. saying you know it is important, this is something that the worlds is really agreeing on, then in our area, we had two coal plants, said they would close them, economically just not in the cards. other fuel sources are making more money. >> well, you know, it is interesting. it is a complicated agreement. there are folks who look attaching for instance, look, china is massive polluter. doesn't require enough of them, requires too much of us, and ultimately china benefits from this agreement more than the united states because they are avenue given more latitude. big debate about that, but nevertheless a lot of political cross current here, some folks in the trump administration that favor staying part of this agreement if it is renegotiated and there are others who think that just as dollars president said during the campaign it should be scrapped. >> more to come from you throughout the morning, and of
5:39 am
course the president will have his word to the at 3:00. we'll have that for you. >> labron speaking out about race in america. >> first here's sean bell. >> coming up in sport in a minute, the phils had his for i can lead, see what happens for the fist time since 1928. that's coming up next in sport.
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>> worse in a deck 'd, getting swept by the marlins, in the thirds, marco batches this play. run would come in. shouldn't be given the error but he wasn't. now in the sixth, justin just crushes this one. that's two run homer, and the phils go onto lose ten to two completing worse may since 1928. to the mets and the brewers, awful in this game. in the fourth round, lets up rbi single to manny pen y giving up seven earned runs. the mets go onto lose seven to one. to the stanley cup finals, penguins, preditors, tied at one, ten seconds in, they loose the pace off, that leads to this. jake right there with the one time pittsburgh went onto win four to one. they now have two-zip series lead. >> that's sports in a minute. aim sean bell. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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>> welcome back, 5:45. the details of tiger woods' arrest now released. >> it shows the golfer stum bridge, very confused, disoriented, slurring his speech. police say he was actually passed out behind the wheel of his car when they approached, 8 miles from his house in jupiter. both the left tires were flat, and fresh damage right there. you can see on the driver side of the car right there to the bumper. now, police say, that he thought he was in california.
5:46 am
that's what tiger woods had said. had trouble complying with pretty basic instructions. take a look. >> let me know when you're ready. >> tiger wields, you don't have to walk anywhere. go ahead, stand with your feet together, your arms by your side. >> are you okay? >> what's wrong? >> what are we doing? >> lay want you to do, okay, don't begin until i tell you to. when i tell you to you'll take nine heal to tow stems. okay? so it will look like this. one, two, three, four ... >> in a statement woods apologized and blamed a mix of prescription medications, redacted from the video specific medications but it was in the police reports, we know that one of those drugs was vicodin. including three other. all right, it is 5:46. tonight the nba finals start, but labron james has something else on his mind, besides the
5:47 am
golden state warriors. >> all right, so, police in los angeles say someone spray painted a racial slur on the front gate of his brentwood home. the cleveland cavaliers star wasn't home at the time of the incident but authorities say it may have been captured on surveillance camera. it is also being second as a possible hate crime. this james speaking out on how race is still a problem in this country. >> no matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, you know, being black in america is tough. >> labron sales the most important thing is that his family is safe. he sees the incident as an important lesson for his kids and all young people of color. it is 5:47. let's get a check of the roads right now. hey, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. look what we have here. i earned my wings. yahoo. got to say thanks to sharon, the flight attendant, for
5:48 am
american airlines, couple of weeks ago, i went down to florida with my wife and she sent me whole bag of the little old school plastic wings, they used to give them out all the time. i got little junior aviator logbook, so i'm red to go. i got my wings. we're all set. headed to the airport no problems here. live look at i-95, with a little sun glare, working your way, we'll have plenty of sun glare, so suck it up, open up the sun roof, enjoy it, live look at the freeway coming in toward philadelphia. the headlights, on at the moment, we don't need them this morning, like we did yesterday at this time, with all of the fog that's out there. who is hungry? we're going to go old school today for throw back thursday, going to daddy pop's, on york road, up in hatboro. sue said this was grover silcox's favorite hang out. remember grover, 9:00 to 10:00 . bring the kids by for little breakfast before we sends them to school out there at daddy
5:49 am
pop's along york road. rail project along the wilmington line leaving us with 20 minute delays featuring us philmont. no problem on the paoli thorndale line, and get your engines ready. nascar weekends, they are rolling into dover, probably, see the guys in the cars, the race vehicles, moving in today, and then the races start tomorrow. forecast for today, and for all of the race car drivers, sue has got it in 15 seconds. >> we found little bit of fog this morning, up in wood lock, in the pocono mountains. you can see, little bit hazy, but nothing like what we had yesterday. and we will anticipate a thrilling thursday, as close to perfect, and of course the owe literation we love. less than perfect weekends on the way, and unsettled weather
5:50 am
coming next week, again, just like the pattern, similar, say, to the pattern we had earlier this week. for today few stray showers in lancaster county that's it for the rain. fog report in the reading, millville, new jersey, atlantic city and wild with reduced visibility. so far we're great at philadelphia international airport. 64 degrees in the city, only 46 to switch the numbers around, and you get the chilly temperature up in the mountains, 16 degrees in lancaster, 63 in dover, 64 degrees in wildwood. winds speeds are low right now. calm in many places. we do expect the breasts pick up. yesterday on the money, 08 degrees in philadelphia but atlantic city, stayed chill which sea breeze at 66 degrees. we zero eight in allentown, 82 yesterday, in reading. today 82 in philadelphia. seventy-eight tomorrow. just a couple of pop up thunderstorms late in the day with a cold front. so that means, upper 70s for
5:51 am
saturday. but looking excellent, sunday, not so excellent, but looks like rain will roll in in the afternoon, maybe salvage some of the day sunday it, unsettled pattern toward the middle of next week. >> it was the break up anthem of the 90s, jagged little pill. >> twenty years later now alan is morissette albumn will be a musical. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> you ought to know jagged little pill the musical will premiere next year, not on broadway, but turn theatre in cambridge, massachusetts, the show will be based on the book by code i who wrote the screen play juno. it is a modern day story about multi generations of family, as they explore gender identity and race, it will premiere in 2018. >> sounds good actually. i might see that one. kevin hart we love him, he works all the time. now he's doing something
5:52 am
opens. he is the executive producer for few show. >> collaborate withing ti in a show called the studioment basically takes you behind the scenes whatever really goes on inside recording studio. they co-star together in the movie get hard, they also, 'd cameo in heart's franchise title ride along, too. so look for. that will. >> the pennsylvania convention center will be filled with wizards and of course superheros. >> that's because we'll have the wizard wormed comic can coming to our area. 50,000 folks will come out, for those attending the 17th annual comic can. lot of fun. no the just for people who lover my gosh, really, look at that cat woman. comic books, there is also lots of actives at this for the kids, if you like movies, or tv, sports fans, usually get some stars to commute as well, long list of celebrities, chuck norris, jean simmons, and ralph match yo. >> karate kid.
5:53 am
>> wax on, wax off. serena williams, she sent that tweet or instagram announcing the news of her pregnancy on line by accident. now her sister appears to have spilled the beans about another thing, as well. >> here is another oops. in a interview with euro sport, venus williams was asked what the baby would call her. she answered: she's going to call me favorite aunt. in the the she? and then venus suggested the women in the family all want the baby to be named after them. so far, no comment from serena or her fiancee. >> she, big hint. coming right back. stay with good day philadelphia. beautiful look in the pocono mountains. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
5:54 am
oo, yeah. are you ready for a rush? yes, yes i am. you're in for a treat. fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly
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from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! pretty fast, huh? fast play. play fast. win instantly.
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>> there is the kid, from high school out in west kesner tweeting picture every hands shake agreement he made with his teacher. he writes. f wents either likes or re tweeted his by june 4th the class wouldn't have to take their finals. win delivered. did it do the trick? heck ya. they had four days to spare. the classics cited they do not have to take the final. that kid will be joining us on good day a little later this morning. >> and also summer fest, getting ready to celebrate. so is the delaware river
5:57 am
waterfront. going to be looking even more festive this summer. more like a boardwalk. they'll put big ferris wheel up there and all kind of thrills, they don't have that much room to have a whole fair there, but ferris wheel, then have the fury, swinging pirate's boat something called the typhoon, they will need to have some tickets, but will also have a carousel and boardwalk style games. >> how about this one? popping those tabs, it is beer week, we'll gave you a live look at what to expect. they're kicking it offer right here. bringing out the hammer, drop the hammer, right here on "good day" when we come back in two minutes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. a philadelphia councilman rushed to the hospital after being stabbed during a attempted robbery, the suspect still on the loose this morning. >> a teenager gun down on the streets for the second time this week. a 17 year old is one of two people killed in a triple shooting. the gunman, police are looking for right now. no, stay there, stay back, stay back. i don't want you to do anything until i tell you to, okay? go back to my white light. >> dazed and confused dash cam video shows tiger woods being arrested for due. that happened on memorial day. hear the simple instructions that tiger found tough. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, june the -- no, it is june 1st already? oh, ya, jun


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