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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 1, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> philadelphia councilman in the hospital after being stabbed outside every his own home. >> guy walks up to the area, seeing someone grabbing bags, not paying a at this shown, sees it as an easy hit. >> when david oh, was doing when he was attacked. >> sickening act of race i have, making headlines across the country. >> moth err how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, you know, being black in america is tough. >> the racist vandalism found at labron james los angeles home, and the symbol of hate found inside of the national museum of african-american history and culture.
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the footage has been released. >> stay there. stay back. stay back. i don't want you to do anything until i tell to you. >> dash kad video shows tiger woods stumble and mumble. how the video will impact his case going forwards. >> talk about unfriendly gesture. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the mets mascot loses his cool and tells the home crowd they're number one, but, with the wrong finger. >> how the home team is responding. >> can you flick somebody off if you on the have four fingers? >> that's a very good question. >> but he's a double, did two hands gestures. >> i apologize moment. it was a moment. a bird, plane, no a bird. do you think he could ever get fired as the mascot. >> i think i did -- i think he did get fired. >> oh, man. >> that was quick. >> outta here. >> wow. >> one strike and you're out.
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>> yes. >> baseball. >> hi everybody. it is thursday, june the first. yes, may went by like that. >> the first of the month. >> and here comes a ten, right in your face. >> that's right. we love when we have double digits in our number one of the day, bus stop buddy hasn't worn sun glasses in so long, we have some shrouds out there, but no jacket needed, a milder morning, than it was yesterday and it is national olive day. for bus stop buddy he has the olive branch for the rest every us might and excuse to have a martini. anyway, couple of showers around, but no big deal, just clouds, and sunshine, and 65 degrees. with calm winds ou out of the northwest, looking at high of 82 later on, breezes picking up little bit. little bit milder than yesterday. pretty nice for the first day every june. and clear skies, cooler tonight, lows down into the upper 50's. that's your foxcast for today. seven day forecast including the weekend, coming up, bob kelly? >> 7:02, good morning, some
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delays, getting signal problems, got to get our signals straight here. the warminster line west trenton fox chase and lansdale-doylestown line all running with ten minute delays, right out of the gate here this morning. good morning, to delco. live look at the blue route, 476, as we roll through delaware county. going to see some sun glare this morning, so be ready, pack your shades, like bus stop buddy on the 42 freeway, starting to see delays working your way in toward philadelphia again no fog, no wet roads like we had to deal with yesterday. accident in the neighborhood at belmont and rock hill road. had couple of accident already on 95 so just be careful northbound 95, that new construction pattern, and the new location of that girard avenue off ramp has been throwing everybody for a loop so far this morning, mike and alex, back to you. >> thank you bob kelly. city leader one of the councilman was attacked last night outside of his southwest philly home with a man with a knife. councilman david oh, was in the hospital, his attacker,
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still on the loose. >> soy councilman oh, is being treated at penn presbyterianment haven't had much of a donald trump it becomes you the details on what happened. >> reporter: if nothing else, the attack on the councilman proves that the taxpayers are getting their money's worth out of electing david oh, bought the reason he was getting home so late is he was out meeting with small business leaders and we've been reporting for new years now how asian business leaders and store owners in this city have been getting attacked and robbed at much larger ratio than everybody else. is he he's out meeting with them and he becomes a victim himself. >> i think it is a crime of opportunity, sees him, reaching in, grabbing bags out of the car, assume he probably had something of value. took an opportunity to do a robbery. that will area is very desolate, it is dark at night. and not a lot of foot traffic. so i think gist an opportunity guy walking through the area, sees somebody, seeing someone struggling, grabbing bags, not
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paying attention, figure it was an easy hit to get something. >> avenue was stabbed there are neighbors who did come out, a cyst dollars him with his injuries. and waited for medics to arrive and comfort of his family while the medics cake for him, tike zero take him to the hospital. >> david o's family in the southwest philadelphia neighborhood since before he was born. he's lived on that same street he was attack on since he was three year old kid. now 57. and he is a very youthful 57. until the army for eight years, special forces member so only the tough eggs get in the special forces, marshall artists teaches self-defense, and now he can teach from experience, so we don't know what happened other than him not hearing what the guy said him being stabbed the guy never got what orthopedics that was the keys to the city owned vehicle. >> this guy didn't know hoe was attacking didn't know he was trying to steel a city owned chevy kuv. but didn't get the keys or wallet or anything else when
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he had the half back open, the main thing he didn't get dave oh,'s life. his poor kids safe in the hospital. probably dad, happy dad and husband are in the hand of terrific student. alex and mike? >> the mayor weighed in, we are all praying for councilman o, a quick recovery, and thinking every his family during this incredibly difficult time, adding, whenever violence happens on our streets it is a terrible tragedy, when it happens near our homes where we're supposed to feel safe, even more devastating. >> and he is always so happy, big smile, great sense of humor. >> and erie to get back to the city where he works, again, out last night late. out of frank forwards, 29 year old woman in critical condition after assault across the treat from the hospital. they say witnesses saw a man
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hitting her, he was then seen ripping open a nearby trash bag, and trying to stuff the woman inside the bag. witnesses say the man beat her until she was unconscious, when people across the street started yelling at the guy, he didn't runoff. police hope evidence on the bag, like fingerprints, and dna, will help them catch this guy. >> developing story out of in other words philadelphia, two people including a tone are dead this morning after triple shooting amounts our jenny joyce said there is isn't the first deadly shooting involving a teen this week. >> this is the second teen shot and killed in the city this week. earlier in the week, we told but a 14 year old, shot and quilled before he even make it to his eighth grade graduation. now reporting on 17 year old, shot and last night. it happened about many 11:00 on the 1300 block of rush street in north philadelphia. as part of triple shooting police say that they arrived they found two victims on the
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ground gunshot wounds to their torso and chest. both males, one is 17 years old, other in hits mid 2078 were both at temple university loft. while they were investigating a third victim from the scene showed up at temple hospital with a gunshot wounds to the arm. he is in stable condition. police say the shooters road up on bikes, began firing several shots down rush street, they road off, police say, it is unclear which of the three victims may have been an intended target. >> based on balistic evidence, we know that there were numerous shots fired. we found multiple spent shell casings, at the intersection of 13th and rush streets. most of these shell casings were just feet away from where the two victims were laying. so it, appears that the shooters fired shots from close proximity, at these victims. we don't know which of the three victims were the intends targets. >> police tell us right now they don't have motive.
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but they're continuing to dig up evidence. also, looking at area surveillance cameras for possible into the and from there shooting scene. police tell us right now whom died secretary are inside police headquarters dark being with witnesses. back to you. >> all right, jenny, keep you updated. 7:09. >> hillary clinton says she fakes responsible for every decision she made, but shy she says that's not why she lost the 2016 elections. >> she gaffney any -- nittany of reasons. she cast a lot of blame while speaking at conference if the state of dag ago. karen let's start this list. >> it was quite ends tens i have. coding conference out in california. she said the big problem, information led to trickle down affecting she blames russia for the loss, and also, point at former fbi director james comey zoo. ' cues cents the white house of colluding with russia in what she calls weapon icing technology to bring her
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campaign down. here's what she said about emails. >> the use of my e-mail account was turned into the biggest scandal since lord knows when. and, you know, in the book i'm just using every thing that anybody else said about it besides me to basically say this was the nothing biggest burger ever. it was a miss take, i have said it was a mistake, obviously have i had to turn the clock back, i won't have done it in the first place. >> so she talk about, that names whole lot of name as well. the president now responding here's what he tweeted out. ment crook hillary clinton blames everybody but herself refuses to say see was terrible candidate. hits faiths book and the dems and did the nc. lots more fall billion what she has too zaire on though one, guys, back to you. >> wow. so you stay she's ironically at an inch net coding
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conference? >> code con, yes. >> after all of the e-mail controversy. interesting. >> that is the irony of it. >> 7:11ing. >> president says he will announced to if the us will pull out of the paris climate accord. nearly 200 countries sign the pledge in 2015, the president says he'll make official announcement at 3:00 in the rose garden. >> several sources say the president will make a clean break, from this deal, will only be the thirds country not to be involved with this accord. >> what are there 196 countries in the world, so it would be three countries, that don't go along with the agreement. so that would be syria, nicaragua, and the united state of america. if that goes down. >> people are saying, too there is will wipe off what president obama said, one of the thinking things did he. >> with greenhouse gases. >> it is funny. i notice that even exxon wants
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the paris accord. >> well, dazed and confused. can we look at video here, lays end to the sound of tiger watts dui arrest. yes it, has been released. >> so in this video you can see him stumbling, appears confused, disoriented doesn't know which way he is going, passed ate police behind the wheel. they say the engine was running, both left in a tires, both left tires were flattened you can see there, and there was damage to the driver side. tying her trouble complying with even base fake instructions, listen to what happens when they ask him, have you had anything to do doctor? >> you may go when you're ready. mr. woods, you don't have to walk anywhere. >> what do you mean? >> go ahead, stand with your feet together, your arms by your side. >> oh,. >> are you okay? what's wrong? >> what are we doing. >> what i want you to do, okay, don't begin until i tell
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you to, okay, about but when i tell you to you'll take nine heal to tow stems, okay? so it will kind of look like this. one, two, three, four. >> what are we doing here basically was his question to the police officer. what are we doing again. >> we just showed the statement at the purchased soon after the aarp he is, blamed mix of precipitation, it was an alcoholic medication after the result came out he did below his ear out. >> look how is here, ken wright err -- whiter. what, he had back surgery two, three weeks ago. >> mant did, correcting. >> basic, instructions on what happens when somebody's pull over for a du. >> let me show you though the stories changed since opinion day. when i was here on tuesday and talking about it the worst were he refused bet breeze err test. we now now he did not refuse the breathalyzer fest, he blew his ear out t didn't
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indication i had take any alcohol at all. >> then reported monday this there was oath or coming from his, the mrs. officer noticed some opener. it is interesting. that tape we are looking at an hour and 38 minutes long. we're seeing clings of it. seeing short clips. bums if you watch the whole thing and last night i watched the whole thing, long tame to way. in the beginning when he's off camera the police officer actually says to him, he says, have you had any alcohol? tiger woods says no. and then the officer says and this is a quote there is some odor coming from you indicating the lit officer did smell odor. again on camera, did you have any alcohol? >> he said no. it is clear he didn't have any children. >> but what the koch shipping. >> i don't know. the police offers we are have to anxious that. >> have you spilled something in the car. >> indicated to me because the question wasn't whether you had any alcohol, tiger wool said no, on the heal that far they said well, there is some odor coming to you. >> i think to zoo it is
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correct. let's listen to the police officer, after tiger, you got to take that flashlight test where your ice go back and forth. >> follow the light. >> i need to you follow the light. you're not even looking at the light. >> i'm following the light. >> you're not even moving. >> all right? you got to follow with your eyes and your eyes only, okay? >> i'm following the light. >> all right. keep your arms out by your side, okay? >> man he is interesting trouble for shoe. you say this goes on for over an hour. >> hour and 38 minutes. >> not just on the street is it? >> yes, on the street. >> off camera and on camera think released the whole tape. it is it is interesting. >> and ooh ' going to recite the entire english avenue in a slow none rhythmic manner means you boente sing it, okay? do you understand the
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instructions? >> not yet. >> what were the instructs in. >> not to sing the national backward. >> not to sing the national anthem backward? okay. what i want you to do -- >> they never mentioned the and the in a -- national anthem. >> but recited the alphabet and did it 100% correct. >> forward? >> forward. >> oh, i can do, that but he was pretty impaired, he said remember, when a lot of us do the alphabet we kind of sing it, abcdefg, right. he didn't. wasn't along to sing it and did he it and he did if absolutely correct. a lot of questions he answered incorrectly, in long as less, head today orange county was in jupiter. he was in jupiter. >> so close do orange county just happens to be orange county florida. >> exactly right. >> when you same it was an hour and a half that typical for du. stems for them to last that long? >> when they do field of
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sobriety test it took a while. watch the whole think, it was a long process when he had to walk the while line. police officer kept snake his microphone, he is an off the line. because he's documenting everything that he's seeing that tiger woods can't do. >> it ended with tiger in handcuffs here. no shoes on. >> this was 24 minutes into the tape. that hand cuffing actually occurred 24 minutes into the tape after the sobriety test. >> do they ever sa say hey we know you are tiger woods. >> they refer to him as mr. watts. so they obviously new he was. the officer referred to him several times as mr. woods. you snow what, i think he has a story to tell. >> i do too. >> i think if his powers and pa get out, look, he had a reaction to the medication cha as that was un expect the. he did the right thing. he pulled off the road. when he pulled off the road, i was now asleep. he still -- >> flat tires though? >> wealth the flat tires and damage will probably not be continuing story as to what happened there. but he condition can sell at
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that look. did i the right thing, to i fell asleep. still charged with a dui but i think from pr perspective doesn't look like a drunk. >> everything would have been different if he had chough alcohol in his system? >> complete from time to time i think he would have been been in jeopardy with end doserment, i don't think he'll loosen doorsment over. >> this i think the way they'll spin look, he had adverse reaction to the medications did the appropriate thing, pull off to the side of the story. that will story sells i think. >> what did he hit to flatten both tires? >> we proud blob should ask doctor mine, if it is more tan a month since the return are you should he still have been on the surgery? >> little fact are important too. you know what was found on his right turn signal. what that inched date is that because he -- actually put on turn signal, philadelphia over. so if i was his lawyer and pr people, look, he is two trying to go dot right thing here.
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>> and pay aren'tly he is no longer endorsed by buick because he was driving a mercedes. >> good point, mike. very observe and the boo by you by the way. >> thank you, ken. nicely done. >> good seeing you. >> look over there. that's sue serio ankles she has good news. >> yes. if we're going to recap the month of may real quick before we look ahead to great first day of june, we ended 16.63 inches of rain for the month. and that was over two and a half inches above where what we should have had, would have been worse except we had heatwave may 17th to the 19th. here's war we are right now, 65 degrees if philadelphia, chillier 49 mount pocono. sixty-five down in wildwood. but look where we are head today high of 82 degrees. there is the good news for the first day of june. seventy-eight tomorrow. some pop up thunderstorms late in the day, probably toward evening, and then saturday, weekend starts out great, bob kelly's order was fulfilled, for saturday, for good weather for his graduation party. not your graduation, but iron
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daughter's sunday day runs on through and stays on middle of next week. bob kelly you're welcome. >> i was not looking forwards to having 150 people inside my husband saturday, just family. >> 150? and you think there would have been an invitation for alex and. >> i just family. >> your family is that big? >> welshing all his kids. >> true. >> we'll hve skyfox come to& pick you up. >> oh, ya, i like that. >> here is a live look at the schuylkill eastbound, accident right near henderson road. zoomed out. see the blinking lights there in the background, delays coming in on the freeway. forty-two in towards the walt whitman bridge. you ready? check this out. we have skyfox, and we have drone fox. >> oh. >> look at that. this is my budd. >> i is that real a drone? >> his drone, my buddy ray. over chalfont. okay? put that puppy up. snaps a picture, sends it to us. >> love it. >> i need to get -- i bought a
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drone for the kids, went up twice, crashed. >> you know you can get them so small now you can run them inside. >> yes. >> the probes think the small, all about the controls, looks great when go to buy it and the guy doing it, sing around, upside down and all of that. >> i have one whoever nerving my bedroom. it is very weirds. >> that's another story. >> 72:00; we've got some delays on the regional rail lines. running ten to 15 minutes. >> daddy pops and alex over there. >> daddy pop. if you see me on the street today i real i would appreciate being called daddy pop. so no j dog? >> make up your minds. >> i don't want j dole through the roots picnic. see what's happening? the shades are coming down: >> that's a good thing, finally the sun, want had to use these shades in about a week. >> i don't think i've ever seen them come down over time. >> it is cool. >> turn up or tub down the shades. >> turnoff the light. light a candle.
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>> by the way tend i pendergress impersonator really good is at warm daddy's tomorrow night and saturday night. >> really? >> we should go. he's really good. >> how do you know? >> i've seen him. >> all right. >> do you ever shop at michael kors? >> their purses, everyone lovers their purses. >> here is the problem. they're closing over 100 stores. isn't there one on walnut? walnut, wouldn't fer that one is closing, we'll check it out after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪ we just got the keys to our new house!
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we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too. donald tmeet phil murphy,by former goldman sachs bankers.
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that's right. on us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it, america. >> michael kors stores, i know a lot of women, my caught iter, my sisters, they love, hi, had ill are you, michael kors. >> high. >> 125 of these stores are closing? >> that's right. they announced about 100 to 125. they aren't telling us which
7:26 am
locations are closing down yet. but, i mean there is comes as their total revenue fell about 11%, their total sales last year, fell about 40%. and that's taking into consideration that they opened over 100 stores last year. so closing some down. trying to keep pace with. that will they've also recognized that not only is luxury retail getting hit hard right now, because of the strong dollar, and tourists aren't spending as much but also recognize there may be an issue with the shopping experience in these stores. they say they haven't excited customers and energized them, as much as they would like. so admitting a lit bit of their own fault, not just the economic environ until the general. so they do plan to open a few stores in different locations, but they do also plan to close about 100 to 125 stores country wise. >> so what i want to know, as the consumer, does that mean we'll have big store closing sales? i know that's bad to ask.
7:27 am
>> exactly. keep your eye out for those. >> okay. >> are you both fabulous intelligent beautiful women, what is it about a michael kors that you like? , hillary? >> well, i have one of their bags, and i just like the bag. so it is not necessarily the designer that i'm drawn to, but i like the look of the bag. i like the esthetic, that's what i am ' drawn to. >> yes, i just think it is crazy how they open some last year, and now they're already closing. >> but you know what sniff ' been shopping with women. >> okay? >> cents it kind of a dull store. >> i want to know if the outlet stores are closing too, because the outlets you really get the good deals. >> oh, they're real good. >> but you think it is dull? just like usually white on the inside? >> as long as they have a couch. that's all i care about as a man. hey, ryan, control room ryan, did you finds it? hillary, we have -- we were told that lauren simonetti
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normally with us every day here was not available. we love you. but it looks like she's not sick, and not ill at all, she's on an exercise bike. she post that nine minutes ago. >> really? >> ya, ya, ya. >> have you seen her. >> that's good. she is getting a sweat in. no, i haven't seen her. i know she had other obligation cents today. but, you know, i think it is a great she is getting a work out. >> oh, i do too. >> better her than me. i am isolate today chair, but after this perhaps i'll have the motivation to get on a bike as well. >> you are a lovely woman, and we're hapy to have you. >> thank you so much. >> she hate us. >> so, jen, is in chester high school. >> oh, hey, jen. >> hey guys. okay, check this out. the superintendent is here. this is the first time in two years, this kitchen has been, hi, how are you doing, i'm just going to check out your
7:29 am
kitchen, okay? check it out, it will be for student, we will talk about all of the new amazing stuff they're doing here at chester high school. you're going to fall in love with this school and maybe the superintendent.
7:30 am
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>> bus stop i buddy going to school like he does every day during the school year with his olive branch. it is national olive day.
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no jacket needed, when you go there. but you will need your shades, and for the first time in a long time, bus stop buddy does not have umbrella having said that, we saw few light showers in lancaster county. not a big deal. we have some clouds nicks in the with the sunshine, but it is 65 degrees, to start, northwesterly wind, calm, at the moment, 82, our high today, breezy, with ten to 15-mile per hour winds, by the end of the day. really a nice one today. that is why we gave it a ten, tonight, down to 57 degrees. with clear skies. we will talk about the weekend, coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly? >> sue, 7:32, problems on septa's regional rail lines this morning, anywhere from ten to 30 minute delays on the warminster, west trenton, fox chase, and lansdale-doylestown line. all due to signal problems this morning. you heard us talking about daddy pops. that's the spot where we're going for breakfast later today. meet me out along york road 9:00 to 10:00. weekly segment great olds school throw back thursday kind of joint. see you out there. and now on the turnpike
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westbound, here comes the sun glare. popping out at ft. washington, the sun glare slowing us down here along the blue route, 476, between the wets chester pike and route one. and delays coming in from new jersey, on the 42 freeway, stack up from the black horse pike, in to creek road. mike and alex back over to you. >> thank you, 7:33 on this thursday. >> for the second time this week, someone placed a symbol of hate on a smithsonian grounds in washington. >> yes, a visitor found a noose at the national museum of african-american history. and culture. >> it was discovered yesterday, in a exhibit on is he remember gays, us park police closed the gallery for several hours to investigate this. four days earlier, a noose was found hanging from a tree, outside of the museum. >> not sure if it is is the same person did this or not, check that out. also, yesterday, police in los angeles say somebody spray painted a racial slur on the front gate of labron james' brentwood california home.
7:34 am
brentwood is section of la. the cleveland cavaliers star was not home at the time. he was involved in the nba playoffs, of course. now being investigated as the act of vandalism. and a possible hate crime. >> no matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, being black in america is tough. >> the incident as an important lesson. and all young people of color, in this country. >> so joining us now, professor, with black men at penn, school of, good morning. >> good to see bows every you. >> sometimes i am back in the 50's, 60s,. >> what's going on in what's this? >> once again what we see, we see the shadow of hate, we see racism, front and cente center n our democracy, see this person
7:35 am
attempted to intimidate labron james by using racial slur. i think it was very important though that labron james got ahead of this and spoke about how he felt based on his contact, i'm encouraged and also hope we find the person who has done there is putting a lot of pressure on labron james, but i want him to sit down with this person to get to the under pink of why someone decided to do this, was this an upset fan because the game taking place tonight against the warriors who i hope will win or engage in the signs and symbols of hatred from yester year? >> will when we played that, him talking about it, can you kind of, what did did that mean to you? how much money, and you guys cheer for me at games basically. >> yes. >> still it can come to this? >> and also we don't know who did this, what side of the color line, but the reality what he is saying in the context of our democracy, it doesn't matter if you are after fluent african-american, you're still rends heard
7:36 am
almost invisible, still going to receive some of the treatment that we see with regard to the signs and symbols every hatred. so having him say that, i think it is front as center in our context and making sure -- >> i can hear though the cynics, you know, people filled with hate, going he says it is tough to be a black man in america. then we cut to a shot of his mansion in los angeles. >> yes, yes. he still may be -- >> money has nothing to do with it. >> he is privileged, lives a prim ledge life, his children live a privilege life. but you don't zest scape. that will you still are render almost sub human and invisible in a democracy oftentimes also it the n word, the treatment, red lining, or economic injustice, things that far nature. >> he also in a speech right before he talked about that, no matter how much money you make, he brought up emmitt till. i thought it was interesting, let's play is it. >> back to emmett till's, one
7:37 am
of the thirst fink i thought of, and the reason that she had an open casket is because she wanted to show the world what her son went through as far as the hate crime and, you know, being black in america. >> when first heard this i was shock, of course the story of 14 year old boy who was beat and lynn energid mississippi his mother did decide to have open casket so people could see the face of it. do you think though there is big difference between what happened to emmitt till and then someone putting a racial slur on your door? >> i think that is not equal. but i you understands what he is trying to say based on keck t i think there are other things, maybe trayvon martin, rice, but the emmett till situation is different. i think what he is focusing on hate is still prominent. but the emmitt till was the catalyst for the civil rights movement. what happened to emmitt till something entirely different than spray painting racial epitath on someone's mansion, in brentwood. >> so maybe just saying it because it is me people will be talking about it, and just
7:38 am
like open casket, people start talking -- talking? >> possibly can we get to the african-american museum of culture. noose was found. talked about this earlier. it was found at the museum lso in the same week.useum but the fact this was put in the african-american museum, what it say to you. >> signs and symbols of faith red interest prevalent. mouse we gave the usher ands of a president, starting to see more of there is referring it ugly head. once again need to do deep dive. do some investigation, get to the heart of why someone decides to use a symbol like this from an intimidation ethnic intimidation perspective. >> of course as many you know i just went to the african museum about a month ago, with my grandfather. we were spent time where the into cents with a found segregation area. really hurt to hear. because so many people, i mean, millions, millions at this point, have gone to this museum. hasn't even ben open for a year yet. >> troublesome. once again what we have to do
7:39 am
not be so devisive. there are whites also upset at the news hanging. white also upset at the mere fact that someone is spray painting racial epitath on labron james' property. once again we have to get to the crux why people are doing these things. >> amazed, i'm so shocked this is h i tweeted out yesterday this happened, just general news story, news was found there. and then look at the response that i got from someone. it says. ment looks like the racial slur museum is falling short on rent money again. and they are calling it a hoch. i was just -- and people were shock on my time line, wow schwinn just said that to you. >> social media hatred. we see. that will people behind behind thee keys cords and the thing we have to do get on our keyboard from social justice perspective to speak back to this type of ignorance. >> but people, seems like things have changed over the last couple of of years, about we're not good to teach either any more. specially is with social
7:40 am
media. >> people can't see you. >> cyber bullying. >> well people i think feel more em bold ends. >> to say things. >> to be really negative. >> i do want to ends quickly because the museum did release a statement, that is this is part of the reason why we should have this museum so you can know about the history of the news, why it is such a sim boil of hatred, what it means. so it says a noose long represented coward, symbol of extreme violence for african-americans, painful reminder of the challenges that african-americans continue to face. >> and i would just invite we still need to be resilient in the midst of hatred as best we can. >> always good to have you you here. >> and i encourage everyone to go to the museum, not just african-americans, all different cultures were there. really came to learn a lot. >> black history is american history. >> true. >> that's right. >> quick break. it is clock 40. ♪
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
♪ >> ding, 7:43, good morning, everybody, accident on the schuylkill expressway, this is a live look, right through the girders here, eastbound, on the schuylkill near gulf mill. looks like they pushed it over
7:44 am
to the shoulder here, was in the left lane, so waiting for the police. eastbound coming into philly now jam up from king of prussia, in through the accident scene. we will see some sun glare, also, today, septa having rough go signal problems this morning. upward of 30 minute delays, on a lot of the lines including warminster, west trenton, fox chase, and the biggie, the lansdale-doylestown line. now, watch for a new traffic pattern, and a new location, for the girard avenue off ramp from 95. we've already had two accident here this morning, northbound 95, at girard avenue. be ready for, that comic con rolls into town opens up at the pennsylvania convention center today, through sunday, i'm going to be down there tomorrow morning giving you a little bit after view. and here they come. nascar weaken at the dover seed way. you'll see all of the racers, the cars and the tractor-trailer, pulling into gear, into dover today, the first race kicks off tomorrow, through sunday, forecast for the racers, sue has in in zach s
7:45 am
>> 7:45 on the way, in cape may, flag flying, it is breezy but it is a beautiful start to the day. here are some of your weather headlines, it will be a thrilling thursday, if you like your weather, warm and sunny, and less than perfect, though, over the weekend. unsettled weather, throughout next week. as we start the month of june. just few clouds around this morning. temperatures range from 65 in philadelphia, to 49 up in the mountains, and it is 65 in wildwood, and 63 in wilmington, delaware. yesterday, we got to the forecasted 80 degrees, but it was only 66 for high temperature, in atlantic city. everybody he is was right around 80. and we expect 82 today, 78 tomorrow, with some late day thunderstorms possible, shouldn't be huge deal. saturday, offer to great start to the weekend.
7:46 am
but by sunday, some rain is rolling in, and there is a chance of rain through the middle of next week. look who went back to high school! jenn fred. >> reporter: okay, we are getting ready for big lunch later today. high, guys. i know yours ' busy, busy working. doctor is here with chester high school this morning, we will tell you why even being in this room is a really big deal. because last year, this wouldn't have happened. you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed. mothers, daughters, sisters, lions.
7:47 am
and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today. this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history. download our guide to plan your trip.
7:48 am
7:49 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> even though we all know major league baseball, any time they do a survey, the philly phanatic is considered the best baseball mascot. so there is that too far do you have i guy with the big baseball head. they call him mr. mets. he's there mascot. he flipped some fans off. some brewers fans were harassing mr. met, and he couldn't take t he's thin skinned. >> he really couldn't. so -- >> so he flipped off whatever fingers he has there, four fingers, did the old, screw you sign. they fired the guy. >> yep. they released a statement saying we do not condone this type of behavior. we're dealing with matter internally. the question is you have tour fingers, which one is the middle though? is there a medal? >> i think that's why he had to go with that thing there too. i don't know.
7:50 am
which one do you, if you're going to flip somebody off? >> or maybe saying we're number one, it was missed -- >> yet they're not number one. they're not having very good year. had horrible may as did the phillie, lost last night to the milwaukee brewers. >> but don't see our fanatic act that way? >> no. >> does very fingers? >> it is more like -- >> things? you know, a lot of -- >> maybe he does have fingers. we'll -- these come back in, weaver to counties fingers. >> he won't do that. >> i don't know if he has mickey mouse hands? >> wait. mickey mouse has fingers. >> mr. met, well, he has those white gloves, doesn't he? >> but i think still fingers, you know what i am talking about. the one, there go. >> a mitten. >> mitten. >> mr. met has so played by a bunch of different men and women. so that bass just one who couldn't take it. >> so mr. met still exists?
7:51 am
>> mr. met will be there. we are celebrating special programs in our area, chester high school has real good one. >> that's why jen is there right now. >> okay, guys, you know i saw this all the time, this time i really mean it. i would like to introduce to you my new best friend, dude, we will be buddies. >> i'm okay with that. >> sorry to say dude, because you are the superintendent of the great chester upland school district. good morning. >> good morning, good morning. >> so, talk about what this is? i hate to say it but this was a pet project of yours. >> yes, it was. we are re-opening the fair today, thee young folks are preparing our brunch. we have about 40 guests, joining us, and you're welcome to. >> okay, good. >> they're in the preparation mode now. >> why did you think it was important to restore this kitchen to where it used to be couple of years snag. >> i think because the young folks are in this program have an opportunity to make carreers out of cheffing, culinary art, baking, and i thought it was inapropriate that we had this facility, and that we weren't taking
7:52 am
advantage of it. >> speaking every taking advantage,i would like to go over to the bakery department and take advantage of the fact that we're in the bakery department. all right, this is a carrot cake. >> yes, it is. >> you said you don't love carrot cake? >> no. >> would you like me to taste it so to see if it is good or not? >> sure. >> she tell me she will have couple of bakeries when she graduate, flew. >> right. >> she also said the dudes over there can bake cookies? oh, that's a very small piece. it is bikini season. what's the matter with you? >> that's a lot of cake. that's lot of cake. >> you started preparing this, yesterday? >> uh-huh. >> all right. sorry, before i take a bite we have to put someone on tv that doesn't want to be on tv. you want to help us with it? you have been with this school district how many years. >> twenty-nine years in culinary art. >> leaving after this year but happy he did this? >> shout limit i have all of the confidence doctor vaughn he retired replacement teacher and will do a great job. >> no pressure there, right? >> i'll hold this. >> you can stick around for as
7:53 am
long as you want. >> i'll get the icy part again and go crazy, and a one, and a two, we will be back right after the break. donald tmeet phil murphy,by former goldman sachs bankers. another wall street banker running for governor, whose firm helped trigger the financial meltdown that put millions out of work and out of their homes. murphy's trying to buy the election, paying off new jersey bosses. my name's john wisniewski, and i'm running for governor of new jersey. john wisniewski, the son of a millwright, who uncovered the bridgegate scandal and exposed chris christie's corruption. the choice -- insider wall street politics or main street, new jersey, values.
7:54 am
oo, yeah. are you ready for a rush? yes, yes i am. you're in for a treat. fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! pretty fast, huh? fast play. play fast. win instantly.
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7:56 am
>> whether i was in high school i would do anything to get of a final exam. >> our eagles quarterback helped some get out of their studies. >> this tweeted picture with hand shake with his teacher err wrote if wentz either liked or re tweeted his tweet by june 4 the whole class would not have to to take the exam. so went delivered, same day, wasn't it? same day. he said will this do the trick, and that's a re tweet. joining us colin and his parent, colin and his parent?
7:57 am
good morning. first let's give your teachers name. >> miss ride end,nbird. >> she stuck to her word. >> yes. >> i tweeted him, third period, yesterday morning, and he replied just about nine hours later. >> wow. >> surprisingly, yes. >> a lot of re tweets? >> history class. >> no wonder you want to get out of there. >> and how many re tweets? >> i think 300 something. >> wow, look at you. >> now, what did the teachers say though when you first, did you propose this, hey, how did you come up with this? >> i mean, like everyone, no one wanted to take the final exam. >> and everyone is trying to bribe her in different ways, you know, get us out of t and i cam up with the idea you know, trying to tweet out to carson wentz, because she is an eagles fan, she doesn't think it will happen, so famous. >> and it happened? >> just happened out of no where. >> this has happened before. did you hear about kobe bryant? >> did i. >> someone tweeted kobe bryant? did you see it?
7:58 am
>> i saw. >> i think we will put it up. >> did kobe come through? >> kobe did come through. >> wow. >> look at that, please if you re tweet this we don't have to take the final please. and then kobe said hope you get a a in this class. >> how are you doing in the class, column snip. >> doing pretty well. i think i have like either high b, low a. >> is he lying, mom? >> , no he's good. >> does he normally, well, i'll ask you, does he try to get out of things at the house, too? >> like chores? >> no, no,'s good guy. >> are you surprised by what he did? >> no, he has never been accused of -- >> (laughing). >> now do you think he should take the final? >> no, i think if he made a bet with a teacher, and he came up on the winning side, he shouldn't have to take the exam. >> how is he doing in school? >> he does very well in school. >> yes? >> you're a sophomore. >> sophomore. >> now, see, i'm dedicated to the school system of the delaware valley. i think it is a little bit
7:59 am
after travesty that you're if the going to take the exam. we're not sure that you do know the material. >> think about it, exams, they're proof you know the material. >> right. but, you know, i guess we'll never know. >> i guess we will. go sit in that chair. >> we're giving awe history exam. go off over there. what type of history did you say it was? >> western world. >> western worldment okay, have a seat. mr. hurley. are you ready for this now? >> yes. >> look at his teacher! >> oh, ya, you're wearing green, so you're a little see through there. the following questions will be multiple choice. >> all right. >> are you ready? did you get to study at all. >> no. >> here we go the renaissance, ushered in a new age scientific and intellectual inquire any appreciation of ancient greek and roman civilizations, where did it original? >> could this be harder? >> it is a final exam. multiple choice. a, italy. b, spain. c, greece or d, france. if you're at home feel free to
8:00 am
answer as well. >> i'm going to have to go with c. greece. >> it is a, italy. >> maybe he should have taken the test. >> okay, question number two. >> in the later middle ages, the black playing structural, major cities like paris, venice, they lost half their population, how many people died before it receded. is it a, 5 million, b, 100 million, or c, 20 million, or d, 10 million? would you like to buy a life line? >> can i phone a friends? >> can you phone a friends? oh, okay. >> i'm going to go with c, 20 million. >> he is correct. 20 million! >> congratulations, you passed. >> thank you. >> sort of. >> we'll take it. so thank you so much for being here. >> real quickly here, are you a hero at your school? >> probably not. >> really, they're not happy? >> you should be. >> i mean my class is, but the rest of the school.
8:01 am
>> jealous. >> so what are you guys going to do instead for the exam? >> probably draw a picture for points. >> draw a picture? >> that's it. >> that's great. >> congratulations, man. >> thank you, thank you very much. good day everybody it is thursday june the 21, june the 17th. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelph ia". attacked. >> i think a crime of opportunity. >> councilman david oh, stabbed in the back near his home. what he was doing in the moment before. >> spilling secret. first serena williams accidentally posted a baby of her baby bump. now her sister slips up. how venus williams reveals the sex of the baby. >> i'll take a college essay with pepperoni, please. high school senior is not talking about her love of pizza how her love of delivery helped her get an ivy league
8:02 am
acceptance. >> so many bubbles. these masks are popping up all over the internet. and you can see why. but, do they actually work? or do we just look silly doing it? we'll try for ourselves. let you know what all of the fuss is about. >> we'll do those live right here in our studio as we want to do on this program. but, we step outside, it will be a ten outside. we can walk away with our masks on. >> i can't wait. the bubble mask looks like cumulus clouds, don't they, made it meteorological there, did you catch that? ten out of ten today. indeed. it is going to be lovely. it is national olive day. that's an olive branch, giant one, in bus stop buddy's hand. some of out may have a martini today with olives in it, what do you think, bob kelly? >> don't have to ask me twice. >> mild start to the day with just a stray shower north and west of the city but mostly just cloud cover. sunshine that we're dealing with this morning, and
8:03 am
66 degrees, with calm winds, breezes will pick up this afternoon, we expect high temperature of 82 degrees, nice one today, but will this go into the weekend? we'll let you know coming into up. >> right now it is 8: zero three. and live look at 95 northbound an accident at street road. see everybody pushed over to the right there, the crash in the construction zone. as you head north on 95, into street road, upward of 30 minute delays on number of the regional rail lines all because every septa signal problems this morning, warminster, fox chase, the lansdale-doylestown line headed south on 59 into the sit about 42 minute trip from woodhaven on in, pennsylvania turnpike, about 40 minute trip from philly over to vale forge, getting hit with some sun glare today. breakfast later on this morning, meet me at daddy pop's on york road right there in hatboro. forget about the turnpike delay, come on by for some breakfast, we will be out there starting at 9:00 up to 10:00. mike and alex over to you. >> quick update.
8:04 am
everybody is concerned, city leader attacked outside his south willie home with a nan by a nay. councilman david oh, his attacker still on the loose. >> councilman o being treated at penn presbyterian, that's where steve keeley is standing by with more this morning, steve? >> well, no surgery is 100% safe. and we did get good news out of the hospital, that he's doing fine, after exploratory surgery that just started before 2:00 a.m. and so, it takes time to come out of the stuff that they knock you out with. so, he's got family, friend, staff here, all here, hoping for a speedy recovery. among the people that came here last night, carol clark, the council president who said this just shows the crime can happen to anybody at any time, and random act of crime strike again, this time it, strikes a council member, which is probably the most disturbing thing, but councilman o was out working meeting with small business leaders late, comes home, his wife and four children safely in their house, he has lived on this very block since he was three
8:05 am
years old, and he's 57 now. probably feels very safe, bunch of twin houses, probably not a lot of crime, where he will keep looking around while in the back every his city owned suv when this occurred. >> the gentleman, at some point, pulls a knife out. and announces a robbery, tells him to get his keys for the car. at some point the male stabs him in the left side. medics arrive, neighbors assist mr. o. they tame him over here to penn presbyterian, critical but stabilized had to take him into emergency surgery because of where the stab wind; where all of the organs, are he is in good spirits, prior to surgery. but we're looking at this point for black male appears to be in his 20 a wearing black shirt, white writing on it being black pant, stuffy beard, appeared to go west on thomas, from that location. >> well the guy wanted the keys. probably had no clue that this guy is a political leader because he wanted to steel his city owned chevy equinox.
8:06 am
and kind of roddick list to steel a city own car. but he didn't get the keys, the car or anything else that david oh, had on him. what police didn't get was much after information. they're asking anyone close to the council mast and street, off cobbs creek parkway, southwest philly, to check any private home surveillance systems they may have, check it that time, about 9:40, 20 to 10:00 last night before and after. a lot of the criminals are just walking around block after block sometimes even hour before you ma have i shot of him where he is not thinking anybody is looking for him because he didn't do anything wrong at that point or of barred you may have a shot of him running away. that will shot would pay dividends for police it know could get one. >> thanks, steve. so 8:06. mayor jim kenney urging anyone with information to come forward, in a statement he says we are all praying for councilman o, a quick recovery and thinking of his family during incredibly difficult time. adding whatever violence happens on our street, it is a terrible tragedy. what happens near our homes, where we are supposed to feel safe, it is all the more
8:07 am
devastating and of course councilman o has been on our show several times. we have done event with him, our thoughts are out to i am h hoping him a speedy recovery. >> he has four kids, right? four kids? so another update for you. from kathy given. she is now got fired by cnn. not that she does a lot of work for them. >> now it means anderson coup letter need a new dayton nye. she was his plus one. >> true, for years and years, about ten years, i think. >> was it really ten years? >> i think so, yes. >> so the network yes fired her over the photo for holding fake severed head of president trump. >> just hours after posting the video, kathy apologized, the secret service now investigating, president trump by the way says his children specially his 11 year old son, were traumatized by the stunt. baron, who is 11 years old, actually thought the image of his father was real. president trump made reference
8:08 am
to that, in a tweet, cathy griffin should be ashamed of herself. my children specially my 11 year old son baron, are having a hard time with this. >> and tweeted yesterday during the show, but then later in the day first lady melania trump had this to say, little more specific. as a mother, a wife and a human being, that photo is very disturbing. when you consider some of the autrocities happening in the world today, a photo opportunity like is simply wrong and makes you wouldn't per the mental health of the person who did it. >> hum. interesting how i think they invited ted nugent to the white house, isn't ted the one that said he wanted to see president obama's head on a stick? >> some people are bringing up how some people would put obama in a noose, and hang that, but -- >> come on, people, we've got to be good to each other. >> right? >> but i don't think katie is too shocked she's out at cnn what else could cnn do? that was aggregious what she
8:09 am
did. >> first they said they're re-evaluating. >> really? >> yes, and then later came out, all right, we are going to sever ties, just see -- >> the backlash. why don't you host with anderson couper? you would be great person to step in. >> you've hung out with me on new years eve. >> you can be a blast on new years eve. >> oh, so you want me to go to cnn? is that what you are saying. >> just one night. there she goes. >> it was great, while it lasted. you get back here, you are not leaving my alone. >> hey, our lips, wow, oh, by the way, interior designer, a woman, tweeted me yesterday, and said i know you have trouble with these chairs. >> oh, yes. >> she has a solution to the run away balls on these chairs. >> oh, because they are the problem. the balls have to align. >> the balls are the problem.
8:10 am
>> yes. >> on these chairs. see, i can't move over because i'm had the g you. >> our balls bang together, then we can't be in the right spot. >> so please, yes, if you can help us out. see, move your chairs so they can see it, mike. these things, different prongs, we have to make sure they fit in with each other so we're not hitting each other. >> constantly are hitting each other even though 99% of the claire is not balls or not balls but our balls always come together. i don't know. >> well my lips are sealed and yours should be, too, the average person keeps 13 secrets at one time. waist even more impressive, folks, how many we have never shared. they say that this research says we have five secrets that we keep to ourselves our entire lives. you don't tell your husker your wife, your parents. what is your secret? come on, give me one. >> but first, it is beer week. how philly celebrate the tenth .
8:11 am
it is a party. and we're going back to the futurement look at those moves. hey, honey. >> oh, soul train. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪
8:12 am
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8:14 am
>> grab your coffee, grab your allergy medicine, let's go, street road, construction zone, everybody push over to the far right side, the accident scene actually right there hine the trees. jammo into and out of philadelphia on the vine street expressway, stack up from end to end. the school buses coming into town, a lot of class trips, it is that time of the year be ready for the sun glare, septa says up to 40 minute delays on a lot of the regional rail lines, warminster, west trenton, fox chase and lansdale doylestown all because of signal problems, how long is the sun going to hang around? sue has the forecast in 15 seconds. >> just about 8: 15.
8:15 am
we're saying, good-bye to the month of may today. it is jeong first but we ends up with rainy month. 6.3 inches, over two and a half inches above where we should have been, would have been worse if he to we didn't have the heatwave the 17th to the ninth. news just sort of reasonable, temperature, 66 degrees, in philadelphia. cooler up in the mountains, at 56. sixty-seven wilmington, 66 in lancaster, and we got to 80 degrees yesterday. good start to the weekend saturday but rain possible late in the day on sunday. and that chance of rain continues into the middle of next week, mike? >> sue, i was very confident that last night i with a going to win the powerball jackpot. >> you didn't? >> i did not. in fact, nobody won, so it will roll over to saturday. >> see, my plan was, to celebrate by and join the tenth anniversary philly beer week, which is off today.
8:16 am
>> best beer week ever, alec, are they here? >> so mike, since we do this every year, you know how it goes. >> start off with hammer of glory, comes through, they do relay. well it is time before we do anything to bring in the hammer of glory. so we have the saw town tavern, take it away. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> they will keep dancing, we now have the hammer of glory, i'll set this down, right here. is that okay? all right. that is heavy. you're here to explain this is tenth anniversary of beer week. you know it will be special. >> absolutely, this is our tenth anniversary and tonight is the launch of philly beer
8:17 am
week, almost like our opening ceremony from the olympics, called opening tap, start tonight at 6:00 p.m. still few ticket left. all day today the hammer of glory already traveling, all of philadelphia. doing ton every vents, all across the city. >> eleven days of beer. what's it like? name some of the event happening over the next 11 days. >> s real cool ones, thing called art on beer, which is frankford hall, all about the artist behind the labels of beer. so many different great brands. some great artistry behind that as well. also, we have burlesque night next tuesday, as night. >> oh,. >> so we have that. and there is also a ton of different event, like the first part of the week, namely, franklin institute, there is an art expo there, where we go through the different parts of making beer, you can get involved with how each of the component come by to be part of beer. >> hands on, not hands up. where can we find more
8:18 am
information about it? >> philly beer, all of everything is available there. >> you brought some goodies for me this morning, what do we have here? >> so i had stacey's mom, which is our zip trust hops ipa, also have our mango whitt, our pineapple, and also, we have new beer from our live exclusive, bruce willis was dead the whole time. >> what? >> part of our spoiler alert series for beers. >> okay, i like, that i like that. >> perfect. then when you talked about artists hine the labels, behind the beers, we have an artist right here talking about chill moody. how are you doing? >> good morning. >> you're euro aris was also your own beer. >> nice things ipa. tomorrow, for philly beer week. >> if you know chill moody you know he knows all about nice things. >> a lot of nice things. actually, throwing in a release party for the beer at heritage, 914, second street, north seconds street, starts at 10:00. >> that's tonight?
8:19 am
>> tomorrow night. full band, unplugged. are you going to try something? >> how would you describe the flavor with this. >> i want you to describe it. >> oh, see i'm not huge on beer. >> i'll just say nice thing. >> that is nice thing, speaking of nice things, i love this shirt. philly over everybody. >> philly over everybody. >> where can we get this shirt? >> chill moody. com. hit me up on instagram. i also have one for you right now. >> oh, i will ' bewaring this, i love it. i love it. now it is time to pass. would you minds holding the mike so i can read off the decree. gather around, gather around. >> noble carrier, we entrust you with the hammer, the heavy hammer of glory. symbol of beloved philadelphia beer week, may your journey be safe. >> work up a thirst for there should and beer waiting for you at your destination, god speed. now, trevor, take it away on to the next location.
8:20 am
>> thank you so much. >> thank you so much, all right. philly beer week, next 11 days, see you out there. >> it is kind after cool, chill moody here. that was cool. >> chill beer, chill. >> spilling secret. first serena williams accidentally posts a photo of the fact that she is pregnant, remember that? that was a screw up on her part. she didn't mean to do that. then her sister now has slipped up, how venus williams revealed the sex of the baby. are there no secrets? jen? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:21 am
♪"all you need is love" plays my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up... the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends.
8:22 am
wewe got the keys!ys to our new house! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
8:23 am
>> can you believe this, coachella tickets, it is not going to happen until 2018. coachella is over. >> so they re-enacted beyonce
8:24 am
headliner at next year's festival, remember she was supposed to perform this year but had to cancel, after revealing she was pregnant. so will take place friday april 13 through sunday april 15th and friday april 20th, through sunday april 22. ticket go on sale tomorrow for 2018. >> plenty of notice on that one. >> do you think she'll bring the twins? i'll be dancing on the. >> i am when is she going to pop. >> we don't know, all been guessing, posting very pregnant pictures no normally don't reveal until three months? >> she is more. >> no, when we first learn. >> yes. >> three months in. >> but beyonce very secretive. might have waited longer. >> so should be coming up pretty soon. >> shut be. >> maybe it will be july 3rd, my birthday? >> wouldn't than something? >> no longer your birthday, then beyonce's birthday. >> don't you have your twins on my birthday.
8:25 am
>> speaking of babies, trying to get information, did you hear about serena williams? >> is she pregnant? >> she announced news of her baby now accidentally finding out the sex of her baby. her sister seems like she spilled the beans. in a interview with euro sport. >> okay. >> venus was asked about, just innocent question, the reporter was asking questions about the match then said oh, what woth baby call you? we don't have the video, she answered she will call me favorite aunt. >> oh, in the she said she. >> she than venus suggested the women in the family, all want baby named after him, so it implies it is a woman. so far no official confirmation from serena. or her fiancee. but -- >> well, simple. >> you should see the video too, yes, talking about the match. how is serena doing? oh, she is good. i'm thinking the babe did i and did she catch herself? >> , no just kept going.
8:26 am
>> are you looking for the video. >> i'll go look in my lock over. jenny joyce, jenn fred, i love this event. united to feed, explain what it is. >> united to feed. mike, this is the sixth year, that they've done this, at the united way, just two of the 8,000 boxes that will be packed today going to families hungry throughout our area. this is chef christine hazel. you were on hell's kitchen. >> i was, season 14, hell's kitchen. >> she will tell us how to turn those ingredient, simple pantry ingredients, into delicious dinner. we'll show you coming up next.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> in vogue on the slow today, will be here in studio, folks. they've new music. so, free your mind. more music is out there. >> and where, we'll tell you. >> what happens when i free my minds? >> the rest will follow. >> the rest will follow? i've been hoping for that. >> are we going to do this bubble mask thing or not? >> yes. >> oh, my god. >> so, they're popping up all over the internet. and you can see why. >> what? it makes you look like some kind of snow white and the seven dwarfs. >> that's why we want to do it, any opportunity for our producers to make us look silly they totally want to do it. >> plenty. oh, so we're going to do this live? oh, god. >> i know. >> come on, the question is will it actually look like that? >> do you ever watch, diners, what is it?
8:31 am
>> oh, i had it mixed up. diana's drive in's and dives. >> triple d. anyway, guy, he's also on good day philadelphia. >> how about in atlantic city, two restaurant, sue. >> oh, hold, on, serena williams must have heard us talking about her, the sex of her babe. >> i likes to stream the show, serena williams. >> now just posted clarifying we do not know the sex of the baby she said she want to be surprised when she gives birth. so she said to clarify what venus said she says i'm always joke withing my sisters to see what favors i can get for them to do for me next. if i want something from my sisters i say baby venus, baby lynn, or baby isha needs it. did i not grow one may brother, only sisters and we all say she more than he. >> what are we supposed to believe here that serena truly
8:32 am
doesn't know the sex of the child? >> some people like kit kat kline don't want to know until the baby comes out. >> i never wanted to know either. >> but if you are going to rev tens it, pick a pro nun. >> we just said it. >> but more than an it, sue. >> it is a humanning. >> that's right. >> rich it. >> very tempered when it comes out. >> here is the sneeze index for today. our pollen, that's out there, the predominant pollen, tree pollen, oklahoma, mulberry plus grass was drier weather pattern on the way, predicting higher cons trying cents of the pollen. today, tomorrow, medium levels, then medium high saturday and sunday. off to mild start today. no jacket needed with bus stop buddy but wear the shades, finally he does not have an umbrella and finally we don't see any rain on ultimate doppler radar. we do see mix every clouds and
8:33 am
sun. sixty-six, did you like yesterday when we got to 08 degrees? how about 82 for today? >> eighty-two. that smells like rittenhouse square to me. >> party in the park? >> party in the park. >> we have big station event today. >> we do. so we have to be there. >> got to get ready. >> more than 700,000 people struggle with hunger everyday. >> you can help and don't need to leave your house. >> nope. >> till us more from the valley forge casino. >> i know, were you talking about party n the park. i'll at a party here at the valley forge casino. take a look at all of the people who have come here, volunteers, people, working with companies, individuals, who just wanted to come and help the united way of greater
8:34 am
philadelphia. packed 8,000 of these box toss hungry people in our area, jim, the ceo, tell us a little bit about this event. and as you do, we have hells kitchen contestants with us, showing us house to turn simply pantry items into something delicious. so while you work, jim, if you can just talk a little bit about that? >> sure. we have about 500 volunteers here today packing 78,000 boxes will translate to 120,000 meals, that are going to go out to food pantries, all throughout the greater philadelphia and southern new jersey area. >> food and security is very real, happens in every zip code. friends, neighbors, people we no, we're here today to help them to make ends meet and to make sure that they all go healthy nutritious meal. >> this is one of several event throughout the year? >> that's right. >> very important for us to realize while it is great for one day, food and security with us 364, or 36 an actually
8:35 am
days out of the year. so folk cents on the year, one we're committed, so one like the one chef here, it only get better. >> christine, so can you fill just, what are you doing here? >> today, some of the pantry item, show you how to make a bald composed dish, milk, corn flake, rice, cans chicken, things you might not think would make a delicious meal but we will show you how they will be packed with flavor, protein, fiber, all of the necessary things you need to stay healthy. and we're really just here to show people how they can fight hinge nerve philadelphia. >> few simple steps. >> so today we will do -- >> real fast. >> chicken and fridays frit err over cleaned corn, basically deep fried crunchy, lot of texture, flavor and it will help you stretch those dollars at home. >> do you have a finishd product we can try? >> we do, we'll whip up one right here.
8:36 am
with a was combining our ingredients. >> so, all right. >> the fun part. here we go. >> here with us, one second. >> fry off the fitter. >> take the nice cream corn. >> the oil will get nice and hot, nice and crispy to go over our cream corn. >> one thing i enjoy a crispy frit err. so in our frit err we have chicken, brown rice, little bit of soup, broth, adds flavor and picture, then coat it with our cornflakes, wait until the oil get nice and hot. >> it will get nice and crispy, serve it over top the creamed corn. nice dish. >> if you couldn't make it out here today to be one of the 500 volunteers, you can get involved. you just have to text a number. >> 40403 -- forgive me. 40403. text the word hungry, and you can make a donation, 25-dollar
8:37 am
donation will feed family of four in about a week. >> we have our corned frit err. can we try it? >> of course, you can try it at home. >> yes. >> okay. all right. this is the big challenge, on live tv. >> look at jenny trying to do this as fast as possible. she is trying to shove that thing in her mouth, still throw it back to us. >> i know, like go, go, go, sorry producer megan, taking all of your time. >> i don't care about that. just like the struggle is real. >> twenty-five bucks and you can feed a family. >> yes. >> of four for a week. >> wow. twenty-five bucks. >> that's amazing. >> wow. >> thank god there are people like that. >> good to know about too. >> when is the last time you ordered pizza? >> last weekends. >> really? >> yes. >> listen to this order. i'll take a college -- college he is way pepperoni, please.
8:38 am
a high school senior isn't shy about her love of pizza, how her love of delivery pizza helped her get into an ivy look school. i know it, makes no sense. but pappa john is involved. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:39 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪
8:40 am
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8:41 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. millions do it every day, now one teen's love of pizza has scored her an ivy league career. >> carolina williams, of tennessee, was accepted at the university of march after writing her admissions essay from write being pizza delivery from pappa john's, i will always love ordering pizza because of the way eight slices of something ordinary are able to evoke finks of independence, consolation and
8:42 am
joy. >> despite her acceptance to yale, carolina has decided to study at auburn university, in alabama, because of the better pizza locations. >> no, that's not why. >> oh, why? >> because of scholarships. >> oh. she's getting maybe a free ride where yale wasn't willing to pay. >> that makes me sad. although i love state schools, i went to a state school. >> state schools are good. but oh,. >> yale did respond, though, yale admissions officer wrote to her following her acceptance saying i laughed so hard on your pizza essay, i kept thinking that you were the kind of person that i would be best friends with and why don't you come and learn at yale. but then they didn't pay her to come. >> this kind of makes me upset. do you know how hard -- >> what are you upset about? >> i tried to pick a subject, she wrote into pizza and got into yale?
8:43 am
>> it is ooh unique. >> it is about pizza, there are people changing the world doing student council, all of the activities to look good? my gosh. pays. >> so you struggled for 12 years, in schooling, when you were young, and then she slips in the yale talking about crust. >> talking about pizza. >> cheese. talking about pizza. >> not a game. not a game. but pizza. >> you know what should happen? pappa john's should pay for her too us. >> to yale. >> or should do something, like this is perfect commercial for them. >> pappa john's for the rest of her life. come on, pappa johns, take this opportunity. >> come on, pappa. >> 8:43, we want to give you an update. talking councilman, this morning who got stabbed last night. we just received an official statement from the city from his office regarding councilman oh, t reads he is in recovery after successful surgery overnight l remain at the hospital to monitor his recovery. but expected to fully heal and return soon. the councilman thinks the
8:44 am
medical steph, his council and city colleagues and the community for their prayers and support and he looks forward to getting back to city hall to serve philadelphia. dish any anyone with information about this crime is urged to call 911. it happened in southwest philly just outside of his home. he was unpacking his car then someone approached him and they stabbed him. >> i think a lot of people were shock this morning when they got up and heard that news. and you may be just getting up now. you know, second, third shift workers, yes, councilman o is stabbed as he was what unpacking his car right? he had the suv, and a guy couches, just starts stabbing him in the back. he was in critical condition, matter of fact, then they stabilized him over at penn presbyterian. >> glad to hear he is expected to fully recover and he'll be back in philly soon. did he so much in the community. >> he sure does. best to him and his family. have you noticed, all of the dancing shows that are on tv now? >> worlds every dance, dance with no pants, dance, up a
8:45 am
storm, j-lo has a new -- anyway time to learn thousand ballroom dance. >> okay, how about the rhumba? look at this, still in chester. look at these amazing kids. yes, they might be taller than me, in fifth grade, and they rock. come on back, i'll tell you all about the amazing program.
8:46 am
♪ come to sesame place before little kids become, big kids. before dress up, turns to make-up. and tag becomes hashtag. before furry hugs, become first loves. come to the only place, that makes little hearts race. buy early and save up to $20, plus get a free second visit! only at
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sesame place
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>> looking good at the music peer this morning. and it is going to be a thrilling thursday. if you get outside, enjoy the weather. less than perfect, though, over the weekend, at least it will start out pretty goodment be unsettled as we head into next week, just seeing few clouds on ultimate doppler radar, and satellite, and 66 degrees, in philadelphia. fifty-six mount pocono, 67 wilmington, and double six areas in lancaster, so yesterday we got to 80 yeast, how about today? >> eighty-two, nice cold front comes through on friday, in the upper 70s sunshine saturday. but rain looks like it will roll in on sunday afternoon and last maybe two, my goodness. >> bless you. >> mike, back to you. >> you're so good looking.
8:49 am
>> thank you, seinfeld. >> good day philadelphia, next hour, uh-huh. by the way, swv is in town as well, and i'll tell you where they're playing. so let's dance. the reason i have never gotten remarried is that i don't want to have to learn how to ballroom dance. that excuse, i've used for years, jen, don't make me. >> that's the reason enough to get married. >> oh, doctor says what? i said enough to get married. >> i'm a dancing guy? >> i'm a dancing guy. so these young people, yes, why not? check it out. doing the swing. you heard about this program for a long time, but you first saw them recent lit at a board meeting? >> yes, i did, i had heard about them, they were in the tournament, and i wanted to see them for myself. i wanted to the community to see them. so we have them entertain us
8:50 am
at board meeting. >> the one thing off camera, you want kids to know there are all kinds of things they can do to be part of this community? >> yes. i think that activities, the art, athletics, all of that is going to help us, help these young people, be a better student. because i combine that, and with our academic program, as well. >> we also talk about this, this is your fifth time with this school district. you can't quit chester. >> no, never, never, could never quit chester. >> why do you keep coming back here? >> i love the place. i have love the people. i love the student. i love the city. always have. >> okay. the teacher, i did tell them they're allowed to dab, might be getting ready for their dab, i like to jenn fred it up when i come. is that cool? >> sounds great. >> okay, here we go, do you guys have something special for the ends?
8:51 am
(laughing). >> okay, i talk to about this. how long did it take them to learn thousand do this? >> we learned this in 20 classes. so that is about three month. and the children learn six ballroom dan cents. so they do tango, swing, rhumba, waltz, and there is one more. >> did you a great job. the teacher, the kids, they say it is both. all right, so doctor, i have to leave, i'm going to see guy fier, also here in chester, he's at the casino. >> yes? >> what do you think about me asking him to come work with your cowell inch area students? >> you ask him, i'll except him with open arms, absolutely, that's a deal. that's a deal. >> that's a deal. thank you so much for letting us come here this morning. >> oh, thank you for coming. fun to r us, too. >> i have bad news, i'm coming back. >> that's the good news. thank you. >> all right, you guys look amazing, back to you guys in the studio, now that i've
8:52 am
gotten my dance on, i have to go get my cook on. >> i like that. all right. okay. we can all use some of those classes. that's a good song, too. that's so cute. they're adorable. but jen right. guy will be on the show this morning, so we will tell you what he will be cooking up, then till death do us part. is that too much? what one expert says is different now that should make us re look at life-long commitments. >> ♪ >> ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> justin bieber apparently a believer. now, win wins fans are upset, because he's believer in the penguins. posted a photo of himself wearing a jersey,'s huge hockey fan, from canada, although difficult to tell which team he generally support p. >> right. >> so he's been seen supporting variety of hockey team.
8:56 am
so in ten hours the post received 1.4 million likes. some of those likes were from philly fans. not enjoying what they believed or pittsburgh fans. >> that's fine, and enjoying what they believe to be the sinner's curse on the penguins. >> yes, he got a lot of pen wins fans, that were mad at him, because they believe that would curse them. >> they've been smacking him around. >> but it ain't over. >> it ain't over. because now they got to go to nashville. >> doesn't work out too well. so as long as he didn't put on eagles jersey or flyers or phillies, you snow. >> we don't need his help. we suck on our own. >> you know, i think i really need a therapist. >> why? >> because this is going to be a long summer.
8:57 am
>> oh, why do you say that? >> there is no hope. when was the last time we had hope with on of our teams? we are dry, this is like this saharah dessert. i really think i need to be on a couch and have somebody talk me through this, like sports. >> well, we have a couch over there. you don't have to go to anyone. i'll talk to you. >> wow. what did that look mean? >> i don't know. we're too close. i don't know if i could get advice from you. >> you have secrets? >> listen to there is apparently we found some research says all of us have five secret that we've never toll anybody in our lives. do you have secret you've never told anyone? and would you be willing to cough it up on twitter so coy announce it to the world? >> like post secret. put it in books? this would be god day secret, tweet them, we will read them out loud. judge like strangers on a plane, on a train, just tell them everything. by the way i just met in
8:58 am
vogue, in the green room, so this is what i'm going to do. i don't look so great today. i'm going to get a bubble mask live on the air. >> tell me what the bubble mass social security? >> it makes you look real silly basically. >> why does it make you ends up looking like a yard no, ma'am? >> welshing we will find out. we'll see if it even works. >> we will do it live next.
8:59 am
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