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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 1, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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you'busted tail.rd. and impressed the boss. maybe, it's time to be your own. transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it, america.
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>> i love them. in vogue is on the show called good day philadelphia. that's with a you are watching right now. >> i hope you play my favorite one, give me something i can feel. >> ♪ >> that's why i wore red today, i wore red for in
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vogue. i couldn't find any long black gloves. >> oh, i have long black gloves at home. , a that's another whole store. >> i why do you have that? >> i live alone. high, karen. >> makes no sense. >> we love him, right? >> it is thursday, it is the 9:00 hour there is could go right in the hopper quickly. this is going to be interesting, i need feedback from you. till death do us part. is that too much? what one expert says is different now that should make us real-think life-long commitment, like marriage. i will explain. >> so many bubbles. these masks that we're about to show you, popping up all over the internet. you can see, they're kind of funny looking. so if you're going to look this funny looking you would think maybe it works, it has to do something for your face, right? we're not sure but we will at the time it oust. see if we look at ridiculous. >> but is supposed to improve your skin, right? >> make you look beautiful. >> okay. >> also, speaking of popular
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and famous, we've got major star, oh, ya, you know him, love him, guy, on the show this morning, what eggs cooking up in our neck of the woods, not one but two locations, in our area. >> i watch that show all the time. i think it is still the number one rated show on food network, diner, drive in's and dif's, triple d. the same formula over and over and over and over. >> since he has got personality, he sells it, he bridges it, who doesn't like a good diner? >> exactly, i take notes that way when go to a new study, i know where to go. >> i put in my phone. he did a thing on sacramento. >> oh, are you going there? >> sometimes i fly into sack town to see me grand caughter. >> but want to see something off the beaten track. because you want to go where the locals g everyone can write about fancy pant restaurant that you can't affords, but you want a good little dive. >> he comes to philly quite a bit. did you know the average person keeps more than a dozen
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secrets, according to this study, it is safe to say, our lips are sealed. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it ♪ >> ♪ >> wait 22nd. i thought this was i love zest eel. instead of our lips are seals. >> hold on a second. when the go-go's did this song, you thought they were saying what? >> i love zest eel, like the woman's name. >> why would they be singing that? >> she was a really good friend, just love her. >> oh, my good. >> i love cecil (. >> doesn't even make any sense. >> no. >> but listen. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ our lips are sealed ♪ >> it sounds much clearer than our lips are sealed. they don't enunciate anyway.
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>> why would they be singing i love ceceli? >> i don't know. while we do this, we want you to share your secrets. i have a couple already. but tweet me your sockettes, we'll keep it anonymous, keep a second rhett you've never told anyone. >> so what does the research say? >> it says that social -- no, suggest that anyone time a person is keeping up to 13 secrets, five of which they have never shared with anyone else. it was also discovered people are more bothered by their secrets when they think about them alone rather than in company. oh, just like the phrase i like to say. secret secret are no fun unless they are for everyone. >> do that again? >> secret secret are no fun unless they r for everyone. eye us today see it, if you guys start whispering, oh, i would say that. >> well, we have more on the kind of secrets that they have. but i feel that people are the worse secret keepers, that there was study i think that came out like women keep a secret for either 15 minute or
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32 minute, i mean, as soon as you get a secret, it is like bubble up, did you hear, did you hear? >> how often have you been at a lunch, now there is has to stay between us, this cannot leave the room. and they go don't worry about. then man, couple of years ago, before i even got home. >> oh, walking out the restaurant, texting. >> people texting me. >> blows up. >> that's how you knowment politics one time i know i can't tell you anything. >> do you have, now, research says that you have 13 secrets inside of you and five of them you've never told anyone, not your par ends, not your best friends. >> i can't think of any. >> with a qualifies tore secret that makes it interesting? sometimes like a secret crush. so it is like you may not even really thought about it, like admitted to yourself. >> researchers say that was number one, you're in a relationship with somebody, the most commonly held secrets what researchers term extra relation thought, as well as sexual behavior, line,
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romantic desire. >> , you're with someone, but someone at work, you think about them? >> that's your secret even to yourself? >> well, who is it? >> well, you know, what happens in my brain and in my dreams, like that's -- as long as you don't act on it. >> what if she is thinking about you, mike? >> i know no way in heck that you're thinking -- >> look, you get two a year, you know? you have a rotation going on. >> really? >> would i ever make it into the rotation? have you her a sexual dream of me? >> oh, my gosh. don't thanes. >> that's taught too much serum for today. >> no, you haven't. >> have you? >> over the course of six years. >> hold on! wow, wow, wow. >> wait. in a really like -- i just -- not -- well now. >> what was going on? what were we doing. >> just trying to tell the truth. >> was it at this tv station.
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>> what? >> why we at the tv station? >> in the dream. >> move along. >> oh, mike, really? >> so weird. >> just because i'm always around her. >> it becomes complicate in the terms of like, you know, spend a lot of time with somebody. >> hate it break it to you. >> you've and been here three years. it will happen. no, it is not going to happen. so -- >> what are your secrets? >> gosh, i'm trying to think. >> i'm to -- like a secret crush you may not have said out loud. >> you fantacize with people, a woman walks down giving thumbs-up. >> oh, for years you know aid thing for meredith who is on "the q" show. >> but you make that very obvious. you let everybody know that. >> shawnette wilson, right? >> she knows that, too, we know. that will us something good. >> can't think of anybody else. i don't know, two of you
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sometimes i think about. >> no, you don't. >> have you ever had anybody, just a thought, just a thought, not like big, you know, you don't act on it, you don't do it. >> i'll really quite boring. >> at work? >> really? other tv stations that you just couldn't get them out of your minds? >> no. >> really? >> when i work up at the network in new york there was this woman, i was obsessed. i couldn't sleep. >> yes? >> i was too nervous to ever do anything about it. >> and? >> she had little -- she had a little italian flag tatoo on her butt. >> how do you know that? >> she told me. >> oh, okay. i was going to say what if. >> and my dream was to salute that flag, but i never had the nerve. then on my last day there, i was sleeving the network, this is nbc, she gave me a wonderful card about you're my favorite person i've ever work with. >> could you have had a
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chance. >> or maybe she is -- >> this is why you should never hesitate. make the move. make that move. right now. >> people are really anything with secrets. >> like what kind? >> okay, someone said i date add co-worker, a subordinant, for six years, no one ever new and they still don't. oh, juice. >> i another one says my secret is i'm still afraid of the dark. grown man, i won't say his name. >> okay. >> what's his name? >> someone said: when i was younger i would lick beef cubes packet for cooking and i would put them back. >> oh! oh, my gosh. okay? >> probably not that bad. bakes off all of the germs. >> really? >> another person said i took toilet pain fresh work. >> oh, pens and paper. >> i've done that, why. >> not me. but -- >> i mail -- i've mailed stuff from here, personal mail, and the station paid for it. >> really? i mean, is that so bad? >> not very often. >> give them back the 50-cent
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or whatever it cost for a stomach up. >> so our secret are pathetic. >> these are good though. some of these. >> have you ever had somebody say -- tell you a secret. i will tell this, i've never told anyone that, only person on earth who knows that. i've had a that a few times. i feel -- you feel responsible. >> the question is have you ever told someone a secret? >> i don't believe that's ever happened. >> please. >> oh, please, ya, ya. >> you're bad at keeping -- >> i'm bad. >> i stopped telling you stuff, because i already know just, that's what happens. >> and that stinks, because you need to tell me stuff so we can share things on tv. >> that's the whole point. secret. why would i tell you when i know you will blast it. >> now you dried up about everything in your life. there is nothing. >> do you feel that way? >> you say -- what are you doing this weekend? >> i don't know. >> what did you do last weekends. >> hum. >> and then you won't tell me about any men, girlfriends, what you are doing, because i'm going to say it on the air. your fear is that i will say
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anything on the air. >> well, i have been burned. >> that's true. >> or, you know, out eating, let me tell but alex, what she did. like mike, so you learn. >> y? way, tell us more about the secrets. >> yes, keep sharing your secrets, we'll keep revealing them. someone said i used to take candy from the bins in the grocery store. awe. >> well, dow, that i shop and eat grapes and stuff as i'm going around the grocery store. >> i kind of feel like you're end tight told that with the amount of money you're spending, my child will take like an apple, and you spend so much money, i spent hundreds every dollars on food, so one of those things where i feel like they owe me. my kid to keep him happy so he is not screaming has an apple or some fruit. >> if you're taste ago grape, even though i feel guilt which, that taste a grape, make sure it is good. but whole apples? that's like 59 cents. >> i was assassin once, for the israeli army. >> what? mike? >> something i never revealed.
9:13 am
>> i also think i'm lying. >> i think the secret with revealing secrets is if you don't tell anyone in the group. like if i have a friends from texas, coy tell her secret to people that wouldn't know her, the secret in life, like if you feel like you have to tell something. >> yes? >> i just get on airplanes and tell the person sitting next to me. >> random people. >> yes. >> perfect person, you'll never inch counter them,. >> so annoying. why am i -- hi, where are you going in okay, gym ' going to sleep now. i'm going to reached i don't like to talk. >> the hit -- the headphones in, not attached to anything. but they won't talk to you? >> and it works. >> oh, yes, works all the time. >> some keep going. they keep going. >> he can't hear us. >> i guess we'll will continue to reveal throughout the show. people still bringing them in. >> i served 11 years in prison, levin worth prison for crime i didn't commit. no, i didn't.
9:14 am
i got nothing big. >> any do something bad i usually ends up telling. i tell on myself. >> i have two children that live in cleveland. no. i got nothing. >> all right, then let's move on. marriage is meant to be death to us part. could the constant increase in the life expectancy in our country and around the worlds be a reason to rethink marriage? because when you say i do, you know, you think you've only going to be stuck with them maybe 30, 40 years. but now living in the 100's, you may be stuck with these people for eight decades, maybe 60, 70, 80 years. >> i would say my friends are mid life. all of them are going through this whole like full on life crisis, where they're like -- >> why did dow this? >> you know why you did it, but now in a part like do i want to continue to do it? are we happy? should we stay where we are?
9:15 am
are we treading water, going back, or is it love? >> not in love? >> people used to be dead at 40 and 50, then, you know, had successful marriage. not if you have to double that life span. >> what difference does it mean? >> don't people change, who were you in your 20's, different than who you are in your 30's? >> i don't even recognize the human in his 20's. >> yes? >> yes, i look at the pictures, i don't even know who that is. >> not even looks wise. >> oh, no, the thought, believed, ya. >> even though i act like i'm in my 20's. >> some people were saying they just do like marriage contract, until death do us part, until ten years, we check back in ten years, see still want to be married. >> i've heard about that is correct contract for ten years, just like our work contract here comes up, you
9:16 am
have to resign. would you resign? how many years have you been married? >> oh, i o we are having our anniversary this weekend. we're good. we're good. i have all of these kids, i think maybe we will go to the beach. yes, but nothing that big. >> you know the problem in the issue not just person, like your kids in your life. >> erase all of them. go back. >> i do like my husband. >> so would you marry him all over again? >> i o i picked the right, i wait add long time, i think i got it right. not that we agree, obviously, you know that. >> but some people say it is not in human nature to be with one person the rest of your life. >> men normally say that. our search is to break out, pro create. spread the seed. >> i've heard men say that though. that they feel just not natural. >> judges not natural. >> not natural to be tied down to one person forever. so what's the response to that
9:17 am
then? better finds a way. >> you. >> better finds a way. or i'm out. >> i don't know why, but the script, national spelling bee, and i think today may be the last day. where it gets really continues. >> edith fuller? >> from us an oklahoma. she is six. >> junk he is speller in the bee's history. >> she got both her words right yesterday. are you ready to see them? here them? >> nyctinasty. >> correct. >> nccnasty?
9:18 am
>> but she didn't pass the written test though, that includes vocabulary. will miss out on the final rounds. >> the written test she probably can't even write. what are you talking about? >> isn't that funny? the truth. she must because she is such a good speller. most kids at six and seven, early beginning err writing at that age. my poor kid. but that word? >> i thought it was nickthat is. >> i yes, they used to call me that in college, hey, nicknasty what are you doing. >> more secret? time for more secrets? >> yes. >> i stole snickers back when i was in elementary school. cried when the person took me back to the store so coy apologize. but they stole a snickers. now this one is really good. it says i'm 24, still wet the bed, still have to wear a diaper to bed. nobody knows i still do this. >> manor woman? >> i can't reveal. i promised i wouldn't reveal these people.
9:19 am
>> match a woman. >> this won't reveal them. a man. that's all i am saying. >> what's his hands until. >> no, no, no. >> his hand some bet wetter. >> stop it. >> no. common. >> i know. >> when i was younger and getting older i used to wet the bed for little bit. not that old. but, you know? >> last summer? >> so then this one says i would go my mother's pocketbook and take the loose change on the bottom. >> that's not horrible. >> this one is just aggregious, ready for this? my secret for the past 21 years of watches good day i sometimes watch -- >> oh, hey dare you? i almost should say your name. >> block that one. >> i'm so hurt. >> let me see. who is that? >> no, i promised i wouldn't. as long as you promise now that you're out there that you don't want to do it any more. >> i got tagged, he switches over from watching good day.
9:20 am
>> uh-huh. >> to nasty movies? >> oops. ya. >> you have some nerve. >> what's the handle, j driscoll? >> oh, stop. >> stop it. >> that is sour boss. >> stars on the show today. look, love their sons, all best of hits. >> in vogue, yes. >> look at them. oh, my gosh. >> can i just tell you, back in the day, big crush. on all of them. >> used to sing this in my room. >> oh, there they are. they look lovely. >> beautiful. in the green room now, dunkin donut green room. so they'll tell us about their new music, let's chat, ladies. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we'll check in because it is breakfast with bob. >> hey gang, good morning, everybody, today i just asked for a half cup of coffee. this place is so famous, and all of the regulars, all of the regulars have their own coffee mug. up on the wall. we are coming to you live from
9:21 am
daddy pop's in hatboro. wait until you see this joint. a great spot for throw back thursday when we come right back.
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>> you now thursdays i pick a different spot, different neighborhood. live here at daddy pop's in hatboro look at this gang class of 57. they get together every thursday for breakfast. i think we got this, look, the ink still fresh on these gift is her tiff katz. everybody put their money okay. he's the treasurer. take a look at some of the old school stuff. this is like a throw back in time. and original cigarette machine 30 years old, check it out, original design of lucky strikes cigarette pack. i'm going to have a seat here. in the barber stool, and say hi to ken, ken, you're been here what 30 years? >> thirty years, yes.
9:25 am
>> the customers have been just great, great. >> guy came in here, sam be what the scrap snell. >> yes. >> he was here. >> let's go down the line, some of the platters are unbelievable. what do you have here? >> italian omlet with home fries. >> okay? >> and this is stuffed french toast, with cream cheese and strawberries. >> okay? >> it get a whip cream over the top whether we serve it. >> yum. >> cream chip beef with home fries. >> okay? >> this is a blue berry macadamia flap jacks with, over here. >> oh,. >> coconut syrup that goes over the top. >> this special sauce. >> and. >> go ahead. >> there go. >> oh, look at that. >> super duper.
9:26 am
>> out front, look at the willow park mall, take a look, original popcorn machine, that used to sit in the foyer there, right. >> it was vented off the sidewalk. i bought that when i first opened here, from my next-door neighbor whose father-in-law, he had the kids involved. >> way back if time, the juke box, look at the old time cash register over here, throw back thursday from daddy pop's here, in hatboro. >> bring the kids, bring the family, good spot on a thursday morning, back to you guys in the studio. >> great spot. >> daddy pops. are you going to call me that the rest of the weekend? >> no please say it? >> no. >> say i love you daddy pops.
9:27 am
>> say it! >> silence, crickets, i love it. >> too smart for that. >> in vogue is here. come on over, ladies, we will talk to you right over here on the couch! >> you know i have ' always wondered, should it be be on vogue? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> testing. >> even vogue. >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. how do you become america's #1?
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[ children laughing ] wooo! yea! have a despicably delicious breakfast with these special edition jars of nutella. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. there is a bear in doyletown. who tweeted this? this is in an old orchard. >> doyletown boro tweeted it
9:31 am
out. >> officials are urging everyone to use caution and keep pets inside this happens every now and then. hey, megan in the control room how long ago was this posted? was it just this morning. >> yes, yes. >> wow. >> there is a bear, over there >> yes. >> there is a bear over there. >> you have to be careful especially with pets. >> bear is not a pet. >> a bear can eat your pet. >> no, with your pets. >> i one time had a bear as a pet but that is a secret i have been trying to keep. i am not making any sense today. do you want to leave? do you want to leave no. >> we're enjoying ourselves here. >> we have to say they have a concert tonight with bel, davo e. >> they are en vogue in philadelphia for big concert, and bell biff deohio is here as well. >> i was looking at them, as well. >> you are just distract. >> welcome to philadelphia,
9:32 am
ladies. >> thank you, we're happy to be here. >> how did you get the names sisters with voices. i'm just kidding. you chal evening me to make them mad. >> yes. >> our sisters for the voices. >> yes. >> you know you are in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. >> yes, that is right. >> so what is this, i'm good. >> yes. >> do you want to hear a little bit of it. >> sure. >> why not. >> sure. >> ♪ >> oh, yeah. >> this is why i love this. >> i like it. >> it is a song that was produced by, producer rock
9:33 am
cassidy. >> this is what i have learned in therapy, ladies, you've got to learn to love yourself first. >> that is right. >> before you can love another person. >> there you go. >> yeah. >> or else how would you know. >> he is like oh, my god. >> yes. >> but i'm a big fan for a long time. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it we love thaw are back making music again. how dit feel to make music again. >> a lot of fun. our fans have been waiting so long. >> where did you go. >> we were never gone we were always performing but it was time to make a new album, we wanted a new album. >> it is out there. >> yes. >> now what you do mean by title, what will we get with this album. >> well, first of all title is just because we love the name, first of all but the record was produced by our original producers, and, also, from the single you just heard, rock
9:34 am
and another producer by the name of dem joints. it is a very eclectic of sound , tunes and vibes. >> i wish i had a name like de m joints, how great is that? i'm just mike. i will reveal a secret. >> it is liken vogue, right. >> yes. >> here's a secret. the song that you did with salt and peppa. >> yes, what a man. >> i used to imagine were you sing ago this to me. >> oh, did you. >> you didn't get the memo. >> i did not. i did not. >> that is why we're here to finally meet the man who we have been singing about for so many years. >> would it be weird if we played just a little sound of that. >> no, we'd love it. >> it is dedicated to you, so why not.
9:35 am
i love that line, opened like 7-eleven 24 hours got me opened like 7-eleven. >> you go ahead with those lyrics. >> you ever get at slurpee at 7-eleven. >> oh, yeah. >> big gulp. >> yes. >> what is the big song that everyone is bringing out, like what is the one everyone talks about. >> we just did an event for sugar ray leonard, and i was exiting the building, three men, grown men, broke out and started singing, never going to get it. >> oh, my god. >> everyone loves that little tag line. >> i never liked that song. >> no wonder. >> i wonder why, yes. >> that is the real one
9:36 am
dedicated to me. >> giving him something, i'm prepped for you today, ladies. i wore red for you, ladies. my gosh. the way you guys wear that, yes. >> thank you. >> oh, i felt something. >> and the guys just say yes. >> when will the album being out. >> it will be out in august. >> so excited. congratulations. >> thank you. >> concert is tonight. >> thank you. >> come on out at man center. >> do you want to see something weird? i will come to this tonight. i'm supposed to be at a station event. i'm blowing that off and going to the mann theater tonight. is that a bad thing to blow off. >> the bosses are watching. >> yes. >> we feel extra special. >> well, i will to have join the group because i will be fired. >> we have a spot for you. >> would you hang around for a little bit because we will get bubble masks have you heard about this.
9:37 am
>> we have. >> are you going to get one put on your face. >> it will make me look like that. >> alex, will you do it. >> yes. >> and the three of you would like to do it, we have extra foam. >> it looks scarry we will enjoy watching you. >> that is a no. >> no. >> wow. >> what a man, what a man.
9:38 am
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and tag becomes hashtag. before furry hugs, become first loves. come to the only place, that makes little hearts race. buy early and save up to $20, plus get a free second visit! only at sesame place >> all right. lets get this over with. they call these bubble masks, alex. >> yes. >> we have alexis here, is what the name of your spa. >> dean noon. >> isn't that 20th and chestnut. >> yes. >> you do more than lashes and brows. >> she's men for eye brows.
9:41 am
>> mine are on freak right now >> they are. >> she could probably do a little bit of work. >> yes, desperately. >> what is bubble wrap. >> bubble mask. >> it is a carbonated clay mask. it has charcoal in it and carbonated water and that will give you this cloudy affect we are seeing right there. >> that thing behind us here. >> yes. >> will you do it too. >> i'll do it. >> we both have make up on, already. >> it will take it all off. >> should we take our make up off before we do it. >> it will take this all off. >> even people at home. >> it will take it all off. >> it is just cold. >> you will feel a tingle in the second. >> oh, really. >> this is not like charcoal mask. >> it is a white clay mask so good for sensitive skin. what it will do is bubble up and then you will press into your skin, rub it in, and then it will. >> is there charcoal in it though. >> yes, which is known to drain your pours of toxins.
9:42 am
>> i have a lot of toxins. >> you are looking pretty good >> what have you been doing. >> i got years and years of toxins. it is beg to go come out, alex is. >> it is coming. >> it almost look like paint. >> you can get this off amazon for about 10 bucks. >> is there different brand. people talk about it, how do you know you get one that bubbles. >> this is the most bubbley, i should say. there are face sheet that bubble up but they are not as cleansing. this is a three in one. it cleanses, it firms, it tones, gives you effect of the clay mask. >> hurry up. >> wendy williams comes on at 10. >> yes. >> what about around the know because it bubbles up. >> i don't want to have it stuck in his know. >> that big cold sore will pop >> yes. >> ready. >> yes. >> are you ready.
9:43 am
>> yes. >> en vogue is like what are you going to do about your make up. >> do you need a scrunchy. >> i can push my hair back. >> it does feel good. >> look at your back, alexis goodness gracious. >> mike. >> why are you -- >> is that a snake. >> can i look at it. >> it is kind of far down. >> how far down. >> like all back. >> okay. >> alexis will finish me up here, how long before it starts bubbling up. >> five minutes. >> i have got tingling. >> tingling. >> we will take a break and we will see our reveal when we come right back. >> trouble is it is not on my face.
9:44 am
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all right. these masks, i can feel it bubbling. >> it is starting to have. >> laura, i said yours is getting thick. >> yes. >> lets see what it looks like >> here we go. >> yes. 9:46. it is really weird morning here in the studio here. 70 degrees in philadelphia. sixty in mount pocono. what, what is going on, is
9:47 am
that a minion behind me, look there is another one here as well. this is, i think i remember their names, this is stewart, and this is kevin. they are minions do you want to know why they are here. i will tell you why. you are promoting the movie despicable me three, that is opening up on june the 30th. here's a little look at just a taste of what that movie will look like. it is going to be exciting, isn't it, guys. >> yes. >> and guess what you can meet these guys, on saturday, because it is nascar weekend at dover international speed way and you will be able -- saturday, right. >> yes. >> i have to ask yes or no questions. >> yes. >> 10:15 in the morning, right >> yes. >> they will be there at fan zone on turn four and wizard world is in philadelphia this weekend, you want to look, maybe get a tattoo of a minion on your arm, i wear,
9:48 am
despicable me three tattoo booths all weekend long here in philadelphia, right? so you guys look like you just escaped from jail or something did you do that? all right. well, you know what, i think you have to see move toy find out what is going on with that anyway, june 30th despicable me three, three, and these are the minions. let's all take a bow because i think we did very well. >> nicely done. >> yes. >> back to you. >> okay, mask update, what does it look like now. >> your mask is falling off. >> pretty bubbling and foamy. >> you have about an inch and a half raise. >> really. >> yes. >> oh, wow. >> yours is stickig out too. >> yours too. >> yes. >> would you do this. >> yes. >> if it benefits. >> you have some beautiful skin. >> thank you. >> you don't need it at all. >> since we are looking silly,
9:49 am
i do have one question and don't get mad at me for asking but we're excited your fans want to hear burr story, is there a movie, maybe coming. >> it is not 100 percent and we are in the early stages of discussing possibility of doing a bio pick. >> would you want that. >> yes. >> yes. >> i think the fans would love it would you ever do a reality show. >> it would depend on what the nature of the show is. >> yes. >> well, you have throw wine on each other. >> no, wye wouldn't do that. >> all right; okay. >> they are right though. you have to do it right. because way reality shows are nowadays. >> what city are you you in? >> philadelphia. >> do you ever get confused when you wake up and go where am i. >> i have. >> you have. >> yes. >> sometimes just on the road and you wake up, can't remember what city you are in or you can't remember what
9:50 am
floor you are on. >> you never said in the concert wrong city. >> yes, i have. >> what happened. >> give meehan example. >> audience would laugh or they will say boo. >> they are not being moon mean, they are just boo. >> little piece of advice, don't do that here in philadelphia. >> no, we won't. >> you try to play it up, i was here last night. >> no, no. >> i'm sorry. >> hey, pittsburgh, how are you doing. >> it happens. >> we will take a break. i thought would i win the lottery last night. 300 million-dollar but i didn't. >> wow. >> so i will try gannon wednesday. hang around.
9:51 am
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♪ >> all right. i am old.
9:54 am
i'm anxious. sergeant peppers lonely heart club band turns 50 today. oh, i cannot tell you how many times i played this album, it drove my mother and father just crazy. lucy in the sky with diamonds. it was about lsd. >> you still kept playing it. >> i did. >> yes. >> i played it this morning. >> that explains a lot. >> we're going to hollywood right now what do you think of that. >> let's go. >> tell me about this. >> so lets get to tmz, i believe van is here. >> hi, van. >> we have heard of cinderella is a love story but they will do a remake cinderfella with a guy. >> yes, cinderfella, have you ever heard that song old school hip-hop classic, and, regina king, it looks like she's interested and so they are taking cinderella story
9:55 am
and, doing the version that dana dane did in that classic song 1987, very, very popular. there was no fairy god mother but fairy godfather and it all went down in the neighborhood. so they are kicking around ideas right now out here in the city to get this done, one inside track might that be ice cube could be involved, in some way of production and you know his track record that would be a big, big huge deal. >> yeah. >> so, jim key already started remake called the cinderella story so it makes sense to re boot this again it to the audiencey like it. >> i know you cannot you won't o we have sitting on the couch with us today. vogue is there, hey, ladies, how are you doing. awn hear him at all. >> hi, van.
9:56 am
>> i'm nervous, i got and i donn to get really helped me man, giving them something you canhe i was growing up,all nervous and flus, wiage to each and everyone of you. >> what do you have to say to that. >> you have heard that before. >> no, not exactly quite that way. >> what does he mean become a man. i probably shouldn't ask. >> i think i... >> we are so glad we could contribute. >> yes. >> i got that. >> do you got that. >> yes. >> van he is for real, somebody was something he could feel. >> oh, my gosh, mike. >> he can still hear us van we will see you this afternoon 3:00 o'clock right here on fox tmz live.
9:57 am
>> that is a secret, he revealed a secret there. >> bye, van. >> let's regroup here, kid, how does it look. >> it looks very bubbly. >> very special. >> you definitely. >> how long do i leave it on alexis. >> what? speak up. >> my goodness. >> you can not. >> is that helps. >> hub it in. >> i kind of like the added cheeks i have. >> i don't need any extra cheeks. >> thanks so much for being here. >> have a great show tonight. so excited. new album out. coming out. >> we will see you at the mann >> yes. >> a few tickets left but almost sold out. >> there is only like two tickets left. >> it will be a beautiful
9:58 am
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? this is the hot topics show. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: thanks for watching us. say hello to my co-host. how you doin?


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