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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 2, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> friday free donut? >> does that mean they're fried? >> what? >> high, car glenn oh, because it is friday. >> friday! >> what's your favorite donut. >> my favorite donut, i got to tell you, it is really boring. the classic glazed. >> oh, come on! >> i think sometimes simple is bert. my favorite like cinnamon sugar. can't go wrong. never go wrong. >> less is more. >> i tried the dunkin' donuts cake batter donuts. oh, y i open it up and have the middle. that's the best. >> you're amazing human being.
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>> what? >> i want to be you. >> you have no metabolism. >> no, trust me, i've done nothing, when my parent come to town, they reminds you, oh, gaining little weight. >> are you serious. >> oh, ya, because my dad was like how do you think this works, al next if you're not working on this now, i mean, it will be a problem, you don't get a notice hey you're gaining weight. you awake one day and you're fat. >> it will catch up to you? >> oh, my gosh. i know it is dunkin' donuts, but i don't like that dd. i like to see the bite part. >> did i that earlier. sore bye that. >> you all right, mike? let it out. let it out. >> i can't -- >> all right. >> we'll fix that. >> wheel coming off. >> speaking of wheels coming off, wait until you hear, there is a dude in here, who is trying to fix our wheel -- the wheels of our chairs. >> yes? >> okay, here we go. what will the song of the summer be? you know what i'm talking about. a few years ago, could you help me? there it is. few years ago, it was --
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>> oh, iggy is all ya? >> yes. >> where is she now? i think she has new song. >> australia, isn't she? >> so that's from a new years ago. what will this summer's song be? so, that's all this is going to be, just a prediction. why don't you get on twitter and what do you think the song could be? i already have mine. >> okay? >> and, like mike mentioned, there is a guy finally, fixing our chairs. looking at this. we always have trouble with it, and trying to get them, they never really work together. it is just a mess. because priest prongs, with balls on the end, hard to sit on them. so there is chair surgery happening. >> keith is over there right now making up a guy by the name of oscar who sent us email. he has a company over thereon 16th and walnut, i can't read that. >> watch "good day" live every morning, i see how mike and alex struggle with their chairs. we are a local design firm and would welcome the opportunity to offer them some suggestions to keep them rolling over the
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set. >> i was just talking to as core over there. he says he's having trouble, because i -- can we show oscar, too? is he mike up yet? >> hi, oscar. >> could he get down on the floor like he was? there you go. get down there, work like were you working like we originally saw you. >> get back to work. >> says, all right, who put tape on the bottom of your balls? >> oh, was that our idea? >> no, did i that thinking if you put gap tape on it, you know it, would prevent it from rolling. >> that doesn't work? >> he said that the tape is now screwing him up. >> oh,. >> i bet it has become caked on there. >> all clogged. >> difficult. >> all right, i got something. i got a love connection. local guy, on the big show, from our area, cute. cutie petuti from new jersey. this is new show on fox. you know, the the got andy cohen on this week, this is a guy that was a contestant. how did it go? it didn't work out. >> oh, really? i know he's
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from mt. laurel. good guy. >> so we will give him a second chance. ladies, just wait for it. >> oh, he got bounced last night? >> ya. >> oh, all right. >> you won't believe what she had to say about him, too, when she rated him. my gosh. >> i heart that part of the show. it is so fascinating. you simply look at the other person. >> and rate them. >> one to ten. >> oh,. >> oh! and i know he gave her a nine. oh,. >> wait until you hear what she gave him. >> it is national donut day. that's why we have the giant donut in the studio here. >> oh, where did it go? over there? >> dunkin donut outside, giving away donuts, then so many different shops have come to us at fourth and market. >> okay. >> with donuts on a platter. >> like who? >> more than just donuts. imagine donut cake? >> what? >> look at that. >> what? >> oh, from adele fee a, hi,. >> o beautiful. look at that. >> can you sit there? you sit there. i just want to hear from you real quickly. >> sit. >> hi, who are you? >> i'm taylor. >> what did you bring in here?
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>> so this is a donut stacked cake. >> holy lord. >> it is delicious. >> so it is just all thee donuts put snot. >> all delicious donuts put together. >> and layers? >> and then layers of icing and glaze and glitter. >> oh,. >> where is your place. >> adelphia in deposition forwards, across from the depford mall. >> do you two own this? >> no. >> you just work with them? >> yes. >> i thought it would be a little shark tank story. >> get to the other cake. >> sorry, and this one is chocolate and vanilla with jelly filling to remind you after jelly donut. >> oh,. >> i want that. that's my next birthday cake. >> oh, absolutely. >> can we order it for like a birthday or an event? >> absolutely you can call us. >> hey, we'll do that. thank you. >> we'll leave these here if you don't mind. >> oh, ya. >> absolutely, enjoy. >> thank you! and it is easy because instead of cutting like pieces you can just grab a donut. there, everybody's happy. >> here is the problem. hey, megan, milky way, can you
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punch yourself up for a second? try to find, there was a movie back when i was young, called airplane. >> yep. >> does it have o.j. simpson in it? >> i think o.j. simpson was in airplane, wasn't he? philadelphia. remember that name from 23, 24 years flag. >> guest house guy. >> the most famous couch potato on earth, and he had the hair, famous for his hair? he's in philly. bob kelly is going to meet him. what do you think he looks like? this is almost 25 years later. >> i bet he still looks pretty good. the cute guy that got to hang >> if you can finds a clip, lloyd bridges, saying i gave up -- i picked the wrong day to give up stuff. >> yes? >> okay? you'll see it. yesterday, last night, after our party here at fox, i go home, and my pant don't fit. when i got back from the treatment facility in north
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carolina, i was down therefore about six weeks. >> that's where were you, right? >> treatment. it was a rehab. anyway, i came back 20, 25 pounds thinner. nothing fit. i have put probably 30 back on. >> no. >> i'm bloated. so i promised myself last night, i'm not eating any more sugar for the month of june. so that i look kind of decent on my birthday, july 3rd. >> and then what happens? >> i pick the wrong day to give up sugar. look at this. >> you can't win. you know what i mean? you just can't win. >> were they playing it? >> cue it up. we'll play those in just a little bit. ready? okay. >> looks like i picked the wrong week to quit smoking. looked like i picked the wrong week to quit drinking. looks like i picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines. >> oh, lord. >> that was politically incorrect back in the 70s.
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with -- i picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue. so i picked the wrong day to give up sugar. >> yep. and you've already broken it. you've had some donut. you've had three, haven't you? or pieces of three? see, he thinks it doesn't counted if i takes one bite and leafs it alone. you still have getting the sugar. >> ya. i betty may be in double digits. >> oh,. >> there is always tomorrow. >> well, that's true. >> if you see me at the picnic, i'm be bone thin. so let's go through these songs of the summer. this will be -- we're trying to predict what the biggest song of the summer is going to be. >> so we're thinking of past years? >> yes, is this fancy again by iggy? >> yes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> yes, can you help us in the control room with that prompter problem? so then the biggest song of 2015 was the weekend's can't feel my face. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> oh, i love this one. >> me too. >> i saw this at made in america, when the weekends was headliningment probably one of my favorite moments in philly. he rocked that stage. >> you know, how long ago was robin thicke's song? that played every other minute. >> blurred lines. >> god is that three, four years? >> surely was the top song of the summer. >> it had to have been. >> must have been earlier than 2014. >> yes. >> because last summer's it was 2013, that's what i thought. >> ♪ time is flying. >> so then remember last summer's one dance, drake owned. let's be honest. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay, now, i love it when the woman comes in. she's like baby ♪ >> that's my favorite part. >> alex knows every lyric to
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every song ever recorded. >> that's a skill. it is. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ya, we missed it, yea, where her voice cuts in. >> this is the biggest set up in the history of setups. just to tell you this. that spotify is trying to predict what this summer song will be. >> so what do we think? first contender? >> should we go with their idea and then put our ideas together? >> speaking of the weekends, let's go the with lady, i love selena gomez, bad liar. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> almost too slow. >> slow the whole time, karen, or does it speed up? >> i don't know the rest of it, listening for the first time. normally dow pre listen. i don't know that one yet. let's see if they pick up the
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beat. >> might be little too slow for the summer. >> let's try the next one, liam pain, strip that down. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i like this one, that sort like rhythm like that, like off like i love that. >> sounds a little ed sheeran-ish. >> it does. >> i think worked on that one, yes. >> that's why it has that beat. the shape of you. yes, i like that one. >> there is the one about you were in my bedroom and now my sheets smell like you. >> ♪ like you. >> like bo or something? >> no. they small like you. >> you pea the bed and i can't - >> stop it. anyway, so the last contender, dj call inch, and his caleb, i'm the one. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> you don't like that one? >> it is okay. >> all just really slow. >> that one has everybody on it, bieber, chance, lil wayne -- >> oh, what's spotify know? >> i go early contender for me. >> i should just go to apple music and see -- >> i like mascot. >> oh, my gosh. >> now, which, kendrick lamar is helping future with that. >> oh, riley? >> yes. >> oh, the number one -- did you know justin westbound kerr sing in spanish. >> i did not know. that will he he's been arrested in spain, so -- >> stop it, the number one song, dj, one, three on the
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charts, according to apple music. mascot, your song number six. but if you haven't heard desposito. >> desperate straight, if i haven't heard -- >> i have heard it. >> a silly song yesterday, lollipop or something? >> megan, any luck yet? >> justin bieber singing in spanish. >> oh. >> i watched some of this last night, because i have no life. >> love connection? >> yes, about love connection, the new host, very excited about it. >> well, one reason i wanted to watch, because south jersey guy yes? >> that's your cue. >> megan, still, let me know whether it is up. >> so he is south jersey nurse, his name is ryan.
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>> he appeared on last night's edition of love kings, second time this show has ever aired. now, it seemed to me that love was in the air, but in the end it wasn't. >> nice. >> nice. >> mine's not so nice. >> let eights see how natalie scored ryan. >> oh. >> just before we went out on the icy actually gave her some hand warmers, and i gave her like a little headband for her ears so she was warm before we went out there. >> romantic. >> very romantic, rockefeller
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center, new york city date. >> yes. >> we actually, with him i had the most interesting conversation out of the three dates. >> what did you talk about? >> we had really good talk, just about life and what our interests are, and, ya, like our weird tendencies and stuff. it was fun. >> and then i leaned in and kissed him, and to be revisited later. >> that was the kissing. >> he is a really good kisser. >> he is a really good kisser. >> i think i'm going to go -- >> as you can tell, she chose another guy, ryan. >> i know. >> are you okay? >> i think i'm okay. >> you're adorable. >> thank you. >> so cute. >> sharp, seriously, a two? >> i definitely was really shocked. i never thought a two. i mean of all things like what? >> so set that up again. this is simply, she looked at you. >> yes. >> and said out after ten, look at your picture, oh,'s two. >> apparently so, yes. >> you are an easy eight.
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>> at least a seven, right? at least a seven. >> oh, my gosh. >> you know what i think it is? i don't like that picture of you they chose. you are better looking in person. >> oh, gee thanks, i appreciate it. >> yes, is that kind of a compliment? >> you hate it when people say to you that you're better looking in person than on tv? >> no, i hate that, because we're supposed to look better on television because we have lighting and stuff. >> sure. >> but we standing. >> and you're on television, and you're saying he didn't look better on television. go well, it was a bad picture, anyway, our good looking guy and she doesn't know anything and she has cataracts. so, how long ago did you tape that? >> so that was the last weekends in march. >> okay. >> we went up to la, we filmed the segment out in l.a. it was absolutely fabulous. it was a great experience. >> where do you live mt. laurel? >> mouth laurel. >> where go to school. >> originally from new york, moved down here six yearsing. >> what did you do? >> a nurse. >> do you like the area?
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>> i loved philadelphia. when i moved here i wasn't sure, now i love it. >> it doesn't kiss you on the mouth. >> yes what a lot of people say. yes. >> what i want to know is, like karen said, you're a eight, maybe more. >> there is another bad photo. >> stop. are you a nurse? where do you work? >> actually work at penn in philadelphia, penn presbyterian. >> oh, working with children, this is what i wanted to s looking at you, i'm sure you can get a date. why did you decide to go out and do love connection? what made you want to do it? >> one of those things where my brother kind of was talking to me, you know, on some dating apps, why don't you take a look at this show and see what it is about. so i red up on it and i had heard of the previous show, watched some segment about the previous show, and i thought like this seems pretty real, seems like something fun, why not, i have nothing else to lose. >> what's the reaction been since last night? >> since last night, you know what i think it is great. i love the show. i had a great time on t and it is real. you know, i think that's the big thing. >> are you dating anybody now?
9:18 am
>> no, i'm not. i'm still single. >> right in time for the summer. >> right? >> good time to be single. >> whether was the last time you went out on a date? >> last night? >> no, probably last week. >> okay, how did it go? >> i thought it went well. then we kind of just went our separate ways. >> after one week already? >> well it, might have been a little bit more than a week, yes, like our second date. >> is there something wrong >> that's the most offensive -- see i know how you feel. that's the mow offensive thing to saythere is nothing wrong wih us, maybe we enjoy our freedomng with you. >> oh. anyway. >> i got an ide >> what? >> oh, no. every time they do. >> this i'm so sorry. so this isdo. because you're here. >> yes? >> at any time really work out, she called you a two, seriously, how about we ask you to go over thereto our love connection room and just let the connection for our area. >> oh, no, you'll give him a >> yes, yes. >> okay. >> that's fine. let's do it.
9:19 am
>> so you look into that camera that is looking at that. >> oh, look how cute. >> step over little bit. >> right. get you right in the sent their. >> ya. >> dang you look good. >> go0 seconds, sell yourself. >> all right, so, ladies, if you are looking for really nice guy, someone who is warm hearted, caring, i'm here, philadelphia, i'm ready to meet the glarried and start a family. so come get me. follow me on any type of social you head up to the hospital maybe i'm be your nurse and warm your heart. >> oh. at gram and stuff? >> so my stain gram is at the ryan rei. and my i believe my twitter is the ryan 58. >> if you don't know, i don't. >> ya. >> hold on a second. i just heard, you want to set down and get married and have kids? >> yes.
9:20 am
>> wow. >> dow. >> why are you saying wow? >> i love it, good job, twinkle eyes, big smile, warm heart. >> why are you shocked a man wants to settle down? >> welshing he is young, good looking. >> thank you, nice meeting you. >> thank you so much. >> love connection in the area. >> we'll let you know. >> thank you. >> you got it, brother. >> oh, it is time for you to go there? >> time for our you go there surprise. hey, jen. >> oh, her mike is not working. we will get the mike to work. >> oh, we hear you, mike. >> well, that's even better.
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>> it means it is almost time to see this week's honoree and surprise them. so, we want you to meet z. n. he owns his own party rental company, out in collegeville, pennsylvania, his friends and family say he's constantly going there helping other. he helps out with our daily
9:24 am
bread food pantry, he does the winner clothing drive, for create opens to crayons, even met our bob kelly at breakfast with bob shoot. we love. that will bob told him about the kids at a. i. dupont hospital and z. n did he sided he would do huge toy drive for the kids. you know what? he does all of this with the wife and four kids. >> oh, amazing, can't wait to meet him. so jen, where are you right now? >> okay. >> you all right? >> where am i right now? hiding behind a car, being yelled at by mike the camera guy. true or false? >> true. >> okay. >> do you think we should go do this? >> i know, tile surreal i cute. okay, least, a so again, we're surprising z. n because he's just an amazing guy. so, see that? i know, you can have the balloons in a second, tyler. common. he has four kids, we see one right there. >> yes. >> so, you met him when you were working at wawa. how did you finds out about all of the community stuff that he does? >> he's always posting things on facebook, to let the
9:25 am
community know so. >> good morning! >> how are you, zen? >> out standing. >> your name rhymes with my name, i'm jenn frederick, i work for fox 29. and guess what? these are for you. guess what else? that's for you. we, in particular, lisa, wanted to thank you for all the stuff that you do. you truely go there for this community. gathering stuff for kids at ai du pont, i hear you have another one going. >> correct. >> trying to get stuff for infants, tennessee, no, no feat too big or too far away for you what i hear? >> correct. >> why are you doing this for the people of not just this community but all over the united states? >> feels good to get back, and that's the right thing to do. >> i love it. >> thank you. >> so here is the deal. our sponsors are also being very generous. we're going to give you a gift card from cold stone creamery.
9:26 am
and a gift cards from the valley forge convention and visitors bureau. because i hear you have four kids. >> correct. actually here is two of them right here. >> i bet they like ice cream? >> let's go see if they do. >> hi, guys. >> you guys say hello. >> do you know that your dad does a ton of stuff for other people? ya? why do you think he wants to help other people? >> because he always does. >> that's awesome. >> thank you so much. all right, so the other thing i hear, did you meet someone that works with me? >> mr. bob kelly. >> did you meet him just last night? >> no, i've known bob now for quite some time. >> cool. again, he didn't tell us about you, this lovely lady told us, and she got a beautiful, beautiful son. tell him to his face why you thought he needed to be recognized today. >> you're just always doing things for the community. so really just wanted to give back. >> thank you. >> it is pretty cool. >> yes, it is. >> all right, thank you on behalf of everyone, again, thank you because you go there, so, if you know someone that's in your community,
9:27 am
watch it, mike, because there is amazing gorgeous little kids that run around, go to and nominate us, again, thank you to our sponsors, cold stone creamery, and valley forge convention and visitors bureau, and thank you. by the way, hiding over there, so if the neighbors ask what's going on wit with the news crew, literally hiding behind a car. he's the first guy that ever was playing outside. usually there is a big doorknob, all of that. >> yes, but you did it. >> we need more people like that guy. >> we do, we do. >> thanks, jen. please sends in your suggestions, to jenn fred fox 29. we would like to see it. >> couple of things, alex and karen. oscar, how is it coming? how are the bottom of the chairs coming, our balls. >> moving right along. >> moving right along. >> oh, still got all of that tape on there. >> he's been wiping his brow. it is getting intense. >> it is intense. having trouble with these chairs for the last year and a half. did you get your song? >> we'll philadelphia international airport when we come back from break. get ready for this. i think this is the song right
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>> testing. >> testing. >> testing. pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped. uber pro-tip: buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all. boom. summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant.
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so, we're listening to justin beiber. >> yes, he is on with other people too. i forgot the name of it. >> that could be the song of the summer. >> lou weise and daddy yankee. >> not daddy yankee. >> they like it. >> it is national doughnut day that is why we are looking at dunkin' donuts. >> where did it go. >> there, okay. we have to start it back. i like how he says that. >> what does that mean. >> i know slow.
9:32 am
>> thank you. >> little, right. >> you put ito. >> you have to take little steps. >> yes. >> when you listen to it, that one part. >> who knows spanish in here, do you know spanish. >> oscar knows spanish. do you know oscar. >> yes, do i. >> how do you say the word tool in spanish. >> tool. >> like a tool in the toolbox. >> speaking spanish. >> he is such a... speaking spanish. >> so oscar thank you for your hard work today. >> thank you. >> so let me set this up. >> last year and a half once we change studio we brought in these chairs, these chair, basically, that we sit behind the anchor desk and they have five rolling balls. >> yes. >> so what happens as we are's sitting together sometimes we knock against each other and we cannot move chairs where we want to move them. >> our guests sit down they
9:33 am
slide across the studio. we have had near misses, we have almost injured people so we want to fix this. yesterday we had the same problem. >> the balls have to align. >> the balls are the problem. >> yes. >> on these chairs. >> i cannot see, i cannot move over. >> our balls banged together and then we cannot be in the right spot. >> so please, yeah if you can help us out, move these chairs so you can see it. these things. >> it is different prongs we have to make sure we fit. >> so this is something i thought we could fix and i got some tape, that keith gave me. >> didn't work. >> we put the tape on each of the balls, oscar. >> and it has created more work for oscar. >> yes, unfortunately. >> maybe we can see what you are doing, and make sure what he can turn this chair just slidely for you. >> so what has been the problem. >> the problem is, the chair has a hard cast and you are using it on a hard floor. >> we have a hard caster and hard floor.
9:34 am
>> to make it more efficient it should be a soft caster on a hard floor. >> i'm a soft newscaster. >> not quite. >> i should be a hard caster. >> you can do it both ways but with your chair it hads to be a soft caster. >> so is what the solution. >> i'm providing a soft break between the hood of the caster and the caster itself. that will provide, limited movement on the chair itself. >> do you have one done. >> this one is done. >> it barely moves. >> wow. >> do you like it. >> let's put you on the chair. >> this is the tape that i have put on. >> it is all right. >> here's the problem just getting up on the chair is difficult in a skirt. >> okay. >> it doesn't move. >> we've got success. >> so much easier now. >> in the commercial break we had fun by pushing this around
9:35 am
>> not anymore. >> those times are over. >> you used to give me ride. >> those days are over. >> that is the solution. the permanent solution is to change thecasters for slide. >> so we are going to maybe install these, the glide. >> yes. >> glide. >> so as you can move it, slightly but most of the time they will be in the permanent positiony love the glide look. >> where is your shop. >> 1528 walnut street. >> basically by the star bucks there at 16th and walnut. >> thank you so much, we appreciate it. thanks for reaching out. >> my office manager, just said we need to resolve this situation for the two of you and here i am. >> we have the best viewers he is now flying over to the middle east to solve the israeli/palestinian situation. >> only if you come along. >> i'll be happy to go. >> graduation time, graduation parties they can be expensive. >> we need a craft, we need to make something to really celebrate this.
9:36 am
so cute. >> is sue going to recreate that. >> it is cap and gown treats. pin this. are allergies holding you back? try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist experience you'll barely feel. new flonase sensimist using unique mistpro technology, delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. and six is greater than one. new flonase sensimist changes everything.
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with these special edition jars of nutella.
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okay. that is so -- i'm so scared. >> this is one i think i can do. >> now what is that that is a cap. >> a little mortarboard for graduation party and little candy treat. >> hold on. >> oh, is that a cake pop. >> no, no all it is, look at this, it is a peanut butter cup, you put a little, oh, wait a minute. >> you don't put it in all the
9:40 am
way. >> hold on, let's just remind people, and let them know what happened in the commercial break. >> first of all you have never had a hot plate which scars the heck out of me. >> don't get near that. >> this was just brought in for this little -- this was brought by one of our interns. i said i love chile. >> yes. >> see what i'm supposed to be doing. >> what is this. >> the second cap and gown thing you are supposed to take a marshmallow and dip it into chocolate. >> that is chocolate. >> it is melted chocolate. >> and then supposed to put this thing on top and then you are supposed to put this little thing so it hangs off the size. >> but i don't have any chocolate. >> so, you know what i should be able to make this. >> hold on, go back into the other room, come on in, come on in. >> alycia. >> put it in the microwave. >> give it 302nd. >> it need to be consistency
9:41 am
of soup. i got this one. >> okay, all right. >> so here's the key to this one. this is easy one. you just don't punch it through all the way like difficult with this one. then you take a little bit of chocolate icing. wait, take off the cap. >> take off the cap. >> and see what we got. >> now you are getting there. >> so then you put an m and m. wait, first a little thingy. >> a tasel. >> this is licorice that you can pull apart. >> do you see that. >> thaw can pull apart. then you are supposed to stick that on as the tasel. >> yes. >> and then put a little chocolate that act like glue. >> that is button on the top. >> i got to tell you if you had time to do this, that is really cute.
9:42 am
>> yeah. >> it looks like a hat, a mortarboard. >> so lighten up your graduation party and you dit yourself. >> basically the same thing. >> this one not so much. >> all right. the only way to top this, do you want to see what kato kaelin looks like 23 years after the trial. >> yes. >> are you ready. >> okay. >> he is not with kato, he is with the hulk. >> lou ferigano. >> wow, he did transform. >> what do you think. >> what do you think, i got the physique what do you think kato, how do i look. >> you look incredible. >> i can't believe it, lot the arms on this guy, spotter. >> we are here at wizard world , lou ferigno, kato kaelin when we come right back (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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change your thinking about buying your next one.
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♪ >> they are the champions, congratulations to the pennsbury high school baseball team. yesterday, the falcons beat neshaminy, to win the district one championship their first title since 1993. >> yes. >> they have some more games coming up, so we will stay in touch with them and some were in our studio because they talk about the pennsbury prom. so let's wait 15 -- sorry, megan. billy and ryan, shout out to them, congratulations, guys. now lets see what the forecast
9:46 am
will be in 15 seconds. meanwhile something is on fire here. so yeah, let's take a look at our weather, because clearly i should not be in the kitchen anymore. we have, nothing going on, on ultimate doppler radar so here's the temperature in philadelphia, it is 67 degrees , oh, we are on our way to a beautiful day, gorgeous out there right now, 3-mile an hour wind, 82 is our high on thrilling thursday, and seven day forecast has 80 for today. seventy-seven for tomorrow. pop up thunderstorm possible today, beautiful tomorrow. and then late day showers, on sunday. >> fire. >> fire. >> oh, no. >> we have fire in the studio.
9:47 am
>> oh, no. >> i thought i smelled something. >> this is what it is supposed to look like and then supposed to dip this in. >> stick this stupid thing on top and there is your dope i graduationy think the cup looks more like a hat. >> this looks way better. >> seriously sue, it is still smoking. >> oh, gosh,. >> i can't touch it though, now it is burning. i got my phone here. >> we do have a firehouse at third, no, fourth and arch. >> can someone call them,seriou. >> i know, you will in the believe this. doughnuts this one everyone has beenbakery in reading termi. >> yes. >> they are here. >> oh, yes. >> i do love your doughnuts. >> this is kevin..
9:48 am
>> is that fruity pebbles ughave a seat, kevin. >> look at this. beilers. >> we are at corner in. >> come on in. >> they are warm. >> yes, they are. arly. >> what kind of crazy flavors do y pebbles, mapel bacon. >> that within right there attriple chocolate. and then we which is probably ms goo on top. >> yeah that one. >> that is a >> lemon cream. >> that is blueberry fritter. p. >> are they. >> yeah. >> people love frittering the o.j. simpson case, the trial, we met guy name kato kaelin. he was probably the most famous for his long hair. he is with bob right now. he philadelphia.
9:49 am
>> where is the hair. >> i know, come on his hair is about as short as mine, hair. >> come on guys, 23 years ago go, hello, i'm corporate, corporate kato. >> we're down here at wizard worldcom i can kon. we just talk about, 23 years ago you got thrown in the spotlight. >> twenty-three years ago, but you know it feels like it is an event happening today. it won oscar for best documentary, o.j. series, o.j. made in america and then fx did the story that won eight emmys. it is like millennials know kato again. >> mike and i were talking we remember you, our older viewers, but younger viewers know kato from the show, the remake. >> exactly, people think i'm that same kato. they say what you say, hey, where is the hair, come on. >> what have you been up to. >> so much going on. i do business air world, 17th year in philadelphia i'm mc. it is like america's got talent.
9:50 am
>> we're up on the stage here. >> this is my stage, we have magicians, jugglers, magic acts that will blow you away from the cw show, master of illusion. we have everybody coming up here. it is sort of like i'm nick cannon. >> everybody up on the stage here, new last time i was here it is definitely good people watching. folks come out, dressed up like the character. >> i'm telling you best thing is, on sunday, saturday we have this child's contest and the kid dress up in costume. i'm telling you, they think that they are iron man and captain america and they think they are hulk. cutest thing. it is just packed stage. parents bring cameras. it is amazing. that is my favorite part of the show. people dressing up as characters. it is a great to be in philadelphia. >> my god, i got fans here. >> i got caught. >> what happens here is the whole entire convention floor is filled with vendors such as this it is a combination of comic books. you can get your mask, your
9:51 am
characters, you can get your movies, music, it is art, this is a range family discounters. these guys usually put stuff up on e bay but they come to the show. look at comic books for two dollars. rare won as well. >> many times they have been saying kato, can you keep it down. i'm helping you guys. we're selling baby, we're selling. >> kato, lou great. thanks for joining us this morning. pennsylvania convention center , kid under 10 are free and it is opened here in philadelphia, all the way through sunday. >> don't forget, it is national doughnut day, of course, bob love danish, he is in a much higher tax bracket but for me give meehan eclaire >> we are coming right back. prestige creams not living up to the hype?
9:52 am
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i got to go home. >> we're all separate in the couch. >> because i cannot move. it is national doughnut day. yet another, shop has come in. >> fatso's. >> i have done a story in fat so's down in chester. they are fantastic. i'm sorry. look at these can you see them these are my favorites. >> the glaze. >> but doughnut of the day to day is covfefe. >> hold on. >> yes. >> it is covfefe. so these are covfefe doughnuts blueberry with vanilla. we have moved two down, right here. >> there we go. >> with, where am i. >> covfefe. >> blueberry with virginia philadelphia, walnuts and carmel drizzle. if you know, donald trump made this word famous, thank you president trump. >> okay. >> and thank you, fatso's with a p-h. >> in chester. >> chester, pennsylvania.
9:56 am
>> finish this off. >> sushi doughnuts. >> what? >> really sushi doughnuts, lets take a look. they are beautiful, amazing. >> wow. >> they are doughnut shapes. >> yes. >> lay it on the box. >> beautiful. >> my goodness. >> gorgeous. >> what kind of these. >> we have a bunch of different won. we have tuna with avocado, salmon, we have a shrimp and cucumber and crab stick one as well. you can find them, at the sushi count inner whole food in both callowhill, south street and cherry hill. >> very good sushi doughnut and just pop them like a normal doughnut. >> well, good, something healthy. >> something healthy after all of the sweets. >> we will need it. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. >> are you okay. >> tight shot of that. >> yes. >> we have a tight shot.
9:57 am
>> thank you you're welcome. >> all right, lets -- thank you. >> i truly thought would i not eat sugar in, sugar all weekend through the roots picnic. >> we were talking to our sponsors. we do a big speech in front of them. what happens i filled milk shake all over but mike because we are in this together. >> we have each other back. she just spilled milk shake. that is how the show is. you don't know what will happen. because i support her. >> oh, boy. >> why did you pour the water bottle in your pants. >> i was hot. >> this is going to be us all weekend on the couch. >> we got to go to the roots picnic. >> we will get off the couch for that. >> have a fun time no matter
9:58 am
what you are doing this weekend. >> look, i'm bloated. perfect dasure huh? i don't know about you gus, but i think a foul ball's coming our way. i'm ready! (crack of the bat, crowd cheers) whoa! almost had it! maybe next time. what about this time? pay me! the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of 100 grand! that's some catch! (giggles) (crowd cheers) keep on scratchin'!
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