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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 3, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. tonight at 11 cog we take live look at ocean city on this friday night. no doubt there are lots of people who will be heading down to the shore this weekend. and these are the scenes that police in one shore town want to avoid. fights, rowdiness, alcohol fueled problems turning the beach in a wrestling ring. a local wawa into a nightclub. thanks for joining us. i'm dawn timmeney. after the madness in margate last week, police are saying no more. they plan to make sure these things do not get out of hand club wa.ting down the so-called- fox 29's dave kinchen has more from margate. biger police presence at this wawa in margate where that brawl happen last weekend, of course, many people we talked with don't expect that to happen again for the rest of the summer.
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>> i think it turn out to be a lot better since everything happened. >> reporter: lenny monroe looks ahead to the weekend piece and fun in margate hoping it doesn't come to another national headline grabbing brawl like this one last saturday. >> i took off. [ laughter ] >> because everybody started going every which way. i mean, they were knocking people down, kids down, and people were sitting on the chair. i mean it wasn't right. >> reporter: it's not something lucy the elephant is used to either with 300 kids involved in the melee, near the 136-year-old pachyderm on the washington avenue beach. >> the parents should teach their kids that they should be respectable no matter where you go. >> reporter: officials say three teens were arrested for assault and disorderly conduct. police officer was even hit with gatorade bottle and tonight a build up of margate city police at the wawa where a dozen kids were arrested for booze, marijuana and fighting last saturday night. >> it's nice to party. i partied just like the rest of them, but, you know, you have to
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respect the law. >> that was a rare incident. it really doesn't happen that much down here truthfully. take it as one incident and move on. >> reporter: today, people we talked with notice add big difference in policing. >> i think they stepped everything up now they're doing good job and their hands on with the now. >> then there are those who dispute the number of people involved in those fights altogether. either way, police say they will be ready this weekend. in margate, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. speaking of the shore pretty decent week if you're heading down there. meteorologist scott williams way look at your forecast at 11. not bad, scott. >> beautiful fry daring dawn, across the area. lots of events taking place for the upcoming weekend. the devon horse show, the roots picnic, you name it a lot of folks will be outdoors. so let's talk about those weather headlines. saturday morning a few showers potentially with a disturbance then again late on sunday evening. and then next week looks to be a bit unsettled. ultimate doppler we're dry, we're quiet and really comfortable.
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the humidity has been low those winds have been diminishing but well to the north that's the energy that we'll watch for early tomorrow morning. but look at the temperatures. 55 pottstown. 55 allentown. upper fours now in mount pocono. dover 66 degrees. so for tonight, open up those windows. let some of the fresh air in. 57 degrees in the city. upper 40s far north and west. high pressure will dominate tomorrow afternoon. but once again there could be an early morning shower especially north and west but look at the temperatures pretty seasonal mid to upper 70s so once again another nice day. if you're headed to the poconos, temperatures saturday and sunday will be in the upper 60s. tomorrow morning that spotty shower chance but afternoon sunshine. sunday more clouds. scattered showers. what about down the shore? last weekend was kind of iffy but take a look this weekend clouds to sun tomorrow.
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mid 70s. low 70s as we move toward sund sunday. with that threat of an evening shower. also, dover, big race weekend, fetch degrees for tomorrow. a mixture of sun and clouds. low 80s by sunday. clouds will increase. there could be a late shower but i think we'll stay dry in so far dover the entire weekend. take a look at the weather authority seven day forecast. better chances for some rainfall by monday. unsettled, temperatures top out right around 78 degrees. then take look at the the cooler temperatures. tuesday upper 60s. only 70 by wednesday. keep the rain gear handy once again not washout but still a trough pattern clouds chances for showers. by your thursday, temperatures back to the mid 70s and by next friday we're looking at numbers in the upper 70s. so get outdoors and enjoy. there might be a passing spotty shower early tomorrow morning and then late on sunday evening. but, dawn, a nice weekend overall. >> i like it, scott. happening right now, many people
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are outside kicking off the weekend. it's not quiet summer yet but certainly starting to feel like it. the first weekend of june is shaping up to be beautiful. scott just mentioned. sabina kuriakose is live on independence mall witness crowd. >> we have tons of people out and about the city is really alive right now and of course this weather is what you make of it. >> it's always sunny in philadelphia. >> reporter: a night like tonight it sure feels that way. the first friday of june chasing away memories of rain and clou clouds. >> all wet earlier in the week. >> reporter: now it is divine. eric and his fellow worshipers filling independence hall with gospel as they continue marathon jubilee celebration. >> beautiful. beautiful. i can wave this all night. >> reporter: lover weather, shorts and skirts, sandals weather ♪ >> reporter: hallelujah on the lawn, selfie.
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>> hi. >> hello. >> reporter: ice cream weathe weather. >> ice cream. >> reporter: across the way at independence beer garden it was good time weather. >> shorts and a button up the way to go because i'm feeling summer vibe. >> reporter: summer may be but for it was ghoulish weather. >> i'm doing a ghost story. >> reporter: no sitings yet whatever kind of weather it has been for you, there is no doubt -- >> this is just very special place in the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: and back out here live, it is good time times and summer vibes. we have so much of course going on, dawn, all throughout the weekend in the city. we have the roots and solange knowles in down tomorrow and philly beer week kicking off. luckily the weather appears to be cooperating. back to you. >> sounds. good thanks sabina. the search is on for the man who robbed a wells fargo bank in delaware county. police say the guy you see right here stormed into the bank on baltimore pike in springfield about 12:30 this afternoon. he told the teller he had a gun and demanded money. the guy got away with cash. police say he was last seen getting in a small light blue or
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silver car that was parked across the street. if you have any information give police a call. a burlington could you tee man has pleaded guilty to child pornography charges and if prosecutors get what they want, he could be head to do prison for the neck eight years. investigators say 25-year-old craig wyatt of willingboro company err add 13-year-old girl to send him nude photos of herself. then threatened to abduct her if she stopped sending them. wyatt will be zen sentenced in august. great us in for a bucks county teenager battling a degenerative eye disease. we have been following the story of ajlowe thanks to help from the community he's about to get exactly what he needs to correct his vision and see again. fox 29's shawnette wilson has the details. >> makes me feel glad. >> reporter: 14-year-old aj at a graduation tonight at his school faith christian academy in sellersville. he's not a senior but he's there because the school is honoring him with a special gift. >> our family of students and
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parents and alumni, grandparen grandparents, friends, staff and faculty raised over $16,000. [ applause ] >> reporter: the school's head master ryan climber presented aj and his family with a check to pay for a pair of e sight glasses that cost $15,000. climber saw story i did with aj2 weeks ago. about a degenerative eye disease he has called star guard it's progressive and will eventually completely take away his central vision, and there's no cure. the school challenged itself to raise the money and they did in just four days. >> it sparked something, um, they've never asked us for anything, and we thought what great opportunity to give back to this young man and his family. >> reporter: aj struggles to see almost everything. he was happy to hear he can now afford the glasses that will change his life. >> i didn't expect that to just happen. >> words can't express how thankful we are for all they've done. they've been wonderful to us. >> aj is looking forward to doing his homework and he's
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excited about reading books without having to use a computer. which by the way the school through in a mac laptop with software as a bonus. >> pretty exciting. >> o sight glasses are in the process of being built. aj could have them in the next five to six weeks. in sellersville, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. could you spell and how about pronoun it the word that won a 12-year-old little girl the national spelling bee. >> plus, bicycling may be good for your health and the environment but it could be costing you in other ways. and now details in the death of rocker chris cornell. what we're learning tonight about what was found in his system at the time of his death. ♪
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hey it's hank. you hear that.
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that's horsepower. i'm at dover forge for weekend of nascar racing g and my take s all you got to do is get here. you'll be in victory lane, too. >> i never got why some people don't like stock car racing. if tv doesn't seal the people for you eric jones and super fans will tell you if you want to know you got to go. >> nothing like see a nascar race in person. getting the sights, the sounds and smells and taking it all in. >> it starts with the smell. the smell of the race fuel burning tires. watching people go, you know, 160, 200 miles an hour whatever track you're at. >> reporter: it's above this race -- bug this racing if you get bit you'll read up on the history and fine out why some drivers and teams or better than others. the fun it's a lot more than fast cars. >> the race is the race, that's good i come to realize in my calling this week seasoned not in the race but out here in the
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parking lot with the true champions. >> yes! >> true campground champion needs favorite driver. >> bill elliot. >> ellison. >> number six, baby. >> get your camper set up across the road from the track put a flag up for that favorite driver and make sure you got a full cooler like these guys from hunterdon county. >> all friends. we have friends from years here. >> yes. >> that's what it's all about. >> you go to the races usually in the afternoon. the rest of the time is yours. and you're not working. >> think about it's 5-day tailgate party interrupted by few races. >> camping is the main event. >> the race is a bonus. [ laughter ]& >> at the epp of the day one justification does it need. racing is insane mad fun. the camping even better. if you don't know, hey,. >> got to be here to under it. got to feel it. you got to be on the track, listen it to go by and i'm just saying. >> i remember when i went to my first race a long time ago and i thought, wow, people have been doing this all along and i didn't know. you know bring your own food and
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drink in and that includes beer. if you do go bring ear plugs it's always loud, always. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ remember you can watch the race on fox sports one sunday the a 1:00 o'clock. dover international speedway is a sponsor of fox 29. well after a grueling competition there is a new national spelling bee champion tonight. can you please repeat the word. >> marocain. >> marocain. m-a-r-o-c-a-i-n. marocain. >> that is correct. >> congratulations ananya. you are the champion. [ applause ] >> how about that? 12 yeared ananya vin yea from fresco, california, is the national scripps spelling bee champion. she says for her spelling it's just like a sport. so what exactly is this little girl's secret?
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>> well, i was pretty sure of the spelling in my head. i just confirmed the definition and then i asked to make sure my spelling made sense the part of speech to make sure i was spelling the right form of the word and pronunciation to make sure there wasn't any chance it could be wrong. >> besides that big trophy right there the prize $40,000 in gifts and prizes. well sometimes dmv's can be a little strict with driver' license photos sean corbin of arizona has unusual one. he's religious one, he wore a pasta strainer. religion created in two to us five that wore ships the flying spaghetti monster. can't make this stuff up. for years he tried to wear it in his photo. this week, well, finally happened. >> if any religion, you know s allowed all religions should be allowed. between, you know, political
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views, religious views it's just forms of divide at the end of the day we are just human beings. >> some bad news for could be the state department of transportation says their facial rec anything software should have caught this photo and now they will pull the driver's license. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. so chris, what's going on tonight? >> well, dawn, an effort in media, delaware county, to fight gun violence. fresco user emma takes to us a rally and walk held at the second baptist church. you can see t shirts representing the names of people killed by guns. it is all to commemorate national gun violence awareness day. many people across the country holding similar events to remember the thousands of americans who lose their lives each year to gun violence. fresco user rob takes us to center city. macy's where they're celebrating the wanamaker organ day. they kicked off this weekend of events with a fashion show set
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to music, of course, by that organ. the wanamaker organ is the world's largest playing pipe organ it's been playing music at the store's grand court for 17 years and it's actually designated national historic land mark. of course, when you see news happening, be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and make sure you use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. dawn? >> all right, chris, thank you. in your health on this friday night, while bicycling may be good good for your hell and the environment it can be costly in other ways. researchers discovered adult bike crashes cause more than -- cost more than $24 billion in the united states, roughly twice the medical and indirect costs of workplace injuries. the study was done by researchers from the university of california at san francisco. doctors say it's important to check your children for skin cancer. they say it can actual be a lifesaver. children of course spend lots of time outside this time of year so keep an eye out for any mole or lesion that doesn't look normal. early detection can be key in
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combating the disease. new technology doesn't allow some dermatologists to treat some pre cancerous lesions with a blue u light machine. here's ron burke with a look what's coming up in sports. ron. >> dawn, one player's performance in game unnest ba. finals have me wouldn'ting if he represents a sign of changing times and whether players like him could be in the way of sixers plans for future biggest success. my commentary is next.
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♪ after game one of the nba finals ron burke wondering if the sixers plan for a championship could be in jeopardy. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ keep an eye on kevin duran sunday. 38-point from free game one squashed the argument he chose the easy way to a title. the best player on the floor and golden state is exactly where
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that man belongs. like lebron james in 2010 he shows he can unpredictable. super star moves catch on the next few years. the sixers will rebill. paul george becomes a laker in 2018. dee marcus cousins or russell westbrook. you can have the makings avenue sudden super team in la. imagine cousins in boston. >> imagine the steal develop sixers having to dell with that bin nation of talent. clay thompson in 2018. john wall in 2019. money could make any of those players stay put with the sixers rebuild slowed by injuries consider how one or more super teams could shake up projections. dawn? >> all right. thank you ron. well there are new details emerging in the death of sound garden front man chris cornell. autopsy report released today
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show that he had drugs in his system but they are not believed to have contributed to his dea death. his death ruled suicide by hanging. drugs found in cornell's system include barb bitch wants, caffeine and anxiety medication. decongestant and a lacks son. >> singer brandy is recovering tonight after she lost consciousness on airplane. the 38-year-old fell unconscious while preparing to take off from lax this morning. paramedic took her off the flight and she regained consciousness while being treed she's at home resting. stress of all the traveling and working has exhausted her her reps say. she's going to be taking it easy for the next few days. and that will do it are for to us tonight at 10:00. more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29tmz, and derr nation and chasing news followed by the simpsons. we're back here at 7am for "good day philadelphia". have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather that scott has delivered to us. >> absolutely. ♪
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>> announcer: fourth of july fallout... >> judge judy: you were shooting off fireworks in a public street. >> yes, ma'am. >> announcer: ...and the rockets' red glare... >> i said, "the embers from your fireworks are clearing the trees and are landing on our vehicles." >> announcer: ...was too much to bear. >> my son replied, "it's just ash, and we have a tarp. would you like it?" mr. quintana said, "expletive no." >> judge judy: did you continue to light fireworks? >> yes. oh, yes, ma'am. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution alex quintana and his girlfriend, emily eaddy, are suing neighbors brenda and michael tsao for damage to their jeep caused by fireworks. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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