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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  June 5, 2017 5:00am-5:59am EDT

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happening right now on good day fill's was once america's dad but today his trial get underway for bill cosby what can expect and who night show up in the corner. people in bucks county are told to stay inside, shelter in place, why police are issuing this dire warning.
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>> ♪ a message of love and defying, ariana grande and her a list of top talent lead an emotional tribute for victims of the manchester terror attack. all right, good day everybody. it is straight up 5:01 on this monday, june 5th, thanks for waking up early and joining us >> great to have you with us. wilmington good morning to you as we look live, to a beautiful sight. sue serio, unfortunately rain is the word of the day. >> not necessarily a lot but you have to be prepared for a shower, bus stop buddy is a vision of red in the only with the red umbrella but red polo shirt, phillies kappas they won yesterday, and it is national ketchup day. so, who wouldn't want to go to school with a bottle of
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ketchup in their hand. showers around. mild start. there are quite a few cloud. we have, a seven out of 10 in weather by the numbers, it will in the rain but you need to be prepared for odd shower or two as we are seeing move across the area right now, as we zoom in, showers in lancaster county, a few in the city, mostly in the northeast, and a couple in burlington county. not a big deal but they are out there, little damp in olde city 65 degrees, light wind, sunrise is official at 5:33 in the morning, nice long day so we have 59 in kutztown. fifty-two in west chester as we get started in pennsville it is 66 degrees. voorhees at 63. lower 60's in jackson new jersey. sixty-three in wood land just a couple neighborhood we are checking as your day gets started. expect a high around 80, quite a few cloud, maybe sunshine and possibility of, some showers, and thunderstorms popping up here and there, we will tell you when things
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clear out, coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, good morning. >> good morning for the kid up in central bucks we just saw twitter account, from central bucks high school just sent out no school for central bucks today all because of this shelter in place and police activity along route 611 at edison furlong road. it is all centered and quarry up street from the bucks county jail and youth center to give you an idea another mile or so up the road is central bucks west high school , and of course, doyletown hospital, now sabina is out their life we will go to her in just a moment but traffic through this area will be impact for morning rush hour. 611, and 202, busy corridor in the heart of the doyletown, and a live look at i-95, no problems out of northeast philadelphia most of the construction crews took the night off they did in the work sunday into monday. so that is good news as we
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kick off this monday morning. live look here atwood haven road in northeast philadelphia , but the construction pattern from last week be careful, i-95, they have moved off ramp for girard avenue so that will catch you by surprise, mass transit looking good with no reported delays, karen and thomas, back to you. we will get right back out to that breaking news we were just talking about and that is that shelter in place happening right now in bucks county, sabina kuriakose in doyletown, very active scene, right now and kid just got word, sabina, they don't have school. >> reporter: take a look i want to show you this scene. police right now out with their k-9s and flashlights this were searching this vacant home, they were inside, they also went through the garage there and as we follow them here this home on 611 and edison road is also vacant, but the home just adjacent to that with the light on is there a resident inside who is sheltering in place and actually it appears that is where sighting of this
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prisoner came from this morning. we have information telling you, and bear with me. lets start. this all happened 8:30 last night or between 8:30 and 9:00 bucks county sheriff's van was transporting a prisoner to bucks county prison there was some kind of a medical emergency and van pulled over to the side of the road. inside of the vehicle somehow this prisoner was able to get free of his leg shackles, so once the van pulled over he got out, pushed over a sheriff 's deputy and he took off running, he actually crossed bristol road with sheriff deputies hot in pursuit of him. he also did not have his leg shackles on but handcuffed in front. he is wearing a orange shirt, work boot and jeans. his name is daniel sell bye, he is 25 years old, we don't have a picture but we are working on that, brown hair and green eyes. he is about 190-pound. 6-foot tall.
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so we do have one confirmed sighting of him that is why there is police activity here. 611 and edison road. there is a quarry toward the back of this road and that is within of the places police have been centering their search. we have multiple agencies responding at least six agencies from the sheriff's department, as well as central bucks, doyletown, newtown, they are all here aiding in the search. yesterday philadelphia had its police chopper up in the eras well. we saw that k-9 unit. we saw several out here. we know that sellby, 25 years old was being taken to the prison on a failure to appear warrant. we are told he is a low level offender who do not believe he is armed but they do say that if residents do see him, to excuse me, of course, right on the side of the road here but if residents do see him to stay away and to call police. they don't believe he has any weapons at this time. police right new difficult ask
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how he managed to get out of those leg shackles and they are working to figure that out but again as you can see extremely active seen, a lot of information at you. we will have much more coming up for now, back to you. >> you'll be following very closely, as soon as something breaks we will come right back to you. it is one of the biggest celebrity trials since o.j. simpson, prosecutors and defense lawyers gearing up for start of the bill cosby's sexual assault trial today. we know comedian does not plan to testify but woman accusing him, will. steve keeley is at montgomery county courthouse in norristown to break this all down, steve. >> reporter: despite all of the tv co here covering this case, unlike o.j. simpson case this will not be televised, no cameras in the court, like you have in california, and new jersey here in the state of pennsylvania, so, it will be coverage from outside montgomery county courthouse which is already in fully affect. four hours before trial was supposed to start just past
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nine. bill cosby was just 66 years old in 2004 when this even count their this trial about happened. woman accusing him was 31 years old then. cosby settled her civil suit with her 11 years ago paying her still undisclosed amount of money but it wases his civil suit deposition testimony that was used against him to bring this criminal case. cosby acknowledged in that civil suit deposition he often got quaalude, extremely strong sedatives to use, in his effort to have sex with woman. so, even if as he said to radio hoe michael smerconish last month he will not testify in this trial, the prosecutors will still be able to have his word and his testimony, for the jury to still hear, of from that previous deposition. so despite the long list of nearly 50 woman who all publicly claimed, cosby similarly drugged and sexually assaulted them this trial only on charges in the one case involving the former temple university worker who looked
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at cosby as amen for, up until that encounter at his big stone mansion in elkins park. testimony is being allowed from one of the other woman, who says cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 1996 so again we are probably about four and a half hours away from the opening statements, prosecutor gets to go first, and then brian mcmonigal, cosby's well esteemed defense lawyer going next, and then both cosby in the only denying charges but brian mcmonigal is confident he will win once he gets his side of the story, guys. >> we will be learning more, steve keeley this morning, thank you. police are searching for gunman who shot and killed two people inside that car. officers found a 23 year-old man and 21 year-old woman both shot in the back of the head. thinks on the 1,000 block of sidney street in east mt. airy on sunday. first responders pronounced them dead at the scene. happening today, closing arguments begin in bucks county in the criminal trial
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against that man lee kaplan, the five two-year old faces a long list of charges after police found 11 girls, age six to 18, living in his feasterville home last june. in this trial, girl after girl testified that he had sex with them and they considered him their husband. he is also accused of fathering two children by one of them. prosecutors say one of the girls was as young as seven when he sexually abused her. the oldest is now 18. 5:10. isis has claimed responsibility for that attack in london that killed seven people, and injured 48 others, police chief there says the attackers have been identified but their names have in the been officially revealed. police say just after 10:00 o'clock local time on saturday three men drove a van over london bridge and then plowed into pedestrians, but they are walking up the street in the busy area with bars and restaurants and started slashing and stabbing people. they were wearing fake bomb vests to insight more fear.
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london police raided two address is and detained a number of people believed to have been connected to that attack. >> unaudible. >> they were there to do one thing and one thing only kill people, stab them to death. >> but the whole of our country needs to come together to take on this extremism and we need to live our lives not in the series of separated segregated communities but as one truly united kingdom. >> people coming together for so many memorials there later today, right near the london bridge to honor all of those victims of that attack. president trump says that the u.s. is standing would your alley in the wake of the a tack there. >> the you had will do everything in our power to assist in anyway we can and protect their country and bring to those that are guilty
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to just advertise. >> so, this is speaking at a gallon, after hours he was criticizing the mayor of london, on twitter saying there is in reason to be alarmed. the kann said the mayor's statement referred to the people there not being alarmed after visible increase of police activity, in london. it was a show of love and defying in the wake of the manchester attacks. ariana grande return to the stage on sunday for a tribute concert honoring the vick times. >> thank you so much, everybody. >> ♪ >> other celebrities joined in including miley cyrus, katie perry, justin beiber, ferrell and black eyes peas. british red cross says more than three million-dollar was raised during one love manchester. that number is expected to
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arise. we will have more. today marks two weeks since that attack. all right. take a look, because there is a bear that is still up in a tree, in bucks county. >> what happened after game keepers tried to tranquilized him. plus also wait until you hear about this this ups the game on everything there is a cammal for this guy, and all kind of festivities, the lavish send off one philadelphia mom gave her son, for his big night. hi there bob kelly good morning everybody. 5:30. updating our breaking news police continue to search for that escaped prisoner. sent california bucks school district is closed this morning because of this police activity and lets go outside, to a, live look at wildwood, we have the roller coaster, fired up, sueby has your monday forecast when we come back. quin was crazy about curls.
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welcome back. 5:16. maybe you stayed down the shore, maybe down there in rehoboth just getting ready to drive back and into the office weather was so nice for people down the shore i'm sure many people stayed. >> definitely, you treasure when the good weather comes to a weekend and sometimes we think it is good timing when the rain waits until after weekend is over but this does look good as we anticipate
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cloud cover there. but, sunshine, we have un settled stretch of weather for first part of the workweek we have cool temperatures mid week and then warm up just in time for weekend. things should improve as we are's already looking ahead to next weekend. don't we always do. that so is there an area of showers, developing in lancaster county as we zoom in closer there. and it looks like, mostly dried up here in the philadelphia area and then i don't think we will see too much rain in new jersey at the moment, but, when the cloud, start coming back, and sort of thickening up again by late morning, early afternoon we have to get ready for afternoon and evening showers and especially possible, we will get pop up thunderstorms to the south of us, today, here's tomorrow with cloud cover and occasional showers and those showers get more numerous throughout the afternoon. it will cool off with a cool front coming through on tuesday and then wednesday, it looks like we are socked in
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with cloud, nice chance of a shower once again but hopefully by thursday things will start to improve, even more likely that will happen on friday. so mid 60's in philadelphia, upper 50's to the north, 72 degrees down in wildwood, mild start to the day there, wind are not an issue but 12 miles an hour in dover but pretty calm every where, now that we're into june our average high is 80 degrees. we were above yesterday, below on saturday, and best part of the weekend we don't have humidity so that is g un settled with the chance of showers today. eighty. look at how much cooler, tomorrow down to 68. cooler on wednesday, but then that warming trend happened just in time for weekend. back to the 80's on saturday and sunday. check out that forecast because you will always forget and walk out the door and say what will it be like? go to 101.1 more fm and get your forecast on the radio too >> more, more, more of the
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weekend for kid in central bucks this morning central bucks school district, closed, this morning, all because of this police activity, here along route 611. lets get outside to a live look at our cameras stepping outside here this is our camera from the news vaananen route 611 at edison furlong road. edison furlong road comes in on one side, edison road on the other, we have the quarry there, thinks right up the street from the bucks county jail, and bucks county youth center, and also not that far from doyletown hospital and also central bucks west. as we have been telling you all morning long a reverse 911 call went out last night at 9:20 p.m., to the residents in this area. thinks where this escaped prisoner was last seen at this home here along 611 and edison road. lets come to the maps because the search continues, 611
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almshouse road comes in here right below that area we have the movie theater, and then the jail and then youth center and then bam right there is where we had this police activity and further north, again just across 202 hospital , lenape middle school and central bucks west. central bucks school is closed this morning. we will wait how that impacts doyletown hospital but everybody up and down this whole 611 corridor be ready, to hit the brakes and possibly be detoured with that police activity, out there this morning. live look at the freeway headlights coming back from the shore not bad at all folks down the shore coming right from the beach into the office on a monday. no problems on 309, near pennsylvania turnpike, as we say good morning to fort washington and septa's regional rails, first one out of the gaeton paoli thorndale line already 15 minutes late and they are running buses through this week on the cynwyd line all because of track work but otherwise mass
5:21 am
transit off to a good start. back to you. 5:21. voters in new jersey will head to the polls to decide on among other things gubernatorial candidates. six democrats, five republicans are competing in the primary. phil murphy and republican lieutenant governor jim guadagno are considered front runners. beside that, voters will choose nominees for state is not and assembly. mayoral cam dates in camden, atlantic city and number of other county and municipal races are on the ballot. polls will open up at 6:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. all right. we want to show you where you got to be on the look out for another creature on the loose, a bear, and it may still be in a tree right now, so we will be on the bear patrol. is there a black bear that has been sleeping in, a tree, up on street road, very busy, right between, excuse me, bustleton pike and pennsylvania boulevard this happened during the day. lots of people came out,
5:22 am
looking to check it out. quite a crowd there. then it went in the evening as well, wild life officials tried to tranquilize the bear and they thought they would hit it and they didn't have any success, so the gaming commission says that they know this particular bear, they think they had him spotted in doyletown about two years old, and then made its way to feasterville, so, we lots of video of the bear, opening up the latch, people backyard and then do, they cannot believe when that happened. >> we ran into somebody on the road that said that they saw a bear walk up the road. my husband and i decided to go around the block to see if we could find him. we saw him entering the back fence. he unlatched it and went in the back. we were trying to warn people to get their kid out. >> so the gaming commission says it hopes the bear, will peacefully make its way out of the tree and into the wood. >> ready to go. 5:22. national champs hometown team winning big this weekend.
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>> west chester golden rams getting it done, everybody jump on, look at that, that is a lot of excitement there we will explain. what are you doing?
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5:25. i feel like i'm always on it, right. can you believe this year marks the 10 anniversary of i phone. today lovers of the device, they will get a sneak peak of what the next version will look like. >> they will unveil new phone in september so now we are seeing. it will have wireless charging , bigger screen and a improved camera. apple is expect to have group message toss face time so you can have five people all face timing together, also siri will be better, more responsive, and features will be unveiled at worldwide developers conference out there in san jose, california. ikea has been around, 70 years and some of its older pieces are a hot new trend at auctions around the world, furniture makers, made from the company which first started opening its doors, i think as i mentioned 70 years ago, and fetching high prices. wear of rare clam chairs designed for ikea in 1944 are selling for $65,000 each. >> wow. >> at auction.
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>> can you believe thaty i can't believe they are still together. 5:26. >> medicare is fixing a major identity theft risk. >> u.s. health department is taking off peoples social security numbers from id card, it was old school and new big problem. now it will be replace by a randomly beneficiary identifier. it will be is 11 characters long. new card will be going out next april, medicare covers about 57 million americans. think back to your prom, maybe you got a boutineer, flowers. >> big thing. >> big thing. >> heck yah. >> there is one from our area and it is epic. >> one philadelphia mom's epic send off that was, well, it was kind of like a zoo, cammal , what.
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he said/she said. trial of bill cosby underway today. at cueser faces the comedian for first time in court. charges filed. why police say this is man behind a stabbing of the philadelphia council man. good day, lets look live at ocean city, gorgeous down the shore, wonderful acts will be performing all summer long. >> good morning, i'm thomas
5:31 am
drayton. great to have you with us, it is 5:30. lets get a check of the forecast if you are just waking up, sue serio. >> we might see some sunshine but chance of showers will be around, on and off with us all day long. bus stop buddy is ready for that and national ketchup day. mild start for most of us this morning and number of the day is a six. because it is not going to rain all day. it will not be a wash out but you have to be aware of the occasional, odd shower or two like what we are seeing in lancaster county. pop up anywhere. we had a whole bunch of thunderstorms moving north and a few in bucks county, overnight, for instance you heard loud thunder as well. for us now just a straw shower or two, as we said temperature in philadelphia has quite a few cloud. sun breaks through a little bit. 65 degrees. we are just about at our official sunrise time of 5:33. not too much win. checking a few other
5:32 am
neighborhood lancaster 61. kutztown 59. walking on the the door in bear, delaware 65 degrees. in new jersey, medicine forward lakes at 65 degrees as well. we are heading to a high later on of about 80 degrees, and, a lot of cloud cover, little bit of sun and chance of showers and thunderstorms, that takes care of your monday, once we get monday out of the way, we will talk about the rest of the week, in the seven day forecast, been kelly. >> sue, good morning. back at it after weekend back to work, back to school, for some, no school, in the central bucks school district this morning. that is all because of this police activity here along route 611. sabina standing by for the latest on the search but i can tell you watch for police activity along 611 right here near edison furlong road. coming from say warrington heading north, north of almshouse road we have a big movie theater and then bucks county jail and youth center and the quarry and that is where they are searching for an escape prisoner.
5:33 am
just further up the way we had doyletown hospital here, also lenape middle school and central bucks west. central bucks school district closed this morning as that police activity along 611 is going to prevent school buses and of course there is still a shelter in place. moorestown new jersian accident route 38 at lenola road right across the street from the moorestown mall. as we see on a monday morning extra traffic coming back from the shore, live look here at the freeway, heading in toward philadelphia, mass transit, no reported delays, karen and thomas back to you. lets get to that breaking news at 5:33. police are asking residents of the warrington area and bucks county to shelter in place. sabina kuriakose is in doyletown what do we need to know, sabina. >> reporter: right now police tell me that they have actually pulled back on their search but as we stand here we have seen several, officers, leave this area and head that way with their lights on, it
5:34 am
is unclear whether this is related to that prisoner, escape but police tell me just a short time ago they are pulling back from the search here on 611 and edison because they have exhausted resources, k-9 was exhausted and they are waiting for another sighting but this prisoner remains on the loose. we will see where those police officers were headed but lets go to video we got earlier from the scene when the search was extremely intense. they had flashlights, thermal images devices. prisoner's name is danielle sellby, 25 years old wearing an orange shirt and jeans but what will give him away is his hand are still cuffed in front of him. here's what we know around 8:30, a sheriff's van was moving sellby to bucks county prison. he had been arrested on failure to appear warrant, low level offense. there was a medical emergency and their van pulled over to the side of the road, and that is when they let the prisoner
5:35 am
out and unbeknownst to the sheriff deputies inside the van sellby had been able to get loose from his leg shackles. so when he got out. he pushed over a sheriff's deputy and ran across bristol road. deputies chasing behind him. now, they had helicopter and dogs searching at year late last night, early this morning , sellby was spotted by a resident here near 611 and edison road, so police from six different agencies have been concentrating their search until about 10 minutes ago right in this area. that is a shelter in place order for people in doyletown township warrington, chalfont because police say this prisoner is still on the loose they do not believe he is armed but they do say if you see him do not approach and call police as we have been mentioning this morning, school district central bucks here is closed for the day because of this situation. again, they do not believe sellbias armed but they do not want you to approach if you see him.
5:36 am
again, we did see officers fly down here but not sure fit is connected to the search. we will let you know, back to you. >> nonetheless very active, busy scene, sabina, thanks very much. other news at 5:36. sexual assault trial of comedian bill cosby begins today in norristown. he is accused of drugging and molesting andrea constand at his home back in 20 on 46789 lets get out to the courthouse where steve keeley is and whole hoe of other media from around the world. >> reporter: rain off and on and you can see on the outer parts of the courthouse here you can see tents on every level. these gus stringing cable down to the sidewalk. so just walking, driving around here, tough on the locals even on the third level above the parking garage here you can see another crew set up under that tan 10t. good thing they have the tents because it has been raining back and forth. constant loud, rattle and hum of these large satellite trucks beaming this cosby case , across the world not just across the country because first crew we ran into
5:37 am
here information sky news and bbc when we arrived before 3:00 a.m. coverage has started even they trial has not started yet. that will come in the 9:00 o'clock hour and it is prosecution with the first opening statement, to these jurors, and then it is the defense. cosby says what happened was completely consensual and described the drugs and the drink he gave woman especially , this one, former temple university woman, only as things used to lure woman's attention at parties e gave former temple worker, only benadryl when she wasn't feeling right. moorestown brian mcmonigal is the lead defense attorney and said he had a track record that lead some legal experts to suggest a chance striking new evidence is very likely to surface. look if you go defense to go after district attorney kevin steel's motive for bringing charges 12 years after former
5:38 am
district attorney here bruce castor said there was not enough evidence soon after this case came up when she reported it to even charge cosby. so steel used lack of cosby's prosecution, when running against castor for d.a. in last years' lex and that likely will probably come up. we have a jury of 12 from the pittsburgh area pick last month. we have got two african americans, 10 white people, seven men, five women and they are going to be in a hotel, when they are not here at the courthouse and hopefully they won't see coverage on all of the motel tv because they are in the supposed to follow this stuff anywhere other than what comes out of that courtroom. karen and thomas. >> thanks very much. 5:38. happening today will be sentencing day for two teens charged in the death of the fellow classmate. case centers around this victim 16 year-old amy joyner frances who died hours after a fight in howard high school of technology's bathroom. it happened last april. there was a 17 year-old found guilty of criminally negligent
5:39 am
homicide. they are in the releasing their name because they are juveniles. another teen quick of conspiracy. they will be sentenced to day. third teen was acquitted. 5:39. prosecutors filed charges against a man who they say stabbed a philadelphia city councilman. judge arraigned sean yardbray on a long list of charges including attempted murder, salt, robbery. prosecutors say on wednesday, he stabbed at large councilman david oh outside his home in southwest philadelphia his attorney says his client did not do it. the things parents do for their kid, one parent takes that statement to the extreme. we will explain, and this one is an elaborate prom send off. >> it looks like dubai in philadelphia.
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a shelter in place still in effect for residents along this stretch of route 611 as police continue to search for an escaped prisoner, as we have been telling you all morning long, 611 in the area of the quarry, right here, just south of route 202. you're right there near doyletown hospital and what we do know is that central bucks school district is closed to day, so if you live in that area, be careful. a shelter in place still in effect and we will have an update from sabina as we go through the morning n moorestown new jersey route 38 and lenola road in front of the mall watch for a crash, otherwise, not bad at all 95, schuylkill expressway behaving so far. coming into downtown a live look at the vine street expressway, traffic lights backing it up off ben franklin bridge and here's a live look at northeast philadelphia from cottman and torresdale right by saint hubert's catholic high school there in the north
5:47 am
e and cynwyd line using shuttle buses through friday because of the track work. forecast for your first day back to work and school. sueby has it in 15. it is complicated, with our weather, we have a nearby front, situation tell to the south and north and we are kind of in between, with an un settled weather pattern as we get started but at least weekend was good and the rain for most of us held off until after the weekend was over, and now you see this area of rain, in virginia, starting to move ever closer, at lee to the southern part of our viewing area, so that is what, you guys will contend with down in southern delaware, southern new jersey and then there is a system that is moving out of the west, as
5:48 am
well. so what that means is there is a chance of showers today but there will be dry slots. we might see some sunshine but this is our area of rain right now, lancaster, pennsylvania. for the rest of the day, the cloud starting to increase again after a brief period of sunshine this morning, and then possibility later on for your drive home of pop up showers and thunderstorms, you saw that rain we were talking about to the south of as you as well. we head into tuesday. here comes more rain, with us on and off throughout the day, both rush hours should be affect. now we are into wednesday, we are sock with cloud, can't rule out a shower but won't be as rainy as tuesday and then by late in the day on wednesday, skies should start to clear up. >> 65 degrees right now, 58 to the north of us but 72 down in wildwood, new jersey as we get started, mostly calm wind throughout the area as we look back over weekend, it started out g76 degrees on saturday.
5:49 am
folks had fun at roots picnic. eighty-two yesterday. it wasn't humid. what he love that. moisture coming back. we will have showers happened scattered showers today and look at how much cooler it gets tomorrow, and wednesday we will get out of the 60's either day but as we head in the weekend, a warming trend and back in the 80's by saturday and thomas. >> we love how you time it out , sue, 5:50. show of and defying in the wake of the manchester attacks. >> ariana grande returning to the stage on concert on sunday for the victims. >> tonight is all about love, >> applause. >> ♪ >> what a show. everyone coming together, other celebrities joining in including katie perry, justinrre peas, one of the performances included a due it between
5:50 am
ariana and cyrus. >> ♪ >> the british r that more than three million-dollar was raised during one month manchester that number is expected to rise as donations continue to come n by the way since the att. time is 5:50. lets talk about wbig box officee competition with a record 101.5 million-dollar weekend. >> every person grabbed their sister, mother, daughter and wentin ever for female director, and then following that at number two was the movie, i will see both of these movies. other one called captain under pants. previous highest grossing film for a female director for 50 shade of gray movie and
5:51 am
that made 85.2 million-dollar when that was r in 2015 >> jersey shor ready. >> mtv beach house is making a come back, kind of. filming will start, it will be . not a jersey shore reality she of sorts but more performance driven show hosted mtv. no one from the network or production company will be living in the love ladies house. beach festival will take place at june 8th, to kick off the filming. all right. so this one isepic as it gets. is there a mom who wanted to give everything for her boy, so big prom send off and this one is getting a tension. bit. >> she went out. she brought dubai to the city of brotherly love. she wasup son, johnny on a trip to dubai for his high school graduatbut ,
5:52 am
stroke, thyroid cancer diagnosis and murder of john i 's father. she was unable to do so. she brought middle east toncludm mal. johnny took three different dates, and limb he style renting lamborghini, a range rover and rolls royce. her son deserves all of this and he has maintained a will moo college on an athletic send off. it cost $25,000. you want to know why? do you more. keep it right here because she and her son johnny will be on good day in thehour. way to do it up. >> that is like something they 5:52.r forget. thanks for spending your morning, taking a look at co water park is opened, we will be back in two minutes.
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welcome back at 5:55. gorgeous start to this day. we are upright now.
5:56 am
we want it all. sue says it will be a seven. more in a moment. congratulations to a college team we have got a champion, west chester golden rams, they beat uc san diego to be division two baseball champions. way to go, they kick it off with a lead off home run. the pitcher pitched five strong innings. handing ball to josh maclean. as he did all tournament he dominated in the shut out fashion. pick up second win, to gomost os we will get to know them all in the future. good luck, guys. we have a lot of important news that is happening break ing overnight we have a shelter in place, still in effect right now, they have had to close school, they are worried about a criminal on the loose. we are live, as police continue their search for that
5:57 am
escaped prisoner. also do you want him back? a familiar face, to eagles fans unexpectly hits market, i named my son after him jeremy maclin i have my own, i saw he got cut by kc? should we bring him back and put him in midnight green. we will break it down when good day comes back in two minutes. introducing fios gigabit connection.
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several bucks county schools are closed and doyletown is on alert. where is this guy? thousands of bucks county kid will be out of school as police try to track down an escaped prisoner. he was once america's dad and now he will be defending himself in court? reporters from around the world gather in montgomery county, for day one of the bill cosby sex assault trial, evidence a judge will be deciding on before testimony begins. he was just here to kill people. stab them to death. >> witnesses described the horrifying moments on london bridge where seven people were killed, but yet another terror attack in the uk. we are learning more about the victims as authorities hunt for anyone connected to the a tack. >> i want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for b


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