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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 5, 2017 6:00am-6:57am EDT

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several bucks county schools are closed and doyletown is on alert. where is this guy? thousands of bucks county kid will be out of school as police try to track down an escaped prisoner. he was once america's dad and now he will be defending himself in court? reporters from around the world gather in montgomery county, for day one of the bill cosby sex assault trial, evidence a judge will be deciding on before testimony begins. he was just here to kill people. stab them to death. >> witnesses described the horrifying moments on london bridge where seven people were killed, but yet another terror attack in the uk. we are learning more about the victims as authorities hunt for anyone connected to the a tack. >> i want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for being here today
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>> ♪ >> showing love, and in the face of hate, stars uniteenefits in the manchester terror attack, their message to the world. >> boy they raise add lot of money last night. beautiful concert. very wel done. it is monday, y,une the fif. can i throw in a quick sports >> sure. do you want j mack back. >> yes. >> jeremy maclin is we're talking about would you want hi eagle, simply yes or no. >> he is free. >> he won't be free. bunch of teams really want him >> do we have room for him? som? here's somebody you never want to trade serio. >> thank you. >> that was a lot of question for a you. we are looking forward to hearing what you have to sayto .
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seven out of 10. perfect. you should have umbrella arday we could see showers and thunderstorms popping up. we have got bus stop bu and it s national ketchup day. oh, phillies won yesterday. they won two in a >> what. >> yeah, i know. when we get excited about that in the a great season. we have some showers, in now. here in philadelphia it is drying o have quite a few included around but we will see a little b that could be it for the day, after the included come back and we are stain65 degrees with calm wind, checking other n lancaster 60 degrees, we have pennsville, new jersey trenton y gets started. we will get up degrees depending on how much sunshine wethe of showers,
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thunderstorms as well. we will talk about that upecastg up, bob kelly. >> up and down rte police active continue to search for this escaped prisoner, it all startedng at 611 at edison furlong road to give you landmarks. we have 7-eleven, we have quarry, and then further up we have doyletown schools, as we mentioned central bucks school district up and down 611 it has been flurry of activity. we will go to sabina in a moment in moorestown, new jersian accident at route 38,m , septa says cynwyd line is using buses all this week as they do track work and 95, schul expressway lag good and in problems up and over bridges, back over to you. story , a lot of folks in bucks county are sheltering in place right now,se, a prisoner has escaped. it happened around 8:30 or
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9:00. >> sabina has been there throughout the morning. what is very latest on. police just moved over here to this secondary scene we believe it was eithers a prisonr the dogs picked up a scent. we have k-9 out here in the wood back here, the creek is just over here, this road off 611. we have neshaminy creek. we have police searching with k-9 units long the edge of the creek here.earlier around 5:30 i talk to you last police said they were pulling back because they didn't have any further lead this morning. obviously that all change fast l units searching for this guy, again, it looks k-9 picked up a scent baug here. this prisoner is daniel sellby , 25 years old, orange shirt and jeans but he has his hand, cuffed in front ofe to escape from the sheriff deputies van around 8:30.
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there was a medical emergency.rd bristol road. he was able to get out of his leg shackles before deputy realized it. he ran across bristol road. police have been chasing him ever since. g and video we are seeing right now just up the road, still on edison just about a half mile up onthey had initial sighting a resident who was in their home and saw this police were out intensely searching for him for hours this morning but again, no sighti udon't know if this was l or dogs pick up a sce was in cu, arrested on failure to appear warrant. police are calling that a low that this suspect is armed but they do say that if you see him, do not approache, as you mentioned the school district and they are closed, today, we did speak with the hospital earlier, doyletown hoppenot far from here.
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told us. but back here that shelter in place order still is in effect and a lot of activity going on right now, waiting for anotherds going on. we have at lee six agencies, half dozen agencies responding , and k-9 units are out and anything more we will let you know. back to you. >> right at at the proper place for this report, great job therecrazy morning in bucks county. new this morning a 29 police say he was shotfter multiple times inside of a home in west oak lane. shooting happened at 1:00 this morning on the 6500 block of 16th street. the suspect broke in and shot victim execution style. victim's grandmother was also inside at the time. searching fr the suspect. >> this also seems like an execution, it is one of the, we will talk bit, it happened, in east mt. at 6:07. one of the biggest celebrity
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trials since mid 90's. prosecutors and defense lawyers are gearing up for the start of the bill cosby sexual assault trial, how long have we been talking about this, year and half? june 5th 2017. >> we talk about this for a rial is only expected to last a couple weeks. we will see. cosby does not plan to testify but steve, lot of people they are waiting to see andrea constand this will be first time people have seen her in public, face-to-face. >> reporter: because of this case at naus yum i'll talk about is what going on today. it is quite interesting. is there a million trucks every where. this is just one side of this w, and is there tents across the street. we will walk up the steps. before we come back to me in the crosswalk here, look at the top guy in the suit third in line, member of the public from fort washington coming here to see the trial in person. l girl next to him is first in
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line, mike, you'll find this fascinating. she's no trial. she's a professional place holders she bought ibry when tht iphone she gets out, gets paid , very well, and her and the guy are holding place in line for people who are going to take becauseace, and then go in it is first come first serve. we will walk up the steps and look to the right. this is just one side of this, and you can see we have got reporter crews i h met, furthest one i have met from australia, and they have been doing live shots. cosby case is beam all around the world. mike, maybe you can help me with this i don't know any sitcoms star from australia, germany and france but our sitcom stars are bigger over there i'm surprised people in hl cosby but they do and this is it a big story over there. >> cosby show was huge, in europe, and i australia.
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and in france. you are rht around the world, including us. >> only going to get busier. >> thanks, steve. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack on london that killed seven people and injured 48 others. withholding the names of the three attackers at this time. police raided two addresses and raid are still being conduct, 14 people have beened h the attack. just afterhe attackers drove a van over london bridge and barr started stabbing people in the area maxed with bars and near london bridge in honor of the victtmsk. >> whole thing lasted eight minutes from the time they started attacking people to the time they were all 60:89. our wild at least according to that guy russian presidentays te
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is in truth to several allegation about his country's u.s. election. really. bucks county bear less than a week a young bear causing quite the scene in our area. whe >> here's the thing he went up a tree, still upnit when it gote still in that tree this morning. we will kno light.
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they believe it is the same bear that was in doyletown last week that we haddon good day philadelphia, do you remember that, alex remember. >> um-hmm. >> bear trap. >> they are ready for him. >> is that really a bear trap? it looks very obvious. >> well, what it is, ty would pt tonight there, for transport. >> it is not a mouse trap, it is supposed to entice the bear >> bear will not be tricked into get into that barrel. >> that is why
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>> no. >> thinks a pretty young bear, it has become the talk of the town. >> we road that said that they saw a bear walk up the road, so my husband and i decided to go around the block could find him and we saw him entering a back fence. he unlatched it. he went in the back. we were trying to warn people all around to get their kid bioue dukes did you see her name, debbie dukes word -- >> yes. >> i know a word from her sister daisy. anyw g bear will peacefully make its way out of the tree and into the wood, as do. do bears scamper in the wood. >> if you live in that are bear up the tree? please tweet it. sit worth sending a camera over there. nothing better i like then
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bear watch. >> you have we have done it >> yes, we have. >> do you want him back? that was the question. yes, they want jeremy maclin he was released by andy reid and the chiefs? i know buffalo bills really to about five teams with super bowl as preparation this is year willing to pick him up. >> everybody should have those as preparations. >> well, legitimate. >> okay, i'm just saying. >> keep your opinions coming on twitter.
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learn more at your john deere dealer. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. anyway, we have the cloud, filtered sunrise. that is over ocean city, new jersey, music pier right there , lets check out what is going on weather-wise, as far as radar is concerned, we have got an unsettled stretch of weather, with us, with the system to the south and another one to our north and we are kind of in between. there is not much going on right now and we have sun trying to burn through cloud, a couple stray showers out to the west and north but nothing that we're seeing on radar is a very big deal. just have to be aware to see a
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few rain drops. later today that is a different story. two systems have converged and we have a chance of showers late in the day and we are kind of cloudy and tomorrow even more raie, morning afternoon, and evening so as we head to the seven day forecast we will start with a unsettled stretch of weather. is there at least a chance of the shower today, tomorrow when it is much cooler, and then a high of 68 degrees and wednesday with a high of 62. luckily we have a warm up in time for weekend and remember, your lucky you can tune to 101.1 when you get in the car bob kelly, more fm will have forecast all morning long. >> do it every day. 6:18. good morning everybody. we have an update on our break ing news here we got word from our twitter followers they have received a reverse 911robo call saying that the shelter in place is over, what is interesting is that we have not gotten word they found the escaped prisoner yet.
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lets roll video from rayon twitter, this is my, ray that has drone up there. check out the cool footage of the drone flying over the bucks county prison, where the state police helicopters are still searching for this fella this all happened late last night around 9:00 o'clock when the van was in route to the prison, and this guy escaped as we have been telling you all morning long. lets go back to the maps. we have last talked to sabina she was right behind 7-eleven store right there on the banks of the neshaminy school, further up the road we have got doyletown hospital and as we said central bucks school district is close today, because of this policeman hunt moorestown new jersian accident at 38 and lenola road , septa says cynwyd line using buses all this week because of track work but mass transit looking g mike and alex, back to you. is the whole thing over in bucks county, we will get to
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that in a second. >> we have breaking news, four arab nations have cut diplomatic ties with the oil rich nation of qatar. sawed a rain, yeah bahrain, egypt and united arab emirates will withdraw staff from their country over what they say is support of terrorism. all of the nations say they also plan to cut air, sea traffic as well. qatar is hoe to 2022fifi world cup and home to the major u.s. military business. they denied it and called the decision a violation of the sovereignty. all right. russian president vladamire putin, they is, he is denying any russian hacking of the u.s. presidential election. that interview, from yesterday , putin insists moscow did not interfere in the 2016 u.s. presidential election. he also says that he has been unaware of any proposal from president trump's son in law jared kushner to set up a secret line of communications back door channel between the
6:21 am
two countries. >> for me this is just amazing you create a sensation out of nothing. out of this sensation you turn tonight to a weapon of war against the current president. well, this is, you know you people are so creative over there. good job. your lives must be boring. >> so creative over there. >> or boring. >> especially our intel agencies about 17 of them who say you did actually hack our election, the interview comes as u.s. lawmakers are expecting to hear from fired fbi director james comey, this week. game two goes to golden state, the warriors dominate again, should i say warriors and kd, but this series we know is far from over because now they are going to the land >> of lebron. >> that is what they call it, the land. >> i'll tell you this i think
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maybe it is over. golden state is better then they were last yeary don't necessity this happened last time. >> but they are better this year. >> well, we will have more. >> they are better.
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good morning i'm sean bell phillies who 10 straight series, they have not won a series since april, last night they had a chance to finally end that bad, bad streak, bottom of the eighth phillies up by one freddie galvis adding some insurance, long ball, fueling the phillies in this game that was galvis second home run of the match up, phillies will go on to win nine-seven. winning their first series since april. to the nba finals, cavilers/warriors, they are up one to nothing in the series, steph curry was unstoppable, check this out, 30-foot, three right there, he had a triple double. straight nasty. warriors would go on to win 132-113. to the monster mile at dover, ty billing he hits ryan newman and that creates a come minute necessity, bunch of cars spinning out wrecks and caution flag came out but not before jimmy johnson would
6:26 am
cross the line and jimmy would go ahead and win his 11th race at dover. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. eleventh race in the same track, jimmy johnson owns dover. >> he knows what he is doing. >> monster mile. today is a big day, one of the most anticip after all these hearings we have been talking about this for a while , but this is follow, bill cosby trial starts today. media gathered in montgomery county, where you can expect on day one on the sexual assault trial. sabina. >> reporter: we're out here in bucks county and police are still searching for this escaped prisoner, shelter in place has been lifted. we are in a lull in the search but police are out here with the k-9 and we will have an update on the search coming up , stay with us.
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prisoner causing serious problems in bucks county, live look over the area right now. one school district is closed we are live with the latest when it comes to the search. thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here today, i love you so, so much. thank you. >> showing love in the face of hate stars unite for a concert this was a beautiful event. benefited victims of the manchester terror attack,
6:30 am
their message to the world and how much money did they raise? it was big. do you want j mack back? >> um-hmm. >> familiar face to the eagles well, unexpectedly hits the market. could jeremy maclin soon be back in midnight green? >> i have about 10 tweets already. >> is that right. >> every single one of them want him back but here's the thing we have a lot of wide receivers, you to, and, i say no. >> no. >> you know i would like to see it. >> every time i think people want to have hope. >> i know. >> it looks like he will get to the bills. they are pushing strongly. >> good day it is monday. june the fifth 2017. >> shady is really pushing. >> reunited. >> the bills to hire his friend. >> yeah. >> um-hmm. >> it is exactly 6:30. >> what is likely today is showers, to give away before the end of the day.
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bus stop buddy in red, phillies won yesterday. wow. not too much in the way of showers but again, a stray shower or two, possible and as you plan out your day, there is a little bit of sunshine this morning. that will go away. we will be mostly included which a possibility of the stray shower or then are storm before the afternoon is through and a high temperature of 80 degrees. we will get cooler, we will warm backup again and we will get ups and downs in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> we have a nasty accident in northeast philadelphia, this is at cottman avenue, and state road, look at this suv on its side. just a few moments ago we saw fire fighters reaching into what would be the sun roof, they will reach into the sun roof there and they actually pulled out a passenger or driver. this is at intersection of the state road, and cottman avenue , just off of the cottman avenue exit of i-95. watch for local detours there. of course, lot of police
6:32 am
activity up and down route 611 , right there by the 7-eleven store right there also by the prison and the youth center. of course, as we mentioned central bucks school district closed today as police continue to search for that escaped prisoner. route 38 an accident at lenola road. >> well, we have interesting developments here now. shelter in place in bucks county has been lifted, though , as police continue to search for the escape prisoner so what does that mean for the schools? i don't know. lets get some clarification here. >> sabina? >> reporter: yeah, well as you mention that had shelter in place has been lifted but we can still see police here and they are still searching. we have seen this throughout the morning, there has been little lull is here and there, during the searches and every now and then police pull back but we have seen this k-9 still out here and he is definitely smelling something because he has been up and down edison road here off 611
6:33 am
adjacent to neshaminy creek. they have been bringing that same dog up and down here and they have been searching and it appears he has a scent. we don't know if it was visual or this dog picking up this scent but they are continuing to search. earlier this morning search was intense up edison road about a half mile up the road, where police have had a visual citing, a resident had seen this escape prisoner 25 year-old daniel sellby wearing orange shirt and jeans, hand still cuffed in front of him. that search began up the red here. i want to tell you what happened. last night around 8:30 this prisoner was able to escape from sheriff's deputies as they were trying to transport him to bucks county prison. he was able to get out of his leg shackles when the van pulled over and for some kind of a medical emergency he jumped out and push it over. a deputy and took off down bristol road. he bounce here since 8:30 last night, and, now again, as you mentioned we still believe
6:34 am
that the school district is closed for the day, central bucks school district, shelter in place has been lifted, but again, this prisoner is still on the loose. now he had act timely been arrested for low level owe even if. it was a arrest for failure to appear on the warrant. police don't believe he is armed. last time they saw him he was handcuffs in front of him. they say if you do see him do not approach, call police. as we have been out here police have had that k-9 out and they have had long guns out, their guns your drawn so they are searching up and down neshaminy creek here on 611. he is 25 year-old daniel sell by and they are going to continue the search until they find him and we will there been as well, guys, back to you. >> one thing i still don't get if they have stopped the shelter in place but they are still looking why would they kill the shelter in place. maybe you can find out and we can check in next time.
6:35 am
>> no, they have all of the information, they have been able to give us all of the details just yet. >> true, true, true. >> we have details to cover this week. this is your head line, cosby accuser to finally meet in court. cosby and the accuser finally meet in court. that will happen this morning in a couple of hours. that is why they are media out lights from around the world, and bill with my graphics here today, bill to pay? it is show time. then there is a picture of andrea constand. we show that picture from way back in the day. this is more accurate picture of what she looks like right now. we will see her today. >> more recent photo. >> every time we have had a hearing we have shown him walk in the courthouse. we will see two walk ins, andrea constand and bill cosby >> that is why steve keeley is all over this story in the courthouse. >> reporter: i don't want to throw a wrench in your thoughts but we don't know
6:36 am
that she's showing up to day because we don't know prosecution's case they may hold her back and in the put her on right after opening statements. opening statements could take hours and hours today as we know in other cases and then testimony starts tomorrow. so, maybe, today, but not for sure today, because they could open, with a police officer or somebody else that they had, as a prosecution witness. so, who knows but it is possible, how about that. just to put that out there. look, this montgomery county courthouse has been transformed already into a media mad house, trucks, tents every where. here comes this car, now having to stop for these speed bumps that are not official, san bags, cones and this stuff is over the cables from just a couple of the tv station, "fox news" and nbc on that side of the street. we have bbc on that corner. local news down this way. greg will walk to the right and up the steps and you'll see further news from...
6:37 am
>> so, as we started to move our camera there we came unplugged but we will plug right back in and get out there. >> he will be out there all morning and we will be there once cosby walks in and there is a chance andrea constand walks in as well. >> lets talk about this other trial. >> closing arguments begin today in the criminal trial against lee cap lance, he faces a long list of charges after police found 11 girls age six to 18, living in a feasterville home last june and in the trial, girl after girl, tstified that he had sex with them and they considered him their husband. prosecutors say one of the girls was as young as seven when he sexually abused her. oldest girl is now 18. all right. well, we will all stay in court here. sentencing for two teens charge in the death of the fellow classmate, case centers around 16 year-old amy joyner frances who died hours after a fight in howard high school of
6:38 am
technology bathroom last april a 17 year-old was found guilty of criminally negligent homicide, another teen was quick of conspiracy, and the judge, acquitted, a third teen small convenient store has decided to cave and changed its name. court filing show store in paterson called dawas has agreed to change the name. it was too similar and took vac of the reputation. owner says it is a casual way to say come in korean. court documents, don't specify what the name will be change to but you don't mess wawa was so they are changing their name. >> it is interesting is wawa really that threatened by dawa , i mean i don't know how bigot is. >> it is true. >> i don't know. >> dawa, wawa. >> i will tell but temple university suing a little school in kansas, this is years ago, because the little
6:39 am
school's owl looked too much like the temple owl. i will tell you more when i have more time. >> be 10:30 this morning. >> you won't get it here. >> if you were a fan of the pp a meter up app, i actually don't have a car but i was a fan of the ppa app where you can pay for your parking while still at a restaurant and house. >> co workers in this building , they loved it. >> they loved it. they took ate way. they may give it back to you. >> but you have to wait until after the summer. yeah, is there that. it day booed last year, meter up app, a user base of 20,000 people. firm running the old app shut down causing parking authority to solicit bid from other vendors. goal to have this up and running by the fall. >> let's do it, i miss it. >> yes, let's getting thissing >> voters in new jersey will head to the polls tomorrow to decide on a, well, a new
6:40 am
governor candidate. six democrats and five republicans are competing in the primary. democrat phil murphy and republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno are considered front runners in their races. voters will also choose nominees for state senate and general assembly a lot to decide. mayoral candidates in camden, and atlantic city, and number of other, county and municipal races are also on the ballot we will talk more about that later today and certainly on tomorrow's show. well, i watched some of this concert last night. >> me too. >> and beautiful and well done message of love and defying from ariana grande, and a a list of top emotional victims, and. it was a prom that featured a live cammal and lamborghini, and range rover
6:41 am
lavish send off they gave their son for one big night. >> difficult not have a cam well my from. >> she spent 25 you this dollars. >> i spent 25.
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6:44. we have a lot of action in bucks county, you can tell other live chopper shot right there zooming around looking at all of the police activity. authorities are still looking for a prisoner who escaped custody, around 9:00 o'clock last night in bucks county, central bucks school district has cancelled school today. a shelter in place order has been lifted 10 or 15 minutes ago but prisoner still on the run. i'm not sure why that was lifted. >> maybe they have him in a concentrated area. >> that well could be. they have this person cornered and wouldn't have to have the rest of the area affected by it. good possibility, alex, nicely done. >> sabina is there and she will give us latest updates for us. >> traffic in bucks count a affect. that is why we have bob up first. >> good morning, everybody. 6:44. looking live from sky fox
6:45 am
there over the scene, again it is 611. first robo call for shelter in place went out at 9:16 last night. and then about 25 minutes ago, they reversed robo call lift ago this shelter in place. all centered around 611 at edison furlong road right by the quarry and then further down is 7-eleven store. here's a map, take a look, the 7-eleven store and all of the activity is behind right behind here adjacent to the neshaminy creek. if the prisoner went in the creek, to lose scent from the dogs look what is on the other side of the dog, the jail. youth center and the jail which is where he was heading to, so if he crossed the creek to get to the other side, boom , right in custody. i guess i didn't have his gps on. >> well, yeah, he is disoriented. >> that is where activity is right along 611.
6:46 am
here's the scene of cottman avenue and state road off of the i-95 cottman avenue off ramp overturn suv here. police had to pull the injured out of the sun roof. obviously detours not only in the neighborhood but also coming off of i-95, one of the lanes blocked on route 38 and lenola road in moorestown, new jersey. septa using bus these week on the cynwyd line because of track work, otherwise, 95 south, time to make doughnuts heavy from cottman avenue into downtown. so far so good on the blue route. sun glare pong out. how long will that sun hang around? sue has tonight 15. 6:46. we don't to have wonder where this picture says it is from.
6:47 am
it says it right on the boat. ocean city, new jersey if you can read it upside down. misty, hazy this morning. we have an unsettled stretch of weather to start the workweek up and down temperatures throughout the seven day forecast which we will see in a moment but it does look like things will get better by the weekend. at lee rain waited when the weekend was over and we had a few showers around, sun struggling to get through cloud today and as we look here, chester county around caln township and a few stray showers in lancaster county as well. future cast shows a little bit of sun this morning but the cloud fill in throughout the day and stays cloudy even when it is not raining and we have got showers coming at us from the north and south and they will be with us through tomorrow, and on a off throughout the day, evening as well. we will get both rush hours, probably more rain in the evening on tuesday, then it will be in the morning and then on wednesday where it is mostly cloudy, scattered showers and this is how it goes throughout the week.
6:48 am
off to a mild start this morning. 80 degrees our high today, 68 tomorrow, much cooler tomorrow and this is not constant rain on either day but included and possibility of the stray shower on wednesday. yes, is there a shower chance on thursday but after a cool 62 degrees we will get up to 70 on thursday and then everyone, as we march in the weekend already looking ahead to next weekend even though one just ended. >> ♪ >> look at the little girl dying. >> ariana grande singing my everything school choir on stage at benefit concert for victims of the manchester bombing. two of the girls in that choir were at ariana's concert during that ago. >> karen, i will tell you this
6:49 am
was a beautiful concert. p>> it was a fabulous concert. act of defying, all-star celebrities coming out to perform there in the wake of those man chester attacks to show they will note together and they will have this celebration to honor victims, ariana grande back there, just two weeks since that suicide bomber struck after her concert, and then she came right back and she nest came back with their show of support. there was miley cyrus, katiepey, black eye peas. they raised more than three million-dollar. i saw some that said nine million-dollar during this one love manchester concert. >> thank you so, so everybody. i love you, >> manchester one love.>> ♪ sing
6:50 am
entire stadium sold out almost immeat course, concert two weeks ago, 22 people died, in mostly young fans, and many others are injured and some still in the hospitalr. so they are raising money to help those people who went through that trauma not be deted by violence around this world and they will stand strong in the face of all that, guys. >> nicely done. boy, directing impeccable. >> i love seeing the crowd, signs they have had, someogher y well done. >> twenty-four hours after another attach, all be tonight iles way but still the country is rock by terrorism. >> we will tell you more about that, and celebrities perform they do speeches and poured their hearts out. we will do more recap. >> yes. president trump, it seems as if he was criticizing london's
6:51 am
mayor over the weekend. >> this is on twitter, this was about the mayor's response to the london attack. he said, at lee seven dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and mayor of london says there is no reason to be alarmed. this is, of course, a little out of context a lot out of context. >> mayor talk about what happened and then said they will have more police presence and people out on the street and said there is in reason to be alarmed after describing they will up security. >> there will be so many police officers you may be freaked out. >> do not be alarmed. >> so that was taken out of context. >> in response spokesperson for the london's mayor says he was quote, he has more important thing to do then respond to donald trump's ill informed tweet that deliberately takes out of context to his remarks urging londoners not to be alarmed when they saw more police officers on the street. we will see if the president respond to that response. he is known to surprise.
6:52 am
>> jeremy maclin he is on the market. >> could jeremy maclin soon be an eagle? i got one tweet saying let's trade justin agholor. >> wow. >> i got one from let's is a trade jordan matthews. >> it is in the likely, folks. i don't think it is likely. >> probably not. the first shampoo with active pro-v nutrient blends fueling hair 100% stronger that's instantly smoother and tangle free. because strong is beautiful.
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it is 6:55. do you remember a few weeks ago when jeremy maclin got married? and andy reid was at the wedding, isn't that great. >> so sweet. >> yes. >> so, jeremy asked andy, you know, well andy said hey j mack what would you like for your wedding. j mack said i would like to leave town can you cut me. >> that is not how it happened >> but that is what he got. former receiver jeff my maclin let go by chiefs so jeremy left eagles after 2014 season to join andy reid in kansas city. it saved the chiefs nearly a million-dollar in cap space. >> i thought it was nearly 10 million. >> that is what i meant to say 10 million in cap space and makes him a free agent.
6:56 am
watch this? would you want him back as an eagle. >> were you saying buffalo is interested. >> very, big time. >> shady mccoy, he is in buffalo. he is trying to recruit maclin& to buffalo. what is interesting is reports that coach andy reid and i know it is just business but he went to his wedding, it appears as if jeremy maclin did not go on his honeymoon so to do all that, and then to find out you are cutting him. >> well, it is business. >> that is why jeremy tweeted >> crazy business.siness. everyone on my twitter account, after all we have done for this tv station, don't be surprised if they just cut us loose. >> one dayking on the holiday and you come back, you find out, that is it. eagles fan once him back but it will not happen.
6:57 am
we have aloft up >> yes. >> also, i heard real quickly that if they had the off seasonn people were doing their cutting, there wouldn't have been a big difference y late to. it wasn't any advantage to wait so late until now. >> what does andy reid know that maybenowhat are you saying. >> maybe -- >> something happened. >> maybe his time is you stirrie pot. >> anyway, steve is on the billiggest story certainly for us, hi there, steve. only way to public toys get here in person there is only 30 public seats in the courtroom and is there qg up fast. it will be on tv in an adjacent courtroom for total of 60. maybe a fourth of the 60 already here in line. are allergies holding you back?
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a peanut is not a nut. a prisoner is on the run in central bucks school escape prol be down of several communities where police are searching for the suspect right now. he was once america's dad. g


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