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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 5, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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wow! abington township and a river runs through it. tonight the aftermath. >> your news starts in 30 seconds. right now it's the cosby show in montgomery county. not the one you're thinking about though. >> i'm showing up if it was reversed i would want someone to show up for me. >> familiar faces showing
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support for the tv icon with opening arguments underway in one of the biggest trials in decades. >> now fox 29 news at 10:00. fate of a philadelphia icon will come down to 12 people from pittsburgh. the trial for bill cosby is underway. the 79-year-old faces three counts of aggravated indecent sexual assault. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm dawn timmeney in for january. 12 years after an encounter at his montgomery county mansion, bill cosby denies he did anything wrong. the media coverage is huge and in the middle of it all, is our chris o'connell outside the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. chris? >> reporter: dawn, it was a different kind of cosby show here in norristown. emotional day in court as jurors here in the bill cosby sexual assault trial heard from another victim, another woman who gave tear filled testimony she says she too was drugged and assaulted by the 79-year-old
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embattled comedian. >> bill cosby leaving day one of court flanked by his attorneys an crush of international media not saying word. inside courtroom a, cosby sat facing the jury that will decide his fate. the once beloved entertainer painted by prosecutors as a predator not a mentor. the prosecution's first witness kelly johnson a second victim who gave fearful testimony about how cosby gave her a pill and sexually assaulted her in the mid '90's. >> to have to relive what she alleges mr. cosby did to her was very very difficult, and she was crying part of the time. >> reporter: there are nearly 60 alleged victims around the country but this trial is about a single case from 13 years ago. cosby accused of drugging and assaulting temple university employee andrea constand back in 2004. prosecutors say constand had the inability to consent to sex and was completely paralyzed,
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frozen, lifeless. the man known as america's dad came to court arm in arm with his tv daughter keisha knight pulliam who played rudy huxtable on the cosby show. cosby even tweeting about the support during a court lunch break. >> true family, friendship integrity is how people show up and support when things aren't looking so great. when they aren't shining. >> reporter: defense attorneys will try to poke holes in inconsistent cease in constand's story. point to go the fact constand called cosby at least 50 times after the alleged assault. and even with his career in shambles there were few cosby supporters. >> 60 women. a lot of it is the women fault. it's not bill cosby. bill cosby just got caught. >> now andrea constand is expected to testify sometime during this trial on the other hand bill bees says he most like
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loll not take the stand in his own defense and in this tries if convicted cosby faces ten years in prison, testimony continues tomorrow morning. lucy? >> chris, plenty of fireworks with this sure to be historic trial. we are there. fox 29 in the courtroom every single day and if something happens and you know it will, as soon as reporters are out of that courtroom, you'll know about it on twitter, facebook or an alert to from or fox 29 app. jurors will be back deliberating tomorrow in the trial of a bucks county man accused of keeping a dozen girls in his home and sexually assaulting some of them. jurors are deciding the fate of 5284 old lee kaplan. they got the case today. prosecutors say he sexually assaulted six girls in the same family and fathered two children by one of the girls in his feasterville home. authorities say the mother gifted the oldest girl to kaplan because he helped them financially. the girls parents are awaiting sentencing on child endangerme endangerment. happening right now, the moment parents and victims of
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gunfire in north philadelphia have been waiting for. police believe they have finally caught the two men who shot up a neighborhood gathering about two weeks ago. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at philadelphia police headquarters, shawnette, police say those two men shot nearly a dozen people. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, ten people to be exact. they are lucky that they survived this shooting. even though it's good news, the arrests we're talking about, it's a shame that it still isn't enough to allow those people who live there to feel safe coming and grogg their own homes. >> i have grand baby. she's four years old. i tell her you can't go past this pole or that pole. >> reporter: kimberly reynolds has a new zest rules to live by in her north philly neighborhood where she's been for 45 years. all because of the increasing violence including a shooting here two weeks ago. >> they hurt innocent people that don't have anything to do with your particular anger. >> reporter: monday, she and other neighbors, got a sense of relief. police said during a news conference that they've arrested
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to men who they believe fired 27 rounds into a crowd of people including children. the victims were outside listening to music and dancing. ten people were shot. >> now that they're code of honor i'm not telling on anybody, it's great that these people that's doing this stuff get caught because got to be some consequences. >> reporter: investigators i was 19-year-old tyrell broad next turned himself in monday. the other suspect, 18-year-old quadir burly s in montgomery county prison on some kind of theft charge police say. philadelphia policeman pick him up tuesday to face charges in the shooting. police say it stemmed from a long-standing dispute between the suspects and one man in the crowd they shot into that night. >> it's basicall basically thres involved amongst different groups and in fact some things are stupid that they're fighting over. >> reporter: one woman who doesn't want to show her face says the violence hasn't affected her. >> i feel safe in my own home.
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i don't have no dealings out here, you know. i mind my business report rot others say they shouldn't have to be prisoners that their hom homes. >> i think my family deserves better than this. i just want to get out of here. >> reporter: and police have not recovered either weapon involved in the shooting. also, they did not provide a picture of the suspects they say they won't be available until after they're are a rain. luce glee thank you shawnette. judge sentenced to teenaged girls in the death of their classmate in delaware. 17-year-old gill girl is now juvenile facility fort next six months. the other girl on probation for 18 months. the case centered around 16-year-old aim knee joyner francis who died hours after a fight in a high school bathroom in april of last year. a huge mess left to clean up after a massive water main break in abington township, montgomery county. this was the wild seen just hours ago as water rushed through this neighborhood like a river. now some homeowners have the huge headache of property damage to worry about.
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our jeff cole has the story. >> reporter: it was angry white water that came flooding downside steps and driveways just before 4:00 in abington porks, ardley section. the source of the torrent a 16-inch settlement water main which broke before 4:00 this afternoon. tom watkin son came by for a good look. >> seems to be coming down though on to the houses and the road on tyson. all weight down across the railroad. it's even coming up out of the drains in the cemetery. >> reporter: the main burst along the 900 block of edge hill familiar sis on hill. the water rushed down the slope to the homes on the 900 block of tyson which took the brunt of the sudden water blast. from skyfox the water can clearly be seen flowing harden this si pone the local township commissioner. >> aqua is currently working on the problem. our personnel from abington township, the fire department, the fire marshal's office, our code enforce the department all out on the scene checking to see
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if there's any damage to the homes. >> reporter: by early evening, fire trucks, police vehicles and emergency workers had gathered on the sand caked street where the water had run through. reporters were forced back. a small waterfall had formed on the wall of a residence home. the main belongs to the private water company aqua pa. a company worker said the main last broke in 1982 june 2017 to the list. >> what might homeowners need to be concerned about? >> water in the basement. those houses up here right on down. their basements will be full. >> reporter: aqua pennsylvania says it has a water truck on sight for those without service and a claims adjuster for property damage. it hopes to have the repairs done by 5:00 in the morning. in abington, jeff cole, fox 29 news. if cops are right his son broke free of their clutches and he helped him escape. so tonight police arrested the father of a fugitive wanted in
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buck county they caught up to daniel selby, sr. n bensalem township earlier today. his son daniel selby, jr., remains on the loose. they had arrested selby, jr., on outstanding warrant last night but somehow he broke free of his ankle shackles and took off. neighbors in the warring ton and chalfont area ended up shelte sheltering in place. this morning things returned to normal. new details are emerging tonight about the men authorities say carried out the latest london terror attack. british facials si one of the men was a known radical islami islamist. the second attacker raced no suspicions. and police have not yet released information about the third. police shot and killed all three men just minutes after they drove a van into people walking on the london bridge. then stabbed others at a nearby market on saturday. friends and family of victims are still stunned. >> really good person. he didn't deserve to die. not alone. >> i want to send a clear message to the sick and evil
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extremists who commit these hideous crimes. we will defeat you. you will not win. >> seven people died in the attacks. people have released a dozen people -- police released a dozen people they have taken into custody. the stage is set for big week on capitol hill and it has nothing to do with alleges laying. thursday fired fbi director james comey is scheduled to testify before congress as to president trump pressured him to drop the investigation into michael flynn's possible ties to russia. today the white house says it had not comey from testifying. thursday's hearing will be the first time comey speaks publicly since president donald trump fired him. what does this guy have to do to catch a break? you see this bear. people have been waiting all day for him to come out of that tree but he is not budging. so what now? that's a very good
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question. also ahead in 90 seconds, this is scary. local man comes face to face with a masked intruder in the dead of night. the homeowner hailed him down and then, well -- >> alpha mean cho you loved him in scar farce and september pi company. how about starring as a one of the most recognizable faces in the penn state scandal?
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>> developing to night in orlando, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a disgruntled factory worker to carry out a shooting spree at his former workplace. several weeks after he was let go, the orange county sheriff says john neumann, jr., shot and killed five people and killed
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himself. investigators say at least one of the victims had a negative relationship with him. now happening in burlington county, a family is shaken after surviving a terrifying home invasion. >> here's the deal. the dad came face to face with the invader in the middle of the night which would set off a wrestling match. jennifer joyce has been talking with that man about how he did what he had to do to protect his family. live in willingboro now, jennifer. >> reporter: good morning,, good evening, guys. excuse me. so certainly a frightening ordeal for this willingboro family. this man tells me that he just moved down from trenton last fall and already he's had couple of his cars broken into and now this. a terrifying mill of the night run in with a burglar inside his home. >> it startled me. >> heart pounding moments as otis prince says he came face to face with a burglar inside of his willingboro home.
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it happened saturday in the middle of the night. >> window was slit from here to here. >> reporter: prince says he didn't hear the actual break in but when he got up from the couch to check on his wife, prince claims he bumped into the masked man dressed in black in a dark hall wave his home. all while his wife was in the next room and his teenaged daughter was asleep in a bedroom. >> he must be a cat burglar you would say i swear i didn't hear him. nobody in my house heard him. >> reporter: prince acted quickly and tried to tackle the burglar. >> as he with us what wrestling he drop the flashlight. prince took a punch to the face and called for help. >> call the police. i knew if i can wrestle him down he wouldn't have gotta way. >> he did get away. prince says he slipped on the floor and lost hold of him. >> i startled him. because he didn't get everything he came for. >> reporter: jewelry an laptop were stolen according to police otis prince says he regrets not having march cameras it was dark and the positioning was off it
10:16 pm
didn't catch anything. >> my daughter she was hysterical that night after she found out what it was. >> as police investigate the burglary, prince plans to increase security on his property to help put himself and his family at ease. >> my alarm system will be on every day. i wouldn't care if i went to the grocery store. my alarm is set. >> reporter: willingboro police are investigating this case. they don't have much of a description of the burglar except that he's a light skinned mail, possibly about fix 6 feet tall. if you have any information call willingboro police at this poi point. no specific information to believe this fmly was targeted for any reason. dawn. >> jenny, thank you. no balk to that story developing out of orlando, florida. investigators say they're trying to figure out what caused a disgruntled factory worker to start shooting people at his former workplace several weeks after he was let go. orange county sheriff identifies the shooter as john neumann, jr., he shot and killed five people before killing himself
10:17 pm
according to authorities. investigators say at least one of the victims had a negative relationship with new man. >> he was certainly singling out the individuals that he shot. it appears that one of the individuals he encountered, a young woman, who was temporary employee had just shown up for work. he pointed a firearm at her and told her to get out of the business. >> deputies were also called to that factory back in 2014 because new man was accused then of hitting a co-worker but no chargecharges were fired tacony-palmyra at that time. the co-worker involved in that fight was not one of the people killed today. a man in west oak lane is shot and killed after police say someone just burst into his home early this morning. investigators called to the scene about 1:00 o'clock. the back door of the home kicked in. it happened along the 6500 block of north 16th street. police say they found a 29-year-old man shot several times and that bullet holes were everywhere. medics pronounced him dead.
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police think the motive is robbery and they are still looking for the gunman tonight. on your radar tonight, final al break from the rain in delaware. so the windshield wipers on interstate knife in wilmington are getting a break for now. kathy orr is here to tell us when the rains return because it's returning right, kathy. >> oh yeah. we have little bit of a break lucy. we have a cold front that's moving in and you can see right here this is all the rain then thunder as well associated with it. williamsport seeing the rain right now and this is going to be moving toward the southeast. right now just a few lingering showers. you can see them down the shore along the parkway other than that, we have to wait for this front to move through during the overnight. so some rain during the overnight. even during the day tomorrow. and we will be seeing additional showers and thunderstorms as we make it into the early morning hours. visibility reduced in some spots with areas of fog tonigh. temperatures in the 60s. but it will be muggy and you will feel that warm humid air mass overnight. so coming up we'll talk about how wet it's going to be through the midweek period.
10:19 pm
sunshine does return to the seven day and we'll be chasing 90 in that seven day as well. the tail of the two seasons continues i'll have that coming up later in the broadcast for now lucy we'll zen it back to you. >> got a good novel with that title. thank you very much, kathy. happening right now, a bear with ticket out of bucks county and he's been all the talk from feasterville to doylestown but tonight this young bear is on his way to new local after pennsylvania game commission officials were finally able to tranquilize him. there he is snoozing right now. he's going to have hang over tomorrow. raises a good question. you got the big city philadelphia. you've got the beautiful deep woods of pennsylvania. so what do you do when the two meet somewhere in the middle? and a bear is roaming around in plane site? here's hanks toes take. ♪ set me to ask anyone want to volunteer to stand at the bottom of the tree and be bear bait. >> yes. >> you city big black bear he's been leading police through
10:20 pm
lower southampton for the better part of the last 24 hours. my take they know exactly how to ain't they do it lit more often than you might realize. >> if we shoot it in the tree right now it's way up the tree it falls asleep then it will fall out of the tree and hurt itself. we don't want to do that. wait for it to come down. >> reporter: that bear that was up in the tree last night bustleton pike and street road he's moved on to bustleton county line road. as you saw this morning on skyfox he found himself a tall tree, climbed it and was there all afternoon. police chief ted, wanted him down for obvious reasons. >> our concern for the little guy to get hit by a car. he's scared. or a person messing with him. person getting hurt. doesn't have enough sense to stay away from wild animal. we try to get him contain. >> reporter: that as it turned out was the challenge. conservation and law enforcement racked their brains for a way to company err the bear down from the tree as dozens of locals gather on the street to watch the toe show. >> 50 bucks and i'll wrestle
10:21 pm
him. >> i come from philly. there's no action up here. this is a the best act i've seen in four years. >> they tried waiting. fresco user tried flying his drone up near the bear to scare him down. that was a fail. then with the bear about 25 feet up conservation took a chance. bill lives in the neighborhood ooh got a conclusion. >> my opinion, hank, leave the bear alone. let it live its life. it hasn't hurt anybody and it's came from north to south. >> reporter: sure i get it i also understand want to go knock the bear out and cart him back to the deep woods. everybody is happier that way especially the bear. what do you do when a bear comes to visit? the best you can. from my part i'm glad he popped by. keeps people on their toes. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ hank and i were talking about this apparently the police chopper scared the little guy out of the tree he got down
10:22 pm
that's when they were able to tranquilize him. >> that's good news. i still feel sorry for the bears they're being forced out of the their habitat. >> we move into their neighborhoods and we'r sun set there's around. >> exactly. >> the life of joe paterno coming to a film act pacino will play the former penn state football coach in mew hbi movie. the flock will be directed by barry levinson show should you the jerry sandusky challeng chad joe paterno poe less gag see. >> flying is stressful for lost walks. you don't expect to walk off airplane bitten and blood did heed it bit happened to one passenger. >> take look at this guy. he tries and he tries and he tries to get through the door because of what he thinks is on the other side.
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buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all. boom. summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant. >> there was a call for help. you could hear a dog growling and a bark, and someone scream i need help there's a medical emergency. >> that woman you just heard says she saw support dog attack a passenger on an airplane. bridget maddux peoples what wa walking to her seat on delta flight out of atlanta yesterday she heard a bark and then a scream. well delta airlines confirms emotional support dog bit another passenger. >> face was covered in blood. around his eyes, his nose, his cheeks, his shirt, when he
10:26 pm
walked out he had a cloth over his face and just completely bloody. >> maddux peoples says the flight crew called for help and the man who the dog bit walk off the plane but was shaken up. delta put the dog and its owner on another flight and that had dog fly in kennel. the search is on for a burglar in the city's feltonville section. surveillance video capturing a guy inside the dunkin' donuts on the 5,000 block of rising sun avenue just past midnight yesterday. he managed to kick a hole in the manager's office wall again into the stock room. goat away with cash. if you recognize this guy police want to hear from you. next bill cosby in court for his sexual assault trial. we know his tv daughter was there. but who wasn't in the courtroom. well, that has people talking. and we all know prom is a really big deal but is it big enough deal to spend $25,000 on just the pre prom send off. you'll meet the north philly mom who says yup. ♪ (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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>> media circus made its way to
10:30 pm
norristown montgomery county all the cameras are waiting to get a shot of that man right there comedian and defendant bill cosby. he's trying to clear his name of sexual assault charges but prosecutors hope they can soon call him a convicted felon. chris o'connell has been following day one of his trial in montgomery county. joins us now from the courthouse in norristown. chris? >> reporter: lucy, emotionally charged and tear filled day one of testimony in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. as you said you saw those cameras here. a flood of local, national and international media as far away as london and denmark and japan here for this and really one of the biggest celebrity trials since oj simpson. the man known as america's dad strolled in to court today. on his arm he is cored by his television daughter keisha knight pulliam who played rudy huxtable on the hit sitcom cosby show. this trial 13 years in the making.
10:31 pm
cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaultin assaulting ae university employee back in 2004ings cosby's morning much the prosecutors first witness today a second alleged victim. another woman who testified that she too was drugged and assaul assaulted by bill cosby and the prosecution was trying to prove a pattern of sexual abuse. now, this is part of parade of 50 or sick different alleged victims but this trial is about one and one alleged victim only and that is andrea constand and she is expected to definitely sometime during this trial. lucy. >> , chris, one person was noticeably absent from today's proceeding. >> reporter: yes. bill cosby's wife camille. she has not been seen publicly at least at some of these pretrial hearings. she was not here for day one. his daughters who have been speaking out in support of him we did not see them here at all.
10:32 pm
but clearly he wanted to show a face of that old tv sad and that's why he was brought in with his former tv daughter. >> yeah. that was interesting. all right. thank you very much, chris. and you know there's going to be mentee five work with this sure to be historic trial. we're there fox 29 in the courtroom every sip gel day. if something happens which you know it will, as soon as a reporters are out of court you'll know about it on twitter, facebook or alert from our fox 29 app. well he had been on the run for days. but tonight police in chester county have this man behind bars the crimes he's accused of well it's extremely disturbing. prosecutors say he assault add man with cerebral palsy. fox 29's joanne pileggi has the very latest from west chester tonight. >> every police officer i saw for the last ten days told me, i'm looking for barry baker. >> reporter: barry baker, jr., the surveillance video of him teasing and sucker punching a man with cerebral palsy outside of a 7eleven in west chester
10:33 pm
gave him notoriety not the good kind. >> this defendant rapidly became public enemy number one. once everyone saw what was on that video and saw what this defendant did to a man with a disability, because he had a disability, everyone was outraged. >> reporter: baker, 29, of georgetown, delaware, was arrested and charged with assault in the case almost two weeks ago. he made bail. but didn't show up for a court date and local, county and federal marshals finally found him today. they say he was hiding out at an exton hotel. >> he came peacefully. meekly because when he's facing people with guns, when he's facing people who are fully abled, then all of a sudden he's a could you war. >> reporter: outside the courthouse this afternoon, some general reaction. >> the video is pretty cut and dry. he went up and hit a kit kid for no reason. i think somebody should have
10:34 pm
went up and knock him out right after. >> reporter: the da says there could have been additional charges for people who helped baker while he was on the run. bail has been set at 100,000. joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. >> special welcome for vietnam veterans returning from visiting their memorial in washington, d.c. more than 25 vietnam vets took the tour of honor. >> the trip takes veterans to visit military memorial sites in the nation's capitol. back here in bensalem tons of people were on hand waving american flags to help thank the veterans for their service when they got back from their trip. vietnam veterans are a group who aren't always appreciated because of the unpopularity of that war but tonight some of the vets told us the crowd was really welcomed sight. >> i served with the first calvary in 1969. i came home it wasn't so good. but today i finally feel like i'm welcomed home. >> vietnam vets welcome home finally. it took them over 50 years we're finally got our welcome home.
10:35 pm
>> the veterans also say seeing the sites today in washington well it was a great experience. love that. a north philadelphia mom getting a lot of attention on social media for the prom send off and what a send off she gave her son good absolute. she helped bring due by to the city of brotherly love. sawed ya schooler was originally planning to give her son johnny a trip to dubai for his high school graduation but after several tragedies including a stroke, a thyroid cancer diagnosis and the murder of johnny's father, she was unable to do so so she decided to bring the middle east to north philadelphia including 3 tons of zapped, even a camel. johnny also took three different dates to the prom in style rendering a lamborghini, a range rover and rolls royce. his mom spoke to alex holley and mike jerick as did he on "good day philadelphia". >> this was all mom's idea. what were you thinking when you started hearing about they're bringing in sand arc camel, we're bringing all this stuff. >> i was saying, it's too much,
10:36 pm
mom. but it was worth it. it was worth it. >> worth it because the whole block came out. >> because of the whole block came out and, you know, this is possibly could be exposure for my mom's business. >> you know the negative backlash on social media and what people are saying. >> i don't really pay attention to that as long as i got my friends and my family in the corner and my hood, north phil philly. >> how much advanced warning did you have? >> say it again. >> was eight surprise? a total -- >> total surprise. >> everything. >> that day? >> wow! >> the whole day. >> quite a surprise. his mom says she saved up $25,000 a lot of money for that very special send off. yeah. >> but the whole block came together so it was one big block party. >> i guess. >> there you have it. >> all right. it's one of the busiest roads in the area. no camels around here. it's behind plenty of headaches lately and -- and we're going to
10:37 pm
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heads up tonight for drivers i676 is about to shut down in philadelphia. the highway will be closed in both directions between i-76 and broad street starting tonight at 11:00 through 5:00 in the morning and it will likely be this way through thursday of this week. penndot can complete work on the overhead bridges at 22nd and 18th streets. trial of the media versus the meat is now underway. it could cost abc news billions. this all stems from the news organizes investigation over pink slime. a common ingredient in ground beef a south dakota company is suing saying the reporting cost them money and jobs. lots of jobs. opening statements at the courthouse in elk point south dakota in the defamation trial against abc and correspondent jim avenue lea with $5.7 billion in damages on the line in 2012 he a zero series of reports called lean finely textured beef
10:41 pm
later dubbed pink slime. beef products incorporated claims it lost 80% of its revenue hadn't to lay off 700 workers. >> the verdict burden is on the plaintiff to prove this phrase pink slime was untrue. i don't know how they can do given we all know what the definition of it is and given the meat in this case fit that definition. >> abc news says it stands by its reporting abc news was the first by the way to report on pink slime. others including the new york times had done so prior. imagine trying to walk with 30dvd's and 15 quarts of oil in your pants? that's what this guy is accused of doing only problem -- >> weirdest thing. >> it's not that he was trying to walk with 30 d.c 30vd's and 15 quarts of oil in his pants. >> remember that phrase rain, rain, go away come back another
10:42 pm
day. >> the sun will come back, not tomorrow. it will be feeling like june. in the meantime rain lucy it's good for your garden. >> i love it for that. >> we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ nothing performs like a tempur-pedic. and now is the best time to buy one. now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at >> apple announced new big plan
10:45 pm
annual worldwide developers conference in california. the company says i phones with upcoming version ios will defect when you're driving and silence for notifications features call do not disturb while driving could help prevent distracted driving what apple says. don't know if you'd be able to operate op out. caught with his pants full. deputies say this surveillance video shows a florida man removing dozens of motor oil bottles and dvd's from his jea jeans. definitely unusual crime and video that you almost have to see to believe. >> we've been talking about this today. >> i know. >> it seems impossible. surveillance video however tells the story. from the 7eleven near tampa. caught from it a lot of angles. officials say all started with dvd's stuffing 30 into his pan pants. he he then moved on to the auto aisle he found room for 15 quarts of motor oil. >> there he is. [ laughter ] >> it's not funny. i know he's stealing. needless to say, it made the
10:46 pm
walk to the parking lot difficult. he park by the way next to undercover deputy in the parking lot working on different case when he watched hall walk out actually waddle out with his pants stuffed. the deputy ordered him to pull out pretty much everything. the sheriff says hall told deputies he travels between tam pan lakeland stealing because that's how he makes a living. he's got quite the criminal record including 68 previous charges and 24 previous convictions. >> oh, my god. [ applause ] >> emotional moments for a senior at the camden academy graduation today. kayla hicks brother specialist zachary alfred hicks flew in from germany to surprise his little sister on her big day. walked on to the stage when she& was about to receive her diplo diploma.
10:47 pm
making already wonderful day even better. >> i coordinate width my mom at first and then she coordinated with the school. just felt amazing. honestly, it was heart warming. >> her face sure says it all definitely heart warming in addition to kale lee 107 other students from camden academy charter high school graduated to night. congratulations to them all. >> skyfox in ortley beach in toms river one of the new jersey's beaches hit hardest by super storm sandy and getting the hip it needs. officials began dumping sand as part of 14-mile beach and dune project. total repairs cost about $128 million much the beach will close 1,000 feet at a time. speaking of beaches, let's check out delaware rehoboth. tomorrow won't be a day to hit beach either. kathy orr has the forecast coming up in 15 seconds.
10:48 pm
>> cool humid night across the region. temperatures falling back into the 66 and temperatures today only made make egg it to the 70s. we should be at 80 degrees just the average for this time of year. it's 64 degrees in pottstown. 67 in reading. 68 in wilmington. 66 in dover and down the shore temperatures still pretty uniform in the lower to mid 60s. the ocean water temperature at 62 degrees. we do have some higher humidity this is the dew point temperature. the true amount of moisture in the atmosphere when you see dew points in the 60s and heading toward the 70s that's uncomfortable if it were daytime situation. but definitely muggy for the overnight. feeling more like tropical air mass. we do have cold front that will be come through overnight with a few rumbles of thunder especially to the north and west of philadelphia. this cold front will be sweeping through. drier air moving in behind it. so lowering that humidity but
10:49 pm
during the day tomorrow, we see this area of low pressure moving through the counterclockwise flow swirling some moisture into the region. so as you go hour by hour you see a few showers and storms move through overnight. some spotty showers tomorrow. rotating around that area of low pressure. just a shower here and there. possibly a few downpours and then some breaks in the overcast late. wednesday still a mostly cloudy day as that low moves away a few spotty showers once begin breaks in the clouds as we slowly get out of this weather rut. we'll lock ahead to some sunny days late in the week and of course for the weekend. overnight tonight low 63 degrees. mostly cloudy with a few showe showers. there could be some areas of patchy fog come tomorrow morning with spotty showers again. easterly winds about five to 10 miles an hour. keeping it cool. temperatures some 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. as you look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority, wednesday mostly cloudy day the high only 69. thursday some afternoon breaks in the overcast, 74.
10:50 pm
friday clouds to sun, 80. saturday 85. sunday 88. monday 92 degrees. it's looking like we're going to break out of this get into the summer season as we head toward the second week of june. remember last year may was hot. june was hot. this year a lot different. that's a look at your seven day forecast. we'll zen it over to you ron. >> kathy, quarterback carson wentz shows great instincts in college but he's trying to apply that trade into certificate way. the phillies feeling better on a two hiv game win streak opening nine game road trip in atlanta the hits kept coming to night. that's next in sports. are allergies holding you back?
10:51 pm
break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist experience you'll barely feel. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. new flonase sensimist changes everything.
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♪ the eagles third round of ota's began today in steady rain which is okay because this is planting season for carson wentz. the quarterback newer chering process includes learning how to implement certain nuances of the position into his game to better create the plays he's capable of making. wentz still in the early stages of developing chemistry with his revamped receiving core as he hones those relationship with those down wind targets he needs
10:54 pm
to sharpen his awareness behind the line of scrimmage. >> pocket movement has been really good just in the drills we've done and team drills we've done. there's some specific things, you know, in this game there's a lot of pressure on the quarterback all the time. so just little subtle movements in the pocket are very important for the quarterback. >> pocket movement is huge. it's crucial, and knowing how to navigate it and just letting it a feel thing visually seeing it. , um, till the day i'm done playing this game i'll always just continually be trying to get better with that. the phillies honk way from great right now they did play better in the giants series over the weekend carried a winning streak into at land to hope a four game series there and nine game road trip. phillies up one to nothing in the first. tommy joseph crushes two run shot to the upper deck in left field much his tenth homerun this season. puts the phillies to up three to nothing. five-zero in the fourth. hernandez two run single to right. that brings in nap and galvis.
10:55 pm
same inning the neck batter herrera hits one deep to right. this one hits the flowers on the top of the wall. called a homerun. makes a score nine-zero. herrera two homeruns and six doubles. first phillie every three straight games with two doubles and this game just went final the phillies winning it allege-four in atlanta. the effects of the injuries that florida the sixers two right brightest young stars carry over into the next set of competitive game next month. neither simmons or embiid will participate in the summer leagues take place in july. both mares finish the season on the side line. embiid with torn meniscus that required surgery. simmons missed the entire system with a broken foot. co al a and?ly low does expect 2,161st round draft pick under contract in turkey to play with the sixers in the summer. finally, congratulations to the west chester university
10:56 pm
baseball team. it won the division two national championship on sunday cold den rams beat san diego five hoy two. west chester's second national title in sick years. great feat of accomplishment by those guys. >> pretty impressive. >> absolutely. >> so kathy, the rain, the umbrella, not going away. right. >> tomorrow will be one of those days if you want to brave it without the umbrella you could. i may. but you can take look right now. we have a cold front coming through that's where all that lightning those storms are moving through they'll hit places like lehigh county the poconos maybe even upper bucks that will swing through drier less humid tomorrow. >> it was humid today. >> yeah. sticky. >> you'll have spotty showers popping up. want to be safe bring the umbrella. save the hair might be a good idea. >> okay. >> that will do it -- >> gotcha. >> thank you. >> lucy noland is standing by with what's coming up at 11:00. >> bad reputation means a lot of
10:57 pm
wonderful dogs abandoned and die in schetterings across the alleges laying. new -- country. new legislation could mean a long life for kitties and dogs. we'll see in you a few minutes.
10:58 pm
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. millions of eyes and ears tuning in to our area as day one of bill cosby's trial in montgomery county made for one tense courtroom a mid gut wrenching testimony. news outlets from around the globe are camped outside the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. i'm lucy noland. bill cosby fight fog his reputation. hoping the nation remembers him as a comedian and not a felon. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at the courthouse. chris, a whirlwind of a day there. >> reporter: that is right, lucy. the prosecution put on their first witness to show that bill cosby had a pattern of sexual abuse. today jurors heard from a woman, another alleged victim in this case, and very tearful testimony who testified that she, too, was drugged and abused by


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