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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. millions of eyes and ears tuning in to our area as day one of bill cosby's trial in montgomery county made for one tense courtroom a mid gut wrenching testimony. news outlets from around the globe are camped outside the montgomery county courthouse in norristown. i'm lucy noland. bill cosby fight fog his reputation. hoping the nation remembers him as a comedian and not a felon. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at the courthouse. chris, a whirlwind of a day there. >> reporter: that is right, lucy. the prosecution put on their first witness to show that bill cosby had a pattern of sexual abuse. today jurors heard from a woman, another alleged victim in this case, and very tearful testimony who testified that she, too, was drugged and abused by the famous
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comedian. bill cosby leaving day one of court flanked by his attorneys and a crush of international media not saying a word. the once beloved enter taper painted by prosecutors as a predator, not a mentor, the prosecution's first witness kelly johnson, a second victim who gave tearful testimony about how cosby gave her a pill and sexually assaulted her in the mid '90's. >> to have to relive what she alleges that mr. cosby did to her was very very difficult. and she was crying part of the time. >> reporter: there are nearly 60 alleged victims around the country. cosby is accused of drugging and assaulting temple university employee andrea constand back in 2004. prosecutors say constand had the inability to consent to sex and was completely paralyzed, frozen, lifeless. defense attorneys will try to poke holes in inconsistent cease in constand's story pointing to the fact constand called cosby
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at least 50 times after the alleged assault. the man known as america's dad came to court in many a in many aways tv daughter keisha knight pulliam who played rudy huxtable on the cosby show. >> true family, friendship and integrity when people show up spent when things aren't looking so great. >> bill cosby not expected to testify in his own defense in this trial that is expected to last two weeks. testimony continues in the morning. lucy? >> yeah, you know packed courtroom there as well even with an overflow room from what we're understanding, chris, and despite all of those people there was a notable absence. >> reporter: yes, there was. camille cosby bill cosby's wife who he seen with before on interviews has not been present during any of the pre-trials nor the first day here in court. we didn't see any of his family
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with him today as he goes on this trial. >> all right. thank you very much, chris o'connell live there in norristown. jurors back at work deliberating tomorrow in bucks county in lee kaplan trial of the jurors got the case today. kaplan sexually assaulted six girls in his feasterville home. oldest is now 18. prosecutors say the youngest he sexually assaul assaulted was sn year old at the time then say the 52 year old fathered two children by one of those girls. prosecutors say they're parents gived the oldest girl to kaplan because he helped them financially. the girls parents are awaiting sentencing on child endanger many. now cops are right his son broke free of their clutches and he helped him escape. so tonight police arrested the father of fugitive wanted in bucks county they caught up with daniel selby, sr., earlier today. that's his son daniel selby, jr. on the loose still. they arrested junior on outstanding warrant last night.
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somehow he broke free this ankle shackles took off. neighbors in the warrington and chalfont area ended up sheltering in place but things returned to normal this morning. skyfox capturing quite the site a river runs through it. abington township, montgomery county, the scene of 16-inch water main broke around 4:00 this afternoon along the 900 block of edge hill avenue. the main belongs to the private water company aqua pa. no word yet on the extent of damage to homes in the area. >> aqua is currently working on the problem. our personnel from abington township, the fire department, the fire marshals' office, our code enforcement department all out on the scene checking to city there's any damage to the homes. >> aqua pa hopes to have repairs done to the main by 5:00 in the morning. the neighborhood is now under a boil water advisory. on your radar tonight no rain as we take look live along the ben franklin parkway. at least for now is the -- for now is the key word here. meteorologist kathy orr is here
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with that forecast at 11. what you got, kathy. >> we have some mild conditions. >> okay. >> we have some humidity that's running fairly high. temperatures running about 10 degrees below normal on the the high side. right now it's 68 degrees much the high 74. we should be sitting at about 8y cloudy. and temperatures are slowly falling. allentown 69. trenton 64. the same in wrightstown. millville 67. and down the shore temperatures in the 60s as well. from beach haven right through cape may point. the lower to mid 60s the ocean warming up to 62 degrees. which is pretty normal for this time of year. the dew point is true amount of moisture in the atmosphere not dependent on the temperature changing like the relative humidity. so when we see dew point temperatures in the 60s, 64 in philadelphia. 67 in millville. that's getting into that muggy zone and you can see 65 to 70 getting little uncomfortable if it warmer out there it would be more uncomfortable but it will feel like a tropical air mass at least tonight. we do cold front that's moving through you see the showers and thunderstorms through
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williamsport moving toward the south and the east. so the poconos, even the lehigh valley seeing a few of those tonight as this front swings through. and then tomorrow, some drier air behind that front but we will be seeing some spotty showers with that area of low pressure that will be sitting right over the keystone state. hour by hour spotty showers moving through even tomorrow morning, more numerous in the afternoon. the evening maybe a few downpours as well but they will be scattered throughout the region slowly drying out it it on wednesday with some breaks in the overcast. so overnight tonight, expect some showers moving through maybe a rumble of thunder to the north and west. the low 63. during the day tomorrow, warming up a little bit. only making it to around 70. so we'll be 10 degrees below average patchy fog in the morning and some spotty showers so please be aware very short lived but they will be fast movers as well. take a look your seven day forecast. cloudy and cool for wednesday. 74 with sunny breaks thursday. friday begins a change in our weather pattern.
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80 friday 85 saturday. sunday near 90. monday, lucy, next week hot and sunny talking about 92-degree day a week from now. that's going to feel good. that's any iain page kind of a day. >> oh yeah. thank you very much, kathy. >> you bet. happening right now for more than two weeks philadelphia police have been searching for the shooter who's opened fire on crowd people hurting ten of them ton night police believe they finally got the gunmen. fox 29's shawnette wilson live at philadelphia police headquarters. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy police say one of suspects turn himself in today with his father at his side. the other suspect is said to be in montgomery county prison. he will be brought back to philadelphia tomorrow to face charges. i have grand baby who's four-year-old. i'll tell her you can't go past this pole or this pole. >> kimberly re reynolds has a nw zest rules because. increasing violence including a shooting here two weeks ago.
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>> they hurting innocent people that don't have anything to do with your particular anger. >> reporter: monday, she and other neighbors got a sense of relief. police said during a news contrex they arrested two men who they believe fired 27 rounds into a crowd of people including children. the victims were outside listening to music and dancing. ten people were shot. >> it's great that these people that's doing this stuff get caught because there's goss to be consequence. >> 19-year-old tyrell broad next turned himself in monday. the other suspect 18-year-old quadir burly is in montgomery county prison on some kind of theft charge police say. philadelphia police plan to pick him up tuesday to face charges in the shooting. police say it stemmed from a long-standing dispute between the suspects and one man in the crowd they shot into that night. >> i think my family deserves better than and that us want to get out of here. >> reporter: police have not said exactly what that argument was about. nor have they recovered either weapon involved in the shooting. lucy.
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>> mystery still there. thank you very much, shawnette. judge in delaware sentence two teenaged girl in school bathroom attack that left their classmate dead. 17-year-old girl is now at a juvenile facility for the next six months. the other girl is on probation for 18 months. the case centered around 16-year-old amy joyner francis who died hours after the fight in april of last year. burlington county husband and father did what he had to do to protect his wife and daughter when someone broke into his home in the middle of the night. he got into a wrestling match with the invader when they came face to face. jenn for joyce has been talk wig him about what happened life now in willingboro. jennifer. >> reporter: lucy, yeah. this man tells us that he didn't even hear the burglar break in. he litera literally bumped inton the hallway and forced him out of his home. >> window was slit from here to here. >> reporter: otis prince of willingboro, new jersey, says someone broke into his home around 4:00 a.m. saturday. he was walking around checking on his wife when he stumbled
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upon the bold burglar making his way from room to room. funneling jewelry and electronic out through the side window. >> it started me. he must be cat barring lauer because i swear i didn't hear him. nobody in my house heard him. >> reporter: prince says his teenaged daughter was sleeping. his wife was in the next room over. he acted on instinct and tackle the masked man to the ground. >> when i had him, i told -- screamed for my wife and i said call the police. because i knew if i can wrestle him down, he wouldn't have got away. >> reporter: prince slipped and lost hold of the man who police tell us got away with jewelry and a laptop. not even the surveillance video caught the man camouflaged in dark clothing. prince says he plans to increase security on his property. >> my alarm system will be on every day. i wouldn't care if i went dot grocery store. my alarm is set. >> reporter: and police say they have no reason to believe that this family was specifically targeted. if you have any information on that the case, call willingboro police.
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lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, jennifer. he was on the run for days. but tonight the guy accused of mocking then punching a man with cerebral palsy is behind bars and the judge wants to make sure that he stays there. bad reputation means a lot of wonderful dogs end up abandoned and dying in shelters across the country but new legislation could mean a new lease on life for a whole lot of kitties.
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♪ this man has been on the run for days. police have 29-year-old barry baker, jr., behind bars. prosecutors say he mocked then attacked the man in this video who has cerebral palsy about a nothing ago outside a 7eleven in west chester. police arrested him about two week ago but he never showed up for his court date. local authorities and federal marshals found him today at an exton hotel he faces even more charges homeless shelte shelterg every overrun. finding a home is even harder. pitbull get very bad rap and stops a loft people have even giving them chance. today however bill anderson went to delaware shelter to meet pitbulls and find how knew legislation could save their lives and rep their reputation for goodness sake. there's nothing inherent with pitbulls that would make them aggressive. >> reporter: depend ong who you ask what's commonly referred
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to as pitbull is either a violent and aggressive dog or just a friendly dog that's occasionally misunderstood as a result of bad owners. >> we believe that it's really who the pet parents are and how they train them as far as what is their behavior. >> reporter: they have reputation that at least in part leads to what i experienced today at brandywine valley spca. >> hey guys. >> too many pitbulls abandoned to shelters. >> what's up guys? >> as a result of the reputation some areas were passing laws mostly directed to pitbulls that labeled them as dangerous even before the dogs did anything. some areas flat out band them forcing people to get rid of their family pet in they moved or got a job transfer. but friday delaware became the latest state to say no more. >> the house bill that passed preventing laws from being put in place that would be specific or discriminatory towards certain breed or dogs that look certain way. >> reporter: activist hope the so called anti breed
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discrimination bills will help people view the dogs by individual behavior and not reputation. >> they're great family doing. they can be with other animals. they will be housed with cats. they're just like every other breed we want them to be treated as such. >> i personally love and support rescue dogs. but admit i also hesitated when it became to pitbulls so today we put my own fears to the test. first there was charlotte. this ferocious pitt mix was much more afraid of me than i was of her. >> hello. >> stewie came out. and nope, nothing scary here either. finally, copper. i was a little worried about copper in the cage. but out of it, copper just wanted attention. >> i'm not naive and people should of course be cautious when adopting a pitbull or really any dog but the hope of the breed specific law ban pitbulls can either stay with their original family or get a chance to be adopted into a new one without shouldering the reputation of an entire breed for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪
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good job, delaware. all right. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are hoping to show what is happening in your neighborhood and dawn you got a lot to talk about tonight. >> absolutely. ribbon cutting ceremony today in camden with quite the little helper the crowd is celebrating the opening of coopers point waterfront park. 5-acre space includes multiple trails and playground ass accessible to people with dissables and beautiful view just across from the ben franklin bridge. and a celebration of life in delaware county tonight fresco user emma takes us to the field country club hundreds of cancer survivors and their supporters gathered and shared their stories to the crowd. people honored those still fighting cancer. the event is honor of cancer survivor's day. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and then make sure to use the fresco app to zen it to our newsroom. lucy. >> maybe cold hard cash. >> absolutely. >> thank you dawn tonight a bear
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is sleeping very soundly might have a bit of a hangover tomorrow morning. pennsylvania game commission had to tranquilize him after he went up a tree and stayed there on street road in feasterville. the commission says this same bear had been roaming across doylestown. everyone's biggest concern was for the safety of both neighbors and the bear. >> if we shoot it in the tree right now way up treat it falls asleep it will fall out of the tree and hurt itself. we got to wait for it to come down. >> a police chopper actually kind of buzzed the tree and then the bear came down. bear safe tonight. unharmed sleeping it off. ron burke is here talking about the nba. >> yeah. lucy the warriors lighting up the scoreboard in the nba finals but there's one numbers game they are not winning. i'll point out they're proving it doesn't matter where you begin as long as you end up number one. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening everybody. get ready vine expressway close surveillance back all this week. every night till about
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5:00 o'clock the following morning. the vine expressway closed to vehicle traffic between broad street and the schuylkill. jump off at 30th, spring garden or south and then get ready throughout the day tomorrow penndot will be working westbound on schuylkill expressway taking it down to one lane 9:00 to thee boulevard to belmont. expect jammo leaving town and hello to wilmington they'll be working tomorrow along 495 to southbound ramp to edge more road. we'll check the jam cams. sue has the tuesday forecast. we'll see you right here starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
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despite the warriors two two-zero lead in the finals. ron burke explains why that hasn't mattered in 15 seconds. ♪ as we look forward to the sixers again picking in the top three of the nba draft, it's refresh to go watch how the warriors have assembled a jugger naught without having draft add
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current player op their roster in the top five. three headed monster steph curry number seven, clay thomas was drafterred 11 and green many ways the heartbeat of that team wasn't taken until the second round. 35 overall. kevin durant was drafted second over ball by seattle. the player durant replaced harrison barnes he went on to help golden state win title after being drafted seventh overall in 2012. when healthy and with no players suspended the warriors have run the cavaliers rag in the last 2nba finals. showing draft status means little and player and team development they mean everything. adding to duran before the season was a master stroke by management. and now he's halfway them nba title and possible finals mvp award. when the draft is held in few weeks we'll celebrate and the cheer the players taken at the top especially by the sixers. but between now and then take a real good look at the warriors. remind yourself that you don't have to be at the top to end up
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number one. lucy. >> there you go. >> thank you very much, ron burke. >> good having you here by the way. in manchester that all star concert yesterday was a huge success. ariana grande's one love manchester benefit concert brought in more than $13 million. the money goes to the victims of dead al tack two week after her concert she organize the show which included other a listers the biebs, justin beiber and katie perry. and a bunch of other folks. a record breaking weekend at the box office for the latest super hero movie. have either kathy orr ron gone to see this one. >> not yet. >> not yet. >> dc comic wonder woman. broke the $100 million mark over the weekend the biggest opening weekend for movie directed by a woman. 50 shades of gray hell the record until now. wonder woman represents a turning point by the way for warner brother and d.c. comics which have together struggled in recent years to match the marvel disney jugger naught. >> good for them. >> i'm going to have a --
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>> i noticed that. >> are you really wonder woman? >> you just do this for fun. >> it's kind of like superman. >> clark kent by day. at nighttime. >> wonder woman to me is linda carter. because that's what i recall. >> great blue eyes. get used to the new wonder woman. >> this was mean with the bond thing. when daniel craig took over. there's no -- he's not bond. then i watch him and went, he is a great bond. he's right sean connery bon. >> threats. >> from one of our wonderful viewer her name is rose jd and she's fabulous and always -- >> so sweet. >> i thought so, too. >> very nice. >> we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". sue serio wonder woman and bob kelly will have your weather and traffic covered all morning. >> what's in there. >> chicken broth actually. i was. >> good night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: the manchester concert was a huge success. but even that could not bring two guys who hate each other back together. >> there's rumors that oasis were going to get back together. liam gallagher showed up. noel was nowhere to be seen. after the concert, liam got on twitter and goes -- [bleep]. >> they are historically always at each other's throats. and that's kind of what you like about it. [laughter] >> kanye west, now he's trying to take on high school athletics at the calabasas high school. he wants to change the uniform color scheme. >> they bring in these athletes that are young, trendsetting people and he's going to be able to put kanye designs on these taste makers. harvey: when the game starts, these guys kind of come out and do like -- [laughter] >> bella thorne, at the peppermint club. she's wearing a sheer top and


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