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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  June 6, 2017 4:00am-4:59am EDT

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right any on good day fail bill cosby in court, witnesses expected on the stand as comedian sexual assault trial moves in today number two. also ahead this morning a vicious attack two teens punched a man with mental disabilities right in the face cowardly act shared on facebook. and also, a river runs through it, not the movie, this isn't supposed to be happening in our area. this is right down the street, it is a water main break, what people in that area need to know and do, before they clean up the water. out of the tree and in the wood a bear going across bucks count which a new place to call home this morning. well, i love how that one ended happily. good day it is tuesday june 6th, thanks so much information waking up earl
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which our gang good morning, thomas. >> good morning, sue, bob, everybody. >> good morning everybody. >> there you go do get you going. sue serio what can you expect. >> you knee dreary weather from yesterday. >> yes. >> we have dreary weather in store for today. we gave you a seven yesterday. we will stick with the seven. probably six worthy but you know how it goes, with these numbers every day, hey, looking up to our north and west around allentown do you see that lightening, heavy rain on radar. that is heading our way. line of showers and thunderstorms. if you weren't awake already, that will probably wake you up ground is wet here in olde city from the rain that fell overnight and it looks like it is 63 degrees outside. sunrise time at 5:33. other temperatures, 62 allentown where we're getting that rain and thunderstorms right now, 53 mount pocono, it is, 62 in atlantic city. sixty-four in cape may and 63 degrees in rehoboth beach.
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that is where we are at the moment. plan on a few showers a thunderstorm, a glimmer of sunshine here and there but generally a dreary day and a high of 67. sunset time 8:27. that is enough numbers for now , bob kelly but of course we will have more on the way. >> yes. math first period. thunder boomers on the way. we have some fog this morning. hello everybody it is tuesday, live look at ben franklin bridge socked in with some fog knocking down the visibility. road are a little damp and wet from the mist and wind out there, old glory getting a work out. live look downtown, vine street expressway socked in with some fog and it is also closed here between schuylkill and broad street, until about 5:00 o'clock, that week long project, so from the schuylkill, exit down to spring garden, 30th or south, from center city working your way over you can use vine street local. we had an early morning overturn tractor trailer right lane still blocked south on the freeway, coming over walt
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whitman into new jersey right at ramps for i295 and in that construction zone that right lane is block. water main break from yesterday, in abington will cause delays this morning. edge hill roadblocked between cusser and brad field road, local detour there 95 northbound crews are still working here right here near the blue route. look out, they have been taking out the right lane, big old white spotlights are on. mass transit, so far, so good, karen and thomas back to you. bill cosby's sexual assault trial enters its second day, comedian's comedian and legacy are on the line. day one brought emotional testimony with portrayal of the two very different side of what happened, more than a decade ago. our steve keeley is in norristown and what a day it was, steve. >> reporter: well, what day two will begin with will be something that is not testimony but out of the jury 's presence and a judge's decision because after hearing arguments for and against
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allowing the prosecution's next planned witness, he will deciding whether to allow her to testify, mother of kelly johnson who was witness number one here yesterday hoist back in the 1990's was a young staffer at will yam talent agency when bill cosby suddenly took an interest in her calling her at home many times and even said that he would recommend doctors for a sick relative that she had, had her and her family see them in las vegas to demonstrate a pattern, the prosecutor put her on first to show what happened to the woman in 2004 that this trial was all about happened previously to kelly johnson eight years ago. cosby invited to his bellaire hotel, gave her a large white pill, wouldn't didn't her what it was but that it would make her feel berth. she felt intimidated and he made sure that she swallowed it. she tried to hide it under her tongue and she drank some wine , took it and then next thing she was asleep when she woke up her dress was pulled up above her weigh, he put
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lotion on her hand and had her touch her private. she was too afraid to tell everybody because he was such a big star. >> it is first time that mr. cosby is going to have to confront the accusers against him in a criminal case and so it is a very important day. >> sexual assault, in anyway, shape or form, but at the even of the day our court system is set up, and the judge said plenty of times in the beginning of this whole thing that you are innocent until you are proven guilty. >> this is nothing but a circus. that is all it is, bill got what, he only got his daughters. where is all of his friend. >> getting back to what i began with on witness number two the planned mother of kelly johnson why doesn't the prosecutor want her on the stand, to buttress what her her daughter didn't just come forward after all these other
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women came forward after this was makinghe told people at the time what happened to her who were close to her. why does the defense team not want her?that is hearsay she dit hear or see anything firsthand that happened in that bellaire room. so we will see a big decision coming actually is witness number two whether it'sr somebody else. guys. >> noticeably absent in court was cosby there supportins keisha pullman. >> through family, friendship, s aren't looking so great and they are not shiny. >> that is pulliam, cosby thanked her for her support. he also posted this picture of him wither cliff and claire's fr year-old daughter rudy and
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mni followed with all of the court, and come to truth. courtroom will be busy every single day as soon asepore will let you know on line fox 29 media. 4:07. jurors wil tal of the bucks county man accused of keeping a dozen girls in his home and sexually assaulting some of them. jurors the 512 year-old lee kually assaulted six girls in the same children by one of the girls in his feasterville home. gifted the oldest girl to kaplan because financially. girls parents endangerment. it has been another violent nit philadelphia, over investigating a murder. they say shot two times in the head on the 600 block of north shed
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wick street. police found them on a nearby highway around 11:30 last nit. hospital. authorities are asking, anyone with any information, to please, come forward. in frankford there is a 25 year-old man iner a shooting that happened about midnight, police say he was found shot in the stomach, on the 1500 block avenue victim has been taken to temple hospital, police did not find a shooting scene with ballistics evidence there. um. they did find a nearby vehicle who hadpolice say they are lookg for two suspects at this time. also developing right now, from germantown where a man who appears to be mentally challenge was punched in the face, by two teenagers. police are trying to track them down right now, lets get out to sabina kuriakose live >> reporter: this video isbina just so incredibly hard to watch my photographer chris and i are looking at it and just range of emotion from
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horror to anger a complete by wilder. that anybody could do this. here it is, did blur some so we're protecting victim's identity with the fact that the kid in that video are the alleged attackers. it shows a group of at least four kid taunting the victim and two of the kidvictim severae other children laugh. to walk but they follow him and he is punched again. video was taken on chelten avenue in germantown. we don't know exactly when it was taken. we don't know if the victim has any serious or lasting philadelphia police department who calls the video disturbing and they are asking anyone who knows who the victim is, or who any of the attackers might be, to call investigators and back out here live, karen, just mentioning to you watching that video we had to
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blur someee the emotion on this victim's face. at first he is smiling with this group of kid until one sucker can see hurt as he tries to get away. really disturbing. back to you. >> thanks, sabina. 4:10. you decide 2017 has voters in the garden state head to the polls for is biggest race for se ease next governor, six democrats, five republicans, they are hoping to replace chris christie when his term end. other races include state senate and assembly seats. polls will open up at 6:00 a.m. and they will close tonight at 8:00. also we're following developing news right now coming out of hunting park where police are investigating a domestic dispute, it turned deadly. it happened last night on the 3800 block of percy street, there is a 29 year-old, hispanic male, transported to temple hospital where he did die. police say the 26 year-old suspect shot the victim multiple times and then ran
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out of the home with the gun still in his hand. police are hoping surveillance cameras in the area, will help to locate him. philadelphia police this morning released new surveillance in hopes of the catching people who opened fire on a kensington street hitting a toddler several times. that little boy survived. police say two gunman shot toddler in his 25 year-old father last month. while they were sitting on the porch on malta street. mayor kenney's office is offering $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction, that is on top of the $5,000 reward from the fop. both father and son are now out of the hospital. 4:11. there is a boil water advisory issued for people in arc ton township montgomery county, they got water all over the place because they had a 16- inch water main break yesterday afternoon along 900 block of edge hill avenue. crew from his aqua pennsylvania are trying to fix all that, rushing water left homes, with too much water in
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their basements. >> aqua is currently working on the problem, our personnel from abington township, fire department, fire marshals office, code enforcement department all out on the scene checking to see if there is any damage to the homes. >> so they are supposed to be out there right now and they hope to have this fixed within the next hour. it is 4:12. there is an assault suspect on the run for days, telling but this one, yesterday morning, and finally behind bars. >> man who allegedly landed a punch against a guy with cerebral pause any that video, finally, land in jail. plus parents, you have a new baby at home, is there new advice on sleeping where you may want that baby to sleep if you want them to sleep longer. bob kelly, i remember these days sleeping like a baby. >> curling over, playing with my piggy toes, good morning everybody. 4:12. we have thunder boomers. wake those little won up in
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the crib. if we have an accident we have an accident on the new jersey turnpike and lets go outside and open up the door and say good morning to the parkway. we have been dealing with a little bit of everything on this tuesday. we will run it all down after a grab of a cup of coffee and then we will be right back.
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welcome back. a little light out there on the board in ocean city and we
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can see wind in the flags. not a great beach day, sue serio. >> not really. >> i think it is not only the glumminess of the day but it will be on the cool side, as well. we will be on the cool side of our complicated weather system that is still here, this low pressure system is moving toward east, this one off shore and we are in between and everything is going to stay close enough that we will deal with cloud and showers today, and cloud tomorrow, and things probably won't start to clear up until thursday. so you see, the thunderstorms heading our way. we will zoom in closer just to see who is getting it and it looks like things are starting to move out of the lehigh valley, heading in to bucks, montgomery and chester counties. so we will zoom in even closer and see easton, pennsylvania getting heavier rain right now , probably hearing some thunder, upper milford as well as richland and pottstown heavy rain and area of heavy rain around honey brook in
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chester county as well. south and east of here like here in philadelphia, norristown, west goshen we are about to get some of those thunderstorms. we will see how much holds together. we will have rain in the forecast for rest of the day on and off, cloudy skies, maybe a break of sunshine every once in a while but even here at 5:00 we still have rain as rest of that system head out and then lingering cloud on wednesday, here's thursday morning, probably see , some morning sunshine, for a change and then that should stick around for a while after that. big difference in temperatures once we get to that seven day forecast but right new we should ab wear of the fog with moisture in the air, two and a half mile visibility at airport and even less in pottstown where we are getting heavier rain so watch out that could slow you down. temperatures a smidge cooler then yesterday 63 degrees in philadelphia. fifty's up in the mountains. sixty's every where else. wind at 7 miles an hour with wind coming out of thee that will keep us cloudy.
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when it is not raining. look at the difference in temperatures 67 degrees today. sixty-six tomorrow. seventy's on thursday and friday, by monday, we're 91 degrees. so it will heat up over weekend but a couple of cool days ahead and it is cool when you get in your car and tune into 101.1fm because the weather forecast is there as well. bob kill i. >> you got it all going on, good morning everybody. on a tuesday. little bit of everything going on this morning. it is early. we have thick fog. road are damp. we have thunder boomers and a bridge opening. set for an opening any minute now 4:20. set to go up on the burlington bristol bridge. grant jumbo coffee and extra doughnut for the ride heading their way. accident north on the new jersey turnpike north bound at exit number eight, that is hightstown, interchange, and then, as we go outside we are dealing with thick fog, live look at the blue route 476 they are also working
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northbound, approaching the mid county tolls, and the e-z pass, express lanes, they are block until about 5:00. all part of the overnight construction. an example here in north east fill awe can see fog bouncing off the billboards in the overhead street lamps and road are damp and wet from the mist created with the fog. downtown we will go a live look at vine street expressway closed until 5:00 between the schuylkill and broad street. so every night this week, from about 10:00 o'clock until 5:00 e stretch between schuylkill and broad closed so they can demolish that what is it the 19th street overpass there. so use spring garden, 30th or south street, as the alternate and if you are heading in to new jersey, coming over walt whitman bridge southbound on the 42 freeway right at 295 in that construction zone we had an overnight tractor trailer accident that still has the right lane blocked with the crews and we showed you video from that water main break
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yesterday, edgehill road closed between cusser and brad field so expect local detour and even school buses will navigate around construction crews out there throughout the day. mass transit, so far, so good, karen and thomas, back to you. >> bob, thank you. 's delaware judge sentenced two teenage girls in the death of their classmate. a 17 year-old girl was given six months in the juvenile facility, other girl was placed on probation for 18 months. the case entered around 16 year-old amy joyner francis who died hours after a fight in the bathroom in april of last year. 4:20. on the run for days that guy right there police say in chester county they have got him behind bars, finally, because the crime that he is accused office extremely disturbing. pretty low, prosecutors say he assaulted a man with cerebral palsy, or joann pille gi has latest from west chester. >> every police officer i saw for last 10 days saying i'm looking for barry baker. >> reporter: barry baker junior, surveillance video of
4:21 am
him, teasing, sucker punching a man with cerebral palsy outside a 7-eleven in west chester gave him notoriety. not the good kind. >> this defendant rapidly became public enemy number one once everyone saw what was on that video, and saw what this defendant did to a man with the disability, because he had a disability, everyone was outraged. >> reporter: baker, 29, of georgetown, delaware was arrested and charged with assault in the case, almost two weeks ago. he made bail, but didn't show up for a court date, and then local, county and federal marshals finally found him today, they say he was hiding out at aniston hotel. >> he came peacefully, meekly because when he is facing people with guns, when he is facing people who are fully able, then all of a sudden he is a coward. >> reporter: outside the courthouse this afternoon some general reaction. >> the video is pretty cut and dry. he went up, hit a kid for no
4:22 am
reason. i think somebody should have went out and knocked him on it right after. >> reporter: d.a. says there could ab digsal charges for people that helped baker while on the run. bail for baker has been set at hundred thousand dollars. in west chester i'm joann pill egi, fox 29 news. search is on for a burglar in the feltonville section, surveillance video right there captured a guy inside dunkin' donuts, on the 5,000 block of rising sun avenue. it happened just past midnight sunday. he managed to get a hole in the wall in the manager's office to get in the stockroom and he did getaway with that cash. police are searching for a man who tried to burglarize a massage parlor. take a real good look, captured his image clearly, police say that guy walk in the shop on the 400 block of north 12th street, pointed a gun and demanded money, it happened may 26th. an employee toll the man they didn't have any money so he took off. if you recognize him, take another look here, in in his
4:23 am
discontinuingtive shirt. police want to hear from you. black bear roaming around bucks county for a couple years has a new home this morning parks gaming commission has to tranquilize him so they is, they did finally catch up with him. he had been over on street road in feasterville. commission says it is same bear that had been going across doyletown. everyone's main concern was for safety of the neighbors and the bear. our concern is for the little guy to get hit by a car , he is scared, or a person messing with him, person getting hurt not having enough sense to stay away from a wild animal. >> bear has been taken to a new home safely in the wood away from people. this one, you get into harvard and then gets kicked out what school officials say was so offensive that some students before given the boot right after being accepted. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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super pro-tip: buy your veggiveggies pre-chopped. ce. boom. the best food at amazing prices, giant. good morning i'm ron berk, eagles are holding their final round of otas this week and one thing coach stresses carson wentz is making plays down field by having a better feel by is what going on around him behind the line of scrimmage. >> his pocket movement has been good just in the drills we have done and team drills that we have done, there is some specific things, you know in, this game there is a lot of pressure on the quarterback all the time. little subtle movements in the pocket are very important for the quarterback. phillies, first winning streak to atlanta with a nine game road trip up seven to nothing in the fourth odubel
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herrera hits one to the flowers at top of the wall. it is a home run. he has two home runs and six doubles and first philly ever with three straight games with two doubles they win 11-four. stanley cup final predators up two-one couple diving passes lead to victor, in front and he gets the goal. predators win four-one. they even up game five is thursday in pittsburgh. that is sports in a minute. this is ron berk.
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bill cosby on trial as his sex assault case moves today two. >> facebook post that will leave you outraged, two teens seen sucker punching a mentally disable man what happened here in a live report summer dreaming, to go down the shore. find out is there not so much rentals, why in one particular area, we're taking a look at it right now you may have more trouble finding a rental. >> great. >> for this summer. >> they are so expensive. great to have you with us on this tuesday 4:30, thomas drayton with karen hepp, good morning. >> i have the flip and fill pool in the backyard no need
4:31 am
to worry. >> awesome, i'm an board, i will be there, bob. sue serio, good morning. >> if you want to go to the shore this weekend, it will be okay. working on it. change the number, to a six. >> all right. >> we have got heavy rain, this morning and bus stop buddy celebrating national yoy o day, and also, has some rain gear, keep that rain gear nearby once again, and phillies won three in a row, wearing a phillies cap, so happy. two and a half mile visibility at philly international and less in reading and pottstown and trenton has some fog this morning as well. so watch out for that. watch out for this line of showers and thunderstorms, edge nothing to northern parts of the montgomery and bucks county and western chester county as well. we will take a closer look at that situation coming up, it is damp here in olde city. ground is wet. it is 63 degrees with 7 miles an hour wind out of the east. e terly winds mean we usually stay cloudy. sixty-five in lancaster.
4:32 am
trenton 60 with that fog. fifty-three in mount pocono as we head down in new jersey, millville has 64. so does cape may, dover. 63 degrees in rehoboth. hanging on to those cloud you may see a peak of sun but generally a dreary day with showers and thunderstorm possible on and off throughout the day. sunset time 8:27. there are warmer days ahead bob kelly in the seven day forecast. >> hot, hot, hot. getting hot moving through rest of the weekend. we have fog here this morning, we're all in a fog, 4:32, live look at the blue route where they are working northbound lanes approaching mid county interchange. they are working on e-z pass express lanes, they are closed until about 5:00, live look at i-95 out of the northe, patchy fog, road are damp and wet, one of those yucky rush hours as those storms are coming our way, once we get the rain, live look here at vine street expressway, still closed between schuylkill and broad street, bridge opening,
4:33 am
occurred at 4:20 this morning, traffic still stopped on both side of the burlington bristol bridge give it another minor so and we should good to go. north on the new jersey turnpike watch for an accident , north bound side right at exit number eight for hightstown otherwise mass transit off to a good start. karen and thomas, back to you. bill cosby back in court today on charges he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman more than a decade ago. his attorneys will continue to try to refute testimony, that he forced himself on that victim. lets get out to steve keeley at the courthouse, steve. >> well, skies are starting to open up outside courthouse so i will try to get this underway before we get completely drenched out here. karen, i heard you mention last half an hour talking about camille cosby his seven three-year old wife not here for day number one. i will put on my criminal justice degree hat here and my reporter experience hat and tell you that is for a good reason. that doesn't mean she will not be here, after day number one.
4:34 am
number one she may be called as a defense witness so witnesses in trials are not allowed to sit in and watch, previous witness testimony. number two cosby's defense lawyer in his preplanned well thought out opening statement and strategy may not have wanted her sitting right behind bill in the jury's presence when he, told the jury that cosby had consensual sexual affairs, many of them with women, maybe not wanting the jurors to just stare at her, for her reaction and in her mind think how bad of a husband he was. just likely possibilities, karen because it is not just evidence and testimony but it is carefully choreographed seating and choosing of who is on both defense and prosecution's teams and tables so, now, after the prosecution 's opening statement telling injury that i cosby was a sexual predator who used a pattern, his reputation to gain a woman's trust and then drug them and assault them when they were too weak, helpless to stop them they put on a woman who
4:35 am
was assaulted by him eight years before the victim that this trial was about and day ended with arguments over whether the prosecution can be allowed to call woman's mother as next witness today to prove that the women told those close to her that cosby assaulted her back in 1996 right after it happened even though she was too intimidate to police. prosecution obviously wants to establish that she didn't just make it all up and come forward, it was about 60totallye gained momentum. cosby's defense wants to keep it would be hearsay. karen, thomas, judge expected to rule on that whether she will tnderway for day two in the rain. >> here we go, day two more thank you. attacked and punched in broad daylight, a developing story here,police say happened n in germantown who appears to have a mental disability. fox 29 sabina kuriakose at police headquarters this morning. this is down sabina
4:36 am
>> reporter: yes, thomas one of the things that strikes you in this video is that the victim is initially, smiling, along with the kid, it is ilne ofhat he thinks that they them sucker punches him. it is really painful to watch. we want want to warn our viewers thas disturbing. here it is, lets take a look we did blur out parts to protect peoples identity because some of the kid are just so young. video shows victim who is believed to be mentally disable, surrounded by abo somee young. victim punched twice by people he is actually trying to get away when one of the kid follows and hits him. we don't kno the victim or attackers. police are asking the public for help in figuring out. now we do necessity vick them was wearing a rounded neck and i love jesus landyard. back oe because we have
4:37 am
to blur the video is the emotion on the victim's face. again, i said he is smiling, thinks these kid are his on his facehen when punched when they attacked as he tries to get away. now we don't know exactly when the video was taken but it wk lt evening. again if you know anything you're asked to call philadelphia police and dot right thing and helping them figure out who did this. >> thanks, sabins an inmate on the run, got help escaping from his dad. and now that daddies facing the legal trouble of his own. police caught up with daniel sellby think he helped his son daniel junior to get away from police younger sellby was arrested sunday but he broke frem a van t was being transported, transporting him, neighbors in warrington and chalfont were reporting to shelter in place
4:38 am
for a long time while a massive search was conduct fhim. doyletown woman has been sentenced to 12 to 40 years in r.ison in the death of her twenty-four year-old kayla marine moore plead nod contest to third degree murder in the april 2016 death of a athena wolf. cardiac arrest butoc had extense bruises and appeared to be mal nourish. she was medivac'd to chop where she underwent emergency surgery but died the next day. south jersey teenagers is facing charges on driving under the influence. was driving with another teen in middletown ship cape may county when she slammed flight to a tree. it happened on stage coach road early saturday morning. both girls were taken to the hospital, and they are going to be okay butheis charged with, possession of pot, andnumerous . 4:38. right now they are trying to stop the leaks.
4:39 am
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an act of terrorism is how australia government is describing a siege in the suburb of melbourne. >> isis is claiming one of its fighters carried out this attack. here's what happened. gunman killed a man took a
4:42 am
woman hostage in an apartment building. did he die in a shoot-out with police. three officers were wounded, police say they were able to free, would the man who was hostage, they are determining if the gunman who they do know he is 29, he is a somalia born refugee and he has a past. he had been acquitted in 2010 of plotting a suicide attack on a sidney army base, so far investigators say it appears that he acted alone. there is an intelligence contractor now charged with leaking classified material about russian's attempt to medicine will in the election. >> thinks first such case under the trump administration twenty-five year-old reality lee winters shared a classified report containing top secret level information on russia hacking efforts during the presidential election. the web site intercept published that report last month, the report claims that the russian military went through with a sign's tack on at least one u.s. software supplier just days before last
4:43 am
years' lex. last night wikileaks founder julian assange supported support for winter for being a whistle blower. 4:43. new lesion life they are known as the. >> doggie discrimination, it may be over in our area, in at lee one state.
4:44 am
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4:45. finding a shore rental in delaware, guess is what more difficult. it that is time of the year. numerous properties are being coverted to full-time homes, by the way, we are looking live at rehoboth beach. of course, a very popular delaware shore town. retirees and people with no interest in renting are buying up homes along the beach and they are squeezing out those renters. it looks like good for leprechauns there, good for green. bob kelly, we have a lot of fog out there. >> we do have a lot of fog and it will get worse before it gets better. we are dealing with wet road and we have storms on the way. suebias coming up in a couple minutes to tell but that. live look at the benny, we have wind, flag on the camden toll place, road are wet, barely make out any of the sky line here in philadelphia, here's a live look in delaware county up and down i-95. speed reduced, naturally because of the fog, and then here we go a live look at route 30 the bypass as sue mentioned the rain starting to
4:47 am
roll through. we will start to see the spray and the fog, just one of those yucky starts to a morning rush hour, in abington water main break from yesterday edge hill road shut down between custard and brad field. they have capped the break but now construction and inspection to make sure everything is safe is what will go underway here today. north on the new jersey turnpike right here near exit number eight hightstown, watch for an accident, again, thick fog in new jersey we had an overturned tractor trailer on the freeway heading in to new jersey, south on the 42 freeway as soon as we get to that construction with the 295 ramps right lane still block with the clean up, september, couple minor delays out of the gaeton regional rail lines, warrington, warminster line was first one and then cynwyd line using buses through friday, all due to track work. when will thunder boomers hit your area in sue has the answer in 15.
4:48 am
we have got moisture in the air, we have rain moving through the area, we will go right to the radar and show you what is going on. we have a line of heavy rain moving through, we did have thunder and lightening associated with it, out in the lehigh valley and pocono mountains into, the philadelphia metropolitan area we have moved in now to bucks county around plumstead, holland, richland, we have got some rain around west fallowfield in chester county, coatsville, west brad forward and south ande of there that is what you will be getting in the next couple of hours. here's future cast to show you that line moving through six, seven, 8:00. between 7:00 and 8:00 we will see the rain here in philadelphia. it may not be as intense but
4:49 am
it sticks around. you see more pop up showers and thunderstorms by lunchtime , maybe a little bit of sunshine in between, you will see breaks in the cloud by 4:00 in the afternoon but we will see showers and thunderstorms. if we get sunshine that increases possibility of a thunderstorm or two, cloud around at night, and probably a stray sure or two. it even though we could have a shower or two it isudover hangig around and that is tomorrow. by thursday though the cloud will clear and we will start to get will also start a warming trend that will head into the weekend so we are back in the 80 ease by week end but that will in the happen today.. up to 5 miles visibility at airport but foggy in pottstown , trenton those places getoo visibility this morning, and temperatures are not too different from yesterday, they are in the 60 's and they are probably going to stay in the 60's all
4:50 am
day, with wind speed ar coming f thee and that tend to keep us on the cloudy side. average high 80 degrees, we did not get to got to 74 and stayed glummy, 67 today and mid to upper 60's tomorrow but by thursday when returns, 72, and friday, 77, 83 degrees on saturday and then close to 90 by sunday, probably hitting 90 by monday. here we go with 67 today, 91 on monday of next week. you'll see april to july just in the span of seven days, guys, ready for the ride. >> we are, can't wait to see what next tuesday brings. >> heat wave maybe. >> animal shelters are over run with pets needing forever homes but for one specific breed of animal, well, is there a need to bring them home. >> certainly pit bulls. they can be so cute, sweet but they get a bad reputation and stops people from giving them a chance. our bill anderson found a
4:51 am
chance to then dog scrim nation. >> there is nothing inherent in pit bulls that will make them aggressive. >> reporter: depend wrong who you ask what is commonly referred is too a pit bullies violent, graves dog or just a friendly dog that is occasionally miss understood as a result have bad owners. >> we believe that it is really who their pet parents are and how they train them as far as what their behavior are >> reporter: fair or not they have a reputation that at lee in part lead to what i experience today at brandywine valley spca. >> hi, guys. >> reporter: too many pit bulls abandoned to shelters. >> is what up, guys. >> reporter: as a result of the reputation some areas were passing laws mostly directed to pit bulls that labeled them as dangerous even before the dogs did anything. some areas flat out banned them forcing people to get rid of their family pet if they moved or got a job transfer but friday delaware became later state to say in where. >> the house bill that passed
4:52 am
preventing dogs from being put in place that would be specific or discriminatory toward a certain breed or dogs that look a certain way. >> reporter: activist hope that the so-called anti breed discrimination bills will help people view bills by individual behavior and not reputation. >> they are a great family dogs they can within other animals, they can be housed with cats. they are every other breed and we want them to be treated. >> reporter: i love and support rescue dogs but admit i hesitated when it came to pit bulls so today we put my own fears to the test. first there was charlotte, in this ferocious pit mix was much more afraid of me then i was of her. then stewy came out and nope, nothing scary here, either. then copper, i was worried about him in the cage but out of it, he just wanted attention. >> i'm not naive and people should be cautious when adopting a pit bull or any dog but hope of the breed specific
4:53 am
law brand pit bulls can stay with their original family or adopted into a new one without shouldering reputation of the entire breed. for goodness sake i'm bill anderson.
4:54 am
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4:55a lot of you may be up with your baby, we have talked about that, we have pretty mixed messages right new. pediatricians recently recommended keep your baby in
4:56 am
your room, that is what they said, prevention against side but new there is a study that says some babies are losing a little bit of sleep staying in your room. this study out of penn state that shows babies four months and older with an average of 40 minutes of sleep a night compared to those in different space. researchers say babies often have short wake full period and need to learn how to self suit without parents rushing to their side. check your lottery tickets someone in montgomery county is a million-dollar richer, and we're all so happy for you lottery officials say someone hit cash five jackpot last night so ticket matched all five balls, numbers are six, 10, 32, 33 and 35. that lucky person bought ticket at sunoco on germantown pike, in plymouth meeting, a million-dollar, congrats. 4:56. happening today, the wait list is opened for diner en blanc a fun event everybody dress necessary white, outdoor dinner party, it happens every
4:57 am
august and they have a secret location just before the event details of the invite will be revealed today at preview party at head house square from five to seven. that party is 21 and over and free to go but you should rs vp if would you like to attend 4:57. we are covering several big stories, sabina? >> right now, philadelphia police are looking for a group of kid in the video that has gone viral and shows them attacking a mentally disable man, we will have video and details coming up. stay with us. my sweetheart's gone sayonara.
4:58 am
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right now on "good day philadelphia" it is day two of the bill cosby case, witnesses expect on the stand as that sexual assault trial continues also ahead a vicious attack, two teens punched a man with mental disabilities right in the face, cowardly act shared on facebook. check this out a river running right down those steps it doesn't belong right there. this is one of our streets in the community. look at that load right there it looks like that will be washed away. that is a water main break. what people need to do right now living in that area. >> just when you thought you had perfect spot. >> out of the tree and in the wood a bearing ago cross bucks count which a new place to call home this


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