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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 6, 2017 9:00am-9:55am EDT

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why do you sound exhausted
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>> hey, good day, it is tuesday, june the sixth, it is election day. >> yes. >> primary day. >> good morning guys. >> look at you. >> it is also d-day anniversary. >> yes, yes, yes. >> hi karen. >> hello. >> d-day would have been in 1945. >> seventy-three years ago. >> i should know this. >> forty-four. >> let's move on. thirty-seven years ago. >> i'm trying to dot math. >> i can't dot math. >> 1944. >> yes. >> i believe that we should try to stand out this summer. >> sure, let's do that. >> i believe i have found the perfect dress for all of you. i have also found earrings will be huge this summer. not only trendy but also big. they are big. they are big. and then we cannot leave out, our pregnant viewers you want
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to look stylish too. >> we also say beyonce wears baby earrings and that is why we are showing her as well. >> sit ever okay to lie to the person you are with. some say, absolutely, so coming up there is a list of the little white lies that married people say are totally i'm fine just to say to your significant other just do it. >> let's get on twitter and try to be honest. you are anonymous. and just be honest what are white lies you tell your husband or wife or significant other. >> you know, i've got a whole sheet, little white lies are totally fine, in the effort of , you know, whatever, peace, harmony, not fighting, non- important, not what matters. >> we do know that beyonce is a very good dancer, and, so she did pass along those, to
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her daughter. i got to tell you, i watched this video, this adorable video of her daughter blue ivy at dance revital. couple things come to mind even celebrities to have sit through a dance recital. >> it was not recorded. tmz says in one said they saw jay-z and beyonce. they might have been backstage >> i would imagine backstage. >> yes. >> i remember going to at least three dance recitals for my daughter, jill. it is still traumatic. they were four hours in length , each. >> didn't you skip out on them >> shh. >> that is story you told me. >> i got with the choreographer, dance teacher and said exactly where is jill performing. i was able to leave, go tout a restaurant, to the bar, and for about an hour and a half and get back and she never
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knew it. >> i just sat through, a chello concert and there is all little kid concerts and sorbetter than others. >> have you ever snuck out. >> i don't go to everyone but i go to all of the won at night, every single one at night. it is important. >> it is important to be there sometimes you can make it work for you too. i will put this up here. it is in the mini page, this picture has been seen all around the world now, it is halle berry at a red carpet event. it looks as if she's pregnant. >> well, wouldn't you think, okay, maybe i should have said the main part of the story. i thought maybe you knew. there she is, holding her belly. >> not kind of she's holding her belly. >> on the red carpet. >> i noticed the other night you noticed this and posted that on social media. >> i sure did. >> and then tweet went viral.
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>> yes. >> and we talk bit on the show yesterday. >> yes. >> there was a lot of what happened was aloft media that said halle berry, variety magazine tweeted this out hall e berry showing her baby bump i said what, i didn't know halle berry was pregnant. am i only one that was not wear that she was pregnant. i saw that tweet. yeah. then it just went all over the place, couple thousand people retweeted it and then more outlets based on variety and pictures. >> hold on. >> picked up your tweet. >> and also the retweet. >> and also other media outlets from the pictures. pictures were coming out. we know when it comes to celebrities that is stance you do when you have something to show. >> put your hand on your belly >> she was not holding in. she was putting her hand on the belly. some people say it started this fire storm. is she pregnant. we discussed it on the show yesterday. halle berry's representative, ended up reaching out to her
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and she had said halle berry is not pregnant. she posted something addressing it all. >> was she addressing you or just. >> i'm sure she's addressing everybody, including me. >> she said can a girl have some stake and fries. so people went oh, wait that was a food baby not a baby but food baby. >> we have all had food babies >> yes, i get them all the time. i probably have one right now. >> no, you don't. >> it is there. >> what does she say she went out for stake and fries dinner >> yes. >> she's bloated. >> that was her response. we don't know if she had stake and fries. >> she sad i simply am bloated. >> yes. >> tmz live said they believed that she dit as a prank because they said that they talked to multiple sources and they say it is obvious something is there they think that she put something in her dress to get talk about is what tmz is saying. >> i think she's just bloated.
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she has had two kid now. >> we're not talking about her body weight but she drew attention to it by cradling her belly and drawing attention to it. >> i feel like there is not a place to put your hand. if you don't want to have a power thing and supposed to have your elbows spent and thinks called the sign language for, you know the suppose, if you don't want to do that one. >> yes. >> we all know halle berry is winning a oscar. she knows what she has been doing. she walks many a red carpet. she knows where to put her hand. >> what are you trying to say. >> i predict this will be the new pose for all celebrities on the red carpet. you have a big meal, lets just go out and do this. this is what i will do in pictures now. >> i have done that when i felt bloated, i have tried to hide behind you. >> difference between this and this. >> because they do sit, anchor people when they have to give a report, you don't know where
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you put your tie. it is a no, no you cannot pull it. >> then the other thing. >> sign language for that word >> the thing that is you dent want to make that pose and you are talking about something. >> either way. >> halle berry you are fabulous. >> like if you were at a red carpet event right now, how would you. >> i don't know how to pose. >> how would you pose. >> well, now after this. >> hold on a second, is anybody listening. >> for this i'm posing like that. >> lets see what you look like after a stake and fries meal. >> if halle berry can do it. >> if thinks probably closest i will get to being like here. >> soy will go ahead and have a stake. >> see what you look like at the end of the show. >> now we have it settled. >> she had a million different times, you eat one and drink water, and then you have a
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food baby, everybody is like she's pregnant. it happens to the best of us i'm having a difficult time with my tie i'm totally distract. i will adjust this. >> i'm just glass even beautiful amazing woman like halle berry have food babies and they acknowledge it. doesn't that happen to you? >> all the time. >> i got a food baby right now i'm trying to cover up. >> lets get into this thing right here i find it fascinating, little white lies , we tell them all the time. if you are married, and would you be upset if you found out if your significant other was telling white lies. red book magazine got my copy yesterday was going through it , red book magazine. >> right on the cover. >> yes. >> yes. >> i got a chance. >> so red book magazine is revealing little white lies that are totally okay to say tour significant other. now this is their take on it.
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but they say, these are okay, to say. here comes the first one. your mom's pie is the best ever. that is not a -- >> anything you know how guys or women you are like my mom makes the best, whatever. potato salad. you know that kind of thing. whatever it is, and lets say you eat it, and your significant other clearly act like you like it even if you don't. >> no, absolutely, you say that your mommies the best. >> um-hmm. >> at everything. >> she makes the best pie. >> good one. >> that is no problem at all. >> everybody knows you are lying so just go ahead. >> you have to make it believ able. >> um-hmm. >> this is so good. >> yes. >> secret recipe can you share >> so to make her believe but you know he is lying, don't you. if you are married to him hasn't he told you your mom pie sucks but i will tell you. >> you have been telling significant other.
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>> you both have to be on it. >> yes, that is good lying. >> number two, lets put up another one because i don't understand what this says here in the copy. >> talking about an object you have a nice thing for your girl friend and then, that is just too much, i can't accept this, it is too much. you are like no it doesn't cost that much. that trip to saint bart's, it doesn't cost you that much. >> i have done that so many times. would i like to dot opposite. you know how much this dam thing cost. >> you can't put it in the face. >> that was $75,000 you are spend ago this kind of money. >> but that was just an example. >> they know, got it on sale, they know what you bought them was, something. >> or even this could be even for not even buying something for significant other but for yourself and shopping bags did you go shopping. >> oh, no, just a sale in, big deal. >> is that what she does. >> tj max. >> tj max. >> saks fifth avenue. >> she puts the stuff in the t
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j max bag. >> i do shop at tj max and marshals. i was there this weekend. i admit i go shopping at all. that is not money i used to do that with my parents, leave stuff in the trunk. i used to put stuff in my purse. hey, guys and come back, and. >> is that a lie. >> well, they didn't ask. i put it in the other purse. >> that is lies of omission. i don't to have tell everything. >> see, i'm having trouble with this one. >> this next one. >> when you don't, if you are not asked directly a question, and you don't bring it up some think that is a lie of omission. >> is there so many things that happen in any given day that is how i feel: >> i had run watch my ex- girlfriend. >> no, you know that one already. if you are having lunch with an x or something and your current you know, if you wouldn't want them to walk in
9:13 am
on you you know there is a problem. >> should you tell her that you had lunch with the x yesterday. >> did you want a fight? >> you are talking about each other husband and invited her ex-boyfriend to her wedding. you're talk together wrong person. >> you shouldn't be going in the first place you know you shouldn't be doing it. if your current girlfriend walked in the on the situation and is there one issue in her brain you shouldn't be doing it. >> i agree with that. >> but she would want me to tell her that i was in communication with the x. >> problem is you don't care enough about her feelings not to go. >> okay, forget lunch, i'm not doing run watch my x. >> is that a live scenarioy don't know what if the x calls you. >> oh, gosh. >> and you have a quick conversation. >> should you tell the current boyfriend, girlfriend that call was made. >> well, no, unless you want to fight. >> yes, you should. >> if that is what she wants,
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if she is asked you to say, if you get contacted by your x i want you to tell me. >> then take the call. >> oh, my god. >> she doesn't want you talking. >> what if it is something horrible happened and she need to let me know. >> why is she letting me know. >> are you talking to other people and not telling your husband. >> i don't talk to anybody else. >> i'd never leave the house. >> okay, classic one is do i look fat in this dress you know how to answer that one, right. >> right now, by now it is not you, it is not your body. >> it is just the way the dress looks at from that angle >> the dress doesn't hang right or whatever. >> it is the manufacturer's fault. >> it is not you. >> these next two are really interesting. >> these are classic too. >> what. >> which camera. >> does this suit make me look
9:15 am
buff. >> it looks like you have 40 arms. >> no, mike you look great. >> okay. >> i'm not going to beat around the bush with this one so -- >> beat around the bush. >> trying to find something. >> you could have picked anything. >> but anyway you have asked us, young woman will say you're the hottest man i have ever dated. >> that is what men want to hear and it is no reason not to say. that person you are with should be the person you want to be w if they are not hottest person you should still say something close to that. >> you know that is what they want to hear. >> that is what i want to hear but i know reality. there is no way she hasn't dated somebody hotter then me. >> yes. >> it is the truth. >> oh, my god. >> i got it. >> you are definitely she date sod one hotter. >> oh, she has, i mean
9:16 am
seriously. >> ahh. >> appreciate you lying about it. >> you don't want her to lie. would you rather they are say, i have had some better. >> i want to you lie but i know it is a lie. >> well clarify i know it is a lie, you know what i mean. >> i know you are lying but i want you to continue to lie. >> other one that i know you want to definitely be. >> if you don't lie about this , then i'm reason to say that te person you are with is w nhat b, better then you. >> is it just very ego, am i ba. >> you should neverwh you do. >> never ask but inof passion is
9:17 am
>> you feel it coming up, in theon you know it isouomldn't come our mouth, but there, is this the >>ff o, and don't answer that alarm. >> but again, they are in the pd say what i hear list don't voic. >> are we done wh that. >> yes. >> i totally do trip, do you the same thing. >> you need differe day outfit,e sure y been research done on this>>hen woman go on ak long trip we
9:18 am
suitcases by an avera so true >> that means almost half of what we worn or used. everything, like i said jcide what to wear. close their suitcase once they decided what to pack. >> i can been on my butt has etr finger caught in it and i extend you needetr >> it depend, less the drawers. suitcase.l,uit exit. >> parents. far from theanil you see this footage.
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look at wildwood. that is always a lot of fun, especially when sun's out. >> there, you go there a lot, don't you. >> we go there a couple times in the summer stone harbor. >> avalon, stone harbor and water park right there in wildwood. >> your boys love it. >> yes. >> it looks like beyonce, now beyonce and jay-z, the twins have not come. >> no, i don't think so. >> what is their kid name blue ivy. >> how oldies she now, five or something like that. >> i'm not sure. >> she had a dance recital, she's five. dance recital and there is footage of it. would you like to look at it. >> question is beyonce known for dancing and her moves do you think blue ivy automatically has that skill. >> i have another question for the footage, if you have blue
9:23 am
ivy on a stage with like six or 10 or 15 different girls. >> um-hmm. >> where would she be in the end or in the middle. >> another question, if were you a ballerina, or at a dance revital should your hair be up because beyonce could you wear your hair anywhere you want. >> is this specifically a ballerinaish thing. >> it looks like it. >> in t utu's. >> you have your hair up if you are a ballerina? okay, well, let's take a look. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, probably not ballet, because it is earth, wind and fire. >> they are wearing t utu's and they are so cute is that blue ivy with the long hair in the middle. >> yes. >> she got the middle but
9:24 am
choreographer is no fool. >> i think it just goes to show most of your own kid or my own recital, everybody is out of order, we are all turning at our own time and our own music in, better then, what our kid would do. >> yes. >> they are all on stage because instructor is doing this, for them. >> yes. >> i remember. >> hold on, little girl two from the right, don't sleep on her, she's good. >> she's in the looking to the right. >> let's role that again. >> she's looking at her mom, mom in the audience. >> i remember these days, difficult ballet, tap and jazz at that age. you look off the two right. you look at instructor. >> roll it again. >> we are rolling right now. >> she's a little off, she will get it together. >> one second from the right. >> yes, here she goes. >> she's got it. >> she's mouthing word, she's doing to the left and nod and do this and talking herself through moves and whatever it
9:25 am
is, roll to the right, left, point it and down. >> what i want to know is did beyonce practice or help blue ivy practice these moves? were they in the studio, okay baby, do this, two, three, four. >> i would think so. >> but you say they were in the audience. >> tmz said they talked to a lot of parents that were there because would you know beyonce and jay-z, body guard, they said they were in the in the audience. they could be backstage, off to the side because they didn't want to cause a commotion because it was about blue ivy and girls and in the them. >> takes me back to the dance recitals, jessica, jill. >> did you bring flower. >> my parents would bring me flowers and when i was young they would put on the make up. so crazy to have make up on. >> oh, yeah. >> and they are expensive and there is so many. >> i didn't want to take them off. my mom was like come on, no. >> sleep in them, yes. >> seek win outfits.
9:26 am
>> yes, some were just hideous ly ugly outfit, right. >> we did jailhouse rock. that was war ever. stripes, it was so bad. >> do you want to see nice looking fashion? i love when we do fashion shows on this particular program. it is time for summer looks. oh, yeah. when we come back. stylist, so t
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
of women rely on dress summer. it is your arms. let's show it, right?
9:30 am
>> yes. >> so you'll shows,mer dresses r going to barbe great summer dre. >> absolutely, it is all about the dress, and i call it on, yot up. you're oe for that these days. xa the main things as we, what we for this summer? >> looking will fit the body, material, you temperae gettingfrost summer to fall. i hate to talk about wg for your buck when you are actually will be wearing ther. and it is blush tes nude, the pl pink, things like this, this of a shi actually is inexpensive, from burlington. a, too, kall you see is the earrin,
9:31 am
definitely in styleelry and your acith this pink were on the runway, o they're not goinghis definitelya piece if you could take from i love those shoes, too >> yes. >> are those wr suede shoes in e flexible these days, already, a lot of pieces are designers areak customer. going in the stores now you alys things season-less s and be fashionabl, feel confident in their clothing. >> more for your money. next model has real bright color on. i love. >> yes, carol ann is work wear. you know, when the temperatures get hi, i always get this from people, they say what do i wear to work, that i can take, you know, from the cubical to a cocktails.
9:32 am
but still and properer at for work. this is great because the dress you always want to do is a fit and flare dress. this is actually from ann taylor. so, you know, very affordable, but still that pop of color that lemon-cello yellow, you've been seeing that a lot, as well. play with the fit and flare dress, it is okay if it has that halter neck line because you have the outerwear piece that cardigan to show you the neck line, still wear it to work but then still work appropriate. if you want to go hang out with your girls afterwards, throw on, add cute sneaker it from bionic, so can play up on how you would wear stuff to work, contemporary, more modern. >> all right, let's call in the next model. >> so, nadine, picnics, those summer cook out, all of that stuff is happening right now. so, she actually has on this cute little dress from avenue. which is super cute. you know what, you can definitely wear address to the picnic, you can also make this your trendy piece. so when talking about those
9:33 am
crazy patterns, those print, this is your time ladies to definitely wear that for the summer. we added super cute sun advise or to it, kept the accessories kind of muted. then we did the cute little cage-like gladiator creepers still kind of tie in the colors, because you can definitely wear white as well with it. play your w your accessories, going to picnic, you want to make a statement and have fun. this is definitely cute dress. and the help line not too short which is great. >> good, i love it. okay, let's bring in the next model. so many looks, so little time. >> pops of color, thinking date night, go with something mormon owe cromatic, keep it simple with the plane color, this dress from old navy. then you can add a cute little outerwear bomb fresh charming charlie so you can have something, if you're at the movie theater or got air-conditioning on, but super cute, but go with a bright color and that green was actually 2017 color of the year. >> oh, i love it. really good. okay, something white, a lot of women love their white dresses. >> we know about the lbd, the
9:34 am
little black dress, this is the lwd. >> super cute, off the shoulder, that's from burlington, and then, how you dress your white up, you add pops of color with it. >> these shoes, i love! >> those are so cute. i will get you a pair, my friends. >> adorable. >> ann taylor super cute. just do like pops, and the choral, hot pinks, those are colors that you can interchange and kind of do a matchy match with your white. super cute, offer the shoulder, not going anywhere either, so keep the trends going. >> the earrings, real any right now. real quickly last, everybody walk in. >> weddings, you know everybody is going to a wedding whether plus one or a guest, this is how you'll stands out. wear something romantic, floral there is dress is from a new brands called lauralet. com. you just play with your accessories, for my curvey girls, show your arms, show your figures, make sure the waist is cinch in with a nice dress, then the high and low
9:35 am
is still great. it is like that tea lent, which is super cute. this has the ruffle detail on it. which i love. and then, you know, just play up with your accessories, super cute clutch from charming charlie and doing metallics with her florals and stuff. >> everyone so lovely and summer ready. loving it all from the dress to the accessories, thank you so much. >> we're going shopping. >> yes, let's do it, i need to get my summer dresses together. where can people finds you? >> follow me on instagram denise caldwell. >> perfect, thank you ladies. you guys look great. let's go to the beach. we're going to the beach. bob kelly is in the classroom. >> hey, gang, good morning, everybody, i'm comin coming to u live, where the high school student here have been learning the physics of car crashes. will the egg stay in the car or not? plus the group behind me, they won first prize in the parade. the danson acceptable, liver from hunting park avenue, chris, spin around, there you go. when we come right back.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> good morning, everybody. we are coming to you live from charter school (applause). >> kelly's classroom, a tuesday, every tuesday, we pick a different school and today wait until you see what these folks have been learning here, the students have been learning about the physics of car crashes. so they've actually created their own cars made out of corrugated cardboard to learn about the effect after car crash, and we're using an egg. now, this egg here does not have a seatbelt; is that correct? >> knows. >> no seatbelt. so let's see what happens when it goes down the loop. go ahead, give it a shot. what do you think will happen?
9:40 am
let her go. >> hum at this dumb at this, you saw what happened, the egg came out of the car. so do you have wear your seatbeltment so put the scar in here. so the purpose here, to learn about the physics of making cars and how people and the cars can absorb the crash, right? >> yes. >> okay, so this one has the seatbelt. let's give it a shot. there go. one, two, three, go. >> boom. there you go. i think they should all pass with flying colors. what do you say, gang? everybody gets a a. check out behind me, the danson sample. look at these giles. we're here on hunting park avenue just off third street. now, tanya, you're the teacher. tell us about the danson acceptable, when they're performing. >> so this is the school's main performance, currently performing the piece that won first place at the puerto rican day parade, last year 2016. first place in the high school division, overall in the
9:41 am
parade. >> this gives the students an opportunity the ones majoring in dance within the school, non-majors, majors in other areas, to continue to further develop their dance technique and performance skills. >> so, their goal for the most part to be maybe in broadway, plays? >> little bit of everything. dance for our student, means, number of things. some of them do want to continue on to be performers, in the professional setting. some of them want to major in dance, in college. but other of them, a form of self expression, it allows them, gives them place to stands in their power, and kind of express themselves, more confidentially, define who they are. >> you had me all excited i'm ready to join. get me a pair every tight, having great time, another kelly's classroom, jenn fred, let's go back to you. >> okay, bob, i know you care about the trends, and so does marlon shift. we're back. these amazing earrings, earrings are everything for 2017. she will tell us how to rock these amazing things.
9:42 am
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>> looking at bush kill falls in the pocono mountains. sue has the forecast, in just 15 seconds of the wait for it.
9:45 am
>> we're going to tell you about more rain headed in. i told you we weren't finished, this is the rain that came through earlier, with the heavy, heavy downpours, now thunder and lightning up in the lehigh vale, we zoom in up there, allentown, getting more rain, you had some hours ago, and now around plane field, i see the lightning, you're probably hearing the thunder. little closer to philadelphia, in london grover, around other parts of chester county, some light showers, and the showers are in the process of pulling off shore around atlantic city, probably still raining just little bit. temperatures are still in the 60s, and we expect them to remain in the 60s for the rest of the day today, and tomorrow, 70s, thursday and friday, warming trends continues over the weekends, with 80s on saturday. upper 80s close to zero nine on sunday, and 92 on monday. so we go from spring to mid
9:46 am
summer, temperature wise, in the space of seven days, ladies. >> i'm cool with that. just in time for the weekends. >> statement earrings the latest trends you saw in the last fashion segment we did. a lot of people with the big earrings, that's the thing, beyonce, known for wearing very big earrings, she loves it, the bigger, the boulder, the better. they can make an outfit stands out. i even got in on the trends recently, posted a pick. these are bobble bar. our station stylist lisa said these are the things. do you have wear. >> i like them because they swing and pop of color, catches attention, like chandelier. >> so jen helping us figure out what kind of earrings best for us so we can be on trend. >> reporter: yes, absolutely, back here, good morning. >> good morning. >> and people have already been texting us, where are you, we're basically in suburban square by trader joe's. >> right across the street. >> it is a red brick office building. >> looks like a dentist offers but it is cool. >> exactly. >> first of all some of the trends we're looking at, some of the earrings we've seen
9:47 am
here. >> this is something believe it or not been on line for years, and the trends blown up. continued with our basic toss he will, great, this is really funky color which i love, the rainbow sea beads, and expanded. >> for sure. >> so there are tons of hands beaded, great funky pieces, the chandelier in the back here is great. >> i think we've been seeing these ball things on everyone. >> everywhere, a play on a lot of things that a lot of people are doing the three tear, the ball earring. >> i think people like them like they're chunky but all in one line. >> yes. >> right? >> i look to also make sure trends is more multi, not just what everybody else is doing. >> for sure. >> that's why can you buy my line. i love these super long and drippy, but they're giving you like the whole entire statement, but they're like shoulder dusters, which also real hot. >> i know were you in new york recently. people were already buying you for the fall season, different seasons, and they said this, too, is where it is going to.
9:48 am
>> accessories, magazine came to our boot, which i was very happy about. and she said i was so on trends, because geo metrics. >> yes. >> are extremely hot for fall. >> very cool. >> so it will be a really huge trends. >> how do i wear this big honking thing? >> the only thing i didn't clip. >> i did that because it is so heavy, on your ear. but it is extremely comfortable. it has a pad in the back but just another big shoulder duster. it is neutral, which is fun, neutral colors. so go right also into fall. >> as we wrap it up, we can wear them dressy. you can wear them with jeans. they look good there. like is there anything? >> sweats. >> hell snow. >> i will just go hang out and say anything we can't wear the earrings with? >> no, people have been wearing them on the beach with bathing suits. >> wow. >> but i do think when you do, that you need to just do like nothing, or a little tiny nothing on your neck. >> looks good. >> just simple? thanks for talking us through it, and i like you have thousand different kinds. this is literally mall of
9:49 am
america for jewelry no matter what your them is. thank you, back to you guys. >> amazing, love them. >> nicely done. >> i like with all of the colors ton. >> yes. every time we do a segment like that i just thank the lord i'm man. >> but big earrings make it simple because you don't have to worry about anything else. wear the big earrings it, takes all of the attention. >> all of the things do you have deal with. lashes, heals, toenails, earring, dresses. >> our hair. >> your hair. oh, good ac man. i enjoy being a girl. >> we like fashion, and even have awards for the fashion designer. >> what's considered the oscars of fashion? >> well that would be the council of fashion designers of america. they have their own awards show, honors fashion designers of the america. so we will take off all of the big slippery is, best looks on the red carpet. >> okay? any local people in there?
9:50 am
oh, by the way, did you know powerball was up too tomorrow night? i'll tell you after the break. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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yesterday at this time we were watching this live on our air, the bear. it was a cub, though, right? >> iit is two years old, to me looks like a cub. >> bucks county, women, everything is fine now, they did tran yell eyes this bear, and put it back onto a refuge. >> we call it the woods. >> out in the woods. and does a bear poop in the woods? >> i'm sure he does. >> ya? is the bear catholic? >> sore. >> i that was the second time the bear was seen in the town for two days, so people are glad. now it is okay. >> it is okay. >> i was trying to see if we know specifically where. okay, we didn't say where. i thought there was a specific
9:54 am
area where he was put off. i don't -- maybe not. >> pennsylvania refuge area. >> oh, okay. >> somerton? >> usually try to get it away from the populated areas, the poconos. >> the exact location, do you want it? jelly stone park. >> look at that, jelly stone park. you're looking at me, like you're real annoyed. >> no. >> are you annoyed with me? >> no. >> are you good? >> yes, i'm good. are you good? >> i thought bears likes hone? or that schwinn i the poo? >> i don't know it that's an old wife's tail or not but the bear with the jar of honey over at snout, winnie the poo, who did i say? >> the bear -- you didn't say. >> winnie the poo. >> christopher robin. >> christopher robin. >> so much fun. >> and eore. >> let's talk about these fashion awards. we are girls, we do. let's show them off. big event that happened.
9:55 am
so here, look at that beautiful number. >> that's an interesting ballroom. >> it is. more importantly that outfit that she is wearing. >> lupita looks amazing. >> she looks good. >> oh, jason woo, he makes beautiful stuff. >> oh, heidi klume, talk about a plunging neck line. >> she is with zach posen. >> sorry. >> and carry washington, she went with the wet and wavy look for her hair, but she looks great. >> you know what i like about that, that burst of canary. >> almost like the sit tron that denise was just showing off, the bright yellow. >> oh, we just moved it, she looks like she just got off the shower. gab re al union rocking it. >> that's gabby union right there. >> yes, with dwyane wade. >> she looks good. >> and he wore a gucci suit. you know that's fans. >> i by the way, i want to say congratulations to my brother, tom, 47 years ago today, he married ellen. she just posted that on
9:56 am
facebook. >> happy anniversary. sixteen years ago today i watched this. >> watch the baseline. fade away. yes. >> look out. >> he steps around ... >> sixteen years ago today when the sixers were in the finals against the laker. >> and he did the step over. >> and now that guy that he stepped over is the coach of the cleveland cavaliers, i they play tonight. >> in the finals. >> finals! we'll see you tomorrow. >> ♪ fios built its 100% fiber optic network because we knew
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. now here's wendy! [ applause ]
9:59 am
>> wendy: welcome to the show. welcome my studio audience. how you doin? i'm
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