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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 6, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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then posts it on facebook? mom says she's got no regrets. police got a different story. >> your news in 30 seconds right now a local tv reporter gets belligerent with philly cop outside a popular comedy club.
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and a senseless tragedy. a six-year-old and his mother shot while inside their suv. his violence on the rise in wilmington? >> now fox 29 news at ten. we begin tonight with that developing story out of delaware. a mother and her child shot in wilmington much police say they were not the intended targets. thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. lucy off. they were not the targets a but a child is fighting for his life nonetheless. fox 29's shawnette wilson has been in wilmington ton all night and joins us live outside police headquarters with the latest. shawnette. >> reporter: this is really shaken this neighborhood. i talked to man who didn't want to go on camera but he said no one should see what he saw when he came outside and saw this little boy in the street. tonight we are waiting to hear if that child is going to make it and, of course, who did this. >> i heard them, yeah. because it was loud.
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it was down there. >> reporter: gunshots frightened this woman she sat in in front of her home on east sixth street in wilmington tuesday afternoon. >> it was a sad thing. you know, just something that you don't like to see. >> reporter: what she saw, a woman who had been shot. also, screaming for help for her little boy shot, too. >> just kind of makes you shake little. >> reporter: police say around 2:30 nest another afternoon officers ton patrol in the area of west fourth and lombard head gunshots and put out a call for more police. they got there to find a 31-year-old woman shot in her left arm. her six-year-old son shot in the head. >> she just kept asking, call 911. call 911. report roar this woman who lives nearby doesn't want to show her face. >> sad and despicable. >> she came outside after threes got there and shut down the street. she's upset to hear what happened. >> it's a shame that, you know, there's so much gunfire in the city that you know you don't have more witnesses report roar neighbors say the woman and
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child were in this car when they were shot. this woman rushed to get her. her son and grandchildren live on the block. >> you can't come outside. you can't get your kids get raised on the street. it's ridiculous. >> she will case marks were instead spread half a block from where the victim's car ended up. we saw one man putting a cover over his car window it was parked by shattered by bullets as the suspect drove by shooting. >> it's not justified for anyone to be shot but when a child an woman get shot, it's really bad. >> reporter: and late this evening we were told that the six-year-old had surgery at ai dupont children's hospital where he was in critical condition. his mother was taken to st. francis where she is in stable condition. and this evening we're still waiting to hear from police on who they're looking for and possibly a description on the suspect's car as soon as we get it we'll pass it on to you. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. skyfox above the scene of a shooting investigation in reading earlier tonight. police would not release any
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details to us. but the reading eagle is reporting two people were shot around 5:30 along the 1,000 block of months street near mcdonalds. we don't have any other information on the victim's conditions. >> scare in mayfair with a shooting tonight at a rec cent center. philadelphia police rushing to the scene once the shots were fired. jennifer joyce was there. what are police telling you, jenn? >> reporter: good evening, dawn. so right now, police are talking with witnesses apparently this basketball court here behind me at the lower make fair rec center was packed with young people around 7:30 moments before the shots were fired. police initially responded here to the 6300 block of hawthorn street for the report of the multiple fights on the basketball courts. officers arrived and say they ushered the teens young adults off the property while they were doing that, they heard a shot fired on the basketball court and immediately rushed back ov over. but the crowd scattered. witnesses told police that they
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saw someone throw something i was on to the roof of the rec center. police went up there. they recovered a hand fun which matched the shell casing found to the courts below. officers found no blood, no victim, however they received a call a short time later a 24-year-old man was driven to aria frankford hospital with a gunshot wound to his left calf. it's suspicious because he's not sharing details. >> for some reason our 24-year-old shooting victim when questioned by police and detectives is completely uncooperative, and he will not tell us why he was shot or how he was shot. it's not out of the question that this 24-year-old victim shot himself due to the fact he's being so uncooperative. >> reporter: and it's scary to think about gun here on the grounds of a rec center. not only were there 50 plus young people out here on the basketball courts, but there was also a packed rec center. there was a gymnastics class going on i talked to one of the
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teachers of that class. she said once she found out what the situation was, she immediately lock the door and called all the parents to notify them about what was happening. dawn? >> all right, thank you jenny. 13 years after an alleged assault finally today the witness everyone has been waiting to hear from in the building bill cosby trial. former temple employee andrea constand taking the stand inside the courtroom in norristown a day of rivetting testimony that's making headlines all over the world. our bruce gordon reports. >> reporter: the showdown between the legendary entertainer and his only criminal accuser was 13 years in the making. and the drama the emotion well it did not disappoint. andrea constand told the jury she met cosby in 2002 while she was working with the temple university basketball program. cosby soon became what constand called a temple friend, quote someone i trust, a mentor. then came the night on januar january 2004. when cos constand said they went
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to the cosby home in cheltenham to talk about her career plans. she says he gave her three blue pills promising quote they'll take the edge off. soon she said i began to slur my words, i had trouble seeing him, my mouth was very cotton knee. cosby she said led her to a couch and then as she fought back tears she testified quote i was jolted awake and i felt mr. cosby's hand groping my breast. she described in detail cosby fondling her genitals and placing her hands on his. unable to fight back constand told jury yours i wanted it to stop. i was frozen unable to fight. she said she came to hours later and left cosby's home but in the months that followed she acknowledged staying in some contact with her alleged attacker. fact hammered home by cosby's defense team during withering cross examination. through it all, other cosby accusers were in the courtroom to watch. >> we had to be here. we really had to be here. you know, this is catharsis for us. >> reporter: but you've seen
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how difficult it to be on the stand. >> i'm so relieved i'm not on the stand, but i have made my statements and my statements stand true. and we all know what he is. >> reporter: the defense is hoping to stab through cross examination that andrea constand was in the months following this incident more concerned with reaching out to civil attorneys for a possible lawsuit than to police for criminal prosecution, and that her relationship with cosby was more consensual than she has led on. much more defense cross examination wednesday morning. see where all this heads. in norristown, bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> developing to night, france is under a state of emergency after a man with a hammer attacked a paris police officer outside the note dam cathedral. hundreds of people had to be secured inside the church as the attack unfolded. police telling everyone inside to keep their hands up. visitors ran for cover. attacker yelled this is for syria when he went after the
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officer. the officer's condition is not serious fortunately. a second officer shot the attacker in the chest. he survived. >> translator: he had a hammer. wily found on him kitchen knives. so that means with very basic tools that some attack the police forces or commit attacks. we've gone from sophisticated terrorism to a terrorism where any type of tool can be used to tack people. >> paris like other european cities has seen a string of extremist attacks. meanwhile police in london have identified a third suspect in saturday's terror attack as a moroccan italian. police in italy say he had had been butt put on security watch list. tonight phillies fans have a lot to say about mike schmidt and his comments on sports rad radio. the former phillie is now apologizing after making controversial comments about center fielder odubel herrera. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live from citizens bank park with the story. dave? >> reporter: iain, many fans tell he is they were taken by
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surprise with these comments. >> i wouldn't agree with that. >> reporter: joe clay watches tonight's phillies game at chickie's and pete's in south philly trying to make sense of controversial comments from phillies legend mike schmidt talking to 94 wip radio about whether the team could build around centerfield odubel herrera a venezuelan. >> my honest answer to that would be no, because of a couple of things. first of all, it's a language barrier, you know, because of that, i think he can't be a guy that would sort of sit in a circle with four, five american players and talk about the game, you know, or, you know, try and learn about the game or discuss the inter workings of the game. >> herrera's first language is spanish and he uses an interpreter when he talks to the press. >> i think that, there's lots of different kinds of ways to be leader. you don't have to speak the same language as everybody else. i think you kind of do it with your actions a lot. >> the player may speak with an
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accent but he doesn't play with an accent. >> reporter: wilfredo row has the vice-president of the gloucester county naacp and considers himself diehard phillies fan. >> for him to say that i'm very disappointed and i hope it's not a sign of the times we're living in our country right now. >> schmidt later released a statement saying in part "i'm very sorry that this misrepresentation of my answer occurred and may have offended someone. i assure everyone i had no intention of that. but many wonder if it goes far enough. >> he apologized but, you know, that's like damage is already done. it's like politics. >> mike schmidt you better be a good boy. >> reporter: schmidt also said in that statement that herrera will likely be more familiar with the language in time and will eventually become a centerpiece of the team. dawn? >> thank you, dave. you decide 2017. we now know who is going to try to become new jersey's next governor.
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voter today's in the garden state choosing democrat phil murphy in the gubernatorial primary murphy winning over five other demonstrates kratz former obama administration ambassador to germany and he'll be running against new jersey lieutenant governor kim guadagno in the general election she's governor christie's top deputy. she won over four other republicans. and in the democratic primary for camden's next mayor, frank moran won by a big margin. see that girl be lidge rent talking trash to a cop just kicked out of a comedy club. oh, yeah she's a local tv reporter. well, sheafed to be. >> top-secret details leaked to the media investigators say she's behind it. her name reality winner ton night she's in big trouble. and real tough guys a bunch of teens go after a mental challenged man and sucker punch him now they're in handcuffs. >> rain and cold.
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yo, it's june w did the summer go, kathy? >> hey, iain, need the coat tonight and need it again tomorrow morning. don't worry summer is coming this weekend.
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goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours. >> woman kick out comedy club for her behavior but then things get worse outside. that's where she turns her aggressive behavior on a cop. >> and bad luck for that woman. the ugliness well it was all captured on video leading to some very serious consequences for her. our chris o'connell is live outside the helium comedy club in center city where it was all caught on camera. chris? >> reporter: well, dawn, the
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show wasn't just at the helium comedy club on sunday night. it was out here on the streets on sansom street. when a local tv personality goes on a tyrant on a local philadelphia police officer it is caught on video. tonight she's facing criminal charges. meantime, the guy who shot that video is talking about the bizarre rant. >> you're bleep bleep suckers. >> five and a half minute video of the potty mouth woman yelling and be rate ago philly cop has hit viral status. >> you're all a piece of bleep. everybody bleep hates you. that's why society hates you! because you guys bleep for no bleep reason. >> video shot sunday night shows 28-year-old colleen campbell hurling profanities at at a blistering pace after police say she was asked to leave center city's helium comedy club. even the officer heard plead wig her friend to take her home. >> i just want to you take her.
10:16 pm
i just want you to take. >> or what? or what? bleep bleep. >> then things got ugly. she seen spitting in the face of a worker. that's when the cuffs came out. campbell was arrested for disorderly conduct and assault. >> new york comedian shot the video outside the club he said the tire raid kept up even after campbell was arrested. in her online bios the temple university journalism graduate says she has a passion for telling stories. just not this kind. >> i work at a bleep news station bleep. phl17. >> aft the video went viral, campbell was fired from whpl17 and let go from her bartending job at devils den in south philly. as for that cop -- >> that cop -- deserved top of the year. i know a lot of cops out there. they do a good job. but that cop definitely deserved
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cop of the year. >> reporter: now, in a statement we got over the last few minutes colleen campbell tells us tonight she is ashamed and embarrassed by her actions. she says i'm hopeful that the philadelphia police officer who dealt with me sunday night will allow me to apologize in person and express to him how truly sorry i am for what transpired ". now, also, in her statement, campbell also says she believes her drink was unknowingly drugged that night. she also says she's been given thousands of lewd and threatening phone calls since that video has been released. iain. >> all right, chris, thank you. happening now, four teens are in custody in connection with disturbing facebook video that went viral showing some youngsters punching a young man with intellectual disabilities and police are still looking for whomever recorded that video. >> tonight joyce evans reports
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police want to know if this assault has a connection to another case. >> the ages range from well to 15 years old. >> this is posted on facebook. >> reporter: reaction to the video attack posted in slow motion ranged from shocked. >> are you serious? >> what are they doing? oh, look. >> reporter: to disgusted. >> i'm speechless. >> reporter: to not at all surprised these days. >> you know, that's just kids that's bored. >> reporter: shaheem regularly sells his sides supplie supplyim truck bed right in front of where the 38-year-old mentally challenged man was surrounded by a pack of kids but police say this happened on memorial day he was not here that day he would the kids would have done it any way. >> it happened right here. yeah, i mean, it's going happen anywhere. >> reporter: it did happen again and worse. says northwest detectives captain malachi jones. >> we are logging at similarit similarities from this incident
10:19 pm
relating to the assault of the principal. >> reporter: a principal bashed with a brick just a few days after this man was attack attacked. >> two of the four from this one possibly involved in the incident with the principal. >> parents need to take the initiative and start finding something for these kids to do. >> that's what the world is come to go. >> they should lock them up. they should lock them you. >> aggravated assault, simple assault goes along with that, reckless endangering another person as well. >> off the street. they need to be. they could be do it to somebody else. >> reporter: we're told that man is still afraid. but his neighbors and his church family are supporting him. he has a caretaker who is helping him with the police investigation. it was actually a supermarket co-worker who posted a plea to facebook begging people to call police. they did. at northwest detectives, joyce evans, fox 29 news. we're learning more about a government contractor accused of leaking classified intelligence information to the media.
10:20 pm
reality winner is facing serious charges and fbi affidavit shows winner leaked intelligence on russia's alleged election interference. prosecutors will not name the agency she work for but other media outlets say she was an nsa contractor. she's accused of making copies of classified documents containing top-secret material and mailing them to online news organization. if convicted she can face ten years in prison. >> fox 29's dave kinchen on the national stage asking white house press secretary sean spicer a question via skype at his press briefing. the trump administration proposed to wipe out deductions for local and state property t tax. dave asked sean spicer how homeowners in our area would be impacted by president trump's proposal to cut deductions. keep in mind new jersey is reprted to have the highest property taxes in the country. >> my question is, what do you say to the folks who are worried they may take major hit?
10:21 pm
>> well, dave, thank you for asking. i think if you look at the principal's outlined by director cohen and secretary minutia when they talked about the president's tax form agenda one of principles was increasing the standard deduct. for middle income family doubling that to $24,000. we estimate about 95% of the folks that file now would not take individual deductions because of the increase. the large increase that would happen. most middle income americans would actually save more under the president's plan because of the large increase that would exist with respect to the standard deduction. >> the white house says deductions for mortgage interest and charitable contributions would still be around for individual taxpayers homeowners of course will be watching this closely. just disgusting words from local prosecutor for this what this man did to six young sisters in his home for years. today, one word from the jury. guilty.
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from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need. >> check out this video a woman is pulling out of atlanta shopping complex when out of nowhere a man jumps on the hood of her car and kicks in her win dome the victim says she's never seen this man in her life before. after he kicked in the windshield he just runs off.
10:25 pm
wow! jury finds a bucks county man guilty of sexually assaulting six girls from the same family. lee kaplan was convicted on all 17 counts in this disturbing case. >> testimony over the course of the trial unraveled some really horrific details about just what went on inside a feasterville home. jeff cole was in court today. >> reporter: the nine men and three women of the kaplan jury ordered lunch and soon after reached a verdict. a clean sweep for the prosecution guilty on all 17 counts including child rape against lee kaplan. >> i feel relieved, um, i think the jury did a great thing. they did the right thing, and society is better off for it. >> reporter: kaplan's crimes shocked the region. the rape and sexual assault of the six sisters in his feasterville home over a decade. the oldest now 19 bore two of his children. >> do you believe your client
10:26 pm
was innocent? >> i do believe he was innocent of some of the things they accused of him of. >> what was he innocent of? >> does it, gosh ahead. he'll sorry. >> innocent of child rail. >> i'm not going to answer that question right now. >> reporter: one of the sisters was gifted by kaplan to their parents parent until reason for financial help. the parents have plead to child endanger many charges and will be sentenced. the prosecutor is repulsed by what kaplan did. >> i think it's disgusting, definitely. um, unfortunately, this type of behavior does happen more often than it should. >> reporter: when it was over, the girl's brother striding away from court had little to say. >> what's your reaction to this thing. >> i have no comment. >> 17 counts guilty on all of them. jacob, you must happy that this guy is going away here. >> no men, sir. >> reporter: kaplan's bail was immediately revoked. after a hearing on whether he's a sexually sight length offender he'll be september 10ed likely to a long jail term.
10:27 pm
in doylestown, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. they're calling it the super bowl for washington. fired fbi director james comey about to spill the beans. the big question, what's he going to say? watch closely. see that snake? it's about to bite a baby in her walker and her mom is laughing. no surprise people are mad.
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13 years later legendary entertainer bill cosby meets his accuser face to face in a court of law. andrea constand took the witness stand in cosby's indecent assault trial today. constand telling the jury she had considered cosby a friend and a mentor but she says in january 2004 cosby drugged her and then groped her at his cheltenham mansion. she testified cosby gave her three blue pills. soon she said i began to slur my words. i had trouble seeing him. my mouth was quote very cotton knee.
10:31 pm
she was jolted awake to find cosby groping her breasts and genitals. other cosby accusers were in court to watch the showdown. >> we had to be here. we really had to be here. you know, this is catharsis for us. >> but you've seen scene how difficult it is to be on the stand. >> i'm so relieved i'm not stand, you know, but i have made my statements and my statements stand true. and we all know what he is. >> cosby has denied sexually assaulting anyone. his lawyers are trying to tear apart inconsistent cease in constand's story. cross examination continues tomorrow morning in norristown. if there's one thing this historic trial of the comedic and television icon has done it's polarized a community and a nation. the allegations against bill cosby are damming and people are definitely choosing sides. >> today bill anderson went to the montgomery county courthouse to find out if this high profile case could divide us us as a society for goodness sake.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: here at the montgomery county courthouse the bill cosby case is pretty obvious, right? over 50 accusers admitted use of drugs and do you meaned pattern of bay your, so to some he's obviously guilty, right? >> it's horrendous. it's horrendous. you know -- as you know i'm one of the victims from 1969, and we all know what he is. >> reporter: here's the issue. to others, it's the exact opposite. he was america's dad committed to charity and one of the biggest celebrities of all time. so he couldn't have done this he's innocent, right? >> america loves bill cosby. i love bill cosby. he's an icon. i don't think he would do something like that. >> reporter: looking at the same evidence and same history, some are drawing really different conclusions. barbara rose is one of those people. outside the courthouse she told me she was clear that she still needs more evidence to determine if cosby is guilty but she's also clear that emotionally she really hopes he's not. >> i was sad to hear someone is
10:33 pm
accusing him of this. do i know whether he's guilty, i don't know. i wish he wasn't guilty. >> reporter: her views seem to represent many supporters like with a lot of high profile cases, in some ways mr. cosby's celebrity persona and the influence it had has become larger than real life. >> i used to watch his show in the '8 '80s and i was really hay to see a middle class family a black middle class family where the father was a role model. people look up to him. >> reporter: what was also interesting in speaking to bash ran another as spec of celebrity cases she's hoping evidence points to cosby's innocence even though she admits she herself was a victim of abuse in her past. >> what's your end, york wore own experience doesn't make you more angry towards him or negative towards him. >> he had nothing to do with the experience i had. it's not his problem or fault. >> reporter: it becomes more evident this celebrity court case is like many others. passionately dividing us based on our interpretation of the facts and how much we like the celebrity in question. but my hope is that this case
10:34 pm
will be different than others. in that we don't get so caught up in our feelings about celebrity that most of us have never really met that we end up more divided as a society for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ meantime a lot of anticipation about former fbi director gems p james comey's testimony in front of the senate intelligence committee thursday. his first public comments since he was fired by trump on may ninth. sources close to comey claim president trump and privately asked the fbi director to drop his department's investigation into russian involvement in the 2016 election. president trump told reporters today he wishes comey luck. developing to night, it's a video that will give parents chills. [ laughter ] >> this alarming video shows a mom letting a snake up tension
10:35 pm
alley bite her baby. it's hard to list stone. >> to make matters worst mom took video and posted it to facebook. now she's facing child abuse charges. fox's evan axelbank has more. >> reporter: deputies reviewed this video showing scharr tell saint laurent holding a snake to her daughter. her daughter reaching for it and then being bitten. >> she said she was just trying to teach the child to be afraid of snakes. report roar since the video was poe to do facebook on friday, the mother brenda says reaction has been harsh. >> people that know us know she would never hurt her child ever. i'm just tired of all these people saying she should be executed and stuff. >> really? >> really? she's trying to protect her daughter from picking up a poisonous track. >> ben at a spoke to us from their ranch saying they've always lived around animals she done the same exercise on scharr tell during her childhood.
10:36 pm
>> she regrets put it uniface book for all these morons. as far as teaching the child no. i don't regret her doing it. >> she purposely chose a non poisonous snake and that the baby's skin was broken. >> there was no harm to the ba baby. the baby is a happy healthy better. >> she let her bite her first to make sure it wouldn't bite too hard. brendan baker is her fee january say and the baby's father. >> a lot of people see it one way or another much it is unorthodox, yes, but it was a harmless action. it was not meant to hurt or traumatize or anything bad to the baby. >> the family says d.c. f visited and took no action. they are aware deputies have referred to the case to the state attorney's office we deputies saying they're probable cause. the lesson in snakes was child abuse. >> obviously it's not a good idea. there's teachable moments that you can have with a child.
10:37 pm
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eight-year-old girl and her soccer team are heart broken after making it to the final round of a tournament in nebraska this weekend. the little girl and her team were suddenly disqualified. >> the reason somebody had complained thinking the eight-year-old little girl was a boy. >> my, um, brother, he said, it's only because the looks. like, when they look at me, they think i'm a boy but i'm really not. >> eight-year-old millie hernandez loves soccer. and is devastated that her short haircut led local soccer organizers in omaha to insist she was born. her boy disqualified from the finals on sunday as a result. >> there was no point of everybody getting kick off. some of us could have stayed and start playing. >> reporter: the coach is furious. >> translator: we need justic justice. they did this to a little girl. a little girl of just eight years old. there's no way to justify this mistake they made against her. >> reporter: tournament
10:41 pm
organizers say looks did influence their decision. the roster mistakenly listed millie as a boil everyone thought it could be easily rectified but apparently not. >> the president of the tournament said that we made our decision and we wouldn't change it even -- we had two, um --, we hershorn card and we had paper from when she was five. it said that female on both of them. >> they shouldn't be ignoring them for trying to like show them proof that she's a girl. >> millie was in tears over the decision but is getting an outpouring of support on social media and from some of the best female soccer players in the world. olympic gold medalist amy womack tweeting --,. >> woman mack tweeted millie was amazing and brave in every way. mia hamm invited millie to participate in her soccer
10:42 pm
academy and told millie just be you. by the way she like her hair just like it is, should rt. >> she should keep that it way. wish her the best. kathy, we're kind of tired of this cold rainy weather. we want our summer back. >> it is coming for the weekend but for now we have some rain to talk about. we have to get through this first. the forecast is coming up. ♪
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♪ ♪ nothing performs like a tempur-pedic. and now is the best time to buy one. now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at
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>> man takes his frustration with bed bugs to a whole new level. the man had been trying to get city officials in augusta maine to do something about the fin fess station. when they toll him they couldn't help, he pull out a cup of live bed bugs and dumped it on the counter. the building was immediately evacuated and closed for the rest of the day while the office was fume gated the man will face criminal charges. >> developing now story. controversial case underway in massachusetts where a teen is accused of repeatedly texting her boyfriend pressuring him to kill himself. michelle carter was 17 at the time. but now the 20-year-old is being tried on manslaughter charges. >> the reason prosecutors say she helped convince conrad roy to kill himself stunning. fox's molly line has the latest. >> reporter: the manslaughter trial underway for massachusetts woman accused of using text messages to encourage her
10:46 pm
boyfriend to kill himself. prosecutors accused michelle carter of playing a quote sick game by repeatedly urging 18-year-old conrad roy to end his life. they say carter wanted the attention she would get as the grieving girlfriend. >> she made him promise he would go through with the plan. you need to do it conrad, okay. i'm going to do it today he said. you promise? conrad, i promise, babe. have i to now. >> in july 2014, roy was found dead in his pickup truck. the result of carbon monoxide poisoning deet fence maintains her texts to roy were protected free speech. roy had been depressed and had been considering suicide for quite some time. >> couldn't rather roy wanted to market look like an accident you saw the text because he didn't want anyone to feel guilty about it. that's because the cause of his death was his own doing. that's what he wanted. >> reporter: carter's lawyers say she had her own mental health issues and was taking medications that may have affected her judgment.
10:47 pm
the first witness was roy's mother. lynn roy said she was her son hours before he died and saw no signs he was planning to hurt himself. >> carter waived her right to jury trial and instead placing her fate in the hands of the judge f convicted she faces up to 20 years in prison. in massachusetts, molly line, fox news. the annual dinner on black pop up picnic come back to philadelphia soon planning an even bigger event when the party shows up this year. the group behind the event host add special preview party at head house square. on your radar tonight, sweater weather as we take live look at allentown. don't worry you won't need it for long. kathy orr has your forecast in 15 seconds. iain it's going to stay cloudy. it's going to be drizzly out
10:48 pm
there. cool, dam many whatever you want to call it we need the sweaters tomorrow morning because look at this temperature only 57 going down tonight easterly winds keeping it cool. easterly wind at 10 miles an hour. it's pulling all the way into our western suburbs. pottstown 56. 58 in wilmington. 57 in millville and cool down the shore 58 in sea isle. 59 degrees in north wildwood. 59 at cape may point. this cold front will be swinging through drier air working its way in slowly tomorrow but you can still see the showers rotating around that low. moving through newark, delaware, along 40, 301 toward middletown 92 delaware city and crossing into salem county. so some spotty showers and downpours expected right into the overnight. tomorrow's high 69. still below average on thursday. normal temperatures around 80 on friday and then finally going above normal by saturday. so it's going take some time. as we go hour by hour, some showers will be moving through during the overnight then pushing westward and slowly
10:49 pm
drying out tomorrow. some breaks in the overcast especially during the afternoon with a few morning spotty sprinkles and then you can see thursday clearing out. looking really nice with mentee of sunshine. that's the beginning of a change in our weather. 54 degrees overnight. mostly cloudy with spotty shower. some downpours expected. tomorrow looking for some break in the overcast. the high temperature going for around 68 degrees. as we look ahead on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, thursday partly sun sunny, 72. friday 80. saturday 85. sunday near 90. 92 on monday. 92 on tuesday. next wednesday in the 90s as well looks like we're heading heading down the shore saturday or sunday for the weekend it's going to be nice there as well. consider this. down the shore saturda mostly sunny, 78. sunny and nice for sunday the high temperature 82. pack the sunscreen. up tense sunshine this time of year down the shore as well. it is june after all, iain. we're forgetting because may was
10:50 pm
so cool and june hasn't been so hot. >> no. it's been chilly, kathy. all right. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> tonight i had the honor moderating a panel discussion with dr. william hite and students who participated in philadelphia outward bound activities the event took place at the museum of the american revolution outward bound is doing some impressive work in partnership with the school district of philadelphia. and sean bell here now way preview of what's coming up in sports. sean? >> guys as you heard earlier mike schmidt creating some controversy around the phillies odubel herrera speaks on what schmidt had to say, and he went out and proved he was dead wro wrong. seaway did against the braves to show he's a player to build around much that's coming up next in sports. ♪
10:51 pm
goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours.
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♪ my honest answer to that would be, no, because of a couple of things. first of all it's language barrier. >> as you heard earlier that was mike schmidt talking about odubel herrera this morning on wip. that's a problem. 27% of players in the major leagues are hispanic and phillies have ton of spanish speaking player. franco, galvis, gomez. after getting backlash he is that righted backpedaling. he put out this statement earlier today. i'm very sorry this misrepresentation of my answer occurred and may have offensed someone. i assure everyone i had no intention of that. odubel is a dynamo on the field and as he becomes more comfortable with the language his leadership skills will improve, and no doubt he will be a centerpiece in the phillies future. schmidt actually called him and apologized. herrera spoke to the immediate
10:55 pm
through a translator before they played the braves and said he disagrees with schmidt's statement. he's disappointed but everything is okay between him and schmidt. the best way to prove schmidt wrong is to perform on the field and did he today. top of the fourth, phils down one to zero. howie kendrick is a solo shot to left to tie the game up. kendrick has been great since coming back from injury. now in the sixth still tied and guess who? herrera coming through in the clutch. herrera with the rbi double. that was go ahead run and essentially the game winner. the phils went on to win three hiv one. their fourth straight win. cincinnati and st. louis the reds scooter din net had ridiculous day. it was unbelievable best game by any player in the majors this year. he hit four homeruns and had ten rbi's. the read won this one, 13-one. to the eagles they're on their third week of ota's and all eyes are on derek barnett at least on the defensive side of the ball.
10:56 pm
so the leader, the big guy fletcher cox had words of advice for barnett. >> my number one thing i teach lot guys. ally new guys coming in. number one know the playbook. number two, if you know the playbook you can go out and play fast. >> when you look at derek barnett, i know it's still early what do you see. >> you see a first round draft pick a guy coming and in, upping, just still learning. he goes in every day, and, you know, he goes out and practice and he work. the main think about derek he listen. >> and coming up at 11:00 i'll have more and what mike schmidt had to say. so many hispanic players. it didn't effect chooch and the bic-time players. they all know the language of baseball. >> absolutely. >> i love herrera had great game tonight. perfect. >> perfect timing. >> all right. that will do it for us tonight at 10:00 o'clock. iain page standing by with what's coming up at of at 11:00. >> we told you the new national champs right in philadelphia's backyard.
10:57 pm
to tonight our hank flynn travel to the west chester university campus to hear the secret to their success. we got your wake up weather and seven day forecast all in the first five minutes. your mega millions lottery drawing is up next so good luck. we'll see in you a few.
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