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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  June 7, 2017 4:00am-4:52am EDT

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>> and it is day three of the bill cosby case. day two on the stand for the alleged victim as she goes back to testify once again. we've got a live report from the courthouse. >> say she was not the intended target. >> did you hear what mike schmidt said? lots of people have lots to say about his comments about who or who cannot be a team leader. >> has a lot of people talking. also ahead this morning, new jersey, one step closer to knowing who will be its next evs straight up 4:00 on a veryay ase starting offer to >> good morning. i'm a great mood because i'm leaving forni.
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>> what do you mean again? in may, int about that. >> so sad. >> i pictures, bring back theun t day.the number. now, yesterday was amproving. still have a few morning. drizzy here in old55 degrees, little cn yesterdah 13-mile per hour winds out of sunrise time auamount pocono, 5l temperatures to thest chester, f
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the 60s mostlyng up i in the route 202, right off route of 2, repaving project, for prettthug. so looks like they got a open. but careful, that's the stretch, too, they don't have the overhead street lamps. still working g on the vine street expressway. what a crazy detour this morning, you know you're in philly when you're push off for a detour, and there is a detour on the detour. so that's the scenario here on the vine street expressway closed between the schuylkill and broad street. if you get off at spring garden and try to use the
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parkway, the parkway is closed right by the franklin institute, all the way up to lobing and circle. they're doing again work that's related to the vine street expressway overnight construction, bottom line, until 5:00, be prepared for some detours, and few extra minutes, between broad street and the schuylkill, again, your best bet, i would use the 30th street off ramp or the south street off ramp. because i tried spring garden and i got pushed into two other detours along my way. major off to good start. otherwise no delays. >> 4:03, bill cosby's accuser has her day in court, andrea constand delivered dramatic, detailed testimony yesterday. in fact, she gave chilling description of cosby's alleged sexual assault. and, she is set to return for day three. what can we expect today? steve keeley in norristown, this morning, with more, good morning to you, steve. >> reporter: well, anothe rough weather day outside. and it will be rough skies inside, again, for andrea
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constand, it has been three years now since the start of 60 women started telling the world bill cosby lured them, drugged them, and then molested them. but for the first time, one of those 60 got her day in court here, and the chance to say under oath, face-to-face, with cosby, what happened to her? andrea constand, you see in our video, walks confidentially into the courtroom. 6 feet tall, and metaphor i cannily standing tall on the witness stand, too. >> i think they are doing everything they can to discredit andrea and kelly johnson and her mother. and i'm very offended by this. >> i know his true nature. i was his victim. i know many of his victims. and i know that personally and i know who they are and i know their truth. while we are here to stand in truth. >> well, cross-examination started yesterday. it will continue today. karen, thomas, after andrea constand, we've learned that
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her mother will be the witness after her. >> and we will be watching very closely, don't go anywhere, steve, because despite through all of this chaos, and it really has been a chaotic scene out there, there was one i guess we can call it magical moment yesterday between one steve keeley and miss wendy williams. take a look. >> here to give us the inside scoop live from philadelphia outside the courthouse, say hello to wtxf fox 29 reporter steve keeley. hi, steve. okay, so -- >> wendy, wendy, wait, first of all, let me get this out of the way before the serious stuff. you have the greatest live and most loyal audience ever. how you doing? (cheers). >> steve, we just love that the entire country got a little bit of our own steve keeley like what we get every single morning. >> yes, you know what? you have to play to your audience, i know she has a great audience. i actually watch that show because i eat lunch during
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that show if i get home on time. i wanted to get that out of the way because we are talking about sexual assault, it is very serious, but i wanted to dot greeting that everybody that watches that show no, sir. and if you don't watch it, now you know courtesy of me, i guess, right? >> and how you doing this morning, steve? >> i'm doing a little rough in this weather but hopefully next week we got the heatwave out here. but you can't complain specially dealing with such a serious nature in the courtroom. >> all right, my friends, see in you just a little bit. time now 4:06. >> developing right now, gunfire erupting in nicetown sending a pregnant woman to the hospital. that 27 year old was hit by a stray bullet, as she was leaving. a friend's home at archer and butler streets, it was about 9:30, last the night. the woman who was seven months pregnant was shot in the leg. she was raised over to temple hospital. she is listed now in stable condition. no arrests have been made. >> another horrific scene here, a mother and her child shot in wilmington. but as fox 29's shawnette wilson report this morning, mitt police say they weren't the intended target. >> i heard them.
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yes, because it was loud, down there. >> gunshots frightened this woman as she sat in front of her home on the 700 block of east sixth street in wilmington tuesday afternoon. >> it was a sad thing. you know? just something that you don't like see. >> what she saw, a woman, who had been shot, also screaming for help, for her little boy, shot too. >> just kind of makes you shake a little. >> police say around 2:30 in the afternoon officers on patrol in the area of west fourth and lombard heard gunshot and put out call for more police. they got there to finds a 31 year old woman, shot in her left arm, her six year old son, shot, in the head. >> she just kept asking, call 911, call 911. >> this woman, who lives nearby, doesn't want to show her face. >> sad and test pick job she came outside after police got there and shut down the street. she is upset to hear what happened. >> it is a shame that, you know, there is so much gunfire in the city that, you know, you don't have more witnesses.
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>> neighbors say the woman and child were in this car when they were shot. lorrainea blands returned to get her. her son and grandchildren live on the block. >> you can't even come outside. you can't let your kids play on the street. ridiculous. >> shell case mark, about half block from where the victim's car ended up. we saw one plan putting cover over his car window, park but shalt erred by bullet as the suspect drove by shooting. >> it is not justified for anyone to be shot. but when a child and a woman get shot, it is really bad. >> shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news." >> yes, it is. 4:08. wu know know whole lot more about the bucks county fugitive who was recaptured yesterday. police say they caught one that guy, daniel sellby junior yesterday afternoon following a three hour search in warrington. someone spotted him right in the area, then they got out k9 dog right there, they found him hiding in a bush right at the blue stone woods. sellby was being transported by police on sunday when he
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faked a medical emergency, managed to escape out of the van. that will triggered lockdowns on schools in the area. cancelling classes, cancelling school for awhile. people were locked in their houses. he was initially arrested on outstanding warrant. then his father daniel sellby senior was arrested, after police say he tried to help his son escape. >> there are four teenagers now in custody in connection with the disturbing video on facebook showing them punching a man who appears to have intellectual disability. victim was surrounded by the pack of kids in germantown on memorial dayment the video shows two teens punching the victim. we have it there in slow motion, we blurted their faces two, other part of the group, also arrested, all facing assault and other charges. investigators still searching for the person who was take tag video, meanwhile, police are looking into whether any of the kids in the group are connected to another ugly assault when a school principal was attacked with a brick, just days after that victim was punched. >> time now just about 4:10. following developing story
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this morning, out of iran, several attackers targeted iran's parliament in the shrine of the ayatollah. the shooting at the legislature is still underway. now, cord to state tv, four attackers are involved in the parliament attack. eight people are wounded. iran's state tv says a security card was -- guard was killed and four people wounded in the shrine attack. it says one of the ac tack ers at the shrine was killed and woman arrested. it is also reporting one of the shrine attackers was a suicide bomber. now, it is unknown who was behind the attacks, or if they are coordinated. we'll follow this one very slowly. >> 4:10, europe's on edge once again after another suspected terror attack, happened outside notre dame cathedral in par ills. man claiming to be isis soldier who tried to attack some officers with a hammer. he screamed this is for syria. they had some pictures of him down on the ground. he was wounded, he's in the hospital, in addition to hammer, police also found some kitchen knives on that attacker, and they think that
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he was a student from algeria. >> let's talk about you decide 2017. match up as we know is set for the race for new jersey's next governor. voters in the garden state chatting -- choosing democrat bill murphy in the gubernatorial murray winning over five other democrat, he is former obama administration ambassador to germany. >> he'll be running of course again new jersey, kim guy danno in the general election, she governor christie's top deputy, she won over fourth owe republican candidates. >> and in the democratic primary for camden's next mayor, frank moran has won by a very large margin. we'll have more on that throughout the morning here on "good day" philadelphia. >> let's bring good news, how about this one? how about the fighting phils? >> nice to say streak, isn't it? coming up here on "good day" philadelphia, what they did last night that they haven't done since april. >> all right, we all know this, it depends on where you live, what your neighborhood is and your zip code. there is a neighborhood in philadelphia that has the fifth highest car insurance in
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the entire country. you know what it is? hey, bob kelly. >> hey, good morning, everybody, 4:11, we'll go for a ride on 202, hot bed of construction from the bypass all the way down through delco. come on, open up that front door. let's go outside. say good morning to the ben franklin parkway, hot bed of construction here. we'll have the shut-downs, sue has your forecast, when we come right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ morning, time just
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click over g tuess what, little cool theyolest day. you know was o little bit some stubborn cloudsve weak syg through but high pressure will start building in tomorrow. and then things will re ellie heat up. still tiny bit on the unsettled side. we don't see any big areas every rain on ultimate doppler radar, just couple of places green far north and west of the city. but if you experience little bit every drizzle on your way in, don't be surprised, it is not going to last, we had rain up in the pocono mountains overnight, and of course some heavy rain last night to kind
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of top things off from what ended up being a gloomy day, and then little bit of sunshine. but that was yesterday. this is today. and yes, we have only 44 degrees in mount pocono. it is 55 here in the city. we were in the 60s at this time yesterday. and 50's just about everywhere else on our temperature map, ocean water temperature, in case you're wondering, 62 degrees. now, wind are picking up, out there, 13 miles an hour, and they're coming in from the northeast. and that's what's keeping us on the cloudy side. 80 degrees our average high temperature. and the last time we were above average was sunday, when we got to 82. monday, 74 degrees, and yesterday, we did not get out of the 60s, today, same thing, upper 60s for high temperature, but here comes the warm up. 75 degrees tomorrow, 80 on friday, 83 on saturday, zooming up to 90 on sunday, and then, in the low to mid 90s monday and tuesday, could ends up being the second heatwave of 2017.
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and remember, your forecast will be available on the radio when you get in the car tune to more p.m., 101.1, bob kelly? you. >> got it and call sue and request a song and then she will also give you ooh forecast. >> it is amazing. >> sue, line three, there you go. live lock at the freeway, casino every light volume this morning. but watch it. >> the crews are out here along 295, 42, you know the normal spot. looking good downtown. live look, the skyline there, coming into philadelphia, no problems on the schuylkill expressway, hello, on the schuylkill expressway, cool shot of the art museum there, and boathouse row, all lit up working your way into philly but we got the closure, the vine street expressway until 5:00. every night this week, they're closing down the vine until 5:00, the following morning, so you're pushed off at either spring garden, 30th or south street. don't use spring garden. i did that, and i tip he cannily come in on the parkway, the problem is, they're detoured off the parkway which is closed right there at 18th street all part of another construction
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project. so, one detour puts you into another detour, and that's why i realize where did like ten, 15 minutes go, when i walked into the station here this morning? on the detour this morning. in abington, that water main break from earlier in the week, still blocking edge hill road, some local detours through the neighborhood. septa's cynwyd line, using shuttle buses through the end of the week. all due to track work. but otherwise, mass transit off to good start, karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank youment speaking of mass transit, police say new jersey transit bus driver is dead after a woman shot him at a bus garage yesterday afternoon, fresco user steven was there as police combed the scene. now, we know police have identified that driver, as 45 year old ryan reynolds of sicklerville. investigators say, jackson shot him in washington township, then turned that gun on herself, in mantua township yesterday. it is not clear yet what the relationship was between the victim and the shooter. no word yet on a motive.
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>> camden county now prosecutors have charged those two men with possession every child pornography, 42 year old barnaby houston, and 29 year old craig howell, are facing distribution charges. police say they both had child pornography on their electronic devices. howell was charged and released. houston scheduled for pretrial hearing today. >> in south jersey more than $100,000 of drugs off the streets after police pulled over a car after they heard about an alleged heroin dealer. thirty-seven year old terrence harris of pleasantville facing long list of weapon and drugs charges, $100,000, two guns from harris. >> phillies fans, they have a lot to say about mike schmidt and his comment on sport radio. as fox 29's dave kinchen reports this morning, the former phil is he now apologizing after making some controversial comments. >> it is already a tough season for phillies fans who hope this team can improve. but many say, that these
4:20 am
comment took them by surprise. >> i wouldn't agree with that. >> joe clay watches tonight's phillies game at chickie's and pete's in south philly, trying to make sense of controversial comments from phillies legend mike schmidt, talking to 94wip radio about whether the team could build around centerfielder, herrera, a venezuelan. >> my honest answer to that would be no, because of a couple of things. first of all, it is a language barrier, and, you know, because of that, i think he can't be a guy that would, you know, sort of sit in a circle with four, five american players, and talk about the game. you know? , or, try and learn about the game, or discuss the inner working of the game. >> herrera's first language is spanish, and he uses an inter preppy when he talks to the press. >> i think that, you know, there are lot of different kinds of ways to be a leered. you know, you don't have to necessarily speak the same language as everybody else, you do it with your actions a lot. >> the player may speak with a
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accent, but he doesn't play with a accent. >> well, rojas the first vice president of the gloucester county naacp and considers himself a diehard phillies fan. >> for him to say that, i'm very disappointed, and i hope it is not a sign of the times that we're living in our country right now. >> schmidt later released a statement saying in part, quote, i'm very sore that i this misrepresentation of my answer occurred, and may have offended someone. i assure everyone, i had no intention of that. but many wonder if it goes far enough. >> he apologizd, but, you know, that's like -- the damage is done, it is like politics. >> mike schmidt you better and good boy. >> schmidt also said in the statement he believes herrera will become more comfortable with the language, and in time, will be a centerpiece of the phillies organization. in south philadelphia, dave kinchen, "fox 29 news." >> all right, thank you there, dave. welshing we want to show you a little girl. a soccer star, but one little girl forced off the field.
4:22 am
>> her team was actually disqualified from the big game, all because of her haircut. but first, here's sean bell. >> coming up next in sport in a minute. a lot of controversy surrounding mike schmidt and herrera. see how he responded to disparaging comment by schmidt. that's coming up next in sports.
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>> good morning, i'm sean bell. yesterday hall of famer mike ms. had some controversial
4:25 am
statements about herrera. he has since apologized and clarified his statements. but listen to what he originally had to say about building a team around herrera. >> my honest answer to that would be no. because of a couple every things, first of all, it is a language barrier, and, you know, because of that, i think he can't be a guy that would, you know, sort every sit in a circle with four, five american players, and talk about the game. you know, or, try and learn about the game or discuss the inner workings of the game. >> the only way to change schmidt's minds is to ball out. herrera coming through in the clutch last night against the braves in the sixth. herrera with an rbi double. that was a go ahead run. the phils go onto win three to one, their fourth straight win. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> thank you there, sean. coming up at 4:30, taking the
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stands. >> for the second day the accuser in the bill cosby case giving her side of the story. we'll have the latest in the bill cosby trial coming up next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what? the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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>> the wormed's attention back in montgomery county against bill cosby. woman at the center of the case will be taking the stands for a seconds day. we've got a live report. >> also, just discussing, words from the prosecutor what this man did to six young sisters in his home for years. now t jury. >> and we're all going april over the newest baby. he's not an april. he is a baby gorilla. look at that face andhu >> only the face a mother could love. >> oh, no. >> it is cute. another rea you with us on this wednesday. it drayton, karen hepp, good morning. >> i can see, consideration woe get one? >> exactly. sue serio, good morning. >> good morning, yes. it w probably a decent day for the zoo. but youswter. >> okay. >> i'll get it out.
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i swear. >> we're talking about a sweat yes, because it was cool yesterday. never got out of the 60s, i think we'll have the same temperaturin. so, up to seven out of ten. it is national chocolate iceryd. >> yeah! >> yes, and the phillies have won, what was it, four in a row now? oh, my gosh. so lots to celebrate. today with bus stop buddy, he does have a sweatshirt on for the bus stop today because it is on the cool side. we have temperatures mostly in the 50's, no rain to show you really on ultimate doppler radar, just little drizzle maybe in a few spots. 13-mile per hour winds out of the east, 55 degrees, at the moment, going out to our west it is 50 in coatesville, and in kutztown, so little cooler in the a day, high temperature of 68 degrees. wait until you see the warm up in the seven day forecast. bob kelly? >> so it will be a one sweater kind of day then probably, right? >> one sweater day. >> good morning shall everybody, 4:30, live look,
4:31 am
crews still working along woodhaven road, right at the 95 ramp. so just be careful, the ramps are blocked here, from woodhaven road to 95 up there in northeast philadelphia. and we're also shutdown on the vine street expressway, in center city, between the schuylkill and broad street. so if you are coming into philly for the next half hour or so, you can jump off the schuylkill, i would use either 30th or south street. because i jumped off at spring garden, and while i was on the detour, there was another detour. a detour on top of the detour. they have the parkway shutdown from about 19th street all the way up to logan circle, again, all part of separate project unrelated there to the vine street expressway. also, watch out for road work today along 95, if you are headed to or from the airport. they're going to be working 95 right near broad street. right in front of the stadium area there, for the gang in wilmington, watch for work crew out along 495, down there, edgemore road, exit number five. no problems on 95, the main
4:32 am
line, from bucks count my center city. new jersey turnpike looking good. mass transit also off to a good start. karen, thomas, back to you. >> bob kelly thank you. 4:32, andrea constand back on the stands today for her the second day of day three, bill cosby's sexual assault trial. yesterday she gave pretty chilling description of the encounter that she calls assault, and he says was concentual. steve keeley right now outside the courthouse with the very latest on all of this, steve? >> day three, now we know when she will be on the stands, and we know this is -- expect a big crowd out here. this will be a tough cross-examination that may last into tomorrow. day two, looking back at yesterday, full of details, drama and direct testimony for the first time from crosby chief accuser for the crimes he's on trial here now. now, 44 years old, andrea constand confidentially strolled through the courthouse hallway on her way to the witness stand. she lives in toronto now working as a massage therapist. but she testified about what
4:33 am
happened to her when she lived in philadelphia, and met cosby for the first time in 2002 while working at temple university. saw him as career mentor up until a night in 2004 when he gave her three blue pills, and ended up sexually assaulting her. when she was too weak to fight him off. she asked what are they? are they natural, are they herbal? cosby said just put down down your throat, they'll your friends, they'll take the edge off. next thing she know jolted awake with cosby's all over her first on her chest then worse below her waist unfit for description on morning tv. >> i am one of the victims from what, 1969. so we had to be here. we real had i to be here. you know, this is for us. >> you see how difficult it is for them to be on the stands? >> i'm so relieved i'm not on the stand, you know, but i've made my statements, and my statements stand true. and we all know what he is.
4:34 am
>> well, constand's sudden appearance after the lunch break was total surprise. not only to the courtroom gallery, that had an open loud gasp, but even to the judge, too, who did not know she was being called up next to testify. he was so angry, karen, thomas, he rebuked the prosecution at the end of the court day. he didn't want any more surprises. we'll see. >> we will see. certainly disecting every word, steve keeley this morning, in norristown, steve, thank you. 4:34. day in court for the engineer involved in the 2015 deadly amtrak crash in port richmond. this morning, brandon bostian right here will appear for a preliminary hearing on charges of involuntary manslaughter and wreckless endangerment. the derailment of amtrak 188 killed eight people and injured 200 others. the charges were filed last month after the family of one victim sought a private criminal complaint. shots fired at a local rec center in mayfair. philadelphia police saying it all started on the basketball
4:35 am
court. our jenny joyce has the lates latest. >> lower mayfair rec center a crime scene tonight. police say around 7:30, the basketball courts on the 6300 block of hawthorn street were packed with unruly teens and young adults fighting with one another. as police tried to break up the crowd, they heard a gunshot. fired on the court. and later, found the victim at aria-frankford hospital with a gunshot wounds to his leg. >> police are talking to witnesses, who heard the gunshot, saw the large crowds, and saw someone appeared to throw something on the roof. >> police tell us they went up on the roof and recovered a handgun which matched the shell casing fawn on the court's below. police say they went to the hospital to talk to the victim. he's not sharing details. >> for some reason, our 24 year old shooting victim, when questioned by police, and detectives, is completely uncooperative, and will he not tell us why he was shot or how
4:36 am
he was shot. it is not out of the question that this 24 year old victim shot himself. >> jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news." all right, jenny, bucks county man convicted of all 17 counts against him for sexually assaulting six girls in the same family. there he is, lee kaplan, his conviction comes a year after a neighbor tipped off police that there were whole large number of girls living with him in the house in feasterville. investigators say the girls' parent gifted them to kaplan. >> local chef may be serving up some meals behind bars after pleading guilty to child pornography charges. prosecutors say that guy, 43 úyear old alexander, and his girlfriends, took pictures every themselves engaging inch appropriate activity with minors. he used to run the crow and the pitcher now called brill. he faces to up 20 years in prison. will be sentenced september 20. his girlfriend janine kelly
4:37 am
also pleaded guilty and faces to up 30 years in jail. >> the family after man who was shot and killed by an undercover philadelphia police officer is now suing the city. fifty-two year old richard foretti according to the lawsuit driving around looking for a place to park in may of 2016 when officers tried to stop him. police claim foretti refused to stop his mini-van. officer shannon coolbaugh shot at him. the family claims they're being left in the dark so they filed wrongful death lawsuit. >> they want answers. they've been promised answers by both the police department and the d.a.'s office. they're now in a position to court just to get answers about their loved one that was killed. >> the tha is determining story braking right tia.happening in that attackere
4:38 am
the shooting at the tv, killed,ackers at wounded eight four people were security guards, another thereas don't know ifhe and we will continue toald drug mystery. mass o the south. we will problem. ..
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mysterious street one of those opioid painkillers, now, because so many peopl sick, and, within 48 hours, community, four people died, pad ov georgi. patients are eecerreased leversf consciousness and race against time now to get the words ond te >> this is a poison it, a
4:42 am
timetable, time get to these aid. >> now, they do is a mystery drug right killer, they know itg this dru old girl in her soccer team that made it tot. but they never got a chance to play. >> disqualified her soccer team, because she has a really short haircut? >> so eight year old mili hernandez set to play with her team in nebraska over the weekends, but they were eliminated because organizers thought she was a boy. the soccer association says it was actually over a missprint on the roster where she as was listed as boy, but her coach and the parents, they tried to tell them she's a girl, but they didn't listen. mili getting outpouring of support from some of the best female soccer players in the worlds like olympic gold
4:43 am
medalist me a hands. >> 4:42, we'll keep you updated on that story. talk about cleaning house. >> uber, under investigation. so what that company is doing to fix this problem and their public relations problem, as well.
4:44 am
4:45 am
>> 4:45, have some vacation time to burn?e. >> we all do. but if you live time off
4:46 am
and never, ever hele top spots n the countryht here, have some plished it picks for the best and worse staycatif number 15 on the list. so cities ranked on three categories including entertainm, rest and relaxation, orlando >> makes sense. >> looking to spend hot summer months in a cool spot, no brainer. head to the jersey shore. >> asbury park has been named the coolest small town in america. how about that? so the website budget travel says asbury park exemplifies cultural and ethnic diversity, creative energy, un parallel -- also good pizza and the beaches great, and bonus points because of the night revival ever since bruce springsteen described it as his city of ruins.
4:47 am
great city of america. bob kelly checking the roads, now, i got foiled by the shutdowns all there on the parkway and the vine st. is that back open? >> how about it? only in philly does the detour route have a detour. we got detoured off of the detour. one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing here on some of these overnight construction project, especially, in center city. the paoli thorndale line, this crew here, four out of five days, they're running late. so the first training, late, out of the gate here, on the paoli line, the cynwyd line, using buses through the ends of the week, here's a live look at the paving crews that are still out. the ramps from 95 south, to woodhaven road, still shut down, again, they've been working on the overnight. they say they'll be out until maybe 5:00 or so. you have the hot steam coming off the work machines out there. cut those guys a break. slow her down little bit. again, most of the work crews wrap up by 5:00, 5:30 or so. route zero seven over in south
4:48 am
jersey, haddonfield road construction, working on the pennsylvania turnpike, southbound between quakertown and the lansdale interchange. abington, we still have the detour, around the water main break. and here's a live look, at the 50-50, the vine expressway, it is open westbound, heading over toward the schuylkill, but if you are coming offer the schuylkill, still closed eastbound, and again, this is where karen and bring just talking about, showing offspring garden street on to the parkway, well the parkway is closed. which then puts you into another detour. so, until maybe another, looks like, letting one guy through, but the police are still blocking the ramps there. so hopefully in the next ten minutes, we are good to go. your hump day? sue has in 15 seconds. see little raindrops on
4:49 am
our rehobeth delaware camera this morning, undoubtedly left over from the rain last night. maybe ocean spray, as well. looks like little damp down there. but things are going to slowly improve. cool, cloudy for most of the day today, may see little bit of sunshine, but the sunshine returns in full force tomorrow, sticks around through the weekends. in fact, we could have a heatwave beginning of next week. we will see what happens. in the meantime, still little unsettled out there. we have few raindrops here and there. and some clouds showing up on ultimate doppler radar, north and west of the city is where we saw some rain a little bit earlier. but it looks like that is kind of dissipating, at the moment. so, again, just damp, can't rule out a shower this morning, but that chance decreases by about 9:00 in the morning. and there are few areas where you'll see the sunburning through those clouds, briefly, by noon, you might see some sunshine, but it clouds over again toward the end of the day. but by tomorrow, things will clear up pretty nicely.
4:50 am
then we have the nice long stretch of dry and warm weather, you'll be complaining about the heat before too long. 54 degrees in philadelphia right now. forty-four, very chilly, up in the mountains today. fifty-seven in wildwood. fifty-seven in lancaster, as well. and winds are at 7 miles an hour out of the northeast. soap, for today, 68 degrees. mid 70s tomorrow. we get up to 80 on friday. in the lower 80s on saturday. zoom right into 90 degrees on sunday, and we could ends up with three days in a row of 90 . and that is your seven day forecast, here's what was happening last night at the moore college of art. i was modeling along with a lot of other media people. fashions that we were donating to career wardrobe. now, this is an organization that helps women who are getting back into the work force. like my new friend, brittany. who we look, she got that outfit at career wardrobe, they outfit men, as women. for your job interview, for your first weeks of work, and there is elizabeth willington
4:51 am
of the newspapers in town. so daily news, of course, and there is councilwoman blondeel reynolds brown, a lot of other folks from other television stations, radio stations in town, we great time last night. i know, karen, you have done this event before. so there is another outfit that came from career wardrobe. looking good. >> wonderful evening, sue, help so many women. the time right now 4:51. we do have this breaking news out of iran. learning suicide bomber has just blown himself up. this happened an attack on that country's parliament. we know that there are people there. and there are people dead. there are people injured. there is also another attack that has happened at a shrine for the ayatollah, another suicide bomber there. so this is a breaking and developing story. we'll give you all of the details as they come in. >> let's get to uber. cleaning house due to internal investigation into its workplace culture. >> they've just fired 20 people over claims of sexual harrassment, bullying violations of their company
4:52 am
policy. this all started when former female engineer said in a blog post she had been sexually arrested -- harris dollars, and ignored by human resource also she filed a claim. the company also taking steps to fix management issues, uber now hired former ss -- us attorney eric hole tow look into these claims. >> and new study that's revealed one of the highest rates for car insurance in the whole country is right here in philadelphia. you know you pay really high prices here. well, according to car insurance. com, if you live in strawberry mansion, or zip code 19132, you pay the fifth highest rate per year, how about this? 3,189 bucks per year. the average in pennsylvania is about 1500. the average for car insurance in the whole country is about a thousand 355 a year. >> i don't know, kind of high over in jersey, as well, high everywhere. all right, a bright spot here. it is the newest member of the philadelphia zoo. the story behind this adorable baby boy coming up.
4:53 am
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4:55 am
we care about using cage-free eggs. and we care about amazing taste. because at hellmann's, we're on the side of food. >> great to have you with us this wednesday. >> speaking of the weekends, maybe last weekend you went to the roots picnic, so amazing down at the festival pier. >> if not you missed incredible moment.
4:56 am
really was precious when pharrell took the stage. take a look. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so, "tmz" posted this video, and that little guy next to him eight year old reese, he has leukemia, which he is going to beat, n a and he's big fan of pharrell. so the singer sent a car to drive him from chicago all the way to the show and had him sing along to his show happy. >> one great story to another one. gorilla, 17 gorilla after pretty bring in all kinds of thursday, friday well, so theyof pennsylvania, they got that grea jefferson, and used some forcep. so the mom, o non-stop.
4:57 am
>> good chance to che assault trial takes at stand
4:58 am
4:59 am
philadelphia. >> good day ery on the stand, ae
5:00 am
report. >> also aad hospital she was not >> and oh, mikey, did you hean d ca mean what i said. all right, alsocloser to knowine it next day everybody, on this behind us, and not a great bch every days you'll love the forecast, not to give too much give a little away. probably eastward cool side.busan.


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