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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  June 7, 2017 5:00am-5:56am EDT

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report. >> also aad hospital she was not >> and oh, mikey, did you hean d ca mean what i said. all right, alsocloser to knowine it next day everybody, on this behind us, and not a great bch every days you'll love the forecast, not to give too much give a little away. probably eastward cool side.bus stop buddy with e
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ic now. really not rain, dry in old sit actually with 54 degrees, and sunrise time 5:33, temperaturesy chilly, up in mount pocono this morning. down in cape may, we have 59 degrees. brigantine, 56. same for medford lakes. fifty this doylestown, 48 in perkasie to start your day. planning it out. plan on a lot of cloud cover and a little bit of sunshine. mostly cloudy 56 degrees by 9:00. peaks every sunday shine by noon, 63 degrees, still, cloudy and 66 by 3:00 p.m. and our high temperature will be somewhere around 68 degrees today. not too much different than just less rain, bob kelly, that's a good thing. >> i know him, less.
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>> less rain. >> junior. >> good morning, everybody, live look, 5:01, we are working, working for the weaken here. this is live look at 95 southbound, the ramp road. they just pulled over the cones, and they are allowing some traffic to squeeze on coun, yardley, newtown, you will otherwise, these folks here, don philly where the ve st in time,, from overnight construction will be expressway. let's go to theilge drive. an accident, crews workingr had5 d,nu buses, through friday,ng ia
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road. that will will probably add few e karen, thomas, back over to nou. your morning cosby's accuser had dramatic detailedalleged sexual assault. day three. what can wurprise. because her showing up after the t off, a police but the cosby's legal team was cross-examine he calls and contd relationship with cosby in 2004y
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assault the her. so before cross-examination, the prosecutor asked her all about it first, pre-emptive move to soften the coming attack on cross-examination, andrea said she only stayed in touch with cosby because he continued to call her about temple university business, and she was afraid of losing her job with temple, if she upset its most famous graduate and top donor his time and money. asked also what the defense was sure to hit her with, like why did she wait a whole year to report it? she said quote if i went to police i thought mr. cosby would retaliate, hurt me, and what happened to me was overwhelming. outside the court reaction from everybody that was inside the court, and among them, this is before, but one of the accusers of the 60 women here for the trial talking beforehand and giving us her bee to be in her shoes. >> i think ty can to
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discredit andrea, and joso offended by it. nature. i was his victiand i know that d i know their are here to stands inss stands, everyone watching inerfi day. and among those zero six women who accused show actress yesterday. after court, shean tolea constat something i never hrdry, was really difficult for m the s something she taught vulnerable, you can findmas, i was right
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about this., we didn't have a line spectators to see her >> oh, undoubtedly, steve, thank you. it errupting in27 year old was a st was over at:30 last night. the woman is seven mon struck in the leg. rushed over stable condition. no arrestsce, a mother and her child shot in she wilson report this morning, tar. >> gunshots fritn front of her home east sixth street in wilmington tuesday afternoon. >> sad thing, you know, just something that you don't --
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>> what she saw was a woman who had been shot, also screaming for her little boy shot too. >> just kinds of makes you save or them. >> officers on patrol in the area of west fourth and lombard heard gunshot, and put out a call for more police. they got there to finds a 31 year old woman shot in her left arm, her six year old son, shot, in the head. >> she just kept asking, call 911, call 911. >> this was who lives nearby doesn't want toac >> sad andes pick recall. he street zoo. is he upset toso much gunfire in city women and child written side this c her son an on the street.he victim's
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car ended over his car window, it suspects really bad. 5:08. wu know know whole lot more abouthe recaptured. police say junior yesterday follow dg og, they found to get out of hislly he had beeo in custody in connection with real appears to have is, 38r a whole pack of kids, on geo shows two of the teens actually gangi slow motion video of t the other part of the group, all arrested, facing assault and other charges, figure out who
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took the video, and also, police are trying to figure out, if these are the same kids who also attacked a school principal, hitting him with a brick, just days after this victim was punched. >> time now 5:09. developing story, we're following this morning, out every iran. state tv says one of the attackers in the assault on iran's parliament has blown himself up. according to state tv, four attackers launched the assault which has wounded eight people. police surrounded the building where legislative session was underway. and then, a separate incident, a security guard was killed and four people were wounded in a separate attack there is was at the shrine of the ayatollah. it is unknown who was behind the attacks, or if they are, in fact, coordinated. >> europe on edge, very much show after this attack that happened over there outside the notre dame cathedral in paris, another suspected attack, happened yesterday. police say guy who claims he was isis soldier. he tried to attack some
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officers with a hammer yesterday. then he was screaming during the attack. this is for syria. so officers opened fire, they did wounds him. he is over at the hospital. in addition to the hammer, police also found he had a series every kitchen knives on him. the documents that he was caring suggest he was a student from algeria. >> you decide 2017. the match up is set in the race for new jersey's next governor. voters in the garden state choosing democrat phil murphy, in the gubernatorial primary yesterday. murphy winning over five other democrats. he is former obama administration ambassador to germany. of course he will be running against new jersey lieutenant governor kim in the general election. she is governor christie's top deputy, she won over four other republicans. >> camden's next mayor, frank moran has won, by a large margin. >> all right, it is 5:11. we've got good news for you thon day. >> we need it. >> how about here on "good
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day" philadelphia, fighting phils, what they did last night that they haven't done since april. >> and, wow, did you hear what kevin hart had to say? he talks about a lot of different controversial topics from the bill cosby case to also getting physical with his ex-wife. we will place that for you. bob kelly? >> hey, good morning, it is 5:11, we go for a ride. mainly quakertown and lansdale. open up that front door on a wednesday. say good morning, to wilmington, delaware, forecast t and the jam cams coming up right after the break.
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>> ocean city music tour, they have some great act, hooters coming, tell takes at the end of the month, sue serio, they have the trombone orleans avenue playing this friday. >> nice, avenue feeling that will be crowded, too, because wait until you see the forecast for the weekends. music pier, living up to its name. we've got the system to the south, which is just close enough to spread some clouds, and the occasional shower, northward, into our area. so, we do expect to see quite a few clouds, and still on the cool side today. we will show you what that looks leak on live radar. you see that rain to the
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south, and then the clouds spreading up, and we do have one area of rain that just developed in southern delaware, right around between milford and georgetown this morning, so if you see a stray shower or two, don't be surprised. >> tonight when the clouds clear out, and tomorrow, sunshine returns. and then, get ready for heating up. temperatures are in the 50's, instead of the 60s this morning so keep that in mind. only 44 degrees in mount pocono, winds out of the northeast, also, keeping us cloudy. and 8 miles an hour in philadelphia, 12 miles an hour down in dover, delaware, it was cool tuesday, high of 69 degrees, we should have been around 80, but, don't worry, we will get back to average and above. today, though, staying in the 60s, tomorrow, 7583 saturday,
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looks what happens after that. 90s, 90s, could be setting up for another heatwave sunday, monday, tuesday of next week. remember, noon into 101.1 more fm. not only all of the great movie, bob kelly, but orr forecast, as well. >> more whatever you love, more of it, more, more, more, construction crews out here, live look, 5:16. the ramp from 95 south to woodhaven road, out there last night, paving, look what they do some flaggers over here stopping traffic, every couple every minutes, trying to pack things up here. they've been out all night long, working on the ramp up here to woodhaven road. keep that in mind if you're traveling that way, coming in from south jersey no problems or delays on the freeway. starting to see some daylight here. >> work zone, no problems or delays there, new jersey
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turnpike looking good. into aston, delaware county, concord road, village drive, an accident. watch for the delays along 322, this whole construction zone, from route one, all the way down to 95, and anybody uses that stretch, it is a tough one to begin with, and they started that widening project couple of of weeks ago, then working your way down on 59 today between center city and the airport, working 95 south, the stadium area at broad street. give yourself few extra minute, and septa few extra minute needed they got delays on both the paoli and warminster trains out of the gate, first thing this morning, karen and thomas back to you. >> former fbi director james comey set to testify before the senate intelligence committee about russia's alleged involvement. in the presidential election, his testimony tomorrow will mark comey asaphia public comments since president trump fired him last month. also, learning this morning,
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comey reportedly asked attorney general, jeff sessions, to keep him from being alone with the president. the associated press reports that comey made that request because of his concerns about president trump. >> skyfox, above the scene, of double shooting in reading last night. the reading eagle reporting two people were shot around 5:30, along the 1,000 block of moss street. this is in a mcdonald's parking lot. still waiting on this word this morning on the victim's conditions. >> police say a new jersey transit bus driver is dead after a woman shot him in the middle of the afternoon, at bus garage. fresco use ear steve was there as police were combing the scene. police have identified that driver, as 45 year old ryan reynolds, of sicklerville. investigators say, pia jackson shot him in washington township then turned that gun on herself in mantua township yesterday. it is not clear yet what the victim and the shooter's relationship was, still no word on motive. >> 5:19. to camden couldn't where
5:19 am
prosecutors have charged two men with possession every child pornography, 42 year old barnaby houston, 29 year old craig howell are facing disturbing charges, police say, they have both had child pornography on their electronic devices, charged and released, the other guy scheduled for pretrial hearing today. >> thirty-seven year opened terrence harris is suspect, from pleasantville. he is facing whole long list of drugs and weapons charge,ly say, they seized $100,000& worth of heroin and $40,000 worth of cocaine and two guns, from that guy. >> all right, let's take to you trenton now, live look, part of the city currently under a boil water advisory. it is affect being 35,000 resident this morning. so, there is a problem with chlorine levels. the water should be boiled for a minute, but the water is safe for bathing or laundry use, we'll have all of the information again on
5:20 am >> phillies fans has a lot to say, dave kinchen reports this morning, the philly now apologizing after making some controversial comments. >> already a tough season, but many say these comments took them by surprise. >> yes, i wouldn't agree with that. >> joe clay watches tonight's phillies game at chickie's and pete's in south philly trying to make sense of controversial comments from phillies legends, mike schmidt, talking to 94wip radio about whether the team could build around centerfielder herrera, a venezuelan. >> my honest answer to that would be no because after couple of things, first of all, it is a language barrier, and because that far he can't and guy that would, you know, sort every sit in a circle with four, five american
5:21 am
players and talk about the game, or try and learn about the game, or discuss the inner workings of the game. >> herrera's first language is spanish and he uses an interpreter when he talks to the press. >> you don't have to speak the same language as everybody else, do you it with your being. >> the player may speak with a accent, but he doesn't play with a accent. >> well, rojas, the first vice president of the gloucester county naacp, and considers himself a diehard phillies fan. >> for him to say that, i'm very disappointed. and i hope it is not a sign of the times that we're living in our country right now. >> schmidt later released a statement saying in part: quote, i'm very sore that i this misrepresentation of my answer occurred, and may have offended someone. i assure everyone, i had no intention of that, but many wonder if it goes far enough. >> he apologized but, you know, that's like the damage is already done, like
5:22 am
politics. >> mike schmidt, you better and good boy. >> schmidt also said in the statement he believes herrera will become more comfortable with the language and in time will be a centerpiece of the phillies organization. in south philadelphia, dave kinchen, "fox 29 news." >> some good news from resident about 35,000 residents in trenton, 092nd ago we told but that boil water advisoy, because of the chlorine levels, apparently. it has been lifted. >> lifted. you don't have have to do that any more t should be okay, they say. >> 5:22. >> looking to get away, now is the time. >> all right, so apparently, southwest offering up some cheap ticket. but you don't have much time. we will give you all of the details right after this.
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so get into our office pool, we will be doing that, slapping down our two bucks, coming up at 5:30, the case, the entire country, even the world talking about. >> the accuser in the big column bye case, her side of the story. latest on the trial coming up next.
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>> the wormed's attention back on montgomery county wait to go to hear what this woman will say, she will be back on the stand, weaver a live report. >> justice cussing, words from the local prosecutor what this man did to six young sisters in his home for years. now the one word from the injury. >> and, we're going to april over a little tiny guy. zoo's newest baby, baby gorilla. >> great to have you with us this morning, you'll say ahh when you walk outside this morning. it is chill. >> i o beautiful sunrise though, we take a look outside. wilmington, thank you so much for joining us right now, lots of news to get to on this morning. >> sue serio, what can we expect? >> well, cooler start today than yesterday. so we have sweatshirt on bus stop buddy on this national chocolate ice cream day. mostly cloudy skies not seeing anything much in the way of rain, drizzle here and there, cloudy, dry in old city and temperature of 54 degrees,
5:31 am
sunrise, pretty much here, the official time 5:33, so later today expect a lot of cloud cover high temperature of 68 degrees. >> 5:31, how is your curb check? schuylkill expressway right near the conshy curve not bad at all, starting to see volume pop. certainly sun glare delays. ben franklin bridge looking good coming into philly. got that water main break, detour, in abington off of edge hill road. >> 5:32, anticipation building for tomorrow's congressional testimony from now fired fbi director james comey. >> big story everyone is talking about, doug? >> good morning, yes. that big hearing is tomorrow.
5:32 am
a warm up act today, will be hearing from the current director of the fbi, fromtmt, t, the director of they're going to be here, on the hill today. asked about this ongoing investigation into rush's and possible ties between the this is kind after going to get tomorrow, with th fired fb i am directoram to say, dou th. >> on the conversations him, reportedly, investigation, to former national security advisor, mike flynn, and his possible ties to russia. did that amount to obstruction of justice?
5:33 am
that's a point the democrats are really going to press. republicans meantime will keep asking the question today and tomorrow who leak all of this, was it former obama officials. so partisan divide in terms of what information members of congress will be seeking toda today. >> jeff sessions was a trump loyalist, really from the very beginning of the trump campaign. >> there is a report from abc news he talked about resigning, because the president apparently is very angry at him for recusing himself from this russia investigation. and, the white house would not say yesterday, whether the president still has confidence in sessions, that's never a good sign if you're a top official. >> ever changing, i know you'll have more throughout the morning, doug luzader,. >> thanks, doug. >> andrea constand back on the stand today, day three of the
5:34 am
trial, yesterday, she gave very chilling description of the encounter she says is assault, he says it was concentual. >> we know steve keel any norristown this morning, what can we expect here on day three, steve? >> a lot every people are expecting surprises that's correct why they're lining up down the courthouse steps to get one of the 30 courtroom seat the public is allowed to sit in, first come, first serve. this is the longest line yet, we've seen, this early in the day. because, everybody knows, this is the climatic part of this case. and the cameraman going to the video in the courtroom hallway sending out video pool feed, was among the first to know the climax of the case was about to happen, loud gasp from the courtroom gallery surprise even for the judge when andrea constand suddenly called to testify to be the next witness, and a confident, stroll into the courtroom, you see, was followed by her concisely telling the worlds what happened to her.
5:35 am
and constand sudden appearance was surprise not only to the courtroom gallery but to the judge, too, not even knowing she was called to testify. later, he rebuked the prosecution for not giving him a heads up that constand was the next witness. she and cosby she said began friendship in 2002 soon after she began working for temple university at age 29. she is now 44, and said, he helped mentor her consider ear, leading to the night two years after she start in the 2004 when he gave her those three blue pills to relax at home he said. and then, she woke up to him sexually assaulting her both above and below her waist. after court, everyone from constand's lawyer del or east, to lawyers, to some of the other 60 women who have come forward to say cosby did the same to them, all debated here on the courthouse steps whether constand's testimony will influence the jury the way the prosecution and the victims home. obviously it is a wait and see on day two of
5:36 am
cross-examination. >> i am one of the victims from what 1969. so we had to be here. we real had i to be here. you know, this is for us. >> you see how difficult it is to be on the stands. >> i'm so relieved i'm not on the stand, you know, but i've made my statements and my statement stands true and we all know what he is. >> while we are showing this shot of cosby's legal team for a reason because we mention yesterday how each move, each legal team carefully picks who will do what. when it came time to cross-examine anadrenia constand, not brian mcmonagle, the lead cosby lawyer to talk to the jury to open not his law partner, perry, a great lawyer in his own right, instead, it was angelo, why? educated guest is that the tough questions to alleged sexual as ought victim of powerful man may not seem so welcome interesting another powerful manna tacking on the witness stand, just smart
5:37 am
moves, part of behind the scenes strategy presenting the case, and defending major league client. >> thank you so much, steve. 5:37 is the time. bucks county man convicted of all 17 counts against him for sexually assaulting six young girls, all from the same family. amish girls, lee kaplan was convicted yesterday, comes year after there was neighbor who called police and said she thought it was really unusual, all of these girls living with him, in his feasterville home. authority say the girls parents had gifted them to kaplan in exchange for financial help. and, there is a local chef serving meals behind bars, maybe in his future, because he pleaded guilty to child pornography charges. prosecutors say, 43 year old alexander, then girlfriends, took pictures every themselves, engaging in inapropriate activity with children, he used to run the crow and the pitcher in rittenhouse, he faces 20 years in prison, will be sentence in the september.
5:38 am
his girlfriend pleaded guilty facing up to 30 years in jail. >> breaking right now, out of iran. isis is claiming responsibility for twin attacks that happened with suicide bombers in two separate locations and armed gunmen. one of the scenes was the parliament, people were meeting, in session, and the other was the shrine of the ayatollah hoe main i. state tv says one of the attack that's blew himself up, twin attacks that happened. >> at love information just coming in. according to state tv, four attackers launched the assault which has wounded eight people. and then there has been a second attack, we're about to tell you about. police surrounded the building where legislative session was underway. to the second attack, security guard killed in four people wounded in the shrine, and sue has more information coming in and we'll pass it along to you 5:39 is the time. it is time for some sips, some good news, center city sips,
5:39 am
it is back, what you can expect for this philadelphia tradition, coming up. >> but first, 5:39. here's sean bell. >> see how herrera responds today disparaging comment by schmidt, coming up next in sport.
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5:41 am
>> good morning, i'm sean bell, yesterday hall every famer mike schmidt had some controversial statements about
5:42 am
her err a had a he has since apologized and clarified his statement, but listen to what he had originally had to say about building a team around herrera. >> my honest answer to that would be no because of couple of things, first of all, it is a language barrier. because of that i think he can't and guy who can sit if a circle with four, five american players and talk about the game, or try and learn about the game, or, you know, discuss the inner workings of the game. >> the only way to change schmidt's minds is to ball out. enter herrera, coming through in the clutch last night. against the braves herrera with rbi double, go on run, the phils go onto win their fourth straight win. >> that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell.
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5:45 am
>> here, 5:46, this wednesday, beautiful look at ocean city new jersey. i have a feeling this weaken, that scene will look very different. >> oh, it will be packed on the board walk absolutely. >> the weather will be beautiful by the way. sue will have up a date in just a moment. darryl wallace, junior, making history again. >> he is set to become the
5:46 am
very first african-american driver to race at nascar's 2006. this weekend up at our pocono raceway at the wheel at 43. so famous by fame richard petty, hall of famer, and, he's going to make history as just the eighth black driver to race nascar top cup series has five career wins. >> you know who drivers just as fast as him? >> bob kelly. >> that's i pull out of the parking spot every morning, boom, kids change the tires for me, off i go. good morning, 5:47. starting to see the sun, pack your shades this morning, we say good morning, to fishtown. i95 southbound, headlights, coming into the city, there is a look at the whole brand new stretch of 95, that hopefully in our lifetime will be able to drive across that.
5:47 am
>> live look, the line for the pretzel line. otherwise, not bad at all. starting to see the volume pop for wednesday morning. we zoom on over to malvern. heads up headed to the prep, malvern prep that is block at warren road, so local detour there, and then as we get ready to go for a ride, on i-95, watch for construction delays today. from center city, down through the stadium area. penndot will be outright here near broad street in the stadium area. starting at about 9:00. and down in aston, delaware county concord road at village drive, an accident, otherwise, mass transit looking good. forecast for you today, sue has it in 15 seconds.
5:48 am
>> so there is rain nearby, but it is not really affecting us too much, except with clouds, and a little bit of dampness out there this morning. and that's going to be the case, throughout the day, see little sunshine today, but see zoom in on one area of rain, between milford, and georgetown in southern delaware. as far as the future is concerned, you see the sun trying to burn through the clouds, that's going to be the case for the rest of the day. we're cooler than yesterday already, with our temperatures, that are in the 50's, this morning, mid 50's in philadelphia, only 50 in pottstown, and 44 degrees up in the mountains, and 53 in atlantic city, 57 in dover, delaware, winds are coming in out of the north-northwest. so, that's why it is a little bit cooler, and also casino every keeping us cloudy,
5:49 am
12-mile per hour winds in philadelphia, right now, so that makes it feel even cooler. we expect 68 degrees today, 75 tomorrow. check out this warming trends, eight by friday, 83 saturday, then 90, 94, 95, by monday, sunday, monday, tuesday, we could be talking the second heatwave, thomas and karen, of 2017. >> i shouldn't have said thomas and karen, i had something else to say. this is mimi and erring down the runway at the career wardrobe hopes night out. career wardrobe, we donate outfit, and they donate, that people get them, to go on job interviews, and to start work. people are going back into the work force, and we are talking men and women. a lot of folks had great time last night at the moore college of art, and it was wonderful. karen, now, we can talk to you. >> it is a great event.
5:50 am
>> you know what a great event it is. >> so many people helped them get jobs, look great going through the interviews, so sue thanks for doing double duty and being out after dark last night. >> kevin hart, certainly no secret, isn't afraid of being honest. >> just wrote new book, memoir. revealing in this, doing interview and he talked about everything, about the bill cosby case, and why he's not going to be thereto show his support. >> i don't think comedians will bring to justice whenever it is he is looking for, i think, overall, just the support in knowing that with the legacy he's built important to him, and should be. as a comedian, i think bill cosby has done so much for comedy. i can say that, you know, what is going on with him now is such a tough thing, because it tarnishes, you know, the reputation of what america's favorite dad was.
5:51 am
>> he got candid about his last row slayings ship with his wife, he knew it was time he needed to call it quits. >> me and my ex got into it. and i had -- i took a stance, like okay, like i'm waiting, i'm waiting, because i was going to dip and bow. and i'm like oh, my god. i'm gone. like i'm lost t at what level of anger am i at that i've gotten here? i was like i'm -- all right, kev, take responsible, whether she did, whatever she it, you have to start taking responsibility. >> also he had some pretty funny moment as well, he talked about the time can you belief this grew up here in philadelphia, we know that certainly, he so he was going to be a strip nerve college, practicing his whole dance routine, his brother walks in while it is going on, he's always funny, much more that far all morning long. >> can you imagine kevin hart working the pole in we have that video? all right, we won't show it, too early. rihanna taking on fat shame
5:52 am
ers, posted this meme on instagram, in re to her weight. shows two different sizes the caption reads: if you can't handle me in my 2007 gucci mane you don't deserve me at my 2017 gucci mane. within 24 hours, that post had more than 624,000 likes. >> what's the difference between men and women, soap harder on women when it comes to their weight. let's talk about some babies because we got double trouble. happy, healthy g doing fine, that's what publicist says about george clooney and amal he is new twins, welcomed boy and girl in london yesterday. the names are alexander and ella, and the spokesperson for the couple joked: george's sedated. he should recover in a few days. >> of course. >> let's say to the poconos, sky top lodge, if you are just joining thus morning, good morning to you on this wednesday. a 53:00. coming right back weather and traffic in your latest headline. stay with us. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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>> welcome back, will feel like summer days this weekend. would you look at the sun brightening over wildwood, gorgeous picture, as we are in the beginning of the summer season have one of the traditions back, first day every center city sips.
5:56 am
hammy hour, through today, through august, 5:00 to 7:00 it will be all over the place, whatever your favorite bar is, 80 of them restaurant also included offering all kind of drinks, half price appetizers, new this year, some of the restaurants giving 15% discount for dinner after the happy hours are over, and also, rumor night club is hosting sips after dark, starting 9:00 p.m. so let's all get out, hang together this summer. >> and, another place you may want to go, the zoo. it is a boy. we can get to meet this little tiny baby, because his mom, 17 years old, kira, welcomed him after a pretty difficult labor she had over at the zoo. in fact, i had to go and get some expert to come in from both the vet center and upenn and also jefferson. because she was having couple of day labor there, they managed to get the baby out with some forceps, look how cute, and has been cradle her baby non-stop. runway to the aisle of the supermarketment chain that's team up with heidi klume to create line of clothe that will debut this year.
5:57 am
and, back on the stand, for the second day, the accuser in the bill cosby case giving her side of the story. the latest in a live report. when we come back. from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them.
5:58 am
but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need.
5:59 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> sexually assaulted by a man
6:00 am
she once considered her mentor. back on the stand, looks like there is morning. >> first of all it is a language barrier. >> a phillies legends under fire, what mike schmidt says phillies player herrera cannot do because every how he speaks. >> and mike has apologized. >> all right, what do you do when you're on your first day in the new world after a difficult birth? you go ho-hoo on good day philadelphia. hey, kids? you got


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