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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 7, 2017 7:00am-8:58am EDT

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facing charges, but police say, this is nothing new for some of them. the other brutal assault police think they're involved in. >> oh, schmidt. controversial comment every phillies ' icons words about a current philly. >> sparking outrage. why certain phillies can't be a team leader. then he apologized. >> this is a soccer star but her team got disqualified from the big game because of her looks. >> there is no point of everybody getting kick off. some of cows have stayed and started playing. >> why she says her short hair ruined her team's championship dreams. >> and going deep again, and again, and again, and again. the unlikely hero who made
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history last night. >> nothing our mike schmidt had done, four homeruns in one game. we'll play those homeruns for you. good day, june the seventh, 2017. >> we made it halfway through the week. >> hump day. what day is it mike? mike, mike, mike? >> hump day. >> that thing jumped shark? >> not in this room. >> no. we are the shark. >> it is just cool outside. >> cool. >> as cool as mike jerrick. seven out of ten is your number of the day. we will see quite a bit of cloud cover, but, enjoy your chocolate ice cream, because, it is chocolate ice cream day. and, yes, the phillies, four in a row now? what the what the. there is the cloud cover we were talking about here in old city. 54 degrees, 9-mile per hour breezes out of the northeast, and other temperatures, are in the 50's, throughout the
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region, as well. fifty-three atlantic city, lancaster, 50 pottstown, chillier 45 in the mountains, below the average of 80, but wait until you see how far we go above average in the seven day forecast, ready for the 90s? i'm ready sister laverne loved when i went above average. live look at the vine street expressway, accident here, westbound, lanes jammed up from 95 crossing town, everybody here trying to get the schuylkill expressway. >>lsrocity avenue, in toward spring garden, waccident, last half hor so, so that's tide us up. go. the drive probably yourutr king drive, one of the trenton line trains morning septa had equipment heads up in malvern warren roade
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to downed tree. yes, sir? >> laverne. >> yes. >> that really was her name. that will was my second grade teacher. >> is she still alive. >> o s sister gertru, these nuns to come in that t stories.nan know, one of the all time, been in whole 69 and the mosttage of her three month after her boy six months old drowned and when she was mostlp her out thet
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happened to all, sorry for what you have been through want to tt youing in the courtroom. to for one.g to y zero six women to see one of the zero six finally get up in open court and tell the worlds what happened face-to-face under oath? >> first of all we were very moved and we were standing here cheering her on, silently of course, in the courtroom. but we were very impressed. she was strong. she was brave. she was authentic. and i think she was very low key. and she took her time, and when they were trying to rattle her and finds holes in her story, and discredit her, she took a beat. she waited. she thought it out. and she answered truthfully. >> i'm -- how about cross-examination? how did she hold up in your minds? >> i thought she held up very well. i was very proud of her, yes.
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>> were you thinking how would i do on the witness stand? i've been in that position as a victim of his. now how would i do under under such rigorous questions? >> i would just have to stand there and breathe and tell the truth. >> and for our viewer who don't know your full story, why did it take you so long to come forward after all this came out in the last three years? >> well, first of all, in the 60s, and traditionally, rape victims have always been revictimized by the legal system. and you feel so dirty, and humiliated, and frightened. and you're bill cosby, you know, the most powerful guy in show business. super wealthy, had all of this power. and, of course, famous. and here little playmate me, i just turned 27. and grieving mother and who is going to believe me. >> even after all these decades passed, in the courtroom, face-to-face, first time since then. what's that like?
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>> well, i started getting really really shaky in the stomach the night before i knew i was going to have to see him. and, fortunately, we were in courtroom c, the first day, so we were seeing him on tv, and it made it a little bit easier to transition into being in the main courtroom and watching him in the flesh, you know, that second day. but, you know, he is kind of far away. what really hit me was when he walked down the hallway into the courtroom. and that was the closest i had been to him since 1969. and that affected me. yes. >> thank you so much for being so kind and for your time and good luck through the rest of this. >> thank you, and in solidarity we stands in truth. >> and she's not here alone, there is a woman with our back to us, another one of cosby's youngest victims who can't talk. but victoria cannon, mike, yesterday, we heard rumblings that andrea constand was
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eating lunch at mcdonald, true, people taking pictures of her, same outfit down the street. in fact, right behind karen, sending somebody to mcdonald's to use wifi, they all went down there and saw andrea constand. how about that? >> right after the trial. all right, steve, we'll check back with you. >> by the way our two attorneys are about to bewaring in on this. >> gunfire erupt on the street every nicetown, not nice there last night, sending pregnant woman to the hospital. so, the stray bullet hit the 27 year old, in the leg, the shooting happened as she was leaving a friend's home, at archer and butler street around 9:30 last night. the woman, seven months pregnant, taken to temple in stable condition. no arrests yesterday. >> a wilmington community is devastated after mother and her child are shot. police say a 31 year old woman was shot in the arm and her six year old son shot in the head. the two were sitting in a car on the 700 block every east
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sixth street. the little boy is in critical condition at dew point hospital. while his mother is stable, investigators say, the mother and son were not the intended target. police are still searching for the shooter. >> the four teens now in custody. you know these four. it is in connection with that facebook video. it shows them assaulting a 38 year old man, who is living with intellectual disability, this happened in germantown, on memorial day, police are looking into whether any of the kids are connected to another ugly assault, when a school principal was attacked, with a brick. the teens are facing several charges, including assault, investigators are still searching for the person who shot this video. >> 7:08. we have update on bringing news out of iran. the siege at iran's parliament now over. and the four attack verse been killed. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. and separate assault on the shrine of ayatollah khamenei. two security guards there
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killed in the attacks, and more than 30 people were wounded. state tv says suicide bombers attacked both parliament and the shrine. and this marks the first time isis has taken responsibility for assault, in iran. >> so surprised by that news. all right, back to france, off the irks holding special security meeting today right now. to examine new terrorism measures, new folk us to extend the country state of emergency and other permanent security measures. french officials are creating a new counter terrorism task force, the government also plans to ask parliament to extend it from july 15th, to its current expiration date, november 1st. >> it comes after a man was shot yesterday in paris, after he attacked a police officer outside of notre dame cathedral. >> anticipating is building
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for tomorrow's congressional testimony from now fired fbi director james comey. >> the trump administration dealing with rising tensions within it own ranks, another hearing today, could put some top administration officials on the spot. >> doug luzader, sort that out for us. >> mike and alex good morning. well, today at least, the senate intelligence committee will be hearing for some top officials, from the fbi, the justice department, the nsa, the director of national intelligence, will be here, and in a lot of ways this is kind of warm up act for tomorrow's big event, with comey. >> this will be an extraordinary few days here on capitol hill. former fb i am director james comey, preparing for tomorrow's big event. and questions about whether he felt there was obstruction of justice. pressure from the president to back off the investigation into russian election meddling, and possible ties with the trump campaign. >> i wish them luck. thank you everybody. >> the president with pleasantry for comey, but could be some issues today,
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with his director of national intelligence dan coat, testifies before senate committee. washington post report that coats told associate the president asked him to help tap down investigation noose former national security advisor mike flynn. and possible connections to russia. >> i want to know a little bit more about un mask. >> at the same time will fresh the issue, who in the obama administration may have fed information to the media about possible links to russia. >> and then there is u.s. attorney general, jeff sessions. a long time trump loyalist, but reports he spoke of resigning, recused himself. white house spokesman sean spicer wouldn't say whether the president still has confidence in sessions. >> i'm answering a question, which is i've not had that discussion with him. >> i said i've not had a discussion with him. if i hadn't had discussion, can i not speak about it. >> and look, that may be true,
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entirely possible that spicer has not had a conversation with the president about sessions. but, generally, that kind of a question is a no bran err, do they have confidence, of course he does, the fact spicer wouldn't say that shows you how imperil that relationship may be, a important relationship between sessions, and the president. >> oh, my god. this is going to be one every the most watched congressional hearings. i said you got to go back to clarence thomas, some say all the way back to watergate watch do you think about that? >> well, the titanic hearings. you never know, on the other hands there is may be a disappoint, cents a well, comey may not deliver the goods either side is looking for. >> we don't know what he will say. but a lot of people are anxious to hear. >> all right. >> thank you, doug. homeowners across our area are bracing for a possible hit to the wallet. the trump administration proposed to wipe out
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deductions for local and state property taxes. >> so the issue was brought up in yesterday's white house press briefing. skyping into the briefing to ask a question about that. so check it out. >> so the question what do you say to the folks worried they may take major hit? >> welshing david, thank you for asking. i if i if you look at the principals outlined by comey and talks about the tax reform agenda, one of the principals increase the standard deductions, so for middle income family talk double that to $24,000. we don't -- we estimate about 95% of the folks that file now would not take individual deductions because of the increase, the large increase, that would happen. most middle income americans would actually save more under the president's plan, because of the large increase that would exist with respect to the standard deduction. >> i like sean spicer calling our dave kinchen, he always
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calls him, david, thank you for the question, david. >> that's the proper way. >> white house says deduction for mortgage interest and charitable deductions still around for individual taxpayers. >> 7:14. trending this morning: eight year old girl on a soccer team make it to the final rounds after tournament but then they never got to play. >> her soccer team was disqualified, they say because of her hair. thomas? >> simply put, they thought she was a boy, mike anal he can, eight year old millie hernandez, star soccer player, actually place with 11 year old girls. they were set toly with the team in the tournament in omaha over the weekend, but they were eliminated because organizers thought she was a boy. the soccer association says it was actually over a missprint on the roster, where she was listed as a boy, her coach, parent, tried to they will them she a girl, even tried to show them insurance papers. they didn't listen. >> i was a boy.
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and my brother said it is only because of the looks. like when they look at me, they think i am a boy, but i am really not. >> the president of the tournament, said, that, we made our decision and we wouldn't change it. even -- and we had two -- we had our insurance card, then we had pain fresh when show was five. it said female on both of them. >> despite that they were told, you know, game's over, you're disqualified. mili getting outpouring from the social media from some of the business players in the worldment check out this video from abby. >> hey, mili hernandez, abby here, listen, i've heard the news, and all i can say is that your courage to want to stand up and talk about it and your bravery is going to help that next kid that's put in the similar situation.
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you're inspiring. >> getting thousands of comment by the way, nebraska state soccer association said it would never disqualify a player from participating on a girls team based on appearance. the association said it suspended sanctioning of the tournament pending detailed review. this is going to end well formyl m. li. certainly not officials involved in make that de us. >> what detailed meeting would you need? she is a girl. let her play. >> they didn't believe it. >> the fact that they didn't believe it. >> well, how hard -- how about contact her doctor? or her parent? >> but the fact they even had to go that far though this. >> well, no. >> that's humiliating for the little girl. >> it is. >> i love abi said something though and supported her. >> yes. thank you for that. 7:16. >> well, trouble seems to be brewing in the clubhouse for the phillies, involving hall of famer mike schmidt.
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>> i think it is resolved. i really think this is resolved. >> people are still talking about t we're still talking about t. >> but, well, mike schmidt made some questionable comments on the radio yesterday. he apologized already, talked to the philly in question. karen, what else do you want? >> blood. no. >> karen? >> no, no, just kidding. one of these things where sometimes you just use your choice of words and what happened. it was on a radio show yesterday, sport radio. so mike schmidt take making controversial comment about her err a he was asked if he could work around the phillies outfielder and when you listen to his answer keep in mind herrera is a spanish speaking player from venezuela. >> my honest answer to that would be no because after couple of things. first of all, it is a language barrier. and, you know, because of that, i think he can't be a guy that would, you know, sort every sit in a circle with
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four, five american players, or try to learn about the game, or discuss the inner working of the game. >> so then mike schmidt put out a statement. i'm very sorry that this misrepresentation of my answer occurred and may have offended someone. i assure everyone i had no intention of that. he's a dynamo on the field, and as he becomes more comfortable with the language, his leadership skills limb proof. no doubt he will be a centerpiece in the phillies future. and they're just so many the phillies lockerroom and throughout major league baseball overall. so, he's made a lot of comments with that. but i think you just show what you will show on the feel, people just like you because of what you bring to the game. >> yes. do you know baseball language? he seems to know baseball language. >> karen? >> 40% of the team. >> spanish speaking countr. >> okay, karen, thank you. >> well, a little bit of history, you know, that's all we got. i mean, the phillies have won four in a row.
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by the way, i was going to tell you why, it has to do with me. you know, everything comes back to me. >> yes, we know. >> you want me to explain this later? >> it comes back to me. you want to wait. >> i need papers from the other day. >> would you do die gaps oring? >> sunday sport page from the inky, it all traces back to that. i'll try to explain later. but, you know, i love history, baseball history. >> of course you. >> know? it was made last night. reds hitter, scooter, great name, scooter had a great game. he hit four homeruns in one game, had ten runs batted in scooter the 17th player to hit four homeruns in one game, ties him for the major league record. scooter is not known for being a power hitter, only had three before the game last night and he first of all he gets up there, his first at bat he hits a singer, second at bat,
7:20 am
grand-slam. >> homerun. homerun. homerun. the reds won 13 to one. >> and that is scooter. scooter jennette, who did that last night, is named after a muppet charger. >> are we sure he's name after a muppet charger? >> his parents said in a article we named our kid. now, of all things that you would name your son after, scooter seems like it would be way down the list. >> scoot is her kind of cute. >> well, that's true. by the way, mike schmidt hit four homeruns in a game, that was april 17th, 1976 at wrigley field in chicago, sue. >> and whatever you did, to cause our winning streak right now, please keep doing it. >> i'll keep it up. >> remember the days of phillies where the baby blue? >> yes. >> back in the 70s. look at all of that cloud cover out there. the jersey shore this morning, cool and cloudy today, few breaks of sunshine.
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but back and in full force, that sunshine tomorrow, and so much so that we'll have a heatwave by next week. kind of crazy, but that's the deal. we have system to the south. that's just close enough, that clouds are spreading northward. and we get a little bit of drizzle every once in a while down there in delaware. and that's the way it will be for the rest of the morning. but it is a mix of mostly cloudy skies and little bit every sunday shine the rest of the day. 68 degrees. seventy-five tomorrow. eighty on friday, 83 on saturday. and then, as we head into the week, second part of the weekends, we could be talking about our second heatwave of 2017. also don't forget about 101.1 more fm. when you get in the caribous your weather authority forecast is on the radio, too with yours truly. >> i like it. >> take some cookies, shove it together, combination now available at a popeye's near you, we'll explain what this is all about where you can get
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if to now. >> cookie chicken what? >> cookie chicken.
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>> take a look at this, cookies, crunch them up, put them on the chick glenn now, if you had like oreos? >> oh, no, no, i couldn't do that and chick glenn frosted -- >> , no the key is the cookie lauren. what's the cooky? >> shortbread, this is what popeye's is doing, they're crunching up shortbread cookies. making a batter of it. and then deep frying the chicken in it. and they're matching it up with the smoking peppered jam sauce available now for a limited time. i haven't tried t been reading the reviews on line. and looking at the pictures, apparently these are really really really really crunchy, like too crunchy p. peep are complaining they have captain crunch mouth. >> no such thing as too crunchy. >> well, i love a crunch.
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>> but speaking, avenue new place where you can find clothing being unaware, garren, a supermarket. >> what? >> heidi klume, you know her, the german model, the host of project runway, she coming out with a clothing line and she is selling it at a german supermarket chain, which is coming to the u.s. next week. >> hold on. >> the smaller store, so you can buy your milk, your undies and hoodies at the same time. >> don't we have something like target. >> or wal-mart? >> so glad you brought that up. coming, i know there is a lot of competition, especially in the grocery store space, so hard to make money selling groceries. because the margins are so thin. >> yes? >> but that's why you have target. for instance, doing this other stuff. this store is going to be smaller, little bit different in the assortment of what they speak. >> cvs. >> underwear, socks, at vv -- cvs. >> i bought socks at cvs. >> speaking every cookie
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cutters. >> someone cut out the middle of my shirt? >> i'll let you finish that one. >> perfectly rounds like a toll house cook. >> i it is perfectly round. >> you know my name is mike, lauren. >> and to be your mike. just kidding. let's move on. we'll see you tomorrow. >> oh,. >> i don't -- >> don't even. >> okay. >> oh, boy. i'm done. i'm done. >> i'm done. 7:27. >> jenn fred, has another go there surprise. now, this is really special. hey, jen, go. >> okay. i'm hiding in the car, because this is how it works. we hide. we're going to surprise a wonderful woman, who works as a crossing guard. for school. i don't know if she can hear me. come on back, it will be good. be
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cool outside, mostly cowed cover, this sweatshirt good idea for about here, over old sit which mostly overcast, few breaks here a 54 degrees, our current temperature, it 51, down in cape may, 59 degrees, dover, delaware,ord.
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and up to the north of so, that's where we are at the moment. where are we headed in only to the upper 60s again today, just like yesterday, just less rain, so, there is an improvement. mostly cloudy skies, cool afternoon, high of 68 degrees. big, big warm up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning, here we are, delays on the blue route. 476 jam up both direction in the area of route one. little bit of sun starting to pop out. delays on the benny. south jersey up and over. frustration at new york penn station, amtrak track work delays in and out of the station. and that's going to have residual effect rolling back here into philadelphia. and not a good day for septa reginald rail riders either. pick a train, any train. we've got delays across the board, a combination of switch problems, equipment problems, power problems, you name it, we've had it here this morning, then east on the schuylkill, slow going, from pretty much conshy into
7:32 am
downtown. mike and alex back over to you. >> constand takes the stands. enter constand yesterday, it was the moment we've been waiting for since sexual assault allegations against bill cosby, first came to public light. andrea, was in tears yesterday, as she testified about the night in 2004 when she says bill cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her, at his home. >> she she said the comedian groped her after giving her three blue pills that left her paralyzed and helpless. she said she was in frozen. she said she kept in contact with cosby even after the incident happened because he was powerful trustee at temple university where she worked. >> two guests this morning to talk about this our fox legal already lists, ken rotweiler here, and chaka johnson. a lot to breakdown.
7:33 am
let's get right to it. ken we start with you. why? they're going to ask her, why did she wait almost a year to report this sexual assault. >> well, she said she was embarrased. it was a lot, hard to deal with. and by the time she could actually admit it to herself or admit it to other people, some time had gone by. but i have to tell you though mike, yesterday, report indicate that she was confident, that she was credible, that she was clear, she didn't argue with anybody when they revealed inconsistency. she agreed that, you know, she made a mistake. she did everything that a lawyer would want a witness to do. i mean, so far, they just started cross-examination, but so far she's done very, very well, and as i've said all along, i think if she comes across without getting really beat up on cross-examination, i think that the defense lawyers will have to make a decision whether to put bill cosby on the stand. >> let's get into those issues a little later here, i want to talk chaka's response to, you know, i don't know that it is that highly unusual to wait
7:34 am
month or even years to report sexual assault. what do you think about that, she wait add -- wait add year? >> it is not un customer victims every these crimes wait awhile. usually a delay in reporting these sorts of crimes. in this particular case, though, and in most of these cases it is not the delay that's really the concern. it is what you do in that period of delay. and so when you have constant contact with the quote offender, that tends to way on your credibility once you get to trial as is the case here. >> okay, let's go now to the phonecalls. ken, after this apparently happened, or allegedly happened, cost bee and constand were still in communication, at least by phone, right? >> that's correct. there are i think 73 total phonecalls, between andrea constand and bill cosby, 52 of those calls were initiated by andrea constand. so you might say to yourself, well, if she was really attack
7:35 am
by him, why? well, yesterday she testified, you know, she worked at temple. he was, you know, a big deal at temple. she had to deal with him on a constant basis to complete her job task. so she didn't have any choice but to have contact. she said a lot of those phonecalls were in relation to the work that bill cosby was doing for temple. >> okay, so chaka, those calls work against her or not? >> they certainly do. first of all you got to look at the timing every those calls. many of those calls went for upward of 30, 40 minutes. a lot of those calls were at what we would call an inch opportune hour. initially let's not forget, miss constand did testify or gave some depositions to the extent that she had not had any additional contact with mr. cosby after this incident. now, how do you forget almost 60 periods of contact? >> but ken, does the time of day the calls made make a difference? >> no, i don't think it makes a different at all. they had contact contact. things were going on at tell thal required hundred cakes
7:36 am
between the two of them. i don't think the times make any different at all. >> i just have to say one thing, when talking about an issue like this, which is consent, and then there is the issue of consent and we're talking about did we have contact after the fact, i think, phonecalls made at the witching hour that last, you know, 20, 30 minute, are viewed differently than between business hours. >> let's get into the credibility issue that ken raised right off the top there. chaka, right back at you here. how do you think, for people you heard who were in the courtroom. how is your credibility? >> credibility on yesterday was holding up very well i might add. she -- everything that ken said is true. she appeared very confident. she handled those not -- i expect cross-examination will heat up today, but when she was challenged with inconsistencies, she handled them. and i don't think it was just preparation. i don't want to say she was prepared very well. she was, but i think she just comes across as very confident
7:37 am
person, and dealt with those inconsistencies. >> so if that's the case, do you put cosby on the stand, ken? >> i've said all along that i think if kelly johnson, who came in here, the other accuser, if she was -- if andrea constand was credible, and they'll get into the testimony of andrea constand's mother, where she is going to talk about a phonecall where bill cosby apologized on that phonecall, i think all of that is weighing heavily against bill cosby in a he said-she said case. and i think it will be weighing on the defense -- >> why do you apologize if you feel like you did nothing wrong? >> correct. >> so does cosby on the stands, chaka? >> i think he has to, ultimately of course we don't know what he and his legal advisors will determine, but i think he'll have tonight remember, there are portions of a deposition that will be enters into this trial. so some forms of testimony there. >> shack arc we start with you. apparently andrea took her family, including her mother, to see bill cosby stand up routine.
7:38 am
>> correct. >> after this sexual assault allegation? >> correct. >> up in canada. >> that's right. and brought him souvenirs back from canada. and so all of that will tends to color, exactly what i was saying to you earlier, mike, what i was saying to ken, about how we view this business about well, toyed contact him for work, right, but your family going to his stand up show, and taking him up on these gifts in terms of vip treatment at the show, and bringing him back gifts, all of that tends to paint your testimony different color. >> would you agree with that is correct ken? >> yes it, doesn't help her at all. but she had an explanation for t she said look, i hadn't told my mother yet. there was this invitation to go up and see him. so i took my family and went. but i agree with chaka it, certainly doesn't help her in terms of credibility if she was in fact attacked by him, why does she continue to have this contact. >> thanks, guys, see you tomorrow. >> 7:39. almost. he was told he had 30 days to live. that was 12 years ago. ya, you can't stop this guy. he's west philadelphia artist.
7:39 am
how he's choosing to live life on his own terms, instead every feeling sorry for himself. quin was crazy about curls.
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but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪ countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field
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with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses.
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>> beautiful center. >> oh, it is. >> it is. jerry seinfeld, of course. >> you love him. >> i love me some jerry seinfeld. he is on the developed carpet being interviewed by some guy. and, from down the red carpet, comes concern, a you know, the singer, with the money sign for the s? kesha. jerry sign felt don't know kesha. he doesn't know kesha. he didn't know kesha from me. so, kesha runs up to him, and she wants a hug. >> it is hard to just sleep when you're tired, because people are tired most of the time. >> i love you so much. >> oh, thanks. >> can i gave you a hug? >> no thanks. >> please. >> no thanks. >> please? >> oh.
7:43 am
>> i don't know who that was. >> that was kesha. >> okay, well, i wish her the best. >> i wish her the best. >> how embarrassing, oh, my gosh. >> so s -- kesha runs off. >> not only did he say no thank, no, no, no. >> kind of germophobe-ish. >> he has a little bit after reputation of being -- doesn't want to touch. >> do you think if he had known her, like if that was oprah or something, would he have said no thanks? >> not sure. this is the question of the day. okay? hit me up on twitter. i believe did he it in difference to his wife. that he will not hug other women in difference to his wife. >> has he said that before? >> it was mentioned at the event. >> it was? >> i don't hug women i don't know. in fact, i really don't hug women that i do know if my wife isn't here. now, let's reverse it, both genders, guys, women, women,
7:44 am
do you hug men, if your husband's not around, do you hug men you don't know? >> or maybe looking too deep into it. maybe i'm doing an interview here, here is this woman i don't know who wants a hug, no, i'm doing an interview, maybe he was caught off guard, no. >> maybe that. i think it is more than that. >> or maybe this is all a prank like jimmy kimmel, sometimes he does things. >> anyway, let's get back to my question so we can get some response. >> let's in the worry about other theories, mike's theory. my theory is the only one that counts. no, but if we go into other theories, i've lost pie question. what is the question sniff ' lost the question now. >> can men hug other women. >> should you hug women you don't know? i bring this up because i hug strange women every day. but they know me from the tv show, so, give me a hug. what am i supposed to do? don't people come up and ask
7:45 am
you for hugs everyday? >> but not guys. mostly come. >> really? >> ya. >> really guys don't ask you for hugs? >> not really. i mean, i guess -- not -- i get more women asking me for hugs. >> would you hug? >> but maybe it is a gender thing, like think it is an inch pre appropriate? >> if a guy comes up, will you give him a hug? >> i won't be mean. the side arm. with a pat. >> ya, the harder the pat, the worse it is. >> no. i'm just saying, because listen, i don't know, they could have a wife. i don't want any problems, so we will dot side hug. >> ya? >> it is always save to do the side hug folks. >> so, i think -- >> because the full frontal -- >> that's not good. full frontal? okay. jen, you know -- >> wait. are people weighing in fox 29 goodday if you're anything. what do you think? and the question is is it appropriate? >> how would you hands thal situation? do you hug strangers? jen is a hugger, i know that
7:46 am
she's a high fiver and a hugger. >> you got to show the love man. you got to show the love. and that girl should have just tackled jerry seinfeld, not like asked for permission for a hug. moving on, i'll probably get a hug today from our person. we are at this -- i'll get a hug, get being ready to surprise our girl, crossing guard here in tinicum township. common back, we will tell you all about her, is she the principal of the school? can we have a hug? >> absolutely.
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
>> good morning, 7:49. accident on the schuylkill, again, this time, it is westbound. right behind the tree here. at belmont avenue. it is actually right at the belmont avenue onramp. so, obviously, this is going to quickly back up delays for anybody trying to leave manayunk, which is a hot mess to beginning with, trying to get on out the manayunk, on to the schuylkill at belmont avenue. only one lane open here westbound, at belmont avenue. backed up on the benny as well, leaving south jersey, up and over, in toward downtown. a crash along route 309, southbound, at hartman. delays in and out of new york's penn station today. all because of amtrak track work. specially on new jersey transit. so, keep that in mind. not good day to kick off our wednesday here, for commuters on septa's regional rail lines. we've had delays across the board on number of the lines. but, what's the forecast like for your hump day?
7:50 am
sue has it in 15 seconds. >> looking at system to the south, even though moved to the south washings lot of cloud cover, that you'll notice around this morning, of course, we had that yesterday. but we will not be having the rain of yesterday. so there is a bit of improvement. not too much going on right now except the cloud cover you can see on the satelite picture, and ultimate doppler radar. >> 68 degrees today, mid 70s, more sunshine thursday, than we will see today.
7:51 am
80 degrees on friday, 09 degrees by sunday, yes, talking heatwave possibly to start the next week. wow what a difference, al nex next. >> jen, are you going to give us some hints about who you are going to surprise? >> we are going to tell how we will surprise today. because she's out there as a crossing guards. this is her principal, good morning. >> good morning. >> at tinicum elementary school. and you've got tone see up close what this whole working relationship is like. yes? >> yes, ma'am. >> being on stakeout with mike, trust full -- stressful, very tress full. so this is down there already on the job. liz will be zero eight years old this august. she has two daughters with her late husband, four grand kids, but, believe it or not, liz is certainly g her retirement as a crossing guard. right here, at tinicum elementary. anything the school needs, or the student need, there, she helps with popcorn days,
7:52 am
christmas events at the firehouse, for the kids, the town's fourth of july celebration, any other special events that happened at the school. is this two kids come early? because they love her so much. >> without a doubt. >> okay. and so the basic thing is that we're trying to steak her out, in, like, open site. so we're wore i had that we will ruin the surprise. do you think she will notice us up the street a bit? >> no, i'm sure she is paying attention to the kids, not you guys. >> why is it important to have amazing crossing guards for elementary school kids. >> truly one of the most amazing kids, one of the most caring, sever less lady, what tinicum is all b she is truly special and we're happy to have her. >> are you excited for the end of the school because you'll have a quiet school. >> i'll miss the kids. >> are you telling the truth? i don't know. also a your risk minister at our church. couple every minute we'll surprise her, first do you think she will be surprised? >> absolutely.
7:53 am
>> we always think it will go well. watch out, watch out, there are cars, we need crossing guard. where is the crossing guard? oh, my god. no, he's cool. he's cool. all i have to say, we will be back right after the break. because, come on, what else do you got? at hellmann's,
7:54 am
7:55 am
we care about sourcing 100% of our oils responsibly. and we care about incredible taste. because at hellmann's, we're on the side of food.
7:56 am
>> 7:56. well, this is interesting. the time something specially interesting. president donald trump says he has his fbi pick now. he has chosen christopher ray, former justice official was new jersey governor chris christie's attorney. >> so we're following this breaking news story. and we will get you some more information. when you say in timing, also specking to hear testimony from the former fb i am director james comey tomorrow. >> so the day before his testimony, he names his choice. >> preston and steve, i don't know if you heard that or not, but that's our breaking news. >> yes, i missed the
7:57 am
beginning, sore bye that. >> yes, it is okay. i have a piece of may nerve my hand here that i'm going to be using, my personal relationships, so you want me to read it to you? >> please. >> women who have sex regularly will live longer. now, i'm going to have this next, in my apartment, posted on the wall. >> oh. yes, as incentive? >> yes. look at this. >> right. >> documentation, that if a woman has sex regularly, they'll live years longer. >> years. >> years. >> years. >> that's why hookers live so long? they really do. >> ya? >> society's oldest living -- you remember those women, they go and give the yogurt to those women of soviet georgia, it wasn't the yogurt, they were all hookies. that's why they lived so long. well, that's going to be a line, obviously your line, a line being uttered in bars across the city. >> yes, inning just imagine guys, come on, baby, don't you
7:58 am
want a long life? >> don't you want to live longer? >> what do they a tribute this as far as extends ago woman's life. >> i'll tell you exactly. it was uncovered, well, the first biological evidence that sex boosts life span, it protect your dna. >> what? >> if you have repeated sexual contact, it protect your dna. kathy, what do you think? >> i think that i'll be dead tomorrow. >> nothing happening there. >> wow. >> no, listen it, goes -- it just is another, another way that people can be happy, and the happier you are, the longer you live. so i understanded it. >> well, but also, for you, here is the good news, it is okay if it is multiple partners. >> oh, dude. come on. >> what? >> i just wanted to -- >> you know that's not true, mike. >> of course not. >> but hasn't it always been said that women live longer than men? could this be why? >> yes, yes, and that's why. >> i don't know.
7:59 am
to me this seems like somebody begged a guy to conduct the survey. he came up with the high pot thinks, hired someone, proof this please. seems little too shade. >> i another one guys have used over the years which i think is probably a fallacy, probably the wrong word. >> ya? >> is that i'm hurting. i'm physically hurting. because i haven't had sex. >> the blue thing. >> yes, yes. >> it is funny, though, you can take one blue thing to get rid of the other blue thing. >> well, that's true. >> yes, yes. >> have you ever use that line, preston, the night before the big game, and you had -- >> been so long. >> been so long. so desperate. >> oh, all the boys say that. >> no, i have not use that line. i don't think women finds that line appealing whatsoever. >> oddly enough, though, women will use that line, which is weird. >> right? >> that's odd. >> ya, well, listen, hey, if
8:00 am
it makes you happy, liver longer, how about it? >> all right. >> how about it? >> let's make a shirt. >> all right, guys. >> take care. see you later, man. >> it is wednesday, june the seventh, 2017. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia". >> frozen, panic. >> spoken by andrea constand, a moment she was sexually assaulted by bill cosby. and four hours on the stand, wasn't enough, what's expected when she returns to court today. >> thirty days to live. back in 2005. that didn't stop this west philadelphia artist. >> there are no limit. impossible doesn't exist. >> how he is choose to go live life on his own terms. instead of feeling sorry for himself.
8:01 am
>> ladies, no more maryland monroe moment. the simple thing you can do right now, so your skirt behaves whether it is windy outside. plus more fashion hacks to save your summer style. >> two powerhouse actors on good day philadelphia. >> and omari hardwick gets here, they join us to talk about the new season of power. man, is that show good. >> oh,. >> the drama you know, that power show is really good. >> oh, very good. >> intense. >> people watching it. they're like all in. >> love it. >> okay, let's punch up the camera, at tinicum elementary school. do we -- oh, look at all of the kids, man. they love their crossing guard. her name is liz. i don't know if she's -- hi, kids. look at all of the kids that she has to wrangle every day. >> the one with the pink
8:02 am
jacket, the neon, ya. >> where is she? >> she is wearing yellow vest. under the tree. >> oh, that's her, okay. >> see, we're sneaking up on her because she doesn't know our cameras are there, because we'll give her a little prize today. >> let's hope the kids can keep a secret. because they know we're here. >> there she is with the stop sign in her hands. >> oh, i see her down there. >> yes, the bright yellow vest. >> so they say that the kids show up early because they love her so much. they want to come and talk to her every morning. >> and the parent want to get rid of the kid earl. >> i that's true. let's go. >> win-win. >> let's get to the number of the day, because it is a seven, which is better than yesterday. and we will see a lot of improvement, after today, it will start to warm up. i promise. people saying wait a minute. it is june. it is too cool out there. but at least your chocolate ice cream won't melt. right, bus stop buddy? yes, he has the jacket on this morning, because it is cloudy and o on the cool side. the phillies cap, because they've now won four in a row. see, all of the cloud cover around this morning. 55 degrees. 8-mile per hour winds.
8:03 am
basically the same kind of weather as yesterday, but not as much rain if any at all, probably not. temperatures in the 50's just about everywhere, although, we've reached 60 already in cape may. in medford lakes, it is 53. in reading, it is also 53 degrees. so, we head to high of around 68 degrees. right around where we were yesterday with mostly cloudy skies, and you'll see peak of sunshine here and there. seven day forecast, and hot temperatures ahead, bob kelly? >> sounds good, sue. 8:03, hopefully bus stop buddy doesn't have the ice cream on his sweatshirt when he comes home from school later on. live look, schuylkill expressway, down to one lane, just west of the belmont avenue interchange. an accident, that actually the trees blocking the crash, but look, everybody pushed over to the left lane. that's resulting in a 72 minute jam, over an hour, leaving center city, out past belmont avenue. if you are getting ready to leave the house right now, again, that accident, is at belmont, tough squeeze to begin with. making out the conshy, stack
8:04 am
up, leaving manayunk, along green lane there, that's a police to begin with. and also, jammed on the ben franklin, heavy coming into philadelphia, rough go on a lot of septa regional rail lines this morning, and if you are using new jersey transit, big delays in and out of new york's penn station today. both on amtrak, and on new jersey transit. mike and alex back over to you. >> our cameras are ready to go in norristown montgomery county at the courthouse there. third day of the cost bee trial. we are waiting for a live shot. andrea constand, walking into the courtroom, and of course we'll have a camera there as bill cosby walks in this morning. >> remember she testified for four hours yesterday. she is expected to go back on the stands for day two today. >> remember the buzz for day one, first day of the trial, major league news, then it kind of died down yesterday. major league, biggest buzz yet for day three. because we know andrea constand is back on the witness stands. so, the crowd filled the seats early. and the media is now rushing
8:05 am
here, some people did not plan to be back here today. suddenly rushing back here in the media business, and the prosecution had to know for a long time cost bee's legal team was going to cross-examine andrea constand as we showed the video of her arriving yesterday. really cross-examine her about why she had continued contact, calls, and relationship with cosby, long after the night in 2004 she said he drugged her, then sexually assaulted her, so before cross-examination it t was the prosecution, first asking her about it all. as pre-emptive move, to soften the coming attack on cross. she said she only stayed in touch with cosby because he continued to call her about temple university business, and she was afraid of losing her job with temple. if she upset most famous graduate, top donor of both his time and money. prosecutors also then added what the defense also for sure is going to hit her about again today. why did she wait a whole year to report it? she said, if i went to police, i thought mr. cosby would retaliate and hurt me. what had happened to me, well,
8:06 am
it was overwhelming. >> also, overwhelming, some of the 60 other women, who had been here, for the trial, sat in that room for the first time. the first day they came for the trial, they were in the overflow. so they weren't in the same room with cosby. but, they watched andrea constand in public for the first time, like themselves, a victim, be able to tell under oath what happened to the world seeing cosby for the first time since they were alone in a room since he did the same to them for most every them. >> she was strong. she was brave. she was authentic. and i think she was very low key. she shock at the time, when they were trying to rattle her, finds holes in her story, and discredit her, she took a beat. she waited. she thought it out. and she answered truthfully. >> how about cross-examination? how did she hold up in your minds? >> oh, i thought she held up very well. i was very proud of her.
8:07 am
>> after cross-examination, maybe more direct, maybe more cross, but after andrea constand, her mother up next. >> one on the effect what it is like to be sexual assault victim, behavior expert, because that will help explain why she waited maybe. >> over and over how we said it is not just local story, well, national, international store, isn't it? you. >> ' been doing report for stations around america including wendy williams yesterday. >> here to give us the inside scoop live from philadelphia, outside the courthouse. >> reporter steve keeley. hi, steve. (applause). >> wendy: okay, so -- >> reporter: wendy, first, let me get this out of the way before the serious stuff, you
8:08 am
have the great and most loyal audience ever, how are you doing? (applause). >> that is so great. steve, your face, doing the how you doing, is amazing. >> alex, as you know, sitting next to the guy there. >> any talent that i have ' gotten into not boring people to death is osmosis being around you, mike. >> so anything i learned not to get audience in a uproar like that is all inherited from you, my man. >> i don't know if that's a good or bad thing what you just said but real quickly do you want to take another run at that how you doing, give it another snot. >> reporter: first of all, mike, i'm not telling to you rerun that again, but did you notice i had the lip right and the hand right. >> so recreate it. let's see. >> all right? >> i'll do it with the microphone. >> two hands. >> how you doing. >> you like that? >> you didn't dot lip thing. what's the lip thing? >> how you doing? i i did the lip thing.
8:09 am
>> light heart dollars moment. just want to show that you, national news, and wendy and her audience are very interested in this case. >> okay, i think it is surprise time. tinicum, did i say that continue tum -- wait to go do that my entire career. tinicum elementary school. we will go there. because of this crossing guard. >> yep. jen, let's surprise. >> are you guys ready to surprise miss liz? let's g all right, so literally what we're doing, come with me. basically, this is liz, and despite the fact that she could be retired, hanging out, knitting, playing bingo, she is here, as you're crossing guards at tinicum elementary. >> she is the best. >> yes. one of the thing we do, we love people that go. she not only is here, she volunteers in the school, in and around the community, the kids literally hang out, just to see her every morning.
8:10 am
>> she is the best, does everything for our kids, so proud to have her. we love her. >> she doesn't even know we're coming bases is busy talking to people. miss liz? >> good morning, miss liz. >> -- >> i hear you have a birthday coming in august. >> not me. >> not you? >> not me. >> good morning. >> i'm going to get these balloons out of your way. kids, we love her, right? >> yeah! >> my god. my name is jenn frederick. i work for fox 29. and we hear that you go there in this community. you're not just here in the mornings. you help out christmas time, in your church, and these kids literally want to be with you and talk to you. that has to make you feel so good. >> it does. >> and you make them feel so good. so here's what we have.
8:11 am
okay? >> you have balloons and a t-shirt and all of this, hold that, we have some amazing sponsors. we have colds stone creamery. they want to gave you a gift cards. and we also have the valley forge convention and visitors bureau, they want to gave you a gift cards, because they want you to know we need more people in our community like you, going there, each and every day. >> thank you, thank you. >> i can't believe this. >> i'm like what is everybody on my corner for? >> come on over here. why is miss liz so amazing? >> why is miss liz so amazing? >> because -- >> work here for a long time, so like she is getting -- because she was working for a long time pretty much. >> what is that? >> because she keeps us safe when she crosses us. >> yes, she pretty cool. >> you could be anywhere in this stage of your life and you get up early to do this every day. why? i look at these kids, i know why. >> the kids, ya, and i know the kids love me.
8:12 am
oh, my god. this is just so overwhelming. i mean -- >> i'm going to help you out, girlfriends. you're gorgeous. tell me what you love about miss liz? >> she goes to work with a smile. >> you go to work with a smile. >> and it is funny because we're kinds of holding up traffic here. and you're the crossing guards. >> yes, right, right. >> thank you so much. >> wonderful. oh, god. thank you. thank you. (applause) (cheers). >> do you want to nominate someone like liz go to our website again, thank you for going there. >> that's okay. oh, my god. >> i love her. >> i love liz. >> jen, that's the best one we've ever done. it just vaulted to my number one. >> so sweet. she loves the kids and they love her. >> they get there early to talk to her. and she got emotional, too. okay, start planning your vacation everybody.
8:13 am
whether you need help packing our translating, we have threaps. let's be specific. hey, anna? i can never figure out how to pack my suits, and not have them wrinkled. like i said, it is steve noviello. i don't want to talk to you. or whatever. ♪
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8:16 am
>> update now on the breaking news from few minutes ago, president trump says he has chosen christopher wray to head the fbi. >> writing: i'll be nominating christopher awray, man of impeccable, to be the new director of the fbi. details to follow. >> new details foul, wray assistant ag under former president george bush, from 2002,-2005, since then, he has specialize in the white collar and internal investigations. he also represented new jersey governor chris christie in the fall out of the bridgegate scandal. >> interesting. okay, and he makes that announcement the day before the guy that he fired from the fbi, james comey testifies in
8:17 am
front of congress starting tomorrow morning at about 9:00 t coast time. 8:17. >> okay, now let's get to bob. >> good morning, everybody, you've got it, some jams this morning all around the board. westbound schuylkill expressway, almost an hour, from center city out to belmont, from earlier accident, caught 95, half hour, into downtown, it has been rough go for commuters on septa's regional rail lines. not anyone particular problem. there has been equipment problems, wire problems, switch problems, chestnut hill east is the latest one, the trains are jammed, so, they're now bypassing stations. new jersey transit commuters, amtrak, track work, at penn station, leaving commuters from philly into new york, running with delays. and jams on 459 for the gang into wilmington, only one of the four lanes are open between edgemore down to terminal avenue. forecast for your wednesday, sue's got it in 15 seconds.
8:18 am
(it is 8: 18. cool, cloudy, been rainy, and that's only helped the pollen count to stay kind of at medium levels today, and tomorrow, we will be back to high by friday, and saturday, with dry weather on the way. it is still a little bit damp, cloudy, because of this nearby weather system. but, no precipitation at the moment. just clouds cover. lot of t on ultimate doppler radar, plus the satelite. now, we have 68 degrees, and mostly cloudy skies today, 75 tomorrow. here's your warming trends, 80 by friday, 83 saturday, by sunday already zooming up to 90 degrees. and it looks like we have very good chance of having heatwave number two, of 2017 sunday, monday, tuesday, of next week, guys, back to you. >> all right, speaking of next week, we have three weeks to pack here for my summer varication. and i'm telling you, steve, if
8:19 am
you have an app, that -- so my clothe won't be wrinkled when i take them out of the suitcase, i will drive there and hug you. >> i actually have a suitcase that will actually do. that will we just got the picks the other day. so stay tuned. more on that, i'll make sure to get it on my desk, but great way to help you get packing, an app, they're all free, called pack point. take look at the video we have for you. >> this sin tell gent packing app. which will tell you what you need to pack based on your lent of travel and your activities. here is the cool part. it will check the weather at your destination, so you don't ever have to worry about unexpected cold front, rain, not being prepared for. that will you can manually add and subtract items, check off repeat basics if you want to re wear your chino's or t-shirt. it will also change if you have access to laundry facilities. all right, next up, perhaps if you're traveling internationally, take a look at this, the app free. called google translate.
8:20 am
couple of did i rent things, type, talk, to manually translate, but the thing that i love is the camera function here. so these signs in spanish, take a look, you holdup your device in front of it, and it automatically translates. >> wow. >> to english. so you can choose 30 different languages here, so walking around, now the cool part about there is you don't need to be on wifi or even on cell service, no need to worry about any of those overages, works completely independently. finally talk about a stay cation. the app called fieldtrip. your guide to really cool hidden and unique things right in your own backyard. it runs in the background. will alert you when you are approaching something that is maybe historically significant, architectly significant. great thing for the family, maybe on summer road trip. let it run in the background while in the car it will let you know whether coming up on different points of interest. gave you a quick history lesson, there is a lot of interactive tis as well. even mark things so you can come back to them later.
8:21 am
all three apps right now links on your station website. >> and once again people these are all free, i love that. >> yes. >> steve, great job. great job. i'm telling you, even with the pack app though, the women in my life will still over pack. >> you still have to do the packing even with all of that. >> look what the app is suggesting. no, i need 26 outfits for the three days. >> 8:21. ryan lochte talking again. >> opening up about his troubles in rio. how he describes a serious emotional downfall. >> actually kind of feel for the guy. that's comfortable long time.
8:22 am
i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years. it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect. it's custom made so you abreak through your allergies.? try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist experience you'll barely feel. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist
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delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. new flonase sensimist changes everything.
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>> quick shout out to the university of penn, they asked me to speak at the scholarship awards reception for the scholarship funds. so there is was yesterday, in west philadelphia. and you can see me, way there, all of the student. >> i see you back there. >> yes, sponsored by pen volunteers and public service, and the business services division, and the vogel family there, very known.
8:25 am
she was teacher for more than 30 years, and she really invested? schools and the children in west philly, the region's largest newspaper serving african-americans, but there were six student, very accomplish students, out of west philadelphia schools. only not only doing well in school, but community service, ask me to speak to them, as they head off to college, even though out on your own, you can still own it. and i gave them, we talked a lot. so great great talk. and all great student. so thank to you penn for having me, thank you to the vogel family. it was an honor. >> hey i'm sure they're thread to have somebody like you doing what they want to do to give them some advice. >> well, i hope they listen. college can be a lot. >> that's true. >> i believe they'll be very successful. >> good for you. >> look at their bio's, in high school, did you have a long bio like that. >> a long bio? i didn't have a bio. >> that's accomplishment right there. >> wow. >> congratulates toss them. thirty days to live.
8:26 am
this guy, he had 30 days to live. that will was 12 years ago! that didn't stop this west philadelphia artist. he's choose to go live life to the fullest, he doesn't want you to feel sorry for him. he certainly doesn't feel sorry for himself. you want to meet him. hang around. what are you doing?
8:27 am
watching this breath savers protect mint neutralize the plaque acids in my mouth. i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard. hey, what are you guys doing? karen. we're neutralizing. maybe i want to neutralize. you ever think of that?
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> june is education month, more than $1.2 million people in the u.s. are living with hiv. one in eight of them don't know it. this is according to the cdc. >> well, west philadelphia man was given 30 days to live after being diagnosed, with sometimes this deadly disease. rather than feel sorry for himself he chose to live life on his own terms, now, listen to this, given 30 days to live, 12 years ago, still alive.
8:30 am
>> quite accomplishment, considering, terrence used to only make his masterpieces using his right hand. >> the claim came after he developed an immune system disorders, called pml. sometimes fatal infection of the brain, is often seen in people with hiv aids, which the artist was diagnosed with, back in 2005. >> being able to do the work, issues. >> this is my -- >> feeling down after experiencing seizures that caused this west philadelphia and, to be hospitalized, many times. >> i was discharged from the hospital on monday. because i was determined to be present for this interview. >> let's clean it up together.
8:31 am
>> but somehow these up the runs show been fruitful. >> i was actually hospitalized two years ago, when the philadelphia art museum did 200 years of african-american artists. so i'm laying in my hospital bed, and i'm thinking, i won here these artists are. , horace pipin, who lost the use of his right arm after being shot in world war i, the self-taught artist, became an inspiration. >> i thought wow we share par little. he's disable by way of gunshot wounds, to the shoulder, and i'm disable as they say, by way of this brain scarring. >> horace pippin became the muster ends needed to create body of work recently selected
8:32 am
to be a part of the wood mere annual 76 jury exhibition. with. >> we issue a call to artists. artist who is live within a 50- philadelphia. >> interesting in artists that express themselves in their medium, and interesting ways. >> that minute continuing his tradition of using anything and everything to create his works of art. >> avacado, again, for his face. >> from dried fruit, to branches, broken glass frames, that he found on the street. >> people look at me when they see me doing stuff like this, that man again collecting things off the grounds. >> to pieces every clothing he wore while taking medicine, that cost caused them gain weight. >> i thought what do you -- that's when i titled it, creating beyond limitation. because i thought my mind,
8:33 am
there are no limit. and possible doesn't exines my vocabulary. >> lost won the vaughn m kelly for mixed media for his work that's currently on display, through september 4, wood mere museum. >> and in honor of a dedication month, philadelphia fight is hosting this event, right there, and aids the hiv prevention, outreach summit. happening today. at the pennsylvania convention center. by the way, jean white will be there, one of the keynote speakers. how about that? all right, 8:33. >> all right, it is national chocolate ice cream day, cool one, maybe it won't melt too quickly this ice cream cone, bus stop budd high really takes an ice cream cone to the bus stop but you get the idea. wear a jacket this morning, because temperatures have been ann continue to be in the 50's with all of the cloud cover,
8:34 am
not moving whole lot, those temperatures, but eventually by the end of the day, we expect to get to 68 degrees. with mostly cloudy skies and peak every sunday shine breaking through the clouds, so cool afternoon today. but a big, big warm up, in the seven day forecast, coming up, bob kelly? all right, already. >> all right, 8:34, good morning, everybody, got some problems on cull he of the majors, new jersey turnpike, northbound stint, 7a. then emergency repair work, along 495, the expansion joint, all busted up. so, southbound 495, jammed solid, in toward terminal avenue. if you are headed into wilmington today, use i-95 and stay away from 495. and here's your travel times, coming into philly on both the schuylkill and i-95. mike and alex back over to you. >> okay, 8:35. >> ryan's opening up about his troubles in rio.
8:35 am
how he describes a serious emotional downfall. >> yes, a melt down in rio. wow. all right, jerry seinfeld refuses to hug kesha. he didn't know who kesha was. no, i'm good. i don't hug people, i don't know. do you believe in that? do you hug people you don't know? should we if we're married? i don't know.
8:36 am
8:37 am
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8:38 am
>> tea three of the trial, 8:40, every morning, bill cosby walks in who is he with today? >> looking and trying to see here. >> just got out of the suv. i don't know who the woman in the red. >> or the gentleman on the left, seems to be new face, holding hands, almost similar
8:39 am
it the way escorted him into the house on the day one. >> here we, are yesterday, he walk in by himself. except for his normal handlers. >> she looks very familiar to me. and again, this is the first time we realize she would be getting out of the suv with him. we will figure this out pretty quickly. let's listen in, see if any reporter get a question in. >> put me on, mike, do you hear me? >> we hear you. >> reporter: mike, this is sheila and john atkinson, out every breath, sorry, from cosby's handler. she is a, i think they said actress, sheila and john atkinson, came in separate vehicle but the vehicles both arrived together. >> okay.
8:40 am
>> so we expect the first person back on the stands today, to be andrea constand, like she was for four hours yesterday. >> are we going to try to get the elevator shot, as well? usually he goes from the outside, we see them get in, here it is. >> normally takes them about a minute to go up the elevator, depends who gets on with them. >> megan, he can act spelling of the people he was with? >> reporter: i'm won with you, mike, it is sheila frazier and john atkinson. looking at the new york times wedding in the now. so they are john at win son, new york celebrity hairstylist, worked his magic who catapulted sex symbol status after performance in 1972 film super fly. there is your memory goes back to the movie super fly. so that's who is -- so they
8:41 am
are a married couple. john the celebrity hairstylist in new york, and sheila frazier, la actress, wedding in the of the cup hole got married in the film super fly. and, i could read more if you would like. >> go ahead, keep reading. >> don't know how old this is. >> root room, to see if bill had anything to do with the movie. >> trying to see what the date was this was, 2008. she was 67 in 2008 or mr. atkinson was, and i'm trying to see if she was 59 in 2008. as she was looking for a roman i can connection for the mother of her three recently divorced mother of three year old, so had child at age 56. i'm trying to see if there is any connection of bill cosby. here we go. ready, mike? he was hairstyle thinks manhattan, client, dionne warwick, zest lee, camille and bill cosby. >> so this is bill and camille
8:42 am
cosby's hairstylist. so there you go. >> let's listen in. >> there is the link. >> okay, steve, back to you. >> you got it. >> it looks as if they were in a film together, california sweet in 1978. bill cosby and sheila frazier. also, richard pryor. so they've done a movie together. >> he he's it the courtroom, we think the first witness today will be andrea constand, his accuser. >> laid, no more marilyn moment, talking marilyn monroe. you remember this? iconic film. is that the seven year itch? got it. simple thing you can do to
8:43 am
your dress, that will prevent that. do we really need that to be prevented? >> yes, we do. >> all right, sorry. >> plus: hi, anna desusa. we call these fashion hacks. >> we do. >> can we explain that in english? >> i mean, these are just little tricks that with things that you have at home. which i love. right? so we will solve all of your fashion problems, with just for free, basically. >> so, it is a simple solution, so your skirt won't blow up? >> yup. we all deal with it, right? who wants to be on skirt patrol? >> tan will cost you less than 25 cents. >> well, might cost you a dollar 50. >> what? >> that's so cheap. >> still quarters. >> still cheap.
8:44 am
come to sesame place before little kids become, big kids. before furry hugs, become first loves. now, the earlier you buy, the more you save. only at sesame place
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8:46 am
>> few inch tread i had early morning walkers on the board walk in wildwood, new jersey, and they're all wearing jack else, as they should. cool, morning, it was cool and cloudy, yesterday, with some rain, now, just cool and cloudy today. few breaks every sunday shine here and there, sunshine returns full force returning tomorrow. so much so we'll have heatwave probably by early next week.
8:47 am
>> nothing much to trouble you precipitation wise, but we stay in the 60s just like we did yesterday. 70s tomorrow. heeding up starting friday with 80 degrees, 83 saturday, 90 by sunday, and two more days in the 90s, you know what that means, mike and alex. >> what? >> heatwave. >> heatwave. >> having a heatwave. >> anna is here, she has some situations that happened during the summer. >> fax problems, first ladies? hello. >> here is one of the problems i've seen on walnut st. >> what? >> or broad street. >> women with frilly dresses, kind of recreating by accident the scene from the seven year itch, with marilyn monroe.
8:48 am
>> what do dow? just all over the place. >> waiting for the or language line subway great there. so we'll try to recreate this. we have a fan here in the studio. we'll blow below this, well, under your dress. >> i freak out when she said you can size your own rings at home. >> yes, okay so, if you have tiffany -- go to the jewelry store, have it re sized professionally. but if you have, you want to hold this while dow this? if you have a costume jewelry or something along those lines, and you want to temporarily re size it for just the night, this is a really great trick. so, six to seven squeezes with glue gun, then grab your ring, dip the back of it. >> is it hot glue? >> just hot glue. >> you scoop it up? >> scoop it up.
8:49 am
>> oh, crescent, here, so you can see, after it dries, it has -- it just kind of grazes your finger right on the inside so again, i mean, temporary, but really easy, easy way. >> because you don't want to slip off and lose it. >> exactly. >> because you want to keep wearing the ring. >> real quickly here, you held this one up. after it hardens, how long does it take to harden. >> three, four minutes. >> a lot of people in the summer always wondering when it rains, spilling something on it, don't want to get it wet. >> take a look what we did right here. this is what happens when it is not treated. this is what what happens when treated. only thing we're use something bee's wack, you can know what? you can use a candlestick, too, off white color.
8:50 am
>> i treated this part right herement you can see it, kind of has little bit of the residue, i'm blast it with a blow dryer. it will make little bit of noise here. oops. >> and you'll se how that's happening here? >> melts into the fabric. >> right. there there is a wax that melts into the fabric. so after moment dollars right in, you have a waterproof coating just like that. so you can actually wear your sneakers year around, which is really great. >> i have a question. >> why did i just spends $5 on a can of scotch guard? >> you can do that, too. >> oh,. >> hey, if you have a candlestick, i mean? >> not as much fun. >> not as much fun. fun, common. >> all right, fine. >> all right, we keep talking about traveling. take off your jacket. >> excuse me? >> yes, take off your jacket. >> take off your jacket. >> okay.
8:51 am
so, oh. supposed to throw it. >> maybe we'll use this one in the meantime. so, you want to pack your jacket, no, no, we won't put you on you. i was going to show you how to fold it. >> i was going to say that's never going to fit me. >> so, you don't want to car a garment bag into a plane. >> i want to limit the number of bags. >> try it pack your suit in your suitcase. but then it will be wronged. >> won't be wrangled if you do it this wayment use your suit's construction to your advantage, right? so you have this sill many lining on the outside. leave your sleeves in. what you will do, put the right side in, tuck it in. then grab the left side, and tuck it right into the right side, where the shoulders are meeting. you open it up here. then, because it is silk outside layer, it is going to stay wrinkle free, you'll fold it in half again. this is a little bit larger, so alex grab this jacket from
8:52 am
underneath. you will lay your trousers out flat. because your suit is now a cube, when you start to wrap your trousers, over your suit, you're in the going to have that harsh line of demarcation, won't have a crease. you pack this in your suitcase. >> genius. >> love it? >> i love that. >> yes. >> okay. so, we're going to get ready for the marilyn monroe thing, your skirt is ready to go. fans ready to go. we'll be ready to go in two minute.
8:53 am
8:54 am
what makes a lipton meal? well, first you start with this. then add this. and this face... wait, we can do better. yeah... that's the one. and of course fresh brewed lipton iced tea. because it goes great with this. woops, more of these. and definitely more of this. ah, that can wait. but not you buddy. huh what's this? ah... i like it.
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what makes a lipton meal? what you bring to it. and the bright refreshing taste of lipton iced tea. lipton. be more tea. >> if you ladies want to prevent this walking down the orange line subway greats. >> yes, we do. >> we got some porters. >> the tip, grab some coins, what you want to do, you want
8:56 am
to lay them outright on to the seem of your dress. now, if you can do this at the offers, if you're already at the offers, use regular tape, or you can use fashion tape, which is great, too. >> okay. >> so either way, what you will be doing, you'll bewaring down the help line, kind of how they made clothes years and years ago, they always put the limb help weights on t now fast fashion. >> before you put that in, show, look how flow i your dress is. >> still very flow i. now we test it and see which mike puts the fan on if your dress will blow up. >> are you ready? >> should we zoom out. make sure we get the bottom of the dress? >> let's do it. >> again, are we wide enough here? >> it is not going up. >> it is not. yes. >> it is flowing. >> look. >> still getting the little
8:57 am
bit of the flow. >> you want the flow. that's why you wear a flow i dress. >> but not getting exposure. >> no, you're not. then you still have enough change for this snack machine later, right? >> true. >> give me 50 cents. >> we are talking power. >> thank you, anna.
8:58 am
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