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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  June 8, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". >> a very good morning happening right now on good day philadelphia. bill cosby's defense gets its chance to go after his accuser. what happened in day three of arguments, and one of the country's most watched court cases. >> and it is being deemed must-see it. v. fired fbi director james comey will be testifying before a congress. what he is expected to reveal about his conversations with the president. also ahead this morning, tragedy on the tracks. a young girl suffers critical injuries after she went for a stroll with friends along those train tracks. >> we'll show you something. oh, it is a party, and it was for some great reasons, out standing kids, and this minute, that wasn't even the highlight of their day. >> develop well bee served although i don't remember my special day being like this.
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we are missing one of our kids. what happened? >> he's on vacation. >> bob kelly is on vacation, and he says hello. good morning, karen hepp. >> it is a good morning, sue serio. some improvements? >> right. cool start, but milder ending, and this day will be the day that we start our warming trends. >> guaranteed. >> yes. >> yahoo. >> until the point where we're clinic about heat and humidity. before you know it. so starting offer with the number of the day. go right to the nine. heck to the nine. yes, we've got best friends day today. bus stop buddy, brought in weekends wendy. and they're waiting for the bus together today. as we winds down the last couple of weeks of school. or couple of days in some case. right now we have nothing to show you on radar for a change, no rain, and none in the forecast. we're starting off with a cool 55 degrees. sunrise time 5:32, and look at pottstown, allentown, it is sweater weather up there. forty-eight there. forty-nine in allentown. forty-two in mount pocono. even in millville, new jersey,
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mid 40's, cape may at 51. atlantic city, 47 degrees, and valley forge, at 47, as well. so, yes, it will be a milder afternoon. but you may need that sweater or jacket this morning. and you know what happens with the kids, they wear it in the morning, then it is warm in the afternoon, and they leave it at school. so, we'll check traffic in just a little bit for you. meantime, back to you, thomas, car glenn we'll be on sweater watch if you will. today, 4:02, day four of the bill cosby sexual assault trial t comes after a day of high drama in which jurors heard more testimony from cosby's accuser under a constand and her mother. steve keeley norristown this morning, with another day, steve? >> reporter: well, five hours before court, and it is all lit up. boy the mom is the one who lit up the courtroom yesterday. really stealing the show. andrea cone stand's mother may have even in some minds of the jury and for sure the minds of many courtroom spectators gave the most vital testimony of
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all following her daughter andrea seven hours on the stands every steady, polite and vivid testimony. the jury courtroom got to hear bill cosby talk too, because, gianna constand went to radio shack and bought lots of telephone recording equipment, and testified about her phonecalls with bill cosby after her daughter told her what happened. and she really sent a jolt through the courtroom when she said cosby told her, quote, it sounds like i'm perverted person. one reporter covering the trial described constand's mother as, quote, more defiant and feisty than her daughter. like when cosby's lawyer asked her in cross-examination: so andrea never shared anything with you about a romantic relationship with you and she shot back no, because there wasn't anything to share. >> obviously if bill cosby makes a pass at you as a woman you have one choice in life, you should quit your job and become a nun. >> you're being sarcastic for a point. >> for a point. and i can't believe that in this day and age somebody is
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going to fault a woman because she did not change her entire lifestyle because some man-made a pass at her. >> when people find themselves being victimized after a sexual assault they're afraid of being judged, they're afraid of being disbelieved, they're in shock about what happened to them, and their main goal to try to get back to leaving their life the way it was before the assault happened. you can't do that if you are involving the police and talking about what happened to you tee-off end takes long time for the reality to sing in and to think through what your choices are. >> well yesterday on good day, it seemed things were going so fast in this case, do not be surprised if the jury get the case well before the pretrial predictions of two weeks. well, just after i said that on the air, the judge in the courtroom hours later told the jury the same thing. he said things were going way quicker than two weeks he predicted, don't be surprised if the judge decides to have this case now go through the weekend, too, if they're close to wrapping up since the 12
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jurors and six alternates, remember, are see questions dollars, busted in from the pittsburgh area in a hotel and may likely be in favor, too, of keeping going rather than sit and stir in a hotel under strict orders knott even to other until deliberations and avoid all media coverage. so there is another prediction. we'll see what happens as we go through the end of the week here, thursday and friday. >> as you know in these cases anything can happen. steve keel think morning, steve, thank you. 4:05. gloria all-red caused quite a stir in court, kicked after her cell phone rang during the trial. allred said she switched her phone off before entering the gallery. she doesn't know how it got turned back on. she was allowed back in, after a short break. >> i wish him luck. >> it will be a highly anticipated day on cap tomorrow hill, ousted, fbi director james comey, will be testifying about several meet that is he had with president trump. those meetings occurred as the
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fbi drilled down a possible ties between the trump campaign, and russia, that was the investigation. let's get right over to sabina kuriakose with what we can expect. good morning. >> good morning, thomas, karen. of course we got glimpse what's to come with the earl rye least of comey's written testimony. in it the former fb i am director said he was so uncomfortable with what the president was telling him during private meetings that he tried to never be alone with him. comey write that on valentine's day, in reference to former national security advisor michael flynn, trump said, quote, i hope you can see your way clear to letting this g comey said trump was only referring to flynn. yet weeks later comey says the president asked him how they could lift the cloud of the broader russia investigation. comey's much anticipated testimony has of course split capitol hill with some saying it vindicate the president, and others arguing it is a smoking gun, that shows trump trying to sway the investigation into clues with russia during the campaign. >> what's very clear on is that the president wasn't
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saying to him you've got to do this or else. >> watergate pails really in my view compared to what we're confronting now. >> yesterday the nsa director, and the director of national security, both testified in front of lawmakers about report that the president asked to down play the fbi investigation. now, president trump's lawyer issued a statement saying, quote, the president is please that mr. comey has publicly confirmed his private reports, that the president was not under investigation, and any russia probe. the president feels completely and totally vindicated, end quote. thomas, karen, back over to you. >> sabina, thank you. because of that you can watch all of this happening right here on tv on fox 29. we will be broadcasting it liver beginning at 10:00 a.m. that results in some schedule changes. wendy williams will air little after that on the special report after that, and then you can catch "the q" tonight at 11:00 30:00, right after our news at 11:00.
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and sabina just mentioned there is a lot of conversations people are talking about on capitol hill. senators pressing the directors of both the ns a and national intelligence about reports that president trump asked them to down play the fbi investigation. both men denied those allegations and declined to discuss any of the details of their talks with the president, some lawmakers were upset. and in the meantime, we do have a replacement for comey. by the president, christophern- wray, has some connection toss our area, former assistant attorney general and he represented new jersey governor chris christie during the investigation into the bridgegate scandal. also, he served as adjust tis department official under president george w. bush. he still needs to be confirmed by the senate. >> 4:08. also happening today, 11 year old girl in critical condition after being struck by a train in southwest philadelphia. she was hit yesterday afternoon at 56 and grays avenue. police say the girl playing on the tracks when wheels of csx
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freight train ran over her the train didn't stop because the conductor wasn't aware someone had been struck. we talked to the friend of the girl who say she was with eight other children who just just left richard prep tori charter. >> just came out, screaming. >> very respectful, does well in school, so for this to occur is really touching, because no one deserves this. >> police say officials came to the scene and identified the possible train involved. they are reviewing surveillance video. >> we got six year old in critical condition right now, people in wilmington, delaware becoming, please, stop the violence. >> someone shot six year old, still in critical condition. last night they came together, holding hands and praying together, including the city's mayor, gathering for vigil at the same place the violence
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broke out. they say enough is enough. >> this innocent little boy, fighting for his life, it is not fair, people need to speak up. >> we want to build our city. we want to build our communities, strengthen our neighbors, we want to be positive. that's what i ask you to do. >> look at the broken family hearted members sobbing. they say the boy's mother was shot, too, actually some glass or debris from the shots that struck her not an actual bullet. still hit by fragments. the shooter still out there on the loose. >> teenager has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault after allegedly punching an officer in the face. you see his injuries right there. it happened yesterday afternoon when police responded to fight at 15th and chestnut street. now, the officer was transport today hahnemann hospital for scratches to his face, and a bruised left eye. the 16 year old boy, has been charged with aggravated
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assault, simple assault, and resisting arrest. >> it was a court date for the 14 arrested for beating a mentally disable man in germantown. but, for a different assault there is kid has been in trouble before. teen boy faced judge yesterday for his involvement in assaulting a principal over fit letter middle school last week, that principal was breaking up a fight when he was hit with a brick. both attacks happened within just couple of days of each other. that teen is one of two charged in that attack. >> also, the preliminary hearing for that it engineer charged in a deadly amtrak crash has been postponed. yesterday's hearing for a brandon bostian has been moved to september 12. his attorneys are questioning why it took so long after the crash to bring charges. it was the last day two years later. investigators say bostian was going too fast, when the train crashed, going around a turn in philadelphia, back in 2015. the train jumped the tracks, eight people died, 200 were injured. >> time now 4:11, golden state is on the verge of history. >> oh, my gosh, they were rallying for much of the second half.
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the warriors crawling their way back in the fourth quarter. they go onto beat the cavs 118-113. let's take a look at some of the highlight of the game. warriors scored the last 11 points of the game, holding cleveland scoreless over the last three minute, much of that had to do with kevin did your and the, he got so hot at the end, hitting huge three pointer, late in the game finished the game with 31-point, self curry, 36. he stems up for the cavs last night scoring 38-point. labron james had great night, too, 39. not enough though. game four, in cleveland, tomorrow night. to seal the deal. >> all right, 4:12 is the time right now. chipotle employees accused of dishing out a lot more than bar eat owes. >> coming up here on "good day" philadelphia, drugs, stashed in the toilets, then bag i had up and served at one local chain. >> and we will show you, full-on, fists flying, it looks like it is a street fight happening inside that convenience store. but not what it seems.
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why police are saying, one of those guys is a hero. >> all right, let's get a check on traffic. sue? >> we will be checking traffic, and weather, this morning, and for the first time this week, no rain on radar. none even nearby, and none in the forecast. so now we can get ready to sweat. not today, but it is in the seven day forecast. hot temperatures, coming up.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back, it is 4:16 on this thursday morning. taking a look at wilmington, right now, all dark, but it will be getting a little warmer today. >> yes, but chilly as you're walking outside. we have a special treat if you will, sue serio, later on today. >> yes, how about highs in the 70s and more sunshine than we've seen in a while. and the sun will be up pretty soon. now that we're in those days that are leading up to the first day of summer, on the 21st, these are the longest days of the year, on either side of that date. so we'll have a lot of time to enjoy the sunshine is my point. high pressure is in control today. it will push down those clouds, for the most part, of this system to our south, which has been there for couple every days. but it was troubling us a little closer to home before today. so we'll see that system moving away, watch what this cold front out to the west decides to do, but basically
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sunnier and milder as we anticipate our day ahead. it is thursday, we see the rain to the south, but as we move further north, yes, there are some clouds around this morning, but it is not a big deal, in fact, cool enough that we got some radiational cooling overnight into the 40's pottstown, allentown, mount pocono, even millville, atlantic city, wildwood at 48 degrees, with these north and northesterly winds, 48 degrees in wrightstown, as well, we're in the mid 50's at philadelphia international airport, as we get started today, luckily, the winds isn't making it feel any chillier, but we have kind of gotten used to the chill over the past couple of days, the thing is as we head into the next seven days after we look at the past, we will have to get ready to sweat. so, yes, warmest of the last seven were thursday and sunday with 82 degrees, your normal high is now up to 81. but, yesterday, we only managed a high of 67 degrees. so, today, 75, tomorrow, 82, mid 80s saturday, slight
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chance of a pop up thunderstorm in the afternoon, and then, here we go, sunday, 90, 93 on monday, and 90's through tuesday and wednesday of next week, which would definitely be a heatwave. and remember when you get in your car, 101.1 more fm where you can find our weather authority forecast. i should say, karen, thomas, having some issues with our traffic computer this morning. but there are no major problems on any of the major roadways. >> it is smooth going this morning, all because of you, sue, thank you. more than just tacos and burr eat owes have been flying out of a delaware county chipotle. three people here face charges after drugs were being sold out that far restaurant. >> and as our chris o'connell report, police say, they've had their eyes on that group for awhile. >> a burito and some buds? well, that's exactly what radnor police say a chipotle worker was selling out of this wayne, restaurant, if it sounds familiar, that's because it is. it is the second time in just two weeks radnor police make drug bust cents from the
4:19 am
kitchens of mainline restaurant. the chipotle store on lancaster avenue in wayne closed uptight tonight, a far different scene during the lunch hour when cops moved in. >> i was scared, because the guy jumped out of the truck with a gun. >> ryan were on lunch break when the bus went down. >> they just grabbed the guy out of the car, through him on the ground, in second, like, 20 more cops were there. >> radnor police say undercover detectives made several drug buys at the restaurant over the last month including today. >> we purchased over a quarter pound, maybe close to half pound of marijuana. he had it rolled up in his shirt. he came out, he sold to my undercover officer. we made arrest. >> right there in the parking lot? >> right there in the parking lot. >> police arrest $25.02 jerold robert lane. they say he was selling weed out of chipotle's kitchen while wearing his work uniform. some of the stash found stuffed inside the restaurant toilet. also arrested, 24 year old kadin shultz and 23 year old
4:20 am
brianna davis, police also confiscated the suspect's car where even we could smell the pot permiate interesting across the police parking lot. >> i have to tell you we didn't even need the dog. you get close to that car, it reek of marijuana. >> township health department shut down the restaurant for contamination, while workers spent the day tossing away food and cleaning the kitchen. >> is there a men manager to speak with? >> do you have step outside. >> just last week radnor police busted another restaurant worker at este for selling cocaine, the fourth drug bust at a radnor restaurant in the past three years. several customers told us off camera it was common knowledge pot was being sold here, other regulars, who eat here all the time, were stunned. >> this is not something you see every day here. >> a spokesperson gave us a statement saying these are serious allegations if true represent completely unacceptable conduct in one of our restaurant. we will cooperate fully with the investigation to see that
4:21 am
this matter is resolved. >> this restaurant expected to reopen sometime today n wayne, chris o'connell, "fox 29 news." >> quite something. 4:21, philadelphia police hoping you can help them catch a man wanted for sexual assault in port richmond. police releasing this surveillance photo right here of the guy they're after. they say he followed 23 year old man inside a bathroom after wawa on the 3900 block of aramingo avenue. then sexually assault dollars him. police say when he left, he got into a blue car, even honda or mazda, this all happened back in april, just now releasing that photo. so take another look here. if you recognize him, you know what to do, call police. >> take a look at this, skyfox over the scene after crash, trooper's car crashed into what looks like a home, salem county, came to stop against the wall of property rye thereon pennsville auburn road in pennsgrove yesterday. >> the trooper's injuries not life threatening but the cause is under investigation. >> much needed help coming to police officers in bethlehem.
4:22 am
the police department, getting dozens of new dash cams, for their patrol cars. the old ones, stopped working years ago, because of server problems. city council approved 35 new dash cams, that come with a five year warantee. >> 4:22, cute alert. let's bring you something good and cute. we have new members possibly for your forever home. while ones with four legs. >> local animal shelter offering up a special deal to help clear the shelter. >> awe. >> four electric, four eyes, get it? but first, here's sean bell. that's a cutie. >> coming up in sport, in a minute, the phillies trying to go do something they haven't done since april. but, unfortunately, the team from may showed up once again, that's coming up next in sport.
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4:26 am
questioned if he sort of gave up tonight surprising news in college football. oklahoma head coach bob is stepping down after 18 years with the program. this thing really came as a shock, rumors that he would get fired few times after not winning a championship, but no one new it would come at this time. that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. ♪ pro-tip. get these great smoked ribs. twenty minutes on the grill, they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours? what?
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the best food at amazing prices, giant. >> the accuser of the cosby trial, andrea constand enduring five hours of questioning as the attorneys challenge her account. also ahead, a stop for coffee turns into quite the event. why this man's morning routine, ended with fists flying at a convenience store. and did you see last night? a a lot of you supply been sleeping, man, coming up in the clutch, the shot that seals the deal. not one a lot of people expected. we've got all of the highlight, and there were many, from game three. >> what a game. what a game. great to have you with us, just about 4:30, thomas drayton with karen hepp, bob kelly says good morning, everyone. >> from like a beach
4:30 am
somewhere. >> somewhere tropical, i'm sure. >> yes, and this is the way to do a long weekends, you do thursday, friday, monday and tuesday of next week. >> saturday-sunday, annex tended weekends. >> all right. so we will take a tip from him, in the future, but we're here with you right now. and we will do weather and traffic for you this morning, and make sure you know what's going on. we've got nine out of ten today, with some improvement, as far as the sunshine is concerned, we had bus stop buddy and you heard his pal, weekend wendy, because it is best friends day today. >> awe. >> yes, they're holding hands, aren't they adorable. both wearing sweatshirt, already advanced because it is cool outside, no rain. but 55 degrees in the city, some of our suburban temperatures, though, are in the 40's, like pottstown, and allentown, 48 degrees there. we have 51 in cape may. but only 47 in atlantic city, medford lakes at 49, doylestown, 47 degrees. so, that will be a chilly wait for the bus with those temperatures kind of staying around there, at least for few hours, but, later on this
4:31 am
afternoon, we get up to 75 degrees. first time in the 70s, in a little while. sunset time 8:28. that's your forecast from the weather authority. we want to tell but this car fire on the blue route. it is northbound, approaching the villanova-saint david's exit and two right lanes blocked because of this automobile that is on fire. so, watch out for that. vine st. expressway closed again, because of construction until 5:00 a.m. between broad and the schuylkill expressway, as they continue the work there. and if you are traveling northbound on i95, there is construction at broad street blocking the right lane. >> he's a showboat, a grand stander, the fbi has been in turmoil. i was going to fire comey. >> and here we go. today marks the day a lot of people have been counting down. we are just hours away from former fbi director james
4:32 am
comey's public testimony, before the senate intelligence committee. now, he's expected to answer questions about the fbi's russia investigation. sabina kuriakose joining us in studio. so what can we expect here, sabina? >> thomas, comey's written testimony was actually released a day in advance of the public hearing. so we actually got a detailed look into what the former fbi director will tell congress about his private meetings with trump. so far capitol hill is split on what it all meansment some see it as new evidence that the president sought to sway the investigation into campaign ties with russia, while other insist it actually vindicate the commander in chief. >> returning to the white house, wednesday night, president trump ignored questions about james comey, the fired fbi director written testimony was released day ahead of much anticipated hearing before congress. comey alleges the president told him in january, quote, i need loyalty. comey replied, co-expect honesty. and last month, speaking to
4:33 am
fox news, trump denied that he had asked for comey's loyalty. >> no, no, i didn't. but i don't think it would be a bad question to ask. >> on valentine day, comey says trump spoke with him about former national security advisor, michael flynn. comey says the president said, quote, i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go. the former fb i am director says trump was referring only to flynn and not the broader russia investigation then march 30th, comey asked him what they could do to quote lift the cloud of the russia vehicles. still, some on capitol hill cautioned that none of this rises to the level of obstruction of justice. >> very clear on is that the president wasn't saying to him you've got to do this or opens. >> but the former director of national intelligence takes far different viewpoint. >> watergate pails, really, in my view, compared to what we're confronting now. >> and, speaking yesterday,
4:34 am
the president's lawyer put a positive spin on the written testimony. he says, trump feels, quote, completely and totally vindicated by the section where comey writes he told the president he was not personally under investigation. you can watch comey's testimony right here on fox 29, our live coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. thomas, karen, a lot to pay attention to today. >> you know we will be disecting every word, sabina, thank you. >> all right, the bill cosby sexual assault trial continues today, of course, andrea constand has been on the stand, so has her mom, the defense has had a chance to also cross-examine her. let's get right over to steve keel toy explain what we are specking and what happened yesterday. steve? >> well, bolt of the constand's are done, that's why you don't see anybody in line to get in like you saw this time yesterday. you don't see any other than local reporters here, the tent all dark, quiet, where all of the national and international crews were. so i guess they think the excitement is all over. what's next today? we don't know for sure, but the prosecution as a reporter
4:35 am
earlier this week, likely to put expert witnesses on the stand to help bolster andrea constand's testimony beyond the terrific job most court observers said andrea constand's mother gianna did yesterday. and expert, for instance, on the behavior of sexual assault victims. that person would likely be able to also bolster constand, by explaining why she wait add year before going to authority. why she didn't at first remember the exact day, why she still returned to all of the phonecalls and voice mail, why she stayed in touch with cosby knowing this went maybe next yesterday, i spoke with christian howser, of the national sexual resource center for some answers. >> when victims omit some of the details about what really happened, it doesn't mean that they're telling a lie about the entire story. it means they're pecking and choosing what part of the real story they're decide to go share. >> whenever you have a person of power committing the crime, it is even less likely a person will report it. >> and so do you think the jury had come to figure that out by having somebody like you on the witness stands as
4:36 am
an expert wents? >> we certainly hope so. that's the purpose of allowing expert witnesses on the stands. >> so, karen, thomas, one other expert witness, the prosecution may call, want to explain the effect of quaaludes and other sedatives on someone to help bolster both of the victim's trial of testimony, yan they were so out of it, too weak to fight off cosby and ever try to consent to sexual molestation that they testified. >> fire crews making quick work of it here. fire under control in kensington, broke out late last night at row home on north front in hope streets. good news, no one injured. they're now investigating how this all started. >> prisoner who escaped from delaware prison back behind bars, wait until you hear this one, pennsville new jersey say they arrest that guy, wayne williams, after they assaulted someone yesterday. they found him right near the ash croft funeral home, police say, he had escaped from the plumber correctional center in delaware, on tuesday, and then
4:37 am
days later did something else. get this, serving time for escaping from prison, after a previous conviction. >> over in bucks county, one school district is changing it rules for student in the military. pennridge student who complete basic military training, can now wear their full uniforms at graduation, instead of caps and gowns, a lot of people were upset over the school's former policy. so the school district has released statement that reads in part typically receive long well de severed standing ovation from the audience for their commitment to service this year unusual situation whereby several student have already completed their basic training requirements and have given service during their senior year so they can wear their full uniforms. >> 4:37. we need your help if you have room in your house to make it forever home for some furry friends, because, our shelter in philadelphia, it is full, so taken real cute pictures with the glasses and pearls and put them on the dog. because they want to find a place in your home.
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>> it is a big deal, so, what they'll do make it easier for you. act philly, waiving all adoption fees, this is going to run through sunday. >> all right, 4:38. look at that one, cat turning over. it is election day. >> big deal, yes, after weeks of act of terror people there are heading to the polls to elect a new government. stay with us, coming right back.
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>> yet another missile launch. >> say north korea fired moment recall unidentifiable projectiles off the sea east coast yesterday. society korea joint chiefs of staff assumes surface to ship missiles. this is the fourth missile test in south korean president moon took office in may. it is also the first launch since un security council unanimously passed new sanctions just last week. >> it is election day, already happening. >> get backdrop of many recent terror incidents in glands, at least three recent ones, this ongoing con complicated brexit, exit process from the ue, vote letters choose 650 lawmakers for the house of come on, prime minister theresa may, called the snap election in hopes every increasing the conservative party slim majority in parliament, to strengthen her hand in the european exit
4:42 am
talks. this is a live look right now, across the pond at the london right now. >> story we'll be watching closely. >> golden state on the verge of history. >> beat the calves 118-113, warriors scored the last 11-point of the game. >> look at the different faces right there, so, did your and the finished the game with 31 points, steph curry, 26. we had irving stepping up, of course, for the cavs last night scoring 38. and labron james, he had 39. not enough though. game four in cleveland tomorrow night. >> it continues. all right, here we go. much different scene, even more intense, armed, trying to rob a wawa. >> too bad he didn't realize darryl was inside. and ready to take him down.
4:43 am
we'll explain.
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>> caught on camera, a hero's work, this guy right here, too many recalled with an armed robber, at a new jersey wawa. hissings was so bolds, he even impressed the police. >> and so he spoke to our dave kinchen about some of those moments that could have saved other people's lives. >> hero in the case just getting coffee when he saw a
4:46 am
guy come in with a gun, and said not in my wawa. >> ordinary philadelphia street fight. >> the voice of darryl, a good samaritan, seen in the surveillance video, fighting an armed man, who police say, robbed a wawa store, on crosskeys road, in winslow township. >> pretty much didn't know anything else that was going on around me, whatsoever, it was just stop him, get that gun out every his hand, and make sure everybody's safe. >> darryl does not want his face shown, but let us show you the stitches above his eye, and the bandages on his hands, after what started as an early wednesday morning stop for coffee and donut, turned into a bold life saving mission. >> blessed that everything worked out, everybody was able to go home except for the bad guy. he got what he deserved. >> the 52 year old good guy said he saw the bad guy identified as 26 year old alexander ', point a gun at two female workers, before taking action. >> he put the pistol to the back of her head, and then just reacted. struck me in the face, couple
4:47 am
of times, one striking my left eye, resulting in three stitches, and busted lip. few cuts, scrapes, blues cents. seemed like it lasted for hours but may have lasted just few minutes. >> from within minute of receiving the 911 call at the active robbery at the wawa, our officers found there and found darryl and the suspect struggling still in a combative fight on the ground. >> winslow township police hailed darryl for his quick thinking. >> no here o don't advise anybody in the world to do what i did. i'm not -- i don't have no special training. just ordinary guy. >> darryl says he would do it all over again if he could, as for the bad guy, police say, he has serious injuries, and serious charges, as well, including assault and weapons charges, robbery, also, and we can tell you that police say he didn't even have any bullet in the gun, but that doesn't change the charges. in winslow township, dave kinchen, "fox 29 news."
4:48 am
4:47. we are checking traffic on your thursday morning. we start off with another car fire, this one, in upper dublin township, ambler road at church street. police and the fire department on the scene, and then the other car fire we told you about earlier, is on the blue route northbound, approaching the villanova-said david's exit and two right lanes are blocked because of that. vine st. expressway, closed again, it is the daily overnight construction that we have between broad and the schuylkill expressway and only few more minute left at around 5:00. >> forecast in 15 seconds. >> all quiet on the wildwood boards walk this morning. it is a cool start to the day for all of us, including, the
4:49 am
shore, milder today, for most of us, although, at the shore, i think will remain on the chilly side. warming trends begins today, record heat is possible early next week. heatwave looking more and more likely. we have this weather system to the south. low pressure system that's going to move off shore and come close to us, with clouds, at the shore, but for the rest of us i think we'll see little more sunshine than we have seen the past couple of days, no rain on radar, checking the future cast with temperatures four's, 50's, expect to get to the mid 70s here today, in the city, and north and west of the city, but along the shore i think temperatures will stay in the 60s, as they'll stay and you, if you live there, socked in with clouds, back down in the 40's, 50's tonight, then tomorrow, we will probably hit 80 degrees. >> that's what we call warming trend. meantime today 55 walking out the door. there are 40's atlantic city and wildwood. pottstown, allentown, only 42 degrees to start in mount
4:50 am
pocono. so, that is cool start, but a nice recovery, with 75 today, and then 80 tomorrow. mid 80s on saturday, pop up thunderstorm possible, maybe north and west of the city. and here we go. ninety on sunday, into the low to mid 90s on monday, and tuesday, and wednesday of next week. and the record for monday and tuesday, 95. so we will come close to record heat after all of the cool weather we've had, it will be an adjustment, karen, thomas? >> an adjustment. i think we'll like this. >> yes. >> sue, thank you. >> let's talk about your money, of course june, we love june, warmer month, big month for weddings, but did you also know it is a big month for divorce? >> there is interesting things, broke it all down,. >> two specific month, and they're march, and august, so, why is that, well, they crunch the numbers in one state, washington state, between 2001
4:51 am
and 2015, they found seasonal pattern that repeat itself over and over again. so, here's what they're thinking. couples avoid filing for divorce around the holidays. christmas, new years, so wait until after valentine day, why they're filing in march, and then they wait until the summer over before go back to school, because these times are considered sacred for families during the summer, then file again in august. or maybe they just had too much together time. >> so march and april, or march and august? >> march and august. >> go in a separate hotel, then in april? >> regroup. >> come back, fine. all right, 4:51, here, special day for some local high school student. the reason these graduates had a musical surprise waiting just for them.
4:52 am
4:53 am
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>> 4:54. a giant celebration for deserving seniors,. >> all about recognizing kids from our area from philadelphia that will be going to college, and as our dawn timoney reports, the school district and some local charities decided to throw them a huge party, and where they did it, the wells fargo center. >> happening right now, a lot of deserving philadelphia seniors headed for college. the school district in partnership with local charities through quite a party at the wells fargo center thanks, ian, awesome. that's great. >> iain page by the way, our 10:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m., also 5:00 and 6:00 anchor. 4:54, we'll show that you story in a little bit. very inspiring story. we will talk about ed sheeran. >> well, we have a lot of act
4:55 am
that will be coming into town. we have train, and all sort every things, but lit listen to ed sheeran, everyone is talking about him. you know what he did, that real popular thing, that carpool karaoke, i love when this happens. so we will listen to this as we play out to break. we'll show you the highlight of the carpool karaoke coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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4:59 am
down in washington, they'll even be having watch party, because fired fbi director james comey will be testifying before congress. what he is expected to say about those conversations with our president. also ahead this morning, tragedy on the tracks. a young girl suffers critical injuries after she went for a stroll with friends, along those train tracks. >> all right, good morning to all of you, thank you for joining us on this thursday, good morning to you. >> good morning, karen, good morning, everyone, great to have you with us. time 4:59. let's get a check on your weather and traffic. sue serio doing double duty this morning, hi, sue. >> eighth day of june already. well, let's see if we can gave you a number better than eight. i think we will go to a nine today. this is what you have been asking for. warmer weather today, and some sunshine, it is not here yet. but we're off to chilly start this morning, with temperatures in the 40's, 50's, so, bus stop buddy, and his best friends, weekend wendy, are both here with sweatshirts on at the bus stop. because it is best friends day today. give your best friends a
5:00 am
phonecall if you haven't talk to him in a while. got little bit of cloud cover to the south every us this morning, but generally, a clear sky, you can see, what a gorgeous sunrise we're getting ready for with 52:00, the official time. 55 degrees. so with the clear skies, we had what we call radiational cooling overnight, which means, it is in the 40's in allentown, and also in millville, new jersey, woodbine, atlantic city, both at 47. medford lakes at 49. this is sweater sweater poor sure. pottstown, doylestown, valley forge, all mid 40's to start your day, mid 50's at the airport, but 72 by lunchtime, and high temperature of 75 degrees, with mostly sunny skies. so, things are looking up as far as temperatures are concerned, but wait until you see how high those temps get in the seven day forecast. just ahead. so, let's check traffic this morning, we have a road closed with flooding at new castle, in new castle, delaware, that is, airport road at nunsuch creek.


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